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1True Columbian Altum ,£75 : I have some columbian angels now out of quarantine , Please compare their finnage with others They are in perfect condition with full finnage Will only sell to enthusiast with ... full details04/12/17Yes
2The Largest Selection of Discus in the UK , delivery to most of UK. : We actually select these from the farms not ordered from a list Free delivery to most parts of UK on orders over £250 . Imported from the best farms in Malaysia Blue Turq ... full details19/09/17Yes
3Wild Altums are in Under qurantine : This season's wild altums are in and under quarantine for a minimum of 6 weeks They will be acclimatise and kept under observation and release for sale at the end of August . full details27/07/16Yes
4Rare and New discus just landed from David Lai : Just landed a great selection of the best discus from Malaysia Yellow snow leopards Ring Leopards with good size rings Barless Snakeskin and the usual high quality discus ... full details29/06/16Yes
5A New Selection of the best Discus is coming in : After another discus selection in the Malaysian farms , I am pleased to announce of a consignment of discus are coming in next week . These are from the top breeders in Malaysia ... full details23/06/16No
6DISCUS breeding pairs : We have available Snow Leopards ( confirm ) £300 Solid Golden ( PROVEN ) £280 Penang eruption ( Proven ) £300 Rafflesia ( confirm ) £280 Golden Leopard x golden cryst ... full details24/03/16Yes
7New Import from the best farms in Malaysia . Ready Now OUT OF QUARANTINE : Over 1000 discus in stock All personally selected by myself Photos will be posted as soon DISCUS VARIETIES SIZE inches PRICE £ ALBINOS Albino Turquoise 5 £ ... full details22/01/16Yes
8DISCUS FOR THE DISCERNING Facebook Group : Welcome to our facebook group I will be loading my imports of a thousand discus in my face book group . All photos are current , not library achieves . Another selec ... full details31/12/15Yes
9Altum Angels from Columbia £35 .LAST BOX LEFT : Out of Quarantine at least after 6 weeks our importation of Columbian Altum Angels are now for sale . These are true Columbian Altums around 2 inches. Last 2 boxes of 8 altu ... full details19/11/15Yes
10Breeding pairs Discus : Currently Available : Rafflesia £250 checkerboard pigeon blood from £250 Galaxy Turq £300 Snow Leopard £300 heckle X £300 Penang Eruptions £250 and £300 ... full details07/11/15Yes
11Young discus from £15 : Not to be confused with the usual rubbish you see so frequently advertised where photos of so call parents are shown but you get a load of mishappen, stunted and poor quality disc ... full details05/11/15Yes
12Breeding Pairs : Confirmed Pair of checkerboard Pigeon blood around 7 inch £280 delivered. Penang Eruptions £280 RGD x San Merah £300 Yellow Dragons £250 Altum Flora £350 ... full details10/10/15Yes
13Over 800 discus in stock , SPOILT FOR CHOICE : Our July\'s import of 800 discus are out of Quarantine , YES 800 discus from the best farms in Malaysia . From £15 to £150 NOT a few boxes but 53 boxes NOT shown with c ... full details08/10/15Yes
14The biggest selection of Penang Eruptions in the UK from £60 : We have the largest selection of Penang Eruptions from £60 for a 4 inch to £150 for a 7 inch with spotted face full details05/09/15Yes
15Rafflesias £60 : Now out of QT , Rafflesias from Penang Delivery to most of the UK full details04/08/15Yes
16Proven Pair of Penang Eruption £200 SOLD : Proven Pair with fry Slight dorsal fin damage on female that has heal Delivery to most of the UK full details28/07/15Yes
17Just Arrived ,800 discus currently under quarantine and again the best discus from Malaysia : Another importation of 800 discus from my visit to the discus farms in Malaysia . Sizes from 3 inch onwards and prices from £15 These will be ready after the 21st of July full details10/07/15Yes
18New Arrivals in the UK . 53 boxes of high end discus : Some of our imports of discus now out of quarantine 53 boxes of high end discus Over a thousand discus from the best discus farms. Check out our website www.discusforthedi ... full details26/05/15Yes
19Breeding pair of galaxy turquoise discus with fry : Proven Pair of Galaxy Turquoise with fry today Excellent shape , good markings and great condition £250 delivered to most parts of the UK full details20/02/15Yes
20confirm pair of Heckle X : A pair of Heckle X , confirmed today 20 th Feb £300 delivered to most of the UK or collection froim Brentwood full details20/02/15Yes
21Breeding Pair of San Merah : Confirm Pair of San merah with wriggers Male is 7\" and female a round 6\" £250 delivered or collection from Brentwood Essex full details19/02/15Yes
22Inanun £80 : From Brazil , the Inanun with its golden colour full details13/02/15Yes
23Red Cuipeau £100 : Red Cuipeau from Brazil £100 Delivery to most of the UK full details13/02/15Yes
24Breeding Heckle X £150 : A group of Heckle X pairing up Delivery to most of the UK full details12/02/15Yes
25Confirm pair of galaxy turquoise £250 : A confirm pair of Galaxy turquoise £250 delivered These are a young pair and their second attempt full details12/02/15Yes
26Water Butt : Large Water Butt 1 meter in diameter and 1.2 in height With dividers at the bottom Holds 800 Liters easily Collection from Essex £100 Local delivery possible full details12/02/15Yes
27Wild Discus from Brazil : Our stock of wild Brazilian discus are now out of quarantine Alenquer ( reddish brown ) £80 Inanun ( reddish gold ) £80 Cuipeau ( red ) £100 All around 6" Del ... full details03/02/15Yes
28Rafflesias 4 inches £60 : Smaller ones at 4" £60 Delivery to most of the UK £25, Scotland £35 Free delivery on orders over £250 Over a thousand discus in stock full details02/02/15Yes
29Discus Penang Eruptions from £50 : Over 60 Penang Eruptions in Stock From 4" £50 . These are the real Eruptions which I imported from the best eruption breeder in Penang These are the hardiest ones . Deli ... full details02/02/15Yes
304.5 inches Yellow dragon £40 : Look at these nice round yellow dragon Growing fast Delivery to most or the UK full details02/02/15Yes
31Red Dragons £25 : Red Dragons 4 inches , eating and growing well . Excellent markings without peppering . Delivery to most of the UK full details30/01/15Yes
32San Merahs from £40 : We have the best San Merahs in stock from 4" onwards These are a stunning natural red which you won't find elsewhere . 4" £40 5" £60 6" £80 7" £120 Delivery to most of th ... full details30/01/15Yes
33Eruptions and Leopards : Here's a group of Penang Eruptions and Leopards. These are from the world's top spotted discus breeders where sub standard ones are cull and only the top discus are raised . ... full details30/01/15Yes
344.5 inch Blue face Rose Red from Ung Seng Lip £40 : From Penang , the blue face rose red . The face will turn blue as it matures . Stunning shape and colour from Ung Seng Lip , one of the greatest discus creator . Delivery to m ... full details10/01/15Yes
35Wild Manacapuru Red Backs : Limited Wild Manacapuru Red backs out of QT XL £75 Delivery to most of the UK full details24/12/14Yes
36Domestic Alenquers from £40 : We have the best domestic alenquers in stock Bred from the best wild discus to obtain the rich and deep mahogany red that its famous for Not to be confuse with the average al ... full details19/12/14Yes
374 inch Penang Eruptions £50 : Beautiful Penang Eruptions from ....Penang Out of quarantine now Deliveries to most of the UK full details15/12/14Yes
38Discus Rafflesia 4.5 inch £60 : These stunning Rafflesias from Penang Delivery to most of the UK full details15/12/14Yes
39Albino Golden Discus £100 : Beautiful Albino Goldens £100 around 6\" seldom seen. Delivery to most of UK full details10/12/14Yes
40Albino Red Scarlet £150 : Rare albino red scarlet over 6" Delivery to most of the UK full details04/12/14Yes
41Confirm pair Galaxy Turq £250 : Confirm with wriggers a large , thick and round pair of Galaxy Turquoise £250 Delivery to most of the UK full details26/11/14Yes
42Ring Leopards from £25 : Rare Ring Leopards from £25 3" 6" £80 Delivery to most of the UK full details20/11/14Yes
43Mosaic Leopards 3 inches £25 , 4 inches £30 , 5 inches £40 and 6 inches £60 : Excellant markings on these mosaic leopards Now out of quarantine Nice round and fat Best leopard in the UK Delivery to most of the UK full details19/11/14Yes
