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1Fish boxes free to collect. :Hi Large fish boxes 6 remaining. Free to collect from Worthing. Ideal for transporting fish or temporary holding facility whilst engaged in ...26/05/24
2Synodontis petricola :F1 synodontis petricola born in my Frontosa tank over a number of years. Hence various sizes. All £5 each.No offers.Parents can be seen. A ...26/05/24
3Armatus payara for sale :14” armatus for sale solid feeder growing like a weed £400 what’s app message for feeding vids etc26/05/24
4Chilli red arrow :18-20” chilli red arrow for sale eats anything £50026/05/24
5Snow ball pleco :Fully grown snow ball pleco not sure on sex around 5” and 3 years old £2526/05/24
6Sterbais corydoras £6 each of 4 for £20 :I currently have 10+ sterbais for sale that will be ready in the end of June. Please message me if interested or to see pictures20/05/24
7Orange Venezuelan Corydoras £6 each or 4 for £20 :I have 8+ homebred orange Venezuelan Corydoras ready to go at the end of June. Please message me if interested and for pictures.20/05/24
8Complete Malawi setup for sale :Complete setup for sale: juwel 240l darkwood tank with matching cabinet. brand new twin t8 light unit New fish feeder 2 external filter ...19/05/24
9Large healthy Gold lazer cory £10 each :£10 each! Lovely fish13/05/24
10Spider Kelberi Gold Peacock Bass Planet Arowana :Some nice Kels available at size 4-5” Taking bookings now and arriving shortly All pellet trained & showing great colour. Pm ...12/05/24
11Datnoides Tiger Fish Planet Arowana :Some real stunning Dats available for the UK & Europe Market. I have available Mixed Bar Tigerfish 4 bar Tigerfish Fork Bar Tig ...12/05/24
12Peacock Bass FOGO. Cichla Marinae :Peacock bass “ Fogo” Cichla Marinae now available to reserve. This is by far one of the most attractive & rarest peacock bass ou ...12/05/24
13Erystic Red Florida Garfish Planet Arowana :Very Rare opportunity to get Red Florida Gar these are absolutely stunning. I only know of one breeder who has these is Asia and very lim ...12/05/24
14Platinum Red Tail Catfish Planet Arowana :Very rare opportunity to get these popular catfish. I have sourced 2 strains from 2 different breeders. 1st strain is a yellow body ...12/05/24
15Green laser Cory :Adult Green laser Cory 6 available 2years old £5010/05/24
16Large various Corys stunning Gold lazer :Large Cory's around 7-9 Cory's from panda, gold lazer, orange Venezuelan, albino longfin and a few more. All for a bargain £80!! Or large g ...08/05/24
17Absolute BARGAIN River Xingu royal pleco £100 :I paid over £200 but due to closing down before holiday will sell for £10008/05/24
18Super White Diamond Albino Stingrays Planet Arowana :Hi All Now taking reservations on some of my next stingray shipment now fully confirmed and will be in the UK shortly. Super White Di ...06/05/24
19Florida Garfish Planet Arowana :Stunning Florida Gars available. Garfish have been getting harder & harder to source due to the ban of keeping & breeding this fi ...06/05/24
20Ocean rock :Hi I have a large amount of ocean rocks been sitting in my garden for a few years will need a good rinse.£20.00can send photo as wouldn’t ...05/05/24
21Wanted Asterina starfish :Has anyone got any asterina starfish they are wanting to Get rid of or sell. I have a voracious harlequin Many thanks04/05/24
22Crazy Crossback Arowana Sale Planet Arowana :I have a Crazy Crossback offer , the breeding on Crossback Malaysian Golden has been very prolific this season so it enables me to offer the ...30/04/24
23PAIR OF KING SUPER RED SHORT BODY AROWANA :Very very “ RARE” opportunity to get a pair of King Super Red short body. King Arowana body shape is highly sought after in the Arowa ...30/04/24
24The Rarest Arowana In The World Albino Super Red Arowana :Planet Arowana is proud to present the opportunity to buy the rarest Asian Arowana in the World!!! Albino Super Red This strain of Alb ...30/04/24
25Endler guppies :Pure strain endler guppies Need to thin out. Male and female available Donation to charity is all I’m asking27/04/24
26KOI & MANY POND FISH FOR SALE :We are needing to close down the pond of many years. We have 5 very large Koi, Shubunkins and gold fish. Total fish amount to about 80. We ...23/04/24
