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1Blue lobster 4-5inches health specimen 20 pounds open to offers :Hi I have a female blue lobster for sale she is a lovely blue with patches of pink she is feeding well on frozen and live bloodworm and catf ...04/08/13
2 SOLD Juwel Vision black bow-front160L tank - with stand and fish - £135 ono :***SOLD*** I am having to sell both my 160L JUWEL tropical fish tanks, complete with contents, because I can no longer maintain them prope ...02/08/13
3Aiptasia :I am trying to get Berghia Nudibranchs breeding and need to get hold of some Aiptasia sp. Anemones, if you have aiptasia covered live rock, ...30/07/13
4stingrays :Looking for stingray pups in the southwest . Freshwater please26/07/13
5stingrays :Looking for stingray pups in the southwest . Freshwater please26/07/13
6Fire clowns and piccasso for sale :50 ono for both fire clowns and 50 ono for the pziccasso25/07/13
7Fluval Roma 240 :Fluval Roma 240 with drilled bottom with fluval 305 and cabinet this tank is mint only had it year £180 0758409963125/07/13
8v2 500skim compact 40pounds :v2 500 skim compact for sale £140 new23/07/13
9niger trigger for sale 30 ono :niger trigger for sale around 4inch23/07/13
10snow flake eel 8inch sale :snowflake eel for sale 40 0n023/07/13
11Wanted. Malawi cichlids :Hi I'm looking for some baby malawi cichlids of all colours and some rocks. if anybody can help me set up please get in touch, money waiting21/07/13
12large severums for sale about 10 inch :for sale are four large severums a good eight to ten inch there are three red shoulders and one gold red spot 20 each offer on the four18/07/13
14DIY LEDs :Hi I have these parts left over from my led build 6x 10w high power LEDs 5x20k 1x royal blue 6x10w led driver 3 heat sinks with built ...14/07/13
155 stage ro water and salted water :Hi I can offer pre mixed coral pro salt and just ro water Made from a 5 stage to unit with di All media change on a regular basis and a ...14/07/13
16Aquamedic turbo floater shorty skimmer :As above For sale in good working order For to big for my new system Please call 07462334417 for more info I'm happy to post but at ...14/07/13
17Seashell 5ft reef full setup :Seashell 5ft x 2 x 20 with 3 x 18 x 16 sump with pipework And return pump £500ono Maxspect razor 16k 160 watt LEDs x2 £300 each Tmc o ...14/07/13
18Looking for fluvel fx5 :Fluvel fx512/07/13
19LARGE SELECTION OF BREEDING TANKS :I have a large selection of 1ft, 2ft, 3ft and 4ft tanks. At a guess, i would say 10x1ft tanks (some divided), 4x2ft tanks, 1x 3ft tank, and ...10/07/13
20FOR SALE AQUA MEDIC PERCULA 90 :Aqua Medic Percula 90. Comes complete with matching silver cabinet, built in filtration: biological filter, 1000 lph filtration pump, twin ...08/07/13
21Eheim Compact 3000 Plus + :Only selling because I am selling my aquarium and all its equipment (see other listings). Great condition. Small pump with adjustable fl ...08/07/13
23Stunning 28x28x30 inch cube tank :Have for sale a stunning clear seal 28x28x30 cube in excellent condition is only 8 months old currently downgrading This is 10 mm glass wi ...03/07/13
24T5 lighting aqua one :Hi I have a 3 ft aquaone compact t5 lighting system it has marine bulbs in it perfect working order and condition £60 0758409963101/07/13
25Tmc compact 500 skimmer :Like new £70 0758409963101/07/13
26WANTED ARCADIA WALL BRACKETS :As above looking for Arcadia wall brackets either in silver or black to hang my lighting unit Thanks Alex30/06/13
27koi wanted :koi wanted and equipment all sizes and colours to stock pond must be cheap 01752 295183 tony29/06/13
28Large odd balls wanted :Any extra large odd balls wanted for my 2500 litre tank anything considered regards Ben 0772360279229/06/13
