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Marine Fish & Marine Inverts
 PLANET AROWANA STOCKLIST 2024 : Planet Arowana stock-list Feb 2024 AROWANA'S Silver Arowana Leucistic Albino Silver Arowana black eye Banana Yellow Albino Silver ...27/05/24
 PLANET AROWANA PREMIUM AQUARIUMS - TROPICAL & MARINE TANKS : We are proud to Introduce our new bespoke Aquariums - Tropical & Marine Tanks Available These aquariums are fully bespoke and we h ...27/05/24
 Berghia Nudibranch Large Size Verrucicornis, Aiptasia X Eating Elimination : This listing is for the wonderful Berghia Nudibranch, the reefkeepers best friend when it comes to eliminating what is one of the toughest p ...27/05/24
 Maidenhead Aquatics @ Ashtead - Marine Stock List 27/02/2023 : Hello from Maidenhead Aquatics, Ashtead (5 mins off Junction 9 M25). Here is our current stocking of Marine Fish Livestock list: Tangs: ...27/05/24

1. AWESOME ULTRA RARE GREEN MORAY EEL OVER 3 FT LONG : Up for sale needs a very large setup...I managed to buy this animal as i one off mostly seen in public aquarium needs similar size... Can WhatsApp video and price please no tim ... 25/05/24
2. BAMBOO SHARKS FOR SALE STUNNING AMAZING reduced RARE CREATURE S : One 12 inch other 10 inch bamboo sharks amazin for both..now reduced too £380 will take £350 25/05/24
3. Lemon peel angel : Nice healthy lemon angle £50 24/05/24
4. Flame hawkfish : Nice healthy hawkfish £50 24/05/24
5. Purple Tang : Nice healthy angel medium size 3-4”inch. Had it since baby. £90 22/05/24
6. Marine fish : Powder blue large £75 Rose bubble tip anemone £15 each Common juvenile clowns £7.50 each Black onyx clowns juveniles £7.50 each Porcupine puffer small £20 Picasso trigge ... 22/05/24
7. Adult emperor angel 6-7 inches : Emperor angel very healthy fish eats anything just has one defective eye please msg for a video only if genuinely interested no time wasters £90 collection Heathrow area 22/05/24
8. Corals & live rocks : Hi, I’m shutting down my tank. And I got live rocks & soft corals for sale. Very nice live rock pieces. You can see in picture attached live rock and corals only £180 21/05/24
9. Captive bred marine fish : F1 Amphiprion Percula clownfish coral sea £15 F1 red head gobies - £10 Neon green trumpet coral min.2 heads - £15 Fungia - £10 These are the only ones of their kind i ... 15/05/24
10. Various Marine Fish for sale + 5ft x 2ft x 2ft Marine Aquarium : Pending house move has finally twisted my arm to sell up marine setup. Various fish available: Dusky Wrasse, Cleaner Wrasse, Sailfin Tang, Large Niger Trigger, Leopard Moray 3ft+ ... 15/05/24
11. mature marine live rock : There is approximately 100 - 150 kgs, in big, medium , and small piec 5£/kg live rock still with heater and power head to keep it alive. no aptasia and no green bubble a ... 15/05/24
12. fishes and corals : Purple Dottyback £10 Scopas tang £25 2 x cleaning shrimp £20 XL blue tang £80 Yellow wrasse £10 Clownfish pair £20 Blue damsel £5 Pencil urchin £10 Brittle Starfish ... 15/05/24
13. Berghia nudibranch £10 - they will eat your aiptasia and only your aiptasia : Back in stock again Hi, I have a few of these crawling around. They can be collected in Maidenhead or I can post them for next day delivery before 1pm. They eat Aiptasia, ... 13/05/24
14. LIVE ROCK : Closing down tank and have 40-50 kg Marine live rock taken out of aquarium as moved over to Tropical so no longer needed. Bring own containers to take away not included . CASH ... 13/05/24
15. Asfur Angelfish : Nice healthy angel medium size 3-4”inch. Had it since baby. £90 10/05/24
16. coral beauty angelfish : Nice Little health fish. £50 04/05/24
17. Wanted Asterina starfish : Has anyone got any asterina starfish they are wanting to Get rid of or sell. I have a voracious harlequin Many thanks 04/05/24
