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Around 12 inches stunning lionfish adult eats anything £140 collected Rotherham
2.Maidenhead Aquatics @ Ashtead - Marine Stock List 27/02/2023 27/02/23 No
Hello from Maidenhead Aquatics, Ashtead (5 mins off Junction 9 M25). Here is our current stocking of Marine Fish Livestock list: Tangs: Yellow Tangs (Tank Bred): 2” Yellow Tangs (Imported): 4" Striatus Tang: 2 ½” Blue Eye Tang: 2 ½” Sailfin Tang: 2” Regal Tangs: 1 1/2"... ...
3.Dwarf Fuzzy Lionfish for sale £40 11/10/21 Yes
I am selling this 1 year old 2 inch Dwarf Fuzzy Lionfish. This is Marine, Salt Water Fish. He is a predatory, carnivorous fish. He is very healthy, active and eats frozen food i.e. brine shrimp. I am only selling as I am getting rid of my marine tank. I am not selling him with any other equipme... ...
4.Large marine fish rock and skimmers 09/10/20 Yes
12" panther grouper,10" unicorn tang, 6" koran angel, 6" lipstick tang, 7" vampire tang, 5" regal tang, 4" piccasso triger, 6" foxface 30"+ zebra moray 10-12" russels lionfish 20+kg of live rock Large skimmer powed in sump by its own pump Also a brand new boxed skimmer the same as one being u... ...
5.Fumanchu Lionfish for sale 23/05/20 Yes
Selling our Fumanchu Lionfish from our personal aquarium. Doesn’t get on with our fish. Eats well, even frozen which is difficult for these guys. More photos on our website at www.thefinsnscales.com £50
6.Tank shutdown - all fish and corals to go 29/01/20 Yes
We are shutting down our 6ft tank and selling it on due to work commitments and not having the time required to look after a marine tank properly. I've also tried to include a couple of growth photos which show the same coral 4 approx months apart. Corals/Nems: Large bubble tip anemone hosted... ...
7.Wanted Fuzzy dwarf lionfish 29/01/19 Yes
07973 529939
8.Marine Fish & Invert.. 08/12/18 Yes
9.Wanted Tangs, lionfish, rabbit fish and other mid size marine fish 06/06/16 No
Hi All as stated, I'm looking for: Tangs, lionfish, rabbit fish, Angels and other mid size marine fish. let me know what you have and a price. Devon and southwest Somerset thanks
10.Marine Fish For Sale 20/05/16 No
Large Breeding Pair of Wild Tomato Clowns: £50 7inch Volitan Lionfish - £20 6inch Porcupine Puffer - £20 6inch Foxface - £40 5 inch H. leucoxanthus Wrasse - £40 6 inch Regal Tang - £20
11.APPROX 40KG LIVE ROCK with fish and corals 13/03/16 Yes
Absoluteky stunning live rock full of colour and teaming with life and corals attatched. Looking for £175 Will also throw in a yellow tang, porcupine puffer and a volitan lionfish
12.Marine fish, soft corals, live rock, in Marine set up for sale 17/12/15 Yes
Juwel Rio 125 with fluval external filter, wavemaker. tunze skimmer, aquaray LED,heater, live and life rock, live sand and a few corals, toadstool, palys, and clove polyps. Also 3 fish, Fu Manchu lion fish, large maroon clownfish and an orange spot goby. Tank has a bit of aiptasia which I haven't h... ...
13.Romsey World Of Water New Marine Livestock 03/10/15 03/10/15 Yes
Hey Guys! New Marine livestock list below if you would like to reserve anything or have any queries please call us on 01794515923 Blue Gudgeon £19.99 Creole Wrasse £19.99 Puddings Wife Wrasse £19.99 Volitans Lionfish £39.99 Fuzzy Dwarf Lion Fish £24.99 Common Pufferfish £19.99 ... ...
14.MUST BE SOLD Marine aquarium - cleair maz 1200 full marine setup, well established and stocked. Easy maintenance 11/08/15 Yes
Cleair MAZ 1200 digital marine aquarium. 500L plus sump of 75L. Full digitalis co tells of heating, lighting, filters, pumps and miscellaneous sockets for additional equipment. Reluctantly selling due to house move and relocation. Aquarium has a piano black gloss surround and cabinet with sof... ...
