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Marine Fish & Marine Inverts
 MAIL ORDER MARINE CORALS SPS LPS & SOFT UK - EUROPE : We Deliver Stunning Coral Frags Direct To Your Home Buying from us couldn’t be simpler. Just browse our beautiful collection, choose ...18/06/21
 Berghia Nudibranch Large Size Verrucicornis, Aiptasia X Eating Elimination : This listing is for the wonderful Berghia Nudibranch, the reefkeepers best friend when it comes to eliminating what is one of the toughest p ...18/06/21

1. High end Corals and live stock : High end corals and live stock for rehoming. Some stunning pieces here. Collection is from Stoke on Trent. I will discount items if there are multiple sales. For indivi ... 18/06/21
2. Marine eel : eel livening with fish ok eating out hand i can sent video eating out of hand 10 17/06/21
3. Tiger Pistol Shrimp Southampton FREE : Breaking down a Red Sea Max 130D in white. Small shrimp is free, but needs to be caught. Tank not fully broken down yet, as shrimp under reef plates & substrate. If you can hel ... 17/06/21
4. Lots of corals SPS, LPS & softies : Various frags available as shown below : a. 3cm Hysterix, numerous growth points £10 b. 3 colours of Pocillopora mounted on the same frag plug – my favourites these - £20 ... 16/06/21
5. Marine fish for sale - URGENT shut down due to moving house : 2x blue and yellow damsels £free on any purchase 1x pair mocha clowns £20 1x pair clarkii clowns (hosting a xl green bubble tip anemone) £40 1x yellow tang £150 1x pyjamas ... 15/06/21
6. Fluval Evo full set up AI PRIME D FLOW EXTRAS. : Live stock: 1 da Vinci clown 1 snail A few Zoas and a hammer coral. GSP Hermit crab Selling my fluval Evo due to simply not having time to keep marine at moment. Ful ... 15/06/21
7. Live rock 4£ per kg : Matured live rock covered in nice purple algae from pest and plag free tank still in aquarium. Grab a bargain!!! Redditch 07591371763 15/06/21
8. Various marine fish : For sale are few of my fish all healthy and feeding well Regal tang £30 Ghost goby( sand cleaner) £10 Coral beauty £30 Copper band butterfly eats everything £50 File fish ... 15/06/21
9. Picasso Triggerfish Adult : I need to sell my Picasso Triggerfish ASAP is it is too large for my tank. £15 It is approximately 10-12cm in size, eats a varied diet of live and frozen foods - river shrimp, ... 15/06/21
10. Cheato for sale. Good quality, Clean and super thick. £9.99 including first cla ... : Cheato for sale. Good quality, Clean and super thick only £9.99 including first class post. You will receive a fantastic portion of quality cheato. My Cheato is super dark ... 15/06/21
11. Fluval 13.5 complete set up : Reduced price. I'm selling my fluval 13.5 complete set up.everything is standard on the tank ie the light, tank lid and chamber cover heater return pump all the normal stuff the ... 14/06/21
12. Yellow tang sale... last pair sale : Yellow tang Hawaiian sale last stock last. Because Hawaii band no more yellow tang and other Hawaii fish hard to get. Lots of live stock for sale... Yellow tang medium and large s ... 14/06/21
13. Emperor angel cream angel clown fish sale…. : Selling marine live stock. All fish are nice and healthy. Emperor angel changing colour. Blue ring angel adult colour Cream angel 3 inch Hybrid bio colour angel rear Bio c ... 14/06/21
14. 100ltr tank, 2 clowns : 100 litre tank, complete with live rock and tmc evo reef rock, coral sand and Kessil A80 tuna blue light. 2 black clowns and small green bubble tip annenome. includes TMC nano ski ... 14/06/21
15. Xenia for sale : I have 2x pieces of xenia colonies on live rock approx 3x3 inchs fOR sale. £30 each or £50 for both. Would consider swap for other frags 13/06/21
16. Full Marine set up and livestock : Full set up for marine.includes Live coral andlivestock. Foxface, mandarin, 2xtomato clown, 2x electric damsel, jewelled puffer, fuzzy dwarf lion, red angel, clown tang, alge blemm ... 13/06/21
