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 The Fish Barn Stock list : NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE £28.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 12:00pm For Scotland please enquire. We do request that ...12/08/22

1Ghost Koi and other garden pond fish and filter available. : I am moving house and the new owners do not want the pond. I have about 20 fish including 2 fairly large Ghost Koi, some Comet Goldfish and ...12/08/22
2tanganyikan neolamprologus brichardy 4 fish including breeding pair : as above all to go together collection only near faversham please call of text my phone as dont get the emails12/08/22
3Aquariums forsale : I have 3 fish house aquariums forsale. 60 inches long 24 inches wide 16 inches high. The second one is 44 inches long 16 inches wide 20 inch ...12/08/22
4External filters forsale : I have 3 oase 850 thermal filters all 6 months old. 1 fluval fx6 also 6 months old. 1 fluval 407 also 6 months old. All in very good condit ...12/08/22
5tigrinus catfish for sale swap : 18inch tigrinus catfish for sale in no rush to be honest just testing water but if was selling want 450 no offers only one I seen for sale i ...12/08/22
6Giving away Yellow Bristlenose Pleco and Jewel Cichlid (w/ aquariums) : Giving away my Yellow Bristlenose Pleco and Jewel Cichlid because of a move. Comes with their aquariums as well, if you're interested. One ...12/08/22
7giving away Aqua One dynamic 58 aquarium : Hi, I'm giving away my aqua one dynamic 58 aquarium because of a move. Dimensions: 35cm (L) x 35cm (W) x 58cm (H) Size: Approximately 58 lit ...12/08/22
8Ripsaw catfish : 16” ripsaw catfish £80 15” saddled bicher £30 12”tsn catfish £30 kingkong parrot 8” £30 . All healthy fish eating well on pellet ...12/08/22
9nicrew, preset mini heater, 25watt : nicrew, preset mini heater, 25watt, brand new, in the box, never used, i have some in the 15 watt version aswell, brought for a project that ...12/08/22
10amazon sword : 2 amazon sword plants for sale, at least 15 inches tall, as they have reached the top of my tank, healthy plants, £15 each, or nearest offe ...12/08/22
11Female Malawi peacock/haps : I’ve got a few possible females I’d like to sell. There’s 3 or 4 peacock/OB, a VC10, a livingstonii and what I bought as a flameback b ...12/08/22
12Pair gars ( male&female) for sale : Pair of gars ( Male & female) for sale, around 16",both are paired, and in perfect conditions, feeding on prawns and mussels ...12/08/22
14ND Aquatics 5 foot converted ex marine tank plus equipment : 5 ft by 24 x 18 ex marine tank which has had the weir box removed and glass siliconed over the holes and is watertight and has no noticeable ...11/08/22
15For sale group of adult corrys : I have breeding group of 10 albino corrys 4 bronze corrys need to go as group as can't split as need to shut tank down £50 collection only ...11/08/22
16BOGWOOD : Very large BOGWOOD pieces up to 47cm . 4 pieces available only £10 each or £35 the lot ! Collect from Crewe . Thanks John11/08/22
17RAINBARREL : RAINBARREL 210litre with tap and stand £25 collect Crewe thanks John11/08/22
185ft 6 aquarium/sump : 5ft6x2x18 aquarium/sump, started to convert to sump but plans changed,can be put back to aquarium or just finish off to complete sump. Has a ...11/08/22
196ft Aquarium : 6x2x1.3 aquarium, was painted with black blackboard paint just wants scraping off or repainted. £50 collection only.11/08/22
20Sucking loach (Chinese algae eater) approx 6inches for rehome : Unfortunately Len, my sucking loach has developed a taste for goldfish mucus. I didn't realise this was a possibility when I got him and he' ...11/08/22
21Female Malawi peacock/haps : I’ve got a few possible females I’d like to sell. There’s 3 or 4 peacock/OB, a VC10, a livingstonii and what I bought as a flameback b ...10/08/22
