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111 Metriaclima sp. msobo Approx 3 cm :11 Metriaclima sp. "msobo" (Magunga) Babies,approx 3/4 months old approx 3cm and growing well.Bred from f1 stock from Mikes Rifts ...28/02/21
2Red Cherry Shrimp :Red Cherry Shrimp. £1 each deals on multiple purchases.Approx 2cm just starting to get their colour,Collection only,London se2 0xl..28/02/21
3CW028 Super Schwartzi :I have a group of 9 CW028 Super Schwartzi Corydoras all Adults , not sure on the sex ratio . £225 will split if required Based in West Lon ...28/02/21
4Rainbows Fish :I have a Group of Parksoni and Mcculloch Rainbows around 15 to 16 in total. All just over the 2 inch mark £4 each all 15 / 16 for £45 ...28/02/21
5AQUA ONE BETTA TRIO TANK :I have a AQUA ONE betta trio tank (second hand ) in very good condition. £75 O.V.N.O BASED IN West London.28/02/21
6Super Red long fin Bristlenose :Longfin Super Red Bristlenose Ancistrus 3-3 half cm £10 each posting now is available The Bristlenose can be the ideal plec for the comm ...28/02/21
7Pleco :I have several young Plecos my Male Snow White bred with a female super red long fin and had about 50 fry the dark ones up for sale at £3 e ...28/02/21
8Large Datnoid :This is a big deep bodied fish- Around 17 inch in length and few inches wide. Feeds on frozen prawns, mussles etc. Lives with Arowana, dats ...28/02/21
9Tank for sale :Tank for sale 960x500x350 180 litres cabinet heater, sponge filter, external filter aqua one aquis 750 series 2 all for £120 ring 077901071 ...27/02/21
10myleus blackberry :Looking for some Myleus Blackberry. Can pay cash and collect, tank waiting. Thanks.27/02/21
11,kessil lights and brackets :2 kessil a360we tuna blue lights,in perfect condition £170 each 1 kessil a350w tuna blue in perfect condition ,comes with goose neck tank ...27/02/21
12deltec,kalk stirrer,1660 dc skimmer :deltec km 500s kalkwasser stirrer £95 ono deltec 1660 dc skimmer with manual cleaning head £85 ono collection only please27/02/21
13red bubbletip anemones :red bubbletip anemones for sale ,really nice red colour with green centres £20 each,i have around 20 to choose from,change of plan for tank ...27/02/21
14Two Silver Arowana :2 Sliver arowana fishes around 16inch long, in a perfect health condition and has been feeding on prawns mussels & floating pellets. It ...26/02/21
15Red Sea Reefer 250 Black :Hi I’m looking for a Red Sea reefer 250 black with 2 Red Sea reef led 90.26/02/21
16Bulgarian seal point angel fish,spawning pairs available :Stunning fish and very rare,confirmed breeding pair with fry,no timewasters26/02/21
173x2x2 tank :Selling a 3x2x2 glass aquarium. Friend made it for me a few years back. Was used as a grooming tank for arowanas. It is drilled in the to ...25/02/21
18Green terror :Hi I have a beautiful green terror for sale its around 4inches, unfortunately it is not getting along with my other cichlids. Reluctant ...25/02/21
19Aqua oak :Aqua oak aquarium 100cmx 50cmx40cm lenghxheight x depth 200 litres comes with fluval filter 406 still over a year warranty, plants in pots, ...25/02/21
20Purple tang, Clown tang sale, Atlantic blue tang :Hi Nice and fat healthy fishes are sale.. Purple tang size 5" Clown tang size 6" plus Emperor angel adult colour 5" plus ...25/02/21
21SOLD, Nichols Mouthbrooder, :ALL SOLD, NEXT BATCH AVAILABLE IN AUG 2021. Breeding groups of Pseudocrenilabrus Nicholsi cichlids for sale (1 male and 3 females) £50 or ...25/02/21
22ADA cube garden aquarium with Aquasky 602 LED lighting and Metalic ADA stand :ADA cube garden aquarium with Aquasky 602 LED lighting and Metalic ADA stand Excellent set up for planted tank enthusiast. The aquariu ...25/02/21
23Ceramic Caves :I Have a few Cermaic caves for sale. 2 for £9 or £5 each. based in West London.24/02/21
24Plutnum redtail catfish 28-29inch :Platinum redtail catfish 28-29inch large and bulky in perfect conditions £500. Swap for Datnioides tiger fish or cash. Videos and photos ...23/02/21
