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Marine Fish & Marine Inverts
 MAIL ORDER MARINE CORALS SPS LPS & SOFT UK - EUROPE : We Deliver Stunning Coral Frags Direct To Your Home Buying from us couldn’t be simpler. Just browse our beautiful collection, choose ...16/05/22
 Berghia Nudibranch Large Size Verrucicornis, Aiptasia X Eating Elimination : This listing is for the wonderful Berghia Nudibranch, the reefkeepers best friend when it comes to eliminating what is one of the toughest p ...16/05/22
 Maidenhead Aquatics @ Ashtead - Marine Stock List 13/12/21 : Hello from Maidenhead Aquatics, Ashtead (5 mins off of Junction 9 M25). Here is our current stocking of Marine Fish Livestock list: Tangs ...16/05/22

1. Corals , acros , monty : I have a fist size piece of red planet for £80 Large 6” piece of red monty £20 4” piece of purple monty £30 Red dragon large frag £20 Various frags of green and red mon ... 29/01/22
2. Coral frags : I have a few frags for sale or swaps Red montipora various sizes £4-£8 Green montiopora £4 Hirsuta £5 Setosa £5 26/01/22
3. Zoas lps and sps frags derby : Hi This is what I've got available at the moment collection only from Derby drop me a message if your interested on WhatsApp 07393974176 cheers 25/01/22
4. Sps corals Wiltshire : As per pic, various chunks available after a tidy up Collection only BA14 Also some live rock From a pest free mature tank 25/01/22
5. Black diamond stingrays : I have a male and female pure BD pup, both eating finely chopped prawns, tilapia and hikari massivore sinking pellets.Please do email me at janekaint@gmail.com if you can't get me ... 25/01/22
6. Adorable Seahorse for sale : Am having a pair(male and female) of healthy seahorse for sale.Got tank set up and would be ready to sell everything if someone is interested. Email me at tracybeaker415@gmail.com 25/01/22
7. SEAHORSES WANTED : seahorses wanted, ideally a breeding pair if not at least a sexed pair, thanks in advance 24/01/22
8. Powder blue tangs : Powder blue tangs available 2 x medium £45 each 1 x small £40 Currently living as a group getting on 23/01/22
9. Green star polyps (GSP) : Green star polyps Having a thin out as growing insanely. Glows great under blues. Donation to charity Is all I’m asking. Large or small pieces available. 23/01/22
10. Sps corals Wiltshire : As per pic, various chunks available after a tidy up Collection only BA14 Also some live rock From a pest free mature tank 23/01/22
11. Marine Fish & Inverts Books : A large range of books for sale : (1) Reef Secrets: Starting Right, Selecting Fishes and Invertebrates, Advanced Biotope Techniques Softcover – 15 Aug. 2003 (2) Basslets, Dotty ... 21/01/22
12. LIVE ROCK FOR SALE : 10kg of live rock £10 must go Please text Paul on 07487 681660 Collection only from Chesterfield 1 mile from jct 29 M1 , Derbyshire 17/01/22
13. Anemone : Wanted large anemone what ever is for sale not bothered about the species. Lancashire if possible for pick up 17/01/22
14. Marine fish for sale : I have a blue spot tang £40, purple trigger £45 and large snowflake eel £50. Need to find bigger homes for these beautiful fish. 16/01/22
15. maroon clowns : hi i have a breeding pair of maroon clowns for sale the female is about 3.5 inches they have breed twice in my tank but i dont have room for any more they feed well on pellet flake ... 16/01/22
16. Sohal tang / collare butterfly fish Sold… : Hi Selling lovely nice and healthy stock.eat almost everything. Collection from east London. Very bright colour. Sohal tang 5" plus. Fat chunky £145 Blonde lipstick tang 6 ... 15/01/22
17. Clown tang/vampire tang Sold….. : Hi Selling lovely tangs nice and healthy fat colour full fish Powder blue tang 4” inches £65 sold… Clown tang 4” inches plus £60 Vampire tang 5” inches plus £90 s ... 15/01/22
18. Emperor angel large/ valimigi tang sold.. : Selling marine live stock. All fish are nice and healthy. Emperor angel adult £125 Sold.. Emperor angel juvenile £ 90 large Regal tang £55 Red fairy basslet £25 few rem ... 15/01/22