27XANTHIC DATNOiDES TIGER FISH SUPER RARE :Super rare and rarely seen in the world is the Xanthic Tiger Fish. This fish i have never seen in person but I was taking photo & vid ...11/04/24
28Various Stingrays looking to clear all planet Arowana :Various stingrays available Albino Black Diamond white diamond Albino Pearl x Albino Black Diamond Black Diamond Leucistic Keys ...11/04/24
29Yellow blue eye Bristlenose short fin. £30 :Beautiful bright fully grown proven male. Has fathered many fry and is a good dad. I have 2 available, both same age. Eating a variety ...11/04/24
30L262 breeding pair. Proven. £80 :Beautiful healthy breeding pair of L262’s. Approx 2yrs old. Breed every 3-4 months. Eating a variety of foods. Downsizing tank numbe ...11/04/24
313 oscars , texas cichlid, jaguar cichlid :I have 2 black oscars aprox 8/9" & 7" 1 orange oscar aprox 6/7" Texas cichlid 5" Jaguar cichlid 5/6" Common ...04/04/24
32Aqua One 195 aquariums :I have two Aqua One 195 aquariums, both white previously used to bookend a cabinet Both have light units. Will sell separately for £300 e ...02/04/24
33Marine fishtank, complete setup :Marine fishtank, 5ft in length, it's around 240-250lts complete setup 150x45x40 , aqua one 1400lt filter pump, wave maker, protein skimmer, ...10/03/24
34L397 pleco’s 1” :Beautiful healthy L397’s. At 1” they are £15 Stunning young Plecs. Please contact me for photos and more details.09/03/24
35Large peacock eel £30 :I've had this for probably 10 years! So will need to know he's going to a good place before selling £3025/02/24
36Large spotted headstander £20 :Very big headstander! Lovely fish £2022/02/24
37Banana Yellow Albino Silver Arowana :Banana yellow Albino Silvers Available Stunning quality deep yellow colouration with red ring around each scale. Fully feeding on pell ...16/02/24
38PLANET AROWANA STOCKLIST 2024 :Planet Arowana stock-list Feb 2024 AROWANA'S Silver Arowana Leucistic Albino Silver Arowana black eye Banana Yellow Albino Silver ...16/02/24
39Super Red Asian Arowanas :I have available a number of juvenile /sub adults and adult Super Reds in stock. I have attached in this advert reds from size 15 cm and ...16/02/24
40Large selection of ocean rock :I have large selection of white ocean rock and other rocks in slightly different shades. All different sizes. Can be bought as a whole gro ...13/02/24
41L471 dwarf snowball Plecos. 1” 6 months old :Pure bred dwarf snowball Plecos. 4-6months old. 1” which is quite a good size being they are dwarf Plecos. If interested I can send phot ...11/02/24
42Aqua tropic 110 litre aquarium :Aqua tropic 110 litre aquarium. Just tank £4010/02/24
43Large diamond neon tetras £10 :7 large diamond neon tetras £10 comes with a strange rasbora who shoals with them aha09/02/24
44Super Rare Hybrid Parrot Fish Planet Arowana :Rare opportunity to own some of these very rare parrot fish. I have secured various types of rare parrot fish In our facility in Malaysia ...08/02/24
45 WANTED MONSTER FISH :I am on the lookout for large fish to add to my 1400L tank. Looking for things like Peacock Bass, Datnoids and things like that. If you ha ...07/02/24
46 WANTED LARGE AQUARIUM :I am looking for a large aquarium, must be 7ft length minimum and ideally 800L volume and above. I am based in West Sussex. Drop me a me ...07/02/24
477 inch dolphin fish morymrid :Large dolphin fish. Short faced elephantnose £4007/02/24
48Very Large male starlight pleco £40 :Extremely aggressive to other plecs but will probably be breed fairly easily if you have a female. £4007/02/24
49Selection of lovely Corys :£60 lots of different large Cory's all for £60. Including gold lazer, Albino longfin, panda and some other large species not sure if agazz ...07/02/24
50Large platinum royal plec £140 :£140 large platinum royal plec07/02/24
51Running tank :White plus RGB LED 7500k for fish and plants. 3 stage filtration for superior water quality, powerful, silent and efficient. Comes with flex ...29/01/24
52Wabenmusters pleco :2-3” Wabenmuster Plecos. The 3” I believe is male. Beautiful colour and patterns. Would make a good breeding group as 4 left. Fairly c ...24/01/24
