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1.Maidenhead Aquatics @ Ashtead - Tropical List 29/11/23 - UPDATED 05/12/23 Yes
A warm tropical welcome from Maidenhead Aquatics at Ashtead, Surrey, just off of Junction 9 the M25. We guarantee to blow you away with our extensive collection of rare and unusual tropical fish, some of which you will never have seen before! Here is our current extensive Freshwater Tropical stock l... ...
2.Angel Fish XL And Plecos, Tank Closure 04/12/23 Yes
9 x large Angel fish Plus 1 x Koi Angel Fish they are a big size and require good size tank to be sold as a whole group 11 I total £60 L330 x 2 Watermelon pleco large £130 L047 Mango pleco large £80
3.Marine fish 03/12/23 Yes
Purple stripe dottyback £10 Purple tang £110 Cleaner wrasse £10 Small fox face £30 Green mandarin £30 Scopas tang small £20 Regal tang small £35 Small emperor angel £55 Copperband £50 Breeding pair tomato clowns £40 Green chromis x2 £10 Spotted Kole tang small £30 Pics avail... ...
4.Fish for sale 27/11/23 No
3 silver dollar and 4 parrot fish, also x2 angel fish and others they around 20+ fishes. Looking for £200 For more info contact 07880800888.
5.Angelfish Large £10 each 24/11/23 Yes
Angelfish Large £10 each Collection from Portsmouth, Hampshire. I can provide transportation containers. If you need anymore pictures, please let me know.
6.Catfish & plecos 19/11/23 No
Giving up the hobby so looking to sell fish, Common saifin plec 2 x synodontus angelicus Synodontis eupterus Green phantom 2 x clown loach 4 x pimelodus pictus 3 x Congo tetras Please message for more details and pics/ video
7.Swap 17/11/23 No
Hi. I'm a hobbyist and I have some stock to swap exchange ideally with a shop. So I have nearly 200 angelfish juvenile pure strain golden marble and about 50 juvenile from Red albino guppy. I would like in exchange one pair apistogramma not macmasteri , a group of 6 copella arnoldi and a group... ...
8.Veiltail pinoy blue Angelfish £30 12/11/23 No
Veiltail pinoy blue £30
9.Large Tropical tank shutting down. 09/11/23 No
Medium/Large silver Arowana, Large royal pleco 5/6 inches Contact for price, open to offers. Large discus £50. Large longfin pinoy blue angelfish £30. Dolphin fish medium/Large £50. Open to offers just message. Few other bits for sale also
10.Aquaoak aquarium, full set up 04/11/23 No
Aquaoak,aquarium, 200 litres, full set up, comprising of, solid oak, stand, & hood, the tank, fluval 406 external filter, 2 300 watt heaters, one still in the box, powerful 2 outlet air pump, various treatments, food, gravel cleaner, 2 pieces of bog wood, Amazon sword plant, black gravel, fluval... ...
11.Aqua oak 3ft Tropical aquarium, full set up and fish included 28/10/23 Yes
Set up still up and running.ideal for those just starting out or wanting to move to a smaller tank Aqua oak cabinet in good condition, back of cabinet removed for pipe work. L-120cm W-60CM H-141cm Tank glass is quite scratched and hard to see on pictures, happy to provide video, whatapp vide... ...
12.Altum Angel Orinoco - F1 28/10/23 Yes
Young circa 10cm, looking for new home, ping me e-mail if interested. Price 1-3 fish 60 per fish , 4-5 -50GBP per fish, 6 and above 40GBP per fish. Ideally collection, can check for postage via DX, buyers pays postage. Contact via e-mail best, or mobile 07724094629 but if cant answer please leave... ...
13.Peruvian altum angelfish 27/10/23 Yes
5x Peruvian altum angelfish, collection rainham essex. £7 each or £30 for all 5. 07482336071
14.6ft Tank shut down - various midsized fish, catfish, tinfoil barbs, polypterus 27/10/23 Yes
Orange-finned Loach ~4" £10 Clarias batrachus ~12" £15 2 x tinfoil barb ~10" £15 each Polypterus ornatipinnis ~9" £25 Pimelodus blochii ~10" £25 Trachelyopterus sp possibly fisheri? ~9" £12.50 Synodontis angelicus ~7" £20.00 Synodontis sp ~ 7" ... ...
15.Altum Angles f1 24/10/23 No
I have six very nice and healthy f1 altum angels for sale, I have had them from babys for 7 month's. They are about 6 inches from top fin to bottom fin and body size of just over 3 inch. They feed very well on dried and frozen foods. Moving away forces sale. £320 for all.
16.Rare L number plecos available 22/10/23 No
L077 golden nugget Pleco 5 inches £50 L273 titanic Pleco £125 7cm L075 para Pleco £45 6cm Lda33 pair 4-5 inches £80 for the pair L264 sultan pleco 2-3cm £20 L340 Mega clown Pleco 3-4cm £25 L400 belo monte pleco 3-4cm £30 L201 orinoco Angel snowball 3-4cm £22.50 Mixed cherry shrimp 5... ...
17.Wanted discus angel fish ciclids 21/10/23 No
Any angels ciclids ciclids discus large predator fish Home available for free Thankyou
18.700 ltr Marine set up, white gloss cabinet 18/10/23 No
After 10 years, I am sadly having to sell my marine set up. The tank is 6'x2'x2' with large sump/refugium and gloss white cabinet. Equipment includes Deltec skimmer, Maxspect Grye powerhead, 3 x Aquabeam 2000HD reef leds, 1 x Aquabar reef blue, 2x Aquabar fiji purple, Aquaray controller, Bubblemagus... ...
19.Fish for sale 16/10/23 No
3 silver dollars approx 4” 1 black knife fish approx 5/6” 1 Malawi peacock/firefish 1 angelfish £40 Please WhatsApp for images No time wasters
20.L204 flash pleco group x9 please read description 15/10/23 Yes
Group of 9 flash plecos L204 For Sale Full adults ratio unknown This group have spawned once before and I have a juvenile of just under 1yr old that i kept from the group that i will include in the sale unfortunately I changed the aquascape of the tank and all breeding and trapping s... ...
21.Dicrossus Warzeli & Altum angels 10/10/23 Yes
2 Pair of Dicrossus Warzeli Trio True Altum Angels £200 the lot Bargain genuine wild caught Collection from LE7
22.New rare l number plecos tropical fish 10/10/23 No
L077 golden nugget Pleco 5 inches £50 L273 titanic Pleco £125 7cm L075 para Pleco £45 6cm Lda33 pair 4-5 inches £80 for the pair L264 sultan pleco 2-3cm £20 L066 king tiger Pleco 3-4cm £22.50 L340 Mega clown Pleco 3-4cm £25 L400 belo monte pleco 3-4cm £30 L201 orinoco Angel snowbal... ...
23.LARGE MARINE FISH 10/10/23 No
24.Guppies to swop or 50p each BRILLIANT COLOURS ALL ADULTS 08/10/23 No
I lots of young male and female guppies for sale, all very healthy. Young adult guppies 50p each Very colourful healthy guppies Will swop for other tropical fish .I.e 10 guppies for an angel fish, 4 guppies for a platy etc 07463 532823 eastbourne just text me for pics 07463 532823 Bring a co... ...