15.Huge Longhorn Cowfish 03/04/15 Yes
This guy is a good 6" plus. He's from a friends tank which has just shut down. Was housed with a couple of puffers, lionfish, yellow tang, flame angel, leafish, trigger and probably a few others. Buyer didn't want him so he's now housed in my reef with usual reefy fish some quite small, plus corals ... ...
16.Breaking down large marine tank, selling all fish 18/01/15 Yes
Hi We are breaking down our large marine tank as we want to move in the next year and its too large to move. So we will sell all stock and re set up at a later date. We need to sell all fish, live rock etc... we have a large black trigger, medium sailfin tang, maroon clownfish, tomato clownfish, reg... ...
3X Bicolor Angelfish £25.00 EACH 1X Koran Angelfish Juvenile £35.00 1X Moorish Idol £50.00 6X Clownfish £10.00 EACH 3X Sixstripe Wrasse £15.00 EACH 1X Yellow fin Surgeonfish £35.00 2X Regal Tang £35.00 EACH 1X Longhorn Cowfish £25.00 1X Pinktail Triggerfish £20.00 4X Niger Trigger... ...
18.Marine Fish tank with everything you need FOR SALE £300 ovno 12/06/14 Yes
4ft by 15inch fish tank and stand, 2000l/hr aps external filter, heater, light, hydrometer, just under 25KG of Instant Ocean Marine Salt, API Saltwater Master test kit, about 3KG of live rock and about 6KG of lava rock, and a boyu skimmer that doesnt work without a air pump (ours broke) Livestock... ...
19.Freshwater Lionfish, Batrachomoeus trispinosus 13/05/14 Yes
we have Freshwater Lionfish, Batrachomoeus trispinosus for sale around 12cm in size eating well fully quarantined and ready to go !! £20 each collection from rochdale, free delivery in the manchester area and uk delivery for £20 grab a real Oddball!!!!
20.Maidenhead Aquatics@Shirley New Marine stock list (25/2/14) 06/03/14 No
New Marine Fish and inverts Shipment Arrived on 25/2/14 and are on sale now, Please phone the shop for more details. Miami Chalk Bass Peppermint shrimp Rock Anemone Emerald Crabs Scarlet Hermits Nassarius Snails Cerith Snails Ricordea polyps (Orange, Blue, Green and bicolour) Soft Cora... ...
21.P. volitans Lionfish free to an excellent home 18/02/14 No
Looking to rehome a 6 inch P.volitans Lionfish to a large new tank and experienced aquarist. I naively purchased 'Lionel' a couple years ago thinking he was a dwarf. Unfortunately it appears that he is not and he is now too large for my 400 litre tank. This is a massive shame as he is a fantastic... ...
22.Marine Fish and Corals 20/12/13 Yes
Sea Store Aquatics in Rotherham are South Yorkshire's only specialist marine shop. A small sample of the current stock is Picasso Clown Fish Pair Onyx Clown fish pair Clown Trigger Bamboo Shark Powder Blue tang Powder Brown Tang Sailfin tangs Naso tangs Purple tang Assortment of gobies Po... ...
23.volitan lionfish - marine 15/09/13 Yes
Volitan lionfish, beautiful fish but decided to go another way with species so have to sell, about 4 inch long, looking for £15
24.BARGAIN Cheap marine equiptment & fish 20/02/13 No
Clearseal 55g tank with a volitan lionfish & hawkfish & bi coloured angel 15- 20kg of live rock covered in coralline algae ehiem canister filter & hydro powerhead + a tmc 400 pro protein skimmer all in good condition to go ASAP only£ 150good condition for all of it call or text07769150481
25.full marine set up for sale great price 21/01/13 Yes
I am selling my setup as don't have time to keep any more , I have collected equipment & added together to make a good setup Tank - 55g clearseal ,12mm thick glass Two t5 light units + 4 light tubes 2* white 2* actinic Tmc 400 skimmer 3good size powerheads Two ehiem canister filters excellen... ...
26.volitans lionfish for swap or sale 20/01/13 Yes
I have a medium sized lionfish I want to swap or sell as he is getting to big for my tank , he is in great condition, feeding on anything you put near his mouth & I have been hand feeding him for 2 months which is cool ... would consider swapping for Amy small fish like clowns or small angel or ... ...