18. Hanna Alkalinity Marine dKH Pocket Checker - Digital Aquarium Test Kit : Very little use. Like new. Will need replacement regent. £60 but i have two other Hanna's for sale and will do all three for £150 07842 648277 01/05/24
19. Hanna Marine Phosphorus ULR Checker HI-736 Marine Fish Tank : Very little use. like new. Will require regent. £60 but i have two other Hanna's on here and will do all three for £150 07842 648277 01/05/24
20. HANNA MARINE LR NITRATE POCKET CHECKER : Brand new and unused. £60 but i have two other Hanna's on here and will sell all three for £150 07842 648277 01/05/24
21. Marine cawfish : Marine caw Fish £35 01/05/24
22. Common clowns pair : I have a pair of common clowns to move on as I'm getting a pair of clarki clowns. One is around an 1 inch and the other is around 2 inches. I've had them for about 8 months with no ... 19/04/24
23. Long polip toadstools : Hi I have a fairly big piece of LR with two long polip toadstools and several large brown/reddish mushrooms with a green edge. Both of the toadstools are firmly attached to the ma ... 19/04/24
24. want : Looking for Marine frogfish red and white or something colourful around 4 inches or less 19/04/24
25. Want frog Fish : Looking for frog Fish Marine red and white awesome with colouring 19/04/24
26. Large marine fish wanted : large marine fish wanted I’m located near Addlestone KT16 please send sizes and price via text Nick 07958006747 13/04/24
27. Large lipstick tang wanted : Please get in touch if you have a large lipstick tang 13/04/24
28. Maroon clown female wanted : Has anyone got a spare female maroon clownfish ,please get in touch 13/04/24
29. Longfin snapper wanted : Hi please get in touch if you have a longfin snapper you no longer want 13/04/24
30. STUNNING:Torches, Hammers ,frogspawn euphyllia. : Toxic splatter hammer:£25 per head. Buzz light year frogspawn:£36 per head. Double head:£60 Beautiful and rare 24k Aussie Gold torches:£175 Only double headers availabl ... 11/04/24
31. sunburst anemones,Superman Rhodactis mushroom large,Lime in the sky acro. : Stunning colorado Sunburst Anemones:£30 each Superman Rhodactis mushroom large:£25 each Zoe's frags and small colony pieces. Xxl green toadstool. Xxl candy cane colony. ... 11/04/24
32. SPS colonies and LPS frogspawns : Looking to move on several striking large colonies of seriatopora birds nest , pavona cactus coral , pocillopora, plating montiporas several types - capricornis and hirsuta . G ... 08/04/24
33. Pulsing xenia : Wanted pulsing Xenia near me I live in Torbay Devon message with what you have available thanks 06/04/24
34. Marine fish for sale : 22 odd assorted marine fish for sale plus large amount of marine rock ect 1 large tang 13 assorted damsels 2 jewel puffers 2 golden cromis pair clown fish plus 2 others a few bit ... 05/04/24
35. Moon jellyfish : Would anyone be interested in buying any moon jellyfish various sizes. 31/03/24
36. Stunning fireworks clove polyps . : Firework clove polyps:£25 per frag. Hurry,as these are moving quickly. 27/03/24
37. Marine fish : Foxface £45 Hippo tang £50 Powder blue £75 Majestic angel £85 Snowflake eel Clown trigger £100 Harlequin tusk £120 Dragon wrasse £40 Pair of banggile cardinals £50 ... 24/03/24
38. Chalice. Montis. Shrooms. Zoas Cambridgeshire : Hi I have a large piece of Hollywood stunner chalice approx 6x4" £50. Some purple and green plate various sizes from £10. Utter chaos zoas. Ricordea Yuma. Collection from PE ... 22/03/24
39. Blue line Trigger : Hi we have a Blue line Trigger excellent fish feeds well pick up only from Hayes middx stunning fish 3 " asking for £50 must go ASAP thanks pics on request thanks 21/03/24
40. Frag rack : Magnetic frag rack and plugs £8 collection penistone s36 17/03/24
