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1CONVICT CICHLID PAIR : For sale a pair of convict cichlids. Male 4 inch female 2.5inch. Both in good health and feeding well, £10 for the pair. full details07/05/21No
2RED MORPH DOVII : I have for sale a limited number of red morph Dovii. They range from 1.5inch to 2inch and are developing nicely. Pictures are of the parents. £25 each. full details07/05/21Yes
3BLACK NASTY, HAITIENSIS CICHLIDS : For sale 5 small black nasties Haitiensis. These are 1.5 inch, ideal for growing out and pairing up. There in good health growing and feeding well. £40 for the group full details27/03/21Yes
4PARACHROMIS MOTAGUENSIS : For sale a pair of f1 rio blanco parachromis motaguensis also known as red tiger mota or RTM. These originally can from COTA as small fry, there now at a guess 7 inch. This pair ha ... full details24/03/21Yes
5PARACHROMIS Friedrichsthalii (Freddys) : For sale 4 parachromis friedrichsthalii pantanos de centla, or commonly known as freddy\'s or yellow jacket cichlids. There about 5 inch, ideal for a pairing and breeding project. ... full details10/07/20Yes
6BEANI CICHLID : I have for sale one male Beani cichlid, (Laguna el camalote). He\'s about 5 inch and in exelent health. Asking £35 for this fin perfect fish. full details14/06/20Yes
7UMBEE CICHLID JUVENILES : I have four jevenil Rio Magdalena Umbee for sale. These are from monster growing parent blood. Pic of one of my adult males. Asking £40 for all four. Ideal for growing out a pair. full details27/05/20Yes
8HERICHTHYS CARPINTIS : I have for sale a male Rio Hondo Carpintis around 7 inch. He\'s in good condition with beautiful colouration, a stunning cichlid for sure. £45. full details01/02/20Yes
9JAGUAR CICHLID PAIR : I have for sale a compatible pair of Jaguar cichlids (parachromis managuensis) . The male is 9 to 10 inch and the female 7 ti 8 inch. There in good health and feed very well. £50 full details01/02/20Yes
10BARE GLASS TANKS : For sale two bare glass tanks. Ideal for fishroom breeding and growing on fry. One 30\"x15\"x12\" other 18\"x15\"x12\". There is a stand for the 30\" tank and a couple of air pum ... full details21/06/19Yes
11LARGE PARROT CICHLIDS REDUCED. : I have two large parrot cichlids for sale. There about 8 inchs. One believed female and the other 100% proven egg laying female. Ideal for a hybrid breeding project. £70 for the p ... full details19/04/19Yes
12AMPHILOPHUS TRIMACULATUS : I have for sale some young Amphilophus Trimaculatus (Trimac). These are 1.5 inch and growing nicely. £5 each. Pictures of adults. full details16/10/18Yes
13MIDAS SPECIES, : Amphilophus Hogaboomorum a beautiful barred Midas species, full of personality and character, 7 inch £20 full details16/10/18Yes
14JAGUAR CICHLID MALE : Hi I have for sale a 11 inch proven male Jag cichlid.£20 full details12/10/18Yes
15LARGE MALE UMBEE : I\'ve reluctantly decided to sell my 12inch plus male Umbee. Not often see up for sale at this size. Experienced fishkeepers with large tank only please.£150 full details19/08/18Yes
16MALE UMBEE CICHLID : I have for sale a young male Umbee about 5 to 6 inch. £75. full details19/08/18Yes
17FESTAE, RED TERROR CICHLIDS : I have young juvenile red terrors for sale. There 1 inch healthy and growing nicely. £5 each. Pics are of actual parents. full details27/01/18Yes
18UMBEE CICHLIDS : Hi I have two Rio mag Umbee cichlids for sale One at 7inch the other 8inch. Both in A1 condition. £35 each. full details27/01/18Yes
19HAITIENSIS (BLACK NASTY CICHLID) : I have two female Haitiensis for sale, both about 4 to 4.5 inch £25 each. One left. full details27/01/18Yes
