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1Malawi & Tanganyikan cichlids to clear : ALL NOW SOLD - Thank You New job requires lots of overseas travel, so thinning down the number of fish I have. All priced to sell Colony of Multies - about 40 or so, with as ... full details03/10/12No
2OASE Filtoclear 6000 Pond Filter : Been in use until today, fantastic pressurised filter. £100 collected near Chesham, Bucks full details12/09/12No
3Free-standing 6 foot pond/quarantine pool/holding tank : Laguna (I think) free-standing plastic pond. Approx 6 foot x 4 foot and 2 foot high. approx 1300 litres. These do bow when full of water but are sturdy. You can dig into ground or ... full details12/09/12Yes
4Fish-room tanks : £50 the lot, collected from near Chesham, Bucks or individually priced. 40x12x15"(high) ex-shop tanks. Sides and black painted blue. Need a tidy up. £13 each (2 availabl ... full details11/09/12No
5Big Pond Skimmer Savio : Savio Skimmer Filter is either the 65 or 85 model as it has the filter mat (can't remember which). Never been drilled for outlet (has several options all marked out with different ... full details11/09/12No
6Hydor ETH 300w in-line heater. : Previously used for 7 months on a fluval 405. There is a small section of the wire that has been 'squashed' about 10 inches from the plug, but works fine (and wire isn't in water a ... full details11/09/12No
7Shrimps. Orange/Blue/Red Cherry/Red Fire/Amano : Fancy a change so have a few freshwater shrimp that I'm selling to make space. Neocaridina Heteropoda "rili" (red) Neocaridina Red Fire Caridina Serrata Aura Blue ... full details07/09/12No
89 x Wild Caught Synodontis Multipunctatus : I have 9 wild caught Multipunctatus. Had them about 15 months so a good size. £20 each or 5+ for £15 each. Collection near Chesham, Bucks - own containers please. full details06/09/12No
9Neolamprologus multifasciatus Big Group - Swap for WHY? : I have a breeding group of Multies, must be about 45 in there, plus as many shells, plus fry. Would sell or swap for something different - fish, shrimps, anything considered (n ... full details30/08/12No
10Neolamprologus Brichardi fry, juvies, adults : Have about a billion (approx) Neolamprologus brichardi from teeny to juvies to breeding adults. Fry from £1 each, or would swap for something else, let me know what you have. ... full details30/08/12No
11Tropheus Annectens Rare Blue Eye Polli Ikola Wild Caught : Toying (again) with clearing a tank for something new. I have a group of 12 wild caught annectens. Think it's 3 males. They came via Germany and are a good size (video was taken la ... full details18/08/12No
12Fluval U3 & U4 : U3 £15, U4 £20, both will need carbon pouches as I didn't use them. £30 for the 2. Collection near Chesham, Bucks full details15/08/12No
13Aquarium Books : TITLE / AUTHOR / ISBN Choosing Fish for your Aquarium. Mary Bailey & Gina Sandford. 1842151762 Need to Know? Aquarium Fish. Collins. 0007205783 A Popular Guide to Tro ... full details14/08/12No
14Wild Caught Synodontis Multipunctatus : Had them over a year, so a good size. Think there's about 10 that can go. £15 each if take 5+ Collection near Chesham, Bucks. Own bags/containers please. full details12/08/12No
15Fish House Tanks : A few tanks to clear. 15x11x15 (last number is height) £8 24x12x15 £12 40x12x15 (4 of) £15 each 35x15x16 Divided into 2 £15 Deal on the lot, need the space. Prolly ha ... full details30/07/12No
1625mm Black Flexi Pond Hose x 30 metres : Ordered this when I moved fish-room but never used. Brand new. Inch (25mm) and in a single piece of 30 metres £25 collected near Chesham, Bucks full details23/07/12No
17Electronic hardness/pH/nitrate monitors : I have Hanna Instruments. HI 93728 Nitrate ISM. Costs £220 plus a box (approx 70) reagents. "American Marine Inc" Pinpoint Water Hardness Monitor. Costs $125 new ... full details02/07/12No
18Aqua One 220 Litre Cube with Weir & Sump : I bought a 220 litre cube aquarium - Aqua One in a dark wood finish. Then I got ND Aquatics to make me a weir which I fitted at the rear/centre and drilled the tank to use with a s ... full details30/06/12Yes
19Fluval 405 with UV & In-Line Heater : New approx 7 months ago and running since. Multiple lots available. Fluval 405 external cannister filter. 4 baskets. 2 with ceramic media (ok to use after a clean) and 2 with ... full details01/05/12No
20Pseudotropheus Flavus F1 Malawi Cichlid : Fry & juvies available bred from my wild caught group. Collection only near Chesham, Bucks. full details02/04/12No