27.1 lionfish, 1 porcupine puffer fish 03/01/13 No
hi i have 1 lion fish medium sized, and 1 medium porcupine puffer fish(very tame). all in great condition, very healthy and eating well. i need to get rid of them as i am shutting down the tank. all for 70 pounds Or lionfish - 40 and porcupine puffer -35 contact Jarrod jarrodtheron@hotm... ...
28.lion fish 03/01/13 No
i have a 25cm lionfish and a 20cm porcupine puffer up for sale as i am shutting down my tank both are very healthy and eating well had them both from small and had them 5 months now lionfish- 40 puffer - 35 or both for 70 preferably collection but cam post at buyers cost contact jarrod 0758... ...
29.Lionfish for sale 01/12/12 Yes
I have for sale a volitan lionfish eating well and in very good condition. about 4-5 inches so will need a large tank. It has out grown my tank that is the only reason for selling because it is a beautiful fish!! £30 Ono thanks
30.marine fish wanted 19/06/12 No
looking to buy a dragon moray eel(enchelycore pardalis)or caribean green eel also looking for a golden puffer, clown trigger or lionfish around 6inches+ i live in poole dorset and would travel up to 50 miles my number is 01202 733518
31.lionfish 14/01/12 Yes
i have forsale a lionfish, i would say medium size! is in great condition and feeds well. only selling due to wanting to change tank around and wanting smaller fish and i know he will eat!! any further details please ask looking for £30 or even swap for some smaller marine fish!
32.Maple Aquatics Dereham Norfolk 07/10/11 Yes
We a have wide range of tropical coldwater and marine fish, Fish tanks in stock all equipment needed for your aquarium and fish pond. we sell a wide selection of uv lights. Large Oscar 12" £30 Large silver dollars £10 Russels Lionfish £35 (Marine) Feeding Well We have a variety of ... ...
33.Maple Aquatics norwich norfolk 06/10/11 Yes
We have a wide selection of tropical coldwater and marine fish. Tropical fish Clown loach, Mollies, Platties, Guppies, Male Fighters, Tinfoil barbs, Silver sharks, Kribensis, Neon Tetras, cichlids and much more. Coldwater fish Fantails, common goldfish, shumbkins, weather loach and more. ... ...
34.Maple Aquatics Dereham Norfolk 15/09/11 Yes
Rio 400 tank and stand includes: skimmer, powerhead, light unit, heater and external filter set up as a marine tank. £300 Large oscar 12" £30 Large Albino toad £10. Marine fish Flame angel Mandarin Clown fish Fox Face Zebra lionfish Russels lionfish Longsnout butterfly L... ...
35.5ft x 2ft x 2ft marine fish tank 31/08/11 Yes
marine fish tank 5ft x 2ft x 2ft approx 600l including sump tank with pine display stand and pelmet made by whalfe aquatics at pinxton lighting arcadia 2 x 250w halide with blue t5 tubes, 2 x aqua medic ocean runners one for return flow other for varied flow in main tank, 2 nylon filter sock positio... ...
MARINE FISH, VOLITAN LIONFISH, approx 8 inches long, lovely fish, good eater, very healthy £25 Peacehaven, 01273 583801 / 07734525896 E-Mail: angela.gravett@sky.com
37.Volitan Lionfish £30 18/08/11 Yes
A very nice specimen of a volitan lionfish. Very good condition, always had a varied diet. 6-8 inches in size. Will deliver upto 20 miles otherwise collection.
38.Juwel rio 300 MINT marine collection only 29/05/11 Yes
As stated Juwel rio 300 mint condition filter, 6000lph powerhead, deltec mc500 skimmer, t5 HO lighting, 10kg live rock, two clownfish, bubble tip anenome, starfish, dwarf lionfish and live sand. £200 Please dont hesitate to txt me on 07875717252.
39.free to good home must collect by friday 05/04/11 No
free to good home volitan lionfish 5 inches clarki clown 5 inches undulated triggerfish 4 inches common clown 3 inches must collect by friday please bring own containers contact wayne 698 632 little downham cambridgeshire
40.Marine Supplies 15/03/11 No
Lovely selection of Marine Fish available now at The Reef, Dalton in Furness Tangs - yellow eye, silver spot, powder blue, powder brown, regal, vampire, clown, sailfin. Triggers - undlatus, pineapple, blue. Lots of Butterflies, wrasses, blennies, gobies including beautiful large saffron gobies. ... ...