41. 3 x Wild Yellow.Tangs £220 : I have 3 x Large Wild Yellow Tangs for sale, all approximately 5 inches. Fat and healthy £220 each or £600 for the 3 Collection Colchester CO7 15/03/24
42. Wanted - Seahorses - in Cornwall : Looking for 1 or 2 pairs Seahorses in Cornwall ideally nr Liskeard St. Cleer stevecarey1948@gmail.com 12/03/24
43. Seahorse : Looking for anyone selling seahorse please +447305296161 update mobile number 08/03/24
44. Red Dragon Pump 12 m3. £700. : Red dragon pumps are widely regarded as THE BEST aquarium pump due to reliability,silent,energy efficient,long lasting and they can be used for salt water marine aquarium INTERNALL ... 29/02/24
45. FROGFISH ANGLER FISH FOR SALE STUNNING INCREDIBLE : Amazing frog fish for sale must be over 6 inch too great bizarre looking creature will take £160... brown and redish colours 28/02/24
46. ADULT LIONFISH STUNNING : Around 12 inches stunning lionfish adult eats anything £140 collected Rotherham 28/02/24
47. Wanted pair of seahorse : Wanted pair of seahorse set up please let me no if any available thank you 25/02/24
48. Looking for marine stingray and shark : Looking for a blue spot sting or a yellow stingray alos an epaulette shark if any one has either will to travel to collect thanks 17/02/24
49. Clown fish and Coral beauty : Both are young, small and really healthy Call me,text, or whatsapp 07775582040 Located in HD2 Huddersfield £50 or very very near offer 17/02/24
50. Tank closing - fish for sale : Need to go urgently. Make me an offer but need gone this weekend. I’m closing down my tank and need to sell off the livestock. I have the folllowing for sale: - pair of comm ... 17/02/24
51. Marine fish for sale - St Helens : Regal tang -10cm - £45 Pair of common clown fish - 5cm - £40 Pair of cleaner shrimp - 5-6cm - £35 Blue cheeked goby - £20 Brown goby - £20 Pair of green chromies - £15 ... 17/02/24
52. Marine fish tank full set- up 200 litre : Due to unforeseen circumstances in am selling my reef master tank with all equipment . Everything is in perfect working order, had the tank 3 years, and has cost best part of ... 14/02/24
53. Marine Fijian Live Rock +Tank. 22 years in refugium marine aquarium. £595 : Fijian Live rock which been in refugium for the last 22 years, imagine the biological richness of them!! about 30 to 40kg Selling due to moving house. its breaking my heart ... 13/02/24
54. Box puffer fish : About 7 inch eats anything character too £80 13/02/24
55. Marine items for sale : Hi I have gone to fresh water and got some items for sale . Magnetic frag rack and plugs 2 wave makes nearly a full packed of calcium some reef roids plus some outher bits £30 . C ... 11/02/24
56. White Bonnet Clownfish Pair- extremely rare £1000 : The White Bonnet Clownfish is an extremely rare hybrid from the Solomon Islands. It is reported to be the naturally occurring cross betweenA. chrysopterusandA. sandaracinos. While ... 10/02/24
57. Complete marine tank set up : £1500 Full marine tank set up in excellent condition, 340L 600deep x 1200 wide x 1500 high inc unit. Livestock: Regal Tang Majestic Angel Pair of Percula Clowns Leopa ... 07/02/24
58. Full set up - marine tank - £280 - 200 litre : Selling my 200 litre reef master marine tank due to unforeseen circumstances. The table protein skimmer, wave machine etc all in perfect working order. All lights etc working f ... 02/02/24
59. Marine fish tank - full set up : 200 litre reef master marine tank - protein skimmer, wave machine etc all in perfect working order. Fish and critters - 1 regal tang 10cm , pair of common clown fish , pair of ... 31/01/24
60. Selling marine tank set up : Selling my 200 litre marine tank set up , due to unforeseen circumstances, I have spent around £2900 and countless hours maintaining the water to a high standard. Will not sell ... 29/01/24
