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1Male bd £320 :Sell mymalebd£320 About eight inches. He ate well because I had too much fish so cut back 07588181877 He bought me here Top Stingrays Uk19/06/24
2Large Predator Fish For Sale :I need to make a little bit of space in my big tank so I have 3 of my Sell Red tail catfish 18” £50 Flo ...19/06/24
3Datnioides sumatra tiger fish£230 :Sumatra tiger fish fThe size is around15 inch £230 0758818187719/06/24
4Pig nosed Turtle for sale £1150 :Pig nosed Turtle for sale Approx 3years old Approx 10-11inch Eating well and healthy £1150ono 0758818187722/05/24
5Multiple piranha species for sale :We have a few serrasalmus species for sale. The cost of living is forcing us to downsize. Please message for a list of fish and prices. T ...19/05/24
6Alligator gar :Alligator gar for sale, perfect health, approx 14”. Only selling because I’m going down a different route now. £200 ono01/05/24
8Tank :5 x 2 x 30" 138 gallons and stand Included is the old 6x2x2 needs resealing £100 for All06/03/24
96x blackberry silver dollars £260 :Blackberry silver dollars. around Six or seven inches All 6for £260 each£55 0758818187731/01/24
104” Yellow Titanic Pleco L273 :I have a 4” L273 Yellow Titanic Pleco I’m looking to sell originally paid £250 from sims tropical fish looking for £17028/01/24
11ATI hybrid and more :ATI 8 x 48 w with 3 x 75 w led clusters - absolute PAR monster £200 3 foot Red Sea black gloss finish tank, sump, cabinet and pipe work £ ...24/01/24
1210-12 inches mbu puffer fish £250 Sold :Selling my 10-12 inches mbu puffer fish, beautiful looking fish with stunning colour, eats prawns and mussels, £250 Sold25/12/23
13Closing fish house :2 6ft tanks,1 4ft ,4 smaller breeding tanks,loads of Malawi all mbuna plus synodontis catfish, Petricola and Poli white.Email me for more in ...14/12/23
14Erectus seahorse :Looking for 2 pairs of erectus seahorse if anybody has any for sale. Willing to travel31/10/23
15Full set up of tropheus duboisi, :Breeding group oo f1 4 males and 8 females and about 10-15 young could be more ranging from half to one and half inch. Plus 4ft fluval 240 l ...29/10/23
16full tank contents :more than 30 different sps pieces, 2 clams, one deresa and one maxima 5 fish inclusing kole tang, pair of blue spot anampses wrasse, 2 sp ...11/10/23
1729kgs Dragon Rock :I have 29kgs of dragon rock for sale all different shapes and sizes, and great for stacking . £50 for the lot.04/09/23
18Satanoperca daemon £25 :Lovely fish around 4” in length. Selling due to a rescape of aquarium10/07/23
19Geophagus Steindachneri X 4 :About 3” in length small group £30 for the group10/07/23
20WANTED Stingray :Wanted Freshwater stingray male or female must feeding well and around 10-11" or larger. Location as close to Hull as possible or wi ...01/06/23
21Discus wanted in the hull area :Hi I live in the hull area and looking for breaders or shops that have discus stock.I have a few now but want more as they are beautiful fis ...14/05/23
22Complete marine set up :Jewel vision 180 tank on stand with 2 Radion lights(rrp £500 each), live rock, variety of corals, sea anemones, 2 clown fish, 1 file fish, ...15/04/23
23Deltec 2561 with self cleaning head :Deltec 2561 with self-cleaning head if full working order £250 Collection from hull13/04/23
24SILVER AROWANA£50 sold :LARGE SILVER AROWANA live tropical predator Fish 11.inch Please feel free to bring a storage box for transportation. We do have poly bo ...08/04/23
25Chindongo saulosi wanted / bloodline swap :Anyone looking to sell females or swap males? Have 5 mature and fully coloured up makes and would like to introduce new stock. Let me know ...19/02/23
