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1.PLECOS 25/06/24 Yes
L333 king tiger B/W F1 juveniles 2.5-3.5cm £15 L236 cracked zebra F1 juveniles 3cm+ £15 L181 peppermint Bristlenose 3cm £15 L134 leopard frog F1 5cm+ £35 Deals on multiples Collection hove BN3 Postage available £15 anywhere in the UK only
2.Aquarium & tropical fish for sale 25/06/24 Yes
AquaManta Nano 80. Built in filter at rear of tank, heater, lighting. White stand. Black gravel. Boxwood. 4 Albino Bristlenose catfish. 8 Neon Tetras. 2 Convict Chichlids. £100.
3.Fish for Sale 25/06/24 Yes
Breeding pair of koi angelfish -£20 Rocket gar 5+ inch - £15 Orinoco pike cichlid 4+ inch - £10 3x Pictus catfish 4+ inch - £15 for all 3 Sexed pair of super red bristlenose - £15 Male gold bristlenose £5
4.Nets auction 23 june 16/06/24 No
ROUGH LIST!!!!! 1 week to go, 23rd of June N.E.T.S. Aquatics Auction I have asked sellers to look round there tanks and fish rooms. I haven't got everyone's list. But here's a start. Please remember this list isn't guaranteed it's merely there to show the selection possibly available at these e... ...
5.SVAS Night Auction ~ 14.06.24 12/06/24 Yes
Details attached for our next Night Auction. If you need to book a lot, please contact SVASShowSec@gmail.com Here is a list of the fish that will hopefully be brought to the auction on Friday. Please be aware fish and lots can be withdrawn at any time. Lot 1 Tiger barbs Albino Barbs Bal... ...
6.Super Red and Calico Bristlenose Plecos 12/06/24 No
Beautiful, full range of patterns juvenile Super Reds and Calicos 4-6cm in size, a few even bigger. 5 for £20, 10 for £30, 15 for £40, 20 for £50. Photos on request via WhatsApp.
7.Fish and Bog wood for sale 02/06/24 Yes
First come first served Various bits of planted wood £15 each. Couple of bits smaller £10 each Red tuxedo swords Young adults some gravid £3 each pairs £5 few available Double sword Japanese blue endlers group 4 females 2 males £30 £40 I have approx 6 young off them that can go t... ...
8.Baby Marble Bristlenoses for sale 31/05/24 Yes
Got a load of marble baby bristlenoses for sale. The oldest are about 2 inches so more then big enough for sale, the 2nd batch are coming up for half an inch to an inch. £5 each or I can do myltibuy of 4 for £16.
9.3cm young bristlenose plecos for sale/ Red Cherry shrimp / Guppy Grass 28/05/24 Yes
Bristlenose plecos for sale £3 each, 3 inches in size, Great tank cleaners. Cherry shrimp available 10 for £10, Its a large colony always available, Decent colour red shrimps especially the females. Guppy Grass 40 grams £10. Text or phone me on 0754 699 7026 Collection Gedling, Not... ...
10.Albino Bristlenose Group of Six Young Shortfin Ancistrus Pleco for £20 25/05/24 Yes
Group of shortfin Albino ancistrus for sale. Size 2 cm- 2.5cm Pink/red eyes .Eating well on courgette ,cucmber, Hikari tropical sinking wafers, frozen blood worm etc. Kept in Mature Tapwater, Zero nitrites. Priced at £6 each or group of Six for £20. !! Because Autistic Children live with us, ... ...
11.Looking for long fin bristlenose Adults in the essex area 24/05/24 No
Hi, im looking for some adult long fin bristlenose in the Essex area . or if you are willing to post Colour unimportant but id rather not the common brown ones
20+ Malawi cichlids, 1 green phantom Pleco, 2 Bristlenose Pleco’s. Collect anytime SW18, SW London
13.Snow white Shortfin & Longfin Bristlenose Pleco 22/05/24 Yes
Shortfin Pleco 10£ 3-6cm Longfin Pleco 20£ 3-6cm Collection Westhoughton/Bolton Postage 20£ Next Day
14.Snow White bristlenose pleco breeding group 2 males 2 females 16/05/24 Yes
I am selling my breeding group of 4 Snow White bristlenose Pleco’s. Beautiful fish all four of these still haven’t reached full maturity but are breeding readily, there are two males and two females in this group. I have had couple of successful spawns in the past month resulting in around 150... ...
15.Snow White Bristlenose Pleco Young Short Fin 14/05/24 Yes
Very young fish normal short fin variant. Currently 4 weeks old and around 1cm in size. £10 each or two for £15. Collection from Colchester Essex area. I might possibly be able to post out/ship but at extra costs. Any questions please message me 07707822737. Thank you.
16.bristlenose for sale or exchange 29/04/24 No
variety of bristlenose available in different colours and sizes from inch and a half to large adult looking for colourful guppies or goldfish
17.Adult bristlenose pairs for sale 28/04/24 No
I have a couple of adult bristlenose pairs for sale. Fully grown 4-5" in size, readily breeding just need the space for more projects. £25 a pair
18.Home bred super red bristlenose. 21/04/24 Yes
Hi I have some super reds home bred from my little fish room for sale they are nice and chunky feed on rephasy, spirulina flake and vegetables. 4cm to 6cm starting to sex up £6 Pick up from Welwyn garden city. Txt Lee on 07505138254 Insta @towners_fish_shed
19.Pleco 20/04/24 No
8inch albino bristlenose 8 inch rusty pleco WhatsApp for photos
I got over 50x BRISTLENOSE PLECO ANCISTRUS SP. peaceful, algae eater aquarium fish. Current size 2-3cm [max 10-15cm] Collection only, from SO16 3JL Short video: https://youtu.be/-7u9qxXDWRg?si=VS0P5biT41aM3yE5
21.Red cherry shrimp, Zebra Danio s, corydorus catfish plus more...... 18/03/24 No
English bred fish for sale. Red cherry shrimp 20 for £10.00 RRP £2.99 ea Albino Corydorus catfish £2.50 RRP £4.95 ea Tiger platys £1.50 RRP £3.50 ea Zebra danios 1" plus. £0.50p ea Bristlenose plecs Black and albino £1.50 RRP £4.99 Collection from Bedford, ope... ...
22.BRISTLENOSE 05/03/24 No
23.Bristlenose Albino 04/03/24 No
I have a 50 Albino Bristlenose, males with bristles showing, 2 inches plus. sTank bred by myself. Looking to sell all 50 for £150.
24.Bristlenose Plec 2cm- 3cm in length 21/02/24 Yes
Healthy , eating well. £10 for 5 Pick up from Welwyn Garden City
25.CALICO 18/02/24 No
26.Free Tropical Fish +/- tank cabinet and equipment 17/02/24 No
Due to a house move I need to rehouse fish. The tank/cabinet and equipment also available if wanted. Collection only Truro. Best of my knowledge: Pleco bristlenose x4 Hypostomus Pleco x1 Rainbow fish x1 Harlequin Tetra x5 Neon tetra x1 Black line Rasbora x1 Black widow tetra x2 Red... ...