I have for sale 4inch fu manchu lionfish healthy eating well reluctant sale but want to go to next step and get a volitans so he is got to go, looking for £50, also have yellow tang for sale £40 thanks for reading ad photos on request
42.Maple Aquatics Dereham 07/03/11 Yes
New in Lionfish, Corals Now stocking garden plants wide selection of fish foods and treatments frozen foods external filters fluval 305, 205 starter tanks sec hand tanks Large silver sharks Large tinfoil barbs parrot fish
43.volitans lionfish for sale 16/02/11 No
beautiful 6" lionfish for sale.feeding very well. i am changing tank to fish & invert and therefore the lionfish must go. pick up only.£20
44.Betta 1300 Full Marine setup 10/02/11 Yes
45.wanted porky puffer near leeds/wakefield 16/01/11 No
wanted anything you have got suitable for a 6 foot tank. in particular am after: porky puffer - must be light coloured Pterois antennata (Antenatta Lionfish) male black and white perc Gomphosus varius (Green birdnose wrasse) RBTA local please email pics and prices
46.Fuzzy Dwarf Lion and Sand Juggler for sale Barnsley S Yorks 13/01/11 No
I have for sale my Fuzzy Dwarf Lion Fish and a sand Juggler for sale as i am breaking down my tank. Lionfish - £20 Sand Juggler - £15 Please text 07847182114 or email matthewloxley@yahoo.co.uk if interested
47.Complete marine setup for sale 01/01/11 No
i have for sale a complete corner marine setup, the tank in question is a fluval venezia 190, it is pre-drilled which allows for it to be connected to the included fluval 205 cannister filter. im am also selling a powerhead which is more than powerful enough for the tank size, and a v2 400 skimmer, ... ...
48.3ft Bowfronted Jewel complete marine set up fish tank for sale 29/12/10 No
3ft Bowfronted Jewel fish tank for sale complete marine set up with overhead halogen light. 2 extra filter powerheads. heater. stands on a light pine coloured cabinet. includes live rock and 3 fish...1 common clown...1 humbug damsel and 1 fuzzy dwarf lionfish. Genuine reason for sale due to starting... ...
49.Australian black percula, valentine puffer, dwarf fuzzy lionfish 27/12/10 No
I am selling these 3 fish, would prefer to sell in one purchase, they all get on fine, make me an offer!
50.8-9 inch lionfish for sale 18/12/10 No
Selling large lionfish, excellent feeder, 8-9" long, about 9 months old, reluctant sale but it's getting a little big for my tank. £30 or swap for coral/smaller fish/critters/shrimps etc.
51.Northfield Aquatics Hull 16/12/10 Yes
FISH AVAILABILITY LIST ON SALER 18 DECEMBER 2010. Our stock lists are updated as often as possible, but if you are coming a long way please call us to check that the item is still instock and avoid disappointment 2 Spot Goby 50/50 Gramma 6 Bar Angel Juvenile Aligator Pipefish Andersons Pipefi... ...
52.Marines At Northfield Aquatics 10/12/10 Yes
Currently in stock at Northfield Aquatics... Yellow Tang Regal Tang Powder Brown Tang Green Chromis Scopas Tang Pyjama Tang Coral Beauty Spotted Mandarin Yellow Watchman Goby Arc-Eye Hawkfish Red Fire Fish Purple Fire Fish Bicolour Angel 50/50 Gramma Mimic Tang Pyjama Wrasse Zebra... ...
Current Marine Fish Stock: Angelfish Coral Beauty Keyhole Angel Bicolour Angel Blue ring Angel Anthias Lyretail anthias Bartletts Anthias Unarmed Perchlet - Plectranthias inermis (Geometric hawkfish) Assessors Blue Assessor Blennies Canary Fang blenny Bicolour B... ...
54.Livestock HULL 17/11/10 No
For sale the following fish and corals 2 x false percula clownfish paired £30 1 x pink spotted goby £10 1 x mimic file fish £20 1 x antenetta lionfish £20 Corals 1 x 2 headed frogspawn on piece of live rock £20 1 x 7 headed hammerhead coral £35 1 x large toadstool softie £25 2... ...
