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1L plecs and Nd 4/2/2 tank and cabinet barging price £400 :Hello all I have a grey ND 4ft_2ft_2ft tank and cabinet in good condition apart from 1 Mark on the glass It comes with a 1 fx4 filter 1 eh ...04/12/23
2Barging price /plecs/corys price reduced £150 :Hello all Selling some of my stock all adult size £150 takes them all or separately priced below L172 £60 L75 £60 L333 wc £50 16 ...04/12/23
3Corys bronze :Hello all I have 16 bronze Cory's for sale £50 ono Please text if interested 0771713665303/12/23
4Home bred super red bristlenose.pair for £10 :Hi I have some super reds home bred from my little fish room for sale they are nice and chunky feed on rephasy, spirulina flake and vegetabl ...01/12/23
5Limia perugiae :Hi I have young pairs of these lovely livebearers £5 a pair pick up from Welwyn garden city. Txt lee on 0750513825401/12/23
610 x stendker discus :As above 10 to 15 cm sizes . different varieties. £500 for the whole group. companion fish also available 15 lemon tetras 6 harlequin Ros ...01/12/23
710 x mbuna cicihlids :10 assorted mbuna, some shop bought and some bred in tank. Looking for a new home, I don’t want payment for the fish. Also looking to s ...29/11/23
8fossorochromis rostratus Male SOLD :Selling 1 fossorochromis rostratus male, fully coloured up most beautiful cichlids only selling due to outgrown my tank 8inch £35 w ...22/11/23
99-10" Vittatus Tigerfish :need to thin my group out - one 9/10" vittatus tigerfish available. excellent condition - can send videos or photos via whatsapp se ...22/11/23
10Hybrid Marine reef lighting system :A hybrid lighting system by GHL/Aquatic Life T5HO 39w 915mm 3ft long and containing 4 brand new 39watt marine bulbs 2 x white, 1 x blue ...09/11/23
11Marmaratus :Large 15” Marmaratus catfish £100 call Charlie 0780599674909/11/23
12Earth eater :Geo/ earth eater 6 “ Lovley fish £20 0780599674909/11/23
13Clown knife :10” clown knife fish £30 call Charlie 0780599674909/11/23
14Contradensy pair :Nice spotted contradensy pair 160gbp for details pm please on mobile 07724094629 or email08/11/23
15L333 gold line select males :2 males for sale 125gbp per fish08/11/23
16L519 males semi adults and young :Semi adults 39.99 plus postage or collection pm for details. Young 19.9908/11/23
17Looking for a albino plec 6inc + :Looking for a albino plec 6inc +04/11/23
18MBU puffer fish - 5 inches :For sael 5 inch mbu, perfect specimen. Recently purchased, eating very well. Paid £300 after £250 or would trade for a small ray. 07568302 ...31/10/23
19Altum Angel Orinoco - F1 :Young circa 10cm, looking for new home, ping me e-mail if interested. Price 1-3 fish 60 per fish , 4-5 -50GBP per fish, 6 and above 40GBP ...28/10/23
20L 333 pair white, awesome mail :Pair of L333 white line, great male check picture25/10/23
21L 236 SY :Pair of L236 SY rare 500gbp25/10/23
223 ft tank with stand £50 :Very nice 3ft long x 18inch high x 15inch wide fish tank plus metal stand21/10/23
23Large Goldfish Ghost Koi Carp Free :Hi, I am breaking down and old pond with around a dozen large Goldfish and one ghost koi. Free to good home. Based in Meldreth, Royston ...16/10/23
248ft Aquarium - Tank £100 :96 x 18 x 18 10mm glass Aquarium that has been divided into 4 separate tanks. Ware's available so can be sumped. Good condition with n ...10/10/23
25Aquarium plant fertiliser :FLORA BASE PRO AQUARIUM FERTILISER 10LITRE...NEW UNOPENED 25 EACH RRP £5710/10/23
26Flower horn Texas hybrid :6-7 inch Texas flower horn hybrid, female! Cost me £80 only want £40 contact me if interested08/10/23
