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  fish mania aquatics charity pond and aquatic auction

fish mania aquatics charity pond and aquatic auction

Description: pond, tropical and aquatics auction to help raise money for Birmingham childrens hospital cardiac ward
Hucknall Town
Football Club
Watnall Road, Hucknall
Nottingham, NG15 6EY


Koi Carp, Gold Fish & Other Cold Water Livestock
Rare And Exotic Tropical Fish & Equipment
Live Plants & decorations for Pond & Aquariums
New & Used Fish Tanks, Pond & Aquarium Equipment
Hot Food & Licensed Bar Available All Day
Trade Stalls, Selling Food And Equipment At Discounted Prices
Charity Raffle

We now have a partial list of fish that are expected to be at the auction, please note that this list is not a guarantee and should only be used as a general guide and we cant be held responsible for anything on this list not being offered for sale on the day, also there will be many more fish available than we have been notified about as not all sellers have currently declared their items:

Platinum parrots
L270 chocolate zebra pleco
zebra eel
L144a young lemon blue eye bristle nose
L144a Adult lemon male
Female super red bristle nose
Leuistic tangerine convict cichlid pairs
Rare crown tail guppies’ pairs
Adult angels
Albino hoplos catfish
Red whiptails catfish
Chocolate whiptail catfish
X-ray tetras
Congo tetra
Colombia tetra
Odessa barbs
Cherry barbs
Dalmatian mollies
Xiphophorus pygmaeus
Black fire endlers
Neon endlers
Corydoras schultzei
Corydoras albino bronze
Syno luccipinis
Yellow shrimps
Blue star and stripes shrimps
Beckfordi Pencilfish
Dwarf frog
Madagascan rainbows
Blue guppies
Red cap guppies
Super blue kerri Tetras
Honey gourami
Corydoras Rabauti
Corydoras Guianensis
Corydoras Loxozunus
Corydoras Oiapoquensis
Corydoras Fulleri
Scleromystax Barbatus
Asssorted hand selected koi carp
Red comet goldfish
White edged grey starlet sturgeon
Black comet goldfish
Lemon comet goldfish
Butterfly koi carp
Sarasa comet goldfish
Oranda fancy goldfish
Black moor goldfish
Panda moor goldfish
Long fin super red bristlenose
Longfin calico bristlenose
Black rams
Stendker discus imported direct from the stendker hatchery
Polar blue tiger dwarf parrots
Tiger endlers
Peruvian altum angels
Black angel fish
Plants on bogwood
Pond lily
Water lettuce
Java fern
Amazon sword
Giant vallis
Various assorted aquarium plants
Tiger barbs
Lyre tail molly
Kuhli loach
Black ghost knife
Pond filter
Uv sterliser
External filter
Air pumps
Premium guppy pairs ( too many strains to list)
Manacapura red back angels
Scarlet endlers
Moscow guppies
Clown loach
Clown panchax
Daisys blue rice fish
Male fighter fish
Female fighter fish
Elephant nose
Boesmani rainbow fish
Dwarf gourami
Neon tetra
Cardinal tetra
Black neon tetra
German blue rams
Hill stream loach
Fire red shrimp
Yellow shrimp
Blue shrimp
Sunskist orange shrimp
Bamboo shrimp
Panda corydora
Longfin zebra danio
Oto catfish
Siamese Algae eaters
Wabamuster honeycomb pleco
Assassin snails
rams horn snails
Yoyo loach
High fin platy
Snow white bristlenose
Sailfin molly
Pigmy swordtails
Red claw blue lobster
flower horns
much much more

Contact Information
Advertiser: Joe wain
Telephone: 07961834026
Town: Rainworth
County: Nottinghamshire
Web Link: ...

Advert stats: [Added or updated:10/05/22 Views: 955]

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