55.wanted black volitan lionfish in scotland 14/11/10 No
lookin for a small to medium sized black volitan lionfish cash wating
56.lionfish 16/10/10 No
hi all i have a large lion fish for sale it is about 8-9in good feeder have had no probs with it eating other fish even the cromis laugh at it you will need a good sized tank open to offers
57.lionfish 13/10/10 No
Hi all i have for sale my large volitan lionfish about 8-9inch feeds well on prawn small frozen fish stuning fish when crusing the tank.Asking £40 or would consider swap for reef safe fish.Would have to bring a container to put it in thanks
58.Marine Fish Avaliable This Week (Mailorder) 07/07/10 Yes
Please find this weeks marine stocklist, other fish are avaliable please email me to let me know what you are looking for Emperor Angelfish Juvenile £60.00 Koran Angelfish Juv (s) £25.00 Regal Angelfish £60.00 Flame Dwarf Angel £70.00 Midnight Pure ... ...
59.Discounted Mail Order Tropical And Marine fish 07/07/10 Yes
Mail order Tropical and Marine fish at genuine discount prices I am able to offer a mail order / collection service for tropical and marine fish which come direct to my fish house from breeders in Israel and the UK. We specalise in Tropical fish / Marine fish / Discus / Rare angelfish / L... ...
60.large lionfish for sale £40 11/05/10 Yes
stunning lionfish for quick sale he is about 8"long and feeds well must go as selling my tank please see picture thanks for looking
61.Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish Aberdeen 08/05/10 Yes
2 Dwarf lion fish for sale.£12 each. very nice markings,cool fish to watch. Great eaters... Pick up preferably but may deliver in Aberdeen.
Emperor juv 3 Green birdmouth wrasse 1 Clown surgeonfish 2 Racoon butterflyfish 5 African pygmy angels 5 Lyretail anthias 20 Firefish 15 Spot cheeked surgeonfish 1 Purple surgeonfish 1 Skunk striped anemonefish XL PAIR Allards clownfish 3 Yellow bellied anemonefish 2 Three spot angel 2 ... ...
63.NEW STOCK IN NOW 06/03/10 No
Emperor juv Green birdmouth wrasse Clown surgeonfish Racoon butterflyfish African pygmy angels Lyretail anthias fire fish Spot cheeked surgeonfish Purple surgeon fish Skunk striped anemonefish Allards clown fish Yellow bellied anemonefish Three spot Angelfish African pygmy angelfish Bi... ...
64.Wanted : Pterois volitans - (Volitans Lionfish)... 17/02/10 No
Hi We are looking for a non juvenile Volitans lionfish local to Leicester (preferably a black colour morph) though reds would be ok too. Please email with prices / pictures to: misshelen.mary@gmail.com Cash waiting and collect soon. Thanks
65.Marine Setup for sale 03/02/10 Yes
450 litre tank inc sump 1 of each of the following: Regal and yellow tang humbug, gold and black, yellow and grey damsels starfish lionfish spotted cardinal moon wrasse mine urchin hermit crab Also includes hospital tank, 2 spare thermostats, nets, scrapers, lots of other equipment to he... ...
66.Large Volitan lionfish for sale 28/01/10 No
I have a large lionfish for sale, i named him Mufasa (from the lion king), he has grown 1 1/2" since I bought him, which was about 5 weeks ago, he is about 6" big, very majestic looking! He eats well (well 3 fish from my tank anyway), and so he needs to go so we can have a more communal t... ...
67.NEW STOCK IN NOW 23/01/10 Yes
Hi heres the new stock in now MARINE STOCK Scientific Name Common Name Zebrasoma scopas (MD) Brown Sailfin Tang Escenius bicolor Red Tailed Blenny Canthigaster magaritatus Peacock Puffer Canthigaster valentini Saddled Toby Chaetodon lunula Racoon Butterfly... ...
68.Volitan Lionfish - £35 - 15cm - Perfect Condition 21/01/10 Yes
Volitan Lionfish - £35 - 15cm long - In perfect condition – Have had for 3 months -Only reason I am looking to get rid of this fish is because I want to make my tank a community tank. Feel free to ask any questions: Email: talk2tom@uk2.net or Call: 07966820996 Tom.