61. Full marine tank set- up : I am selling my 200 litre marine tank set -up with everything included , due to unforeseen circumstances. All wave machine, protein skimmer in perfect working order. Fish and ... 29/01/24
62. More Euphyllia ready to go : Have some more euphyllia ready to go and am also including the pieces that were still left from my last post. All pictures are numbered and the numbered price list will be below. S ... 26/01/24
63. Purple tang : Purple tang for sale Reluctantly selling as shutting down tank … I am open to sensible offers…. Any silly offers will be ignored . Cash on collection Collection from Lo ... 24/01/24
64. Wanted Orphek 90cm Blue Plus : Thanks! 22/01/24
65. Berghia Nudibranch wanted : I am after about 4/5 for my 20g small reef I am based in Wirral Simon 07757688494 22/01/24
66. Waterbox AIO cube 10 - complete setup : Everything you need for a 10g nano Waterbox 10, in great condition apart from a very small ding in the outside bottom corner. I’ve had water in it, on and off for the last few ... 18/01/24
67. Pair of banggai : Hi I am looking for a breeding pair of banggai cardinal fish or if you have multiple I may be interested Liverpool area but may travel within reason Thanks 16/01/24
68. Tank Closure - Clown Fish, Live Rock and Green Star Polyp for sale : Sadly have decided to close tank down. The history of the tank can be seen at https://paulsreef.co.uk Livestock for sale 1x Orange Skunk Clownfish Amphirion akallopisos ... 15/01/24
69. WANTED seahorses : As advert says ,seahorses wanted please get in touch 14/01/24
70. Clownfish wanted : As advert says ,I looking for pair of clownfish 12/01/24
71. Macro algae for sale : Ulva lactuca marine lettuce generous portion £9.99 And Gracillaria Red ogo £12.99 Both non invasive and readily eaten by herbivorous fish Includes 1st class postage ... 10/01/24
72. Copperband butterfly fish wanted Lancs/ Cheshire area : Looking for a healthy specimen, for our established reef tank.We can offer an excellent home in our 1300l tank if you are looking to rehome one. Sensible price paid. WhatsApp 0792 ... 10/01/24
73. Macro algae for sale : Ulva lactuca marine lettuce generous portion £9.99 And Gracillaria Red ogo £12.99 Both non invasive and readily eaten by herbivorous fish Includes 1st class postage ... 10/01/24
74. Bubble tip anemone : I have a bunch of small bubble tip anemones that have split from my main one. Will sell for £10 each. 09/01/24
75. TESSALATA HONEYCOMB MORAY EEL MARINE SALTWATER : Selling my Tessalata Eel around 2ft long eats frozen silver sides and has never bothered any other fish £120 collection from Blackburn BB1 07914385529 Also have a big cleair ... 09/01/24
76. 500ml live phytoplankton £6 collection 7.50 posted : Enhance the health and vitality of your marine aquarium with this 500ml bottle of live marine phytoplankton. Sustainably harvested and packed with nutrients, this feed is suitable ... 07/01/24
77. 1L rotifer £20 including postage or collection : 1L of rotifer high density perfect for clownfish fry 04/01/24
78. 1L zooplankton mix copepods rotifer £22 including postage or collection : Copepods are the second largest source of protein in the oceans, second only to krill. They are the natural food of many fish in the oceans, especially the early life stages. ... 04/01/24
79. Various corals for sale from my tank : Rhodactis Indosinensis commonly known as Neon green hairy mushroom coral can grow/swell to around 4inch in diameter. Single large mushroom attached to small piece of live rock ... 29/12/23
80. Ultra rare- Apolemichthys kingi SOLD : I have for sale a beautiful Apolemichthys kingi approximately 5inches, feeding well and super healthy. This is a collectors fish so this is available to serious collectors only. ... 27/12/23
