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15ft tropical tank and stand :Beautiful tank all accessories. healthy tank. fish can go with experienced keeper all healthy 2 filters heater bubbler backround of tank wa ...26/07/21
2MALE FIGHTER FISH FOR SALE IN CARDIFF :Healthy and Colourful Male beta fishes. Each £5 If you have any question or want to see in person pls contact me. Collection only. ...24/07/21
3FEMALE FIGHTER FISH FOR SALE IN CARDIFF :Healthy and Colourful female beta fishes. Around 270+ Each £2 If you want to buy in lots, pls contact me for proce negotitaion an ...24/07/21
4FISH TANK SALE - QUICK SALE :FISH TANK SALE - NEED TO SELL URGENTLY MUST GO IN 2-3 DAYS Tank Size - L 100 cm (39 inch) H 56 cm (22 inch) W 41 cm (16 inch) ...24/07/21
5REDUCED PINK KISSING Gouramis - Extra Large :Opportunity to buy FOUR Extra Large Pink kissing Gouramis. These fish are currently in a 7ft Aquarium and are currently around 7-8" in ...12/07/21
6REDUCED - ELECTRIC BLUE ACARA - BREEDING PAIR :Opportunity to buy Breeding pair of Electric Blue Acara. These fish are currently in a 7ft Aquarium and are currently around 4-5" in le ...12/07/21
7REDUCED Parrot Fish - Extra large :Opportunity to buy TWO Extra Large Parrot cichlids . These fish are currently in a 7ft Aquarium and are currently around 6-7" in length ...12/07/21
8Mature discus for sale including breeding pair. :All fish are tap water bred. Hatched April 2019. Fed on Prima and beefheart. Completely clear of peppering. 7'' male cobalt/snakeskin. 6' ...12/07/21
9REDUCED PIMELODELLA PICTUS - EXTRA LARGE :Opportunity to buy FIVE Extra Large PIMELODELLA PICTUS Catfish. These catfish are currently in a 7ft Aquarium and are currently around 6&quo ...06/07/21
10tropheus :Looking for nice groups of tropheus preferably young will consider adults cash waiting04/07/21
11ivanacara adoketa :ivanacara adoketa proven breeding pair lovely fish very aggressive when breeding 3 inch body looking for 40 pound the pair02/07/21
12bristenose plecs £3 each :hi i have some bristlenose plecs for sale they are close to 2 inch in size and are very good for keeping your aquarium glass clean they will ...30/06/21
13Marbled fenustrus :I have 5 marbled fenustrus for sale I'm based in Bridgend South Wales I need them gone ASAP so am selling them for what I payed for them min ...30/06/21
14tanganiykan cichlids :Tanganyikan cichlids wanted good cash awaits for the right ones27/06/21
15Rio mag umbee (very large cichlid) :Absolute monster, approx 20 inch male umbee, insane blues on him £300 Need to make some space for new project Will need very large conta ...22/06/21
16good home offered for any unwanted koi, pond fish. :I have a 100x60x10 foot natural clay pond which I am stocking. I will collect any unwanted pond fish and give them a forever home. Any size ...17/06/21
17SOLD SOLD SOLD - BALA SHARK / SILVER SHARK - EXTRA LARGE :Opportunity to buy TWO Extra Large BALA SHARKS. These fish are currently in a 7ft Aquarium and are currently around 9" in length. On ...17/06/21
18F2 Nimbochromis Venustus :I have available F2 Nimbochromis venustus at 1- 1.5 inch £3 each Collection Aberdare area. WhatsApp. Josh 0771723679218/05/21
22Coral frags for sale nice large pieces :Got zoas utter chaos Everlasting gob stopper Blue eye btch Pleograph People eaters Orange oxide Fake lime chilli Small radioactiv ...27/04/21
23Looking for blood parrots :Looking for blood parrots as going to a parrot tank only19/04/21
24marine fish and tank clown trigger maroon clown zebra moray :MARINE FISH TANKBREAK DOWN AS ONE UNIT £700 OR WILL BREAK FISH MUST GO FIRST THEN LIVE ROCK CLOWN TRIGGER APPROX 3/4 INCHES £80 b ...17/04/21
25microctenopoma ansorgii X 5 :Five young fish between 1-2 inches. Lovely fish for Congo and Western african tanks. Collection only03/04/21
