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1.Geophagus Red Hump Eartheater 25/06/24 No
Ideal as a grow on project have a few redhump eartheater cichlid fry approx 1cm all eating solid foods £4 each or 10 for £30. WhatsApp/Message on 07719383480 thanks Liam
2.2x Adult Beautiful Geophagus Sveni 6-7inch London 19/06/24 No
Lovely stunning 2 big geos London based E10 Leyton Collection only 2x for £150 but open to offers!
3.Maidenhead Aquatics @ Ashtead - Tropical List 16/06/24 - UPDATED 16/06/24 Yes
A warm tropical welcome from Maidenhead Aquatics at Ashtead, Surrey, just off of Junction 9 the M25. We guarantee to blow you away with our extensive collection of rare and unusual tropical fish, some of which you will never have seen before! Here is our current extensive Freshwater Tropical stock l... ...
4.WANTED: Severums or Geophagus 08/06/24 No
I’m looking for some colourful Severums or Geophagus, open to different types but must be good quality and preferably wild caught or F1. Must be within an hour’s drive of Enfield or open to DX delivery Let me know if you have any you’d like to sell, will be well looked after and going in... ...
5.Geophagus 24/05/24 No
I have some WILD GEOPHAGUS SATANOPERCA JURUPARI from PERU. These are lovely Cichlids around 5 to 7cm. £14 each Based in West London
6.Geophagus 14/05/24 No
Hi. I have 4 geo redheads at 5" plus. And 3 young 2" geo jurupari. Changing the tank around. Dh8 consett pick up
7.American cichlids 15/03/24 No
Fish for sale , no swaps , cash and collection only Peterlee 4inch male neon blue Jewell cichlid £10 5inch blood parrot £20 6inch four line pictus £20 4inch male electric blue acara £10 2 x 5inch South Asian barbs £20 6x inch cigar shark £20 5.inch silver dollar £10 5inch geophagu... ...
8.South American cichlids 08/12/23 No
Geophagus sveni Rio parana Geophagus proximus f1 Retroculus lapidifer All grown on, 3-5”+ total length £55 each, 4 for £200 no offers but may do a better deal on the lot. No courier available don’t ask collection only south wales
9.Closing tank down Central and south american cichlids for sale , open to offers 16/10/23 No
4xHerotilapia multispinosa / 2x firemouth / 1xTexas/ 4xAmatitlania Nanolutea 2 breeding pairs /4x Neets / 4 or5 xThorichthys aureus/3xThorichthys pasionis/1x Red shark / 3xCryptoheros cutteri / 1x Geophagus Abalios/2x red shoulder severum / Sterba corydoras and a few different cory species not sure... ...
10.Gymnogeophagus terrapurpura WANTED 29/08/23 Yes
Please let me know if you have any available or if you know of any retailers with any
11.Closing down fish tank 28/08/23 No
Closing down tank 6 x geophagus argyrostictus 1 crenacichla marmorata 5 silver dollars 1 Red Devil All from 3 to 10 inches long 250 for all Will take offers for 5x 2 x 18” tank with stand and lid Take the lot for 325 excludes filters Please contact for videos and pictures - we... ...
12.Tanganyican,, Leleupi, Brichardi, Caudopunctatus. Suffolk/Norfolk 20/08/23 Yes
Breeding pair Caudos, Breeding pair Leleupi and Brichardi for sale, buyer to collect Nr349UP area Suffolk/Norfolk, would change for young Geophagus Red Top Topajos. 01502716278 or 07733257150
13.American Cichlid fishs for sale 11/07/23 No
American cichlid fish for sale X2 Geophagus sp red head tapajos 4 inch and 3 inch £40 both X1 female flowerhorn £80 X2 oscars 1 albino 1 tiger 30 cm they are big £120 both X 1 electric blue acara 4 inch £25 x2 albino hoplo catfish 5 inch £30 both Pick up from my home address in Walth... ...
14.Geophagus Steindachneri X 4 10/07/23 No
About 3” in length small group £30 for the group
15.3x Geophagus Surinamensis £40 15/05/23 No
3 Geophagus in great health largest around 6-7 inches and smallest 4-5 inch. They all eat well and are very healthy but I am off travelling so they will need a new home in a large tank. These geos do grow big, up to 12" so please bare this in mind.There is a 4th but he is not in great health and I a... ...
16.Geophagus wanted 13/02/23 No
I’m after a group of geophagus surinamensis or winemilleri 5 of each . North east County Durham area
17.8 x Mikrogeophagus altispinosus (Bolivian ram) 14/01/23 Yes
A breading colony of Mikrogeophagus altispinosus (x8) all very health young adults. https://www.seriouslyfish.com/species/mikrogeophagus-altispinosus/ £30 for all 8 fish
18.wanted 18/12/22 No
oscars about 5inch bala shark 5inch and geophagus
19.Geophagus Mirabilis juveniles 27/11/22 Yes
Around 2 inch now ready for new homes £15 each deals on multiples Photo of dad Farnham
20.Available until Saturday 05th Green terror 30/10/22 No
For sale is A pair of W/c Geophagus Altifrons * SOLD AND COLLECTED Green terror I believe all three are male and 7 - 8 inches in size Honestly cant remember where i was told the Geo's were collected Cant send images or videos as dont have the technology to do so, they are all text book in... ...
21.REAL Geophagus Surinamensis maroni river F2 22/09/22 Yes
Hi I have for sale 2 sizes of the Real Geophagus Surinamensis maroni river. The F1 Parants come for Jens gottwald in Germany. A well know Germany breeder who collects fish his self. I have 5-7cm £12.00 each and 3-4cm £7.00 each. Very rare fish. Pics of adults. Pics of the you... ...
22.Jewel Vision 450 complete setup including fish 20/08/22 No
Complete Juwel Vision 450 Aquarium setup, Everything included. Juwel Vision 450 tank, Upgraded 4 x Juwel led tube lights + 1 spare Fluvial FX6 filter 2 x 300w heaters Surface skimmer Lots of bogwood (about £500 approx) with java moss Textures background with java moss 3 x ge... ...
23.Oscar bass geophagus dempseys 09/08/22 Yes
12inch peacock bass 4 Oscars ranging 3 to 5 inches 2 geophagus 5 inches 2 Jack dempseys 3 and 5 inches
24.10” marbled rhom piranha 06/08/22 No
Looking to swap for dats, geophagus or black wolf fish can add cash Contact me on 07935564964 with what you’ve got will swap today Very aggressive won’t mix with anything
25.Geophagus 20/04/22 No
Hi I’m looking for geophagus close to bradford but can travel
26.Geophagus surinamensis – Redstriped Eartheater for Sale 07/03/22 No
4 beautiful 7-8cm Geophagus for sale. Sold as a group only. £30 the group. Colouring up really nicely. Or will swap for 4 adult Geophagus Tapajos
27.Varied Cichlids and Tropical Fish 20/02/22 Yes
1x Aequidens Diadema - Male, Approx 8 inches in size. 1x Chisel-tooth approx 9 inches 1x Breeding Pair of Green Severums 1x Breeding Pair of Hybrid Geophagus/convict 1x Breeding Pair of Oscars. Lemon Male & Albino Tiger Female 11x Clown Loach between 3 & 7 inches 1x Red N... ...
28.Geophagus sveni 17/02/22 No
4 geophagus sveni for sale. Please contact for pictures and prices.
29.Fish,Cory and plecs 01/02/22 No
This is what I have in at the moment 2 inch Uara Cichlids £7 each 2 inch Toproedo Barbs £4 each 3 cm Blue Rainbow fish £1.50 each Sterbai Cory £4 each 3 for £10 Panda Cory £4 each 3 for £10 1 inch plus Bolivian rams £3.50 each 1 inch Zebra danio long fin £1 each 1 inch Black widow te... ...