25Red Bubble Tip Anemone :Hi, I have several for collection from central London. Please send me a message on whatsapp for pictures. £20 each. Thanks22/02/21
266 x Altum Angels :Cash and collection only from London E1. Well settled, had these from around 50p size and now grown a lot in a year. Around 6 to 7 inch in h ...20/02/21
27Plants :Anubis’s in pot £10 each 2 left Ring 0779010717420/02/21
28X5 Sumatra supreme full colour datanoids 4bar :Quick sale.... 5 Sumatra supreme full colour datanoids 4bars for sale. Healthy, beautiful fish, eating well. About 2inches in size. If inter ...19/02/21
29Bulgarian seal point angel fish,spawning pairs available :Stunning green seal points,message for price,pick up LondonfISH HAVE NOW PAIRED UP AND SPAWNING19/02/21
30WANTED - Malawi Demasoni :thinking of getting 6 - 10 demasoni. preferably not fully grown for integration.19/02/21
31WANTED - Malawi Yellow Labs :Want 6 - 10 yellow labs in london area. Preferably not fully grown to ease the integration19/02/21
323 XXXL pieces of Mopani Bogwood with live moss :I have for sale a beautiful one off centre piece with live moss. It comes in three parts. Piece 1 - £55 Piece 2 - £95 Piece 3 - £55 ...19/02/21
332 Calico Broadtail Telescope Moor Fancy Goldfish :I have 2 special fish here. -Calico Broadtail Telescope Moors Very high-quality. Male and Female. These are not adults yet and have more gr ...19/02/21
342 Large Ryukin High Grade Fancy Goldfish :PLEASE READ THIS ADVERT IN FULL. I have 2 special fish here. -Copper and RedCap Ryukin. Nice Ryukin body shape and formation. The f ...19/02/21
35Frontosa Blue Zambia :Frontosa blue Zambia wild-caught group of 8 Adults for SALE. 5 females 3 Males Sizes: 12-20cm+ (Males are slightly bigger than the ...16/02/21
3620 inches Piraiba capapretum catfish :Rare monster piraiba capapretum, catfish,20" and growing fast, eat's white baits, mussels, prawn.tank mate includ clown loches, panguses,bar ...16/02/21
37Evolution Aqua K1 Micro 25 litres :Genuine Evolution Aqua K1. Only used for 3 months and selling due to change of plans. Cash and collection only from London E116/02/21
38Eques Adult Corydoras :I have a Group of 6 Eques Adult Corydoras £120 for the group or £22.50 each . Based in West London15/02/21
39Ceramic Caves :I Have a few Cermaic caves for sale. 2 for £9 or £5 each. Posting Available £3.20 based in West London.14/02/21
40Large and Medium discus :1 large red jaguar/moonstone red discus-5 inches 1 Yellow crystal 4 inches 1 6.5 inches blue All for a sensible offer14/02/21
41Looking for CW111 Corydoras :Looking for CW111 Corydoras and Gold laser Corydoras for sale, pm if anyone has it14/02/21
42DONATING 3FT HONEYCOMB MORAY EEL collection only :*COLLECTION FRM WEST LONDON* Hi I have a 3ft near 4 ft honey comb moray eel for DONATION show piece condition and really healthy , eats ...14/02/21
43Albino Longfin Pleco, Catfish, Suckerfish :Got various colours of guppies available.Various price ranges depending on the quality of the fish colour and finnage. I've got vaious col ...13/02/21
44Fish Tank Starter Tank :Selling second hand fish tanks (various sizes) with everything you need to start a tropical aquarium. Tank, heater, filter, food, plants ...13/02/21
45Albino Convicts :About 2cm Will sell for £3 each Based in E17 Got various colours of guppies available.Various price ranges depending on the qualit ...13/02/21
46Lyretail Mollies, Molly Platy :Got various colours of guppies available.Various price ranges depending on the quality of the fish colour and finnage. I've got vaious col ...13/02/21
47Red Rams Horn Aquarium Snails :10 for £1. Medium size Based in E17. Follow me on instagram Aquatank.London to see what other aquarium fish I have and to get 10% discou ...13/02/21
48Uaru Fernandezyepezi sale :I have 7 Panda Uaru that I am looking to sell, wild caught. I will only sell as group of all 7 or as two groups of 3 and 4 fish. Price for 7 ...11/02/21
49Uaru Fernandezyepezi sale :I have 7 Panda Uaru that I am looking to sell, wild caught. I will only sell as group of all 7 or as two groups of 3 and 4 fish. Price for 7 ...11/02/21
