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Malawi Cichlids & Tanganyikan Cichlids
 The Fish Barn - Rift Lake Cichlids : Nationwide Delivery Available £28.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery BY 12:00 pm For Scotland please enquire. We do request that cust ...12/08/22
 Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlids, North London : Hi I’m a keeper and breeder of top quality Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlids, based in WoodGreen N22.. I have some new haps and peacocks ins ...12/08/22
 Wet Pets Solihull Have stunning Malawi Juvies for sale some rarer ones and a good size a must see li : Hi all. I am an enthusiastic hobbyist breeder/seller of Malawi, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichlids. I have a pet license and I have been kee ...12/08/22

1. The Fish Barn - Rift Lake Cichlids : Nationwide Delivery Available £28.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery BY 12:00 pm For Scotland please enquire. We do request that customers come and view our stock to see and ... 12/08/22
2. tanganyikan neolamprologus brichardy 4 fish including breeding pair : as above all to go together collection only near faversham please call of text my phone as dont get the emails 12/08/22
3. Malawi Cichlids : TB (F3) Tropheops Elongatus Kumwera sub adults £4 (3 for £10) TB (F2) Tropheops Aurora Higga Reef sub adult (female only)£4 (3 for £10) TB (F2) Cynotilapia Hara Gallireya Ree ... 12/08/22
4. Neolamprologus Multifasciatus : Neolamprologus Multifasciatus for sale. Juveniles, sub adults & adults £3 or 4 for £10. Call or text Dean 07897561308 12/08/22
5. XENOTILAPIA PAPILIO SUNFLOWER CHITUTA F1 - VERY VERY RARE . : For sale xenotilapia papilio sunflower chituta f1 - very,very rare, Is 16 fish , size 5 -6 cm.Fish is from Germany ( CICHLIDENSTADEL ) 30 pounds each. very good condytion, PLEA ... 12/08/22
6. XENOTILAPIA PAPILIO KANONI F2- VERY RARE . : For sale very rare xenotilapia papilio kanoni ,is last 4 fish , size 3 cm,very good condition , adults fish is from Germany ( CICHLIDENSTADEL ) - 4 fish $ 50 pounds .Po ... 12/08/22
7. Female Malawi peacock/haps : I’ve got a few possible females I’d like to sell. There’s 3 or 4 peacock/OB, a VC10, a livingstonii and what I bought as a flameback but I’m not too sure. L27 area in L ... 12/08/22
8. CHEAP - Breeding Malawi Groups For Sale - Updated : Group of 6 Yellow Labs 3 inch plus - 2 previously held possible fry in tank Trio of Demasoni - 1 holding Trio of Cynotilapia Red Top 2.5-3 inch - 1 holding plus some young@ 1 ... 11/08/22
9. Female Malawi peacock/haps : I’ve got a few possible females I’d like to sell. There’s 3 or 4 peacock/OB, a VC10, a livingstonii and what I bought as a flameback but I’m not too sure. L27 area in L ... 10/08/22
10. 4 fish from Lake Malawi to rehome : 4 fish from Lake Malawi to rehome: 2 Yellow Labs 1 peacock 1 pindani £10 each Located Derby 10/08/22
11. Frontosa Blue Zaire Moba 6pcs : Beautiful group of 6 Frontosa Blue Zaire Moba £250 - 2 males (25-28cm) - 4 females (12-18cm) Collection: BR33RW 10/08/22
12. Malawi cichlids comunity : Lots of Malawi fancy a change for the tank healthy had most of them a long time £5 each or 10 fish for £45 collection great barr birmingham b43 09/08/22
13. African peacock cichlids for sale : Due to closing down my tank i am selling: 1 x red empress 2 x ob peacock (1 calico) 1 x regal blue peacock 1 x dragon blood peacock 1 x albino orange peacock 1 x maulana pe ... 09/08/22
14. Selection of Malawi fish, cat fish and pleco : 12 African Malawi, 2 catfish, 2 humbug dory, 1 rusty pleco. Selling as Jon lot £200 09/08/22
15. Fluval Roman 200 Tank and stand with two cupboard storage, substrate and lightin ... : Good condition tank with heater, lights and spare new tube light. Also coral substrate. Offers welcome 08/08/22