44Red Alenquer : Red Alenquer Yes they are Red .not just plain brown 4" £40 5" £60 6" £80 6.5" £100 Newly imported from the famous discus farms of Penang Delivery to most of the ... full details19/11/14Yes
45Red Golden Crystals from £40 : These Red Golden Crystals are totally non pigeon blood and do not pepper up no matter what As shown , in a dark tank without any peppering Imported from Ung Seng Lip , Penang ... full details01/11/14Yes
46Red Alenquers from £50 : Red Alenquers that are actually RED ! Imported from Penang in September From 5" £50 full details30/10/14Yes
47Altum Flora from £40 : These are the one of the largest variety of discus 4" £40 7" £150 full details24/10/14Yes
48Blue Cobalts £120 : Limited number of our big fat thick blue cobalts recently imported from the best discus farm in Malaysia Delivery to most of the UK full details24/10/14Yes
49Blue SnakeSkins £40 : Blue Snakeskins from Penang out of quarantine All with red eyes and some have red markings on a blue body Like all blue snakeskins the blue part will intensify as they get olde ... full details22/10/14Yes
50Albinos ..... the largest selection in the UK from £40 : We have the largest selection of Albino Discus in the UK . Albino Pigeon blood Albino Golden Albino White Butterfly Albino Pearl Diamond Platinum Blue Diamond Platinum Cob ... full details22/10/14Yes
51Ring Leopards , out of quarantine : Ring Leopards , now out of QT These rare variety is seldom available 2.5 inch £25 5 to 6 inch young adults £80 Delivery to most of the UK full details11/10/14Yes
52Re open after a successful re stocking trip to Malaysia from 5th to 18th September 2014 : A small sample of what i am importing into the UK this week. First consignment arrived 25th September of 427 discus Second Consignment 29th Sept. Over 800 discus from the b ... full details30/09/14Yes
53Breeding Pairs : Galaxy Turquoise (confirmed with fry ) £280 ( SOLD ) Galaxy Turq ( confirm with wriggers 29th Aug ) £250 Solid Yellow ( Confirmed with wriggers 29th Aug ) High Body Leop ... full details04/09/14Yes
54San Merahs from £40 : Stunning San Merah with its deep natural red Imported from Penang , Malaysia . Do not confuse these with others advertised elsewhere which are just brown discus . The wor ... full details25/08/14Yes
55Penang Eruptions 5" £60 Special price until end of August : Stunning Penang eruptions at special price of £60 for a 5" fish I imported these at 4" in June and have grown a bit but are selling these at the same price . These ... full details25/08/14Yes
56Albino Golden £100 , 5.5 inch discus : Albino Golden from Penang Beautiful Pattern and colour Delivery to most of the UK full details17/08/14Yes
57Leopards and Eruptions 4.5 inches : Leopards and Eruptions Beautiful spotted from Penang's top breeder Leopards £40 Eruptions £60 Delivery to most of the UK full details17/08/14Yes
58Blue Diamonds £60 : Around 6" , females may be smaller from Penang full details26/07/14Yes
59Tiger Turquoise £40 : 4" Tiger Turq , recently imported from Penang full details26/07/14Yes
60A few examples of our discus : Some of our discus in display tank full details25/07/14Yes
614" Checkerboard Pigeon Blood £35 : The everpopular checkerboard pigeon blood 4" round and fat Imported in early July now our of quarantine £35 Delivery to most of the UK full details22/07/14Yes
62Yellow Diamonds 3.5"£25 : Yellow diamonds , great shape , fat and round . Growing very fast since imported in July . full details22/07/14Yes
63Discus Pairing Up : A few pairs of recent imports pairing up . These are price as individual fishes and are unconfirmed . An excellent opportunity to get pairs that choose themselves and without ... full details22/07/14No
64Confirmed Breeding Pair of yellow crystals SOLD : Breeding pair confirm today , first timers not old boilers bred to exhaustion £180 or £200 delivered to most of the UK Pair sold , expecting another pair soon full details21/07/14Yes
65Snow Leopards £120 : Rare Snow Leopard and even rarer Snakeskin version and one is even spotted in the face ! Recent import now our of quarantine Delivery to most of the UK full details19/07/14Yes
66Discus out of quarantine from our May Discus Farm Visit . Direct from the farms . : We are open after a successful visit to the discus farms where we actually select our discus. Delivery to most of the UK Free Delivery on orders over £250 In the UK now ... full details19/07/14Yes
67San Merah from £40 : San Merah from the best farms in Malaysia where we buy direct from the farms. These were imported in June and now out of quarantine Eating heavily and growing fast full details15/07/14Yes
68Galaxy Turquoise from £20 : Now out of Quarantine Galaxy Turquoise are nice round with beautiful markings . The adults and the young ones are from the same breeder 3" £20 6"+ £120 full details05/07/14Yes
69Leopard Discus : Stunning Leopards now out of quarantine Imported from Penang in June 3\" £25 4.5\" £40 full details05/07/14Yes
70High Qualty 3 inches Discus from £12 : We have high quality discus recently imported from my recent discus farm visit to Malaysia Check these out , excellent shape with small eyes Altum Flora £12 Red Dragon £ ... full details28/06/14Yes
71Altum Floras £12 : Real Altum Floras , ability to grow LARGE just under 3" now but watch them grow Why waste your money and time growing those sub standard £6.99 discus that are in e bay ?? Co ... full details27/06/14Yes
72Hi Body Leopards from £30 : We have a selection of high body leopards They are not going to win any prizes but perfect for breeding to " round " up your stock . These are not normally found in ... full details27/06/14Yes
73Spots , spots and more spots : Coming out of quarantine at the end of June , our spotted variety from Malaysia . Leopards from 4"£30 to 6" £80 Eruptions 4.5 " £60 to 7" £150 All from the famous farms ... full details26/06/14Yes
74The reddest discus there is : Currently under Quarantine , our red discus will be out of Quarantine by the end of June . Rafflesias Red Ninjas San Merah Valentine Red Scarlett Red Golden Diamond ( the r ... full details26/06/14Yes
75Platinums £80 4.5 inches : At last , true platinums are a lot more reasonable in price . Our recent import of discus consist of some of these platinums which really stands out in a dark tank. These ar ... full details25/06/14Yes
76Yellows and Goldens : We have the largest collection of yellows and Goldens in the UK . They will be out of quarantine at the end of June We have pigeon base yellow and for the discerning keeper go ... full details25/06/14Yes
77Breeding Pairs from our new imports : Altum Floras , massive Altum Floras with brilliant blue colour and full striped body , matching pair with fertilised eggs today ( 28th June ) £300 Pair of Goldens from 7" , ab ... full details23/06/14Yes
78Pair of Albino Pearl Diamond : Rare Pair of Albino Pearl Diamond £300 full details22/04/14Yes
79Clearance sale of Leopards and Leopard Snakeksins 6" £60 : Due to anticipated trip to the Malaysian discus farms in May , I am clearing some of these at below trade price . Offer ends 30th April full details22/04/14Yes
80Clearance Discus : 3" £20 4" £30 5" £40 6" £50 ends 30th April 2014 full details22/04/14Yes
81Valentines : Beautiful Valentines from £50 These are white based but without the white eyes of the snow white and a beautiful red body . These will never pepper 4" £50 5" £60 6" ... full details18/04/14Yes
82San Merah from £30 : We have a great selection of San Merah 3" £30 under 6" £80 6" £100 Delivery to most of the UK full details14/04/14Yes
83Penang Eruptions 4 inches £50 ; and 5 to 6 inches £80 : Another excellent batch of Penang Eruptions from the farms where the best eruptions come from . These are the actual fishes I have in the UK now , not library archives . Some p ... full details14/04/14Yes
84Altum Turquoise from £40 : Altum Turquoise , The best of both parents are seen in these , the shape of the altum flora and the full body pattern of the red turquoise . 4" £40 5" £60 6" £100 7" £150 ... full details12/04/14Yes
85Clearance of Galaxy Turquoise 4.5 to 5 inches only £40 : Clearing some Galaxy Turquoise , due to imminent discus farm visits in Malaysia These are nice and round Only 4 left Delivery to most of the UK full details11/04/14Yes
86Special Offers on Leopards till the end of April : Leopards under 5 inches £40 5 inches £50 Ring Leopards under 5 inches £50 5 inches £60 Deliveries to most of the UK full details08/04/14Yes