50Golden Dorado Wanted :After golden dorado must be 10” or above cash waiting will travel for the right fish.10/02/21
51Armatus payara :Armatus payara wanted cash waiting must be 10” or above will travel for right fish10/02/21
52WILD Tropheus kasanga red rainbow SOLD :I have these cca 18 adult wild tropheus kasanga purchased few years ago from Mike's rift and need to go. I change hobby to discus fish. Th ...10/02/21
53Extra large Beautifull Breeding pair Black Angel fish :I can sell my breeding pair black Angel fish. They are breeding every 2 weeks. Asking £6009/02/21
54Uaru :Anyone got some nice uaru's for sale Bigger the better 6inch plus After 3 if possible Cheers Daniel Call me or wattsapp08/02/21
55Unusual catfish wated :As above, after hard to get catfish or other interesting species. London area preferred but can travel (after lockdown). please text 07968 ...07/02/21
56Coral beauty , goldrim tang sale.. :Hello Goldrim tang, mustard tang, regal blue(tank bread) oriental swertlips,coral beauty. All fine nice and healthy... Please what's app ...06/02/21
57Red fire fish sale... :Nice and healthy group fire fish available Call for more information. Collection from east London E14 Call or what's app text only Th ...06/02/21
58Powder blue tangs , brown salfin tang. :Hi selling my Few lovely marine fish. Nice and healthy. * powder blue tang £85 large * blue gold trigger £58 stunning colour. Sold ...06/02/21
59Wanted - female opthalmotilapia ventralis :Need additional vent females for active male in small group. Text 07851902133 SE london04/02/21
60Ai prime hd x2 :I have 2 ai primes for sale 1 black and 1 white both come flexible tank mounts £270 for the pair or 145 each. Call on 0794358000803/02/21
61Various for sale :33 inch south American lungfish £80 16 inch Borneo python eel £100 10 inch Liberian eel £20 Collection London Sw601/02/21
62Fish Tank/Aquarium Racking Bay With 6x 3ft Tanks :Regrettably selling my tank racking system with tanks. These are very hard to come by and only selling due to the tank size required for the ...01/02/21
63Heros pair :Hi all I have two nice heros for sale as I want to change what I keep so would like to find a good home for the pair they have spawned once ...01/02/21
64Red devil cichlids fry for sale :I’ve got over 200 fry of red devil cichlids and want to sell them they’re about half a inch atm and month old getting fed well still wit ...01/02/21
65900 Lt Freshwater Tank and fish for sale. :Sadly due to moving, I have to sell my tank. I would like to sell all my fish together if possible as well. They have all lived in harmony w ...01/02/21
66Bangaii Cardinal - Gone :Bought 2 Bangaii’s as a pair at the weekend. Since they have been home, they seem to have divorced and one has been harassing the other re ...30/01/21
67Tigrinus Catfish :Looking for a tigrinus catfish. Will be going into a 1000litre plus setup. Can collect and pay cash. Thanks...30/01/21
68MAXSPECT RSX300 + ICV6 CONTROLLER :Maxspect RSX 300 LED Marine Reef Light + ICV6 Controller. Condition is “used” No damage all LED bulbs in working order. Normal wear and ...25/01/21
69Red tail catfish x tiger shovel nose hybrid (noth London) :Red tail catfish x tiger shovel nose hybrid RTC X TSN gorgeous fish with a huge personality I've had him since he was 1.5 inch. he is ...23/01/21
70False Yellow Jacket Cichlid - Parachromis motaguensis - Aprox 1.5inch :Aprox 1.5 inch. Aggressive Cichlid. Collection from London Islington. Parachromis motaguensis22/01/21
716 Clown loches :Clown loches for sale, 4x 5inch and 2x3inch. £100 for all 6 Clown loches. 07460466643.21/01/21
72SOLD Proven Pair Discus :Proven pair super red san merah good breeders and parents. I’m giving up breeding £225 Ono WhatsApp on 07943332798 Collect only Isling ...18/01/21
73SOLD Albino yellow crystal Discus :2x6 inch fish have laid eggs but unproven £75 each Collect from Islington London N12dr WhatsApp 0794333279818/01/21
74Tropheus ikola fry :Group of 12 tropheus ikola fry Price is for all 12 Price 180£ Location N22 8RG17/01/21