Hi I would like some geophagus. Manchester area. I am also looking for some smaller sized sevrums (3-4 inch) and some rosy barbs. Please message me if you have any available
31.Over stocked and need to reduce 21/01/22 No
Oscura Heterospila male 11-12inch 30 Various sizes of red clawed "Lobsters" crayfish from 5-20 geophagus brasiliensis "bahia red" breeding pair 35 8 inch male 4 inch female (male very aggressive) geophagus brasiliensis bahia red group 1 male 3 females 7inch male various size f... ...
32.Tropical fish for sale 05/01/22 No
2 Geophagus 1 severum 3 for £50 Contact +44 7983 165853 for pics and info
33.7 inch Geophagus Surenmensis 24/12/21 Yes
7 inch geophagus surenmensis available stunning colours and very healthy £30. More pics and videos available just send me a text
34.Tropical fish for sale selling as a group 08/11/21 No
3 silver dollars 10” Red Devil (mostly white in colour with orange on him) 3 jack Dempsey 7” 5” 4” 6 Severum (green,rockteil,red spot) 5 parrots 2 of them are fully grown rest 4” Red terror 6” Geophagus 6” cichlid (don’t know what it is) 5” Electric blue acara 5” 2 alb... ...
35.Loads of fish for sale 30/09/21 No
All types of severum short body Texas green terror 3 jack Dempsey’s 7 parrots Hartwegi veija Black belt veija Red terror Red Devil Albino convicts 2 L Platinum parrots 1 L Polar parrot 2 L T bar’s 3 clouded Archer fish 2 L Clown loach 7 big Tiger barb 6 Rainbow fish A... ...
36.Fish, plecs 28/09/21 No
Description: For sale Hartlepool 1.5 inch Diamond tetra £3 each 4 for £10 1 inch flame tetra £1.50 each 8 for £10 2 inch Geophagus surinamensis £7 each 2 inch geophagus balzani £4 each 3 for £10 2 inch Rainbow Cichlid £4 each 3 for £10 2 inch Siver Shark £3 each 4 for £10 2 inch ... ...
37.Geophagus 17/09/21 No
I’m after a large group of geos any species welcome please contact me on 07492654045 I will travel for a decent deal
38.Geophagus and severum for sale 11/09/21 No
3 albino threadfin acaras / heckelli £45 each - over 3.5 inches 1 normal coloured thread fin acara £20 Breeding pair of gymnogeophagus labiatus £50 for pair Rotkeil severum very large £45 1 geophagus sveni 5inches £35 Located in Farnham
39.Gymnogeophagus labiatus full grown breeding pair 03/09/21 Yes
A male and female pair of fully grown gymnogeophagus labiatus. Shown signs of breeding but my community tank is too busy. £50 for pair
40.X2 Frontosa 04/08/21 No
I am closing done my tank, I have 1 male frontosa (5inch) 1 female frontosa (3inch) and 1 geophagus (3inch) Collection Dorchester bring your own transport open to offers need gone
41.Rare South American fish going Cheap 30/07/21 No
All now sold Bristol no offers please they are all already cheap enough. Reduced Again. Breeding pair of Cichlasoma Orinocense. Have had 5 spawns and will provide their breeding cave also £60 2 Geophagus (Satanoperca) Daemon 6" £30 the Pair. 5 Brochis MULTIRADIATUS £100 the group ... ...
42.Geophagus Brasiliensis x6 25/07/21 Yes
Grown from fry, starting to need a bigger tank now and unfortunately personal circumstances prevent us from getting a bigger one as planned. 2 already paired up and showing some aggression due to being in a 125. Collection from Thornaby TS17 £50 ono
43.Fish, plecs 15/07/21 No
Description: For sale Hartlepool 1.5 inch Buenos Aires Trtra £1.50 each 8 for £10 1 inch serpae tetra £1 each 1 inch cardinal tetra £1 each 1 inch Red Eye tetra £1 each 1 inch + Electric Blue Rams £4 each 3 for £10 1 inch + platinum Rams £4 each 3 for £10 3 inch Jack Dempsey Cichlids... ...
44.monster fish for sale 01/07/21 Yes
leamington spa cv32 fish 1x gint albion gourami 20inch 1x marbale catfish 22inch 6x featherfin catfish 8inch breeding pair of jack dempesy 1x amphilophus cicchlid 10 inch 2x orcar cichlid 12ich 1x geophagus cichlid 4ich 1x hartwegii cichlid 12inch 1x buttikoferi chchlid he is full ... ...
45.ALL SOLD Sterbai Corydoras, Emerald Corys, Blue Emperor Tetras £45 10/06/21 Yes
For sale 5 x fully grown young sterbai corys for £20 7 x 5cm in size, almost fully grown green emerald corys also known as brochis splendens for £30 7 x large blue Emperor Tetra for £5. Or £45 for all. All of them are very nice, healthy and well feeding. Perfect company for Angels, Discus,... ...
46.8 inch Geophagus brasiliensis 03/06/21 No
-Very calm male he is about 2/3 years old. -8 inches long including tail. If i dont get back to on here, give me a text on my number.
Hi Guys Im having a big clear out of some stocks to make space for 2 new big shipments due so looking to make new space. Here are some some of the stock I'm looking to discount/clear to the right homes. limited stock at these prices. Grade b red gar from £40 upward depends size 5&... ...
48.All Sold-1-1.5 inch(3-4cm) GEOPHAGUS SP.RED HEAD TAPAJOS- 4 for £10 or 10 or £20 or 25 for £45 more growing--- Leeds 03/05/21 Yes
4 for £10 10 for £20 25 for £45 Going fast. Note Note that my local pet shops sell them for £9 each. Pick only from LS16. Parents to view(picture attached) or can send video clip via WhatsApp More growing on. Open to offers for a lot Pick up from LS16 Contact me via mobil... ...
49.Jewel Rio 450l LED Aquarium & Cabinet Complete Set up with Fish 30/04/21 Yes
I am selling my Jewel Rio 450l LED Aquarium & Cabinet Complete Set up with Fish. I bought this in October 2020 and love it but now coming out of lockdown I no longer have time to maintain it. Complete set up. Tank Cabinet Light Air Stone Heater Filter Sand Stones Wood Real Plants ... ...
50.Variety of Fish 16/04/21 Yes
3 red spotted severum 1 gold severum 2 geophagus RedHeadTapajo (BREEDING PAIR) 3 geophagus ReadHeadTapajo 3 electric blue acara 2 red shoulder severum 3 green severum 2 yoyo loach 2 vieja synspillum 4 pleco 07923115412
51.Aquarium full setup 03/04/21 Yes
Complete Aquarium 98 X 47 X 60cm, 215L Filtered by a rain trickle filter shown in pic, the one I have Is the 18 box version (which is rated for a much bigger tank? Less water changes and crystal clear water) The original filter sits in front of the trickle filter and has in it Clay pellets whi... ...
52.NOW SOLD-3 x 3 inch Angelfish(2 black,1gold)-£10 each or 3 for Ono £25 or make me an offer---in Leeds 30/03/21 Yes
They're for sale as I have to many. Pick up only from LS16. Can send video clip via WhatsApp upon request. Note that I also have young Geophagus red head Tapajos for sale. Easiest way to contact me is via mobile (text preferred as I'm working during the day) Thanks for looking
53.Red Head Geophagus Tapajos 28/03/21 Yes
Healthy, hungry, lively youngsters approx 1-1.5 inch, 12 weeks old. Raised in hma water and eating a variety of foods . My breeding group of adults are spawning every month so I can supply on a regular basis. Couple of hundred available right now. Why pay shop prices when you can buy straight from t... ...
Some of the new stock below from PA all in stock. IN STOCK Aba Aba knifefish ( large size 14” -17” ) Elephant nose (petersii) Citherus Citherus Bagrus Docmak (Giant silver catfish) Spiny Eel Phago Maculatus (African long nose pike ) rare King Kong Parrot. (Orange) King Kong P... ...
55.Trio of Geophagus Surinamensis and Red head Tapajos breeding group 25/02/21 Yes
I'm selling group of 1 male and 2 females G. Surinamensis ranging in size from 5 to 6 inch. Beautiful and healthy fish. 70 pounds for the group. Also, group of 5 Geophagus red head Tapajos. There is a breeding trio around 5 inch in size, regularly spawning and 2 of their offspring. Very nice and p... ...