87Clearance Sale of Discus from £10 : I am clearing off discus from £10 each in anticipation of my next farm visit. Variety includes Blue Diamonds ( all with red eyes , no yellow eyes and definately no black eyes) ... full details05/04/14Yes
88Breeding Pair Albino Pearl Diamond £300 only : A breeding pair of very rare Albino Pearl diamonds Male Striated and female solid Delivery to most of the UK full details29/03/14Yes
89Blue Diamonds from £20 for 3 inches to £80 for 6 inches : Blue Diamonds , all with red eyes No yellow or black eyes ! 3" £20 4" £ 30 5" £ 50 6" £80 Delivery to most of the UK full details19/03/14Yes
90Confirm Pair of Penang Eruptions , large 7 inches £300 : Confirm pair of eruptions Large pair Strictly on first come basis full details19/03/14Yes
91Super red ninjas 6 inches £100 ; 4 inches £40 : Reddest discus around from Penang Super red ninjas £100 4" to 5" £40 full details17/03/14Yes
92Galaxy Turquoise from £30 , free delivery on orders over £250 : Galaxy Turquoise out of quarantine . Dark red patterns , very round with a dark halo on females. 3" £30 5" £60 6" £80 7" £150 Delivery to most of the UK full details09/03/14Yes
93Confirm Pair of Valentines with free swimming fry £250 : A pair confirmed pair of red valentines with free swimming fry , unexpectedly back on the market . This is a young pair that has paired up naturally in my stock tank Not pai ... full details07/03/14Yes
94Golden Checkerboards : Golden Checkerboards ....... nice round and no peppering From Exactly the same breeder as our previous shipment and those who bought then knows how well they grew to and round ... full details05/03/14Yes
95White Angels 3" £30 : The very rare white Angels £30 full details25/02/14Yes
96Red Spotted Green £120 7" : Red Spotted Green in excellant shape . Yes its actually Green ! Delivery to most of the UK full details25/02/14Yes
97White Butterfly 4.5 inches £40 : Now out of qt, White Butterfly from Penang These will turn a Paper White when fully grown Delivery to most of the UK full details25/02/14Yes
98Assortment of 3 inch quality discus £20 each : Following my recent discus farm visit in Malaysia I have an assortment of discus Blue Diamonds Red Melons Brilliants Cobalts Red Turquoise Blue Turquoise All minimum of 3 ... full details23/02/14Yes
99Confirmed Breeding pair of Valentines 6 to 7 inches £250 : Young pair of Valentine from Malaysia , first pairing after quarantine full details14/02/14Yes
100San Merah x Red Ninja £80 : The deeper and redder San Merah by crossing with a red ninja , it is now redder with red cheeks At just under 6" £80 full details13/02/14Yes
101Albino Pearl Diamonds from £100 : The rare and beautiful Albino Pearl Diamonds and we have both versions , solid £150 and straited £100 All 6" + Delivery to most of the UK full details13/02/14Yes
102Brilliant Turquoise £10 , 2.5" : Brilliant Turq from the famous discus farms of Malaysia full details07/02/14Yes
103breeding pair of cobolts 6 to 7 " £180 : Nice strong pair of blue cobolts recently imported from Penang Delivery to most of UK full details06/02/14Yes
104Red Spotted Green and Snakeskin version : Out of Qt and ready next week , Red Spotted green and also rare Snakeskin version full details04/02/14Yes
105Valentine from £50 4 inches : Valentine discus from Malaysia now out of quarantine . 4" £50 5" £80 6" £120 Albino Valentine 6" £150 full details31/01/14Yes
106Platinum Blue Diamond from £40 : Platinum Blue diamond out of QT 2" £40 3" £60 4" £80 5" £100 full details31/01/14Yes
107Lai Aquatics International have imported in January 2014 ......... : Over 1000 of the best Malaysian discus have been selected to be imported in January . From 3" to Jumbo sizes. 1st Shipment of 39 boxes arrived on 3rd January 2014. 2 nd Shipm ... full details30/01/14Yes
108Blue Cobolts from £15 to £80 : Blue Cobolts out of quarantine 3" £15 4" £25 6" £80 full details22/01/14Yes
109Valentines from £50 : Rare Valentines from Penang 4.5" £50 6.6" £150 full details22/01/14Yes
110Super red ninjas 4" £40 now out of quarantine : Now out of quarantine , these super red ninjas are now available and very red with red cheeks Imported from Penang full details22/01/14Yes
111Albino Yellow White 6" £100 : Albino Yellow white now out of quarantine £100 full details21/01/14Yes
112Ica now out of quarantine 3" £50 : Extremely rare I'ca , now out of quarantine 3" £50 Large ones available next week £150 full details21/01/14Yes
113Leopards , Red Diamonds , Altum Scribble , at least 5 inches £50 : Free delivery over £250 in November : A wide selection of Leopards , Red Diamonds , Altum scribble . These have stunning colours , markings and shape . from the old type red diamonds to new altum scribble these are s ... full details01/12/13Yes
114Penang Eruption Female 6 inches £100 : Confirm Female Penang Eruption Laying today Photo shows breeding tube down Can be send by courier this week full details01/12/13Yes
115Confirm female Super red Alenquer £100 : Confirm female Super red Alenquer laid yesterday Stunning super red colour seldom seen Delivery possible this week full details01/12/13Yes
1163+ inches Yellows from £15 : A great selection of yellow discus 3+ inch Yellow Crystal £15 3+ inch Yellow Dragon £20 3+ inch Solid yellow £20 3+ inch Yellow white £25 Delivery to most of UK full details30/11/13Yes
117Blue Snakeskins, free delivery during November on orders over £250 : Beautiful and round , with nice red eyes these blue snakeskin are under rated , as they get older they will develop a nice reflective blue . Very round and growing well 4" £40 ... full details28/11/13Yes
118Super Red Alenquers 6 inches to 8 inches £100 : These stunning super red alenuers selectively bred from the reddest wild alenquers , out of quarantine . 6" minimum and some males close to 8" Free Delivery to most of UK dur ... full details23/11/13Yes
119heckle X. : Heckle crosses 6" £100 Jumbo £150 Easier to keep than wild heckles Free Delivery in November on orders over £250 full details23/11/13Yes
120Blue Tiger Turquoise 4.5 inches £40 from Ung Seng Lip with free delivery on orders over £250 in Nov : Beautifully patterned Blue Tiger Turq direct from Penangs famous discus breeder Ung Seng Lip . We cut out all the middlemen to bring these discus into the UK at £40 All with ... full details21/11/13Yes
121Rose Reds from £30 3 inches , free delivery in November on orders over £250 : Rose Reds , nice round , solid wild red colour and some with blue faces . 4" £40 5" £60 Also super red rose with red operculum , a cross with the super red ninja. De ... full details20/11/13Yes
122Leopards 3 inches £25 , free delivery on orders over £250 in November : Selected Leopards , nice colours , shape and thickness . Just faultless ! Delivery to most of UK full details20/11/13Yes
123San Merah . Rose Reds . Super Red Rose : Free delivery in November on orders over £250 Deep natural red of the San Merah 5" £50 Also in stock, similar.... Blue face rose red 3" £30 Super red rose 5" £60 . 6" ... full details11/11/13Yes
124Leopards and Leopard Snakeskins NOT Eruptions 5 inches + £50 : Free delivery on orders over £250 Leopards and Leopard Snakeskins ( LSS ) These are good quality Leopards and Leopard Snaksksins are around 5 " , good shape and markings . Al ... full details11/11/13Yes
125yellow checkerboard 4" £40 : Beautiful Yellow Checkerboard Very Clean discus from the Golden Strain Photos taken in a tank with a black background and yet no peppering . £40 4" Delivery to most o ... full details09/11/13Yes
126Ring Leopards, free delivery during November on purchases over £250 : Ring leopards from 3" to 6" + , with nice ring markings . From £35 full details06/11/13Yes
127Yellow Checkerboard 4 inches £40, free delivery in November on purchases over £250 : New variety of yellow checkerboard . Excellant shape , pattern and colour From a Duisberg Grand Champion breeder . Collection or delivery to most of the UK full details06/11/13Yes
128Altum Floras from £30 to £150 , free delivery in November : 3.5 " to a whopping 7" Altum Floras All altum floras have a nice tall shape and the ability to reach a very large size . Free Delivery in November on orders over £250 Pa ... full details05/11/13Yes
12940 boxes of Malaysia s finest discus from my discus shopping trip . Free delivery during November on orders over £250 : Back from Malaysia visiting Discus farms and selecting top quality discus for the UK market . 40 Boxes of discus from the best Malaysian breeders . We cut out the middle men ... full details30/10/13Yes