26Bristlenose Plecs :Hi I have a nice batch of young inch plus baby Bristlenose Plecs for sale good deal given on numbers have lemons commons few Calicos Contact ...23/03/21
27Marine tank equipment for sale :Also a Deltec 1351 Protein Skimmer £130 and a few other items 2x V2 400s skimmers cheap need pumps £10each Contact 0777631442023/03/21
28snails WANTED (apple snails/mystery snails) :Hi I am after buying any apple snails or mystery snails not worried on size or colour and if they are babies I am happy to grow on, I have a ...16/03/21
29Green Star Polyps :Have surplus in my tank, so looking to swap in Cardiff area for any other coral. Fast growing08/03/21
30L330 watermelon Pleco :For sale L330 Watermelon Pleco 8" great markings and condition Open to sensible offers..05/03/21
31Lot of Marina fish stuff :Deltic calcium reactor Hydor skimmer Mp40 x2 Mp10 x3 ??? Eco tech battery back up for the pumps?? Various pumps x10 Led Strip light ...02/03/21
32Lot of Marina fish stuff :Deltic calcium reactor Hydor skimmer Mp40 x2 Mp10 x3 ??? Eco tech battery back up for the pumps?? Various pumps x10 Led Strip light ...01/03/21
33Tank and stand need it gone asap :Selling my MP EHEIM AQUATICS FISH TANKS AND STAND THE MEASUREMENTS Depth 24inches length 51inches tank height 28 inches tank and unit altoge ...23/02/21
34T5 hybrid light :Aquatic Life T5 hybrid light. 4ft long With 4 brand new T5 lights Has fittings to attach hydras, kessil or radions. Comes with hangin ...16/01/21
35Live rock £2 a kg :Live rock £2 a kg Pick from s Wales , ready to pick up today13/01/21
36108x30x24 tank and 5 foot sump :9 foot tank with 2 weirs and 5 foot sump , it does have a stand But it has quite a lot of water damage £250 pick up from s wales,13/01/21
37Fish for sale :Yellow tang x2. £50 each Purple tang £100 Gold rim £65 Comet (Group family) £40 Pick up from s wales13/01/21
38Adult mbuna for sale :Have about 18 adult mbuna for sale cheap for bulk sale changing over to another species04/01/21
39Looking for Florida gars :Looking for any size Florida gars01/01/21
40Hydor skimmer £100 :Hydor skimmer 2 pumps , pick up s wales30/12/20
41Deltec calcium reactor £150 :Large Delta calcium reactor30/12/20
42108x24x30 tank and sump :Marine Fishtank for sale with 2 weirs 9foot with 5 foot sump , £250 Collection from South Wales . It has a stand but it has quite a lot of ...30/12/20
434ft Juvel Rio 240 tank - full set up - £160 :I have a 4ft aquarium to sell, fully set up including cabinet, two CristalProfi filters with media (mostly Seachem matrix), a circulation pu ...05/12/20
44Breeding pair of bocourti :Proven breeding pair of bocourti £125 or poss trade for discus These are a very large pair of fish needing a 6x2x2 as a minimum! www.fur ...14/11/20
45Marks Aquatics Coral... :Hi all. I currently have loads of Australian sps hard corals,zoas,and soft corals for sale. Please message me on 07931093344 for a viewing.I ...13/11/20
46Red tailed catfish :Red tailed catfish 7-8" £5008/11/20
47Longfin bristlenose :Looking for breeding pairs or trios off longfin bristlenose Lemons or reds Or ill take sub adults21/10/20
48Longfin bristlenose :Looking for breeding pairs or trios off longfin bristlenose Lemons or reds Or ill take sub adults19/10/20
49Oak Corner Frame Fish Tank and Equipment :Lovely oak corner frame fish tank. Two door cupboard underneath H 147cm. W 99cm. D 64cm. Come with filter, stones, plants, p ...06/10/20
50Corydoras :Looking for breeding groups off Corydoras No brown or albinos Willing to travel for the rite ones04/09/20
51FREE moorii dolphin pair and nyererei ruti island pair :both male and female fish are 2-3 inch in excellent condition fish will be bagged and social distance taken both pairs FREE fish in pic is ...30/08/20