754 ft x 2 ft nd aquatic tank marine for sale needs to asap cheap to sell :II HAVE DECIDED TO REDUCE THE PRICE NEED GONE AFTER LOCK DOWN SEND EMAIL TO chef@tonypage.comSORRY IF I DIDNT CONTACT PEOPLE BUT I DIDNT KNO ...15/01/21
76Cyprichromis leptosoma :Cyprichromis leptosoma 3-4 inch   Males and females £20 each Collection only from Essex IG8  07947408950        ...15/01/21
77water pump fountain and LEDS lights systems :new in boxes never used, Water pump systems and underwater lights for fountain. NO PIPES ARE GONE asking 85£12/01/21
78Tropheus Bulu Point F1 :F1 Tropheus Bulu Point available from my wild caught group: Fish size ranges from 2 - 3 inches plus. Price 15 for £175 Or ...11/01/21
79Kamfa Flowerhorn AAA QUALITY :Got a really nice male fader kamfa flowerhorn available. Originally imported from Thailand from one of the best breeders. Hes about 8 inches ...09/01/21
80Tropheus Ikola :Tropheus ikola for sale. Group of 9 size 3-5 Cm. Group of 10 size 6cm to 10 cm. £200 for all 19 of them.08/01/21
81Peters Elephant Nose :5 inch Elephant Nose for sale to experienced aquarist. £30 S.W. London08/01/21
82Tropheus :20 Tropheus in total for sale Include - Orange Bemba , ikola, fire cracker , duboisi Ocean rock also for sale which fills a 240L tank ...08/01/21
83Tropheus Kiriza Gold (SOLD) :Tropheus Kiriza Gold approx 2.5” Have 5 available. £20 each. Collection only from Bethnal Green, E205/01/21
84Gold laser corydoras :I am looking for one or two females gold laser corydoras adults 0796091034305/01/21
85Reef float :Reef float water changer £100 Ono collect from Islington London watts app 0794333279805/01/21
86Fluval fx6 :Fluval fx6 for sale St albans Herts05/01/21
87Corydoras :Lovely selection of mixed orange laser, bronze and albino corydoras lovely looking juveniles collection from St Albans or I am happy to del ...05/01/21
88corydoras adolfoi :looking for corydoras adolfoi any rare corydoras please text or whatsapp (London) 0746489662204/01/21
89corydoras :i am looking for corydoras around south east London/lewisham please? i need 6to10. 0746489662204/01/21
90Frontosa :I have group of 4 frontosa, very nice group 3 are Burundi and 1 is Zaire Blue, changing my tank setup. Can upload video if needed. Size rang ...03/01/21
91Neolamprologus Multifasciatus breeding group x7 - £35 SOLD :Colony of 7 F1 Neolamprologus Multifasciatus shell dwellers for sale. Feisty and fun small shelldweller that can more than handle it's own i ...01/01/21
92stock clearance shop closure :we have a huge stock clearance with 1000s of brand new products for pond, tropical and marine. food, tanks, skimmers, pumps- large and sm ...28/12/20
93Brand new fluval lighting system :Quad T5 high output lighting system for £30(bulbs not included) its never been used so its brand new. Collection in person from pinner. Fi ...28/12/20
94reef-react advanced calcium reactor 500 :for tanks up to 500 litres £220 rrp new in box collection from barnet or potters bar or £10 postage stock clearance from aquatic ...28/12/20
95reek skim advanced pro 500 skimmer :brand new boxer skimmer- advanced pro £230 retail £175 new in box with postage £165 collection no offers28/12/20
96Brand new fluval lighting system :Quad T5 high output lighting system for £30(bulbs not included) its never been used so its brand new. Collection in person from pinner. Fi ...27/12/20
97Tropheus Ikola for sale :I have a group 12 tropheus ikola for sale. Please contact for more information25/12/20
98Petrochromis Wanted :Looking for a group of Petrochromis, preferably Red Bulu’s or Yellow Moshi. Willing to travel for the right group and price. Thanks22/12/20
99Juwel trigon 190 £220 :Juwel trigon 190 with external filter upgrade to nice LED light and air pump and fish (full set up) any info.please call me 0758570236421/12/20
100placidochromis phenochilus tanzania star sapphire :I have 10 placidochromis phenochilus tanzania star sapphire for sale. Size 3 - 4 inch Males and females available Collection only ...19/12/20
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