16. Electric Yellow Lab Cichlid : For Sale are a breeding group of 12 Yellow Electric labs, which are a year old and now beginning to breed. Been fed on quality food for health and lovely colour. £50 for the group ... 08/08/22
17. Snow White Albino Cichlids : For sale are my last 3 snow white cichlids they are a year old and beginning to Breed Fed on quality food for colour and healthy fish. 3 for £18 08/08/22
18. For sale yellow labs and demasoni : Hi. I have yellow labs 1" £2.50 demasoni 1" £3.00 white labs 3" £8 Collection only Free 1 male venestus 3" bullied by dominant male. Will not last much lon ... 08/08/22
19. Protomelas Taiwanee Reef haps : I have a number of subdominant males in the tank. they are nearly adult size, around 1 year old. they will not colour up more because of the dominant male. also have females prove ... 07/08/22
20. Aulonocara benga (sunshine Peacock) : have a number of subdominant males and a few females for sale, nearly adult size (1 year of age) females proven holders, males will not colour up more because of dominant male in ... 07/08/22
21. Livingstoni predator haps : have 10 fry just under 1 inch in size selling due to room needed 3£ each collection from de65 5nn derby area 07/08/22
22. Malawi : For sale lethrinops chilingali, placidochromis jalo reef,placidochromis star sapphire, Red empress(German strain), eyebiters, Taiwan reef also frontosa Burundi and a group of 14 me ... 07/08/22
23. Female Venustus FREE : If anyone is particularly looking for a Female Venustus I have one here, peacefully living with parrots, free to good home, about 6 inches. 07/08/22
24. Mixed Tanganiyikan Frontosa ect : 13 x f1 Frontosa Mpimbwe 4-9". 5 x w/c Compressiceps Chaitika Gold 2-3". 5 x w/c Calvus Moliro Black 2-4". 3 x w/c Synodontis Grandiops 4". 2 x w/c Lepidola ... 07/08/22
25. Niagrapinns blue neon : Hi all after niagrapinns blue neon if anybody has any for sale 07/08/22
26. Selling my malawi cichlids (Warrington, Cheshire) : Selling my malawi cichlids (Warrington, Cheshire). No offers less then £200 for all! Selling my malawi cichlids as had to downgrade tank size and want other fish/ fresh start. ... 06/08/22
27. Tropheus Kirschfleck F1 - free : 4 pc of Kirschfleck F1 for free. Space needed 06/08/22
28. Alanucara mating pair : Selling malawi cichlid alanucara breeding pair, constantly showing mating behaviour and female is also currently holding eggs! Pictures on request... 06/08/22
29. F1 Tropheus maswa : Large group between 12months and 2 yeas old started to breed 70/85mm 90 off £10 each discount large for groups Gary 07920290879 06/08/22
30. Frontosa moba : Frontosa moba Adult 6in three pick up only maybe more available if needed £40 pound each £35 each just for this weekend 05/08/22
31. F1 Blue Frontosa (Karema) Stunning Quality : Hey i have for sale around 40 x F1 Karema Blue Frontosa which have been bred from my wild caught parents these are stunning and not to be missed they are £20 each but can i do a b ... 05/08/22
32. F1 Kigoma 7 stripe Frontosa Stunning Quality : Hey i have for sale around 40 x F1 Kigoma 7 stripe Frontosa which have been bred from my wild caught parents these are stunning and not to be missed they are £20 each but i can do ... 05/08/22
33. Frontosa Blue Zaire inches Kitumba and Moba leleupi - Lemon Cichlid and Gold Hea ... : selling my tank and fish 6f tank gloss black cabinet and lid 2 x FX6 filters a shed full of parts and spares and other filters of various sizes Loads of rocks and Moon rock with Mo ... 05/08/22
34. Tropheus sp.black “Bemba” : I have for sale young T. Bemba bred and raised by me, they are growing well and on a diet of Sera Flora, Nori seaweed and Dainichi pellets. These are collection only £4 eac ... 03/08/22
35. Tanganyikan Tropheus : Young Duboisi Maswa about 1.5-2” available £7 each (Ready late August). Tropheus Kalambwe fry about 1” available also. Pick up only from Edinburgh. Pic of my young Duboisi ... 03/08/22