69.Volitan Lionfish - £35 - 15cm - Perfect Condition - No Problems 20/01/10 No
Volitan Lionfish - In perfect condition, had no problems. I am getting rid of this fish as I want to make my tank a community tank. About 15cm long .. see pictures. any questions feel free to ask: email me: talk2tom@uk2.net or call: 07966820996
70.wanted live river shrimp for fish food 11/01/10 No
Hi im looking for a supplier of river shrimp for my lionfish. willing to pay postage, please email me. kittypkelly@hotmail.com with info thanks
71.Complete Marine Set Up 21/12/09 Yes
Maple coloured cabinet 101.5cm(w) x 41.5cm(d) x 130.5(h). The tank has two lids - one glass, one metal although I find I don't need to use them. Under the main tank inside the cabinet there are two connected tanks. One is used for floss and bio balls as a trickle filter, the other tank is split into... ...
72.Lion fish for sale 16/08/09 Yes
Our huge lionfish is for sale as we can't have him in our new tank. We adopting a Lot's of new fish wish will be to easy for him to eat. He is at least 20cm, and eat frozen food only at the moment unless he gets a hold of a fresh and "lively" food which still wiggles. We looking for around 70£ bu... ...
73.Complete Marine Set Up 23/07/09 Yes
Maple coloured cabinet 101.5cm(w) x 41.5cm(d) x 130.5(h). The tank has two lids - one glass, one metal although I find I don't need to use them. Under the main tank inside the cabinet there are two connected tanks. One is used for floss and bio balls as a trickle filter, the other tank is split int... ...
74.Marine fish 28/03/09 No
Marine fish No Minimum Order....tel or email 07846942654-- Taking orders now for Delivery on Sat 11th April 2009...payment via paypal or ebay... ANGELS Emperor Angel Juvenile (Pomacanthus imperator) £40.00 Pure Black Midnight Angel (Centropyge nox) £20.00 Yellow Fiji Angel (Centropyge h... ...
75.Cheap Marine Fish 28/03/09 No
Marine fish No Minimum Order....tel or email 07846942654-- Taking orders now for Delivery on Sat 11th April 2009...payment via paypal or ebay... ANGELS Emperor Angel Juvenile (Pomacanthus imperator) £40.00 Pure Black Midnight Angel (Centropyge nox) £20.00 Yellow Fiji Angel (Centropyge h... ...
76.Pterios Volitans 03/02/09 No
i have a six inch volitans lionfish for sale £30
77.Black Spotted Dog Faced Puffer, Arothron Nigropunctatus 19/01/09 No
Hello there and thank you for your time. I need to find a good home for Dotty. She is a lovely little puffer, currently about 6 inches give or take and very fat. She eats just about anything I put in the tank, prawns, mussel, cockle etc etc. She also has some beautiful yellow colouration to her ... ...
78.Great choice of Tropical Fish, Marine Fish & Coldwater Fish HOME DELIVERY 03/12/08 Yes
Lots to choose from at Bridge of Marnoch Water Gardens, near Huntly Aberdeenshire. Visitors welcome. SPECIALISTS AT DELIVERY TO YOUR DOORSTEP. We always have 1000's of fish on stock. Probably the biggest selection of fish in North East Scotland. We don't just sell the bread & butter range. ... ...
79.aqua one 620t, marine set up 05/10/08 No
hi im selling my marine set up due to new baby, i have the aqua one 620t in black with cabinet. i have built a sump in the cupboard and had the tank drilled. the tank holds 130 ltrs and the sump 20 ltrs equipment: seio m1100 powerhead aqua medic 2500 return pump heater t5 light for sump... ...
80.Full Marine Set Up 28/09/08 No
full marine set up, tank is 280 litres custom built 10 mm glass with 20 mm base and brace bars all way round top.couple of small scratches.arcadia overtank luminaire t8 with brand new tubes. approx 30kg of fiji and indonesian rock,finely crushed coral sand.fluval 405 external filter, aquapro 4 exter... ...
81.Russells Lionfish only 25.00 01/09/08 No
I have a 7 - 8 inch lionfish that will eat from your hands.A very impressive beasty
82.Volitans Lionfish 10.00 only 01/09/08 No
A small 2.5 - 3 inch lionfish happily feeding from hand,very impressive when displaying.