56.Large Geophagus Surinamensis trio and breeding red head Tapajos. 25/02/21 Yes
Hi, I'm selling group of 1 male and 2 females G. Surinamensis ranging in size from 5 to 6 inch. Beautiful and healthy fish. 70 pounds for the group. Also, group of 5 Geophagus red head Tapajos. There is a breeding trio around 5 inch in size, regularly spawning and 2 of their offspring. Very nice a... ...
57.Plecs, Cory, Fish 16/02/21 No
For sale Hartlepool 3 inch Electric Blue Acara £5.00 2 inch Redhump geophagus £3.50 2 inch Ellioti Cichlid £3 each 2.5 inch Glass Catfish £3 each 4 inch Red Tailed Shark £10 3 inch Silver Shark £4 each 3 got £10 2 inch Siver Shark £3 each 4 for £10 2 inch Pakistan loach £2.50 ea... ...
58.Fish, plec, cory, cichlids, catfish 10/02/21 No
For sale Hartlepool 3 inch Electric Blue Acara £5.00 2 inch Redhump geophagus £3.50 2 inch Ellioti Cichlid £3 each 2.5 inch Glass Catfish £3 each 3 inch Silver Shark £4 each 3 got £10 2 inch Siver Shark £3 each 4 for £10 2 inch Pakistan loach £2.50 each 2 .5 inch L501 £15 each 2... ...
59.Fish, Cory,plecs & catfish 05/02/21 No
For sale Hartlepool 3 inch Electric Blue Acara £5.00 1.5 inch Redhump geophagus £3.50 2 .5 inch L501 £15 each 2 for £25 2 inch L404 plec £15 each 2 for £25 1,5 inch L404 £10 1 - 1.5 inch L066 plec £10 each 1 - 1.5 inch L199 plec £10 each 3 inch Brown bristlenose £5 each 5 inch B... ...
60.Breaking down my tank 19/01/21 Yes
Hi all, I am currently looking to break down my corner tank. I have some fish in it which I am selling as well as the tank complete set up.I am happy to sell the fish separately but would prefer it to go as a job lot really. The fish are all mature.. I have a Raphael catfish about 5-6 in for £20.... ...
61.Plecs, Cory, Fish 15/01/21 No
3-4 Inch Electric Blue Acara £7.50 2-3 Inch Electric Blue Acara £5 1.5 inch Redhump geophagus £4 2 .5 inch L501 £17.50 each 1.5 - 2 inch L404 plec £15 each 1 - 1,5 inch L404 £12.50 each 1 - 1.5 inch L066 plec £10 each 1 - 1.5 inch L199 plec £10 each 3 inch Brown bristlenose £7.50 ... ...
62.6 foot tank equipment and stock 11/01/21 No
6 x 2 x 2 aqua one fish tank with stand, £380 fx5 with spare impeller and motor, £70 aps 2000ef 9W UV, £30 eheim pre filter, £5 300 watt heater with digital temp display, £20 Aqua Sky 2.0 33W 4 foot light £90 less than 3months old. 80kg aquarium sand, £25 breeding pair of red hea... ...
63.NOW SOLD-Last 4 for £20---BARGAIN---Geophagus steindechneri 2.5-3 inch(5-7cm) in Leeds 15/12/20 Yes
Very placid shoaling fish. Will not touch even neon tetras. I also have video of them upon request. Can send via WhatsApp. They are currently kept in 28C Pictures are of parents of actual fish for sale Last 4 for £20---bargain---2.5-3 inch(5-7cm) If you required further inormation p... ...
64.Fish for sale 13/12/20 No
Hi selling up some off my fish to make way for other projects Priced to sell may swap African cichlids 14inch vulture catfish 8 inch red spot Severum 10 inch uaru cichlid 5 x 2 to 3” clown loach 6 x spanner barbs 2 to 3” 5 inch jewle cichlids 2 x geophagus balzini 2 - 3 inch 10 ... ...
65.Plecos 6ft fish tank 11/11/20 No
Breaking my six ft tank down and looking to sell my plecos and other tropical fish listed below. The tank will follow as soon as the fish have sold I can’t send them so please don’t ask but any other questions please call or text.. Plecos 2 x l202 2 x l075 L141 L128 L91 L160 L20... ...
66.650L Complete Tank Setup for sale 26/10/20 Yes
I’m selling my entire 2x2x6ft tank setup as i’m at Uni now and don’t have the time to maintain it. I’ve had this tank for 2 years and it’s been easy to keep up and running, could also easily be converted to a marine tank. I would like to make £450 for all of it - i can also deliver if y... ...
67.SOLD-Geophagus red head Tapajos pair 5inch in Leeds--ono £50 30/09/20 Yes
Breeding pair of Geophagus. Selling due to have 2 pairs already. Pick up o only from LS16. Ono £50 or make me an offer Thanks
68.Cichilds 29/09/20 Yes
One electric blue Geophagus: 6-7 inch £60 One Jack Dempsey: 3-4 inch £10 or best offer One pike cichild: 6-7 inch £50 One female frontosa: 4-5 inch £25 One male frontosa: 7 inch (is missing anal fin)£30 Two yellow parrots: 3-4 inch £15 for one or £25 for two Three chocolate cichl... ...
69.5 large Geophagus abalios 17/09/20 Yes
I have 5 very healthy adults They spawn on a regular basis
70.South American cichlids for sale 04/09/20 Yes
For sale is a very vibrant parrot fish I'd say about 5/6 inches in length £25 ono Gold severum I'd say about 6/7 inches £25 ono geophagus tapajos lovely colours I'd say its 4/5 inches £20 ono All fish are healthy and vibrant in colour I am open to offers and will consider selling ... ...
71.4to 5 inch kelberi bass swaps 28/08/20 No
Looking to swap my kelberi bass for peaceful south American cichlids Severums ,geophagus,uaru ect Located Birmingham What's app for pics 07887498324
72.Gymnogeophagus 19/08/20 No
Hi looking for a small group of gymno ( 1M and 2F) Anyone selling any ? Thanks Adrian
73.Various LARGE cichlids and tanks 05/08/20 No
I have the following for sale Large male tiger oscar 12 inches Large Pantano 12 - 13 inches female 6 inch albino oscar 6 inch red oscar 2 Large plecos 12 inches and 14 inches Geophagus Braziliensis 8 inches 2 x 200 l tanks with heaters external filters contact me if interested an... ...
74.Discus ,Altum ,corydoras,pleco ,geophegus ,potomotrygon. 18/07/20 No
South America Acarichthys heckelii ALBINO 1,5- 3" - 27£each Corydoras pulcher WF 2.5-2,8" - 25£ each. Corydoras duplicareus 1.5" - 12£ each. Corydoras axelerodi 1.5" -6£ each Corydoras delphax 2"- 8£ Corydoras rabinae 2" -13£ Geophagus wi... ...
75.XL bleeding heart tetra, geophagus pelegrini, discus 11/07/20 No
Fish for sale looking for offers as need gone 4 x 4-6” geo pelligrini 4 x 3” bleeding heart tetra 2 x 4-5" discus, red map and neon blue turq Pics of available on request Collection only Dy6 by this weekend Contact 07967 252420 only I don’t check messages on here
Looking for juveniles Geophagus (especially red head tapajos) and Severum (especially rotkeil and green severum), near Bromley. Also looking for any adult/large corydoras. Please message me at 07949492322.
77.Mix of tropical Fish 01/06/20 No
Im selling a large amount of tropical fish. As listed 7 Lemon tetras Looking for offers Had for about 8 months 6 Dwarf rainbow shiners. Had about 6 months or so. 1 male to 5 females to make them colours pop. Looking for offers 3 Angel fish these are the show stoppers of the tank. Beautiful! ... ...
