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  Maidenhead Aquatics @ Ashtead - Tropical List 07/05/22 - UPDATED

Maidenhead Aquatics @ Ashtead - Tropical List 07/05/22 - UPDATED

Maidenhead Aquatics @ Ashtead - Tropical List 07/05/22 - UPDATED

Maidenhead Aquatics @ Ashtead - Tropical List 07/05/22 - UPDATED

Maidenhead Aquatics @ Ashtead - Tropical List 07/05/22 - UPDATED

Maidenhead Aquatics @ Ashtead - Tropical List 07/05/22 - UPDATED

Maidenhead Aquatics @ Ashtead - Tropical List 07/05/22 - UPDATED

Maidenhead Aquatics @ Ashtead - Tropical List 07/05/22 - UPDATED

Maidenhead Aquatics @ Ashtead - Tropical List 07/05/22 - UPDATED

Maidenhead Aquatics @ Ashtead - Tropical List 07/05/22 - UPDATED

Description: A warm tropical welcome from Maidenhead Aquatics at Ashtead, Surrey, just off of Junction 9 the M25. If species variation is what you seek from your fish shops, then look no further, we guarantee to blow you away with our extensive collection of rare and unusual tropical fish, some of which you will never have seen before! Here is our current extensive Freshwater Tropical stock list as of Saturday 7th May 2022. Please see list below.



Mixed Male Guppy
Magenta Blue Endler
Mixed Platy
Mixed Molly


Tiger Barb
Green Tiger Barb
Albino Tiger Barb
Odessa Barb
African Banded Barb
Cherry Barb
longfin Albino Cherry Barb
Green Jade Tiger Barb
Indian Red Panda Barb
Sunset Barb Wild (Pethia setnai)
Checkered Barb
Coppernose Barb (Raiamas Christyi) (Wild Nigeria)
Denisoni Barb (Wild India)
Spanner Barb **Specimen Size**
Clown Barb **Specimen Size**
Filament Barb
Striped Barb (Puntius Johorensis) **Specimen Size**
Five Banded Barb
Hampala Barb (Wild India) **Specimen Size**
Super Colour Rosy Barb
Black Ruby Barb Male


Striped Dollar
Blue Diamond Congo Tetra (Alestopetersius Smykalai)
Silver Dollar
Silver Tetra (Tetragonopterus Argenteus) **Specimen Size**
Black Phantom Tetra
Buenos Aires Tetra
Penguin Tetra
Hyphessobrycon Hexastichos (Wild Brazil)
Black Neon Tetra
Veilfin Tetra
Glass Bloodfin Tetra
Diamond Tetra
Amapa Tetra
Super Blue kerri Tetra
Rummynose Tetra
Red Phantom Tetra
Mylossoma Aureum
Black Line Tail Tetra (Moenkhausia Costae) **Specimen Size**
Brycinus Macrolepidotus (Wild Zaire) **Specimen Size**
Colombian Red Fin Tetra
Broken Line Tetra
Bleeding Heart Tetra - (WILD)
White Fin Bentosi tetra
Neon Tetra
Longfin Alestes Tetra (Alestes Longipinnis)
Cardinal Tetra
Glowlight Tetra
Ember Tetra
Blue & Gold Congo Tetra (P.Aurantiacus)
Red Back Congo Tetra (Phenacogrammus breuseghemi/Bathyaethiops Greeni)
Discus Tetra **Specimen Size**
Lemon Tetra (Bolivian Orange)
Moenkhausia Dichroura (WILD BRAZIL)
Hyphessobrycon Ornatus
Hyphessobrycon Filamentosus
Hyphessobrycon Procyon
Tetragonopterus Chalceus (WILD Brazil)


Scissortail Rasbora
Copper Harlequin
Harlequin Rasbora
Asian Rummynose

Central/South American Cichlid:

