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 The Fish Barn Stock list : NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE £28.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 12:00pm For Scotland please enquire. We do request that ...05/08/21

1Red pike : Approx 8-9 inch Eats pellets frozen live food £70 Collectionblackpool04/08/21
2Multiple BASS for sale : Kelberi Peacock Bass approx 14” £120 Azul Peacock Bass approx 11” £100 Orinoco Peacock Bass approx 7-8” £60 Monocular Peacock Ba ...04/08/21
3Achilles tang & gold flake angelfish : For sale is my two year old gold flake angelfish £250 5” My 6month old Achilles tang £400 4-6” paid £550 Or both for £52004/08/21
4Beautiful Fish Tank : Tank is a few months old, which cost me over £900. ( I have the receipt) Comes with a 4 hand picked rocks worth over £80 Helicopter ...04/08/21
5Free free or donations African cichlids many more. Tropical fish : Hello everyone I have some African cichlids that I raised my self i no longer keep cichlids so it’s time to move them on they are about 1 ...04/08/21
6Bristlenose plecs : I have blue eyed lemon Albino & standard bristlenose plecs 1 to 1&1/2 inches big £3 each or £10 for 4 Collection only Amersham04/08/21
7Selling my snakes with vivs : I am reluctantly selling my snakes due to work commitments, I have 2 boa constrictors. 1 male 1 female, both in individual vivs. Vivs are 4x ...04/08/21
8AquaOne UFO 550 corner aquarium (Tank, stand and lid) : AquaOne UFO 550 corner aquarium for sale. Tank is in fair to good condition, with some light scratches that are not very visible when fille ...04/08/21
9Fish for sale : I am selling my fish due to work circumstances, I have 2 large oscars, a fire eel and an ornate bichir. I am also selling the tank which is ...04/08/21
10Marine tank contents - £120 ( contents only) : Been up and running for around 18 months - originally as an experiment - lots of live rock - branching,plate,arka Regal tang Tomato clown ...04/08/21
11Cichlids for sale : 12” midas (white with orange) 9” Green terror 10” blood parrot04/08/21
12X2 Frontosa : I am closing done my tank, I have 1 male frontosa (5inch) 1 female frontosa (3inch) and 1 geophagus (3inch) Collection Dorchester bring y ...04/08/21
13PLANET AROWANA NEW STOCKIST OF AROWANA : Hi All New Arowana stockist below , lots of new arowana available, trade distributors welcomed, please call 07544 467760 or visit www ...04/08/21
14Looking for a tank : Hi I am looking for a tank about 3foot in size or there abouts it's just the tank lid and working light I need max £80 and u must be able t ...04/08/21
1511 x wild caught f1 red belly piranha : Great shoal of red belly’s. Superb eaters sizes range from 7 inch to 10 inch £20 each or the group for £20004/08/21
16Wild Caught Tropheus moorii Kala Island : A group of 18 WC Tropheus Moori Kala Island , seling as one group . Any questions please contact on 07955022362, thanks04/08/21
17Eretmodus Marksmithi Kigoma : Wild Caught group if 10 Eretmodus Marksmithi Kigoma. Any questions please contact on 07955022362 , thanks04/08/21
18Adult mbuna cichlids : Fully grown adult mbuna cichlids. Some of them are pairs 3 are holding atm Around 30 available £10 each £250 all If you ...04/08/21
1925 sveni geophagus : Selling 25 sveni geophagus as shutting down the tank. around 3" size Collection only from east London Offers welcome for the lo ...04/08/21
204.5FT COMPLETE AQUARIUM £200 : For sale is a 4.5ft aquarium dimensions are 54inches length, 18 inches depth and 24 inches high. Stand needs a lick of paint and new hinges ...04/08/21
21BARGAIN COMPLETE 6FT MARINE SETUP : Selling as no longer have time to up keep tank, has cost nearly 15k for all this over years, Note some sps is started to bleach as i just ...03/08/21
