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12x Small Oscar Tropical Fish :Here for sale are two small oscars selling as they will outgrow my tank, they are both same sized and have been together since birth. Sized ...12/06/14
210 inch Tiger Oscar & 6 inch Red Oscar :10" Tiger Oscar & 6" Red Oscar To many O's in my tank so thinning out my stock. £25 for Tiger, £20 for Red Chris tel: 0771183 ...11/06/14
3Cheap koi :Hi i have cheap koi for sale, good quality various sizes please email/text me for more info thanks for looking11/06/14
4various adult angel fish including breeding pairs :Large angel fish approx. 12 quite a few breeding pairs .all just over 12months old ideal breeding project £5 each angel10/06/14
6fluval roma 200 fish tank aquarium tropical NEAR BURNLEY :200 litre fluval roma fish tank with two working lights in very good condition comes with fluval 200 watt heater all cleaned out has been ...05/06/14
72 l66 pleco swap :Swap 2 l66 pleco adults for l134 pleco02/06/14
8Huge 700 litre custom built tank :Custom built aquarium for sale. This is absolutely massive, 700 litres, 10mm thickness glass. Length 66", depth 27", height 30". Complete ...01/06/14
9tetra tech1200 :tetra tech 1200 external filter new impellor recently fitted on both complete with media £50 , fluval 304 requires new prefilters £3030/05/14
10butterfly chiclid :approx. 20 butterfly chiclids similar to rams these are just starting to pair up £1 each30/05/14
11Aquarium Repair :got a 3 1/2ft fishtank but the bottom panel has cracked, after someone who could repair this cheers iain30/05/14
12pleco for sale :L 333 pleco for sale .male about 4 inches plus for 2529/05/14
13Cal 9900 Temp controller £50 :I have this controller that I made up to sell.The heat is set to switch your heaters on up to 26`C and then knock off.However I am unable to ...24/05/14
14Heatzinks for LED :I have this 2 heatzinks for sale to do a DIY led for those interested.They are 300mmx150mm and 30mm high.£20 each plus £5 postage or £40 ...24/05/14
15Full malawi set up 4x2x2 finish in high gloss white :As stated I have a large malawi set up, including sump filtration and external filter plus internal filter! Light built in hood, obviously a ...23/05/14
16£100 worth of ocean rock and tufa rock, for sale :As stated. Am after 50 pound for the lot. Over 100 quids worth including the tufa rock. Been in my malawi setup some massive pieces great l ...23/05/14
17Full setup everything you need manchester :4x2x2. High white gloss finish. Built in weir. Sump system. 3200 LPh return pump and a 2000 LPh external filter. Large thermostat. Large int ...23/05/14
18For sale... 7x pairs of bdx bdXleo stingrays :7x pairs of black diamond X black diamondxleopoldi All eating a varied diet Afew weeks old now getting darker by the day and the spots bi ...23/05/14
194x 3inch clown loach :Hi I have for sale 4 of my clown loach at 3+inch after £30 for the group of 421/05/14
20flowerhorn x red devil cichlids :Hi I have for sale about 100+ flowerhorn/red devil fry at aprox 1-2inch in size and after a quick sale £1 each theres a pic of mum n dad21/05/14
21fish for sale :I have 3 silver sharks 1black red tail shark 1torpedo shark a selection of barbs 1 leopard print and there are about 5 large geramies phan ...19/05/14
22troipca fish for sale discus, neons, cardinals, platies :hi i have for sale a 3 discus ranging from 3-5 inch and some neons and some plattied and a fet bottom feeders. Selling as a lot for only £6 ...18/05/14
23White Rio 125 Tropical Aquarium And Matching Cabinet :Aquarium in as new condition ! fish included are 1red devil angel 2 koi angels 2red gouramis 2 clown loach 8 neon tetras 6 harlequins 3 blu ...16/05/14
24Juwel T5 Lighting :Juwel lighting never been used have been replaced by a different variant. 24W 438mm -- Marine Blue -- Nature -- Day 28W 590mm -- D ...14/05/14
25Live rock covered in Xenia :Large piece of rock covered in Xenia not a frag nice easy to keep coral Grab a bargain £50 reduced £45ono Collection BL8 Bury ste ...12/05/14
26Ocean duo pulse and two newave power heads :Can't believe this hasn't sold yet! One of the power heads needs a new shaft as is rattling the other one is fine. Bought these off the c ...12/05/14