83.Marine Fish 4 Sale Assorted 25/08/08 No
I am selling the following fish, will seperate, all are healthy and have been living in my tank for about 1 year. I am in Colchester, Essex you are welcome to view late evenings or weekend. I havent put any prices here, make me an offer, I am looking to restock another tank so all funds are going to... ...
84.marine fish 11/08/08 No
violatins lionfish £18, fuzzy lions £20 blue trigger £20, percular clowns £14
85.Lionfish for sale 27/04/08 No
Volitans Lionfish for sale. Approx 6 inches. Very healthy. Has outgrown tank. Buyer collects. £30.00 ONO
86.Live River Shrimp at The Reef World 03/04/08 Yes
Live River Shrimp, suitable to feed Lionfish, Frogfish, Groupers and other predatory fish. Small Shrimp 10p/shrimp Large Shrimp 15p/shrimp Come in and see us at The Reef World, 891 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, BH7 6AU
87.FULL MARINE SET UP low maintenance 17/04/07 Yes
hi, guys selling my prize posession my full set up have 48x18x 12 tank, homemade hood containing twin 55 wattT5s and 4 foot atinic, prizm protein skimmer with upgrade kit, external filter leading back into spray bar, internal filter with powerhead both giving lots of circulation in the tank, 300 w... ...
88.FULL MARINE SET UP low maintenance very cheap 28/03/07 Yes
hi, guys selling my prize posession my full set up have 48x18x 12 tank, homemade hood containing twin 55 watt T5s and 4 foot atinic, prizm protein skimmer with upgrade kit, external filter leading back into spray bar, internal filter with powerhead both giving lots of circulation in the tank, 300 ... ...
I have for sale a fairly big Picasso Trigger and a Dwarf Fuzzy Lionfish. Both in excellent condition. £40 for both
90.lionfish wanted 31/01/07 No
91.90 gallon Full Marine System 08/08/06 No
Juwel Rio 400 (inc. stand), with 30kg Live Fiji Rock and 20kg Ocean rock & 30lbs live sand. 5 Damels and one lionfish (beautiful and fully trained to accept anything - loves squid!), real nice coraline algae growth and some big peices of live rock. Comes with following equipment all in immacula... ...
92.salt water fish 12/06/06 No
i am lookingg for red lionfish (med size) bluegirdled angelfish (adult)
93.Selling a Complete Marine Aquarium 08/05/06 No
I am selling the following setup: 1 x Rena Aqualife Calvados Classic Fish Tank (Total volume 440 liters - 121 x 51 x 70.5 cm) 1 x Cabinet (Rena Aqualife Calvados Classic) 1 x 1,350 litters per hour external Rena Filstar xP Filter 2 x Fluval 404 external Canister Filers 3 x Ehiem Internal Wate... ...
94.Full Marine Set Up - Mature and running 26/10/05 No
Had this tank setup and running for 2 years, very mature. Tank size - 4ft * 2ft * 2ft ( yes it is both wide and deep ) Eheim external filter. Fluval external filter. Internal Heater. Overhead Light. Stand with shelving. 4 internal pumps. ( 3 months old ) External Protein Skimmer. ( 3 months... ...
95.S> Great marine setup 17/10/05 No
Had this tank setup and running for 2 years, very mature. Tank size - 4ft * 2ft * 2ft ( yes it is both wide and deep ) Eheim external filter. Fluval external filter. Internal Heater. Overhead Light. Stand with shelving. 4 internal pumps. ( 3 months old ) External Protein Skimmer. ( 3 months... ...
96.Selling Full Marine Setup, with Fish 04/10/05 No
Had this tank setup and running for 2 years, very mature. Tank size - 4ft * 2ft * 2ft ( yes it is both wide and deep ) Eheim external filter. Fluval external filter. Internal Heater. Overhead Light. Stand with shelving. 4 internal pumps. ( 3 months old ) External Protein Skimmer. ( 3 months... ...
97.Ilford : large marine fish wanted 27/06/05 No
Hi i just setup my marine tank, and put in its first resident a large volitan lionfish, wanted to know if anyone near Ilford had any other large marine fish for sale. my tank is 5ft :) tk u

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