17. Soft corals and RBTA : Have some soft corals for sale or swap. Collection only form Welwyn Garden City Leather finger: Large frag £25 Small frag £10 (not pictured) Mother colony also in picture ... 12/06/21
18. LPS Corals and Mushrooms and Macro Algae SWAP or SALE : Looking to clear out some of my tank Would be willing to swap for other corals I have 4 long toadstool around 6 inch across £15 each Various Sized Kenya Trees £5 each ... 12/06/21
19. DUE TO ILLHEATH I AM REDUCING MY MARINE STOCK AS ADVERTISED HEREWITH : One Large Mustard Guttatus Tang. One Large Emperor Angel One Large Blue lined Angel One Medium Koran angel One Lubbock wrasse One HARLEQUIN TUSK One Striped Tang One Lipstic ... 11/06/21
20. Sea Hare for hair algae : Sea Hare for sale. My Sea Hare in gentle with corals, eats no macro algae, and just hunts down hair algae. Collection only £20 11/06/21
21. Chaeto algae pickup in West Berkshire : Hi there, I have a big chunk of Chaeto algae for sale, pickup between Reading and Newbury for now only. £5 10/06/21
22. Complete Jellyfish Set-up Very Unique and Special : For sale is my complete Jellyfish set-up I have had this set-up which consists of two separate tanks (they look great either side of the TV) for a couple of months now, however ... 09/06/21
23. Dead Live Rock : I’ve shut my tank down so selling this rock as dead. Will need cleaning etc before going in new tank but a bargain to be had especially if looking for a larger amount of rock. So ... 09/06/21
24. 2 platinum clown fish. : 2 platinum clown fish pair. 50 . Six line Wass 20. Lawnmower blenny 10. Closing tank. Some clean crew 10 . Preston 09/06/21
25. Toadstool Leather coral : Leather coral @ 100 I have for sale this amazing soft coral - pickup only from Brighton. about 1 foot long by 6 inch wide 09/06/21
26. Seahorses : Approx 4-5 of them. Not 100% sure if I want to sell unless they go to a good home coz highly sensitive fish but my ones are fairly hardy and now also eating 100% frozen food with t ... 08/06/21
27. Marine fish / Rare Indian Butterfly fish : This is a very rare Indian Butterfly (Chaetodon Mitratus) fish rarely seen for sale in the shops ,it is well rested and grazing , feeds on all foods without problems ,this is a sma ... 08/06/21
28. Marine fish / Purple Firefish : These are nice size stunning Purple Firefish , reef safe and feeding well on all foods £39.99 each collection from Southampton please #marinevolution #marinetank #reeftank #purpl ... 08/06/21
29. Marine fish / Pink & blue Spootted Goby : Pink and Blue Spotted Goby great colours and a great sand cleaner feeding on all foods £29.99 collection from Southampton please #reeftank #marinetank #marineaquarium #goby 08/06/21
30. Coral green furry mushrooms and GSP : £10 each Collect KT7 08/06/21
31. Yellow tang (£325) : Had the yellow tang around 6 months , he has regularly fed on pellets, mysis , brine and seaweed. Full asking Brice or best offer will be accepted as j need it gone fast! 07/06/21
32. 55KG Live Rock with some corals still attached. Bargain price, has to go : Hi, I have for sale 55kg of quality live rock with mini brittle stars, sponges etc. No pests that I'm aware of. This still has some corals attached, bits of chalice, some gre ... 07/06/21
33. Yellow tang x 6 and other marine fish : Selling my yellow tang around 6inch very nice coloured fish very bright very friendly will eat from hand also have other fish for sale FLAME ANGLE WRASSES CLOWNS SNAILS GOBYS TANG ... 07/06/21
34. Reef bio gro reacter medium : Used for 1 month , cost 200 still have box will take 110 07/06/21
35. Catalaphyllia - Large : Large showpiece Catalaphyllia. 12 inch/300 mm long. Offers. Oxford based. OX12 0778844 4142 05/06/21
36. Live Rock (Pukani) : Large showpieces of Pukani Live rock. Plus smaller pieces. £2 a kg Oxford based. OX12 0778844 4142 05/06/21