78.Odd cichlids left offers 25/05/20 No
Hi I have a kribensis female and a Nigerian red wild Male and three young Geophagus red head cichlids just odd fish I have left over
Large aquarium 6-ft x 2ftx3ft. or something similar Also looking for good quality Geophagus and other eartheaters, Satanoperca, Guianacara, Biotodoma, Gymnogeopahgus ect Geophagus Sveni Geophagus tapajos Guianacara owroewefi Biotodoma cupido Biotodoma wavrini. Heros serus, and othe... ...
80.To sell 15/03/20 No
1x Midas 8 inch 1x pacu 14 inch 1x gosht knifefish 12 inch 2x parrot 6 inch and 4 inch 1x silver shark 10 inch 1 female flowerhorn 5 inch 1x shortbody green Texas 4 inch 3x pearscale 4-5 inch 3x synsilla veja 4-5 inch 1x ornate bichir 6 inch 1x blue Acura 4 inch 3x firemouth 2-... ...
81.Manchester Aquatic Supplies - Stock List 11/03/20 Yes
Fish Foods : 50g Algae Wafers 50g Mini Wafers 50g Fry Growth Flake 50g Spirulina Granules 50g Colour Tablets 50g Prima Granules 50g High Protein £2 each or all 7 for £12 Shrimp Foods : 50g Snowflake 25g Bee Pollen 25g Carrot Flakes 25g Spirulina Powder £2.50 each or all 4 for ... ...
82.For sale 16/02/20 Yes
Geophagus Brasiliensis x3 at 5", £10 each or all three for for £25
83.Lots of South America for sale due to shutting down my large tank 12/02/20 Yes
8 Metynnis fasciatus Striped collers about 5 percent is nchs£40 each 1 silver dollar 4 the much £10 4 liberifer 6 to 9 inches £25 each 5 Geophagus abalios 7” £30 each GEOPHAGUS SP RÍO TELES PIRES £30 each Breeding pair geophagus sp Rio teles pires £100 and about 20 about 2 cm Fry ... ...
84.Geophagus Red Head Topajo Juveniles for sale 12/02/20 Yes
These juveniles are beTween inch and a half and Two and a half inches long. Prefer collecTion buT ma deliver local for perol
85.Redhead geophagus tapajos cichlid fry 18/01/20 Yes
Redhead geophagus tapajos fry for sale very healthy fish and eating well on variety of foods, stripes and colours are coming out nicely on them aswel size varies from roughly around 20-30mm First picture is on the parents which have absolutely stunning colours on both £4 each will do deals on bu... ...
86.Geophagus Red Head Topajo Juveniles for sale 07/01/20 No
Geophagus Red Head Topajo Tropical fish. juveniles 1/2 To 1 inch in size. . Collection in person
87.Geophagus surinamensis, firemouth cichlids, Golden Severum and vieja synspilum (I believe) 04/01/20 No
Geophagus Surinamensis - 2 @ roughly 4-5” - £20 for both Firemouth cichlids - 2 @ roughly 2-3” - £5 both Golden Severum - 1 @ roughly 6” - £20 Vieja cichlids - 2 @ roughly 4” - not 100% what type they are - £25 for both Collection Only Please
88.NOW SOLD--BARGAIN---Finishing on eBay tonight starting bid £19.99(2 females holding atm) or buy it now £27.99---Bargain---PROVEN OF 5 GEOPHAGUS STEINDECHNERI(HONDAE) 3-4 inches in Leeds 15/12/19 Yes
Search on eBay under: bargincornertom Proven breeding group of Geophagus steindechneri (hondae) 1 male/4 females 2 females holding atm. 30 fry to view as well Can send video on request. £19.99 start bid on eBay (Buy it now £27.99). Pick up only from LS16 or can deliver up to 10 mi... ...
89.Geophagus redhead tapejos females 11/11/19 No
I am selling 2 X 4"+ redheads,positive both female,absolute beautiful fish and have grown in my Discus/Angels tank with a 6" dicrozoster too. Very calm and friendly fish not to be missed. £25 each or both for £40. Cash on collection only
90.Tropical fish for sale 31/10/19 No
I have for sale the following: 1x 4/5 inch royal pleco £40 1x 4/5 inch candy stripe pleco £20 1x 4/5 inch salvini cichlid £15 1x 2/3 inch Cuban cichlid £20 3x 3/4 inch red head Tapajos geophagus. £40 for all 3( not selling separately.) reason for sale is, I am closing my fish tank down ... ...
91.ALL SOLD--- Lower price-NOW ON EBAY--Bargain--Must go asap-Various Cichlids(Geophagus/Kribs/Acara)& Catfishes(Plecs) for sale in Leeds 27/10/19 Yes
Search eBay under: bargincornertom Tanks are getting bit crowdy so I had to make decision to get rid of some of my beloved collection: -Geophagus red head Tapajos 5 inches proven breeding pair---starting bid £29.99 -Hypostomus L231 5 inches pair---£20 -Kribensis proven breeding pair... ...
92.2 Bonded pairs Guianacara sphenozona Red spotted 18/10/19 No
Guianacara sphenozona Red spotted , 2 bonded pairs one set ready to spawn. 2 geophagus brasiliensis bahia red at 3” Picture upon request 1 blue severum
93.American cichlids SALE 18/10/19 Yes
American cichlids for sale 4 geophagus pearls 2 juewl 2 sevrum 1 earth eater 2 plecs 4 Angel fish 1 parrot fish 2 acaras
94.Geophagus Red Head Topajo Juveniles for sale 04/09/19 Yes
Geophagus Red Head Topajo Juveniles for sale. About 10 weeks old. Inch inch and a half. Feeding well on bloodworm brineshrimp. Looking for £2.50 each or 5 for £10
95.South American Cichlids 28/07/19 Yes
Deals on groups F2 Geophagus sp tapajos juvies £5 F1 aequidens pulcher £5 W/c Santonoperca lilith 6 inches £20 W/c urau amphiacanthoides 6 £25 F1 breeding pair Geophagus tapajos 5inches £30 Collection le2
96.Books on Cichlids 18/07/19 No
(1) Mark Smith ‘Lake Tanganyika cichlids’ (Pet Owner’s manual) -paperback £4 (2) Mark Smith ‘Lake Malawi cichlids’ (Pet Owner’s manual) – paperback £4 (3) Hans J. Mayland & Dieter Bork: ‘South American Dwarf Cichlids: Apistogramma, Crenicara, Microgeophagus’ – hardcover - £2... ...
97.BARGAIN-Open to offers-all must go-SALE--Geophagus,Angelfish South American Cichlids collection for sale in Leeds 28/06/19 Yes
Moving to new project. All below must go asap (please note that pictures and video clip are of actual fish for sale) Can send YouTube video link on request as can't upload for some strange reason. NOW RESERVED---4 x Geophagus Altiffrons Rio Tocantins (3 inches)---ono £30 for all 4 Angel fi... ...
98.Selling fish 25/04/19 Yes
X5 healthy Red Head Tapajo geophagus £ 25
99.2 x tank closure 6ft & 4ft 12/04/19 No
6ft x 2.5ft x 20 inch tank, home made stand, perspex lid, Crystal profi filter, power head, heater. £300 4ft x 2.5 x 20 inch tank, home made stand. Fluval fx6 filter, heater, power head. Tank has a fair few scratches to the one side panel but never bother me due to placement in the room. Perspex... ...
100.South American Cichclids and Oddballs 04/04/19 Yes
1 x True wild Green Parrot fish 7 -8 inches £35 1 x Pink Ciclid 4 - 5 inches £10 1 x gold serverum 3 - 4 inches £5.00 1 x Cichlasoma cichlids 5 - 6 inches £10 1 x Geophagus 5-6 inches £10 1 x Red chisel tooth cichlids 9-10 inches £40 1 x Red neck serverum 5 - 6 inches £15.00 1 x Rainb... ...
101.geophagus 16/03/19 No
Red head tapajo fry 4cms free to collector call malcolm 07973684923
102.geophagus red head tapajos 26/02/19 No
Geophagus red head tapajos fry good size contact malcolm 07973684923
103.Wanted: Geophagus Pellegrini and Vieja Hybrid 28/01/19 No
Please WhatsApp me if you have either of the above with pics. Thanks.
