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  NETS auction 25 June

Description: !check out the list of fish provisionally booked for this Sundays auction

Plecos and catfish
L-015 pleco
Super red pleco
Synodontis eupterus
Brochis splendens
Cory napoensis
Cory panda white
Cory sodalis
Cory Trilineatus
Cory elegans
Cory barbatus
Green lazer cory
Red lazer cory
Gold lazer cory
True albino longipinnis
Corydoras reticulatus
Bronze Cory
Peppered cory
Albino cory
Wild bristlenose columbia
Brown bristlenose
Wild glass catfish
Albino Green Dragon bristlenose
Green dragon bristlenose
Lemon blue eye sf (lf genes) bristlenose
Super Lemon longfin "Turkish blood" bristlenose
Snow white SF (Lf genes) bristlenose
Bumblebee catfish
LDA 16 longfin calico bristlenose
Red lizard whiptail
Albino bristlenose
Breeding group l513,
chameleon whiptails,
Pair L400 Belo Monte
L513 Young
Breeding trio bristlenose plecs
Wabenmuster bristlenose adults
Longfin lemons 3"+ bristlenose
Shortfin lemon bristlenose
Ancistrus tamboensis
Hoplo catfish

Assorted angelfish
Apistogramma cacatoides
Daffodil brichardi
Decent sized frontosa
high coverage koi angels.
Albino platinum angels
Peacock cichlids
Red eye Krobia
Marbled convicts
Pink convicts
Shell dwellers
Jewel cichlid
Black angels
Breeding pair angels
Pair of Peruvian album angels
Bolivian rams
XxL German blue longfin rams
Black rams
Electric Blue rams
Black green avatar Angel fish
Albino red eye Angel fish

Other stuff
XXL red tail shark
6l7 inch red tail shark
Wild dragon goby
Pea puffers
Red rimmed trumpet snail

Checker barbs
Odessa barbs
Rosy barbs
Cherry barbs
Gold barbs
Black Ruby barbs

Melanotaenia trifasciata goyder river
Bosemani ranbows
Celebes rainbows
Murray River rainbows

Khuli loach
Large clown loach
Clown loach
Peppermint loach
Spotted spiny tiger loach

Blue bolt shrimp
Snowball shrimp
Mixed shrimp
Blue jelly shrimp,
Cherry shrimp,
Snowball shrimp,
Orange pumpkin shrimp,
Orange rili shrimp,
Gold bullion Sakura shrimp,
blue velvet shrimp,
Blue dream shrimp
Yellow cherry shrimp
Sakura orange shrimp

Tetras and related fish
Pink tail chalceus
Bleeding heart tetra
Black emperor tetra
Silver dollar
Penguin tetras
X Ray tetras
Silvertip tetras
Buenos Aries tetras
Glowlight tetras
Flame tetras
Black Neon tetras
Red eye tetras
Neon tetras
Cardinal Tetra
Spotted Silver dollars
Rummynose tetras
Emperor tetra

Blue/blonde orange lyretail guppies
Sunset guppies
Red cap koi guppies
Gold cobra guppies
Japan blue endlers
Bleeding heart mickey mouse platies
Red (ish) platies
Red swordtails
Guntheri swordtails
Hi fin lyretail swordtails
Green snakeskin guppy
Glowlight guppy
Mixed guppy
Mixed Molly
Mixed platy
Green swordtails
Black Moscow guppies
characodon lateralis,
Staeck/Hamburg endlers
Japanese blue neon endler guppy,
Poecilia chica,
Ameca splendens,
Red brick swords,
Lima melanogaster,
Pineapple swords,
Line bred yellow king tiger guppy,
Mixed guppies,
Black variatus platy,
Giradinus metallicus
Giradinus falcatus
Mixed swords,
Liberty mollies,
Lima perugiea,
X. montezuma Ojo Caliente.
Xenophallus umbratilis
Black bar endlers
Yellow tiger endlers
Endler guppies
Mixed guppies
Assorted platies
Jet black mollies
Large mollies
Blue star endlers
Red comet swordtails
Assorted swordtails matched pairs
Dumbo guppy pairs


Pearl gourami
3 spot gourami
Gold gourami
Koi Betta male
Koi betta female
Platinum betta female
Blue dragon Betta
Koi betta
Steel betta
Halfmoon betta
Koi nemo betta

African Dwarf frogs
Gold Dwarf frogs

Home bred giant danios
Longfin gold zebra danios
Leopard danios (some longfin)
Zebra danios (some lonfin)
Pearl danios (some longfin)
Mixed danios

Cold water
Comet goldfish

Bogwood with plants
java fern in pots
Java fern weighted
Java fern windelov
Various Anubias

Contact Information
Advertiser: michael
Telephone: 07780720107
Town: newcastle
County: Tyne & Wear

Advert stats: [Added or updated:21/06/23 Views: 547]

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