130White Angel Discus , 3 inches £30 : Beautiful White Angels from Martin Ng This new variety of discus looks like the platinum with red eyes , not to be confused with the white diamonds or snow white which its not r ... full details26/10/13Yes
131Penang Eruptions 5 inches £80 : Stunning Eruptions 5" + £80 Also 3" £35 4" £50 6" £120 5"+ albino eruption £120 Over a hundred eruptions in stock , now out of quarantine ! Collection or deliv ... full details24/10/13Yes
132Confirm Pair of Snow Leopard Discus SOLD : A confirm pair of snow leopards with wriggers today. Snow Leopard males are hard to find let alone a breeding pair . I actually go through the farms selecting quality discus and ... full details23/10/13Yes
133Yellow Crystals 3 inches £15 : Some very nice yellow crystals from Penang . Excellant shape at 3" . No arrowheads . Just nice round discus . Collection or delivery Note they are growing fast some are now 3 ... full details17/10/13Yes
134New Type of Rafflesia 4 inches £60 : New type of Rafflesias with finer spots First batch into the UK 4" £60 Delivery or collection from Brentwood full details13/10/13Yes
135Very Rare Pair of Calico Discus £200 : Pair of Calicos from Penang , seldom seen let alone a pair of them . Delivery or collection full details12/10/13Yes
136Red Spotted Green 5" £50 : Red Spotted Green , domestic form , nice round shape . £50 Delivery or collection full details08/10/13Yes
137Albino Snakeskin and Albino Platinum Cobolts XL : Small selection of Albino Snakeskins and Albino Platinum Cobolts. Some pairing up £150 These are strong albinos growing to around 7" and some are pairing up. Delivery ... full details06/10/13Yes
138Blue Diamonds 4" £20 : Blue Diamonds now out of QT Nothing fancy just good quality blue diamonds direct from the farms in Malaysia where we import directly , by-passing all middlemen and with our econom ... full details05/10/13Yes
139Red Melons 6" £60 : Red Melons now out of QT We also have males Also 4" £40 full details05/10/13Yes
140yellow checkerboard £40 : Coming out of quarantine on the 30th Sept , the yellow checkerboard around 4 inch Excellant shape and patterns Delivery or collection full details03/10/13Yes
141Altum Floras from £30 : Currently under quarantine , some real altum floras with their stunning shape .Their shape can be appreciated at 3 inch Also fully grown ones , at over 7 inch on the males WOW ... full details03/10/13Yes
142Confirm Pair of Altum Brilliant : Confirm pair of Altum Brilliant ( Altum flora x Brilliant blue ) A wonderful cross , the great shape and size of the Altum Flora with the colour of the Brilliant Blue . This ... full details29/09/13Yes
143Spotted , under quarantine : Currently under quarantine , spotted leopards , Penang eruptions , ring leopards , spotted face goldens , Recent photos , september 2013 , not library archives ! Ready next wee ... full details27/09/13Yes
1443 inches Young discus coming out of quarantine 30th September 2013 from £15 : We have some high quality 3" discus coming out of quarantine , These are from the best discus breeders in the world . Selected while I was in their farms. Everyone in Excellant ... full details27/09/13Yes
145Turqoise from £20 : All varieties , Red Turqs Blue Turqs Checkerboard Turqs Straight Line Turqs Tiger Turqs Brilliant Turqs Galaxy Turqs Delivery or collection full details18/09/13Yes
1464" Eruptions £50 : Penang Eruptions , just quality direct from Penang full details17/09/13Yes
147Red Turqs 6" £60 : Red Turqs , traditional strain , hardy , excellent discus . Also 4" ones £40 , 5" £50 full details14/08/13Yes
148Red Covers £40 4" + : Stunning colours , nice solid chunky fish from the farms of Penang Delivery or collection full details14/08/13Yes
149Super Red Rose , £50 5 inches . £40 4 inches : A crossing of Super Red ( red ninja ) and Rose Red has produce this beautiful deep red discus Photo # 2 is of the parent (female) Collection or Delivery full details12/08/13Yes
150500 New Discus into the UK from Lai Aquatics International , Out Of Quarantine : New stock in , DIRECT from the best discus farms in Malaysia Blue Diamond 4" £30 , 6" £60 white Butterfly 3" £30 . 5" £50 blue turquoise 6" £60 Red Turquoise 6" £60 R ... full details12/08/13Yes
151Cuipeau , Tucuri ,Inanun, Nhamunda , wild discus from £50 : We have a selection of Wild Discus out of quarantine These are REAL wilds and NOT "wild types" Nanay Greens 4" £50 Nanay Red spotted green 5" £80 Putomayo Red Spotted G ... full details12/08/13Yes
152Young Rafflesia just under 6 inches £80 : Young adults , Rafflesias , stunning colours , imported in March 2013 at 4" , now almost 6" . Collection or delivery full details11/08/13Yes
153Yellow Dragon 2.5 inches £15 now out of Quarantine and solid yellow £18 : Going fast , yellow dragons and solid yellow Why waste your money buying cheap arrow shape discus when you can have these nice round discus that are professionally bred by the wor ... full details11/08/13Yes
154Eheim 2080 £150 or swap for 3 x 2217 : Due to a change of layout , my Eheim 2080 does not fit in the cabinet. Selling this top of the range Eheim model for £150 , retails over £300 or swap for 3 x 2217 EHEIM PR ... full details11/08/13Yes
155Blue Snakeskins 5 inches £50 : High Quality Blue Snakeskin in great shape , selected for colour and shape . Growing fast Imported July 2013 , now out of quarantine full details11/08/13Yes
156Red Melon 4.5 inches £30 : Now out of QT £30 Delivery or collection full details11/08/13Yes
157Penang Eruptions 6 inches £100 : Imported in March 2013 at 4" and now 6" in size , and still growing ! Not hormone and none of the dreaded 100 day disease ! Also 3" £35 4" £50 Delivery or collection full details11/08/13Yes
158Golden Leopards and Golden Snakes 5" £80 : Seldom available , True Goldens . Observe that the tails are clear and not black (pigeon bloods ) Imported July 2013 , now out of quarantine full details05/08/13Yes
159Penang Eruptions 3" £35 : Beautiful Penang Eruptions now out of quarantine . Photos are of the 3" Penang Eruptions that were imported into the UK on the 4th July 2013 . Round and fully spotted . Ava ... full details05/08/13Yes
160Red Scarlett 3" £20 : Now out of quarantine , Red Scarlett , great shape and growing well full details02/08/13Yes
161Red Turqs 5 inches £40 : Red Turqs in excellant shape and patterns £40 full details02/08/13Yes
162Penang Eruption 4" plus , £50 : Beautiful Penang Eruptions imported July 2013 now out of quarantine . Strong solid fish not hormone fed . Also 3" ones at £35 Collection ot delivery full details02/08/13Yes
163Leopards 4 inches £30 : Top Quality Leopards from the best farms in Penang Most will have spotted face . 4" £30 Ring Leopards 3" £30 , 4" £40 Snow Leopards 3" £30 full details28/07/13Yes
164Penang Eruptions from £35 : 3" Penang Eruptions £35 4" Penang Eruptions £50 Recently imported from the best discus farms in Malaysia full details25/07/13Yes
165Pigeon Blood Snakeskin 6" + £100 : Pigeon Blood Snakeskin , full body patterns , nice fat and round £100 Delivery to most of the UK or collection from Brentwood full details21/07/13Yes
166Red Turqs from Penang now out of quarantine 6" £60 : Now out of Quarantine , nice red turqs from Penang , Delivery or collection full details20/07/13Yes
167Heckle Cross from £40 to £100 . : Now Heckle Crosses are now affordable and a lot easier to keep than Wild Heckles. 4" £40 5" £60 6" + £100 full details14/07/13Yes
168Wild Caughts : Wild green discus from Peru , and red spotteds Wild altums from Columbia Wilds from Brazil Super Red Cuipeau Red Cuipeau Red Inanun Blue Heckles Blue Face Heckles Mari ... full details10/07/13Yes
169Yellow Dragon 2.5" £15 now out of Quarantine : Just out of quarantine , Yellow Dragon imported on 4th July Excellent shape and markings from the best discus farm in Malaysia Delivery to most of the UK or collection from Bre ... full details09/07/13Yes
170Breeding pair of Penang Eruptions from £250 SOLD : 2 Pairs of Penang Eruption 7"spotted face both parents £300 (SOLD) 6 to 7" pair , spotted face on male £250 sold Delivery or collection full details23/06/13Yes
1718" Red Alenquer breeding pair £250 : Confirm pair of Red Alenquers Big Chunky Pair , Delivery to most of the UK full details22/06/13Yes
172San Merah x Ghost reds breeding pair £250 SOLD : Rare pairing of San merah and Ghost red , confirm with swimming fry. Delivery or collection full details22/06/13Yes