104.geophagus 23/01/19 No
Geo redhead tapajos 4no @ 8cms 20no @ 4cms and about 50no @ 2cms all at give away prices call malcolm 07973684923
105.NOW SOLD---2 x Pterygoplichthys josemelianus plecostomus-7 inches---£25---for sale in Leeds 21/01/19 Yes
NOW SOLD Sailfin plec 7 inches £20 and 5 inches £15 or both for £25 Will swap, let me know what you have They are together with Geophagus and Severums feeding well on dry/frozen foods. If you're interested text me on 07894712156 Pick up only from LS16 Monday,Tuesday,Sunday al... ...
106.Fish for sale - Cichlids 19/01/19 No
Reducing the stock levels in my aquariums I have the following for sale X1 - Texas Cichlds - 6 inch X1 - Green Terror - 3 inch X2 - Pangasus - 3 inch - X2 - Angel Fish - 6 & 5 inch 1x Datnoid Polata - 5 inch X1 - red Jewel Cichlid - 2 inch X1 - large Geophagus - 6/7 inch X1 - Arge... ...
107.Geophagus Pindare Wanted 18/01/19 No
Looking for Geophagus Pindare. Ideally 4cm-5cm. No full grown fish please. Looking to buy 5 to 6 in total. Willing to pickup within reason, based in Luton.
108.Fish clear out - cichlids - preds ect 14/01/19 No
Reducing the stock levels in my aquariums I have the following for sale X1 - Texas Cichlds - 6 inch X1 - Green Terror - 3 inch X2 - Pangasus - 3 inch - X2 - Angel Fish - 6 & 5 inch 1x Datnoid Polata - 5 inch X1 - red Jewel Cichlid - 2 inch X1 - large Geophagus - 6/7 inch X1 - Arge... ...
109.Multiple cichlids available - PLEASE READ 13/01/19 Yes
Reducing the stock levels in my aquariums I have the following for sale X1 - Texas Cichlds - 6 inch X1 - Green Terror - 3 inch X2 - Pangasus - 3 inch - X2 - Angel Fish - 6 & 5 inch 1x Datnoid Polata - 5 inch X1 - red Jewel Cichlid - 2 inch X1 - large Geophagus - 6/7 inch X1 - Arge... ...
110.Cryptoheros Cutteri and Geophagus Megasema juveniles 24/11/18 No
I have about 30 x Geophagus Megasema(£4 each) and around 20 x Cryptoheros Cutteri (£2.50 each). All eating and growing well.
111.Geophagus (varied species) 24/11/18 No
2 x Geophagus Abalios (bonded pair not proven)- £30 2 x Geophagus Megasema (proven pair) £40 3 x Geophagus Altifrons - £15 each 1 x Geophagus Neambi - £25 2 x Geophagus Aporema (small)- £10 each Beautiful fish with fantastic coloration. I will send pics once contacted. 07525216905
112.Filament barbs and geophagus winemilleri 20/11/18 No
I have for sale 8x filament barbs, 2-3" £5 each. Or 8 for £35 3x geophagus winemilleri 7" £50 each Any questions or if you want pictures or videos then let me know
113.NOW SOLD--1.5 years old breeding pair Geophagus pindare(4-6inch) x 2---ono £45for both or make me an offer--Leeds 18/11/18 Yes
Currently for sale: 2 x Geophagus pindare(excellent breeding project)-must go as tank getting to crowdy. Will make an excellent breeding project.Already laid eggs twice. Easiest way to contact me is via mobile 07894712156. Pick up only for LS16 or can deliver within Leeds area 1 mile-£1... ...
114.S/A cichlids wanted 31/10/18 No
Urau True parrots - hoplarchus psittacus Biotodma cuipdo Guinacara sphenozona red spot Geophagus Ideally between 2 - 5 inch Also anyb9f the following corys Sterbai Gold laser Eques Willing to travel within reason but ideally in the Midlands area. 07842496264
115.Gymnogeophagus rhabdotus 19/10/18 Yes
Group of 15 Gymnogeophagus Rhabdotus. Mixed sizes and genders. Ranging from 1 - 4 inch. £7 each or all 15 for £100
CLOWN PLECS ( 13 in total appx 3 Inch ) £6 ea ALBINO STERBAI( 12 in total adults) £6 ea buy 2 or more £5 ea . GEOPHAGUS PINDARE ( 6 in total appx 3-4 Inch ) £12 ea ..2 or more £10 ea . THREADFIN RAINBOWS ..( 8 in total ) £2 each or all 8 for £10 All very very healthy and have had them... ...
117.Maidenhead Aquatics @ Melksham - Catfish, Cichlids and other rarities. 24/08/18 24/08/18 Yes
We specialize in South American catfish here at Maidenhead Aquatics @ Melksham. We have a dedicated soft water system which holds mainly wild caught South American species. Please call the shop on 01225 700167 or visit our Facebook page to enquire about pricing and availability as our stocks do c... ...
118.True Geophagus Neambi 17/08/18 Yes
I have a some True Geophagus Neambi F1 young available that I have breed, This Is only a one time opportunity to own some true G. Neambi F1 as I have now moved the parents on to a new home. The parents where wild caught and bought from Pier aquatics ( at £52 a fish) I have added some pictur... ...
119.Geophagus 07/08/18 No
Anybody breeding South American cichlids ie geophagus etc in the Sunderland Durham area
120.1500mm 5 aquarium for sale 31/07/18 Yes
Due to house move I must reluctantly offer my tank for sale. It is a Cleair MAZ1500 with sump Included is pump, filter media, internal decor, water test kit, algae scraper and fish. 5 x Geophagus 2 x Silver Dollar fish 1 x Catfish 1 x Plecko 1 x Black Ghost Knife fish 2 x Red Tiger Osca... ...
121.ALL SOLD---Geophagus abalios and Severum cichlids for sale---NOW £30 for all 3---Leeds(see attached video clips) 03/06/18 Yes
Hi All Currently for sale or will EXCHANGE for: FIREMOUTH ELIOTTI AUREUS SORUBIM LILA BLUE ACRA CICHLA DISCUS Geophagus abalios x 2(5 inch and 3 inch)---£20 for both NOW SOLD---Red shoulder severum(5 inch)---£20 Please see below you tube link: https://youtu.be/fyEl0jAlG... ...
122.Fully Revised Stock List - The Aquatic Store Bristol 09-05-2018 09/05/18 Yes
Tetras: Super Ringo Owando Tetra (Very Rare) Red Congo Tetra (Alestopetersius Brichardi) RARE Black Neon Tetra Yellow Neon Tetra Marble Hatchet Fish Giant Silver Hatchet Fish Cardinal Tetra (Super Condition) Red Phantom Tetra Black Phantom Tetra Red Eyed Tetra Flame Tetra Super Oran... ...
123.Oddball, Predator, South American Cichlids STOCK LIST @ The Aquatic Store Bristol 09.05.18 09/05/18 Yes
We offer a good selection of Oddball, Predator and South/ Central American Cichlids, always fully quarantined and greedily accepting food before going on sale. They are housed in our individually filtered fish house containing more than 140 aquariums. Please call ahead for availability as certain ... ...
124.F1 Geophagus pellegrini 03/05/18 Yes
Beautiful and rare geophagus pellegrini for sale. F1 bred from wild Stock collected from the Rio Badau river basin in Colombia. Currently around 2” in size, they are starting to colour up now. Have attached pictures of the adult father to give you an idea of what they will grow up like. A very bea... ...
125.Oddballs, piranha, cichlids,L114 plec spinous plecetc 24/04/18 No
Selling many oddballs , and rarity’s, including black piranha rhombeus 7” £90 Silver arowana 10” £40 sold L114 show size. £ 180 Mbu 3” £100 sold Mega kok flowerhorn. 7” £ 100 Thai blue flowerhorn. 7” £ 100 wykii catfish 16” £100 Many Central American and some geophagus. And... ...