21F1 Zebra Maison Reef Maisoni Malawi Cichlids : I seem to have sprung a leak and tank space at a premium right now. Think there's 100+ F1 from wild caught fish around 2cm+. I have 2, sometimes 3 males coloured up breeding an ... full details02/04/12No
22Job-Lot External Filters : Job lot of external aquarium filters. There are approx 18 filters (did the list a few weeks back so might be +/- Fluval 204 Fluval 304 Fluval 303 Fluval 404 Tetratec EX-120 ... full details14/03/12No
23F1 fry from Wild Caught Malawi Mbuna : Fry currently available.. Metriaclima Lombardoi (Dwarf) Nkhomo Reef Cynotilapia sp. Hara Gallireya Reef Pseudotropheus Elongatus Ornatus Luhuchi Rocks Metriaclima Zebra 'Sunr ... full details16/02/12No
24Brand New FX5 with media SOLD : SOLD full details26/01/12No
25Fluval 306 New & Unused : I have a Fluval 306 (the latest model) external filter. New in box and unused. Collection only from near Chesham, Bucks £75. I can supply alfagrog for media (great stuff) if requi ... full details26/01/12No
26Brand New Fluval 306 external filter : Brand new, boxed, sealed Fluval 306 filter. COLLECTION ONLY near Chesham, Bucks. £85 ovno (can also include enough media to fill it for the asking price). full details18/12/11No
27Brand New Fluval FX5 external filter : Brand new, boxed, sealed Fluval FX5 filter. COLLECTION ONLY near Chesham, Bucks. £175 ovno (can also include enough media to fill it for the asking price). full details18/12/11No
28F1 Malawi Fry & Juvies : Fry & Juvies from wild caught Mbuna Zebra Chilumba 'Maison Reef' Dwarf Tropheops Red Cheek 'Mlowe' Lombardoi Dwarf 'Nkhomo Reef' Trewavasae 'Katale' Fainzilberi 'Ikombe' P ... full details16/12/11Yes
2940 Frontosa Fry : Have around 40 (just over I think) Burundi Frontosa fry remaining from 2 different females. A few weeks since being spat, so still small, but free-swimming and feeding well. Cou ... full details09/12/11No
30Malawi Cichlids bred from wild caught parents : Fry & juvies from wild caught groups of mbuna. Some lovely groups including... Psuedotropheus Flavus Tropheops sp. Dwarf Red Cheek Cynotilapia sp. Mbamba Labeotropheus Tre ... full details05/12/11Yes
31Fluval 305 External filter (established) : I have a Fluval 305 fitler which I've used for some rift lake cichlids. It is still running and will be left running for a few days to see if it sells 'matured'. £40 collected ... full details20/11/11No
32African Lake Cichlids. Juvies & sub-adults : Msobo Heteropictus F1 Pseudotropheus Flavus F1 Pseudotropheus Saulosi F1 Cynotilapia sp. Hara F1 Metriaclima sp. Membe Deep F1 !SOLD! Yellow Labs. Tank Bred !SOLD! Cynotilap ... full details31/10/11No
33External Filters... : Having a good old spring clean (in October!). Lots of external filters (used). They are all COLLECTION ONLY from near Chesham, Bucks. Have multiples of several so would consider us ... full details26/10/11No
34Fluval 404 external filter : In use until today - media included if required. £25 collection full details24/10/11No
35Eheim Professionel 2026 External Filter : In use until today, media included if required. £30 collection only full details01/10/11No
36F1 from Wild Collected Mbuna Lake Malawi Cichlids : www.fishfoxandthebunny.com has a list of my wild caught groups from Lake Malawi. Metriaclima Dwarf Lombardoi - Nhkomo Reef Metriaclima Fainziberi - Ikombe (some OB females) ... full details25/09/11No
37Tetratec ex 1200 External Filter : Collection only near Chesham, Bucks. Used - can supply media. £50 or will do a deal if you buy more than one, or some other stuff. full details24/09/11No
38Eheim Proffessionel 2224 A external filter : In use until recently, media included if you like. Collection from near Chesham, Bucks £35 full details05/09/11No
39OASE Filtoclear 6000 Pond Filter : In use at the moment, but last of the fish for the season have been moved. Can leave running so media is established. Cost £200+ online. Great filters Used indoors this year. ... full details04/09/11No
40Bogwood / Mopani Wood £4 / kg : £4 per kg or less the more you take. Lots of bits to choose from. Collection near Chesham, Bucks full details03/09/11No
41Rena Filstar XP3 external filter : Used filter in good working order, media if required. £40 Collection only near Chesham, Bucks. full details03/09/11No
42Fluval 405 external filter : Have a couple, both used on tropical systems. £40 each or offer for them both. Media if required. Collection Chesham, Bucks. full details03/09/11No
43Aqua One CF 1200 External Filter for 300 litres : Have a couple, one from tropical system one from marine - media if required. Suitable for aquariums up to 300 litres, with flow of up to 1200 litres an hour. £50 ono each Co ... full details03/09/11No