30DWARF PLECS WANTED , any considered except bn :HI THERE i am looking for some dwarf plecs around torquay devon area , any sort of dwarf plecs considered except bn , ie clown plecs , mega ...27/06/13
31Saddleback clowns :Beautiful true pair of clowns been together over 3 yrs, female is 5 inch male 3 inch offers over £4023/06/13
32AFRICAN BLOCKHEADS WANTED :Hi, I am looking for some Blockheads or just an adult male. Ideally to collect within 20 miles or so of Torquay. Cheers Mike22/06/13
33Australian blue crayfish :5 ins long 25 pound22/06/13
34Corals for sale :Red mushroom rock £20 x3 Blue mushroom rock £20 x3 Purple bullseye mushroom rock £25 Single ricordea yumas green purple orange £10 - ...22/06/13
35Solid oak aquarium 160cm (wine rack 330l) :Hi, I have for sale my Solid Oak aquarium purchased from Maidenhead aquatics less than a year ago for £999. It is in what I would describe ...20/06/13
36Penang/Eruption Paignton £60 :This female is about 5 1/2" lovely looking fish. 0753933615620/06/13
37Breeding pair £100 Paignton :They are a young pair laying frequently, just over 5", I'm selling all my discus to change to marine. Thanks Andy 0753933615620/06/13
38Fish tank and stand :Juwel 180 Fish Tank + Stand including the following. 7 cold water fish 5 are Koi carp + 2 are shubunkins 600 litre filter 25 litre f ...16/06/13
39full discus set up :Up for sale is a fantastic condition fluval 160l marina with masses of extras including Modified lighting containing to HO t5's and a blue ...16/06/13
40Carpet Anemone Coral :Beautiful carpet anemone 10-12 inch when fully open. Lovely green colour. Offers over £5015/06/13
41Juwel Rio 240 Fish Tank and Stand - Very Good Condition :Juwel Rio 240 tank and stand with T8 lights. All in good working order. Tank is approximately 4 years old, no damage to trim or glass sides ...15/06/13
42Angelfish :Beautiful silver angel for sale 5 pounds is feeding well on live and flake food08/06/13
431 2inch Bolivian ram :This is 1 Bolivian ram he is 2 inches feeding well on live and cichlid excel food he is very placid for a ram I am looking for 8 pounds for ...08/06/13
44Blue jewel cichlids rare :I have a pair of blue jewel cichlid for sale paid 30 pounds for the they are feeding well on live food and flake and hikari sinking pellets ...08/06/13
45Looking for breeding pairs :Looking for breeding pairs of discus . Plymouth area if possible can travel but not to far05/06/13
46lovely plant selection for sale £50. :stunning plant selection for sale. could plant a tank of 160-240l. plants include: several amazon swords indian fern red crypts lovely p ...05/06/13
47PRICED TO SELL :8ft x 2ft x 2ft custom glass tank. Water tight, built in weir. No lid or stand. Must go this week. Just had to put my beloved dog to s ...04/06/13
48Young potential pair of discus for sale.£30 Fantastic must go :As a potential split from my other discus listed I will sell the two discus that look like their well on their way to being a pair, would ma ...04/06/13
493 young discus for sale £40 paid 120 :very reluctant sale of three stunning discus from the esteemed chen's discus. very healthy and feeding very well, they are a very peaceful t ...04/06/13
50NOT TO BE MISSED£50 pair of musk turtles living with fish. :I have for sale a lovely pair of musk turtles, one is a razorback musk female aged around six months, and the other is a common musk aged ar ...04/06/13
51good starter group of tropical fish for sale £60 :due o selling my tank I have for sale a great group of starter fish for sale, great for around 120 litres these fish are all compatible and ...03/06/13
52DISCUS FISH AND COMPLETE SET UP FOR SALE :We are selling our BRAND NEW Fish tank and fish due to house move.... We have an aqua one 5FT tank - Cost £699 only 4 Months old has got ...03/06/13