53White Juwel Trigon 190L - Updated cabinet style :Selling my 190L trigon, downgrading to a smaller tank. Very little use, really good condition. No scratches on glass, no marks on cabinet. ...23/01/24
54 wanted Stendker Discus :****WANTED***** Looking for Stendker Discus ideally 10cm+ Im based in West Sussex Contact Garth or Instagram @fishguyaquatics 078830 ...22/01/24
55Platinum Red Tail Catfish Planet Arowana :Platinum Red Tail Catfish Available for Pre-Order arrival in February. Stunning colour and great sizes from 5-6” Please watsapp or c ...21/01/24
56Arowana Tanning Lights :Arowana Tanning Lights Available with 20% off Sizes 4 ft -5 ft -6 ft Colours Available Pure White Blue /White Mix Gold Red ...20/01/24
57Premium Indonesian Violet Fusion Super Red Arowana :Premium Super Red Arowana Available This fish is outstanding its colour is getting deeper each day . Imported from Indonesia hand sele ...20/01/24
58PLANET AROWANA PREMIUM AQUARIUMS - TROPICAL & MARINE TANKS :We are proud to Introduce our new bespoke Aquariums - Tropical & Marine Tanks Available These aquariums are fully bespoke and we h ...20/01/24
59Rare Hybrid Mammon Parrot Fish :Rare Mammon Hybrids Genes /red mammon/midas/parrot/texas in this batch Various stunning colours and all sub adult & adult sizes ...20/01/24
60Leucistic Albino Silver Arowana :Leucistic Albino Silver Arowana Available Stunning specimens and all have a real nice metallic shine some generating polkadot scale. F ...20/01/24
61Arapaima Gigas Planet Arowana Sold Out :Hi all stunning Arapaima Gigas they are stunning specimens and come complete with Full Cites document. The current size I have are 25 ...19/01/24
62Hemiarius Stormi Catfish :Hemiarius Stormi Catfish available in stock. Feeding well on Carnivore pellets , prawn & chopped mussel. These are a very active f ...19/01/24
63Extremely Rare PureBreed F1 Malaysian Golden BlueBase Crossback Arowana :Here is your chance to get a Super Rare PureBreed F1 Crossback. This is the First generation offspring from Wild Crossback which are exti ...19/01/24
64Mix of various hybrid parrot fish last 20 left from 500 :Hi i have a tank full of various parrot fish from 2-4” in size Genes are Kohaku parrot Kirin parrot x texas Kirin x kohaku Kirin ...19/01/24
65Albino Super Red Oscars :Stunning Super Red Oscars Great quality hand picked by myself from Asia full body colour Great size Super Reds 8-9” Pm ...19/01/24
66Fish for sale :Hi there I’m having to shut down my two large fish tanks. I have an Asian arowana, 5 Oscar’s and around 25 rare plecos. Some of which ar ...18/01/24
67500ml live phytoplankton £6 collection 7.50 posted :Enhance the health and vitality of your marine aquarium with this 500ml bottle of live marine phytoplankton. Sustainably harvested and packe ...07/01/24
681L rotifer £20 including postage or collection :1L of rotifer high density perfect for clownfish fry04/01/24
691L zooplankton mix copepods rotifer £22 including postage or collection :Copepods are the second largest source of protein in the oceans, second only to krill. They are the natural food of many fish in the oceans, ...04/01/24
706 inch Leopard Bush Fish - £15 :This predatory fish, with a large mouth, will eat any small fish in the tank. This fish should be kept with large community fish to avoid ...27/12/23
71500ml live copepods high density £12 including postage :Enhance the health and growth of your marine fish with this 1l Live Copepods. Specifically designed for corals, breeding, and marine fish, . ...24/12/23
72Tigrinus Catfish :Tigs Available in Stock Size 6-7” Feeding well on chopped mussel, prawn and Hikari carnivore pellets. Last few in stock now Ca ...23/12/23
73Fresh hatched brine shrimp £8 500ml including postage :This live fish food is perfect for a variety of fish species, including Gourami, Tropical Fish, Goldfish, and Marine Fish. The main ingredie ...20/12/23
74Tetraodon Schoutedeni Congo Puffer Fish :Tetraodon Schoutedeni Available These stunning puffers have been very popular , these are the last group I have from my last shipment &am ...09/12/23
751L live phytoplankton £12 collection £15 posted :1L live phytoplankton perfect for coral tanks07/12/23
761L copepods £20 postage included or collection :1L high density copepods perfect for fish and coral £2007/12/23
