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Description: Updated Stock list 15/09/2017

Corydoras/CW Numbers:
CW028 Corydoras Super Schwartzi STUNNING XXL STORE FIRST Limited
Corydoras Gold Lasers F1 XL NEW super condition
C12 Corydoras Punctatus NICE
CW009 Green lazer Corydoras SUPER CONDITION XL STORE FIRST Limited
Corydoras Julii WILD NICE
Corydoras Agassizii WILD NICE
Corydoras Duplicareus NICE
Corydoras Melanistius WILD NICE
Corydoras Davidsandsi Rare nice
Corydoras Haraldschultzi Rare limited
Corydoras Weitzmani Store first Limited
Corydoras Axelrodi WILD Store first limited
Corydoras elegans
Corydoras Arcuatus NICE
Corydoras Delphax NICE
Corydoras panda NEW NICE
Corydoras Eques
Corydoras Bronze (Very nice) NEW
Corydoras Peppered NEW NICE
Peruvian Bleeding heart tetra NICE
Rummy nose tetra NICE
Paracheirodon Simulans (wild green neons) NICE
Scarlet Tetra NICE
Congo tetra
African Red Eyed Tetra STUNNING
Copella Arnoldi (Splash tetra)
Micralestes Stormi (Unusual African Tetra)
Silver tipped tetra
Black phantom tetra Very nice
Red phantom tetra Very nice
Phantom tetra albino very nice
Serape tetra
Lemon Tetra
Kerri blue tetra NICE
Hyphessobrycon Amandae (Ember Tetra) NICE
Emperor tetra
Glow light tetra NICE
Black neon tetra
Orange neon tetra
Neon tetra XL
Buenos Aires Tetra (top condition)
Buenos Aires Tetra Golden (top condition)
Black Widow Tetra
White Widow Tetra
Diamond tetra (Top condition)
Pristella tetra
Golden Pristella tetra
Ornate tetra (top condition) NICE
Ornage flame tetra NICE
Columbian blue tetra nice
Penguin tetra (top condition)
Red eye tetra
Danio/ Rasbora:
Galaxy Rasbora NICE
Sawbwa Resplendens (Asian Rummy nose) STORE FIRST
Harlequin Rasbora good size
Scissor tail Rasbora
Glow light Rasbora
Green line Rasbora (rarely seen)
Zebra Danio (Top condiction)
Zebra Danio long fin nice
Zerba danio golden long fin
Pearl Danio
Giant Danio
Sahyadria Denisonii (redline torpedo barbs)
Hypsibarbus wetmorei (Lemon Fin Barbs) NEW Super chunky
African Banded barbs NICE
Super red rosy barbs NICE
Rosy barbs Neon NICE
Red Line Torpedo barbs nice Limited
Ticto barbs
Panda Barbs (Top condition)
Golden barbs
Golden Barbs Xl
Pentazona barbs XL
Black Ruby Barbs (Very nice)
Tinfoil barbs limited
Dawkinsia Assimlis XL Few
Cherry barbs (super colour) NICE
Green Tiger barbs
Albino tiger barbs
Tiger Barbs
Golden Rosy Barbs Very nice
Parkinsoni Rainbowfish
Melanotaenia Boesmani
Neon Dwarf Rainbowfish nice
Glossolepis Incisus (salmon red rainbows)
Assorted Rainbowfish
Oringal endler guppy NICE NEW
Wild Endler guppy Peru Sorted into pairs limited
Limia Peruguae (Very nice) Rarely seen
Assorted Male Guppy
Assorted Female Guppy
Assorted high fin platy nice
Orange molly
Full black molly NICE
The Giant Molly NICE
Assorted Variatus platy NICE
Assorted High fin NEW NCE
Red Tuxedo platy NEW NICE
Assorted platy NICE
Silver mollies
Orange mollies
Assorted sailfin mollies
Xiphophorus Helleri red berlin STUNNING limited
Xiphophorus Helleri Full Red STUNNING limited
Colisa Fasciata (Wild Gourami)
Red Dwarf Gourami NICE
Honey Gourami (wild type)
Red robin Gourami NICE
Pearl Gourami
Gold Pearl Gourami Xl Shop first limited
Dwarf Cichlids:
Electric blue rams NICE sorted in to pairs
Mesonauta festivus NICE
Nannacara Anomola (Pairs available) nice
Bolivian Rams NICE
German blue rams Sorted into pairs
Keyhold Cichlids Limited
Red breast Acara nice
Local breed Kribensis
Apistogramma Aggassizii Fire red NICE
Apistogramma Trifasciata nice
Apsitogramma Aggassizii double red NICE
Apistogramma Cacatuoides Double red NICE
Apistogramma Cacatuoides Orange NICE
Apistogramma boreli
Apistogramma Boreli Opal STUNNING
Pelvicachromis subocelatus matadi (Kribbensis)
Dianema Longibarbis (porthole catfish) NICE
Banjo catfish
Hara jerdoni (moth catfish) WILD
Anaspidoglanis Macrostoma (Dwarf giraffe Catfish) Rare Limited
Otocinculus Affinis nice
Debauwi Catfish (Rarely seen) limited
Loricaria Filamentosa XXL pairs Rarely seen at this size