20ADONIIS PLECO : I have for sale a 10 inch (not including tail extensions) Acanthicus Adonis plec L155 £40. full details16/01/18Yes
21RIO MAG UMBEE : I have for sale some 1to 1.5inch Rio mag Umbee fry £5 each. Pictures are of actual parent fish. full details16/09/17Yes
22BARE GLASS TANKS : I have for sale two bare glass tanks with class sliding lids. These are 34x24x18 inches and are good strong tanks made of 10mm glass. £70 for the pair. Only one left £35 full details16/09/17Yes
23UMBEE CICHLID, MALE. : For sale beautiful male Rio mag Umbee 7inch. Now sold. full details09/08/17No
24FLUVAL FX5 FILTER : For sale Fluval fx5 filter. Comes complete with filter media and all pipe work. Very good condition and in full working order £85. full details06/08/17Yes
25FLUVAL FX5 : For sale a fluval fx5 filter, complete with all pipe work and full of filter media. £85 full details24/07/17Yes
26JEWEL RIO 180 : Hi I have for sale a Jewel Rio 180ltr in beach colour. The tank comes with Juwel internal filter and heater. Unfortunately the light has stopped working otherwise in good conditi ... full details10/06/17Yes
27JAGUAR AND RED TIGER MOTO : I have for sale a 10 inch male Jaguar cichlid and two 6 inch female red tiger moto's. These fish have bred together. £25 each. full details07/06/17Yes
28MIDAS PAIR : I have for sale a pair of midas cichlids. Male 11 to 12 inch, female about 6inch. £50. full details07/06/17Yes
29L No PLECOS : Hi I have for sale some nice plecos. L114 Leapard cactus 7" £45 Gold nugget 6" £30 L75 Para 7" £30 L155 Adonis 10" £40 L204 Flash Plec £25 full details29/05/17Yes
30RED DRAGON FLOWERHORN : I have for sale a male red dragon flowerhorn. He\'s about 7 inch, in good health, eating and pooing well. £60 full details19/05/17Yes
31FISH ROOM TANKS : Hi, I\'ve had a change around in my fish house and now have some bare glass tanks for sale. 1 72x24x24 2 24x24x18 1 36x15x18 7 18x10x10 £160 for all 11 tanks. full details19/05/17Yes
32BEANI CICHLIDS : I have for sale two pairs of Beani cichlids. One pair male and female are both around 8 inch, the second pair male 8 inch and female 5 to 6 inch. £100 a pair. Also available two s ... full details15/05/17Yes
33JEWEL RIO 125 : Hi I have for sale a Jewel Rio 125ltr in white. It comes with Jewel t5 lights, jewel internal filter and heater. This is tank only,no cabinet as we had this tank on our kitchen wor ... full details18/04/17Yes
34FESTAE RED TERROR CICHLID PAIR : I have for sale a pair of Festae, female a chunky 10 inch male about 7 inch. £120 the pair. full details14/04/17No
35HAITIENSIS, BLACK NASTY CICHLID : Hi I have for sale Haitiensis black nasty cichlids. 1- 8 inch male £65 SOLD 1- 5 inch male £40 Also 3 inch juveniles £15 each. And 1.5 inch juveniles £7.50 Pictures of par ... full details04/02/17Yes
36Amphilophus Trimaculatus TRIMAC CICHLID : I have for sale a proven breeding pair of true Trimac cichlids. The male is around 9 inch females about 6 inch. Asking £80 thanks for looking. full details09/09/16Yes
37BLACK NASTIES. NANDOPSIS HAITIENSIS : Hi have for sale young Haitiensis Black nasty cichlids. These are still small around 1cm but do grow fast. Asking £5 each, Haitiensis are not often seen in the hobby. full details08/09/16Yes
38PARACHROMIS MOTAGUENSIS : I have for sale a breeding pair of tiger motos, males 12 inch females about 8 inch £80 full details08/09/16Yes
39AMERICAN CICHLIDS : Hi I have for sale 1 Zonatus male about 8 inch £20 1 male Festae about 5 inch £15 1 female Trimac about 5 inch £15 1 female Dovii 4 or 5 inch £10. full details01/09/16Yes
40LIGHT TUBES X16 : Hi I have for sale 16 x30w 90cm or 36inch t8 light tubes. All working ideal for fish house or just spares. Asking £20 for the lot. full details11/07/16Yes