77Red Sea e260 with sump :Red Sea e260 with sump in white and all pipe work, tank is in a stage condition with a few scratch’s to the glass although most can’t be ...27/11/23
78Rehome any unwanted marine fish :I have plenty of space for any unwanted marine fish I have a good knowledge on keeping marine22/11/23
79Rehome any unwanted tropical :I have a large amount of tanks and a passion for fish keeping any unwanted tropical I will happily rehome22/11/23
80Freshwater Barramundi Lates Calcafer :Freshwater Barramundi in stock limited amount available and selling fast . 4 “size /feeding on frozen bloodworm fully freshwater ...12/11/23
814ft Aquarium setup :0 SeaBray Elite 48" x 18" x 24” Aquarium & Cabinet - Vintage Oak Fluvial aquasky light Ocean free hydra 1500 external filter 18 mont ...05/11/23
82Euyphillia Hammer frogspawn :Two /three headed corals different types and colours Bargain prices as I need space £20.00 for two head !! That's a bargain just need cle ...01/11/23
83Goliath African Tigerfish :Goliath in stock 4 left 5.5 @ 7” in stock Great size feeding well please pm for details Thank you Planet Arowana29/10/23
84Wanted discus angel fish ciclids :Any angels ciclids ciclids discus large predator fish Home available for free Thankyou21/10/23
85Wanted Malawi for free :Can take unwanted Malawi for free good home ready Thankyou in advance21/10/23
86Wanted rehoming pond fish :Wanted pond fish for my pond free Thankyou in advance21/10/23
87Rarest Arowana In The World Available Pre-Order Albino Super Red :I have been offered a very Rare Albino Super Red Arowana from my team in Asia. This is by far the rarest Arowana in the world , I have no ...14/10/23
88Golden Yellow Tiger Parrot Fish….. all Sold out now :Sold out Rare parrot not easily found i have 7 left from this import. Stunning colour & markings. Feeding on pellets and frozen bl ...14/10/23
894 foot african peacock tank STUNNING FISH :Comes with 2 fluval filters 406 and 407 LED lighting, x2 400watt heaters cabinet everything you need ready to go. Come with 16 Peacocks ...10/10/23
9016 Peacock Aulonocara in 4 foot african tank STUNNING FISH :Come with 16 Peacocks ranging from adult size to 4 inches long. Comes with 2 fluval filters 406 and 407 LED lighting, x2 400watt heaters c ...10/10/23
91Closing down pond :Hello, I have a pond which has been established for over 20 years. Sadly I now have to close it down due to illhealth. We have about 80 fis ...10/10/23
92Sold ND Aquatics 7x2x2 aquarium Ash White :I’m shutting down my 7x2x2 tank from ND Aquatics Used in a bare bottom setup to house my L-Number Plecs. Shutting down as I’m sell ...08/10/23
93Very Rare KING AROWANA 24k GOLD CROSBACK SOLD SOLD SOLD :NOW SOLD. Available and in stock now I have a Beautiful KING AROWANA This is Malaysian Golden KING CROSSBACK VERY RARELY SEEN. I fo ...07/10/23
94cuba gar 19 inch :have 19 inch cuban gar located in brighton , £250 collection only whatsapp me any questions 0786092854603/10/23
9518 decent size Lava Rock pieces :18 pieces of medium to large size lava rock. £45 the lot ono. Collection only from Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9JT. Chris 0785084 ...01/10/23
96Ecotech RMS arms Xr15 gen5/6 :I have 4 XR15 arms with mounts in original boxes. £190 for all 4. Or £50 each. Grab a good deal. Normally £100 each. In great conditi ...26/09/23
97Marine Aquarium 5x2x2 with cabinet, Hood and Sump :Marine tank. 600L. With sump, triple rear box down pipes, central weir, sump, ato compartment of 80l, 19mm glass, pelmet, steel framed cab ...26/09/23
98FX5 Fluval external filter £75 :Fluval FX5 for sale In working order and only just removed from my 7foot aquarium. The original FX filter in the series. All original par ...22/09/23
99All pond solutions external canister filter EFX 2000 :Used All pons Solutions EFX 2000 external filter For tanks up to 1000L Product Specifications Suitable for Tanks up to 1000 Litres F ...19/09/23
1006ft Rainbowfish setup for sale £650 :I am reluctantly selling my stunning planted 6ft tank with 4ft sump which currently holds rainbowfish and torpedo barbs. The tank has a 4ft ...30/08/23
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