173Large Pair of Red White (red eyes) confirmed with fry £250 from Penang SOLD : A large pair of red white with red eyes , confirm with lots of fry . Very rare to find them with red eyes £250 delivery to most of UK full details22/06/13Yes
174Super Red Royal Alenquer £100 female : 1 left , female £100 full details21/06/13Yes
175Albino Red Covers from £40 : Albino Red Covers , stunning colours if you have a well lit tank and even better if you have a blue LED moonlight to bring out the glow of the halo during nightime. Pairs availa ... full details21/06/13Yes
176Solid Yellows 4 inches £40 : Nice round fat solid yellow full details20/06/13No
177Albino Eruptions 6 inches £100 : Rare, quality albino Penang eruptions from Penang full details20/06/13Yes
178Galaxy Turquoise , : Galaxy Turqs , beautiful pattern and shape . 2" £20 SOLD OUT 3" £30 4" £50 6" £80 7" £100 Delivery of collection full details13/06/13Yes
179Breeding Pair of red turq £200 , SOLD : Nice big breeding pair of red turquoise . Proven pair Delivery to most of the UK full details13/06/13Yes
180RUby Spider face 7 inches : Stunning beauties. Delivery or collection full details12/06/13Yes
181Altum Floras breeding pair £350 SOLD : Breeding pair of Altum Floras , just look at those shape ! £350 full details11/06/13Yes
18260cm cubes in 10mm glass £50 each : I have 4 cubes of 60 cm , made in 10mm glass . cost over a hundred £ to be made with 10mm glass 2 holes 0f 28mm drilled in the front of the tank . Almost brand new and only tes ... full details06/06/13Yes
183Proven Pair of Eruptions with fry £250 sold : Pair of eruptions with fry this morning Fully spotted female but Male does not have full body spots but is spotted on face hence low price of £250 Delivery or collection full details01/06/13Yes
184Confirmed Pair of Red Scarlet Discus from Penang £250 sold : A very rare pair of Red Scarlet Discus imported from Penang in March 2013 . First successful spawning with wriggers so there's plenty more , not old boilers ! Male is a good 7" ... full details01/06/13Yes
185Confirm Breeding pair Super Red £250 : Confirm with wrigglers , a pair of super red ninjas Very good male , refuse to move away from cone full details31/05/13Yes
186Breeding Pair checkerboard snakeskin pigeon blood £200, with fry SOLD : Rare breeding pair of Pigeon blood Checkerboard Snakeskin with fry Unlike most pigeon snakeskin , these are pattern all over the body . Delivery or collection full details31/05/13Yes
187Penang Eruptions £80 : £80 and growing full details22/05/13Yes
188Breeding Pair checkerboard Pigeon Blood £200 SOLD : Confirm Pair with wriggers , Good size around 6" + full details21/05/13Yes
189Confirm Breeding Pair of Blue Cobolts £180 : Just Confirmed , Pair of Blue Cobolts , Young adults , so plenty more to come ! Delivery or collection full details14/05/13Yes
190Confirm Pair of red covers £250 : Confirmed with wriggers , Red Cover Pair £250 Delivery to most of the UK full details14/05/13Yes
191Rafflesias : Excellent Rafflesias 4 inch £50 5 inch £60 6 inch £80 6 inch+ £100 full details11/05/13Yes
192Checkerboard Pigeon Blood and Turquoise , growing up too fast : Was 3 inch in February now 4.5 inch and still growing ! Excellent shape , colour and health . Absolutely NO peppering . Only £40 ! Delivery or collection full details11/05/13Yes
193Wild Green Tapahos Discus 6"+ £80 : Wild Discus , eating well and mixing well with domestic Asian Discus Delivery or collection full details05/05/13Yes
194Confirm Pair of White Butterfly £200 : Confirmed today White Butterfly breeding pair , first attempt . Delivery to most of UK full details05/05/13Yes
195Penang eruption 5 inches + £80 : Excellent shape and beautiful spots Males are almost 6" full details03/05/13Yes
196Royal Super Red Alenquer confirm Breeding Pair : Very Rare breeding pair of Royal super red alenquer . bred from wild super red alenquer. Exception colouring you'll not see in normal alenquers plus this pair are full royals full details02/05/13Yes
197Leopard Snakeskins , Penang Eruptions , Ruby Spider face etc out of quarantine now : Once again I have selected a collection of LSS From Penang Eruptions , to Golden LSS with full head pattern , fully spotted face , operculum and even spotted heads ruby Spider F ... full details01/05/13Yes
198Young Rafflesias 4.5 inches £50 : Rafflesia Discus £50 full details30/04/13No
199Royal Blues 6 inches + some almost 7 inches £100 : Large , Heavy and Round ,Royal Blues from wild crosses now out of quarantine . Collection or delivery full details27/04/13Yes
200Super Reds from £30 to £100 : Super reds or sold as red ninjas in Japan, Another stunning collection of the reddest discus around . These are not over enhanced until the tail goes red nor any red light was u ... full details27/04/13Yes
201Albino Penang Eruptions 4 inches + £80 : Albino Penang Eruptions ,from Ung Seng Lip Some with rings 5" £120 full details26/04/13Yes
202Ring Leopards from £50 : Rare Ring Leopards 4" onwards full details26/04/13Yes
203Ring Leopards £50 4" : Real Ring Leopards full details25/04/13Yes
204Ruby Spider face 7" £150 : The Best there is ............ Collection or delivery full details25/04/13Yes
205Penang Eruptions 5" £80 : Stunning beauties , imported in March 2013 Delivery to most of the UK full details25/04/13Yes
206Red Golden Diamond (RGD) X Blue Diamond : Rare Strain of RGD (red golden diamond ) X Common Strain of Blue Diamond from the farm of the creator of RGD . 2 different , one dark red and another colour of RGD but striation ... full details23/04/13Yes
207Albino Red Cover £80 : Night Shot of Albino Red Cover 6" £80 Also available at 4" £40 Delivery or collection full details23/04/13Yes
208Golden Leopard Snakeskin GLSS 6 inches + £200 SOLD OUT : Rare Golden Leopard Snakeskin with spotted face Collection or delivery full details21/04/13Yes
2094.5 inches Leopards £40 , now out of QT : Beautiful Leopards! Collection or delivery. full details21/04/13Yes
210Altum Floras from £12 : Altum Floras 2" £12 3" £25 4" £40 5" £50 XXL £150 Delivery or collection full details17/04/13Yes
211Super Red / Red Ninja £150 SOLD : Select grade Red Ninja .exceptional shape and colour £150 full details17/04/13Yes
212Red Cover £150 : Select grade Red Cover full details15/04/13Yes
2132.5 inches Checkerboards , Red Pandas , Altum Floras , Blue Diamonds , Red Dragons ALL £15 only : For only £15 , these excellent discus are raised with no expense spared and well fed with the best food. No arrow heads , no shortened dorsal fins or operculum . All round and ... full details15/04/13Yes
214Young Rafflesias 4.5" £50 : Beautiful Rafflesias full details15/04/13Yes
215Blue Snakeskins from £50 : Our Blue Snakeskins are now out of QT 5" Blue snakeskins £50 6" Fine Line blue snakeskins £100 SOLD 7" Fine Line Blue Snakeskin £150 Delivery to most of the UK full details15/04/13Yes
216Albino Red Covers from £40 : Albino red covers now out of quarantine . 4" £40 6" £80 Collection or delivery to most of UK full details13/04/13Yes
217In the UK in March 2013 , out of quarantine now, SPOILT FOR CHOICE : A few samples of March imports . now out of Quarantine , Checker board pigeon Checkerboard turq Altum floras Snow leopards Red whites Albino Golden Red turqs Blue turqs ... full details13/04/13Yes
218Red Pandas 2" £15 : Seldom available at this size £15 full details13/04/13Yes
219Red Pandas 2 inch £15 : Now out of QT , red panda , seldom available at this size £15 full details13/04/13Yes
220Solid Yellow £40 : Now out of QT Solid Yellow just under 4" £40 full details13/04/13Yes
221Confirm Breeding pair Super Red : Young pair Super Red , first spawning and fertilised. £250 Delivery to most of the UK full details08/04/13Yes
2224"+ Leopards £40 : Excellant Leopards From Penang's top discus breeder. Great Shape , lovely colour and spots Delivery or collection full details05/04/13Yes
223Yellow Crystals 6 to7" £80 : Big and heavy No peppering , from golden gene full details29/03/13Yes
224Red White 5" £80 to 6" £100 : Beautiful Red White , now red all the way to top full details27/03/13Yes
225Checkerboard Pigeon Blood , out of QT : Our stunning Checkerboard Pigeon Blood are out of quarantine now Delivery or collection 3" £20 4" £40 5" £50 6" £80 full details27/03/13Yes
226Big Penang Eruptions out of QT : XL Penang Eruptions now out of QT £100 full details26/03/13Yes
227Ring Leopards out of quarantine from £50 : Ring Leopards out of Quarantine 4" £50 6" £80 full details26/03/13Yes
228Platinum Snakeskin 4" £80 : Out of QT now full details25/03/13Yes
229Albino Golden Snakeskin 6" + £150 : Pic says it all Collection or delivery full details25/03/13Yes