25.Tropical fish for new homes 06/10/23 No
7 angel fish and 1 red spotted sev pick up only Wakefield £70
26.Tropical fish for new homes 05/10/23 No
7 angel fish and 1 red spotted sev pick up only Wakefield £70
27.NETS auction 05/10/23 No
Nets charity auction this Sunday 8october in teams social club bensham this is a list of potential fish Apologies for the lateness of this Please read this first.. I have asked the 30+ sellers for a list of the potential fish there looking at bringing THIS Sunday 8th of October This list show... ...
28.Marine fish 05/10/23 No
Lamarks angelfish 4-5"£40 Pair of medium sized common clownfish £30 4" tomini tang £30 4" coral beauty £30 Lantern basslet, chalk basslet and green chromis £30. Few hermit crabs and snails free with fish. Can't upload images but can share via WhatsApp etc.
29.SOLD.. Baby Angel Fish For Sale 05/10/23 Yes
Baby Angel fish for sale. Lovely mixed colours. Dad Koi, mum Silver Altum. Good breeding stock. Various sizes. £2 each. London based. Email me for more details. alansuri70@gmail.com No time wasters please more pics available. Thanks.
30.L number plecos for sale 30/09/23 No
Lda33 pair 4-5 inches £100 for the pair L262 adults £45 L264 sultan pleco 2-3cm £20 L066 king tiger Pleco 3-4cm £22.50 L340 Mega clown Pleco 3-4cm £25 L400 belo monte pleco 3-4cm £30 L201 orinoco Angel snowball 3-4cm £22.50 Mixed cherry shrimp 50p each Postage £14.99 deals on mu... ...
31.2 medium size Angelfish 27/09/23 Yes
Changing over my tank set up and looking to sell 2 nice healthy angels. About 4 inches tall. £20 the pair or near offer. Collect from Purley.
32.Blue jaguar angel fish 24/09/23 No
Lovely blue jaguar angelfish at breeding size stunning colours 15 each or 2 for 25 6 available all together
33.Breeding angelfish 24/09/23 Yes
Breeding pair of Manacapuru plus spare female £25 can deliver locally for fuel
34.Angelfish 19/09/23 No
Wild type angelfish female for sale. £10 collection mevagissey
35.L264 sultan plecos available in bulk 18/09/23 No
Have around 50. £25 each. Lda33 pair 4-5 inches £100 for the pair L262 adults £45 L264 sultan pleco 2-3cm £25 L066 king tiger Pleco 3-4cm £22.50 L340 Mega clown Pleco 3-4cm £25 L400 belo monte pleco 3-4cm £30 L201 orinoco Angel snowball 3-4cm £22.50 Mixed cherry shrimp 50p each ... ...
36.Whole setup FS: Fluval Roma 90 + fish 17/09/23 No
Looking for someone interested in taking the whole aquarium off my hands. Tank, base cabinet + interior filter. It's unique in that it has three plecos co-existing peacefully: mum, dad & child. Also a ruby shark, four fleet foxes, a few corys, a zebra snail. They all need more space and I ... ...
37.Looking for Breeding Pairs 12/09/23 No
Looking for; Male & Female Black Samarai Betta Fish Male & Female Electric Blue Acara Male & Female Koi Angelfish Group of Apistogramma Agassizii Get in touch if any for sale
38.Red Sea 350 complete set up for sale 11/09/23 No
Red Sea 350 - complete with Red Sea skimmer / lights Reactors, wavemaker, Arka and more…. Livestock Regal tang Lipstick tang Foxface Lemon peel angel Female Mandarin Gobies x 2 Cleaner shrimp x 2 Snails & crabs Starfish x 2 Needs a bit of TLC as Arka covered in algea easy ... ...
39.6x2x2 Aquarium set up for sale Inc fish £500 09/09/23 Yes
Due to moving it's with great regret to have to sell my complete set up including all fish. I have the FX6 filter, led lights, decent digital Aqua LED pro 500w heater, SOW-15 Eleatronic controld propeller pump, Lots of nice size bog wood and plastic plants, lots of spare and new bags of gravel.... ...
40.L number plecos for sale breeding groups rare plecos 05/09/23 Yes
L077 Golden nugget pleco 7-8cm £40 Lda33 pair 4-5 inches £120 for the pair L262 breeding group £250 L264 sultan Pleco 3-4 inches £45 L264 sultan pleco 2-3cm £20 L066 king tiger Pleco 3-4cm £22.50 L340 Mega clown Pleco 3-4cm £25 L400 belo monte pleco 3-4cm £30 L201 orinoco Angel sno... ...
41.2 X ADULT ANGEL FISH £5 LONDON 05/09/23 Yes
Rehoming the angel fish £5 each 2 of them available. Collect from East London E9 postcode near Hackney Wick station. Text or call me on 07979157130.
42.Closing down tank 02/09/23 No
13 x silver dollars and spotted dollars from 4inch to 9inch 1 x ghost knive Fish 8inch 1 x flagtail 10inches 1 green serum about 7inch 2 x angels Open to offer collection from Conwy
43.Closing down tanks Marine fish for sale 26/08/23 Yes
Large Regal Tang Lipstick Tang Foxface Pair of clowns STORM Pair of clowns Common Lemon peel angel Flame Angel Flame blenny Female blue mandarin x 2 Sandsifting goby x 2 Sandsifting starfish x 3 And more Collection only PE195YJ Contact me for prices 07472671662
44.Wanted Angel fish 24/08/23 No
Wanted angel fish in Grimsby also delivery if possible
45.Sultan plecos and l number plecos 19/08/23 Yes
L264 sultan pleco 2-3cm £30 L066 king tiger Pleco 3-4cm £22.50 L340 Mega clown Pleco 3-4cm £25 L400 belo monte pleco 3-4cm £30 L201 orinoco Angel snowball 3-4cm £22.50 Mixed cherry shrimp 50p each Postage £14.99 deals on multiples. Collection is from Chelmsford Essex. Messages... ...
46.Discus wanted 14/08/23 Yes
Discus wanted, seems to be much more people selling than buying them. As such hoping to pick up some up relatively cheap. Just seeing whats out there, obviously cheaper than ebay. Idealy just looking for hobbiist breeder want to sell a few, better of emailing first before calling as i dont want to ... ...
47.CLIFTON DISCUS = UNBEATABLE QUALITY & PRICES - Dont take our word for it, COME & SEE for yourself. Midlands Discus specialist in Tamworth, B79 0AT. 08/08/23 Yes
Premium quality Discus fish for sale in the midlands from CLIFTON DISCUS in Tamworth, B79 0AT. Strains now available in various sizes from 3"-6"+ Please dont ask for best price or deals, our prices beat other sellers "deals or offers" as they are for any colour variety y... ...