52Braking tank down :2 x bifas 4 inches plus possibly a pair £25 5 inch flagtail £20 6 inch irwini catfish £35 8 inch sun catfish £3022/08/20
53FRONTOSA WANTED :looking for single or group of frontosa cash waiting20/08/20
54Clouded archer fish, Toxotes blythii :For sale are my three clouded archer fish. they are roughly 2.5 years old and are about 12-15 cm long. Diet consist of live crickets and loc ...10/08/20
55paracyprichromis nigripinnis blue neon albino :Hi I have for sale some stunning young adult paracyprichromis nigripinnis blue neon albino. Very rare to see this quality. £18.00 eac ...01/08/20
56Mbuna for sale :Hi selling about 25 medium to large mix mbuna changing my aquarium hence selling my mbuna fantastic colors looking for £3530/07/20
578 x XL various wide bars :Some Malaysian, some faded.27/07/20
58Wanted..any large colonies of euphyllia, goniopora, chalice, acans et :Wanted any large quantities of lps coral or will consider full set ups if good quality equiptment too. Please contact me via email with pic ...06/07/20
596 shell dwellers (Multis) :Established group of 6 Multi's Collection South Wales nr Cardiff28/06/20
602 large ocean rocks. :2 large ocean Rock aprox 15 inches wide/ height,lovely shape,purchased from maidenheads for £42 Christmas time. Sell £25.27/06/20
61RENA “Aqualife” Cube 100 litre £60 :RENA “Aqualife” Cube 100 litre 54 x 53 x 54cm on Beech cabinet. Includes box filter unit, sponge media, pump & lights. some scratches ...27/06/20
62Solid oak fish tank :Marine fish tank in solid oak with sump Only selling as moving, lid has a cut out to accommodate lights, this is for base, sump, main displ ...22/06/20
63Wanted L471 :Looking for some L47121/06/20
64Pristocrybron maculpinnis rare piranha for sale :Very rare attractive piranha for sale - 10 inches Only known specimen in UK , Pick up only from South Wales £5014/06/20
65Wanted marbled fenustratus :Wanted marbled fenustratus. Anybody that can ship to South Wales or close by so I can pick up many thanks. 0795125253114/06/20
662 x 3.5lb Koi Carp (10 years old) :We have had pinky and perky for 10 years - we bought them when they were fry and they have flourished in our (very large) pond. They are ve ...07/06/20
67Zaire blue moba frontosas f1 :4 zaire blue moba frontosas 7-8", not sure on sex, collection cardiff £150 ono contact number 0739942249430/04/20
68WANTED Pleco :I'm after a MALE Blue eyed Lemon Pleco. I have five females so willing to swap or buy.23/04/20
69Pond Fish for sale :20 pond goldfish (possibly more) various sizes and ages, for quick sale, Cardiff. Very well looked after for many years, some have even been ...17/04/20
70Wanted marine fish :Looking for any marine fish, big or small Reef safe or not, what have you got.17/03/20
71Red Sea DIY Tank Aquarium Cover 60 inches /150cm version :I am selling my Red Sea Net cover as i'm no longer going ahead with the aquarium i bought it for. It is still unopened in the protective car ...05/03/20
72wanted Apistogrammas :looking for agassizi reds, Macmasteri, Opal Borelli and Cockatoo. Would prefer young fish or pairs. I am disabled and unable to drive distan ...19/02/20
73L134 leopard frog :3xl134 adult males £40 each pick up only13/02/20
74Marine tank closures wanted :Looking to purchase marine tank breakdowns. Mostly interested in livestock but will consider full setl ulps inc equiptment if good quality. ...03/02/20
75Ext filter :Fluval 306 for sale.never used.comes with all accessories.but will need new pipes.65 pound.swansea area27/01/20
76FOR SALE :BREEDING TREO FOR SALE WITH 100 PLUS FRY RING 0749776641 £45.0022/01/20
77Aquatic Shop Systems & Contents For Sale :We have for sale the entire contents of an aquatic shop.. The new system comprises of 6 systems, all with sump filtration, return pumps, ...22/01/20