26Labeotropheus - free :1 remaining labeotropheus spp. Yellow - Currently 12cm Free to good home! Based near Pocklington but could deliver / meet York or Hull19/02/23
27Fish for sale :ornate bichirs 13-14inch £40 2 sengal bichir 7-8inch £20 each 2 sun catfish 5inch £15 each 2 musk turtles 1 male 1 female i believe £ ...11/02/23
28Bichirs :ornate bichirs 13-14inch £40 2 sengal bichir 7-8inch £20 each 2 sun catfish 5inch £15 each 2 musk turtles 1 male 1 female i believe £ ...11/02/23
29RARE PLECS AND OTHER FISH BARGAIN :sunshine plec 6” Leopard plec l114 5-6” 3 beacon plec 5” Royal Titan plec 5” 2 x thin bar dollars 5” 4 x spotted dolla ...22/11/22
30FISH JOB LOT RARE PLECS SEVERUMS ETC :Will do deals on the lot collection hull L418 Royal Titan plec 4-5” £80 L091 Three beacon plec 5” £70 L200 Green phantom 5” £ ...16/10/22
31Complete marine set up :1500 litre EA reef tank complete with sump and white gloss cabinet, 1500x600x600, 536 litres total, 3 hydra lights, clarisea roll filter, NY ...05/10/22
32Coral For Sale Read Description :Green torch £50 Purple torch £50 Hammer £50 Zoa £1519/07/22
33Marine fish For Sale :Cleaner shrimp £15 Clownfish £45 Royal gamma £20 Tang £4019/07/22
34African pike :African pike for sale around 10 inches eating well nice fish calm and good with other fish £60 tel mark on 07392937745 for more info.17/06/22
35Brown pleco long body :Long body brown pleco for sale looking for £10 each I have 2 same size 9 to 10 inches healthy condition tel mark on 07392937745 for more in ...17/06/22
36Leopard catus pleco :Leopard catus pleco for sale, beautiful pleco around 7 inches, looking for £70 tel mark on 0739293774517/06/22
37Tiger oscars :I have 3 tiger oscars for sale been together since babys looking for £20 each around 12 inches one copper and 2 red tel Mark on 07392937745 ...13/06/22
38SELLING PRED FISH COLLECTION AND CUSTOM TANK HIGH GLOSS :Selling my collection as I am moving and need to cut down slightly. Please note the fish are in a larger custom tank I build that is not ...10/06/22
39Blue acara :I have 2 blue acaras for sale, 4 to 5 inches can have both for £10 for more info call mark on 07392937745.10/06/22
40Convict cichlid :Convict cichlid for sale around 4 inches £10 tel mark on 07392937745 for more info.10/06/22
41Malaysian highback golden arowana :Golden arowana for sale as am currently closing my tanks down, microchiped and birth certificate f2 generation about 24 inches in length, da ...03/06/22
42Golden dorado :Golden dorado for sale about 12 inches long eating well, very active fish, looking for £70 tel mark on 07392937745 for info thanks.03/06/22
43Watermelon royal pleco :Watermelon royal pleco around 8 to 9 inches really nice pleco, healthy and eating well £50 tel mark on 0739293774503/06/22
44Flagtial :Flagtail fish for sale, good size about 12 inch healthy and eating well, £50 tel 07392937745 mark for more info03/06/22
45Jaguar cichlid :Jaguar cichlid for sale female around 9 inches really beautiful fish bit bossy but funny, healthy and eating well £40 tel mark on 073929377 ...03/06/22
46Frontosa :Frontosa for sale around 10 inches in healthy condition, eating well peaceful fish £30 tel mark on 07392937745 for more info.03/06/22
47Golden severums for sale :I have 5 golden severums for sale male and female healthy, very peaceful fish looking for £20 each for them 5 to 7 inches tel mark on 07392 ...03/06/22
48Tiger catfish :Tiger catfish for sale around 15 or 16 inches nice looking fish in healthy condition looking for £40 tel mark on 07392937745 for more info.03/06/22
49Shark catfish :Shark catfish for sale around 12 inches good healthy condition, these grow very big so will need a big tank, £10 tel mark on 07392937745 fo ...03/06/22