36. Tropheus Muzimu Green F1 : Tropheus Muzimu Green , natural hybrid. They are a mix from my wild parents shown in the photos below. - 26£ each 02/08/22
37. Wild Malawi Cichlids : Current Wild Stock list: Imported recently. All out of Qt. -Metriaclima Fainzilberi Magunga OB females 1:2 £30ea -Metriaclima Fainzilberi RT Lundo OB/O females 1:2 £ ... 02/08/22
38. Shutting down tanks loads of wild and f1 mbuna to go £120 the lot : Good afternoon guys. Closing tanks down so few quality fish availible. All fish came from Rick ward. Wild:- Fuelloborni ndumbi x 3 male x2 standard female. £100. ... 01/08/22
39. Large male blue peacock : Hi I have a active large electric blue peacock, had him since baby, looking to sell to a good home. around 6inch and Will possibly get a bit more bigger if in the right atmosph ... 31/07/22
40. Shell dwellers : Neolamprologus ocellatus gold £4ea collection only Hemlington Middlesbrough. 31/07/22
41. 5 ft aquarium complete setup : 5 ft maidenhead aquatics oak series aquarium with about 30 Malawi,s and tang,s X2 fluval 306 external filters,air pump,x2 heaters,led light bar,ocean rock and coral sand. Move for ... 31/07/22
42. Wanted : Hi. Does anyone have any mbuna for sale in Manchester. For a new tank setup. Thanks 30/07/22
43. Malawi Mbuna Juveniles £5 each Buy 4 Get 1 Free : Current stock list. Metriaclima Aurora Mara Point 4cm £5 Metriaclima Elongatus Chailosi 4cm £5 Metriaclima Membe Deep 4cm £5 Cynotalapia Zebroides Cobue 3cm £5 Cynotalapi ... 30/07/22
44. Malawi Mbuna Juvenile Cichlids Fish Sale. £5 each Buy 4 get 1 Free : Metriaclima Aurora Mara Point £5. Pic 1 Metriaclima Membe Deep £5 Pic 2 Both Male (two tone blue) and female shown Metriaclima Elongatus Chailosi £5 Pic 3 Cynotalapi ... 30/07/22
45. Large Electric Yellow Lab Cichlid : 4 large electric yellow labs, great swimmers and colour eating well . size 5" for sale £15 for all 4. Now Sold 30/07/22
46. African cichlids : I have a mix of African cichlids up for grabs 15x yellow albino labs 6x albino labs And different types of peacocks Message me on whatapp07885977404 please Byron 29/07/22
47. lamprologus ocellatus gold X7 : Have x7 lamprologus ocellatus gold to re home, just trying to focus on Corydoras and Plecos. Willing to swap for above, can include approx 80 shells. Derby 28/07/22
48. Copadichromis virginalis Firecrest : I have young firecrest 2-3cm growing on, these are very rare Malawi hence £25 EACH. 27/07/22
49. Julidochromis for sale , Warrington, Cheshire WA3 : I have around 20 Julidochromis fry for sale (approx 1.5cm), growing fast. Also available are some juvenilles (approx 2.5cm+) Prices are as follows :- £24 for 10 £40 for ... 25/07/22
50. 11x large Malawi Cichlids : I have the following I need to move as closing my tank 1x 6 inch male Nimbochromis Livingstonii 1x 7 inch male nimbochromis venustus 1x 7/8 inch male Copadichromis borleyi ... 25/07/22
51. Malawi rostratus £30 STILL AVAILABLE : Malawi rostratus approx 6-7 inch buyer to bring bag or container 23/07/22
52. wanted job lot malawis : hiya im after i job lot of malawi im in burnley Lancashire have a 350litre tank to fill 23/07/22
53. F1 Tropheus Red Rainbow Kasanga fry for sale : Got about 50 F1 Tropheus Red Rainbow Kasanga bred from my wildcaught group. Size 2,5-5cm. The bigger ones already showing very nice colouration. Price: £12 per fish Collection ... 22/07/22
54. 60+ fish £40 Neolamprologus brichardi / Fairy Cichlid / Princess of burundi : Hi for sale big group of Neolamprologus brichardi £40 There is around 60+ all sizes. 19/07/22
55. Tropheus Kasanga red rainbow F1. : They are just over 3cm in size and they are offspring of my beautiful wild caught group bought from Mike's Rifts. All healthy and always hungry. 9 pounds each or 20 for £150 C ... 18/07/22