37. Any zoas or other corals for sale in this area? : As above I'm interested potentially in some zoas or other corals similar and softies, I have some gsp to trade if interested? Regards 05/06/21
38. BUYERS BEWARE. Brian Amos/Glenn Amos/Helen Amos-Smith, Birkenhead BUYERS BEWARE : Has anyone else fallen foul of the ad placed on here by Brian Amos selling coral and equipment? I paid for some corals in December and despite text messages etc have not receive ... 04/06/21
39. marine frags : marine frags .soft corals. zoa .red mushrooms. yellow Polips . 3 for £10. colection from penistone s36 . thanks 04/06/21
40. 50kg Mature live rock from live system : 50kg excess mature live rock from live running system with no disease, aiptasia or nuisance algae, £4.00 per kg. collection only from Daventry NN11 area O7506712944 03/06/21
41. 5x2x2 Marine aquarium for sale, with fish and equipment : Hii have a 5ft x 2ft x 2ft marine aquarium with stand,sump, quarantine tank, tank is very well made a a lovely tank sump comes complete with all equipment with a good skimmer and a ... 03/06/21
42. 4 ft x 2 ft nd aquatic tank marine for sale needs to asap cheap to sell : II HAVE DECIDED TO REDUCE THE PRICE NEED GONE AFTER LOCK DOWN SEND EMAIL TO chef@tonypage.comSORRY IF I DIDNT CONTACT PEOPLE BUT I DIDNT KNOW MESSAGES STAYED ON THE SITE AND NOT TO ... 03/06/21
43. Large corals for sale : Rock covered in large green mushrooms, some huge ones on there up to 3”, a good 15 heads Rock with large toad stall colony, 4 or 5 large pieces and small ones growing through ... 02/06/21
44. XL Regal Tang (9inches) - £70- Sold : Large regal tang, stunning fish, eats everything. Will need a large setup (6ft+ only) and will only sell to a good home. Chang my setup to reef and adding more tangs in. So st ... 02/06/21
45. Total marine set up : Everything has now been sold other than the Abyzz 400 pump which retails for £2,399. and I'm happy to take offers around £700. and the Kamoer F4 pump offers around £100 The g ... 31/05/21
46. Tank closing : I have for sale Yellow head moray Snowflake eel Honeycomb moray White eyed moray Narrow line puffer Panther grouper Miniatus grouper (sold) Ossolated trigger Loads of ... 31/05/21
47. Various corals for sale from my tank : Rhodactis Indosinensis commonly known as Neon green hairy mushroom coral can grow/swell to around 4inch in diameter. These sell for £30 a head in stores. We are trying to make spa ... 31/05/21
48. Live Rock in Jewl 350 litre : 40kg of live rock The lights are t5 Marine and white 1200 little uv filter and protein skimmer 300 watt heater With 40kg off live rock Jewl 350 Fish Tank. Condition is "Used". ... 31/05/21
49. Large marine fish : Regal tang Toby puffer orange spotted Gobby bi colour angel brown sail fin tang a common clown 3 humbugs a yellow breast damsel and a domino damsel 31/05/21
50. Zoas and sps frags derby £10 : Hi I have these available at the moment all £10 each collection only from Derby de56 29/05/21
51. Picasso Trigger (5.5inches) -£60 : Beautiful Picasso trigger. Eats everything and stunning markings with iridescent blue lines (good varied diet). Has been housed with Koran Angel, Niger Trigger, Regal Tang, Snow ... 28/05/21
52. Seahorses Reidi & Erectus for sale : Seahorses Reidi x Erectus From Captive bred European stock. Tank bred from my own stock. £90 each collection only. Born December 2020 Also have Reidi born January 2021 & Erec ... 28/05/21
53. Dusky Wrasse : I'm moving home and closing down my tank. Had the wrasse over 2 years. He/she eats pellets and brine shrimp. Dusky Wrasse between 5 and 6 inches £20 ono Collection only Nort ... 25/05/21
54. Marine Caribbean live rock : All types of shapes and sizes, cured live rock maybe 100 kg left at 5 pound a kilo , this goes in shop for double at least 25/05/21
55. Tmc 500 calcium reacter : Brand new in box never used 120 25/05/21