48.Wild caught zaire Blue Moba Frontosa 30/07/23 Yes
9 wild caught zaire blue moba frontosa 2m 7f excellent quality. Sizes range from 7 to 4 inches Also pair of synodontis Angelica catfish m and f 6inch and 4inch Contact for additional pictures £500
49.Pondfish 17/07/23 No
2large blackmoors 2x fancy goldfish roughly 3 inch Couple smaller goldfish Willing to swap for angel fish. Or Oscar’s Even bristlenose plecos Or sell them Won’t let me upload pics for some reason can send via wotsap
50.Pondfish 17/07/23 No
As stated pond fish up for sale open to offers or will swap for breeding pairs or breeding age/size angel fish 2x large blackmoors about 4or 5inch roughly 2or 3inch fancy goldfish Couple of small goldfish Can send pics on wotsap. Won’t let me upload for some reason
51.L004 Pleco fry 10/07/23 Yes
Loo4 Pleco fry for sale Only grow to around 4" as adult Cute spotty little fish Also known as Angelicus Pleco sometimes 1.5" £20 ea Collection from Newport South Wales
52.Angel Fish, Peruvian Altum Angel Fish Breeding Pair high grade SOLD 10/07/23 Yes
Hi, Peruvian Altum Angel Fish Breeding Pair for sale. They are young, healthy and eating well, I had few times baby from them, prefer to collect and pay on collection. Looking for £180 ono. also some cave for L46, l046,l173, l134 are for sale. Thanks.***SOLD***
53.RED CAP Angel Fishes 07/07/23 Yes
Am after few RED CAP Angel Fishes , UK
54.Female angel fish for swaps 26/06/23 Yes
Female angel fish .lost her partener so is only one left . Wanting to swap for bristle nosed plecs ,any colour and from young to adult.if you have space or swaps for her contact me on number suplied . Boston in lincolnshire area . Thanks
55.NETS auction 25 June 21/06/23 No
!check out the list of fish provisionally booked for this Sundays auction Plecos and catfish L-015 pleco Super red pleco Synodontis eupterus Brochis splendens Cory napoensis Cory panda white Cory sodalis Cory Trilineatus Cory elegans Cory barbatus Green lazer cory Red lazer cory ... ...
56.Bsp angelfish 16/06/23 No
Hi I’m located in Derbyshire and looking for a group of Bulgarian seal points 10-12 if anybody has any give us a call 07584433308 Dale
57.WANTED. Young Altum Angelfish 14/06/23 No
Altum Angelfish- I am looking for some young Altum Angelfish. I am based in Yorkshire, but could travel to collect. If anyone knows where I can source some, drop me a message on 07845968686 . Thank you.
58.Baby Angel Fish 11/06/23 Yes
Baby Angelfish, approx 2 months old, will be ready in 1 months time. Beautiful mix. £4 each or 5 for £15. East London. Email me at alansuri70@gmail.com for more info, amd pics (for some reason the website won't accept my jpegs) Thanks.
59.Tropical fish 10/06/23 No
Kribs , jewels , Firemouths , angel fish Mollys , guppies , platy , L333 , L75 , bristlenose ( common , lemons ) Hoplo catfish , common plec Shrimp , Snails , ramshorn , apple snails All available Phone or message if interested Pick up or delivery local Liverpool
60.Baby freshwater angelfish for sale 03/06/23 Yes
Baby angels for sale, about the size of a £2 coin. £5 each or 5 for £20. Collection from Ne28 0ex
61.Koi Angelfish 16/05/23 No
I have some top quality koi Angelfish available now, still too small to see their full potential, but you can see they have some great markings already. Raised in tap water and feeding on a varied diet. Much hardier than imported fish. £2 each at the size they are now, thus will rise as they... ...
62.Various Angelfish 16/05/23 No
I have a wide range of angelfish available, from £2 up to £20 each depending on size, age and colour. Telephone 07809538436 Cheers, Phil.
63.Community fish 07/05/23 No
6 angelfish, 12 gouramis, 5 frontosa', 6 silver dollars, 4 clown loaches, 1 common plecos, 2 albino plecos for just £190
64.Flame angel 06/05/23 Yes
Due to tank closure in the near future I have a 4yr old flame angel £100,large fire shrimp £25, black and white clown £10,oscellaris clown £10…rose bubble tip nems £10 each….collection cv10
65.Enfield BRISTLENOSE PLECO 06/05/23 Yes
Hi thanks for looking at my advert I have for sale over 200 fish for sale Longfin and Shortfin plecos I also have for sale some breeding pairs of angelfish please contact me on my mobile (07936) 730980 Fish starts from £1.50 Shortfin 2/3cm £2 Longfin 2/3cm I also have snowwhite available one ... ...
66.Community fish 22/04/23 No
I am changing my set up to cichlids, so selling my established community fish. Breeding pair of koi angels SOLD 3 Congo tetras 3 red line torpedo barbs SOLD 3 red robin gouramis 3 German rams SOLD 2 Venezuelan orange corys 2 bristlenose plecs 5 cherry barbs 4 neon tetras Looking for offers... ...
67.Marine tank breakdown. 18/04/23 No
All livestock must go ASAP. XL Harlequin tusk, XL regal tang, XL purple tang, XL lipstick tang, XL majestic angel, pair of clowns +anenome, various wrasse including blue spotted, six line, red stripped, 2 x orange, fairy & possibly 1 other. If taken as a job lot you can have various soft coral... ...
68.Large angel fish for sale, 16/04/23 No
Selling my adult xxl French angel had him for about 8 years and he is massive. Also available large Blue Face, large adult emperor and large Fox Face, had these for about 4 years and they were last fish to go in system. Must go to a 1000 litre plus set up. £300 for the lot. Had these fish for alon... ...
Hi All New shipment about to arrive in a few days direct from “ Congo Africa” please PM or Watsapp /Call for further information /reserve yours now! List as follows MBU PUFFER PUSTULATUS CROSS RIVER PUFFER CONGO PUFFER ( Schoutedeni) RED MIURUS PUFFER. (Rare) DUBOISI CONGO PUFFE... ...
70.Marine Fish - Regal Angel/Copperband/Singapore Angel, Goldrim Tang etc 14/04/23 Yes
Regal Angel sold Copperband Butterfly (large) sold Goldrim/Powder Brown Tang £60 Singapore Angel £40 Bicolour Angel £35 Mandarin Dragonet £35 Aiptasia Eating Filefish sold Clownfish £20 Maroon Clown £20 Engineer Goby (baby) sold Please see my other ads for shrimps and a few corals ... ...
71.Stendker Tefe Discus Adults FOR SALE 11/04/23 Yes
Hi. I’m looking to move my last Stendker Tefe discus on to a new home. All the others have now been sold. He’s a beautiful fish (think he’s a he) from a well maintained tank and is roughly 2.5 years old. Looking for £45 with the only stipulation being that you have to take my last... ...
72.Angels and large clown loaches wanted 07/04/23 No
I am after large clown loach and angelfish, collection in Sheffield or will pay for delivery if not too much
73.Aqua one Oakstyle 230L Tank + Clown Loach, Angel Fish, Silver Sharks for sale - North Manchester 22/03/23 No
5x Clown Loach (2-3 inch up to 4-5 inch) £60 2x Silver Sharks (7-8 inch) £15 1x Yoyo loach (4-5 inch) £10 5x Angel Fish (Medium sized) £15 2x Common Plec (1 is tiny, other is 4 inches) £5 1x Kribensis £85 if take all. Will also be selling the tank. Aqua one oakstyle 230L Comes wi... ...
74.Angel fish for sale 13/03/23 No
4 breeding Angels for sale,prolific egg layers. Needing to get rid of these Angels as they are starting to become very territorial which is becoming a problem for my other fish. £20 for both pair. Sheffield 07948335802.
75.Breeding pair of Gold Angelfish 11/03/23 No
Potential breeding pair. They lay regularly, but no chance to go all the way to wigglers due to being in community tank. The pair is circa 18/20 months old. £30 for the pair. Real bargain ;-) I just need to re-home them due to change in circumstances. Located in Prestatyn, Denbighshire
76.£120 French angel 10/03/23 Yes
rench angel Large for sale £120. She is very human friendly and loves humans. She needs a large tank as she gets bigger than what she is now. I can provide photos of her and videos. No time wasters. Not holding her for anyone, so please do not ask. If you have any questions let me... ...