28.Ancistrus Bristlenose Pleco 3-4cm | Juveniles Born June 2023 06/02/24 No
STILL AVAILABLE: Beautiful Common Brown | Albino Bristlenose Pleco Juveniles Born June 2023 £2.00 each Approx 3-4cm Tap reared, peaceful community fish. Eating well and fed on a mixture of Pleco Spirulina Wafers, Courgette & Repashy. Unable to sex at the moment. Please note... ...
29.Bristlnose plecs 06/02/24 No
Young bristlenose aprox 1- 1 1/2 inches free in plymouth
30.Bristlenose pleco 04/02/24 Yes
60 young bristlenose plecos Mom's- red Dad's- black About 2cm £5 each £10 for three
31.Green Dragon Bristlenose pleco Long fin, short fin. 04/02/24 No
Green Dragon Bristlenose pleco Long fin and a couple of short fin available now. Parents are different blood lines. Size approx 1.5-2 inch. Collection only from Medway Kent. Good deals on more than 5 bought.
32.L number pleco’s 02/02/24 No
All feeding well and always out No sunken bellies all chunky fish 1 X CALICO BRISTLENOSE 12cm £10 2 x BRISTLENOSE MALES 15cm £10 each 1 X L24 RED FIN CACTUS 22cm £130 1 X L24 RED FIN CACTUS 16cm £120 1 X L24 RED FIN CACTUS 12cm £85 1 X L160 SPINOSUS 20cm £100 1 X L160 SPINOSUS 10c... ...
33.Bristlenose plecos - young 20/01/24 Yes
8 bristlenose plecos, from between 1"-3", for sale. Bred in by a lovely pair of specimens in a large, planted, well-mantained tank. 1 for £3 2 for £5 Collection only
34.Wanted Livebearers & Bristlenoses guppies, mollies, platies, sword tails 07/01/24 No
Hi I'm after some Livebearers for my kids, they love any kind but guppies are their favourite and also after some Bristlenoses. Within a 40 mile radius of Okehampton, Devon. Can text me on 07377712260
35.Full setup 01/01/24 Yes
I'm looking to sell my full setup of community tank with or without filtration. There are a lot of plants,fish and stuff. The tank is 5x2x2ft, 10mm glass ,cabinet with lids and lights, and additional 2 glass lid.Instaled a lot of power sokets inside cabinet so you don't need to worry about sokets... ...
36.Full setup tank 01/01/24 Yes
I'm looking to sell my full setup of community tank with or without filtration. There are a lot of plants,fish and stuff. Fishes are: 20+ green dragon juvelines 6m or old Another bristlenose plecos don't know how many are they Stunning breeding pair of Green Dragon 20+ Corrys peppermi... ...
37.Snow white bristlenose plecos 26/12/23 Yes
Snow white bristle nose plecos available £10 each feeding on cucumber, couchette, frozen daphnia, frozen brine shrimp collection from Basildon, Essex
38.Long Finned Bristlenose For Sale 22/12/23 Yes
Hi, I have lots of Long Finned Bristlenose for sale. Bred from a male, brown Long Fin, and a female Golden, normal finned. All young are Brown with long fins. Sizes are between 1 an 3 inches, £1 an inch, but deals can be done on buying multiple fish. Collection only from TF9 Message Vinny ... ...
39.Blue eyed gold bristlenose and albino bristlenose 18/12/23 Yes
4 blue eyed, 3 albinos, approx 5cm in length. £10 each
40.Bristle nose plecostomus £5 each 30/11/23 Yes
juvenile Bristlenose plecs. Shortfin blue eyed lemon and common spotted browns available. all 6/8cm+ Tank bred and healthy. Collection only from Tadley, Hampshire.
41.Proven Breeding group of bristlenose plecos 19/11/23 No
Selling 5 proven bristlenose's. Fully mature and currently breeding like crazty, need to make room to concentrate on other varients. 2x males and 3x females. £35 for the group
42.Young Bristlenose pleco fry 1 pound each Bournemouth 18/11/23 Yes
Young bristenose plecos 50+ bh8 area Bournemouth 1 pound each.
43.Closing tank down Central and south american cichlids for sale , open to offers 16/10/23 No
4xHerotilapia multispinosa / 2x firemouth / 1xTexas/ 4xAmatitlania Nanolutea 2 breeding pairs /4x Neets / 4 or5 xThorichthys aureus/3xThorichthys pasionis/1x Red shark / 3xCryptoheros cutteri / 1x Geophagus Abalios/2x red shoulder severum / Sterba corydoras and a few different cory species not sure... ...
44.Plecos wanted 3 inch plus 15/10/23 No
Looking for a pleco or two, not fussy about variety, but must be say 3 inches or bigger and I have some fairly large cichlids who’ll eat anything smaller so no baby bristlenoses, please . Ideally a common pleco, rusty pleco, sailfin, adult bristlenose etc. Cheap rather than exotic or rare, j... ...
45.NETS auction 05/10/23 No
Nets charity auction this Sunday 8october in teams social club bensham this is a list of potential fish Apologies for the lateness of this Please read this first.. I have asked the 30+ sellers for a list of the potential fish there looking at bringing THIS Sunday 8th of October This list show... ...
46.Super Red Bristlenose pleco Breeding Pair 03/10/23 No
Super Red Bristlenose Pleco proven Breeding pair the Male is larger and has the large bristles on His face and head, Female is slightly smaller younger as from different breeder, both of breeding age. These can have batches of upto 50 eggs at a time. In my opinion the best plecos to have as as they ... ...
Wanting superred bristlenose, preferably long fin And preferably sub/adult Can collect near nottingham/Derbyshire or anywhere not to far 07802815835
48.Super Red Bristlenose pleco Pleco 14/09/23 Yes
These are young Adults Super Red Bristlenose plecos that are of sexual maturity currently 2.5 -3.5 inch Will be bagged, it's advisable you bring a container or box to transport them. This batch Can not make breeding pair as are brothers and sisters. Collection ONLY, £25 each.
49.bristlenose plecs lemon blue eyes 18/08/23 Yes
lemon blue eyes plecs short fin 4-7cm £3each or cheaper for 5 or more collection only
50.CALICO 09/08/23 No
51.Bristlenose Plecos fishes 07/08/23 Yes
2 months old, 4 inch Bristlenose Plecos fishes £6 per fish, £10 per 2 fish in London for sale.