27Full set up for collection manchester :As stated , 4x2x2 finished in high white gloss. Built in weir with a sump filtration. Still in use so viewing welcome. Included is internal ...11/05/14
28Mbuna for sale :Few fish for sale. Ready for collection Sunday 18th X1 wild caught - male lombardoi £10 (from mikes rift) X1 wild caught - male metriclia ...11/05/14
29Tropical fish for sale....... REDUCED :Two spotted gars one 12" the other 6" Two sun cats 5"-6" chunky one has gill curl The smaller gars top lip is a little shorter than his ...09/05/14
30Full marine set up :Jewel 180 Vision tank with internal and external filters/pumps, 15kg live rock, several live corals and a maroon clown fish, coral beauty an ...09/05/14
31African Dwarf Butterfly Cichlid :Hi I have 1 african dwarf butterfly cichlid for sale stunning little fish at 2inch in size only asking for £5 as its living in my fry tank ...06/05/14
32Air diffuser / inspection bowl / floating net :All used but in very good condition and good working order. Koi/pond equipment: Inspection or medication bowl 80cm diameter x 40cm deep wi ...05/05/14
33Serrasalmus compressus Piranha £22 :2.5"05/05/14
34Baby Serrasalmus rhombeus Black Piranha 2 inches :Serrasalmus rhombeus Black Piranha05/05/14
35Fish house clearance - Rochdale :I have closed down my fish house some time ago now, but still have all of the tanks & equipment. offers for all/part welcome. Tanks ...04/05/14
36Bio balls for sump or external filter :Clean and ready to use well over 500 bioballs ideal filtration for marine, reef or freshwater system looking form £10 ono for the lot grab ...01/05/14
37Melonchromis/Yellow Labs/Pseudotropheus Cichlids 1.5-2 inches 3 for £10 :Hi all, I have for sale quite a substantial amount of Melonchromis,Yellow Lab and Pseudotropheus Cichlids available that are from the variou ...26/04/14
383 ft tank :3 ft x 15 x 12 plus stand and lid £3525/04/14
39various equipment :hi I have 2 external filters , tetratech1200 and a fluval 304, high volume hozelock koi/fishouse air pump, selection off second hand heaters ...25/04/14
40cichlids and tropical fish :forsale or swap far malawi 1 red oscar 7 8 inch 2 tiger oscars 5 6 inch 2 green terrors 4 and 7 inch 1 texas convict 7 inch 1 jack dem ...24/04/14
41EHEIM PROFESSIONAL 3 FILTER AND JBL UV STERILIZER FOR SALE :I'm selling external EHEIM filter and UV Sterilizer as I am moving house. EHEIM 2080+media - £189 JBL AquaCristal UV-C 36W -£100 ...21/04/14
42Fluval Osaka 155 aquarium for sale :Hi, selling my fluval Osaka 155 tank, it's about 2 years old, in very good condition. It has had recent new tubes, and an external filter up ...21/04/14
43Yellow Lab (Fry) Cichlids For Sale.  (labidochromis caeruleus) :These are going fast. (labidochromis caeruleus) 2 pairs of yellow labs and a breeding pair of red devil's always breeding getting 2 lots o ...20/04/14
44500 Ltr tank for swoops :) :I have up for swop in mint condition my 4 x 2 x 3 aquarium. I am looking for something bigger :) if any one is interested can you please get ...19/04/14
45fossil catfish :Fossil catfish ,around 6-7 inches very healthy fish eating well .this fish has a poisonous sting so be careful .getting rid of it because it ...19/04/14
48Tank and contents for sale(SOLD) :Got a 2 and a half foot tank for sale with everything in it for £100. It includes a canister filter 100L/H from all pond solutions. 4 led s ...17/04/14
49fluval 240l tank :fluval 240l tank with fluval 305 filter, fluval 300 heater with digital display, includes gravel, coral, plastic plants, air pump and many e ...17/04/14
50Young Bristlenose Plecs WANTED :Please email via thehq@live.com NOT VIA THIS SITE Will buy full batch or smaller amounts17/04/14
51Koi Pond For Sale Big Koi :Several Koi 22",some at 10". Kockney Koi 10,000 filter,Aquamax 8000,TMC 55w UV,pond 9 ft across x 50" deep. Lancashire. Da ...15/04/14
52Cobolt Discus :Selling my 5-6 inc Cobolt Blue Discus about 6inc - £4012/04/14
53Malawi chichlids for sale and breeding pairs :Hi I have around 30 Malawis for sale different breeds including borlyei , moori , fire blood , vc10 , giraffe , etc all males are very large ...07/04/14