22Angelfish x2 : 2 Angelfish in healthy condition £20 for the 203/08/21
233ft Fish tank Aquarium : BARGAIN: Full Set Up. TANK , STAND, HOOD. TANK : SIZE , 3 ft length 20 height, 15 wide. CABINET TANK With Fish Pair of R ...03/08/21
24Aqua Oak one 275 marine tank and sump : Marine Fish tank for sale 250L+50L Sump Bubblemagus c5 skimmer TMC Reef tide wave maker TMC reef return pump (changed last month) Marine ...03/08/21
25Community fish : I am moving house so have decided to sell up my tank. So I am selling all fish. 2 Angel fish £10 2 red robin gouramis, 2 dwarf gourami's ...03/08/21
264 stingrays for sale : Mini marble 6inch Male and female pearls 8 and 6 inch And male hybrid Selling due to change in fish03/08/21
28Oase Styleline 175 - full setup : Hi. Few months old setup from Oase including Oase Biomaster Thermo 250 external filter with very expensive media from Seachem. (Matrix, ...03/08/21
29Wild caught Frontosa : I have here 3 WC Fronts for sale. These are Blue Zaire Moba the largest is over 12inch in size and the other 2 are over 6-8 inch. I have 1 m ...03/08/21
3020 cichlids : About 20 cichlids for sale Yellow labs Hongi Dolphin Socolofi 2 inch to 6 inch Looking for £90 pounds Collection RM8 1DF03/08/21
314 stingrays for sale : Mini marble 6inch Male and female pearls 8 and 6 inch And male hybrid Selling due to change in fish03/08/21
32Geophagus : I have various geophagus for sale 9 Surinamensis ranging from 2-4 inches £80 for the group 1 juprari 4 inches £10 1 guianacara 5 inche ...03/08/21
33Free... : 1 flowerhorn 1 red devil X parrot 1 Geophagus Free to good home03/08/21
34Mixed Guppy Fry Pack : Mixed Guppy Fry / Juvenile Pack £5 for 15 Collection available from Redhill /Surrey or can be shipped for an additional £11. Text ...03/08/21
35Betta Blue Mahachai : “Wild Type” Betta Mahachai. Males (£20), Females (£10) and Pairs (£25) available. Collection available from Redhill /Surre ...03/08/21
36Calvus/compressiceps : Any and all altolamprologus cash waiting preferably large but anything considered 07479237441 rusty Sheffield/Rotherham/doncaster also any g ...03/08/21
37African butterfly cichlids : Stunning specimens feeding well and healthy, mix of males and females. Pick up only from Canary Wharf. £30 for all 5 fish. Plus get a ...03/08/21
38Large Bosemani & Torpedo Barbs : Beautiful healthy fish for sale as I'm changing tank 4 10cm Bosemani rainbows £15 each 7 around 10cm Torpedo Barbs £12 each Collec ...03/08/21
39Red Sea reefer : Red Sea reefer 450 for sale,around 3 years old has a couple of scratches,normal waterline mark and some corraline algae on the silicon,no fi ...03/08/21
40Full set up and malawi : Here i have for sale my 400L curved corner tank it is in really good condition no water damage! It comes with a fluval fx6 filter less tha ...03/08/21
41EcoTech equipment : : EcoTech Radion XR30 gen1 - £100 EcoTech Radion XR30 gen2 - £130 EcoTech Radion XR30 gen2 - £130 EcoTech Vortech MP40 Quiet Drive ...03/08/21
42Large fish : 14” Pearl arowana £200 12” gar £100 20” red tail cat £50 2x 8” tinfoil barbs £10 each 6x 6” red hook silver dollars £100 ...03/08/21
434 x Stendker Pigeon Bloods for Sale : Stendker Pigeon Bloods x 4 These fish are approximately one years old, originally purchased from Devotedly Discus as 6cm fish. The sm ...03/08/21
44Datnoid : Datnoid around 6 inches £70 text me on 0749265404503/08/21
45Golden apple snails : Captive bred golden apple snails Sale size - 2.5cm (all over marble sized) £3 ea 5 for £12 10 for £20 Postage £3.95 Happy to ...03/08/21
46Discus : I have 12 Discus for sale, 5 wild ones, 4-5 inches for £35 each if all of them can be discounted You can trade them for other fish04/08/21