Loricaria Lanceolata red (Red Whiptails)RARE
Synodontis Petricola Zaire F1 NEW STORE FIRST
Synodontis polli white Zambia F1 NEW STORE FIRST
Synodontis Angelicus
Synodontis granulosa RARE
Brown Bristle nose Pleco (Local breed)
Albino bristlenose (local breed)
Brown Long fin bristlenose Pleco
Striped Dora GOOD SIZE
Bristlenose Pleco XL pair Very nice
Banjo Catfish
Loach/ Shark:
Ambastaia sidthimunki (dwarf chain loach) NICE
Botia Macracantha (clown loach)
Botia Lohachata (yoyo loach) wild Nice
Botia Striat (zebra Loach) wild Nice
Albino Rainbow Shark limited
Ruby Sharks
Black Khuli Loach
L Number Pleco:
L14 Scobiancistrus Aureatus (sunshine scuby) XXL VERY NICE
L134 Peckoltia compta (Leopard frog pleco) VERY RARE NICE
L270 Hypancistrus sp. Chocolate Zerba Pleco
L200 Hemiancistrus Subvirdis (Green Phantom) NICE Reserved
L187b Chaetostoma milesi (Rubbernose Pleco)
L204 Panaqolus albivermis (Flash pleco) nice
L201 Orinoco Angel pleco limited
L144 Lemon blue eye nice
L264 Leporacanthicus Joselimai 15-16cm
L104 Clown pleco
American Cichlids:
Andinoacara pulcher (blue acara) nice
Geophagus steindachneri Hondai NICE
Cichlasoma Salvini Red VERY NICE
Cichlasoma Nigofasciatum albino (convict cichlid)
Cichlasoma Nigofasciatum (convict Cichlid)
Cichlasoma Managuense (jaguar cichlid)
XL tiger Oscar
Assorted Angel fish
Heros sp rotkeil
golden severums
Firemouth cichlid Assorted Sizes
Symphysodon Marlboro red discus NICE
Symphysodon Red Pearl discus NICE
Metriaclima zebra gold kawanga F1 nice
Assorted large full colour Aulonocara STUNNING
Aulonacara, haps, proto’s
Synodontis Petricola zaire F1
Synodontis polli whiter Zambia F1
Synodontis granulosa RARE
Synodontis Angelicus
Lamprologus Birchardi NICE
Lamprologus Birchardi Albino
Lamprologus Mulifasciatus
Oddball/ Miscellaneous:
Semaprochilodus Taeniurus (Flag Tail Characin) Limited
Crenicichla compressiceps Compressiceps (Dwarf Pike Cichlid) STORE FIRST
Doryichtys martensii (fresh water Pipe Fish) STUNNING
Badis Badis NICE
Pantodon Bucholzi (African butterfly fish)NICE
Metynnis Lippincottianus (Spotted silver dollar)
Dwarf Congo Frogs limited
Hemichromis lifalili (Blood Red Jewel Cichlid)
Apteronotus albifrons (Black ghost Knife fish) XL
Peacock goby chunky females
Gulper catfish Good Size
Nannostomus Marginatus Dwarf pencil fish) Super condition
Aphyosemion austral caplopes (Lyretail Killi) pairs
Tire track eel limited
Dermogenys Pusilla (Wrestling Halfbeak) STUNNING
Aplocheilichthys Normani (Normans Lamp Eye) NICE NEW
Serrasalmus rhombeus Wild xingu (Black Rhom Piranha)
Dwarf Muck Turtle 5 Year old
Common musk hatchlings Limited
Puffer fish :
Tetraodon mbu NICE Reserved
Shrimp/ Snail:
Red Ramshorn snails nice
nerite snails NEW
Assassin snails
XXL bamboo shrimp NICE
Amano shrimp NEW
Blue Velvet Shrimp (super blue) limited
Sukura red Shrimp NEW full red
Yellow Fire shrimp NEW nice
Assorted Crystal bee shrimp
Cherry shrimp
Armoured shrimp nice Limited
XL rabbit snails
Super delta metallic NEW
Super delta NEW

The Aquatic Store Bristol
With 160 fresh water aquariums filled with top quality tropical and temperate fish from all around the world. From tropical community including many unusual species, Corydoras CW numbers, L number Pleco’s and Apistogramma’s, to the shorelines of Malawi and Tanganyika.
We also carry a large selection of aquarium Oddities like Polypterus, Arowana, Snakeheads and Stingrays!
All Levels of fish keepers are catered for whether its your first temperate aquarium to a grand scale Lake Tanganyikan biotope aquarium our friendly team are on hand to help

The Aquatic Store Bristol
28 North Street


Opening hours
Monday closed
Tuesday 9-5.30
Wednesday 9-5.30
Thursday 9-5.30
Friday 9-5.30
Saturday 9-5.30
Sunday 11-4

Join us on Facebook for Special offers and an active community of like minded fishkeepers.

Contact Information
Advertiser: Nicholas
Telephone: 01179639120
Town: bristol
County: Bristol

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