52.FULL PLANTED SET UP 14/07/23 No
53.Adult brown longfin bristlenose pairs £15 13/07/23 No
Hi I have a few sexed adult longfin bristlenose brown pairs for sale. Collection only s21. £15 Please contact via WhatsApp/message as I work shifts 07929720712 Thanks
54.Super Yellow Albino Long Fin bristlenose pleco, SOLD 11/07/23 Yes
Hi, Super Yellow Albino Long Fin bristlenose pleco breeding pair for sale. They are young and healthy eating well almost every thing. Prefer to collect and pay on collection and no postage. Thanks. ******SOLD******
55.Super Red Long Fin Bristlenose Pleco Breeding Pair, also cave for L46, l046,l173, l134 10/07/23 Yes
Hi, Super Red Long Fin bristlenose pleco breeding pair for sale. They are young and healthy eating well almost every thing. I had few times baby from them. Prefer to collect and pay on collection. also some cave for L46, l046,l173, l134 are for sale. Thanks.
56.Pleco’s 08/07/23 No
Lemon Bristlenose Breeding pair £30 Bristlenose breeding pair £30 Super Red pleco £20 female Bristlenose Juveniles £2 Collection from E17
57.CALICO 02/07/23 No
58.Catfish and Crayfish 28/06/23 No
Ancistrus Bristlenose catfish common and Golden 4" - 6" free. Hoplo armoured catfish 6" free. Clown Plec 4" free. Florida Blue Crayfish x 3 all 6" Free. Paul 07920226104 Shrewsbury Shropshire.
As subject; looking for one around 5" plus ideally, i have a large female and want to try to pair.
Adult and young bristlenose plecs for sale. One adult pair of common colouration type £15. One adult pair of albinos £20 Some reds £10 each, and babies 1cm £1 each.
61.Malawi,Raphael, synodontis, Bristlenose 21/06/23 Yes
Getting rid of my tank and got a few fish left. 1xStriped Raphael catfish (roughly 6”) £10 1xSynodontis (roughly 7”) £10 1xPseudottopheus demasoni (roughly 3”) £15 3x Bristlenose (roughly2”) £5 each or all 3 £10 Collection only. Photos available but couldn’t figure out how to... ...
62.NETS auction 25 June 21/06/23 No
!check out the list of fish provisionally booked for this Sundays auction Plecos and catfish L-015 pleco Super red pleco Synodontis eupterus Brochis splendens Cory napoensis Cory panda white Cory sodalis Cory Trilineatus Cory elegans Cory barbatus Green lazer cory Red lazer cory ... ...
63.Bristlenose plecos ancistrus available 27/05/23 Yes
Bristlenose plecos available all sizes males and females young and adults breeding pairs and groups available based in East London thank you
64.Golden nugget pleco 17/05/23 No
Golden nugget pleco beautiful plec only selling as my bristlenose are breeding and need the space around 6inchs Open to reasonable offers please based in East London thank you
65.Bristlenose plecos 12/05/23 No
Hi, I'm selling 3 month old common bristlenose plecos £1 each
66.Enfield BRISTLENOSE PLECO 06/05/23 Yes
Hi thanks for looking at my advert I have for sale over 200 fish for sale Longfin and Shortfin plecos I also have for sale some breeding pairs of angelfish please contact me on my mobile (07936) 730980 Fish starts from £1.50 Shortfin 2/3cm £2 Longfin 2/3cm I also have snowwhite available one ... ...
67.Bristlenose Plecos,shrimps and guppies 30/04/23 Yes
Have a lot Bristlenose pleco, wild shrimps and guppies for sale.Size various from 3cm to 14cm.All home breed, feed with worm and veggie. Nice healthy fishes.East London
68.Breeding groups of plecos wanted 27/04/23 No
Wanted breeding groups of plecos also interested in the following see list L397 plecos L183 plecos L181 plecos Long fin bristlenose plecos Any other breeding groups of plecos inbox me or text me thank you
69.Plecos wanted L181 L182 L183 And other groups of L numbers And bristlenose 27/04/23 No
: Hi I am looking for some Plecos don't mind travelling but not to far L183 starlight bristlenose wanted Long fin super reds wanted adults also some short fin Albino or lemon long fin adults wanted Green dragon long fin adults wanted Snow white long fins wanted Green phantoms wanted around 4... ...
70.Plecos wanted L181 L182 L183 bristlenose wanted L number Plecos wanted 22/04/23 No
Hi I am looking for some Plecos don't mind travelling but not to far L182 plecos wanted L181 peppermint plecos wanted L183 starlight bristlenose wanted Long fin super reds wanted adults also some short fin Albino or lemon long fin adults wanted Green dragon long fin adults wanted Snow whit... ...
71.Wanted Bristlenose plecos 22/04/23 No
Set up a new tank recently so looking for a few different varieties of bristlenoses... Males, females, albino, longfin. Let me know what you have and where your based. Ideally don't want to travel too far. Much appreciated.
72.L183 starlight wanted L181 Peppermint wanted bristlenose wanted 21/04/23 No
Hiya all i am looking for the following L183 starlight bristlenose L181 peppermint bristlenose I am also after some adult bristlenose Super reds Albino Blue eyed lemons Green dragon Webmasters Honeycombs Text or email thank you
73.L183 plecos wanted bristlenose wanted L number plecos wanted 19/04/23 No
Hi I am looking for some Plecos don't mind travelling but not to far L183 starlight bristlenose wanted Long fin super reds wanted adults also some short fin Albino or lemon long fin adults wanted Green dragon long fin adults wanted Snow white long fins wanted Green phantoms wanted around 4... ...
74.Bristlenose plecos wanted L number plecos wanted 17/04/23 No
Hi all looking for bristlenose and L number plecos Looking for Super red long fin adults Super red short fin adults Lemon Long fin adults Albino male adult Starlight bristlenose Other bristlenose welcome let me know what you have Looking for green phantom around 4to5inchs Looking fo... ...
75.Wanted bristlenose and L plecos thank you 14/04/23 No
Hi I am after some long fin adult bristlenose plecos also some starlight bristlenose Long fins snow white adults wanted Long fin super red adults wanted Long fin green dragon adults wanted Starlight bristlenose adults or young Tiger plecos wanted Green phantoms wanted 5inch and around thi... ...
76.Bristlenose plecos wanted L number plecos wanted 05/04/23 No
Hi I am looking for the following Bristlenose plecos Long fins and some short fins Green dragons Starlight Super reds Snow whites Albinos Adults would be nice Also looking for L number plecos preferably groups of 5 or 6 no silly prices thank you
77.Closing a tang tank 04/04/23 No
Closing one of my tanks All fish to go as group 7 tropheus polli, unsexed. F1 adults and subs 2 tropheus kasakawale (sunspot) f1 unsexed. Subs 4 neolamprologus bousherie breeding 3 petricola f1 signs of breeding 1 compressiceps sumbu female 1 king tiger plec 1 bristlenose 1 common plec ... ...
