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1Chalice. Montis. Shrooms. Zoas Cambridgeshire : Hi I have a large piece of Hollywood stunner chalice approx 6x4" £50. Some purple and green plate various sizes from £10. Utter chaos zoas. Ricordea Yuma. Collection from PE ... full details22/03/24No
2Colt coral 6-8" Cambridgeshire : Colt coral for sale. Piece from my main colony. Grows quick looks nice. Easy to keep. Collection only PE28 9EE. I can WhatsApp pics 07901874631. full details05/08/23No
3Large bubble coral and turbinaria : Large bubble coral approx 7" Large turbinaria approx 7-8 " £80 each Collection only from PE28 9EE 07901874631 I can WhatsApp pics full details15/10/22No
4Corals clam Cambridgeshire : Hi I have various corals for sale 20 heads minimum hammer green 15 per head or deal on bigger bits 3 big heads aussie hamme 35 4 x heads green purple hammer 50 1 large head gre ... full details22/04/22No
5Hammer coral Cambridgeshire : Bright green branching hammer coral approx 20 heads available. Various sizes. Priced @ £20 per head or discount if buying multiples. Collection from PE28 9EE 07901874631 Tim full details20/04/22Yes
6Purple stylo : Purple stylo for sale .Approx 4 " wide and tall.- £30. Pics available if needed. Whatsapp is best. 07901874631. Tim. Collection only from PE28 9EE. Thanks full details06/03/21Yes
7Sinularia Soft Coral for sale : 4" approx sinularia. Greenish colour. Collection only from PE28 9EE 07901974631 full details14/01/21Yes
8Yellow tang cheap. Need gone today : Yellow tang £25 if picked up today. Approx 4" Collection from PE28 9EE Tim 07901875631 full details30/12/20No
9Xl bubble coral for sale : Hi I have a very large bubble coral for sale. Approx 12" across. Need space so moving it on. I can WhatsApp or email pics on request. Collection only from pe289ee. Offers over £1 ... full details14/05/20Yes
10Soft and torch for sale cambs : Hi I have a nice softy for sale for £10. Approx size 5" high with multiple branches. Also a torch coral which I may sell whole or per head - it's around 8/9 heads and 6" across. ... full details25/10/18No
11Sps clear out. Stylo. Monti.Hystrix.Pavona.Pocillipora Cambs : Hi. I am clearing out my tanks and have some sps for sale. Purple stylo 3 x large bits from 3" up to 6" piece - 20 - 35 Green monti digi colony size 25 Pink pocillipora nice si ... full details08/08/18Yes
12XL BUBBLETIP ANEMONES : Hi I have approx 10 big bubbletips for sale. These aren't the same type as the ones I normally sell - they get much bigger. Most are dinner plate size minimum. Biggest is approx 2f ... full details03/07/18Yes
13Job lot of Malawi plus filters 6x2x2 tank stand etc : Hi I have a 6x2x2 tank with approx 80 Malawi plus some catfish. 6 x 2 x 2 tank and stand. 2 x big canister filters (eheim pro3 and aqua one pro series 2. 1 x uv unit. Shed loads o ... full details21/06/18Yes
14Montipora digi German blue frags : German blue montipora frags I have a few of these available in different sizes. £15 up to £25 depending on size. Although referred to as German blue. These look purple or bl ... full details25/02/18No
15Tri colour bubbletip anemones £30 : Hi I have some bubbletip anemones for sale. Tank splits. These are nicely coloured. They don't get over 6 " and they split readily. Any questions please ask. 07901874631 Collec ... full details28/01/18No
16Frags for sale Cambridgeshire : Hi. I have a few frags spare. Purple stylo. Candycane. Green monti digi. Guttatus. Zoas. Purple (german blue) monti digi.ultra green scrolling monti. Different sizes available pri ... full details15/01/18No
17WANTED BUBBLE CORALS : Hi I am after bubble corals of any description. The bigger the better. Cash waiting. I am based in Cambridgeshire but willing to travel for the right piece. Thanks Tim 0790187 ... full details13/01/18No
18Acanthophyllia lps coral : I have an acanthophyllia for sale. I have removed my sand recently so feel I should move this on as they prefer to be placed on a sandbed. Price is £85 Cash on collection from P ... full details15/04/17Yes
19Hammer coral : Hi. I have an Aussie wall hammer for sale Skeleton is approximately 5" long - coral opens out bigger obviously. Can't upload pics for some reason but can whatsapp or email the ... full details22/02/17Yes