44Tunze 9011 Protein skimmer upgraded cup : Had it on ebay and someone in the Netherlands 'won' the auction (UK shipping only it said!) Link is to completed listing, I found some suckers to attach the skimmer. Has an upgr ... full details24/08/11No
45Free 200 litre tank and stand. Chesham : ***GONE*** (subject to collection) Was a marine system until earlier this week. Front of glass was scratched, but can be turned around. Needs a really good clean up. Forget your ... full details19/08/11Yes
4612x12x12 well made glass cubes : Strong cube tanks that were made to order. £10 each collection near Chesham, Bucks - last few dozen full details16/08/11No
4724x12x12 Glass Fish House Tanks x 4 : Been a while since used, but were watertight when last had fish in. Back is painted light blue. Collection only near Chesham, Bucks. £8 each of 4 for £25 will need a clean. full details16/08/11No
48Filters. Internal & External, Sponge and more : Having a thorough sort out. All the items are collection only from near Chesham, Bucks at this time. Externals Tetratec EX1200 Aqua One CF1200 Fluval 405 Fluval 305 Rena ... full details16/08/11No
49Fluval Roma 240 & African Cichlids Complete Set-Up : I bought an ex-display roma 240 in 'black and silver' (I forget the funky 'official' names for the colours). Was a dry display tank so hadn't seen water. I used it only for a coupl ... full details15/08/11No
50Zebra Chilumba Masoni Reef F1 Malawi Mbuna : Pic of stunning wild caught dad (excuse the tank background). I have several groups of wild caught fish and have fry/juvies from.. Metriaclima Dwarf Lombardoi - Nkhomo Reef ... full details13/08/11Yes
51F1 Malawi Tropheops from Wild Caught groups : I'm currently growing on some Tropheops Mauve and also some Dwarf Tropheops 'Red Cheek' Mlowe which I've bred from wild caught groups. Large selection of different fry and juvi ... full details04/08/11No
52Pseudotropheus Saulosi & Other F1 Malawi Mbuna : F1 Saulosi fry & juvies from wild caught parents (which you can see) from £1.50. Also have other lots of other F1 fishes. Msobo Heteropictus (Lundu), Pseudotropheus Flavus, Cy ... full details07/07/11No
53OASE Filtoclear 6000 Pond Filter : Great bits of kit, can be left running until the last minute if required. Currently being used indoors on cold water system. £120 collected from near Chesham, Bucks. full details04/07/11No
54Aulonocara Calico Fry/Juvies £1 or under : The Calico are a man-made (intentional) hybrid and you see them in the shops for around £20! Have hundreds of fry/juvies of various sizes. £1 per fish or I'd do a deal on larg ... full details25/06/11Yes
55Labeotropheus Trewavasae Lake Malawi Cichlid : Trewavasae (Manda). Have a number of F1 fish from a wild caught group. 2-3cm £2 per fish. Lots of different species also available. Collection from near Chesham, Bucks full details25/06/11Yes
56F1 Msobo Heteropictus & Others : Have fry & juvies from a number of wild caught parents (which you are welcome to see). Sizes are approx Msobo Heteropictus (Lundo) - 2cm from 2 different females £2.50 each ... full details13/06/11Yes
57Bogwood & Mopani Wood : I've got a big koi vat full of various bogwood and mopani wood, big & small pieces. Collection only from near Chesham, Bucks. There's pics (2 of each piece) on the link below of 20 ... full details09/06/11No
58F1 Malawi / Burundi Frontosa : Have a few F1 fry/juvies from wild caught parents. Metriaclima Msobo Magunga (SOLD - have another female holding) Pseudotropheus Elongatus Luhuchi Rocks Pseudotropheus Daktari ... full details28/05/11No
59F1 Malawi Mbuna from Wild Caught Parents : A number of F1s from wild caught parents (which you are welcome to view). Fish are collection only from near Chesham, Bucks. Labeoptropheus Trewavasae (Manda) Metriaclima Msob ... full details23/05/11No
60Free Gravel (Chesham) : Nothing too fancy, but have stacks of the stuff. Free if you bring your own means to take it away (must be hundreds of kilos). All been used so will need a good clean. Email ple ... full details09/05/11No
61Savio F200 Filter & Large Skimmer Filter : FILTER IS SOLD, SKIMMER STILL AVAILABLE! These are massively popular in America, a bit less so over here. Might use them on a new-build, but the space at the moment would also b ... full details13/02/11No
62Alfagrog : I have stacks of the stuff, hundreds of kilos. Some in bags, some used. All been out in the garden so needs a good clean up (I can boil some later in the week). 50p a kilo or de ... full details22/01/11No


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