50Royal pleco :Royal pleco for sale around 6 to 7 inches good healthy condition £40 tel mark on 07392937745 for more info.03/06/22
51Fire eel :I have a fire eel for sale think its female, is about 25 inches very healthy and in great condition, very peaceful and eating well looking f ...30/05/22
52Bristlenose plecs :I am looking to add to my existing small groups of the below Bristlenose plecs. Does anyone have any female L183, Snowhite and super red l ...29/05/22
53Firemouth cichlid :I have 2 fire mouths for sale around 4 inches £10 each good healthy fish tel mark on 07392937745 for more info.27/05/22
54Large oddballs and cichlids collection rare :Hi, I am shutting down several of my tanks in order to move house, I am keeping my plec collection and Datnoids etc for now but the below ...15/05/22
55Three koi free to good home :Due to relocating abroad. Three koi available to good home15/05/22
56Arowanas and full set up £1550 :I am selling on by half of my parent's, Arowanas and full set up, tank is 7 foot 6. 2 foot hight and 18 inches width. Comes with a super red ...14/05/22
575ft tank 10mil glass full set up including fish :5ft tank 10mil glass 2 external filters,heater,airpump, light food Basically everything seen including fish over £500 in fish alone lar ...10/04/22
58ASIAN ARROWANA :Asian arrowana for sale about 22 inch comes with paper work and certificate slight drop eye on one side for more info message 0774383764431/03/22
59Marine Tank and livestock :Tank Brakedown Mature Live Rock £3 per kg Red sea cleaner wrasse (Larabicus quadrilineatus) Rare 30 Pijama-six line wra ...10/03/22
60H2Ocean Dosing Pump P$ :H20 Dosing Pump P4 never been used box open on purchase but has never been installed or run other than to link uptown app to ensure it work ...21/02/22
61ITC ALR1 CHAETO REACTOR :NOW £100 I have for sale a chaeto reactor. used once but didn't get on with it. I have box and plumbing but you will need to purchase a p ...21/02/22
62Marine fish tank chemicals and additives :All 3 are brand new and unopened Rrp £70+ £25 for all 3 Can ship for £3 Message please 0773918455919/02/22
63Wanted Longfin Snow White plecos :Hi looking for Longfin Snow White bristlenose plec either a breeding pair or sexed pair any about?13/12/21
64Plecos wanted :Hi looking for some breeding pairs or sexed pairs of plecos what have you got with prices please I’m in east yorkshire13/12/21
65Fluval 240 with tropical fish :240 litre 4 feet tank all inclusive with livestock. Also got a separate Aquamanta cannister filter. Never leaked. Some scratches from clean ...05/12/21
68Evolution Aqua 1200s pro reef tank complete set up £3500 :Evolution Aqua Reefpro 1200s 4ft tank (approx 450ltr including sump) with black gloss cabinet and sump tank. Complete set up for sale and al ...29/11/21
69Black ghost knifes :6 black ghost knifes,wanting them all to go together,there between 5 and 10” Message for prices25/11/21
70Fish tanks and accessories :4ft fish tank for sale -£50 2ft fish tank - £25 2 x wave makers - £15 Bogwood 1 large piece and 5 small pieces -£30 4 x heaters ...22/11/21
71Various Catfish for sale :There is 1 sydontis notatus he’s about 10” -£25 There is 1 spotted talking Raphael about 5” -£10 There is 1 black sydontis catfish ...22/11/21
73Super red dragon flowerhorn :For sale, 5inch. Offers 0775367016122/10/21
74Various Malawi fry :Loads available Moori dolphins Fire fish Ob peacocks Venustus Yellow labs Some boreyli Parents in pic27/08/21
75Super red dragon flowerhorn :Offers??25/08/21
76Channa sp fire and ice :Channa sp fire and ice for sale! He’s around 6-7inch and eating well on all foods. Can come with his setup for extra, message me for pics ...06/03/21