230Rafflesias coming out of quarantine next week : Some stunning Rafflesias coming out of quarantine week from £40 3" to Jumbo £100 full details20/03/13Yes
231Blue Diamonds / Neon Sapphire 2 inches £15 : Coming out of Quarantine end of March , Blue Diamonds / Neon Sapphire from Martin Ng . full details19/03/13Yes
2322 inches Red Pandas : Red Pandas under quarantine and will release for sale at the end of March £15 Delivery or collection full details19/03/13Yes
233Red Golden Diamond (RGD ) X Blue Diamond : Coming out of quarantine soon Red Golden Diamond X Blue Diamond from Ung Seng Lip , the creator of the Red Golden Diamond (RGD) These are NOT pigeon blood strain All nice ... full details15/03/13Yes
234Breeding Pair , Proven Eruption and Ring Leopard £200 SOLD : Pair of Penang Eruption and Ring Leopard , proven with Fry . Chance to obtain Ring Eruption Delivery or collection full details11/03/13Yes
235proven pair checkerboard pigeon blood SOLD : proven pair with fry £180 E mail me for pics Available after 1st March full details07/03/13No
236Confirmed Pair of Rare Calico discus £200 SOLD : A pair of very rare calico discus Normally calicos (if they are available ) have patches of yellow/red and a pale body , these have full coloured bodies and in great shape . Pho ... full details07/03/13Yes
237Discus For The Discerning.com now re open after another sucessful trip to Malaysia : October 2012 : Another sucessful trip with discus from Malaysia, out of quarantine and looking excellant. Albino Pearl Diamonds 5 inch £100 Rose Reds 3 inch £30 Galaxy turquo ... full details02/03/13Yes
238Blue Turqs , Tiger Turqs Blue Cobolts : We will be importing Large Blue Turqs , Tiger Turqs and Cobolts From Round Bodies to High Bodies but no Bull Dogs Pics taken shortly after netting , and in old glass tank , y ... full details28/02/13Yes
239Blue Diamonds , good quality , round and fat : We will be importing high end blue diamonds . Not the skinny , cheap arrowheads you so often see for £9.99 ! Look at pics and judge for yourself full details28/02/13Yes
240Eruption Leopards 4" £30 , available mid March : Beutiful Eruption Leopards Leopards thst carry the Penang Eruption genes Available mid March collection or Delivery full details25/02/13Yes
241Penang Eruptions 4" £50 Limited Quantity , Ready Mid March : This stunning lot of Penang Eruptions will be ready mid March . Excellant shape , spots and only £50 whilst stock last collection or delivery full details25/02/13Yes
242Leopard Snakeskins , Penang Eruptions, Ruby Spider face from £50 : A whole new selection of Leopard Snakeskins and ite varients ,Penang Eruptions , Ruby Spider face. from 4" to Jumbo Big Boys with spots on operculum , face and even the top of the ... full details04/02/13Yes
243Platinium Blue Diamond 4" £65 : Rare Platinum Blue Diamond , £65 full details04/02/13Yes
244Solid Yellows x Millenium Gold 5" £60 . .6" £80 : Solid yellows x Millenium Golds Excellant cross Delivery or Collection full details04/02/13Yes
245Rose Red from Martin Ng 4" £30 : Good Shape , Good Colour , Nice and fat Only £30 full details04/02/13Yes
246Regular Red Turqs 6" £60 : We have regular red Turqs , nothing fancy , just good quality round red Turqs , with small eyes . Ideal begineer discus . Delivery or collection full details03/02/13Yes
247< 6" Marlboro Reds £60 : Old Variety Marlboro Reds , at just under 6" No peppering , round and growing nice and fat 6" + also available £80 Delivery or collection full details03/02/13Yes
248Yellow Crystals from £40 4" to 6"+ £80 : Very Clean Yellow Crystals from the top breeders in Penang full details03/02/13Yes
249Rare Ica £150 : For the discerning discus collector full details28/01/13Yes
250Tiger Turquoise Breeding Pair with fry £150 : A pair of tiger turq with free swimming fry Slight dent on the operculum Delivery to most of UK full details28/01/13Yes
251Checkerboard Pigeon Blood Breeding pair £200 ,SOLD free swimming fry : A proven Pair , first time round , Not old breeders that have passed their prime £200 Collection or delivery to most of the UK. SOLD but should have another pair next week ! full details26/01/13Yes
252Blue Snakeskins £60 : Blue Snakeskins 5" £60 6" £80 7" £100 SOLD OUT Collection or delivery full details25/01/13Yes
253Checkerboard Pigeon Bloods Discus from £25 : The best there is ..... from £25 (3\") to £80 (6\") Also snakeskin version Delivery or collection from Brentwood Breeding pair £200 full details25/01/13Yes
254Wiid Heckles £80 : Wild Heckles £80 Wild Greens £50 Delivery or collection full details23/01/13Yes
255Breeding pair of Tiger Turquoise £150 SOLD : Confirm pair of Blue Tiger Turquoise Male is of high body type but has a slightly dented operculum , hence £150 for this pair . Delivery or collection full details19/01/13Yes
256Rare Pair of Red Ghost Discus Confirm Breeding Pair £200 SOLD : A confirm pair of Red Ghost . Like most red discus the female is redder than the male .However the female is a stunning deep maroon red with stricking red eyes. Delivery of Colle ... full details19/01/13Yes
257Breeding Pair ( Ring ) Leopards £180 confirmed + Proven with fry SOLD : A pair of Ring Leopards that have lost their "rings " Got these in May 2012 at 3" with rings , unfortunately the rings opened up and now sold as leopards . £180 the pair full details19/01/13Yes
258Turquoise from £30 : Our Turquoise are from top breeders in Malaysia , all round fat with clear markings and most of all , growing and not stunted , 3" £30 4" £40 5" £60 6" £80 Jumbo £100 ... full details18/01/13Yes
259Breeding Pairs Discus : Confirm Pairs: 2 x Checkerboard Pigeon Blood £200 ( 1 pair sold ) Rafflesias £220 Tiger Turq . slight dent on 1 operculum (see photo ) hence £150 Red Ghost £200 ... full details30/12/12Yes
260Breeding Pair Leopard Snakeskins £200 SOLD : Breeding Pair of LSS 7" full details30/12/12Yes
261Pigeon Blood Breeding pair £150 SOLD : New confirm pair of Pigeon Blood 6" £150 delivery or collection full details28/12/12Yes
262Marlboro Red 5"+ £60 : Nice round Marlboro reds £60 each full details21/12/12Yes
2636 inches Blue Turqs , Red Turqs , Galaxy Turqs , Blue diamonds , Blue Cobolts . £80 : 6"+ £80 5 +" £60 All nice fat and round ! full details20/12/12Yes
264Red Melons , Marlboro Red and checkerboard Pigeon Blood £40 : Round , Red and now out of QT No Peppering 4 +" £40 5+ " £60 6 +" £80 full details20/12/12Yes
265Altum Flora from £25 : Altum Floras . these have the potential to grow very large and tall . 3\" £30 XXL £150 SOLD OUT Delivery or collection full details20/12/12Yes
266Red Melons from £40 : 4" Red Melons £40 5" Red Melons £60 6" Red Melons £80 We also have some males in stockm All red round and fat without any peppering Delivery or collection full details18/12/12Yes
2674 inches Brilliant Turquoise £30 from Martin Ng : Nice , Round and Fat , Brilliant Turquoise from Martin Ng . Collection or delivery to most of the uk full details18/12/12Yes
268Yellows crystals and yellow diamonds : 2" to 3 " yellow crystals £20 sold out 3" to 4" Yellow crystals £30 sold out 4" to 5" Yellow crystals £40 5" to 6 yellow crystals £80 4" yellow diamonds £60 5" Yellow dia ... full details18/12/12Yes
269Heckle Cross from 4 inches £40 to 6 inches £100 ; wild heckle £80 : Rare Heckle Cross Also wild heckles £80 Delivery or collection full details16/12/12Yes
270Red Whites 6 inches + £100 : Large Red White , with red all the way to the top £100 Pairing up soon full details15/12/12Yes
271Albino Pearl Diamonds and Platiniums , : A great selection of Albino Pearl diamonds , both solid and straited types . Also Platiniums from £80 full details14/12/12Yes
272Rose Reds from Martin Ng £30 : Nicely shape rose red , lovely classic red . full details14/12/12Yes
273Platinium £65 : |These are doing very well and growing fast. A very rare and expensive variety. 3.5" Delivery or collection Also Platinium Snakeskins and Cobolts from £80 4.5" onwards full details10/12/12Yes
274Super Reds : Now out of quarantine , our batch of super reds starting at 3" £30 4" £40 5"+ £100 As you can see they are not enhanced until the fins and tail goes red LOL Delivery to mos ... full details08/12/12Yes
275Rafflesias From £40 to £100 : New Batch of Rafflesias now out of quarantine 4" £40 6"+ £100 Breeding pair soon Delivery or collection full details07/12/12Yes
276Blue Tiger Turquoise £65 : Blue Tiger Turquoise from Penang's top tiger breeder . Some with vertical line all the way to the back . Over 5" and fat Delivery or collection full details06/12/12Yes