20Purple acro frags : Hi. I have a few bits of purple acropora for sale. 15 per frag. These are large frags properly based out. Collection only from Hemingford Grey Cambridgeshire PE289EE 07901874631 ... full details03/09/16Yes
21Corals Cambridgeshire : I have various corals/frags for sale. Plating monti red Plating monti green Montipora digi pink Fluoro green star polyps Fluoro green cabbage coral Armour of god zoas Yo ... full details27/05/16No
22Kenya tree : Kenya tree softy for sale approx 4" few tiny papaya cloves and zoa attached to base rock. £5. Collection only from Hemingford Grey Cambridgeshire PE289EE I normally have ... full details20/04/16No
23Red montipora : I have a few bits of red plating monti for sale. The piece in the picture is around 4-5" on a big piece of live rock with some papaya cloves attached. This is a full colony no ... full details01/03/16Yes
24Red bubbletip anemones for sale £30 : I have some red bubble tips for sale. They are around 4-6" in size very hardy and split readily. These tend to always show the bubbles rather than the long tapered tentacles that ... full details01/03/16Yes
25Corals/frags/anemones in Hemingford Grey Cambridgeshire : Various frags and small colonies 2 different types of gorgonian. Bright green stag. Bright green guttatus. Red monti plate. Red monti digi. Armour of god zoas. Sinularia softies. ... full details13/11/15Yes
26Frags/anemones for sale Cambridgeshire : I have green guttatus. Papaya cloves. Sympodium. Montipora. Green star polyps. Zoas. Red bubble tip anemones Text 07901874631 Collection from Hemingford Grey Will add p ... full details30/10/15No
27metallic green mushrooms : Hi I have a nice rock of bright green mushrooms for sale. £15. Collection only from Hemingford grey Cambridgeshire. Text or call 07901874631. Thanks. Tim. full details25/06/14Yes
28black clarki clown for sale Cambridgeshire : Hi I have a male black clarki for sale. The female has just been eaten by my catalyphillia! He's jet black with nice strong colours. Could be paired up easily as is definitely male ... full details25/06/14Yes
29lobophytum soft coral for sale cambs : Hi I have a lobophytum or cathedral soft coral for sale. It's approx 4/5". I paid £35 from charterhouse. Asking £15.has nice green polyps and a baby growing next to it. It ... full details18/10/13Yes
30harlequin shrimp cambridgeshire : harlequin shrimp for sale.Got him to get rid of zoa eating asterina stars. He's done his job now so needs moving on. £17. collection only from hemingford grey cambridgeshire. sorr ... full details29/05/13Yes
31few frags for sale cambridgeshire : hi. got a few frags for sale. kenya tree softies £5 small 7.50 med £10 large. lobophytum £8. Bright green hairy mushrooms big heads (split really quick) £3. probably got a few ... full details08/02/13Yes
32wanted. large healthy malu or bubbletip anemone : As above. i'm after a decent sized (8" plus) malu or bubbletip anemone. please call or text Tim on 07901874631 i'm in cambridgeshire will travel for a really decent nem thanks full details04/10/12No
33PICASSO CLOWN CAMBRIDGESHIRE : Hi, I have 1 picasso percula clown for sale. Approx 2" really nice colours and markings. Sorry about pics - best i could get! Collection only from Hemingford Grey Cambridgeshire. ... full details28/09/12Yes
34WANTED. BLACK AND WHITE CLARKI CLOWNS : As above. am after a couple of clarki"s. The really black ones. Please send pics and price to .07901874631 or timlowe2000@yahoo.co.uk cheers full details27/09/12No
35corals for sale cambridgeshire : Hi I have some corals for sale: 1 x finger leather approx 6" £15 2 x green star polyp colonies approx 5" and 6" £15 Various hammer frags green or purple/brown 2 heads up ... full details29/12/10Yes
36corals and frags for sale cambridgeshire monti, euphllia,etc : Hi, I have some corals for sale, I have lots of plating red montipora frags. various sizes from a few cms up to 4-5" approx colonies. Prices from £5 up to £25. Also some me ... full details08/11/10Yes
37Wanted sps frags in cambridge area : Hi, I'm looking for coral frags to buy or possibly swap.Sps or maybe lps I live near St Ives Cambridgeshire, will travel around this area to pick up. There used to be a guy from ... full details09/10/10No


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