81. 500ml live copepods high density £12 including postage : Enhance the health and growth of your marine fish with this 1l Live Copepods. Specifically designed for corals, breeding, and marine fish, . The live copepods are best suited for m ... 24/12/23
82. blue eye tang / convict tang/ Frackelface tang sale… : Hi Selling my lovely all fishes nice and good health condition. Eat almost everything Convict tang large size sold Blue eyed tang medium size sold Frackel face tang. Medium ... 23/12/23
83. Pair wild picaso clowns/ white tail kole tang/ neon dottyback : selling these marine fish as packed up tank and in vat in garage so really need gone! all healthy and mint condition! white tail kole tangs cost £300 most places also nice br ... 20/12/23
84. Clown Fish And Blue Damsel : selling my percula clown and Blue damsel £40 pair Selling due to tank shut down will be lots of other bits live rock and equipment listed soon. 15/12/23
85. Gorgonia : 2 large pieces about 12inch in height £60 each both for £100. Single green fluffy mushrooms £8 Collection only 14/12/23
86. 1L live phytoplankton £12 collection £15 posted : 1L live phytoplankton perfect for coral tanks 07/12/23
87. 1L copepods £20 postage included or collection : 1L high density copepods perfect for fish and coral £20 07/12/23
88. REDSEA NANO WANTED : hi there I’m looking for a redsea nano preferably a full set up and of high end spec and quality,willing to travel for the right price,I’m based in Halifax West Yorkshire ….a ... 27/11/23
89. Red sea max nano : * Red Sea Max Nano with black stand * Red Sea ReefLED 50 lights * Red Sea Max Nano skimmer original with kit . * H2Ocean Compact ATO Auto Top-Up replaced the stock ATO * 25L c ... 26/11/23
90. Rehome any unwanted marine fish : I have plenty of space for any unwanted marine fish I have a good knowledge on keeping marine 22/11/23
91. MARINE FISH : Hawaiian Black triggerfish 5-6inch £55 Regal tang 4-5inch £50 porcipine puffer XL £70 Rose bubbletip nems £25-35 each depending on size Collection only 07855399926 21/11/23
92. Marine Kenya tree coral and fish : Shutting down the tank. Kenya trees are on live rock. Will sell separately or the lot. There is a lot. Blue trigger and peacock mantis shrimp Pick up chester 20/11/23
93. Live rock, Leeds, £5kg : I have approx 50kg of live rock from my tank which I'm shutting down. I've had it all for over 8 years and it's been kept wet and warm in the tank since the livestock went a few d ... 12/11/23
94. RARE REDUCED £200 SHOW SIZE BLUE TRIGGERFISH RED TOOTH TRIGGERFISH MARINE FISH : Stunning mint 8 to 9 inches blue redtooth Niger TRIGGERFISH stunning hard to obtain at this size...reduced will accept £200 reduced no offers 1 smaller ones 4 inch £50 . . 09/11/23
95. Seahorses : Hey all anyone able to help me out I’m currently looking for a partner for one lonely seahorse I think she is female this is what I have I’m located In Edinburgh 08/11/23
96. Euyphillia Hammer frogspawn : Two /three headed corals different types and colours Bargain prices as I need space £20.00 for two head !! That's a bargain just need clear out and space Call me for photo 01/11/23
97. undulate triggerfish for sale : undulate triggerfish balistapus undulatus 5-6 inches In perfect condition. Eating well Need to rehome as too aggressive to smaller fish Open to offers. Collection or ... 31/10/23
98. Erectus seahorse : Looking for 2 pairs of erectus seahorse if anybody has any for sale. Willing to travel 31/10/23
99. Trachyphyllia : Trachyphyllia for sale, 3-4 inch, collection only, £160 19/10/23
100. Rehoming : Hi I have two very nice marine Puffer fish 1 X 7 inch star's & stripes £50 1 X 5 inch Dogface £35 Collection only bring a bucket with a tight lid Message me with any ... 18/10/23

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