78.Breeding pair bristlenose plecos £30 14/03/23 No
Produced tons of babies nonstop breeding 07548867191
79.ADULT albino bristlenose FOR SALE 14/03/23 No
as above all adults 6 in total breeding freely also pair of large almost black pair also breeding regularly may exchange for clown loach or shoaling tetras WHY
80.Pred/communal group for sale 11/03/23 No
2inch nandus nandus perch, rare relative of the more commonly known datnoid 4inch dwarf giraffe catfish 4inch purple spotted goby 3inch upside down catfish 4inch male bristlenose Looking for £40 for the lot If interested please collect from northwich Cheshire Contact me on... ...
81.Wanted Bristlenose breeding groups 26/02/23 No
I am after a proven breeding group of bristlenose plecs. Would also prefer something fairly local (To the Sunderland/ Newcastle Area) but will also travel to collect. All bristlenoses considered. Normal, L144, super red etc... Please let me know what you have and a price too. Text me on 078... ...
82.Bristlenose plecs 24/02/23 No
Home bred bristlenose plecs for sale £2.50 each all 1 inch long. We also have adults for £7 each. Will do a deal if you want to buy more than 1.
83.SOLD PENDING COLLECTION 6x 5inch quality discus for sale (collection only North Nottingham) 24/02/23 Yes
SOLD pending collection 6x 5-6 inch beautiful discus for sale due to tank shutdown £300 1x super red flame 3x super red Curipeua X blue checkerboard turquoise (home bred) 2x blue scorpion WhatsApp 07743863524 for photos £300 for 6 quality discus is a great deal, my local fish store i... ...
84.Tropical fish 22/02/23 No
5 bala sharks 8 lemon tetra Male n female chocolate bristlenose 5 Congo tetra 1 geo 4 zebra loach
85.Tropical fish 21/02/23 No
5 bala sharks 8 lemon tetra Male n female chocolate bristlenose 5 Congo tetra 1 geo 4 zebra loach
86.Ancistrus 21/02/23 No
88.Baby albino bristlenose plecos for sale 17/02/23 Yes
I have about 50 baby albino bristlenose plecos Would like 5 pound each but am open to offers Hatched about 21 January and are about an inch long Sex unknown All eating independently Can sent pictures of dad and mum Collection only Canterbury Kent
89.Plecos.. 14/02/23 No
I have the following plecos for sale royal L191 6" 3x rusty plecos 7" 9" 9" 1 male albino bristlenose 5" 1 female longfin bristlenose 5" 1 clown pleco 4" 2 chocolate common 6" Message me for prices and pics and I will try my best to get some. Thanks. ... ...
90.Albino bristlenose plecos 05/02/23 No
£3 each of 4 for £10 1.5 + inch Albino bristlenose plecos ch66 area Ellesmere port, (PICK UP ONLY) Txt me if interested on 07534063349
91.vailtail tropical angel fish wanted 03/02/23 No
Has anyone got any vailtail angels for sale in a variety of colours if possible in the west yorkshire area also after long finned bristlenose plecs
92.Bristlenose plec for sale 24/01/23 Yes
4 ish inch bristlenose plec for sale . 30 pounds (buyer to collect )
93.Longfin Green Dragon Bristlenose Ancistrus Catfish 1-2” 24/01/23 Yes
Bred by myself Fed on a wide range of foods including Hikari wafers, Repashy, Courgette and Bug Bitez Treated tap water at 26C Collection only from ST6 Stoke on Trent £25 each or deals on multiples
94.Malawi for sale 07/01/23 Yes
Selling all my fish as set up a salt water tank I have malawi various sized 1 syno Catfish 2 ret tail black sharks and 2 bristlenose plecs collection Halifax or can deliver if fuel costs are covered all my food Ihave for these fish will come with them Contact me on 07391441390
95.SELLING-bristlenose, corys 03/01/23 No
Endlers 50p Longfin bristlenose browns £3 Albino bristlenose £1 Albino cory £1 Bronze cory £1 Assassin snails 50p Collection s21
96.Bristlenose plecos 28/12/22 Yes
Juvenile Bristlenose plecos around 3inch St Helens, Merseyside message for info Also have polar blue parrot cichlids Pink convict cichlids Baby severums Red jewel cichlids message for details 07874188275
97.Wanted Bristlenose and corys Merseyside 06/12/22 No
I’m looking for bristlenose and corys any types in Merseyside Cheers Ben
98.Bristlenose Ancistrus Pleco £5 each or 2 for £7.50 P+P £12.50 06/12/22 Yes
Bristlenose Ancistrus Pleco £5 each or 2 for £7.50 P+P £12.50 Bristlenose Plecs. Photos are of my actual fish. They are not sexable yet so sex of fish is unknown. They are approximately size please see picture. And they have beautiful graceful long tails and fins. I breed and raise all of m... ...
99.Bristlenose 05/12/22 No
Looking for juvenile bristlenose in the Yorkshire or Nottinghamshire area.
100.Plecos for sale 25/11/22 No
1x albino gibiceps 8-10" £10 1x albino gibiceps 6" £10 1x L191 royal pleco 6" £30 1x L200 green phantom 5" £30 1x L201 snowball pleco 3" £25 1x male bristlenose 4" £10 1x female bristlenose 3" £10 1x spotted arabesque 3" £25 Pictures are availa... ...
101.Free to collector - tropical fish 19/11/22 No
4 x angel fish 4 x corydoras 2 x Siamese flying fox 3 x bristlenose plecos Collection from Shaftesbury, Dorset. Will need to bring suitable water tight container .
102.Fluval Roma 240 full setup including fish, FX6 filter, aqua maniac 3d background 19/11/22 Yes
I'm reluctantly selling my 4ft Fluval tank set up due to moving house. This set up includes The original tank and cabinet (minor scratches but not noticeable) 3D aqua maniac background worth £100 new. Comes in two parts and connects inside the tank. Alternatively the back of the tank has bee... ...
103.Snow White longfin bristlenose 15/11/22 No
2x 3-4cm £25 each 1x 6-7cm £60 1x 7-8cm female £70 Collection Manchester
104.Bristlenose Pleco Pairs 15/11/22 No
Looking for any longfin bristlenose pairs and I’m also after a normal and albino pair of bristlenose. Also interested in any L number pairs that you may have. Location is Scunthorpe.
105.Wanted - Breeding pair of Bristlenose 07/11/22 No
As subject describes, I'm after a breeding pair of Bristlenose. Preferably lemon, albino, red or longfin. Location around Birmingham / Solihull. 07508061036 Sam
106.WANTED 05/11/22 No
107.Fish for sale hartlepool 02/11/22 No
Here you go marble Auoncara £3 each 4 for £10 Blue Dolphin £4 each 3 for £10 guppy£1.25 platty £1.25 Swodtails £1.25 white cloud minnows £1 Dalmatian Molly £1.50 Ruby Sharks £2.50 Silver shark £2 each small angels £4 medium angels £5 various Siamese fighters £5 each golden gourami £2... ...
108.Bristlenose pleco free to good home 29/10/22 No
Orange Bristlenose pleco, 2 years old and approx 4inches in size free to a good home. Unfortunately I am having to relocate for work and no longer able to keep my fish tank.