77.French Angel 120 10/03/23 No
rench angel Large for sale £120. She is very human friendly and loves humans. She needs a large tank as she gets bigger than what she is now. I can provide photos of her and videos. No time wasters. Not holding her for anyone, so please do not ask. If you have any questions let me... ...
78.French Angel 120 10/03/23 No
French angel Large for sale £120. She is very human friendly and loves humans. She needs a large tank as she gets bigger than what she is now. I can provide photos of her and videos. No time wasters. Not holding her for anyone, so please do not ask. If you have any questions let m... ...
79.Maidenhead Aquatics @ Ashtead - Marine Stock List 27/02/2023 27/02/23 No
Hello from Maidenhead Aquatics, Ashtead (5 mins off Junction 9 M25). Here is our current stocking of Marine Fish Livestock list: Tangs: Yellow Tangs (Tank Bred): 2” Yellow Tangs (Imported): 4" Striatus Tang: 2 ½” Blue Eye Tang: 2 ½” Sailfin Tang: 2” Regal Tangs: 1 1/2"... ...
80.wanted male yellow/ Koi angel fish 26/02/23 No
I am in need of a male yellow or Koi I have recently lost my male . LE9 area please
81.22 clown loaches, ghost knife, Reed fish, bichir 17/02/23 No
22 clown loaches 3.5-7 inches £330 13 inch ghost knife fish £35 7 inch ghost knife fish £15 11 Reed fish £15 6 inch Senegal bichir £10 5 inch male electric blue acara £15 2 silver sharks £15 4 angel fish £30 4 gourami £10 Paradise fish £3 Whats app for pics 07879118209
82.vailtail tropical angel fish wanted 03/02/23 No
Has anyone got any vailtail angels for sale in a variety of colours if possible in the west yorkshire area also after long finned bristlenose plecs
83.Southern American Cichlids for sale in Leeds 31/01/23 No
My current collection is up for grabs. 4 inch Red Shoulder Severum(2f/2m) £90 for all 5 4 inch Notatus Severum(2m) £40 for both 4 inch Turquoise Severum (WC male) £25 3.5 inch Guinacara dacraya(pair) £50 4 inch Angels((Smokey Blue X Smokey) x £30 Cash only Can send v... ...
84.ANGEL FISH FOR SALE 23/01/23 No
Nearly 4inch large white angel fish Location : leicester
85.Angel fish 22/01/23 No
Wanted angel fish can collect chester and northwales areas 07548662314
86.Angel fish 17/01/23 Yes
Top quality angel fish 3 inches healthy and lively feeding well on a verity of foods i have put a photo of the parent fish on so that you can see the quality of these fish £3 each
87.Blue Clown Angelfish 12/01/23 No
I have been really successful at rearing young blue clown angelfish, they are now well on their way to being adults and are ready for their new homes. £2.50 each or 10 for £20. I am also interested in swapping some for other varieties of angelfish.
88.55kg Mature Live Rock Marine, tank shut down £250 - open to offers 12/01/23 No
55kg of very mature live rock. There are also some mushroom corals attached to various portions of rock and a couple of small cabbage corals. Also available is an Eiblis angelfish £30. (Buyer is welcome to the heaters/powerheads/skimmer should they wish to take them.) Collection only. ... ...
89.Angel Fish and Siamese Algae Eater 30/11/22 Yes
Hi, We have just moved into a house which has a built in fish tank. After doing some research I have found the two bigger fish in there, an Angel fish and a Siamese Algae Eater, are both too big for the tank. I would like these to be rehomed so they don't have to stay all cramped up. Many t... ...
90.Corner 190 jewel full set up fish 22/11/22 No
Sellin full set up and fish corner tank with rock and lion fish also marmalade shark 7 also engener goby and koran angel message me 250 all
91.Free to collector - tropical fish 19/11/22 No
4 x angel fish 4 x corydoras 2 x Siamese flying fox 3 x bristlenose plecos Collection from Shaftesbury, Dorset. Will need to bring suitable water tight container .
92.OVER 30 COMMUNITY FISH FOR SALE ONLY £30. collection from cheshunt. (North London area) 19/11/22 No
loads of tropical fish including Columbian tetras,neon tetras,pinapple swordtails,zebra danios, dwarf gourami,5 banded barb,limias,mollys,guppy’s,x-ray tetra. collection only from cheshunt. i payed over £120 in the shop so very good deal.angelfish not included ( can be included at an extra cost).... ...
93.Juvenile Golden Angel Fish - £3.50 17/11/22 Yes
Juvenile Golden Angel Fish These fish as an easy care level and will grow to approximately 15cm. They deal water conditions are acidic to neutral, slightly soft to hard. They are omnivores and will eat a variety of foods. Feed a varied diet of frozen, freeze dried and flake foods. Angelfish gener... ...
94.Free fish - rehoming 12/11/22 No
I'm shutting down my tank so have the following going free: Large angel fish 4x Ruby barbs Lemon tetra Amber tetra Selling l387 orange and black pleco for £30 too. Location CT19 6NX
95.Fish for sale hartlepool 02/11/22 No
Here you go marble Auoncara £3 each 4 for £10 Blue Dolphin £4 each 3 for £10 guppy£1.25 platty £1.25 Swodtails £1.25 white cloud minnows £1 Dalmatian Molly £1.50 Ruby Sharks £2.50 Silver shark £2 each small angels £4 medium angels £5 various Siamese fighters £5 each golden gourami £2... ...
96.Free angels 28/10/22 No
2 Angels around 9cm long. Both need a larger tank. Must collect. Fish are healthy. One is pitch black. Other is koi colour
97.Various plecos and tropical fish 27/10/22 Yes
Full tank shut down - 4.5ft tank with sump will be available after if interested.. Fish: Large white and gold angelfish 5x Ruby barb 2x boesemani rainbow 1x Amber tetra 1x lemon tetra 1x snowball pleco 1x l387 pleco (orange and black) Take all for £50 or open to offers individually. O... ...
98.tank closing down 25/10/22 No
large porcupine pufferfish £80 large emperor angelfish £80 blue face angelfish £50 gold rim tang £50 fy68hq Happy to WhatsApp pics issues loading on here 07541599439
99.Rehome 21/10/22 Yes
Due to downsize of home and no room to take them the following marine fish are up for sale 6'inch stars and stripes puffer £45 5'inch Karean Angel £70 4'inch dogface puffer £30 2'inch pair of common clown fish £30 All are healthy and eating collectors only bring your own bucket with watert... ...
100.Marine setup £800 12/10/22 Yes
Hi all , I’m closing my tank as I’m not spending the time I need on it now . I’ll sell cheap all in one rather than splitting it up and making more . It’s £1000 for 1200 ea tank X3 hydra 26hd F4 kamoer doser 3 doser containers x2 maxspect 250 gyres Bm skimmer 5stage ro machine ... ...
101.Marine fish, corals and live rock for sale 12/10/22 No
Hi I have for sale marine fish corals and live rock. No equipment. £500 for everything no offers. Fish pair of black storm clownfish purple tang Kole tang red mandarin eating frozen purple firefish 1 snowflake clownfish flame back angel rusty angel single anthia fish loads of d... ...