19. Closing down my 10 year marine tank due to divorce : Hi due to family separation i sadly dont have time to look after my aquarium any more, so I have for sale all of my livestock and rock with some soft corals on them, just some of ... 14/01/22
20. Elephants ear : For sale is my elephant's ear which is about 24inches in diameter outgrown my tank. 13/01/22
21. Toadstool Leather coral : Leather coral @ £40 I have for sale this amazing soft coral - pickup only from Brighton. attached to a nice piece of live rock about 5-6 inch in size. 12/01/22
22. anemones and nice leather coral : 10x nem's for sale £20 each pink tip Orange with green base tri colour bubble tips they have come from my mother nem I've had for around 8 years. Also a 9ish inch bit of leath ... 10/01/22
23. Clownfish : Hi I'm looking for a pair of common clown fish in Hertfordshire area 10/01/22
24. Sea Hare for sale : I have a Sea Hare that I no longer need. Looking to rehome it. It is fantasic at cleaning up the algae. If anyobody would like it let me know. Looking to sell it for around £5. 09/01/22
25. Picasso trigger fish Marine fish stunning : £35 stunning colour around 3 inches collection Rotherham 05/01/22
26. Reef octo 110s skimmer 2 weeks old : Reef octo 110s. Sat in my sump for 2 weeks while tank cycling. Changed skimmer to match my reactor so this isnt needed. Comes with original box. £150 ovno inc postage 05/01/22
27. Clownfish different designs : For more information please please contact me on WhatsApp 07450050505 03/01/22
28. 400 litre mature marine aquarium complete set up for sale : Clear Aquatics 400 litre tank in black cabinet including - octopus skimmer - razor 320w LED light system - circa 15 kilo live rock - massive leather coral - smaller leather ... 03/01/22
29. 5" clown trigger : 5" clown trigger for sale £60. Been in my tank for about 9 months, also 6" stars and stripes puffer £50. 02/01/22
30. Large marine fish : Large regal tang Very large naso tang , blind in one eye but does not effect him at all Large fox face Large bird mouth wrasse Large Luna wrasse Yellow wrasse Royal gramma ... 01/01/22
31. Kingi Angel Very Rare Fish £5000 : Kingi Angel (Apolemichthys kingi) Very Rare and Healthy, eats anything. Selling due to tank shutdown. The Kingi Angel fish (Apolemichthys kingi) also know as Tigar Angelfish ... 01/01/22
32. Live rock : Hi.here I have in total 90kg live rock.£4.50kg, or can do a deal for the lot?cheers. Bodie 07702911137.. 31/12/21
33. Lionfish stunning volitons : Just under 4 inch, stunning marine aquarium fish...very healthy eating £38 31/12/21
34. For sale Mystery Wrasse £150 ono - Bristol : Mystery Wrasse for sale aprox 3" In tip top condition. Had to remove from main tank as tank was to small (30g) so currently housed in spare tank for past couple of months. ... 31/12/21
35. Extra large corals wanted : Hi please contact me if you have any extra large corals hard or soft you wish to sell or get rid of I have a 10ft reef tank with plenty of space Nick 07958006747 30/12/21
36. Looking for a pair of clowns : Looking to buy a pair of healthy clown fish near london, don’t want £45 pair that are tank bred and one inch in size. 30/12/21
37. Loads of corals, evthing must go. Closing tank down. GU14, Farnborough : Last few weeks of closing down 1200 ltr mixed reef tank. Quality regular ICP tested system with T5 hybrid and GHL Mitras lighting Zoas, monti plate, cyphastraes, galaxae, yellow ... 12/12/21
38. Tank bred red bubble tip anemone : Tank bred medium sized red bubble tip anemone for sale.Has been happily hosting a clownfish for over a year. £25 buyer to collect from Norfolk/Suffolk border. 12/12/21
39. Bubble tip anemone : Hi I have a large pink bubble tip anemone for sale £50 Cal for info Stephen on 07501979433 12/12/21
40. Groupers : Looking any groupers for sale to add to my predator tank. Must be around 5-7 inches in size. Any considered and willing to travel. Thank you 11/12/21