53Ocean rock and light :Arcadia Ultraseal Single Aquarium Lighting Controller With 18" light tube £15 5.5kg of ocean rock £5 Ring 01803527804 evenings. Pick up ...02/06/13
54Solid Oak Cube aquarium :Solid oak cube aquarium complete with gravel, rocks, thermostat, double light set & filter. 200Litre capacity approx roughly 2ft cube in s ...30/05/13
55Lighting :6ft stand alone lighting system in black contains 8 fully working bulbs in a mixture of white and the purpley colour only used for a hour an ...28/05/13
56frontosa for sale realy healthy fish good blues to him £15 pick up only 2half i ... :Pick up torquay .28/05/13
57Green spotted puffer juvenile for sale :Green spotted puffer juvenile for sale approx 3 inches We got him to go with our other puffer but he was too territorial Please note that ...28/05/13
58Filter for sale :Fluval fx5 external filter . All working all parts all media only used for 1 hour and my monster aquarium went bang . Offers please . Was ...27/05/13
59full discus set up :This is ideal if you are wanting to keep discus for the first time. Tank 3'x18"x15" ........... £50.00 Fluval 405 pump ...27/05/13
60Corals for sale :Have a few Sps for sale as I am looking to keep mainly lps now Have pocilipora coral this is two pieces the main part left and a large f ...26/05/13
613ftx2ft tropical or marine tank :I have a tropical set up with neon and guppie fish. There is a air pump which comes with a treasure chest and a long air strip. Lights T ...24/05/13
62fluval marina for sale :lovely fluval marina 160l for sale. the tank comes with no livestock but does include fluval 305 with a very good selection of filter media ...23/05/13
633 Peacock Bass for sale :I have 3 Cichla Monoculus for sale. I have one 13" wild peru Two 8", I'm not sure if these are wild or not Good looking fish, need to ...23/05/13
64complete Discus set up :Tank 3'x 18"x 15" = 45 gals. £60.00 Fluval 405 pump/filter..... 1yr. old £60.00 Heater, light, air stones and air pump £2 ...20/05/13
65AMAZING 8FT FISH TANK WITH CABINET FOR SALE :we sadly have to end our hobby and have our stunning 8ft by 2ft by 2 half ft fish tank for sale with a solid black cabinet with no equipment ...16/05/13
662 x black moor goldfish for sale :Despite my love for Margaret and Thatcher I have to let them go due to a house move. They are currently in a smaller sperate tank from the o ...13/05/13
67Pond pump wanted :10000 litre + pond pump wanted and uv filter. 0772360279212/05/13
68juwel 400 aquarim :juwel rio 400 aquarim with stand (beech affect) £250.00 O.N.O please feel free to contact me for any info 01803 85411212/05/13
69golden koi and pair of sturgeon for sale :stunning golden koi for sale at around 7.5 inches. lovely chunky fish that is going to grow into a stunner. £20. pair of sturgeon, one at n ...12/05/13
70Rena Aquarium and Cabinet £85 :Rena 140 litre Bow fronted tank with matching cabinet. Eheim 2217 filter. Heater, lights, Aerator et. Ocean Rock and Coral sand. 7 years ol ...09/05/13
718ft tank with everything :hi guys have a 8ft tank by 2 by 3 hight with all fish and filters it is a hap alunacra set up with lots off large breeding pairs i am well k ...08/05/13
722 large pieces of wood for sale :I have two very large pieces of wood for sale. Each piece is approximately 4 feet in length and has been located in a 300 gallon aquarium f ...02/05/13
73:::::WANTED:::::AMERICAN CICHLIDS :WANTED: Midas Texas synspilum20/04/13
74Fish. Matt give me a tx mate, email won send to you :.................19/04/13
75Complete Marine Set Up - Free to a good home. :I have a complete marine set-up that through, work, home and family commitments I simply cant continue to look after. Its free to anyone who ...19/04/13
76fish for sale :Large red tailed shark x 2 Large kissing gourami 8 other gouramies Convicts breeding pairs Plecs various sizes Syndontises various Var ...16/04/13