109.Adult female super red WANTED 16/09/22 Yes
I am looking for 1 or 2 adult female super red bristlenose. I am in Central Scotland Fk3
110.Green dragon bristlenoses 14/09/22 No
Roughly 45 all different sizes small £7 each larger £12 or take the lot for £250 call or text 07939510354 located at sy4
111.Fahaka Puffer and friends 20/08/22 No
10” Fahaka puffer for sale, with 3 adult Geos + Bristlenose + zebra plecs. All share same tank. Would want to see proof of set up before sale. Thanks £70
112.Young Bristlenose plecs 18/08/22 Yes
young bristlenose plecs for sale ordinary and ablino available currently have a body length of about 2.5 inches £1.50each collection only
113.Breeding group super red bristlenose pleco (3m 2f) 17/08/22 Yes
3 groups available. Group Price £225.. Fish price is covered for DOA Postage is £30 Collection is free Video available Phone number 07590475779
114.2 Blue Eyed Golden Bristlenose (L144) juveniles 16/08/22 Yes
For sale 2-3" Blue Eyed Bristlenose Plecos for cleaning algae and scavenging food. Healthy and eating well. Retail quality standard. Price for 2 is £15. Call or message if interested. Peterborough.
115.Home bred fish for sale 14/08/22 No
Home bred fish for sale. Cherry barbs Odessa barbs Rosy barbs Longfin zebra danios Mixed danios (gold, leopard, zebra) Sailfin mollies (orange, gold, green, red leopard) Red wag swords Green wag swords Red platies Bleeding heart platies Mixed endlers. White cloud mountain minnows. Apple... ...
116.Brislenose plecos 03/08/22 Yes
I have a few bristlenose plecs avaliable they range in size from 2 inch to 5 inch and have albinos and brown message me for prices collection from nottingham
117.Bristlenose, livebearers, barbs, danios, snails. 28/07/22 No
Having a gaze around the shed. Thought I'd do a list of what's for sale. Longfin albino bristlenose. £5. Calico bristlenose £5 Red bristlenose £5. Shortfin albino bristlenose (not many) 2 for £5. Red wag swords 4 for £5. Mixed guppies 4 for £5. Longfin zebra danios 4 for £5. Cherry ba... ...
118.Bristlenose Pleco 26/07/22 No
Baby bristlenose about 2 inches in length £1.50 each ready to go
119.Bristlenose plecos 13/07/22 Yes
Baby bristlenose plecs for sale, various sizes £5 each, collection only. Any other info please just ask.
120.Various fish for Sale - Please see ad 11/07/22 Yes
Hi I have various Fish for Sale from my Breeding Projects, I'm a hobbyist breeder, not a business, all sales go back into supporting my hobby, my fish & shrimp are kept to the highest standard, so rest assured you'll be getting high quality well looked after fish & shrimp, not mass produced ... ...
121.Baby bristlenose plecs 30/06/22 No
Baby bristle nose plecs for sale varying sizes With their unique appearance and penchant for keeping algae at bay, Bristlenose Plecos (Ancistrus Cirrhosus in the Loricariidae family) are a great addition to any aquarium. They’re particularly popular among novice fish owners. These little critter... ...
122.Baby bristlenose plecs 30/06/22 No
Baby bristle nose plecs for sale varying sizes With their unique appearance and penchant for keeping algae at bay, Bristlenose Plecos (Ancistrus Cirrhosus in the Loricariidae family) are a great addition to any aquarium. They’re particularly popular among novice fish owners. These little critter... ...
123.Tank wanted/swaps Leeds, West Yorkshire 25/06/22 No
Hi everyone, I am looking to upgrade my fish tank. I currently have a Fluval Roma 200L with original stand and hood. The T8 lighting unit works. However, I have swapped the T8 tubes for 2 Retrofit LEDs installed in the unit. The tank itself has no leaks, but there are a couple of scratches on the... ...
124.Gold Danios and Glowlight Tetras for sale 16/06/22 Yes
Hundreds of fish available from a home breeder bred from my own stock. All £1 each or 12 for £10 Neon tetra - Sold out Glowlight Tetra (approx 1/2 inch) Danio - Sold out Gold Danio (approx 1 Inch) Bristlenose Pleco - Sold out Pick up only, no post. I will bag them for you so no need to b... ...
125.Bristlenose plecs 29/05/22 No
I am looking to add to my existing small groups of the below Bristlenose plecs. Does anyone have any female L183, Snowhite and super red long fins they would sell for fair prices? I would also need courier/posting unless near North East. Thankyou
126.Lemon blue eyed bristlenose plecos 27/05/22 No
Lemon bristlenose plecos available, 3cm in size , £6 each or 2 for £10 collection only
127.Juwell Rio 240 tank with livestock and a lot more 21/05/22 No
Tank comes with in built filter, eheim air 400 dual pump, helialux smart control lighting system, aqua power 900 circulation pump, juwell aqua clean gravel cleaner, a non branded smaller gravel cleaner, fluval pro vac 10 inch vac, replacement filter pads for vac, various nets, collection of water tr... ...
200g catfish pellets 2mm sinking pellets ideal for all catfish Cory pleco snails ramshorn loach shrimp bristlenose and other tropical and cold water fish Rich in protein ideal for healthy growing Thanks for watching.
129.Super Red Bristlenose pleco 10/05/22 Yes
Super Red Bristlenose Plecs 1-2 inches long £10 each or 2 for £15 Too young too sex. Collection only The Bristlenose can be the ideal plec for the smaller community aquarium as it is a good algae eater and only grows to 6". It is hardy to a wide variety of water conditions and will als... ...
130.Albino Bristlenose plecos and Brown Bristlenose plecos 10/05/22 Yes
Albino Bristlenose plecos about an inch long £2 each Brown Bristlenose plecos about an inch long. Brown not available atm £1 each Bristlenose plecosusually reaching only five inches in most species. Having a diet of vegetation, consisting of mostly algae, also makes them an ideal tank addi... ...
131.fish mania aquatics charity pond and aquatic auction 10/05/22 Yes
pond, tropical and aquatics auction to help raise money for Birmingham childrens hospital cardiac ward Hucknall Town Football Club Watnall Road, Hucknall Nottingham, NG15 6EY SUNDAY 15th MAY DOORS OPEN 10AM AUCTION STARTS 11AM ADULTS £1 ENTRY, UNDER 14’S FREE Koi Carp, Gold Fish ... ...
132.Albino Bristlenose 09/05/22 Yes
1-1.5" £3 4 for £10 Sexed Pairs £15 male 2.5-3" female 2-2.5" Dads a beauty, and young ones following suit Collection Sunderland If the advert is here, we still have some
133.Guppies and bristlenose plecos for sale 03/05/22 No
Guppies x10 for £20 lost of colourful males and females Quite large bristle nose plecs £4 each Call +44 7873 361918 call for faster response Located Hungerford
134.German Super Red Bristlenose Plecs 02/05/22 No
** German Super Red Bristlenose Plecs ** 1-2 inches long so too young to tell gender. £10 each or 2 for £15 Collection only Bristlenose are the smaller of the Plecs. The males will grow bristles as he gets older. Please email, text or what’s app rather than call. Photos on request.