56. MALAWI MBUNAS AND L-PLECOS : Selling excess of some of my fish and these include: Adult mbuna cichlids (3.5-4.5 inches): OB Zebra male, Yellow Lab male, Albino Auratus female, Regular Auratus female and Demas ... 17/07/22
57. F1 Petrochromis Fasciolatus Kasanga : I have for sale some P.Fasciolatus Kasanga. Also known as Fasciolatus Red Eye as the males are characterised by their red eyeliner. These are one of best starter Petrochromis as th ... 16/07/22
58. Malawi full set up for sale : Hi there I have a large aquarium for sale. ( I actually have two one is a marine set up as it comes with a sump but that would be your own preference to stocking. I'll describe t ... 16/07/22
59. LOOKING FOR BUNDLES OF AFRICAN CICHLIDS NEAR DY5 BRIERLEY HILL : Looking for bundles of mixed african cichlids Watsapp 07368459626 if any available close to dudley west midlands 14/07/22
60. Back to Nature book to Malawi Cichlids Second Edition by Ad Konings SUPER NEW LO ... : Brand new still sealed Last few of these left now brand new at only £3.99 each to clear, only while stocks last. When these are gone, they are gone!! Malawi cichlids have been ... 14/07/22
61. Blue Zaire Frontosa Group : For Sale a group of 4 Blue Zaire Frontosa, 1 male 3 females. Lovely colour and condition eating well size 8" £160. having trouble uploading pic can send via whats app. NOW SO ... 14/07/22
62. Rare Malawi HAP cichlids cheap : Selling cheap as I keep breeding them. mostly rare fish bred in uk waters so very hardy. mostly predatory hap cichlids of lake Malawi but some peacocks and mbuna f1 Buccoc ... 13/07/22
63. Haps,peacocks and mbuna : for sale some of my fish good price 2x Fossorochromis rostratus males 13-15cm £25 6x Fossorochromis rostratus females 13-15cm £15 20x jalo reef mbuna 5cm males £5 ... 13/07/22
64. F1 cyprichromis kigoma : Got f1 cyps from my wild group there 35 40mm £9 each or 10 for £80 cant upload pics but can whats app so send a message 12/07/22
65. tropical fish : A breeding pair of marble angels for sale &30.pounds plus endlers guppies at 1.50 p each. Goodk for small tanks. 4 large males britslenose plecs good algie eaters.& 10.oo e ... 12/07/22
66. Tropheus ubwari crescentic wild caught : Tropheus ubwari crescentic wild caught,13 fish ,3 males rest females spawn regularly just took 15 young out of tank ,£130 no offers collection South Shields pm for video and photo ... 12/07/22
67. Large group of F1 Mylochromis Gracilis : Hi there I've a group of approximately 40-50 F1 top quality grade Mylochromis Gracilis for sale Message for bulk deals and pictures Collection only Bournemouth 11/07/22
68. 6x2x2 full set up and malawi cichlids for sale £300 : I have a 648l tank 6x2x2 with a 2000lph external filter heater and tube light for sale. It comes with the following cichlids 1x 6 inch male Nimbochromis Livingstonii 1x 7 inc ... 11/07/22
69. Variety of quality juveniles for sale : Hi there I've the following malawi cichlids for sale. Most around 1-2 inch Aulonocara maleri Moori Dolphins F1 Fossorochromis Rostratus Sulphur crest Mara Rocks F1 Aristoc ... 11/07/22
70. Tropheus Katonga F1 : F1 TROPHEUS KATONGA around 10months old and about 6cm showing lots of breeding signs naturally released in the tank Cellection only from IG8 post code 10/07/22
71. Cyprichromis leptosoma x4 : Cyprichromis leptosoma x4 1xmale 3xfemales £30 08/07/22
72. Predator Malawi haps : Champsochromis caeruleus (Malawi trout) 6-7cm F1 Cheilochromis euchilus thick lip 5-6cm f1 venustus 1 m 2 f 12-10 cm, f1 polystigma 1 m 1 f 12-10cm, livingstonii 1 m 1 f ... 07/07/22
73. Adult Malawi cichlids : Wanted adult Malawi cichlids in Macclesfield or Manchester area 06/07/22
74. Tropheus Bulu Point F1 : F1 Tropheus Bulu Point available from my wild caught group: Fish size ranges 2 to 2.5 inches. £10 each. Contact: 07794563543 06/07/22
75. Adult Malawi cichlids : Wanted adult Malawi cichlids in Macclesfield or Manchester area 06/07/22

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