27Large texas cichlid :11 inch texas open to offers and trades based hertfordshire22/09/23
28Male Red Dovi £40 need gone asap :10" red wolf male lives in community tank since it was small Pics on whats app 07568302451 Based Hertfordshire sg99dp22/09/23
29Complete marine aquarium :I’m selling my complete set up due to moving soon Marin aqua 900 pro Pulsar LPS-6 light inc box Arka skimmer 2 heaters 2 wave maker ...16/09/23
30WANTED: Marine reef aquarium :In search of an optic white glass reef aquarium - Size no greater than - 120cm x 45 wide x 30 high. Whatsapp me with pictures and price. Thx ...24/08/23
31Rainbow Bubble Tip Anenome :Roughly 3 inches expanded so suitable for most tanks, £15 each or two for £25 Collection only 0783339022911/08/23
32Professional Pond Fish, Koi Vats, Grow on, Quarantine Tank :Fiberglass tank can be used for grow on or quarantine for Koi or other fish Independent filter Pump with UV steriliser 1000 litre cap ...08/08/23
33Japanese Koi carp :Japanese Koi carp ranging from 35cm to 60cm +. Beautiful and friendly fish, I need to reduce stock sadly. 35cm - £40 40cm - 80 45cm- ...19/07/23
34ND Aquatics Aquarium built March 2023 equipment included & Fluval Vicenza 18 ... :6 ft x 2 ft x 2 ft ND Aquatics tank with stand/hood in natural oak. It was built in March 2023 so still virtually new. Black background pain ...14/07/23
35Fish tank :80 L tank. Incl natural soil bogwood with java heater filter air stone large lava rocks ornaments beta leaf can come with lamp Comes with s ...03/07/23
36120L fish tank :Large aquarium has a small chip at the top left but water can be filled past it. Causes no problems.incl.all pond solutions light which jas ...03/07/23
3720x [Adult] Pure Black Bar Endlers. US imported strain. St Albans :Black Bar Endlers. Pure bred, never mixed with guppies, from pure Endler stock originally imported from the US. 10x Pairs These fish a ...30/06/23
38Midas :Big red white Midas. Around 10” good temperament good eater. £30 sg8 07805996749 charlie21/06/23
39PULSING XENIA CORAL £7 :Lovely pulsing xenia fragged onto small pieces of live rock, 2 available, both with approximately 15 heads on one, and 20+ on the other, £9 ...15/06/23
40Florida Gar :12 inches perfect specimen eats pellets and frozen. Nice chunky fish £100 Pics whats app 07568302451 Based Hertfordshire sg99dp08/06/23
41Bristlenose Plec 1cm - 2cm in length :Healthy , eating well. £10 for 5 Pick up from Welwyn Garden City02/06/23
42XL Fire Eel £100 :2.5ft and very thick. Can get pics over via whats app 07568302451 Based in Buntingford SG99DP31/05/23
43Looking for large Jack Dempsey :Looking for large Jack Dempsey 6inc plus26/05/23
44Midas :Big white / red Midas cichlid for sale 8inch £30 Hertfordshire call Charlie 0780599674924/05/23
45Midas :Big white / red Midas cichlid for sale 8inch £30 Hertfordshire call Charlie 0780599674922/05/23
46200g Bottle of Alder Cones £13.99 :200g container of alder cones. Great to reduce ph of water naturally. If your spending £ on Discus,Cardinal Tetras then you need to invest ...19/05/23
47Herichthys deppi Wanted :Is anyone out there selling Herichthys deppi cichlids?16/05/23
48Midas :Lovely red/white Midas cichlid around 10” good temperament eats pellets and frozen food £30 Sg8 call Charlie 0780599674906/04/23
49Corydoras Duplicareus :Corydoras Duplicareus for sale £5.00 each Based Welwyn Herts Please for futher inforamtion e-mail nino_castellano@btinternet.com ********* ...29/03/23
50Channa marulius :He is about 5 inch feeding on frozen prawn28/03/23