126.Cichlids, plecos, other assorted 25/03/18 No
Hi, Selling my current selection of fish as I am upgrading to a marine tank and don’t have room for two. Prices as below, happy to send more photos, just ask! Also have a short vid here: https://youtu.be/gVnKhnS7z1c £20 Rotkeil severum cichlid 14cm £20 Jack Dempsey 14cm £15 Geopha... ...
128.Wanted geophagus red head tapajos 12/01/18 No
Hi looking to buy a small group of these for my tank . Not readily available here so don't mind postage.
129.Superb quality tank bred Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi - Ram Cichlids in stock @ The Aquatic Store Bristol 01.10.17 18/09/17 Yes
We have some incredible quality Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi in stock. We have spent a long time sourcing the best quality fish available from across Europe. Electric blue rams are bred locally to the highest standard. Line breeding ensures ease of care but also the most colourful fish available. Eu... ...
130.Geophagus for sale And plecs 16/09/17 No
2 geophagus alfitons £50 3 geophagus suriminis £40 1 geophagus dicrozoster £40 07478229781
131.6ft tank with fx6 and geophagus 13/09/17 Yes
Offers there's a few geophagus 1 dicrozoster 2 alfitons 3 surininis 1 leopard plec 1 BN 1 blue fin panque 1 wild caught royal2 kribs and a black ghost fish open to offers needs a bit tlc but once sanded will go back to oak willing to split but live stock has to go first
132.3 or 4 Geophagus Svenni for sale 09/09/17 No
Thinning down a group. Selling these Geos, which really are stunning young adult fish. £22 each Based RG7 Theale Berkshire. Collection preferred 07720716325
Updated Stock list 15/09/2017 Corydoras/CW Numbers: CW028 Corydoras Super Schwartzi STUNNING XXL STORE FIRST Limited Corydoras Gold Lasers F1 XL NEW super condition C12 Corydoras Punctatus NICE CW009 Green lazer Corydoras SUPER CONDITION XL STORE FIRST Limited CW051 Corydoras sp VERY NICE... ...
134.Heros Notatus wild, Red Head Tapajos f1. 30/08/17 Yes
Notatus Alfa male £50, I've paid £70 when was 3 inches smaller, now is 6inches plus and thick like proper steak. Geophagus f1 from Chech breeder, about 4 inches, 1 male and 2 female, £10, paid £14 to 2 inches.
135.Stingray, female marble ray swap for plecs 31/07/17 No
Stunning looking captive breed female marble, she eats anything you give her. Approx 10-11 inch disc £375. Whattsapp for pics or vid Would be interested in swap for group of geophagus or plecs
136.geophagus brasiliensis for sale smaller variety, pearl Cichlid 25/07/17 No
I have a breeding pair that have spawned 3 times in 6 months, I am looking for outlets/shops that would buy in bulk. would be cheap prices as looking to move them on to new homes. collection only from East Sussex.
137.ALL SOLD---PICK & MIX--- £5 each or 10 for £40---NEW PICTURES---2 Altolamprologus/1 N.brichardi/2 Placidochromis electra,Alunocara(1m/4f)-WILL SWAP FOR SOUTH AMERICANS---Leeds--MUST GO ASAP 23/07/17 Yes
Great fish for sale.Excellent eaters.Bloat/disease free.12 months old. -1 x Altolamprologus calvus 3.5 inches £5 -1 x Altolamprologus compresiceps Gold head Kantalamba 2 inches £5(F1) -2 x Placidochromis electra 3 inches £10 for both -Neolamprologus brichardi M'toto male ono £5 (F1) Alunoca... ...
138.SA/CA American Cichlids for sale 04/07/17 No
Currently we have this selection of fish available: Vieja Fenestratus *PINK* - 1 @ 9" Vieja Fenestratus *BLUE* - 3 @ 3" Vieja Fenestratus *PIEBALD* - 2 @ 3" Thorichthys Maculinipis (Formerly Ellioti) x Meeki (Firemouth) *HYRBIDS* - 4 @ 3" Amphilophus Labiatus (Red Devil) - 1 @ 6" Common ... ...
139.Pictus Catfish, Large clown loaches Severums and more.. 03/07/17 No
Due to house downsize I am having to part with my beautiful tank. For sale I have 3 Pictus catfish approx 6" £15 each Breeding pair of Severums {red spotted male/gold female} £45 2 Clown Loach 6" £20 each Ghost knife £20 2 5" Climbing Perch £10 each 6" Red spotted Seve... ...
140.Geophagus 30/06/17 Yes
6x geophagus for sale approx 4-6 inches £50 or near offer
141.clearance sale 14/06/17 Yes
CLOSING DOWN SALE EVERYTHING MUST GO - 14/06/17, TROPICAL AMAZONAS AQUATICS - 5* Rated from over 130 reviews!!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Name (Size)...................................Price each, Discount price TETRAS, LIVEBEA... ...
142.Wanted - Geophagus red head tapajos 06/06/17 No
Looking for someone who can supply some wild Geophagus red head tapajos and be able to send to Scotland. Any help appreciated. Thanks
143.Geophagus 17/05/17 No
6x geophagus surinamemsis 4-6 inches plus 4 smaller ones £100
144.Wanted, Geophagus tapajos, Manacapuru Angels, Red Spot Severum 16/05/17 No
As title, preferably fairly local to Wincanton Somerset, pls contact if you have or know where I can can get any of the above please
145.Angelfish, severum, liberifer, altum, leopoldi, geophagus redhead tapajos. 12/05/17 Yes
It's with a very heavy heart that I have to do this however needs must as becoming a constant cause of tension. Collection only from dawlish. Pterophyllum leopoldi wc x3 adults at least 1 female. £200 Pterophyllum altum wc x4 approx 6 months old. £260 sold. Pterophyllum scalare, proven pai... ...
147.Geophagus few different ones 06/05/17 No
Dicrozoster X1 suriminis x2 afirtons x2 red head tapajos x3 wild caught rare as any thing yellow earth eater (pelligrenis) beatif sunning fish what's app me 07572778237
148.parrots swap for geophagus 20/04/17 No
looking to swap my parrots for geophagus i have 5 parrots
149.Looking to Purchase 19/04/17 Yes
Looking for reasonably priced, Frontosa, Clown loach, Denissoni Barb, and Geophagus cichlids. Text me or WhatsApp me pictures or videos please.
150.Geophagus Tapajos(South American Cichlid) 1-3 inches 4for £15 16/04/17 Yes
Young Geophagus Tapajos (South American Cichlids)size between1 and 2 inches 4for£15 collection only Wallsend
151.TOMORROW Robin Hood Aquarists Nottingham Spring Auction Sunday April 9th 2017 08/04/17 Yes
The Robin Hood Aquarists will be holding an auction of fish, plants and equipment on Sunday 9th April 2017 at the Highbank Community Centre, Farnborough Road, Clifton, Nottingham, NG11 9DG. Doors open 10.30am and Auction starts 11am. ***PLEASE NOTE*** earlier start time. Refreshments will be a... ...
152.Looking to Purchase 22/03/17 Yes
Looking for reasonably priced Frontosa, Clown loach, Denissoni Barb, and Geophagus cichlids. Text me or WhatsApp me pictures or videos please.
153.6 Large geophagus abalios and a pair of koi angelfish 04/03/17 Yes
Im planning sell my 5 foot tank, but firstly must sell my all big fish. I have 6 wild geophagus abalios, a paior of koi angel fish. They are gorgeous and healthy. If you interested pm me or send an email.
154.Geophagus dicrozoster 01/02/17 Yes
Regretfully selling my geophagus dicrozoster, absolutely stunning fish and colouration he's about 6-7inch and feeding well on pellet and frozen foods
155.Plec L numbers and tropical fish 02/12/16 No
Updated stock list and prices for sale Hartlepool; Delivery available please ask. 5 inch L200 Green phantom plec £30 each 4-5 inch L191 Dull eyed royal plec £30 each 3 inch L260 Queen Arabesque Plec £30 each 4 & over £25 each 3 inch L399 Hypancistrus £30 each 3-4 inch L333 H... ...