102.Regal angel 30/09/22 No
Lowest price for the misbar regal angel £150
103.Hannah checkers and minbar regal angel 29/09/22 No
Misbar regal angel great condition eats pellet and frozen doesn’t touch any of my corals £200 Hannah checkers Salinity. Kh. Ca. Ul phos and nitrate need new reagents but as new £125 for the lot
104.Large Silver x Blue and small koi ANGELFISH 24/09/22 Yes
Large cross-bred fish are £10 each. Small Koi Angelfish are £3 each Located in Manchester near Etihad Stadium Phone number- 07397700000
105.Marine fish and equipment for sale 23/09/22 No
Closing down tank as going to tropical The following is for sale Fish Minbar regal angel 4-5 inch ears everything Yellow tang 4-5 inch eats everything Orchid dottyback Pair platinum clowns Pair Christmas gobies Blood shrimp Boxer shrimp Cleaner shrimp Corals Tube anemones Various mus... ...
106.Marine fish for sale 26/08/22 No
Hi all. I am travelling abroad, so need to sell my lovely fish. I've had them for 3 years. All are healthy with vibrant colours. They all eat flake, frozen and the Tangs and Emperor angelfish eat nori too. Here goes:- Large 9-10 inch Blonde Naso Tang, fat and colourful(cost £180)-£80 ono. 7 inc... ...
107.Community fish discus, geos 25/08/22 No
Aquarium shut down, I have a selection of fish to sell. 2 stenker discus 3-4 inch , 4 angel fish striped, two are a pair and have laid eggs, 5 brochis cats (like corydoros) 1 whiptail £40 for the lot Located reigate Surrey Contact Adam 07986360522
108.Angel Fish 8 months old 23/08/22 Yes
Beautiful Angels, good selection and variety of colours including platinum, golds and striped. Treated and wormed, ready to go. £5 each or 3 for £10 Big discounts for larger quantities
109.Angel Fish 22/08/22 No
Does anyone have any angel pairs they no longer want? I have a 110L cycled tank set up ready for a pair, as my breeding pair aren't the best at raising the eggs and eat them or the wrigglers. I'm happy to take a breeding pair. London UK based. Thanks
110.£85Closing down marine aquarium- videos/photos upon request 13/08/22 No
Established Pair of occellaris clown fish, yellow tang about 5 inches diameter. Indian sailfin tang approx 8inches hippo tang approx 6 inches. Bi colour dwarf angel fish and a lyre tail anthia. Also have lots of reef rock. Looking to swell established community fish for approximately £150. Buyer... ...
111.Tank closure 10/08/22 No
Adult emperor angel £75 Raccoon butterfly £35 Brown Scopias tang £35 Lipstick tang £60 Yellow tang £125 6 clowns platinum and frostbites £25 each Can send pictures if wanted Collection only Great Yarmouth Message 07496530526
112.Angels Paraiba Smokey adults 05/08/22 Yes
12 angels Paraiba x platinum pair Paraiba x blue pair Smokey platinum pair Smokey vail tails/long fin 12 fish in total £50 for the lot Text 07517699181
113.Jack dempsey, African Bush fish large angel 05/08/22 No
closing down tank can send pics if needed
114.Marine fish SHUTDOWN 07/07/22 No
I have lots of marine fish for sale as we are closing down our two tanks. Yellow Tang £180 Flame angel £125 Hawkfish £20 Pyjama wrasse £10 File fish £10 Damsels £25 for all Maroon clown pair £60 3x Clownfish £15 each Lemon damsel £10 Royal gramma £15 Humbug damsel mated pair... ...
115.Tank Shutdown. 03/07/22 No
I have lots of marine fish for sale as we are closing down our two tanks. 2x Yellow Tangs £180 each Flame angel £125 Hawkfish £20 Goldrush tang £40 Pyjama wrasse £10 File fish £10 Damsels £25 for all Maroon clown pair £60 Golden Nugget clown £60 3x Clownfish £15 each Lemon d... ...
116.3 Large Angel Fish pearl gourami 20 03/07/22 Yes
Angel fish x3 adults and a pearl gourami £20 for all
117.Free to a good home - Devon 01/07/22 No
2 x Angels, 2 x guppies, 2 x catfish, 2 x dwarf plecos, 3 x platy, 2 x dwarf gourami, 3 x 5 bar barbs, 5 black neons. All in excellent condition but no longer have enough time to look after the tank as it deserves...
118.125 gallon reef ready 01/07/22 Yes
Im selling my 125 gallon reef ready tank with diy stand, diy canopy, diy sump, auto top off container. I left some water in the tank so you can see it holds water glue seam and seals are great . Priced to sell £300. Also have a used Reef Angel controller with accessories and additionals £250. ... ...
119.Adult angelfish 20/06/22 Yes
Beautiful adult angelfish size 8-10 cm for sale for £8 each, a pair for £13.
120.Jewel Rio 125 17/06/22 Yes
Juwel Rio 125 LED Tropical Aquarium & Cabinet including assorted fish and accessories, plecs including golden nugget, angel, gourami, black widows, black shark,barbs, purple ocean rock , slate and bog wood. Very good condition £175 ono
121.11 x F1 Rio Nanay Angel Fish (adults) £150 13/06/22 Yes
Incredible specimens. They have red spots but the pictures haven’t picked them up very well. There is at least 1 pair as they have laid eggs multiple times on the glass but the cardinals and other angels soon pick them off. Kept in tap water and will eat anything. Wormed regularly and no oth... ...
122.Full Marine Tank Setup 06/06/22 Yes
I'm looking to to sell my full tank setup that has been running for 5 years. Looked after throughout and everything is in good working order. Please note that I am open to splitting it down depending on interest so can send photos of individual fish and corals etc. Tank Setup Tank is 5'x 1.5'... ...
123.Marine fish 17/05/22 No
Sailfin tang Purple tang Orange shoulder tang Regal tang Fox face Yellow wrasse Picture wrasse Copperband Lamerick Angel A pair of breeding maroon clowns with yellow stripe which host a large anemone Lots of corals mainly softies and approximately 100 kg of live rock Send me a mess... ...
124.Marine fish 15/05/22 No
Sailfin tang Purple tang Orange shoulder tang Regal tang Fox face Yellow wrasse Picture wrasse Copperband Lamerick Angel A pair of breeding maroon clowns with yellow stripe which host a large anemone Lots of corals mainly softies and approximately 100 kg of live rock Send me a mess... ...
125.Complete juwel rio 400 aquarium in black plus fish £250 12/05/22 No
For sale is a Complete setup has had new light unit and flaps 8 mOnths ago which alone cost £230 the fish consist of about 20 angel fish ranging from small to xl there is 3 confirmed breeding pairs which have all had young 1 pair is red backs 1 pair is koi (f) and platinum (m) last pair is bock mar... ...
126.Marine fish 11/05/22 No
Sailfin tang Purple tang Orange shoulder tang Regal tang Fox face Yellow wrasse Picture wrasse Copperband Lamerick Angel A pair of breeding maroon clowns with yellow stripe which host a large anemone Lots of corals mainly softies and approximately 100 kg of live rock Send me a mess... ...
127.Marine fish 10/05/22 No
Sailfin tang Purple tang Orange shoulder tang Regal tang Fox face Yellow wrasse Picture wrasse Copperband Lamerick Angel A pair of breeding maroon clowns with yellow stripe which host a large anemone Lots of corals mainly softies and approximately 100 kg of live rock Send me a mess... ...