135.Bristlenose plecs, between 4-5 months old, approx. 2 inches in length 29/04/22 Yes
Beautiful, healthy young plecs ready for new homes. Sizecis approximate - the parents are actively spawning regularly so juveniles are aged between 5 and 4 months old when sold. Collection from Newcastle under Lyme please. £3 each
136.Snow white bristlenose and Rio Paraguay 27/04/22 Yes
Hi I have snow white bristlenose/Rio Paraguay for sale. Sub adult snow whites £20 each 2cm to 2.5cm snow whites £8 each or 6 for £30 Same for the rio Paraguay Pick up Bridgend South Wales Can meet if fuel is payed. Can post with special delivery Royal mail £15. At your own ri... ...
137.cardinals,neons, rummys ,swordtails, plattys ,shrimp, for sale middlesbrough 20/04/22 No
cardinal tetras 5 for £7 , rummynose tetras 5 for £7 ,neon tetras 5 for £6 ,lemon tetras 5 for £7 , large red swordtail £4.50 pair large pineapple wag swordtails £4.50 pair any 8 swordtails £16 , sunset and black plattys £2, brown bristlenose £1.50 4 for £5 lemon bristlenose £3 red... ...
138.Tiger Shovel Nose, Leopard Bush fish, banded pike and more 12/04/22 No
Tiger shovel nose 10" - Leopard bush fish 6" - Albino Female bristlenose 5"-6" Male bristlenose 6" - Together Female bristlenose 3" - Ghost knife 6" - Pictus catfish 4"-5" - Banded pike 3"-4" - Open to offers.. would consider a... ...
139.Tiger Shovel Nose, Leopard Bush fish, banded pike and more 10/04/22 No
Tiger shovel nose 10" - Leopard bush fish 6" - Albino Female bristlenose 5"-6" Male bristlenose 6" - Together Female bristlenose 3" - Ghost knife 6" - Pictus catfish 4"-5" - Banded pike 3"-4" - Open to offers.. would consider a... ...
140.Plecos and shrimp Tank shut down south east london 24/03/22 No
Bristlenose plecos Blue eye lemon shortfin £5 Blue eye lemon longfin £10 Super red shortfin £6 Super red longfin £10 Calico shortfin £4 sold out Snowwhite shortfin £10 Snowwhite longfin 1.5 inch £70 L NUMBER PLECO'S BREEDING PAIRS OR TRIOS £150 l184 mmf trio £150 wabenmust... ...
141.Tropical fish 21/03/22 No
Closing my tank down Fish for sale are 8-9 rainbow fish 5 big congo tetras Blue phantom pleco Green phantom pleco Blue psnique pleco Duper red make bristlenose Calico bristlenose Panda garr Two common plecs 5 cw28 corys (paid £25 each ) rare 10-12 mixed corys Loads of wood ect Pics on... ...
142.Tropical fish 20/03/22 No
Closing my tank down Fish for sale are 8-9 rainbow fish 5 big congo tetras Blue phantom pleco Green phantom pleco Blue psnique pleco Duper red make bristlenose Calico bristlenose Panda garr Two common plecs 5 cw28 corys (paid £25 each ) rare 10-12 mixed corys Loads of wood ect Pics on... ...
143.Female snow White bristlenose 27/02/22 No
Hi I am looking for a female snow White bristlenose pleco 5inch or more FEEL free to message me with details and location, can travel but not too far from Northampton, Milton Keynes or Towcester,but happy for the offer if far so I can think about it
144.Ea Freshwater 900 Malawi’s , Rocks , filter , other - Lincoln 25/02/22 No
Evolution Aqua eaFreshwater 900 Aquarium Soft close, push open doors Nett System Volume: 249 Litre LED lighting Supplied: 2 x 16 Watt Sun Plus lid. Excellent condition, please read reviews on this tank. AquaManta EFX 300 External Canister Filter Plus heater plus air pump This would ben... ...
145.Cube aquarium tanganyikan full setup 16/02/22 No
Approx 250l. Comes with everything including fx6 filter, 5 young neolamprologus pulcher daffodils, 4 julidochromis marlieri and around 6 bristlenose. £200 Collection county durham.
146.jari blue L325 bristlenose breeding group 27/01/22 Yes
breeding group of 6 adult jari blue L325 4 male adult 2 female adult plus 4 unknown juv can sell as job lot £180 or can break down into two trios £100 per trio if split to trios voth trios would come with two juv pick up wf15 8ld
147.L046 Zebra Pleco and Super Red Bristlenose 17/01/22 No
L046 are 3cm and £75 each Super reds are £5
148.Large male sulphur head £30 Manchester 15/01/22 Yes
Would swap for large bristlenose plecs collection only from M30 Eccles Manchester,5 minutes from the trafford centre
149.Large male sulphur head £30 Manchester 15/01/22 Yes
Would swap for large bristlenose plecs collection only from M30 Eccles Manchester,5 minutes from the trafford centre
150.Bristlenose Plec 30/12/21 No
Male BN. Lovely grown whiskers, black with white/grey dots. £15
151.X2 lemon long fin bristlenose plecos 16/12/21 Yes
X2 sub adult long fin bristlenose plecos, believed to be X1 male and X1 female. Beautiful healthy fish with perfect fins. Collection only from BS21 Clevedon. £30 for the pair or near offer.
152.Various Tropical Fish 14/12/21 Yes
6" Blue Texas Fish CICHLID £25 Polar Blue Cichlid 2-3cm - £5 Polar Blue Cichlid 3-4cm - £10 Polar Blue Cichlid 4-6cm - £15 5x T bar cichlids - 2-3cm - £5 1x T bar cichlids - 3-6cm - £9 2x T bar cichlids - 3-6cm - £15 8" Male Parrot fish - £30 Red Devil cichlids 6-8c... ...
153.Wanted Longfin Snow White plecos 13/12/21 No
Hi looking for Longfin Snow White bristlenose plec either a breeding pair or sexed pair any about?
154.Angelfish, sterbai corys, albino/common bristlenoses, longfin/shortfin swordtails, platies 10/12/21 No
Angelfish Sterbai corydoras Albino/common bristlenoses Longfin/shortfin swordtails (various colours) Platies(various colours) Baby goldfish Please message me on 07825986330
155.Bristlenose 04/12/21 Yes
Hi, I've got 30+ Bristlenose Catfish 4weeks old, if you want one or two,free to good home, pick up only
156.Bleeding Heart Tetras 22/11/21 Yes
Looking to rehome my 12 bleeding heart tetras, all feeding well and decent size. Will possibly swap for Lemon or Red Bristlenoses or will sell for £25 collected from Plympton
157.Bristlenose Plecos 17/11/21 Yes
The guys have been breeding :) Unrelated parents, dad is albino mum is brown, the babies are all brown. Feeding well on cucumber and algae tabs. £5 each or three for £10. Strictly collection only from Kettering Please no time wasters!