77Mature rainbowfish SOLD :Mature red rainbow and boesmani rainbow Looking to rehome due to tank changes. If anyone has a rainbow community and wants some stock let ...20/02/21
78Tropheus moliro f1 x 20 :6-8 cm f1 moliro there is 2 different bloodlines of 10 Will send a video via watts app £200 for the group 0747290967215/02/21
79Wanted :Koi carp and other pond fish wanted for large pond 80,000l pond with room for fish willing to buy or rehome located in East Yorkshire Than ...08/02/21
80LDA08 Ancistrus Claro (wanted) :If you have any ancistrus claro for sale, please drop me an email or call. Thank you in advance.09/01/21
81Large cichlids or oddballs WANTED :Large tank waiting to rehome your fish. The bigger the better.03/01/21
82Angel fish :2 angel fish one male one female Can swap for other fish or £20 for both20/12/20
83Burgundy blue and OB Peacocks :Selling 18 all together based in york17/12/20
845 Foot custom built aquarium (FULL SETUP) £750 :Custom built 5X2 fish tank, slow closing doors, Hydra 1800 external filter, built in LED 3 bar light, heater, wavemaker, and air pump, 3D ba ...09/12/20
85Tropheus nkonde and eretmodus for sale :Reluctantly selling my tropheus as changing to a tanganyikan community set up. 18 f1 tropheus nkonde 5-8 cm £275 5 f1 eretmodus marksmith ...07/12/20
86Looking for Super Red Long finned females BN plecs :Hi. I have a super red long finned male BN plec and am searching for a long fin red female preferably 6 months and above in age. If you can ...25/10/20
87Aqua one 100 litre :100 litre tank in gloss white, WiFi controlled LED unit and wall brackets. Tank has been used to run a small reef tank. £150 Hull East ...26/09/20
88FREE Used BETTA rack :Used Betta rack, updating fish house, and this has to go and be collected for FREE!!! It was used for many years to rear Betta, it includ ...02/09/20
89Malawi Ob peacock fry :The male in the picture is the father to the fry Plenty available Few different sizes 1.50 each14/08/20
90Fish tanks for sale. 5 foot and 4 foot :I have a juwel rio 400 on a slightly rusty metal stand. Tank is water tight and has original lid, but that is in poor condition. There is a ...01/08/20
91Fish tanks for sale 2 foot, I have 15 :I have for sale 15 fish tanks 13 are 2 foot by 18 inches wide, 15 tall 2 are 15 inches wide £30 each, collection from Beverley They ha ...01/08/20
92panda black moscow round tail pairs :i have a limited number of pairs avalable , these are pure strain quality guppies 100% breed true £20 a pair or i can add extra females to ...18/07/20
93Reefbot with extras :For sale is a reefbot and lots of extras(syringes, needles etc) only selling due to needing to fund a new project. Great piece of kit and wi ...18/06/20
94WANTED: Large Male Bristlenose (11cm +) :Looking for a large male bristlenose, ideally bigger than 11cm. I am willing to pay for delivery, or no-contact collection!04/06/20
95Male stingray to swap and for sale. :35cm male stingray very healthy and good with other fish. Eat well ( palette, Earthworm, prawns, muscle) . I will swap him with Asian Ar ...20/03/20
96Mpimbwe frontosa :I have 8 mpimbwe frontoza for sale range from 2inch to 4inch selling as a group £140 for the group call or text me on 07593027200 for any ...18/03/20
97Wanted: Adult Telmatochromis temporalis :I am after around 20-30 fish of breeding age.16/03/20
98L260 Queen Arabesque :Queen Arabesque L260 Looking for a breeding group. Also a breeding pair of red spot severums Contact with info, thanks in advance.30/01/20
99panda loach aoshania pachychilus (wanted) :anyone selling these hull or close by22/01/20
100Bogwood wanted (hull) :after a ton of bogwood20/01/20
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