22Heteropneustes fossilis Catfish 5/6" x 2 : 2 Heteropneustes fossilis, Fossil/Liver Catfish. Growing rapidly, Very active swimming about with each other. They do have a strong venom ...10/08/22
23Male Red Devil 6 inches aprox : I have 2 Male Red Devils, i have raised from fry left. One is Orange and approx 6" and becoming very aggressive, would make an ideal w ...10/08/22
24Henlei hybrid rays : 5 x female Henlei hybrid from 6 months to 16 months collection from Portsmouth just thinning stock all Uk bred £250 each deals on multipl ...10/08/22
25Common Pleco : Large common pleco for sale £10. Approx' 10 inch.07508383834.10/08/22
26Snowflake Moray & Common Clowns +rock and live sand : I Have one 12"+ Snowflake Moray Eel, for £20 and 2 common clowns 1.5" for £20 the pair. Also will have large amount of live, ca ...10/08/22
274 fish from Lake Malawi to rehome : 4 fish from Lake Malawi to rehome: 2 Yellow Labs 1 peacock 1 pindani £10 each Located Derby10/08/22
28Fish and coral for sale : Valentini Puffer fish £30.00 Clarks clownfish (Pair) £20.00 Large Toadstool Leather £20.00 Large Kenya Tree £10.0010/08/22
29Baby stendker discus : For sale checkerboard baby discus 2.5 to 3. Inch in size £20 each can send pictures of babies and of the parents so you can see patterns ...10/08/22
306 x Stiped Dollar - Metynnis Fasciatus £60. : I have 6 striped dollars for sale. 3 are approx 4.5" and 3 are smaller at around 3". They are feeding well on a mixed diet of vari ...11/08/22
316 x Red hook - Myloplus Rubripinnis £60 : I have 6 red hooks for sale. 4 are approx 5" and 2 are smaller at approx 3.5". Feeding well on a mixture of pellets and salad gree ...11/08/22
32Tank closure : Adult emperor angel £75 Raccoon butterfly £35 Brown Scopias tang £35 Lipstick tang £60 Yellow tang £125 6 clowns platinum and fros ...10/08/22
33Killifish Golden Wonder Panchax 2-3" : 1x Golden Wonder killifish selling as needs breeding partner. Healthy and eating well. Perfect Top dwelling fish looks like a miniature Arow ...10/08/22
342 Blue Eyed Golden Bristlenose (L144) 2.5" : For sale 2.5" Blue Eyed Bristlenose Plecos 2 available for cleaning algae and scavenging food. Healthy and eating well. Price is ...10/08/22
35Multiple fishes - jewel cichlids, dollar, clown loach : Multiple fishes for sale due to aquarium closure - Jewel cichlids (7 including breeding pairs) - 35 for the lot - Large silver dollar (4 ...10/08/22
36Multiple aquariums for sale : Hi - I am selling my aquariums as I am closing down my setup due to relocation 200 litre aquarium with cabinet - 75 pounds, One door of ...10/08/22
37King Kong Parrots x5 : Massive King kong Parrots for sale, All very healthy and fantastic colours. Feeding on all dry and frozen food, Around 7 to 8inch e ...10/08/22
38Blistlenose pleco : Blistlenose pleco fry. Approximately 4-5 months old. It is a cross between common black blistlenose pleco and longfinned yellow blistlenose ...10/08/22
39Jardini Arowana : Hello guys, i have a good looking jardini Arowana for grabs. Another nice fish for a new tank. Fish is healthy and i will be willing to ship ...10/08/22
40Yellow tail purple tang and blue eye kole tang : Hi I have 2 very healthy tangs. Selling as I want to ad some other fish and they are the bullies of my tank. They are both around 4 inche ...09/08/22
41Dovii : Looking for a male Dovii in Northern Ireland09/08/22
42Full marine set up : Full marine set up 5ft length 1.5ft depth 2ft height. Live rock, sump,LED lights. Viewing 3 sides as used as room divider. This is a Aquari ...09/08/22
43Malawi cichlids comunity : Lots of Malawi fancy a change for the tank healthy had most of them a long time £5 each or 10 fish for £45 collection great barr birmingha ...09/08/22
44Bristol shubunkins : These rare fancy goldfish are bred from show strain fish and are of the best bloodline and coulors this years fish for sale only , which wil ...09/08/22