41. Berghia nudibranches for sale : Home grown large Aptasia eating Berghia nudibranches, reef safe and rock acclimatised. £10 each minimum order 3. £11.50 for guaranteed next delivery. 10/12/21
42. Bubble tip anemone : Hi I have a large pink bubble tip anemone for sale £50 Cal for info Stephen on 07501979433 10/12/21
43. Bubble tip anemone : Hi I have a large pink bubble tip anemone for sale £50 Cal for info Stephen on 07501979433 09/12/21
44. rock flower nems : looking to buy some ultra rock flower nems if anyone has any for sale 09/12/21
45. Black Ice Clownfish. for sale £35 Each : I have 7 Black Ice Clownfish for sale, had a clownfish harem with 30 black ice, unfortunately 3 year old grandson turned pumps off, had ammonia spike lost all but 9 keeping 2. £ ... 08/12/21
46. Bubble tip anemone : Hi I have a large pink bubble tip anemone for sale £50 Cal for info Stephen on 07501979433 08/12/21
47. Bubble tip anemone : Hi I have a large pink bubble tip anemone for sale £50 Cal for info Stephen on 07501979433 07/12/21
48. Xenia for sale : I have a xenia colony on live rock approx 3x3 inchs fOR sale. £30 .Please note this is not a frag. Would consider swap for other corals especially zoas 01/12/21
49. Evolution Aqua 1200s pro reef tank complete set up £3500 : Evolution Aqua Reefpro 1200s 4ft tank (approx 450ltr including sump) with black gloss cabinet and sump tank. Complete set up for sale and all extras. Fully established successful t ... 29/11/21
50. Coral frags : *HAMMER* Gold single £35 double£55 Green and yellow double £55 Yellow single £40 *FROGSPAWN* Green single £35 double £55 Green/blue single £40 double £65 Rose g ... 27/11/21
51. Kuda seahorses : Absolutely stunning captive bread 2 x male kuda seahorses born on 3/8/21 Fully weaned onto frozen as well as occasional live treat ready now for new homes £55 each or both for ... 27/11/21
52. Two Large Kenya Trees on Old Live Rock : Starting to break down established marine tank. Two large Kenya trees about 20cm tall each on its own piece of old live rock. - £30 for both. Collection from SO53 postcode. 26/11/21
53. Yellow tang £170 : Selling my well established wild caught yellow tang for £170. Collection from Exeter. Message if interested or more details 20/11/21
54. Marine saltwater fish tank breakdown - East London E14 : Downsizing our tanks so we have lots of fish for sale: Peacock wrasse pair male 3/3.5” female 3” £100 Ornate wrasse 3” £35 Koi fairy 4” £45 Exquisite wrasse 3” ... 19/11/21
55. Large center piece of live rock covered in Green Star Polyps : Large piece of live rock with tunnel covered in Green Star Polyps for sale. Also has some zoas on the top. I grafted the green star polyps onto the rocks years ago, and they ha ... 18/11/21
56. Live rock : Loads of mature live rock with Coraline all over it lots of different sizes and shapes £20 for three pieces doesn’t matter what sizes or make me an offer on the whole thing will ... 16/11/21
57. Tank shut down : Collect only High Wycombe HP11 Trio Wide Bar Gladiator Clownfish £125 Purple Tang £100 SOLD Chalk Goby £20 SOLD Tangerine SwissGaurd Basslet £75 SOLD Peacocks W ... 15/11/21
58. Yellow tang for sale : 3 year old yellow tang for sale £300 13/11/21
59. Sea Anemones : Hi all. I have 8 red bubble tip anemones. They're on 3 small pieces of live rock. All healthy and came from my Redseamax S650. In an aquamedic cube for 6 months. Asking £80 on ... 13/11/21
60. Fox Face/Rabbit Fish 23cm/9 Inch in Size £47 : Fox Face Marine Fish For Sale 9" Inch (23cm) in size Fox Face and Rabbit Fish are peaceful,colorful fish that love to eat algae. Ideal saltwater fish, bold, hardy, easy to f ... 09/11/21
61. Parrot Multicolored Wrasse £37 : Large Marine Parrot Wrasse. The beautiful multicolored Wrasse is from a family of labridae of marine fish, many of which are brightly colored. £37 Collection Only Please 07931 ... 09/11/21
62. Corals/Toad Mushroom Stools Large £49 : Two Large/Mature Toadstool Mushroom Leather Corals. The toadstool Coral is a perfect beginners coral for saltwater aquariums. They are soft corals and require conditions typical f ... 09/11/21