Balloon German Ram
Black Angelfish
Avatar Emerald Turkish Angelfish
Sven’s Geophagus
Electric Blue Jack Dempsey
Red Hump Geophagus
Red Devil Angelfish
Electric Blue Ram
Balloon Electric Blue Ram **Specimen Size**
Bolivian Ram
Firemouth Cichlid
“Bahia Red” Geophagus
Red Spotted Gold Severum
Blood Parrot Cichlid
Electric Blue Acara
Apistogramma Viejetta II **Specimen Size**
Red Head Tapajos Geophagus
Caquetaia Spectabilis **Specimen Size**
Laetacara Araguaiae (Wild)
Ellioti Cichlid
Thread Finned Acara
Albino Thread finned Acara
Gymnogeophagus Balzanii Small/XL Male

African Cichlid:

Yellow Kribensis
Nichols Mouthbrooder
Egyptian Mouthbrooder
Sardine Cichlid “Utinta Fluorescent”
Sand Nest Cichlid “Kilesa F1” (Enantiopus Melanogenys)
Chromoditilapia Guentheri


Clown Loach
Dwarf Chain Loach
Zebra Loach
Pakistani Loach
Panda Loach
Green Hillstream Loach


Glass Catfish
Bronze Cory
Panda Cory
Orange Banded Hillstream Catfish
Zamora Driftwood Catfish
Adolfo’s Cory
Mixed Synodontis
Petricola Catfish F1 True
Julii Cory
Peppered Cory
Albino Cory
Pygmy Cory
Brochis Splendens
Super Pulcher Cory
Angelicus Catfish
Featherfin Synodontis
Gold Lazer Cory


German Red Ancistrus
Snow White Ancistrus
Sunshine Ancistrus
Ancistrus Dolichopterus
L397 Tiger Pleco
LDA033 Snowball Pleco
L201 White Spot Pleco
L081 Gold Nugget Pleco
L005 Angelicus Pleco
L018 Gold Nugget Pleco
Flash Pleco
L236 Cracked Zebra Pleco
L066 King Tiger Pleco
L264 Sultan Pleco
Flyer Pleco
L148 Spotted Rubberlip Pleco
Gold Ancistrus


Barilius Ardens **Specimen Size**
Giant Danio
Gold Cloud Mountain Minnow
White Cloud Mountain Minnow
Glowlight Danio
Zebra Danio
Leopard Danio
Orange Finned Danio
Daisy’s Ricefish


Trifasciata Banded Rainbowfish
Celebes Rainbowfish
Sentani Rainbowfish
Kamaka Rainbowfish
Forktail Rainbowfish


Cobalt Blue Dwarf Gourami
Red Dwarf Gourami
Dwarf Gourami
Blue Gourami
Gold Gourami
Red Robin Gourami
Red Honey Gourami
Pearl Gourami
Three Spot Gourami


Red Tail Black Shark
Albino Ruby Shark


Dwarf Pea Pufferfish


Crowntail Betta
Halfmoon Betta
Tri Colour Betta
Longtail Betta


Cherry Shrimp
Japonica Shrimp
Giant Fan Shrimp M/XL
Orange Foot Sulawesi Snail
Zebra Neritina


Golden Wonder Panchax
Blue Paradise Fish
Siamese Flying Fox
False Siamese Flying Fox
Rainbow Garra large
Hockey Stick Pencil Fish
Leporinus Octomaculatus (WILD Brazil)
Rainbow Shiner
Tanganyikan Killifish
Pink Tail Chalceus
Leporinus Fasciatus
Leporinus Affinis
Distichodus Sexfasciatus
Striped Headstander **Specimen Size**
Black Ghost Knifefish
African Dwarf Frog
White African Dwarf Frog
Red Fin Prochilodus

New pictures to follow shortly! We also have extensive Marine, Fancy Goldfish and Pond sections at the store as well, catering for the beginner and intermediate fish keepers, holding everything from Regal Tangs and Clownfish to the more unusual and rare fish!


Please watch our YouTube video, also available in HD.


Contact Information
Advertiser: MHAshtead
Telephone: 01372270700
Town: Ashtead
County: Surrey

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