158.Proven Bristlenose Male 17/11/21 Yes
Mature male Bristlenose Pleco (Ancistrus) Has mated and cared for eggs/young successfully Active chap, eats very well :) £8.00 Strictly collection only from Kettering NN15
159.Blue eye lemon long & short,super red long &short calico short,snowwhite short 19/10/21 Yes
Snowwhite shortfin proven pair £120 Longfin green dragon pair proven £200, trio £275 Blue eye lemon shortfin bristlenose £3.50 each or x3 £10 Blue eye lemon longfin bristlenose £10 each or x5 for £40 Super red shortfin bristlenose £6 Super red longfin bristlenose £10 Calico shor... ...
160.Bristlenose Catfish Pair (1 x male & 1 x female) - £20 16/10/21 No
As title, one pair (1 x male & 1 x female) of Bristlenose Plecos. Fish are around 2 years old now and selling as I am closing a few of my tanks down. Male is around 4 inches and female is smaller at around 3 inches. £20 collected and pictures available upon request as I'm having tr... ...
161.Super Red Bristlenose Plecs 03/10/21 Yes
6 cm long. Excellent colour, eating and growing well. Brilliant healthy fish. £7 each Collection only from DL6 Northallerton, North Yorkshire
162.Blue Eyed Lemon Short Fin Bristlenose Plec 03/10/21 Yes
Roughly 5cm long £5 each Collection only from DL6 Northallerton, North Yorkshire
163.Baby tropical fish 01/10/21 Yes
Hi all for sale we have Baby guppies, various sizes and colours £1.50 each. Baby platies, oranges, yellows, hi fins & mickey mouse £1.50 each. Tiger mickey mouse platies £3 each. Ramshorn snails, various colours and sizes, great little cleaners for tropical, coldwater, and ponds 50p each... ...
164.adult bristlenose 28/09/21 Yes
i have a few sexed adult bns , reds and lemon shortfins and a few younger longfins also have a few snow whites ready to go young males but might be able to sort a pair out pick up doncaster phone 07394 337613
165.£20 Albino bristlenose Pleco sucker fish algae eater 23/09/21 Yes
I have albino bristlenose plecos for sale 5x 6cm £25 7x 3.5cm £20 30x 2.5cm £50 Cash on collection only, from East Grinstead (possible local delivery in EG) I have fish bags etc. Thanks for looking Feel free to message me for different quantities sizes. Thanks Please research fi... ...
166.Full Set Up 120Litres including Fish 20/09/21 Yes
I am reluctantly selling my 120litre aquarium with all inhabitants.. *Tank & Cabinet *Hood & Light *Filter *2 heaters *1 Bristlenose Pleco *8 Kribensis including a breeding pair *A breeding pair of Electric Blue Acaras *2 pieces of bogwood *Various medications, food and some ex... ...
167.Blue eyed lemon bristlenose plecos longfin shortfin 07/09/21 Yes
Fish for sale. Blue eyed lemon plecos, Longfin and shortfin available. Prices vary from longfin and shortfin. Collection and can post. 1-1.5 inches big. Well fed.
168.Ancistrus Bristlenose Plecos (free) 24/08/21 Yes
Homes wanted for several ancistrus bristlenose plecos. One fully grown (about four inches), plus others of various sizes (small ones born in the tank to fish bought at different times). 20+ in total. Letting them go as my son doesn't stay with me now, and he's lost interest. All free of charge. W... ...
169.150L fish tank + cichlids £150 ono collection Hartlepool 21/08/21 Yes
150L fish tank for sale, comes with everything you need, Fluval u4 internal filter, APS EF150 external filter, dual air pump, biosponge filters, colour changing led light with remote, heater black sand, fake plants, decorations and ornaments and lots of spares and extras. Includes 5 yellow labs, 1 a... ...
170.For sale Bristlenose plecos 12/08/21 Yes
Bristlenose plecos 3 month old 2 inches long, Yellow also black with yellow polkadot spots £2 each 200 available. Collection Southport.
Group of between 15-20 mixed sex bristlenose, ranging from 3-6 inches. Location Newton Aycliffe. PM with sensible offers. #bristlenose #forsale #plecs #aquarium #tropicalfish #fish #group #pleco #northeast #sale.
172.American Cichlids for sale £250 15/07/21 Yes
Various American cichlids and Plecos for sale as follows - sad to sell them. Important they go to a good home Redhead cichlid 8” Cuban cichlid 6” Green terror 6” Jack Dempsey 4” Nicaragua cichlid 4” Pearlscale cichlid 5” Convict cichlid 3” Blue eyed cichlid 3” Firemout... ...
173.Fish, plecs 15/07/21 No
Description: For sale Hartlepool 1.5 inch Buenos Aires Trtra £1.50 each 8 for £10 1 inch serpae tetra £1 each 1 inch cardinal tetra £1 each 1 inch Red Eye tetra £1 each 1 inch + Electric Blue Rams £4 each 3 for £10 1 inch + platinum Rams £4 each 3 for £10 3 inch Jack Dempsey Cichlids... ...
174.bristenose plecs £3 each 30/06/21 Yes
hi i have some bristlenose plecs for sale they are close to 2 inch in size and are very good for keeping your aquarium glass clean they will get no more than 5 inches in size unlike the common plec that will get to 12 inches plus i have been selling fish to shops for nearly two years now and have a ... ...
175.Fish tank break down and fish for sale 28/06/21 Yes
Male Bristlenose plec 4inch £15 Razor back musk turtles £40 Flower horn 5 inch £30 3 rope fish 10-13 inch £20 each Senegal bichir 6 inch £10 each Palmas bichir 10 inch £20 Delhezi bichir 2x9" £20 Lapradai bichir 6" £10 (no eyes, no pectoral fins) Custard catfish 6" £2... ...
176.Various tropical fish for sale 28/06/21 No
Sadly selling my tropical fish collection due to house move. Includes the following - 1 lemon tetra 3 rummynosed tetras 1 orange bristlenosed plec 1 siamese flying fox All healthy & eating well. £20 for the lot. Collection from Sawtry, Cambs
177.Long Fin Super Red Bristlenose Plec 23/06/21 Yes
Well over 6cm Excellent examples £12 for 1 £22 for 2 Collection only from DL6 Northallerton North Yorkshire
178.4ft Tank with stand, Full set up 20/06/21 Yes
48" x 15" deep x 18" high tank (122cm x 38 x 46.5) Black metal stand, hood with fluorescent light and driver. Jebao 403 filter, air pump and heater. Tank is currently running, with approx 15-18 Endlers and 2 Bristlenose Plecs (each 3-4"). Selling complete (with ornaments,... ...