63. 5" Velvet Damsel for sale : My 3 year old damsel is looking for a new home. I've had him since he was a £2 coin size. Going to slowly close my tank down. He is huge and quiet shy so he hasn't ever shown any ... 07/11/21
64. 5x2x2 Marine aquarium for sale, with fish and equipment : Hii have a 5ft x 2ft x 2ft marine aquarium with stand,sump, quarantine tank, tank is very well made a a lovely tank sump comes complete with all equipment with a good skimmer and a ... 02/11/21
65. Marine tank & set up : 55 liter fish tank with v2 ilumenair compact light,wave maker, fluval exteral filter. Approximately 10kg of live rock x2 clown fish x1 Blue chromis Msg me for more informatio ... 02/11/21
66. CLOWNFISH : FOR SALE 1 Breeding pair of Darwin Clowns £120 Juveniles... 1 pair of Platinums £40 1 pair of Naked Clowns(white stripe on eye)£30 1 pai ... 28/10/21
67. Marine Fish in Cleair Oak Wood Marine/Tropical Tank 335 Litres £720 : Marine Cleair Oak Wood Tank For Sale - Complete Marine Set Up 335 Litres, Bow Front, cupboards and storage Included In Sale: . Skimmer (V2 Pro 450) . Powerheads x 2 . UV Steri ... 26/10/21
68. Emperor angel bristletooth tang clarki clown regal tang : Emperor adult form 5 inch £90 Clarki clown 4 inch £30 Bristletooth tang 5 inch £30 7/8 inch regal tang £60 Collection Leigh on sea essex 24/10/21
69. Hammer, Torch, Trumpet and Galaxea frags : I have a selection of LPS and SPS ready for collection from Hemel Hempstead. Bright green Hammers 3-4 heads £30 Black Torch with white tips 3-4 heads £10 per head Flouro ... 24/10/21
70. Pisto shrimp for sale £20 : Shrimp eating very well and very active 23/10/21
71. Neon Green Bubble Tip Anemone : This is a Neon Green Bubble Tip Anemone. It is in very good. It is approximately 3-4inches when closed and 7-8 inches when open. It has a beautiful Pink fluorescent foot. ... 22/10/21
72. Fluro Green Bubble Tip Anemone : This is a Neon Green Bubble Tip Anemone. It is in very good. Please feel free to come and have a look. You will not be disappointed. Grab yourself a bargain. Thanks for ... 20/10/21
73. Sps frags : I've got some sps frags to move on. Was going mixed reef but changed my mind. £10 each collection Derby 19/10/21
74. 50kg Mature live rock from live system : 50kg excess live rock from closed system, with no disease, aiptasia or nuisance algae, kept in running salt water. £3.00 per kg or £100 for all, collection only from Daventry NN1 ... 15/10/21
75. Fish and Corals for sale : Having to sale corals due to running costs. Large amount of leather corals on live rock. Pyjama cardinal and 2 Yellow tailed damsels 15/10/21
76. Dwarf Fuzzy Lionfish for sale £40 : I am selling this 1 year old 2 inch Dwarf Fuzzy Lionfish. This is Marine, Salt Water Fish. He is a predatory, carnivorous fish. He is very healthy, active and eats frozen food i. ... 11/10/21
77. WANTED BTA Sunburst Anemone : I'm looking for someone in the UK who is selling some Sunburst Bubble tip Anemones. Cash waiting!! 11/10/21
78. Dogface puffer : Nice looking dogface puffer for sale Good eater and healthy approx 5 inches Sensible offers considered 10/10/21
79. Fish and Corals for sale : Having to sale corals due to running costs. Large amount of leather corals on live rock. Pyjama cardinal and 2 Yellow tailed damsels Buy Collection Only Please 10/10/21
80. Hippocampus reidi seahorses. : ALL SOLD - NEXT BATCH AVAILABLE IN 3 - 6 MONTHS !! We are pleased to say that we have a few H.reidi midnight (black with silver spots and saddles) ready right now @ £120.00 eac ... 09/10/21
81. WANTED - Zebra Moral Eel : I am looking for a small - medium sized Zebra Moray Eel. There are a couple of local LFS that have large Moray Eels available but I am after one under 1 foot in length if possi ... 08/10/21
82. Wanted : I am looking for a pair of blue mandarin, I am in the Manchester area but can travel a little further if anyone has a pair. Please email me. 29/09/21