128.Marine fish 10/05/22 No
Sailfin tang Purple tang Orange shoulder tang Regal tang Fox face Yellow wrasse Picture wrasse Copperband Lamerick Angel A pair of breeding maroon clowns with yellow stripe which host a large anemone Lots of corals mainly softies and approximately 100 kg of live rock Send me a mess... ...
129.fish mania aquatics charity pond and aquatic auction 10/05/22 Yes
pond, tropical and aquatics auction to help raise money for Birmingham childrens hospital cardiac ward Hucknall Town Football Club Watnall Road, Hucknall Nottingham, NG15 6EY SUNDAY 15th MAY DOORS OPEN 10AM AUCTION STARTS 11AM ADULTS £1 ENTRY, UNDER 14’S FREE Koi Carp, Gold Fish ... ...
130.Jewellery vision 450 and fish 07/05/22 No
450 litre tank and full setup with 2 pair of breeding rainbow cichlids and 6 more rainbow cichlids plus 1 female green sev also 1 starlight ancistrus and another catfish of unknown species and angelfish fluval fx external filter fluval digital heater and 2 x fluval led lights to create natural habit... ...
131.Lots of bottom feeders and community fish available- great prices 07/05/22 Yes
I need to reduce my stock down a bit in my fish house. This gives you the opportunity to grab a bargain. Panda cory £3 each or buy 2 or more for £2.50 each. Synodontis petricola £8 or £20 for 3. Bublebee catfish £4 or £10 for 3. Angelfish £3 or £10 for 4 Large angelfish £5 L333 King T... ...
132.For sale 02/05/22 No
Large complete marine aquarium set up. 5.5 ft l x 1.5 w x2.5 d marine tank cabinet and sump 2x ai 52hd lights and a kessil 360 we with controller Tmc return pump Tmc wave maker Max spect gyre wave maker 2 heaters with DD heater controller Jabao x4 doser Bubble magus skimmer... ...
133.For sale 30/04/22 Yes
Large complete marine aquarium set up. 5.5 ft l x 1.5 w x2.5 d marine tank cabinet and sump 2x ai 52hd lights and a kessil 360 we with controller Tmc return pump Tmc wave maker Max spect gyre wave maker 2 heaters with DD heater controller Jabao x4 doser Bubble magus skimmer... ...
134.Marine fish 28/04/22 No
Sailfin tang Purple tang Orange shoulder tang Regal tang Fox face Yellow wrasse Picture wrasse Copperband Lamerick Angel A pair of breeding maroon clowns with yellow stripe which host a large anemone Lots of corals mainly softies and approximately 100 kg of live rock Send me a mess... ...
135.Aquaone 230 complete setup £300 01/04/22 No
CANT UPLIAD PICS ITS NOT LETTING ME IF YOU WANT PICS I CAN WHATSAPP YOU THEM aquaone Oak 230 aquarium stunning condition I upgraded the filtration to a ehiem eco external and a fluval 407 all contents are included fish live plants everything seen in the picture. the drawer above the fluval filt... ...
136.FREE 29/03/22 No
137.Tropical fish malawi lake cichlids 23/03/22 No
Platy's Guppies Green terror Fire mouth Angel fish ( 5 different types ) Barbs ( 4 different types ) Yo yo loach Zebra loach Rainbow shark Red tail shark Albino shark Paradaise fish ( 3 different types ) Gourami ( 5 different types ) Gold bristolnose Super red bristol... ...
138.Kribensis breeding pairs available 21/03/22 Yes
I have 3 prolific adult breeding pairs of P. Kribensis (West African) available for pickup in E. Sussex. £10/pair. I am also interested in trading for any of these cichlids: Blue Angel P. Taeniatus P. Subocellatus Apistogramma Cactoides Honduran Red Points Christmas Ellioti Firemouth R... ...
139.Assorted Angelfish Bargain 21/03/22 Yes
All different sized angels ready to go £5--£15
140.Altum angels Rio Orinoco wanted F1 or wild caught 19/03/22 No
As per above Altum angels wanted wild caught or F1 07903739154 plz text
141.Tropical Equipment and BSP Angel fish 18/03/22 No
240L Aquarium,120L aquarium (bottom needs replacing), Aqua one Betta trio, FX4 filter, few heathers, Stand for the 240L, UV sterilizer... + Female BSP Angel Fish 550£ For all of it!
142.Tank shutdown 17/03/22 No
Yellow tang 4" £130, yellow belly tang 6"£45, purple tang 4"£50, lipstick tang 7"£70, regal angel 4"£75 (breeding pair)clark clown £45, cleaner wrasse £10 Blood shrimp £15, cleaner shrimp £10, sand sifter starfish £10, red bubble tip anemone £10, live rock £5 a ... ...
143.Fish for sale 10/03/22 Yes
I have an Emporer Angel approx 10cm and just begin to transition to adult phase.£90 Foxface Rabbit approx 10cm £60 and an aptasia eating File Fish £30 all healthy and well fed. Collection only
144.Japanese masked swallowtail angelfish. female. 01/03/22 Yes
rare Japanese masked swallowtail angelfish Female Selling due to tank shut down. Collection from worthing West Sussex £300 Tel: 07545972233
145.Closing tank, Altums, geo, pelcos 26/02/22 Yes
Due to building work I am closing my tank down for a while. 6 Altum angelfish, 2 wild caught, 4 f1 from Germany 6 geo red heads 1 papa Panaque pleco roughly 5 inch Txt 07867309338 1 other pelco can't remember the name but spotted around 4 inch
146.£25 for all x4 large angel fish x3 corydoras and pearl gourami 16/02/22 Yes
Need these going as soon as possible, angel fish are quite large, 3 small corydoras also and a pearl gourami all for 25, preferably today may be able to deliver. Thanks
147.Golden Dwarf Angel 02/02/22 No
I have for sale a Golden angel eats everything and is about 2inches Looking to sell for £150. Pick up only and cash on pick up from rm82jy
148.Selection of Fish 27/01/22 No
My Father currently lives in Yeovil and is going into a nursing home so is looking to sell on his fish. There are: 4 large catfish (around 7 inches) 1 albino catfish 1 red tailed shark (around 7 inches) 3 angel fish 3 tiger barbs 1 pearl gourami Collection of smaller fish: neon tetras/bleedi... ...
149.Marine Fish & Inverts Books 21/01/22 No
A large range of books for sale : (1) Reef Secrets: Starting Right, Selecting Fishes and Invertebrates, Advanced Biotope Techniques Softcover – 15 Aug. 2003 (2) Basslets, Dottybacks & Hawkfishes (Reef Fishes series book 2) Scott W. Michael (3) Angelfishes and Butterflyfishes (Reef Fishes Se... ...
150.Young Angelfish. Good Quality home bred mixed colours 4-5cm, Philippine Blue and Paraiba. 19/01/22 Yes
Young Angelfish. Good Quality home bred mixed colours 4-5cm. Strong healthy fish with straight fins, Mixed colours. Silver, Dark and Golden, philipinne Blue, Paraiiba available as well as some Bulgarian Green crosses. Collection preferred but will consider posting when it warms up a bit.