78Aquatic Shop Contents For Sale :We have for sale the entire contents of an aquatic shop.. The new system comprises of 6 systems, all with sump filtration, return pumps, ...06/01/20
79Marine fish and soft corals and full marine set up :A 5 foot by 2 foot unit ,145cm by 52 cm and 52 cm height tank with 92cm by 38 cm sump Oak cabinet from “Maiden head aquatics “ Full sy ...06/01/20
80Ro unit :For sale 4 stage ro unit with pressure gauge and booster pump tds meter 90 pounds28/12/19
81Large colonies of branching hammers/frogspawn etc :Looking for large colonies of euphyllia but will consider any lps or tank breakdowns. Cash paid17/12/19
82Corals, tank closures wanted. :Interested in buying large quantities of coral or will consider full systems. Distance no object and cash on collection.20/11/19
83Fissidens Fontanus Moss, £7.50 per portion :Fissidens-moss with tight deep green down comes from North America. It grows relatively slowly and requires much more light than other mosse ...10/11/19
84Coral tray wanted :Looking for a 4ft x 2ft x1ft high coral tray/ frag tank. Preferably not drilled. May consider a 3x2x109/11/19
85Full set up wanted :Interested in full systems If you have a nice set up with decent eqpt, corals etc and looking to get rid in one go please message me. If ...09/11/19
86Eheim Professional 2 external filter :Comes with eheim filter unit built into pipework, has a new impeller, for tanks upto 720litres, heater cost £50 on its own Only asking £7 ...30/10/19
87Marine rock stands :Marine rock stands, 450mm x 450mm x 440mm Drill your rock and slide down the stem to build A lovely decorated marine set up £25 each30/10/19
88Frontosa moba readvertise due to timewasters sold sold sold :For sale are 7f1 frontosa moba ranging from 4inch upto 8inch I'm open to sensible offers please NO TIMEWASTERS YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!! Co ...25/10/19
89Lamprogus Cyngus :4x Lamprogus Cyngus for sale £8 each or 4 for £30 Collection South Wales / local delivery available19/10/19
90Wanted large branching hammers/ frogspawn or lps colonies :Looking for large or unusual hammers/ frogspawn but must be branching. Also consider any large lps/ soft coral colonies like acans,blastos ...19/10/19
91Wanted guinea fowl puffer :Wanted Guinea fowl puffer.17/10/19
92Wanted :Wanted Sohal tang, Clown trigger, Emperor angel.17/10/19
93Juvi ob for sale :Juvi obs for sale a few here from half inch to an inch Get in contact 0756473172130/09/19
94Juvi ob for sale :Juvi obs for sale a few here from half inch to an inch Get in contact 0756473172130/09/19
95Red sea max 130d 7 year old fully matured marine system with upgrades for sale :Red Sea Max 130d, fully matured, 7yr old aquarium. Includes upgraded lighting system (£300 new), upgraded media basket and upgraded pump. ...29/09/19
96285L 5ft6 freestanding cylindrical freshwater aquarium £600 :285 Litre 5ft6 freestanding cylinder cylindrical freshwater aquarium with chrome finish top and bottom. When setup it looks amazing and will ...28/09/19
97For sale Brown Snakehead :Channa Gachua Approx 6" very healthy Hand feeds Only selling as i'm moving to more of a community tank £30 ono 07398172 ...15/08/19
98FREE, CARDIFF: Maingano and Yellow Lab cichlids :Near fully grown, about 4 of each, free to a good home - collection only. Please note must take all11/08/19
99Tropheus :Looking for small group of Tropheus. Must be South Wales Bristol Area for collection.07/08/19
100giant gourami fish For sale (BIG) :I have 3 giant gourami fish for sale.A albino one,a red fin one..and your normal gray one ..sad to see them go But they have outgrown my ta ...13/07/19
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