54aquamedic 1200 aquarium fishtank 47 in x 26 in x 26 in :aquamedic marine aquarium with built in filtration system 47in x 26in x 26in ,equipment available separately £75 , external filter teratec1 ...07/04/14
55Clearseal 3ftx2ftx2ft marine tank with sump :I'm selling a complete marine tank setup with everything you need to get started. The tank comes with a cabinet in black, a 4 tube t5 light, ...06/04/14
56Genuine Eheim Inlet/outlet COMPLETE SET 16/22mm + TUBE offers please :INLET HOOK. Part no. 7275808..... INLET STRAINER. Part no. 7471800... OUTLET HOOK. Part no. 4005710.. OUTLET SPRAY BAR. Part no. 73 ...05/04/14
57THE BEST JAVA MOSS :I have sold my moss for over 20 years now, first shops as trade then ebay {around 200 perfect feedback} then selling to other ebay sellers i ...05/04/14
5815+ rainbow cichlids 1 tiger oscar preston :Hi I have a group of 15+ rainbow cichlids all at a nice size of 4-5inch willing to sell sep or as job lot I also have a 7inch tiger oscar fo ...04/04/14
59Red Sea max 250 :Here I have a Red Sea max 250 comes with everything you see in the pics,2 fish with it all the equipment you need,if you would like to no mo ...04/04/14
60Cichlid Needed :Just lost my male fish see pic,, he was 4/5 inch I need to replace him.. Can anyone help???03/04/14
61Six adult wild DISCUS FISH all 6 bargain :Wild discus fish not sure what they are they look wild between 5" and 7" Eat beefheart and blood worm kept in tap water ph 7 W ...03/04/14
62Angelfish pair for SALE :Black angel and gold angel 3-4 inch (Young) about 1 year old paired up Not spawned yet, I'm getting a larger tank so they can't stay with ...02/04/14
63Shovelnose Catfish - Free to good home (big tank needed) :Here is my Shovelnose catfish that is just getting too big too quick! I was pushed into this fish by the fish shop, I clearly knew nothing a ...01/04/14
64Juwel Rio 180 Aquarium :Second hand Juwel Rio 180 Aquarium complete with Light unit lids filter media heater and pump Also has black internal background Juwel STR ...01/04/14
65IT2060 LED marine/reef/coral tank lights £215 simlar to maxspect razors :Weekend special IT2060 £215 delivered!! Or £208 collected from accrington area. For sale I've got 6 set of Evergrow IT2060 led light u ...30/03/14
66WANTED Ocean Rock :Hi, i am wanting some ocean rock to fill my tank, have money waiting, would like 3 big rocks about 30/50cm in size, would be handy if you we ...30/03/14
67marine/tropical tank :Beta lifestyle 34 tank for sale. In excellent condition as was only used for 4 weeks and then I decided to get a bigger tank. It comes with ...30/03/14
684 discus for sale 5 inches £65 :4 beautiful discus for sale 3 of Punchard super red curipeua 1 blue turk selling all four as a group magnificent colours starting to sh ...28/03/14
69mixed malawi/african cichlids :hi i have a large mixed 4x2x2 tank full of large cichlids for sale they are a few rare pairs like sp williamsi blue lips 7/8 ins masoni ree ...28/03/14
70marine ribbon eel for sale :Ribbon eel for sale. Very healthy and eating well £3027/03/14
71STUNNING LARGE MALAWIS AT GREAT PRICES. :Electric blue haps 4" + £12.00 Red zebra's 4" + £12.00 Blue dolphins 4" + £12.00 Yellow peacocks 4"+ £12.00 Red ...27/03/14
72marine stuff for sale or swap blackpool please look :i have a few bits left over from setting up my marine tmc v2 300 compact protine skimmer jad protine skimmer internal uv external uv h ...26/03/14
73Marine clown fish breeding setup with 3 x pairs £225 ONO :Here I have my clown fish breeding set up, it comes with the below:- 3 x pair clown fish (2 x pair missbars, 1 x pair ocellaris) 2 smal ...25/03/14
74Geophagus argyrostictus Wild Rio Xingu :Geophagus argyrostictus Rarely offered species, young fishes about 2.5". Pic shows an older fish and is for reference only. Wild, Ri ...24/03/14
75Geophagus proximus wild, Brazil :Geophagus proximus Rarely offered species, young fishes currently 2.5" - 3" tl. Pic shows older fish and is for reference only. Wild ...24/03/14
76Wanted Metynnis fasciatus or myleus fasciatus :Wanted top money payed for right fish 267754 Metynnis fasciatus do if you know any one how has some or if you have some let me know Ja ...24/03/14