47Female jaguar cichlid : 6inch female jaguar cichlid really is a stunning fish the pics I have dont do her any justice as she is in a sump tank £1502/08/21
48Male sting Ray. : 9 inch disc, p14 excellent condition male. Genuine sale we prefer female rays. 200. Buyer collect. Please bring a box for stingray. Any q ...02/08/21
49Rare Tropheus Crescentic Ubwari F1 : I have around 30 fry from my wild group of Tropheus crescentic Ubwari ready to go Collection only north east Ideo can be sent via Whats ...02/08/21
50Tank Bred German Rams : For sale. Rams about 6 months old. Lovely colours. £4 each.02/08/21
51Chiclids for sale Southampton ,Hampshire : All white albino Oscar 5inch £10 Fontosa 3inch £15 Golden clown knife 8inch £30 Archer fish 3-5 inch £20 each02/08/21
52Arowana : Silver Arowana's, 3" £25.00 each feeding well on bloodworm, 7" - 8" £75.00 feeding well on pellets and granules. I'm in ...22/07/21
53Large Malawi cichlids : Malawi cichlids 4inch -7inch north London can deliver local £10-£15 depending on fish Message for photos.02/08/21
54L095/Adonis/Royal Clown Knife/Vulture Catfish/Granulouses : selling the following… Vulture catfish 14” Royal clown knife fish 15” L95 12” Adonis plec 8” Granulouses 8” All livi ...04/08/21
55High Back Asian Arowana : As title says Approximately 12" healthy chunky fish. Eats prawns mussells squid scallops white bait and carnivore pellets. Love ...21/07/21
56Tropical fish for sale : Argentine chiclid 10 inch£20 Argentine chiclid 6 inch£15 3xred shoulder sevs 8 inch £20 2x gold sevs 8 inch£20 Datnoid 5 inch £60 ...02/08/21
57Cichlids & Tropical fish for sale : Argentine chiclid 10 inch Argentine chiclid 6 inch 3xred shoulder sevs 8 inch 2x gold sevs 8 inch 2 oscars 8 inch 11x wild f1 young dis ...02/08/21
585ft beautiful fishtank for sale : 5ft x2ftx2ft with fx4-fx6, two lights, two heaters,double air pump,and all the decorations and rock, 07872177689 for all the info02/08/21
59Bristlenose babies : Bristlenose babies dad brown, mum yellow. Ready for new homes . Collection in person Heswall wirral Ch60 area.02/08/21
60Tropheus Murago breeding group : I have 10plus adult tropheus muragos Tanzania for sale pls.contact for more details and pictures. 0741748736902/08/21
61Tropheus Red rainbow breeding group : Large group of regularly breeding group of tropheus red rainbow. Contact for more details and pic. 0741748736902/08/21
62Large fish : 14” Pearl arowana £200 12” gar £100 20” red tail cat £50 2x 8” tinfoil barbs £10 each 6x 6” red hook silver dollars £100 ...02/08/21
63Piranha 2 x Pygopristis Denticulata Stunning examples : Hi I'm selling 2 x Pygopristis Denticulata Piranha One of the more beautiful Piranha stunning examples active always swimming, excellent ...04/08/21
64####FREE ####angel cichlid : #######FREE ######Large angel fish Pick up only04/08/21
65Stowmarket : 2 tone silver arrowana 3-4 inch Red tail catfish 4-5 inch02/08/21
66Stowmarket : Aligator gar 9-10 inch02/08/21
67FREE Friendly GoldFish (BLACK MOOR) : FREE Very friendly fish that swims up to humans. Healthy, fun and very cute. Very intelligent and playful. The black moor goldfish origi ...02/08/21
682ft red tail catfish : Gentle giant Pellets feeds Very friendly Currently living with silver dollars and tinfoils barbs with no issues £50 Collection Southam ...02/08/21
69Large Pearl arowana : Large Pearl arowana (jardini) 14”+ Great condition, hand feeds £200 Collection Southampton 07710596799 for more info21/07/21
70Custom Made Marine Tank For Sale : Selling an excellent tank which is just over a year old. Brought this early last year from ND Aquatics. Tank size is 47x24x24 Optiwhite Gl ...02/08/21

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