56. Reef cam by tmc : Reef cam brand new in box for sale ,never opened .80 pound brand new 25/05/21
57. Black and White Common Clowns : I'm selling my breeding pair of Black and White Common Clowns. They are both healthy and active. £50 for the pair. Collection Only from CM8 area 24/05/21
58. Adult Emperor Angel : Unfortunately my Emperor is now getting to big for my tank. He's fat and healthy, with great colours. £120 Collection Only from CM8 area 24/05/21
59. Various Soft Corals : I have for sale various softies. Available are- 2x Large Ricordea Yuma £20 1x Medium Ricordea Yuma £15 2x Small Ricordea Yuma £5 1x Large Pink Bush Gorgonia £15 1x Small P ... 24/05/21
60. Very large Gorgonia : Very large gorgonia on live rock with mushrooms Great coral in perfect condition only selling as out grown my tank 14 inches high and has about 10-12 strands Collect only 125. ... 23/05/21
61. Very large Duncans : Huge Duncan’s between 25-30 heads Not sure exactly how many Serious offers only Only selling as out grown tank Call me or message me to make an offer 23/05/21
62. Pulsing xenia : I have a few frags of red sea Xenia up for sale 15 a frag or would swap for other corals pick up Doncaster 22/05/21
63. Tank Breakdown - Lots of Fish : 6 foot system breakdown. Lots of fish an CUC. Tank and Equipment (900L Custom Aquariums 4 Life tank, Eco Tech lights and equipment) Fish List Powder Blue XL - £90 Mag Fox F ... 21/05/21
64. Marine fish available for sale : Hi I am closing down my tank and have marine fish for sale in North West London. The fish are all healthy and have been in the tank for a very long time. Reason for sale is due ... 20/05/21
65. Aptasia eating Berghia nudibranchs for sale 3 for £40 incl next day delivery : Home reared Berghia nudibranch for sale. Good size and all rock acclimatised. I’ve been successfully breeding them for many years. Dispatched Monday-Thursday next day delivery by ... 20/05/21
66. Clownfish : Storms £70, ice storms £50, blacker ice £35, mochas £15 Harrogate area James 07475755958 20/05/21
67. Gracillaria (red ogo) marine macro algae for sale £7.99 includes postage : For sale. marine macro algae gracillaria sp.(red ogo).It’s a Fantastic natural food source for herbivorous fish such as tangs and angel fish. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class ... 20/05/21
68. Clownfish : Storms £70, ice storms £50, blacker ice £35, mochas £15 Harrogate area James 07475755958 20/05/21
69. marine fish : looking sellas whole lot £400 1x large yellow tang 1 x large foxface 1 x flame angel 1 x large hooverns wrasse 1 x koi wrassse 1 x orange top wrasse 1 x cleaner wrasse ... 19/05/21
70. Seahorses : Three young seahorses for sale. Hippocampus erectus. Six months old approx. Collect only kent £60 each 18/05/21
71. Marine corals in West London : Hi I have few corals for sale: - toxic green hammer coral 2 heads £30, cannot be splitted. - green/purple hammer coral £15 per head, branches of 1 to 4 heads - Green larg ... 18/05/21
72. For sale : Foxface for sale approximately 6"-7" good condition £45 18/05/21
73. Innovative marine Nuevo ABBYSS peninsular set up £450 collection Brighton : Nano marine tank set up. Pair of black and white clowns 1 royal gamma ,1 shrimp, 2 hemits and snails. 5 corals. Light is a fluval app controlled. Load of other stuff with it ... 18/05/21
74. Ultra green frogspawn (Euphyllia divisa) : Hi all, I have multiple heads of frogspawn for sale. Currently frags are: 2 x 6 heads 1 x 5 heads 1 x 4 heads Majority of heads are already splitting. I can split it to s ... 16/05/21
75. Hippocampus reidi seahorses. : Our tank bred Hippocampus reidi are nearly ready to move on (in two to three months). These are captive bred from European stock. Available on a collection only basis, so you can ... 16/05/21
76. Green Kenya : Large frags at £10 each collection only 15/05/21