775x2x2 aquarium tank broken braces £10 :Needs either resealing or just using for glass as the silicon has been done but it's terrible. Bought it without viewing unfortunately, £10 ...24/03/14
788 Inch Brown Frontosa, 5inch electric blue Orange tailed zebra, 6 inch female Ma ... :Large Brown Frontosa for sale £40 Electric Blue orange tailed zebra £15 Marbled Zebra £10 £50 for the lot! Accrington Area Just ...23/03/14
79Wild discus fish :Group of 6 wild discus fish 5-7 inch Eating well beef heart blood worm prima tap water ph 7 £200 no offers23/03/14
80Group of Wild discus big adult fish range from 5 inches -7 inches :Awesome group of 6 discus well looked after Had them for about 10months lost interest the eat well prime beefheart and blood worm Will no ...23/03/14
81Juwel rio 240 full setup :Juwel rio 240 tank and stand including 2 month old t5 light hood, a eheim pro 350 external filter, uv steriliser, hydor koralia power head a ...22/03/14
823D Background :Aqua one 3d insert rock effect background 60 x 45 cm...£8.0021/03/14
83Ocean Runner PUMP £35.00 :Ocean runner 3500. Used for 2 months from new...upgraded tank so surplus £35.00 or swap for coral 0746354104121/03/14
84Aqualantis 300L Aquarium + Cabinet :300 Litre Aqualantis Aquarium + Cabinet This is my whole set up, including: Excellent condition 300 litre Aquarium in Silver / Grey ...21/03/14
85selling due to change around of tank :hi me and my mrs have decided to change the type of fish we keep in our tank and are open to reasonable offers on our fish azur peacock ...14/03/14
864ft Malawi aquarium setup for sale :4ft aquarium for sale comes with everything you need plus loads of spare ocean rock also have breeding vc10 and borlyei and breed moori all ...14/03/14
874starge ro unit :Sold my reef tank so no need for this anymore Excellent condition. Comes with a full bag of de ironising resin. Filters will need to b ...12/03/14
88Arcadia series 3 twin250w 4ft :I used this light before changing to my luminarcs Good condition one of the halide bulbs needs replacing (250w). Comes with 2 t8actinic tu ...12/03/14
89250w marine lux dimmable luminarc large x3 :I've sold my aquarium so now selling the lights that kept my successful reef. These are excellent condition and a great light Perfect for ...12/03/14
90breeding group of livingstonii :Breeding group of 6 livingstonii. 2 males and 4 females. Ranging in size from 6-7inch to 3-4inch. £4012/03/14
91juwel vision 180 :Juwel vision 180 in beech for sale. Comes with stand and lid.11/03/14
92VARIOUS SIZES OF STUNNING MALAWIS AT GREAT PRICES. :Mixed Malawi 1.5" £1.80 or 10 for £15.00 Damasoni 2" £5.00 or 4 for £20.00 yellow labs 1.5"+ £3.00 or 10 for £25. ...10/03/14
93Large Fish Tank :Decorative piece of furniture a 6ftx2ftx2ft FISH TANK. Good Condition. Comes with 1x fluval internal filter and 1x large external filter p ...08/03/14
94Aqua one 240l fish tank set up for marine/tropical with contemporary walnut unit :£200 Ono Aqua one 240litre marine/tropical fish tank with walnut unit includes aqua one CF1000 external filter, 2 power heads for water fl ...08/03/14
95Wanted turboflotor percula protein skimmer :Just setting up aqua medic percula 90 marine tank and I'm wanting protein skimmer circulation pumps heater etc. please contact me if you h ...06/03/14
96wanted 6x2x2 tank with weir cash waiting :Hi I need a 6 foot tank for my marines as moving house and need to set up soon as poss if you have one for sale near blackburn lancashire le ...06/03/14
97WTD ADULT MALE GIANT RAMSHORN SNAIL :Hi, I need a male adult columbian ramshorn snail. I have 3 females that have laid around 300 eggs {massive amount} between them but are infe ...06/03/14
98Koi Pond Filters :2 x 34" square vortex filters, 1 x 34" vortex circular filter. 1 x 2kw digital heater. 1 x 410 series Answer No. 710. Complete w ...03/03/14
99Bogwood. Wood. Large :Two large pieces of bogwood for sale. One very interesting piece, lots of nooks and crannies for attaching ja a fern or anubius plants t ...02/03/14
100Gold severum,true parrot fish :Closing down tank ,so here goes- Gold severum 8 inch,£20 Hoplachus psitacus(true parrot fish-not the google eyed ones) 9 inch. £50 ...02/03/14
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