151.Aqua oak 5ft marine set up with sump 16/01/22 No
Selling our 5ft aqua oak sumped full marine set up. Would like to sell as a whole but would consider breaking it down if needs be. Running 4 years. 480l (aprox) with 100l sump(aprox) Livestock includes, 2 mating clown fish Bi-colour angel Naoko wrasse Melenaris wrasse Engineer goby Pink spot ... ...
152.Emperor angel large/ valimigi tang sold.. 15/01/22 Yes
Selling marine live stock. All fish are nice and healthy. Emperor angel adult £125 Sold.. Emperor angel juvenile £ 90 large Regal tang £55 Red fairy basslet £25 few remain Maroon clown mixed pair(XL size)£50 common clown fish pair Clark clown.pair £30 Seabae clown pair£30 Lyretai... ...
153.Looking for angel fish pairs 13/01/22 No
As title suggests I'm looking for breeding pairs of Angel's. Also looking for angel fish fry
154.Adult Koi Angels 13/01/22 Yes
Part of a group I bought to get some pairs out of. These are now surplus to requirements. These are collection only as I don’t post my fish. Any questions please ask £20 each.
155.Tropical fish for sale 05/01/22 No
6 Angelfish £60 all in healthy condition 1 Roketail Severum £30 3 Gourami £25 Eating on flakes and other dry foods Contact +44 7521 984647 for pics and info
156.Kingi Angel Very Rare Fish £5000 01/01/22 Yes
Kingi Angel (Apolemichthys kingi) Very Rare and Healthy, eats anything. Selling due to tank shutdown. The Kingi Angel fish (Apolemichthys kingi) also know as Tigar Angelfish has long been one of the holy grails of Angelfish, and is considered one of the rarest fish in the aquarium world. Th... ...
157.Angel fish x1 28/12/21 No
blue and black stripe angel fish around 3-4 inch, available from Redhill, Surrey
158.Angelfish - Silver scalare 28/12/21 Yes
Home breed Excellent quality, tank raised youngsters approx 6 months old with a body size of 25-30cm (50p coin size) Healthy young fish showing really good colour with long straight fins. £4 each or 3 for £10 Collection only from West Horndon Essex
159.Wanted Angel fish /Rainbows 27/12/21 No
As above WHY Local to Norwich only please Martin
160.Oak style aquarium - job lot, high spec 24/12/21 Yes
Oak style aquarium Fluval filter 407 Fluval led light 46w bluetooth controlable plants ornaments fish including angel fish sand glass cleaner widest point of stand 124cm height including tank 143cm depth of tank 37cm tank width 116cm Will help with removing and breaking down tank, bu... ...
161.Nichols Mouthbrooder, 22/12/21 Yes
Breeding groups of Pseudocrenilabrus Nicholsi cichlids for sale (1 male and 3 females) £50 or £15 each. Males are 5-8cm and females 3-4cm in length. Females have started brooding, so it’s time for them to find new homes. The parents have been kept in a community tank with Angels, Platies, Kr... ...
162.Angel fish x8 available 15/12/21 No
Text or call
163.Angelfish, sterbai corys, albino/common bristlenoses, longfin/shortfin swordtails, platies 10/12/21 No
Angelfish Sterbai corydoras Albino/common bristlenoses Longfin/shortfin swordtails (various colours) Platies(various colours) Baby goldfish Please message me on 07825986330
164.Fluval 240 with tropical fish 05/12/21 Yes
240 litre 4 feet tank all inclusive with livestock. Also got a separate Aquamanta cannister filter. Never leaked. Some scratches from cleaning. Can sell fish separately. £125 for all or £75 for fish. 15 fish between between 4 and 6 inches 2 parrot. 4 Jack dempsey. 1 kissing gourami. 2 silver do... ...
165.Tank shut down 15/11/21 Yes
Collect only High Wycombe HP11 Trio Wide Bar Gladiator Clownfish £125 Purple Tang £100 SOLD Chalk Goby £20 SOLD Tangerine SwissGaurd Basslet £75 SOLD Peacocks Wrasse £20 SOLD Bluefin Angelfish £30 SOLD 2 x cleaner shrimp £30 SOLD
166.Angel fish and Corydoras for sale 25/10/21 Yes
Platinum Angelfish (PA)- £4 each Breeding pair PA (very good parents) £10 pr Emperor tetras 6 for £5 (adults) All corydoras are a good size Pick M23 5 minutes from Manchester Airport. paulharrison1@msn.com
167.Emperor angel bristletooth tang clarki clown regal tang 24/10/21 Yes
Emperor adult form 5 inch £90 Clarki clown 4 inch £30 Bristletooth tang 5 inch £30 7/8 inch regal tang £60 Collection Leigh on sea essex
168.Angelfish 23/10/21 Yes
Angelfish - 2 breedeng pairs like on the photo £20 per pair ono
169.3 Altum Angelfish in 5ft. tank 20/10/21 No
Beautiful naturally set up tank 5ft.x 2ft.high x 18in. wide.All high grade equipment less than six months old. Clearview glass with no marks/scratches. Three 6" to 7" Altum Angels. Only asking £475 complete. Buyer to dismantle.(Kent) G.Lewis phone01797-362015
170.Platinum angelfish 08/10/21 No
I have for sale 5 adult platinum angelfish £40 if intrested txt me 07484757411
171.Loads of fish for sale 30/09/21 No
All types of severum short body Texas green terror 3 jack Dempsey’s 7 parrots Hartwegi veija Black belt veija Red terror Red Devil Albino convicts 2 L Platinum parrots 1 L Polar parrot 2 L T bar’s 3 clouded Archer fish 2 L Clown loach 7 big Tiger barb 6 Rainbow fish A... ...
172.5ft Aquarium Plus Contents £300 25/09/21 Yes
JUWEL RIO 400 We have owned this tank from new, and is in very good condition. Has 2 twin light fittings - one may need replacing or repairing, could just be bulbs to be fair I have an led light bar running on it instead, the other is fine. The sale includes a massive piece of bog wood and all cont... ...
173.Marine fish and aquarium for sale 20/09/21 Yes
i have a 3foot marine aquarium complete setup with fish, sale due to serious injury and unable to look after them. i have 4xclown, 1xafrican angel, 1x Picasso trigger fish, 1x large lipstick tang, 2 cleaner shrimp. all sensible offers of £500+ buyer to collect
174.Large Yellow Tang, Flame Angel and Wrasse 19/09/21 Yes
Yellow Tang, Flame angel And Male Halichoeres biocellatus Wrasse. Drastically over stocked so rehoming some of my beautiful fish. Yellow Tang 5/6 inch £200 Flame Angel 2/3 inch £120 Male Halichoeres biocellatus wrasse ( Cleared ALL my Bristleworms ) 4in £50 See pics next to measu... ...
175.French angelfish £255. Adult size 6+ inches 18/09/21 No
French angelfish 6+ inches size. Had about 1 year in my shop Eats everything, included pellets, nori, frozen. No offers. Cash only. Collection only.
176.Angel fish 06/09/21 Yes
Angel fish for sale aboy 30 for sale size 2-3 inch some ogff them over 3 inch £12.50each
177.F1 Altum Angels 03/09/21 No
Fantastic size for the price. £55 each Check out the video below that was taken today. Free UK delivery on 6 or more........
178.Complete Marine Aquarium 02/09/21 Yes
Redsea 250 Reefer aquarium for sale with sump, return pump, heater, circulation pumps x2, protein skimmer, all live rock, approx 40kg, fish, sand, corals. AI lights x2 Does have scratching to front glass, so best to come have a look first to ensure you are happy with all equipment and fish etc. Al... ...