179.Angels, breeding 12/06/21 Yes
Adult Red Shoulder Manacapuru Angelfish 21x£25, 4 Keyhole cichlid (£25),pair Pearl Gourami £18, pair Marble Angelfish £40-I can show hundreds babies from all species. Adult True Altum Peru(Rio Nanay) 7x £35, Adult pair bristlenose plec £20, Electric blue Jack Dempsey 10x£15, Electric blue ac... ...
180.Community fishes 10/06/21 Yes
Platys and guppies 1£ Neon tetras 1.5£ Albino corydoras and pepper corydoras 2.£ Brown bristlenose 2£ Collection north London n16 area or posting available. 07577808549 WhatsApp
181.8x2x2 Fishtank stand hood lots of extras £1100 02/06/21 Yes
8x2x2 fishtank stand and hood 2 Eheim profesional 3 filters one has a built in heater. chinese inline heater connected to the other Eheim filter. 2 fx6 filters 1 fx5 filter spare 2 aquarium systems full plant rgb led lighting Hma Filter to make tap water safe for fish All the filters ... ...
182.exchange albino bristlenose 23/05/21 No
variety of albino bristlenose for sale or exchangefrom 2 inch to proven pair sale or exchange for tetras rams or small peaceful barbs
183.L144 lemon bristlenose pleco 14/05/21 Yes
Lemon Bristlenose plecs @ 1 inch body size from un-related parents. Picture is off my male. £3 each max 20 a box (minimum of 5 for postage) Kept in treated tap water with a water change every day. Fed on courgette, mushroom, hikari algae wafers Postage is £16.00 by next day special deliv... ...
184.10 x brown bristlenose pleco 14/05/21 Yes
10 x brown bristlenose pleco @ 1 inch body size from un-related parents. Picture is off my male. 10 for £18 Kept in treated tap water with a water change every day. Fed on courgette, mushroom, hikari algae wafers Postage is £16.00 by next day special delivery before 9pm for tues to Fri... ...
185.Fish plecs catfish 13/05/21 No
Description: For sale Hartlepool 1.5 inch Buenos Aires Trtra £1.50 each 1 inch Red & blue Columbian Tetra £1 1 inch Red Eye tetra £1 Various guppy £1 each 1 inch German Blue Rams £2 each 1 inch + Electric Blue Rams £4 each 3 for £10 1 inch + platinum Rams £4 each 3 for £10 2.5 i... ...
186.Various community fish for sale 11/05/21 No
Small group of 5 cardinal tetra for sale Couple of black neon tetra 4 male endlers 4/5 small super red bristlenose juvies Small group of sterbai corys Small group of bronze cories Ideally sell altogether but may split
187.exchange albino bristlenose 09/05/21 No
albino bristlenose 1.5 inches --ex for loaches angels tetras gouramis or WHY 20 plus available also proven pair
188.Looking for Bristlenose pleco or any type of pleco 03/05/21 No
I'm looking for a bristlenose breeding pair. I live in East London Chingford so preferably, some where local would be amazing or if you can post them, even better!
189.Jewel Rio 450l LED Aquarium & Cabinet Complete Set up with Fish 30/04/21 Yes
I am selling my Jewel Rio 450l LED Aquarium & Cabinet Complete Set up with Fish. I bought this in October 2020 and love it but now coming out of lockdown I no longer have time to maintain it. Complete set up. Tank Cabinet Light Air Stone Heater Filter Sand Stones Wood Real Plants ... ...
190.Fish, plecs, cory, catfish, tetra, loach 29/04/21 No
Description: For sale Hartlepool 1.5 inch Buenos Aires Trtra £1.50 each 1 inch Red & blue Columbian Tetra £1 1 inch Red Eye tetra £1 Small cardinals £0.60p each 4 cm silver dollars £4 each 3 for £10 2 cm sterbai Cory £3 each 4 for £10 1 inch German Blue Rams £2 each 1 inch + Ele... ...
191.Adult male bristlenose pleco £5 26/04/21 Yes
Adult male bristlenose pleco for sale. Cheap price £5. Collection from Birkenshaw.
192.Bristlenoses £1 each 25/04/21 No
Common and Albino Bristlenoses. 1" plus sized youngsters for sale £1 each. Collection from Southport, Merseyside.
193.Plecos bristlenose 20/04/21 Yes
Lovely bristle nose plecos needing homes - Fun happy bottom dwelling fish that will be happiest with some wood in their tank great algae eaters & help to keep your tank clean, will eat algae wafers, sweet-potato, courgette or cucumber.. £5 for 2 babies approx 1inch choice calico, or chocolat... ...
194.Fish, plecs & catfish whiptails l numbers 14/04/21 No
Description: For sale Hartlepool 4 cm silver dollars £4 each 3 for £10 2 cm sterbai Cory £3 each 4 for £10 1 inch + Electric Blue Rams £4 each 1 inch + platinum Rams £4 each 2.5 inch various gourami £3 each 4 for £10 2 Inch + Angels £5 each 3 inch Electric Blue Acara £5.00 3 inch ... ...
195.Lemon/Common bristlenose longfin and shortfin 10/04/21 Yes
My longfin lemon bristlenose and recently bred with my albino shortfin, the fry are a mix off lemon,albino and common longfin and short. Will be ready in a month or so..
196.Fish ready to go , 06/04/21 No
Stock clearance ahead of fish house move, will do deals on multi buys tiger shovelnose x redtail catfish hybrids 5” £40 red tail catfish 7” £35 midas 2.5" 2” £8 Green terror 2.5” £8 brown bristlenose £5 Alunocara Mixed Hormone free £10 each 6 for £45 red ti... ...
197.Plecs,fish,catfish,cory 05/04/21 Yes
Description: For sale Hartlepool 4 cm silver dollars £4 each 3 for £10 2 cm sterbai Cory £3 each 4 for £10 1 inch + Electric Blue Rams £5 each 4 for £15 2.5 inch various gourami £3 each 4 for £10 2 Inch + Angels £5 each 3 inch + Angels £7.50 3 inch Electric Blue Acara £5.00 3 inc... ...
198.Interesting communal fish 04/04/21 No
1x yellow band 4x denison barb 1x pictus cat 1x large feather fin 2x sterbia cat 1x bristlenose 3x lucipenis 1x sae WhatsApp message 07817417296 for more pictures and information Located in Sa46 Willing to travel 2 hours to meet Thanks Sam
199.For sale Bristlenose plecos 30/03/21 Yes
Beautiful bristlenose plecos, 2 inch long. 4 yellow & 4 brown / black with yellow polkadot spots £3 each. I also have about a 100, 1/2 inch babies mixed colours as above £1 each.
200.Bristlenose 26/03/21 No
Looking for various types of bns. Ideally like bigger than 2 inches but will consider others. Looking for reds, calico, lemons and green dragons both long or short fin. Will most likely need to be posted. Thanks.

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