277Super Red Alenquers , royal and semi royal markings £100 : Cross from wild super red alenquers , some with semi and royal markings . Our red Alenquers are actually RED ! Collection or delivery full details29/11/12Yes
278Confirm pair of snow leopard £200 SOLD : confirm today rare snow leopard now with free swimming fry full details23/11/12Yes
279Very Rare full body colour Calico breeding pair : You'll not find calicos of this quality . £180 delivery or collection full details22/11/12Yes
280Ruby Spider Face Breeding Pair Discus £300 SOLD : A confirm Pair Of Ruby Spider face £300 This pair is straight from a breeder\'s breeding stock and not being hormone fed for show or sale purposes . full details22/11/12Yes
281Rafflesias from £40 to £100 : Rafflesias Beautiful Red Round and Fat 4" £40 6" £100 These are imported / selected by myself from Penang in November 2012 full details22/11/12Yes
282Spotted face Leopards 5" £80 : Very limited , spots like these are hard to find . full details14/11/12Yes
283Albino Pearl Diamond 5" £100 : Very rare Albino Pearl Diamond from the farm of Ung Send Lip in Penang . full details14/11/12Yes
284Snow Leopard : Now out of QT , snow leopards from our latest imports 3" £30 4" £50 5" £80 6" £120 Possible breeding pair soon full details03/11/12Yes
285Red Turqs. £50 : Excellant shape red turqs , Now out of quarantine . You won't find discus of this shape that easily Delivery or collection full details31/10/12Yes
286Heckle Cross with Red Turq Confirm breeding pair £250 SOLD : A confirm pair: Male red turq and female heckle cross .Fertilise eggs this morning Collection or delivery full details16/09/12Yes
287Millenium Gold x Solid Yellow : Recent arrival : Millenium Gold x Solid Yellow An excellant cross of Martin Ngs Millenium Gold and Solid Yellow that has produce this excellant crossing of a reflective yellow of ... full details14/09/12Yes
288Confirm pair of red ghost x snow leopard throwback £200 SOLD : A very rare pair of red ghost x snow leopard throwback. This red ghost is extremely rare in this quality , very round , red eyes and nice halo of metalic blue Collection or deli ... full details14/09/12Yes
289Cheap Confirm Pair £120 ,( Free swimming fry today 10th sept.) SOLD : A cheap pair of Marlboro reds , female has dented operculum but have marble markings Only suitable for breeding purpose. Pic taken today , showing fertilise eggs to wrigger stag ... full details12/09/12Yes
290confirm pair of platinium cobolts discus SOLD : a pair confirm today . albino platinium cobolts 5" this is a very rare variety , and to have a matching pair is even rarer. Previous examples of these at 6" were selling for £35 ... full details07/09/12Yes
291SOLD Proven Rare breeding pair Red Ghost x snow leopard throwback : Confirm breeding pair of Red ghost , Female , a high quality red ghost , nice red eyes ,round shape with excellant colour and blue halo. This is not a mass production variety ! ... full details07/09/12Yes
292Proven Pair of Super red Alenquer £200 SOLD : A Proven Pair Super red Alenquer , not to be confuse with the common reddish brown variety. These are bred from exceptionally red wild alenquers . Photo shows fertilised eggs ,a ... full details05/09/12Yes
293Proven Pair of Red Turquoise £150 SOLD : A pair of young red turqs around 6" With free swimming fry and now a another big batch of eggs Delivery or collection full details05/09/12Yes
294Breeding Pair of San Merah £180 free swimming frySOLD : Confirmed pair of San Merahs This is their first spawning , there's plenty of batches to come . £180 Collection or delivery full details05/09/12Yes
295breeding pair of blue snaksksin confirm £200 : Another pair of Blue Snakeskins . The male is 7" and female 6" Delivery or collection full details30/08/12Yes
296Red Spotted Green Discus £80 : Red Spotted Green 6" You won't find RSG as round as this. Delivery or collection full details23/08/12Yes
297Brown Alenquers Discus 6" £50 : Normal alenquers excellant shape and size full details23/08/12Yes
298Blue Snakeskins Discus 4" £40 : Quality Discus from MAlaysia Delivery or collection full details23/08/12Yes
299Confirm Pair or Blue Turquoise with wriggers £150 SOLD : A confirm pair of Blue Turquoise around 6"+ SOLD This is their first attempt and are doing very well even with a external power filter running. Obviously the fry will probably ... full details15/08/12Yes
300Breeding Pair of Leopard Snakeskin 7 inches : Confirm Pair of Leopard Snakeskin . This is a large pair , the male being 7" and round . Excellant markings ,shape and colour . £220 full details11/08/12Yes
301High Body Leopards £50 : Rare high body leopards 4.5" , delivery or collection full details03/08/12Yes
3025 inches Young Ring Leopards £65 : Remarkable ring leopards , these actually have rings on them. Collection or delivery full details03/08/12Yes
303Checkerboard Pigeon blood 4 inches to 5 inches £40 : Unbeatable quality , checkerboard pigeon bloods now out of quarantine , absolutely stunning. Also 6" £80 Limited amount Delivery or collection full details03/08/12Yes
304New Stock Out of Quarantine : just a few pics of my recent import being transfered to the main fish house. Blue Diamond 5 £60 Blue Diamond High Body 6" £80 Blue Cobolts 5"+ £50 Blue Turquoise 5"+ £50 B ... full details02/08/12Yes
305White Butterfly , new photos . : 6" £80, you won't find better white butterfly Delivery or collection full details25/07/12Yes
306Pigeon Blood Snakeskin £80 : These are undoubtly the best pigeon blood snakeskins that you are going to find Now out of quarantine Full blown colour and pattern with excellant shape Collection or delivery t ... full details23/07/12Yes
307Blue Snakeskins 4 inches £40 : One of the best blue snakeskins . Excellant shape and colour. full details23/07/12Yes
308New Release of Penang Eruptions 4 inches £50 : The geniune Penang Eruptions , now in my fish house. Delivery or collection from Brentwood full details23/07/12Yes
309Confirm Discus breeding Pairs : San Merah £180 White Butterfly £180 Blue Snakeskin £200 Super red £220 sold, another pair expected Delivery or collection full details19/07/12Yes
310Confirm Pair of Super Reds £220 SOLD, expecting another pair in a few days time : A confirm pair today , of young Super reds. These are very red discus which are not easily available. Imported from Penang in April 2012 and settled very well . Delivery or colle ... full details19/07/12Yes
311Red Turqs , Blue Turqs , Tiger Turqs, Checkerboard Turqs 5"+ £50 : Blue Turqs Red Turqs Tiger Turqs Checkerboard Turqs Blue Cobolts ALL 5" Plus £50 full details13/07/12Yes
312Another Confirm Pair of San Merah , with free swmming frys : A Confirm pair of San Merah today Better pics in a few days time as I don't want to disturb them . £180 collection or delivery to most of the UK full details13/07/12Yes
313Big Blues from £80 : Big Blues eg Cobolts, Blue Snakeskins,Tiger Turquoise,Blue Turqs,cobolts snakeskins, Blue Diamonds Snakeskins etc. out of QT Jumbo Sizes altums floras £150 full details07/07/12Yes
314Out of quarantine : Watch these checkerboard pigeon bloods and compare them with others from £30 3.5" Also our unbeatable pigeon blood snakeskin , full body pattern ,round and red with no pepperin ... full details07/07/12Yes
315Super Reds from £30 : Our new stock of Super Reds , now out of QT These are genuine red not over-enhanced until the tail and fins turned red !! 2" £30 5"+ £100 Delivery or collection full details05/07/12Yes
3162 x Confirm pairs of Super red alenquer £250, BOTH SOLD : 2 pairs of stunning and rare super red alenquer. The red on the female is unbelievably red which is very rare amoung Alenquers. Not your normal Alenquer Collection or delivery ... full details20/06/12Yes
317Proven pair of Blue Diamonds 6 inches + £150 SOLD SOLD , now free swimming frys : Confirm pair of blue diamonds with wriggers Delivery or collection Photo taken 19th June and 26th June Second batch even more wriggers than the first 29th June, now fry's at ... full details20/06/12Yes
3181 Confirm Pair of San Merah £180 SOLD. another pair soon : I have 1 pair of confirm San Merah today, with wriggers Delivery to most of the UK This pair sold but will have another soon full details20/06/12Yes
319Confirm Pair of Rafflesia £250 Sold : Confirm with wriggers 16th June. Delivery to most of the UK full details20/06/12Yes