77. Marine fish : 1x coral beauty 1x clown 1x cleaner wrasse 1x cardinal 1x boxer crab 4 x hermit crabs 14/05/21
78. sail fin, banded goby, coral beauty, live rock, : Im closing my tank down and have the following for sale sailfin tang 5-6 inch £60 Pink banded goby 7-8 inch £20 Coral beauty 4 inch £40 Live rock 20kilo £3 per kilo 1 Larg ... 14/05/21
79. Big Sailfin redsea tang : I have a lovely big chunky Sailfin tang I’m closing down the tank need him gone ASAP , he eats everything and is healthy , he has allways had a damaged fin when a big sohal tang ... 14/05/21
80. Complete marine tank inc livestock : Fish included are: Regal tang Lipstick tang Emperor angel Lemon peel angel Fox face Clownfish 4 chromis Stars & stripes puffer Valentini puffer Red starfish Royal gramm ... 13/05/21
81. LIVE ROCK WANTED : Looking for around 20kg of live rock within 60 miles of Saltburn Cleveland. thanks 13/05/21
82. Blonde naso : Blonde naso Tang,eats anything, 4.5 inches £45.very healthy fish was Qt prior to adding to my system.none of the other tangs ie yellow and purple are for sale. 12/05/21
83. hippocampus erectus seahorse : large male hippocampus, bred by me and born last october, collection only but i can drive to meet if not too far. £90 each contact sllyoliver@yahoo.co.uk 12/05/21
84. STUNNING RARE REDUCED WOW £150 RHINOPIOS FRONDOSA SCORPION FISH Rhinopias frond ... : Stunning rare incredible fish hard to obtain stunning around 8 to 9 inches stunning orange purple coloration... £150 collection no offers..REDUCED PRICE PAID £300 08/05/21
85. Clean up crew,Clownfish pair wanted, soft anemone : Hi I'm looking to restock my tank, if there's anything else you think I'd like message me 08/05/21
86. fish coral and rock : Moving back to freshwater, so selling the contents of my marine tank £230 for what is listed below. No splitting a pair of common clowns Longnose hawkfish Flasher wrasse ... 05/05/21
87. Flame angel : Had flame angel for 2 years and closing down small tank, just under 3 inches, will take £220 or nearest offer cheers Tom 07435567024 Herts 04/05/21
88. MATED PAIR CLOWNFISH £35 : A fantastic pair of clownfish reluctantly letting go as worried may not get along with another pair of designer clowns I’m introducing to the tank. 04/05/21
89. Adult Pair of Marron Clown fish £50 : Adult Pair of Marron Clown fish for sale due to tank closure £50 collection from Anglesey 04/05/21
90. BLUE TRIGGER FISH for sale : Stunning blue trigger fish around 4 inches Collection Rotherham £45 03/05/21
91. Various corals for sale : Various corals for sale due to shutting down my set up. Tank is available at the right price otherwise it will go into the loft for use at a later date probably. Pale pink goni ... 03/05/21
92. Chaeto needed : Hi, In after some chaeto I've just set up a fuge but have no macros at all, if you have any cuttings etc or any available please let me know, 03/05/21
95. CLOWN TRIGGER : CLOWN TRIGGER APPROX 3/4 INCHES £80 beautiful specimen SOUTH WALES 01/05/21
96. Zenia & Waving Hand Soft Coral : Small & Large bits of White Zenia & Waving Hand Soft Corals available Grows really quickly Lots of different sizes available Have huge Rocks covered also has other sof ... 30/04/21
97. PICASSO TRIGGER FISH MARINE : Picasso trigger fish collection Rotherham £35 28/04/21
98. Coral frags for sale nice large pieces : Got zoas utter chaos Everlasting gob stopper Blue eye btch Pleograph People eaters Orange oxide Fake lime chilli Small radioactive dragon eye drags Rainbow zoa Sunny d ... 27/04/21
99. MARINE FISH : Pair of platinum clownfish small will swap for other fish or £65 cash. collection only 07855399926 26/04/21
100. Jewel Trigon 190 Marine Tank : For sale my Jewel Trigon 190 in Beech. Sale includes all equipment, corals, rocks, and 2 Clown Fish and 1 Banana Wrasse. Only selling due to lack of time and will only sell compl ... 25/04/21

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