179.Marine Aquarium closing down. 27/08/21 No
Shutting down my marine tank and selling everything that’s left.Fish = 1 Regal Tang ( 5” ) 1 Flame Angel ( 3” ) 1 Cleaner Wrasse. When all fish are gone Kenyan Branch Coral ,Live Rocks and Coral to be sold .Next 4ft LED MARINE LIGHT , Wave Maker , Skimmer and main pump. Finally Tank and Stand... ...
180.Full Tank Set Up For Sale 21/08/21 Yes
Sale: 1 x Aqua One 980 (220 Litre) fish tank. 1 x Aqua One Fish Tank Stand. 1 x Fluval 306 external canister filter with many extra carbon filters. 1 x Large LED Day/Night Light. 1 x internal filter. 1 x Fluval 300W heater. 1 x Air bubble system. 2 x Large drift woods with plants growing upo... ...
181.2 ANGEL FISH 6cm £10 FOR BOTH 14/08/21 Yes
Selling two angel fish, downsizing a bit Please don’t call, just text
182.Adult angelfish for sale 05/08/21 Yes
Breeding pair xl marble male & large smokey female - £60 Large dalmatian angel - £20 Large platinum angel - £20 Medium red head /koi angel - £20
183.4ft Eva reef aquarium and stock 05/08/21 Yes
Complète 4 foot EVA reef system consisting of TMCequipment,lights protein skimmer,bioreactor pumps plus the following Large Indian Ocean sailfin tang Medium regal tang Medium lemon peel angel Pair of yellow stripe maroon clownfish 2 yellow gobies 3 blue damsels Large melanrus wrasse Benghaz... ...
184.Community fish 03/08/21 Yes
I am moving house so have decided to sell up my tank. So I am selling all fish. 2 Angel fish £10 2 red robin gouramis, 2 dwarf gourami's and 1 three spot gourami £10 1 ghost knife fish 6inch £10 1 bulldog pleco and 1 snowball pleco £15 1 festive cichlid £5 5 assorted silver dollars about ... ...
185.3 tier steel aquarium rack with 36 inches by 18 inches fish tanks Burnley 03/08/21 Yes
Three tier aquarium rack with tanks Top tier is 36" * 18" * 18", glass partition down centre to make two 18" breeding cubes, perfect for discus/angels. Drilled each side for connection to sump, can be capped. Partition can be removed to make single tank. Middle tier is ... ...
186.Addis bfly, Annularis Angel, Red coris and Maroon clownfish for sale 01/08/21 Yes
I am sadly having to sell some of my fish due to changing the tank from a fowlr to a reef and the clown is fighting with another. Addis Butterfly £110 2.5 inches - fowlr only, tho fine with inverts. Annularis Angel £90 5 inches - will eat coral fowlr only fine with inverts. Red coris wrasse £ 35 ... ...
187.Moving - livestock sale, bulk discount available 23/07/21 Yes
Selling all livestock, prior to moving home. All appear healthy & are eating well: African Butterfly Fish, taking pellet, flake & live food (1 - £15) Burrowing Horseface Loach (1 - £10) White male angelfish (1 - £5) Yellow Molly (1 - £1) Orange & black platys (2 - £3) Neon tet... ...
188.Fluval Roma 200 Full Setup and Fish Included 20/07/21 Yes
This comes with everything someone needs for either a start up or already experienced and looking to upgrade. Comes with fluval 307 4 months old with box and warranty, heater, substrate, rocks, accessories etc. Will also come with the fish which are: 2 dwarf red gouramis, 2 red robin gouramis, 1 ... ...
189.Tank closing down 11/07/21 No
Small.regal.angel £120 4" yellow foxface £35 Anthias group ( lyretail) 1 male 10 females £280 6" Naso tang Black top £80 Sized are approximate Collection from pitstone near leighton buzzard
190.Small regal angel 11/07/21 Yes
Small regal angel about 3 inches feeding very well on frozen, pellet and flake £120 Collection from li7 9af
191.KADR Angelfish, young English bred, 3cm 04/07/21 Yes
These young angelfish are English bred and at 3cm body size, they are ready to go to their new, loving homes. They have been carefully bred in our own, private fish house, and are not imports. The benefits of buying UK bred angels versus imports is that you are getting a stronger, healthier, and... ...
192.Marine fish and equipment 04/07/21 Yes
Due to lots of time wasters, still have some lovely fish for sale. Pm me for more info, Kent based. Also have equipment for sale for anyone interested. - Porcupine puffer 6” - Dog face puffer 8” - Gold stripe maroon clown 2” - Cleaner wrasse - Snowflake eel 12-14” - Majestic an... ...
193.2 maroon clowns, 1 sweet lips,1koran Angel, 02/07/21 No
Hi got two maroon clowns one is just an inch other one about 2 inch’s , one harlequin sweet lips less than 2 inches, 1 Koran angle two inches for sale. They all feed well. Dry food frozen and flakes and pellets, respectively as per the fish what they eat. Priced all together for 75. Pick up only... ...
194.Angelfish 01/07/21 Yes
Angelfish Black Marble and Koi.
195.Marine fish for sale 28/06/21 Yes
Few marine fish for sale, open to offers or pm. BR8 Kent based - Porcupine puffer 6” - Raccoon butterfly 3” - Dog face puffer 8” - Gold stripe maroon clown 2” - Indigo hamlet 3” - Chain link moray, maybe 2 foot - Cleaner wrasse - Yellow tail wrasse 4” - Zebra moray probab... ...
196.Yellow Koi Angel Fish x 1(female) & Anomalochromis thomasi (Butterfly Cichlid) pair in Leeds 28/06/21 Yes
3.5 inch Angel Yellow Koi female---£15 3 inch Anomalochromis thomasi (Butterfly Cichlid) pair(spawn once so far) -£15 Open to offers Pick up from LS16 or can deliver locally Easiest way to contact me is via mobile
197. L number Plecos for sale 25/06/21 No
Hi all, I am selling all my Plecos for now due to additional family commitments. The below are for sale: L097- polka dot cactus pleco- around 8" WC from Pier aquatics 3xL066- 1m,2f- adults 3xL204 flash pleco, adults 2xL129- sub adults 2xL15 adults 4xL002, 1m,3f adults 1xL182- starlight ... ...
198.Full Marine set up and livestock 13/06/21 Yes
Full set up for marine.includes Live coral andlivestock. Foxface, mandarin, 2xtomato clown, 2x electric damsel, jewelled puffer, fuzzy dwarf lion, red angel, clown tang, alge blemmy, nems, and clean up crew.
199.Angels, breeding 12/06/21 Yes
Adult Red Shoulder Manacapuru Angelfish 21x£25, 4 Keyhole cichlid (£25),pair Pearl Gourami £18, pair Marble Angelfish £40-I can show hundreds babies from all species. Adult True Altum Peru(Rio Nanay) 7x £35, Adult pair bristlenose plec £20, Electric blue Jack Dempsey 10x£15, Electric blue ac... ...
One Large Mustard Guttatus Tang. One Large Emperor Angel One Large Blue lined Angel One Medium Koran angel One Lubbock wrasse One HARLEQUIN TUSK One Striped Tang One Lipstick tang Small and large Clown fish Small Clown Trigger One Red eye Solar fairy wrasse. I am also selling a 6ftx 2ft x ... ...

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