45Odessa Barb : 6x Odessa Barbs £10 for all 609/08/22
46Red Tail shark : 1 X Red Tail shark £509/08/22
47Filament Barbs : 4 filament Barbs open to offers09/08/22
48Neetroplus nematopus : 4x Neetroplus nematopus £5 each27/07/22
49Hypsophrys nicaraguensis : 4 x Hypsophrys nicaraguensis at least one pair and the other 2 look like a pair to, lovely fish and great colours. £5 each27/07/22
50Zebra pleco breeding pair l046 : Zebra pleco breeding pair Collection medway kent Pictures and more info available, message me 07427454253 £45009/08/22
51Parrot cichlid : 5 inch parrot cichlid £10. Eats well pick up only huddersfield.09/08/22
52Grey angel : 5 inch grey angel just having a thin out. Eats well pick up only huddersfield. £5009/08/22
53Oscar bass geophagus dempseys : 12inch peacock bass 4 Oscars ranging 3 to 5 inches 2 geophagus 5 inches 2 Jack dempseys 3 and 5 inches09/08/22
54African peacock cichlids for sale : Due to closing down my tank i am selling: 1 x red empress 2 x ob peacock (1 calico) 1 x regal blue peacock 1 x dragon blood peacock 1 ...09/08/22
55Black fin Brycon free : 7inch black fin Brycon on its own in a tank Needs to be with more Brycon Healthy and eating well just needs to be in a shoal so if you ...11/08/22
561500L+ Rack + Tanks + Equipment : Tanks & Racking: Tanks: 6x custom built tanks dimensions: 40h x 110w x 59d Tanks are divided in two by glass divide, with intern ...09/08/22
57Q0 inch jaguar cichlid £20 7 inch barred midas cichlid £20 dy5 west midlands : 10 inch male jaguar cichlid £20 7 inch barred midas £10 Would swap for albino tiger oscar or severum Collection only dy5 west midlands ...09/08/22
58Fish Tank and Fishes : Complete aquarium set up with fishes. Measuring 150cm x 60cm x 60cm (approx.. 560 litres). 16 large fishes ranging fro 10cm to 40cm inclu ...09/08/22
59AI prime marine lights x2 : For sale is a pair of ai prime lights with brackets reason for sale is giving up hobby Collection Peterlee £180 for pair09/08/22
60True Parrot Fish : 4-5” Male true parrot fish for sale £25 ono pick up or local delivery liverpool area 0731225873009/08/22
61Selection of Malawi fish, cat fish and pleco : 12 African Malawi, 2 catfish, 2 humbug dory, 1 rusty pleco. Selling as Jon lot £20009/08/22
62Tropical and Marine fish rehoming : Multiple tanks and sizes available for unwanted fish. Whether you're moving house, changing your set up or simply outgrown the hobby!! N ...09/08/22
63Selection of Malawi fish, cat fish and pleco : 12 African Malawi, 2 catfish, 2 humbug dory, 1 rusty pleco. Selling as Jon lot £20009/08/22
64Electric Yellow Lab Cichlid : For Sale are a breeding group of 12 Yellow Electric labs, which are a year old and now beginning to breed. Been fed on quality food for heal ...08/08/22
65Snow White Albino Cichlids : For sale are my last 3 snow white cichlids they are a year old and beginning to Breed Fed on quality food for colour and healthy fish. 3 for ...08/08/22
66Fluval External FX 6 Filter : Closing tank down so have 2 x FX6 Filters for sale. Perfect working order all seals been serviced. Ready to be used on another tank. £130 e ...27/07/22
67Golden Dorado : Group of 4 golden dorado all 12”+ £120 each or £400 for the group please WhatsApp me for videos & information 0793306967610/08/22
68LPS corals : Reef tank shutdown. From L to R: Red Goni £30, Green candycane massive colony £100 & frag 8+ hds £30, Frogspawn £30, Green Hammer ...09/08/22
69Koi For Sale : Have a number of koi for sale. They were spawned in July/august 2020. They are chagoi, platinum ogon and on other metallic look like ghost ...08/08/22
70CATFISH : Hypancistrus species , pecktolia species , whiptails , Ancistrus (not commons) please text me . Thanks John08/08/22

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