156.Tropical stock list 10/11/16 No
Bronze Cory £1.50 Peppered Cory £1.50 Albino cory £1.50 Rabaulti Cory £2.50 Emerald Cory £2.50 Sterbai corys £3.50 Julii Cory £3 Panda corys £6 large Upsidedown cat£4.50 Striped glass cat £2 Striped Dora cat £4 Featherfin cat £1.50 Hoplo cat £4 Banjo cat £8 alg... ...
157.5 x 2 x 2 Fish Tank 20/09/16 No
I have for sale a 5x2x2 tank with a Fluval FX5, light unit with 2 light tubes, magnetic glass cleaner, air pump, gravel cleaner, 2 nets and algae scraper. Fish include Parrot fish, Albino Pangasius, Blue Lobsters, 3 types of Geophagus, 2x Headstanders, silver dollars & 2 loach. Tank has a few... ...
158.Emporer aquatics rare Cichlids and Datnoid fish 31/08/16 No
DATNOIDS Siemese tiger fish (datnoids microlepis) (4-5cm) many barred tiger(datnoids polota) fish(4-5cm) CICHLIDS South American Peacock bass (Diamond/Azul/Golden/Monoculas/Orinocensis) (5cm) AFRICAN peacock cichlid (redneck/pink albino/purple line/demasoni/ yellow head/dragon blood/oran... ...
Pair of XL pink Parrots £65. Texas Cichlid £15. Bosemani Rainbows (2.5") £7.50 Dwarf Neon/Red Honey Gouramis (2") £4, 3 For £10 Geophagus (3.5") £15 Large Plecs (10-15") £25-35 L Tin Foils (4") £15 XL Lionheads (5") £25 Mini Silver Dollars (2") £5 L264 Plec (4") -£POA ... ...
160.Jewel Trigon 190 full set up 14/08/16 Yes
I have a Trigon 190 corner tank for sale. It was originaly beech in colour but I have sprayed it black and it looks nice (still beech colour inside the cupboards). Lights work and comes with heater and all bogwood with plants on as shown. It's currently filtered with a tetra tec ex 1200 external fil... ...
161.Looking for Geophagus megasema 08/08/16 No
Hi! Anyone got any Geophagus megasema for sale within 50 miles LONDON radius, Flagtail or Frontosa.(the more color the better) Any babies or fry PLEASE contact me or text on 07443912948. Regards.
162.loads of rare wild South American Cichlids and tetras fish house closure 19/07/16 No
hi all, selling up my fish to allow me to save for a house, loads of fish going, followed by tanks, sumps, pumps, heaters etc! Rio Xingu angel fish breeding pair £30.00 Rio Xingu angel fish £8.00 Albino Danutm Angel fish £7.00 F1 Rio Nanay Angel fish £21.00 F0 Wild Rio Nanay Angel fish £35... ...
163.RED HEAD GEOPHAGUS 10/07/16 Yes
red head geophagus side 5-6"inch plus ,super healthy ,raise from very hight quality wild caught parent £5 each .collect only .review wellcome .thanks for looking
Albino dantum Angelfish £6.50 each Ken Kennedy Angelfish £10 each or 2 for £15 Geophagus turiacu £12.50 each or 2 for £20 Geophagus Tapajos £8 each or 3 for £20 Firemouth cichlids £5 each or 2 for £8 Silver dollars £5 each L066 King Tiger £12.50 each L333 £12 each or 3 for £28 P... ...
*** Special offers *** For 100th + 250th member to join the n.e aquatics group will receive 2 free Ken Kennedy Angelfish fish Ken Kennedy Angelfish £10 each or 2 for £15 Geophagus turiacu £12.50 each or 2 for £20 Geophagus Tapajos £8 each or 3 for £20 L066 King Tiger £12.50 each L33... ...
166.Geophagus Red Head Tapajos - Glasgow 03/07/16 Yes
I have for sale a number of my own home bred Juvenile/sub-adult Red Head Tapajos. As you can see from the pictures they are starting to develop the Red on top of their heads which is why these are one of the more favoured species of Geophagus. I currently have a large group of adults in my di... ...
167.6 x2x2 set up 24/04/16 No
6x2x2 with big sump , everything included , heater , powerhead light unit and brackets return pump in sump , all pipe work, all media , new gravel , pots and stones , fish =3x bass , 2xgars , 3xclown loach,2x cat fish , midis ,4x snooks ,2x softshell turtles , wolf fish , balzai geophagus , golden d... ...
168.Silksworth Aquatics Current Stock 19/04/16 No
Here is our current stock list. These are fish ACTUALLY in stock, quarentined and ready for sale. Stock & Price List (12/04/2016) Dwarf Cichlids. Apisto Agasizii £25 pair (Spare Males £8) Apisto Allpahuayo JUMBO proven breeding pair £35 Apisto Baenschi Inca £24 pair Apisto Barlowi “Red... ...
169.Tropical stock list 11/04/16 No
Latest stocks april 16 Assorted tigerbarbs £1.50 Cherry barbs £1 or 5/£4 Torpedo barbs £3 Albino cory £1.50 Bronze Cory £1.50 Peppered Cory £1.50 Emerald Cory £2.50 Sterbai corys £3 Panda corys £3 Julii Cory £3 Pim blochii £6.50 Upsidedown catfish £4.50 Synod... ...
170.predatory fish / plecos 05/03/16 Yes
All in stock Vittatus tigers £45 Goliath tiger £60 Brevis tiger £60 Nile perch £35 Crenichila Johanna sp red 10 cm £8 Myleus shomburkii wide bar back in stock £15 Merodontotus tigrinus 12 / 15 cm £150 L090 C PAPA PANAQUE £14 10 left L160 SPINY MONSTERS 10 CM 20... ...
171.£20 absolute bargain : 2x Black Ghost Knife, Six Banded distichodus, Geophagus, 3x small parrot fish + others £30 for all 19/02/16 No
Selling tropical to start marine : 2x Black Ghost Knife (5-6"), Six Banded distichodus (3"), Geophagus (3"), 3x small parrot fish (1.5", 1x Silver dollar (1.5"), 2 Featherfin Catfish 2.5", 1x Common Pleco (2-3") All for £20 in perfect condition and all eating well on pellets, flake and bloodworm... ...
172.Hoplarchus psittacus for sale 07/02/16 No
Hoplarchus psittacus (true parrot) roughly 7 inches for sale £40 . 2 geophagus altifrons 4 inches £15 each or both for £25 collection only Southampton
173.Pacu, Arrowana, Black Knife Fish, Flag Tail, Geophagus, Ornate Bichir, Urau, Angel Fish & Discus for sale 28/01/16 Yes
Pacu, Arrowana, Black Knife Fish, Flag Tail, Geophagus, Ornate Bichir, Urau, Angel Fish & Discus for sale Hi, Following many years of keeping tropical fish I am now entering the marine world and have the following fish for sale. 14"- 15" Arrowana 12" -13" Black Pacu 8" - 9" Black Pacu 4"... ...
174.Geophagus pindare 19/01/16 Yes
Hi I have three geophagus pindare for sale All eating pellets, flakes, tetra primal and brine shrimp All three are in excellent health and are starting to show there colours and markings. They are all roughly 5-6 cm £25 for all three. Message me if you have any questions
175.Geophagus pindare 28/12/15 Yes
Fish for sale Geophagus pindare 40 pound for a breeding pair had Young of them and a male Grophagus red top 3 of these. 40 pound 3 albino corys and 2 peppered 10 pound 2 young bristle nose 5 pound Collection from Sneyd green please bring something to put them in Ple... ...
Hi, i'm after any of the following species; geophagus altifrons 5"+, Jurupari 5"+, winemilleri 5"+ or a good sized uaru cichlid/ Uaru Amphiacanthoides. If you are considering selling any of the above please contact me. Please contact me by phone; 07565453897 many thanks
177.New stock list 11/12/15 Yes
stocklist. Delivery available Washington aquatics Asst. Male Betta £3 Super Red Cherry Shrimp £1.20 10 for £10 Bolivian rams £4 (very nice) Otto catfish £2.50 5 for £10 platinum angels £7.99 (stunning) harlequin lancer catfish 8” £44.99 copperband fron... ...