77aquarium :hi im after a 5ftx2ftx2ft aquarium with lid,lights and cabinet in plymouth15/04/13
78tank brake down :on ebay copy and paste and dont forget to check my other items14/04/13
79PRICE REDUCTION ON CUSTOM 8FT TANK :Sadly having to relist my tank again, had a buyer and through no fault of his own he cannot pick it up. I am still willing to accept the ...11/04/13
80D&D twin T5 39w razor light & timer :D&D twin 39w razor light unit I am selling my 39w light along with some bulbs and reflectors, this unit holds two 39w bulbs and is controlle ...05/04/13
81PRICE REDUCTION ON CUSTOM 8FT TANK :I previously listed my custom 8 x 2 x 2 glass tank. Iv had lots of interest but no viewings for it, With this in mind I am prepared to lo ...05/04/13
82inverts, fish, corals, marine tank brake down plymouth :25kilo live rock £5pound a kilo £125 2 mexican turbos (the large ones) £6 pair lots of other snails and hermits + two conchs, , 4 neris ...04/04/13
83tank brake down plymouth :betta 1000 in white around 400ltrs including sump and return pump £150 aquamedic wave + 4 boyu pumps (has 9 settings) £100 lighting one ...04/04/13
844ft fish tank :4ft fish tank and stand good condition no scratches. Tank dimensions 4ft long 3ft 3 high 16 inches width, Comes with 1 external filter ...02/04/13
85betta 1000 sumped tank (full set up) near plymouth :tank betta 1000 and stand in white lights 6 t5s wavemaker protein skimmer phosphate reactors X2 all pumps about 25+ kilo live rock fi ...01/04/13
86fish tank for sale :4x20x20 with glass lids vgc need space soo need it gone £5030/03/13
87fish sitter :just trying to gage interst for services as a fish sitter in the exeter area. i have several years experience of fishkeeping specialising in ...28/03/13
88Wanted large silver sharks :Hi I'm looking for some large silver sharks if anyone has any please get in touch21/03/13
89Beautiful 8ft x 2ft x 2ft Custom reinforced tank :Custom glass, Reinforced tank. Looks fantastic as marine or tropical. Need it gone asap. Sensible offers around £350. Any question ...21/03/13
90betta 1000 sumped tank (full set up) near plymouth :tank betta 1000 and stand in white lights 6 t5s wavemaker protein skimmer phosphate reactors X2 all pumps about 25+ kilo live rock fi ...20/03/13
91Wanted Betta Lifespace 700 Aquarium :Looking for a Betta lifespace 680 or 700 aquarium in white if possible within the Devon area if possible17/03/13
9248 inch tank for sale in Plymouth now SOLD :48" long x 20" wide and 24.5" high with weirs in both corners one an outlet and one the inlet connects to an internal spray bar for a return ...16/03/13
93fish for sale :fish for sale loads must see 2xkissing guwermaies 3" £7.50 the pair 3xkribs breeding trio £10 1xsilver shark 3-4" £4 1xre ...16/03/13
94Full Marine Setup 450 Ltrs :Marine Aquarium Setup Full Marine Aquarium Setup for Sale including all Equipment all you need to do is add Salt water, need to sell due ...15/03/13
95Male Dovii cichlid HUGE 15inch :Hello, I'm thinking of swapping my 15 inch male dovii for something different, what have you got!15/03/13
96Wanted FEMALE DOVII :FEMALE DOVII WANTED must be 7 inch plus will pay good money thanks, will pay for delivery15/03/13
97Red tail catfish 13inch :Thinking of swapping my red tail catfish for something different, he's a good 13 inch, hand feeds fantastic character would like to swap for ...15/03/13
98Wanted 3 stage HMA FILTER :Hi, i am after a used 3 stage HMA filter, any for sale give me a ring.14/03/13
99fish for sale :fish for sale pm me wot u wnt and for pics ill try my best ryt then 5x red head geophagus all around 3inch £10 each or the five for £40 ...10/03/13
100tropical fish lot :x6 botia loches £40 x2 8 inch acrichthys heckelii £55 nice looker09/03/13
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