51Guppy grass :Handful of guppy grass £5 There is snails in my tanks so most likely eggs in the plant personally I see them as a benefit. Pick up Welw ...27/03/23
52Midas :Lovely red white Midas cichlid. Good temperament £40 or swaps Sg8 0790599674920/03/23
53Group of severums :4x X-Large severums for sale one red spot and 3 gold all around 8” Royston Hertfordshire call Charlie 07805996749 £50 for group14/03/23
54Bircher for sale :10” ornate Bircher for sale Royston Hertfordshire lovely fish eats pellets and frozen £30 call Charlie 0780599674914/03/23
55Midas cichlid :9” red/white Midas good temperament non aggressive.£40 Pm for pics Royston Hertfordshire 0780599674914/03/23
56Pond full of carp for sale. :I am decommissioning my pond and wish to sell my fish. There are about 20 of them, around 15-20cm but hard to tell as they are currently at ...13/02/23
57Coral frags :Many coral frags available •candy cane coral • Kenya tree • Zoe’s • rose bubble tip Nem11/01/23
58Coral rock :I have approx 80kg of coral rock. £100 no offers Collection from Sheering, Herts.29/12/22
59Fish free to good home :I have had a change of heart and decided to change my stock so the following fish are free to a good home. x1 8-9inch female Argentea x1 ...27/12/22
60Sailfin pleco :Looking for large Sailfin pleco sg2 area19/12/22
61Coral Rock :I have approx 80kg of coral rock out of a 400l cichlid tank. £100 no offers16/12/22
628 inch female Argentea :Looking for quick sale. £20ono Message for pictures07/12/22
63WANTED Pond Fish :Do you have too many goldfish in your pond? I have a pond in Royston that needs restocking, took my heron deterent down briefly and the hero ...03/12/22
64Catfish :I have 15” red tail catfish 15” tiger shovel nose catfish Lovely healthy fish eats everything £40 each £70 for the pair Hertford ...30/11/22
65Koi Pond Fish Rescue :If you have any fish you do not want any longer, I will collect within an hour of Watford, Hertfordshire but would travel further if worth w ...28/11/22
66Koi Pond Fish Rescue :If you have any fish you do not want any longer, I will collect within an hour of Watford, Hertfordshire but would travel further if worth w ...28/11/22
67Japanese Blue Endler Breeding Group :Lots of Endlers different sizes £3027/11/22
68OVER 30 COMMUNITY FISH FOR SALE ONLY £30. collection from cheshunt. (North Lond ... :loads of tropical fish including Columbian tetras,neon tetras,pinapple swordtails,zebra danios, dwarf gourami,5 banded barb,limias,mollys,gu ...19/11/22
69Catfish :15” redtai 15” tsn 15”Asian redtail catfish £40 each or all 3 for 100 call Charlie 0780599674915/11/22
70Fish tanks for FREE :I have the following going free : 5 ft jewel tank and stand with both in reasonable condition, tank will need resealing 3.5 ft x 2ft x ...13/11/22
71Rare catfish- Megalodoras uranoscopus/irwini, jaguar catfish, plus other species :Open to offers: I am reluctantly selling my group of 5 Megalodoras. They're all in excellent shape and eat very well. Range from 6-7" ...30/10/22
72Juwel rio 300 :300ltr for sale 4ft-£170 Comes with a home made stand that rock solid Has 2 light bars Nicrew sky led Nicrew planted with remote N ...23/10/22
73Juwel rio 300 :300ltr for sale 4ft-£170 Comes with a home made stand that rock solid Has 2 light bars Nicrew sky led Nicrew planted with remote N ...23/10/22
74Topcats :15 inch red tail catfish 15 inch Asian redtail catfish 14 inch tiger shovel nose catfish £200 mega fish pm for pics !! 0780599674920/10/22
75Goldfish free to a good home, Royston :Due to breeding in our pond we have excess goldfish. Orange and orange/white comets. 1-3". Up to 10 available. Would suit pond or large ...16/10/22