83. Rock : I have 20 kilos of rock for sale, must go to a fish only system as it has had a trace of copper in the tank £90 29/09/21
84. Marine tank equipment : I have broken down my tank and have the following equipment for sale:- Bubble Magnus Curve 5 protein skimmer 8 months old £65 Aqua digital heater with various heat settings ... 27/09/21
85. WANTED...books on Corals, Reef Fish etc : Looking to get back into the craft and want to get my hands on some good reading... a lot of the books are out of print and fetching serious money..Happy also to borrow with deposi ... 27/09/21
86. Fairly Large Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish £20 : Approx 3-4 inch fuzzy dwarf lionfish, Also kept with smaller fish such as clown gobies and has not bothered them. But does eat live small river shrimp and mysis. Feeding well on fr ... 23/09/21
87. A pair of clownfish and lawnmower blenny : All have been in my tank for at least 11 months. Feeding well, blenny usually grazes on a seaweed (included in the sale) and clowns on marine flakes and frozen foods (included in t ... 23/09/21
88. Seahorse trio £100 : Kuda seahorse trio, I believe they are Kuda. Feeding well on frozen mysis and brine shrimp but also likes a live feed treat every now and then. Reason for selling is I want to upgr ... 22/09/21
89. Reef equipment various items WEST LONDON : Hi I have recently shutdown my reef aquarium and have various equipment to sell they are as follows: 1 x fluval sea marine light - £100 2 x Keelo kessil LED lights with new k ... 21/09/21
90. Marine fish and aquarium for sale : i have a 3foot marine aquarium complete setup with fish, sale due to serious injury and unable to look after them. i have 4xclown, 1xafrican angel, 1x Picasso trigger fish, 1x larg ... 20/09/21
91. Marine Fish for sale 1 x Foxface Rabbit fish and 1 x Regal Tang : Hi I have 2 healthy marine Foxface Rabbit fish 5-6 inches a Regal Tang 4-5 inches. Both are getting too big for my 255 litre tank, these fish need a larger home, I am sad to see th ... 20/09/21
92. Large Yellow Tang, Flame Angel and Wrasse : Yellow Tang, Flame angel And Male Halichoeres biocellatus Wrasse. Drastically over stocked so rehoming some of my beautiful fish. Yellow Tang 5/6 inch £200 Flame Angel ... 19/09/21
93. French angelfish £255. Adult size 6+ inches : French angelfish 6+ inches size. Had about 1 year in my shop Eats everything, included pellets, nori, frozen. No offers. Cash only. Collection only. 18/09/21
94. Red Dragon Pump 12 m3. £700. : Red dragon pumps are widely regarded as THE BEST aquarium pump due to reliability,silent,energy efficient,long lasting and they can be used for salt water marine aquarium INTERNALL ... 17/09/21
95. Marine fish & Corals in Full marine set up £1000 : Large cataphylia coral hammer corals acans some nice sps coral Regal tang convict tang sailfin tang 4 clowns 2 anemone 2 emperor cardinals algae blenny 460ltr marine aquarium ... 15/09/21
96. 5FT RENA REEF SYSTEM BREAKDOWN INC LIVE STOCK - £900 ONO : Fish: 1x bristle tooth tang 1x purple tang 1x foxface rabbitfish 2x clownfish 2x anthias 3x blue/green chromis Corals: 1x large bubble coral 2x hammer corals 1x torch ... 14/09/21
97. Marine/ reef aquarium equipment ( West Sussex ) : Collection - Burgess Hill, West Sussex Open to sensible offers Red Sea Reefer Skimmer 300 3 x XR15 Gen 4 Pro 3 x XR15 bracket 3 x XR15 diffuser Tunze nano Ato Elit ... 13/09/21
98. Cleaner shrimp x 2 Pristine condition : I have 2 cleaner shrimp for sale In superb health Approx body Length 2” Reason for sale they give my seahorses a rough time so need to go. £12 each or £20 for the pair Wi ... 12/09/21
99. Marine/ reef aquarium equipment ( West Sussex ) : Collection - Burgess Hill, West Sussex Open to sensible offers Red Sea Reefer Skimmer 300 3 x XR15 Gen 4 Pro 3 x XR15 bracket 3 x XR15 diffuser Tunze nano Ato Elit ... 12/09/21
100. Tank closure : Melanurus wrasse large 40 Yellow eye kole tang 50 Clown fish 10 Cleaner wrasse 20 6 line wrasse 10 3 white damsels 15 11/09/21

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