41TIGER DATNIOIDES : Hi I have for sale two Tiger Dat, scientific name Datnioides polota. Also known as American Tiger DAT. There around 5.5 inch £35 each Sorry about pic only way I could get a shot w ... full details20/03/16Yes
42FESTAE RED TERROR MALES : Hi I have 3 male red terrors for sale two about 6 inch £20 each and one 8 to 9 inch £30. full details20/03/16Yes
43UMBEE CICHLIDS : Hi, I have for sale Caquetaia Umbrifera fry, These are from my unrelated breeding pair. There about 1cm. Pictures are of actual parents. 3for £10 full details04/03/16Yes
44Midas species Amphilophus Chancho. : Hi l have for sale Amphilophus chancho 4 inch monster Midas species £10 each. All pictures are of actual parents and can be seen. Any questions text or call. Welcome to come ... full details04/03/16Yes
45DOVII FEMALE : Hi I have a female Parachromis dovii, she\'s about 6 inch £15. full details03/03/16No
46TRUE BLUE TEXAS Cyanoguttatus : Hi I have for sale a 5 inch male F1 Santiago Lerma Cyanoguttatus. This Texas came in on a cota order from Lincs fish. Its a true Texas no Carpintis cyano hybrid. £20 full details03/03/16Yes
47Amphilophus Trimaculatus : Hi I have for sale 4 true Trimaculatus. These are old school Trimac. No line breeding, or hybrid flowerhorn in these. Pictures are of parent. £30 for the 4, there 2 to 3 inch, a ... full details02/03/16Yes
48JAGUAR CICHLID : Hi I have for sale a male Parachromis managuensis, Jaguar cichlid. He is about 9 inch and in perfect A1 condition, Asking £25 any questions text or call. Having problems uploading ... full details08/01/16Yes
49RED DEVIL CICHLID : Hi I have for sale a huge red devil, He\'s about 12 to 13 inch fin perfect. I will be sorry to see him go,had him from 2inch but need tank space for new project. Not in any rush to ... full details06/08/15Yes
50Dovii wolf cichlids : Hi have some juvenile dovii cichlids for sale. These are about 3 to 4 inch. pics are of actual parents . Male has lots of blue colouring. Asking £5 each full details01/08/15Yes
51GREEN TERRORS AEQUIDENS SP. GOLD SAUM. : Hi I have for sale 3 green terror gold saum South American cichlids. These are from a excellent blood line. Picture is of actual father to these fish and can be seen. There about 3 ... full details04/07/15Yes
52FREE TO GOOD HOME CORYDORAS ADOLFOI : Hi I have 3 Adolfoi's Corys Got these from my mother as she as now left the hobby. Not suited for my setups. These Cory's were £15 each from Maidenhead Crowland. All so got 2 m ... full details20/06/15No
53FREE TO GOOD HOME kEYHOLE CICHLIDS. Cleithracara maronii. : Hi I have a pair of Keyhole cichlids. They are a very peaceful american cichlid ideal for a small fish community setup. Ones about 3 inch the other 4inch. Free to good home. full details20/06/15No
54JAGUAR CICHLID : Hi I have for sale a 10 to 11 inch female Jaguar cichlid. £15 full details28/05/15No
55BLACK NASTY Nandopsis haitiensis (ONE REMAINING) : Hi i have for sale 2 young adult male Black nasties cichlids, about 8 to 9 inch. Please do your research if interested in these cichlids. Juveniles can be difficult to raise, but ... full details09/03/15Yes
56AMPHILOPHUS LYONSI American cichlids. NOW SOLD : Hi i have for sale a pair of lyonsi. Male is around 9 to 10 inch with thick set body, female is around 8 inch. This pair have shown signs of breeding, but are not proven as of yet. ... full details21/02/15Yes
57Nandopsis haitiensis, Black Nasty : I have for sale haitiensis black nasty juveniles. These American cichlids are very rare in the hobby, and when adult are stunning. Pictures are of actual parents. There about 1 inc ... full details28/04/14Yes


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