76Cats and oddballs :Lovely 15” ripsaw catfish 70 Redtail catfish 15” £40 Tiger shovel nose catfish £30 Saddled Bircher £30 Pink kingkong parrot 8” ...21/09/22
77Staeck Endlers :Gorgeous males, females and fry ready to go. Near Stevenage, Herts.14/09/22
78EHEIM Reeflex Uv800 Steriliser SOLD :EHEIM Reeflex Uv800 Sterilizer up to 800 Litre Fresh or Marine tank. USED for couple of months Perfect condition.£130 new. Comes with ...11/09/22
796inch+ male green phantom pleco l200 :Over 6inch male green phantom l200 pleco Biased in Watford Hertfordshire £6031/08/22
80Ripsaw catfish :16” ripsaw catfish £80 15” saddled bicher £30 12”tsn catfish £30 kingkong parrot 8” £30 . All healthy fish eating well on pellet ...12/08/22
81Eheim classic 1500xl bucket filters :2x Eheim classic bucket filters with all hose and spray bars and both with 2 sets of double taps, one with 2260 pump the other with 1262 pum ...18/07/22
82Evolutions aqua 900 marine fish tank :Good condition plus sump and skimmer. £350 ono14/07/22
83Reef wave 25 :In good condition and with box. £14014/07/22
84V luminair 900 :In great condition £150 Ono.14/07/22
85Catfish and oddballs :16” ripsaw catfish £50.11”Asian redtail £30.15”saddled bicher £30.large pink kingkong parrot £30 large breeding pair tiger Oscar ...11/07/22
86Evolutions Aqua 900 marine tank setup, please message for photos. :I have for sale an evolutions evo 900 full marine tank setup with lots of mature live rock enough for a 300-400l tank. (Fish now sold) V2 ...29/06/22
87Lots of quality live rock :Lots of mature live rock from tank that just shut down is needing to go ASAP. Some still have soft corals / sponges on and anemones. Have en ...29/06/22
88Looking for Guppies - Blue or White Guppy / True Endler :Looking for a few blue or white guppies, or some true Endlers. Based on Herts, Beds, Bucks08/06/22
90L333 yellow/gold pair :Got to many, one goes for sale. Large Male bit smaller female then the male.16/05/22
914 Ft tank Full Set Up Tank 1 year old with fluval 407 :Come with 5 geos Filter Heater Job lot Located Hertfordshire 0749662167808/04/22
92Looking for a fx5 cheap as possible and a 100cm+ plant light :Looking for a fx5 cheap as possible and a 100cm+ plant light local to berkhamsted Hertfordshire or can arrange postage need asap, text on 07 ...04/04/22
9310 Ramshorn Snails :10 Ramshorn snails. Great clean up crew for tanks and ponds £5 Will post for £704/04/22
94Soft corals :Have some soft corals for sale or swap. Collection only form Welwyn Garden City Green Kenya: Large frag (10cm) £10 Small frag (5cm) ...13/03/22
95Marine e fish and corals :All corals and fish for sale complete 250 picuso trigger med. Med lion fish. Maroon clown fish with hosting aninmy goby wolf eel blue spot ...12/03/22
96Fish tank :5ft fish tank with cabinet. Due to personal circumstances I am no longer able to look after this as required. All equipment is available , p ...10/02/22
97Tin Foil Bard :Red fin tin foil barb. Around 12 inches in size. Nice healthy fish. £30 ono10/02/22
98Lima Shovelnose £60 :Lima Shovelnose , around 14 inches and eating well. Very nice healthy fish but now out growing my tank. Collection only from Symonds Green S ...10/02/22
99Corydoras Adolfoi :Hi looking to buy a group of corydoras Adolfi(No Duplicaterus)to go with Exsiting group, please message me if you have some for sale with pr ...31/01/22
100Corydoras Adolfi :Hi looking to buy a group of corydoras Adolfi(No Duplicaterus)to go with Exsiting group, please message me if you have some for sale with pr ...31/01/22
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