178.Geophagus redhead tapajos 17/11/15 Yes
Geophagus redhead tapajos, 1.5-2 inch. Collection only dawlish, £7.50 each or £30 for 6.
179.breeding pair of geophagus Red head tapajoes 12/11/15 No
I have a breeding pair of geophagus Red head tapajoes lovely fish they breed every 2 or 3 weeks Looking for offers I'm in Maidstone
180.geophagus Red head tapajoe juveniles 06/11/15 No
I have 21 geophagus Red head tapajoes juvenile £8 each or 2 for £15 I also have 3 geophagus steindchneri juvenile £8 each or all 3 for £20 there starting to colour up and there about 2 inches or over Maidstone
181.Stock list 31/10/15 Yes
stocklist Community Moscow blue guppy £5 pair Mixed guppy £1.50 10 for £12 Zebra danio xl £1 10 for £8 Black neon tetra large £1 10 for £8 Brochis splendens £5 Spotted headstanders £3 Harlequin rasbora £1 10 for £8 Rainbow platys £2 Rainbow hi fin platys xxl £2.50 Am... ...
182.geophagus red head tapajo juveniles 27/10/15 Yes
Hi I have for sale geophagus red head tapajo approx 1.5 inch eating well and starting to get some nice colours 5 for £20 10 for £35 Pic 1 is actual parents Pic 2 is of juveniles for sale Priced to sell located falkirk -Scotland Please call or txt lewis on 07784500319
183.geophagus Red head tapajoe fry and geophagus steindachneri fry 17/10/15 No
I have some geophagus steindchneri fry and geophagus Red head tapajoe fry for sale there about 1-1.5 inches there lovely and very colourful fish when bigger £6 each or 2 for £10 Maidstone
184.Current Freshwater Stocklist Maidenhead Aquatics Coventry 17/10/15 No
Hi :) Here we have our current list of freshwater species available within store. We will be doing our best to keep it updated with any new deliveries. Please do not hesitate to call us for further enquiries. Feel free to like us on Facebook at Maidenhead Aquatics at Coventry. Live bearers; ... ...
185.FOR SALE 16/10/15 No
geophagus neambi 3.5 inches growing fast -£35 for 4
186.Maidenhead Aquatics@Shirley Freshwater Stocklist 02/10/2015 03/10/15 Yes
Hi, here is a our current Freshwater stock-list over here at Maidenhead Shirley. Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff with any questions that you may have. We will be doing our best to update the stock-list when we have had new fish in. Feel free to follow us on Facebook: https:/... ...
187.Geophagus for sale 26/08/15 Yes
I have for sale four Geophagus Surinmensis and two Wild Jurupari they are all approx. 3/12-4" i would like them all to go together £50.00 for the lot
188.New stock list 25/08/15 Yes
Few awful pictures washington aquatics stock list community rainbow shiners £4 torpedo barbs £4 clown loach 2" £4 MEKONG RED FIN LAMPEYE KILLIS £2 sunset platys £2 saluwsi rock shrimp £4 medium Rock Shrimp xlarge £5.99 betta pugnax £3 cherry shrimp 1ea 10 for £8 ghost k... ...
189.mixed tropicals Derby collection only 22/08/15 No
Latest stock available from 22-8-15 Bronze cory £1.50. Julii cory £3 Emerald cory £3 Clown loach £3.50 - £7. Zebra loach £3 Sucking loach £1.50 Khulli loach £1.20. 5/£5 Guppys £1 Mollys £1 Platys £1 Swordtails £1 Gold gourami £2 3spot gourami £2 Pearl gourami £... ...
190.The Ark Outpost Stock List 11/08/15 Yes
The Ark Outpost New Arrivals 11/08/2015 Black Line Pipefish (Stunning) £15 2” Red Carnation Discus £18 2” Blue Diamond Discus £18 3.5” Clown Loach £8 Silver Arowana £22 Orinoco Peacock Bass £12 Monoculus Peacock Bass £12 Geophagus Winimilleri £12 Rocket Gar £10 Archer F... ...
191.Tropical fish Severums, Plecs, Cichlids 09/08/15 No
Updated stock list and prices for sale Hartlepool; Plecs and catfish L200 4 inch Hi Fin Green Phantom £25 each 15 inch Common plec £15 8 inch Common Plec £10 3 inch Gold Bristlenose £7.50 each 2 Inch Port Hole Catfish £3 each 2 for £5 2.5 inch Glass Catfish £2.50 each 2 inch ... ...
192.Breeding pair of Mikrogeophagus ramirezi Electric blue rams 01/08/15 Yes
The second Photo is of these fish but taken under a blue light Electric blue rams 1 breeding pair not often you see a breeding pair £55.00 or bid on ebay Here I from UK Discus Breeder One Stunning pair of Mikrogeophagus ramirezi other raise know as Electric Blue rams I have 2 pairs and ne... ...
193.Cichlids, Electric Blue Acara, Plecs, Tropical Fish. 23/07/15 No
Updated stock list and prices for sale Hartlepool; Plecs and catfish L200 4 inch Hi Fin Green Phantom £30 each 2 left for £50 2 inch Synodontis Eupterus £4 each last 2 for £5 1.5 inch Bumble bee catfish £3 each 2 for £5 2 inch Hoplo Catfish £2 each 1 inch Bronze Cory £1 each ... ...
194.Cichlids etc 04/07/15 Yes
The following fishes currently available : 04/07/2015 Cichlids Acaronia nassa Amphilophus citrinellum Andinoacara aequinoctalis Apistogramma cacatuoides Apistogramma hongsloi Cichla ocellaris Cryptoheros cutteri Cyphotilapia frontosa Cyrtocara moorii Geophagus altifrons Geophagus ar... ...
195.Cichlids Catfish Piranha 04/07/15 Yes
The following fishes currently available : 04/07/2015 Cichlids Acaronia nassa Amphilophus citrinellum Andinoacara aequinoctalis Apistogramma cacatuoides Apistogramma hongsloi Cichla ocellaris Cryptoheros cutteri Cyphotilapia frontosa Cyrtocara moorii Geophagus altifrons Geophagus ar... ...
196.geophagus tapajos 04/07/15 No
breeding group of six about 5" offers
197.Updated Stock List Wholesale Aquatics 30/06/15 No
**New Plecos Added** L201 - £20 (7-8cm) L190 - £20 (7-8cm) UK Pre 12 Next day Delivery Available - £15 Aquidens meta £5 Geophagus surnamensis £7 3x £15 Longnosed Elephant 10cm £10 Butterfly fish £5 Longear Sun fish £5 Dwarf Puffer Fish £2.50 Black Ghost Knife 3" £6 Zebr... ...
198.Romsey World Of Water: New Tropical Livestock List 26/06/15 26/06/15 Yes
Hey Guys! This is our new tropical livestock list. If you have any queries, would like photos or would like to reserve something, please feel free to give us a call on: 01794515923 Yellow Peacock £5.99 Each 2 For £10.00 Fuelleborn Cichlid £10.99 Each 2 For £20.00 Assorted Large Cichl... ...
199.Updated Stock List 18/06/15 Yes
**New Plecos Added** L18 Gold Nugget Pleco (Wild) 8-9 cm L66 King Tiger Pleco (Wild) 8-9 cm **New in stock** Firefish & OB Peacock 5-6cm £5.99 Ea UK Pre 12 Next day Delivery Available - £15 Aquidens meta £5 Geophagus surnamensis £7 3x£15 Longnosed Elephant 10cm £10 Butterfly fis... ...
200.Discus for sale 02/06/15 No
Discus for sale as follows 1 leopard 4-5" £50 2 white diamonds 5-6" £50 each 1 red melon 5-6" £50 2 blue snakeskin 5-6" £65 each 2 goldens 5-6" £60 each 1 yellow diamond 4-5" £50 1 chequerboard turq 6" £65 1 super Penang eruption 5" £65 Breeding pair of alenquers female 4-5" ma... ...

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