320More Eruptions : Photos taken today 9th June, stunning penang eruptions. £50 Delivery to most of the UK full details20/06/12Yes
321Yellow Diamonds £80 : Stunning Yellow Diamonds , very limited full details11/06/12Yes
322Eruptions out of QT : Our second lot of eruptions are coming out of QT next week . Apologies for the poor pics as they are the actual fish under QT not library archives ! We have leopard snakeskins ... full details09/06/12Yes
323Confirmed today 8th june , pair web turquoise £180, SOLD : Confirm pair of web turquoise with wriggers Delivery or collection Photo of previous pair that i have sold. Pics of new pair to follow full details09/06/12Yes
324Penang Eruptions £35 just 3 inches : 3" Penang eruptions £35 Nice fat and round with excellant markings / spots Just out of QT More photos soon Delivery or collection where we have over a thousand discus in stock ... full details07/06/12Yes
325Rafflesia New Batch £100 : Another batch of Rafflesia. Confirmed Pairs available Collection or delivery full details07/06/12Yes
326Penang Eruptions out of Quarantine today (6th June 2012) from £35 : Out of QT, Penang eruptions from 3" £35 4" £50 These are all imported from Penang Pics taken during transfer to main fish house. more pics soon. Collection or deli ... full details06/06/12Yes
327Confirm pair of Blue Snakeskins £200 SOLD : A confirm pair of Blue Snakeskins , young pair. Wriggers this morning . Delivery or collection full details03/06/12Yes
328Leopard Snakeskins: Eruptions, Spider faces etc from £25 : We have a vast selectioon of Leopard Snakeskins including Penang Eruptions and Ruby Spider face. All these are imported from Penang in April. Deliver or collection full details23/05/12Yes
329Breeding Pair White Butterflies £180 : A young Pair of White Butterflies , first time breeding , so will have lots of potential. Collection or delivery full details23/05/12Yes
330San Merah now out of QT£80 : A new lot now just out of Quarantine. Very deep natural red full details15/05/12Yes
331Red Alenquers from £60 to £100 : Now out of QT , some very unusual red alenquers , from solid reds to full royal. Some very stunning markings and colour. full details15/05/12Yes
332Red Ghost £80 : New standard for red ghost, very rare even for Penang! These red ghost have set such a high standard that it will be years before other breeder can catch up. Note : dusting on t ... full details15/05/12Yes
333Altum Flora £30 : Altum Floras now out of QT These high body discus that will reach very large sizes At 3" they are very tall. Also fully grown adults available £150 needs to be seen in the flas ... full details15/05/12Yes
334Penang Eruptions £50 : Young Penang eruptions Just under 4" £50 Delivery or collection full details11/05/12Yes
335Leopard Snakeskins . £25 : Now out of QT Nice round and fat just under 3" £25 Delivery or collection full details11/05/12Yes
3362.5 inches Checkerboard cross Golden Leopards £15 out of QT : Came across these excellant crossing while in the discus farms in Malaysia. Checkerboard Pigeon blood X Golden Leopards Photo shows discus laying flat during big water changes , ... full details09/05/12Yes
337Proven Pairs of Super reds £250 sold new batch pairing up : 2 Breeding Pairs of Super reds. They were left on their own while I was away for 3 weeks . when I got back 1 pair had 2 frys and the other had around 5 ! This is probably because t ... full details08/05/12Yes
338Spoilt for Choice : Altum Floras 3" and XXL Penang Eruptions 3" onwards Ring Leopards 3" yes all with rings !!! Checkerboard Pigeon blood x Golden Leopards 2.5" and round !£15 Leopards Snakleskin ... full details08/05/12Yes
339San Merah 6" £80 ,current photos : Photos of San Merah , Imported in February 2012. They look better and larger now. Photo shows excellant markings but looks better in reality. Taken as it is , no library archives ... full details19/04/12Yes
340Breeding Pair of San Merah £180 : Excellant shape and colours of San Merah, imported in February. They have grown well and this pair has paired off. Collection or delivery full details17/04/12Yes
341Leopards Snakeskins 3" £25 : Another excellant selection of these round and fat discus from the farms of Malaysia. Spots are starting to show. Now under quarantine and will be ready by the end of April full details12/04/12Yes
342Super reds, just under 3" , just in . £30 : Super reds <3" now under quarantine. These are from the red face super reds parents(sold as red ninjas in Japan) Limited quantity , reservations taken now. Photo shows t ... full details12/04/12Yes
343Breeding Pairs : CONFIRMED : Web Turquoise 6" £180 Red Alenquers 6" £180 UNPROVEN: Leopard Snakeskins 6"+ £200 Blue Diamond 6" £120 Super Reds £200 Checkerboard Snakeskins 6" £ ... full details17/03/12Yes
344Cobolts, Brilliants and red turqs 4 inches £30 , 4 inches + £35 : We have Blue Cobolts, Brilliant Turquoise and Red Turquoise being release for sale. All nice ,fat and in excellant shape , both round and high body in stock.All solid and chuncky ... full details13/03/12Yes
345San Merah Discus now out of QT : Now out of QT, some stunning San Merah recently imported from Penang 5" £60 6" £80 Pairs available (Confirm pair £180) Collection or Delivery to most of the UK full details13/03/12Yes
346Red Alenquers 3 inches £25 : Recently imported from Penang , these excellant red alenquers , from the same line as our larger ones, from wild very red female Now out of quarantine. full details13/03/12Yes
3476" Eruptions £100 : Penang eruptions £100 no offers Delivery to most of the UK full details02/03/12Yes
348Yellow Crystals 4. inches £30 : Now out of QT, Yellow crystals in excellant shape and colour ,recently imported from Penang. Delivery or collection full details02/03/12Yes
349Blue Snakeskins £25 3" : Out of QT, blue snakeskins £25 Imported from Malaysia in mid Febuary full details02/03/12Yes
350yellow diamond discus 2.5" £15 : solid yellow diamonds, recent import from Penang from one of the top breeders. Delivery to most of the UK full details02/03/12Yes
351Large Leopards 6"+ £65 : Excellant shape and markings Delivery to most of the UK full details02/03/12Yes
352Red Melons 4" + £30 : Beautiful and round Red Melons collection or delivery full details02/03/12Yes
353Snow Leopard 3" £45 : Quality Snow Leopard , seldom seen , Excellant shape and markings . recently imported now out of QT Collection or Delivery full details02/03/12Yes
354Web Turquoise 5" £65 : First in the UK, these stunning Web Turquoise. Imported in mid Feb , now out of Qt Possible pairing available full details28/02/12Yes
355Blue snakeskins 3" £25 : Now out of QT, Blue snakeskins , no promises of how they will look like but what you see are the actual fishes that we import and sell. These are imported from Penang in Febuary full details28/02/12Yes
356Solid Yellow Diamond 2.5" £15 : These are now out of quarantine, a solid yellow discus from Penang imported 2 weeks ago. Photos are of actual fish that we are selling . Not archives of parents. what you see is w ... full details28/02/12Yes
357Rafflesia from £40 to £100 , now out of quarantine : We are proud to announce that they are now out of quarantine. Pics taken of the actual fish today, Not library archives of parents, grand parents etc. What you see is what you get ... full details28/02/12Yes
358Confirm Pair of Penang eruption for breeding only £150 : 28th Feb. Free swimming frys attached to parents today Pair of Penang Eruption, damage gill on male and damage dorsal fin on female , so good for growing on and breeding. Pair n ... full details28/02/12Yes
359Rafflesias From £40 to £100 : Available next week starting 29th Feb , these beautiful discus from 4" to BIG , high body ones are also available full details24/02/12Yes
360Ruby Spider face and eruptions £60 4.5 inches : Available next week these stunning eruptions and ruby spider face from Penang. Strictly first come basis Delivery to most of the UK full details24/02/12Yes
361Confirmed Pair of Ocean Green £180 : A cofirmed pair of young Ocean Green which are Blue diamonds cross with Goldens to create a greenish Blue Discus. Delivery to most of the UK full details24/02/12Yes
362Ocean Green Breeding pair CONFIRM £180 : Confirm Breeding Pair of Ocean Green Young pair imported from Penang Basically Ocean Greens are Blue Diamonds crossed with a golden to create a lighter greenish Blue Delivery to ... full details24/02/12Yes
363WILD DISCUS OUT OF QUARANTINE : A plesure to announce that our collection of wild discus are now out of Quarantine Tucurui green £50 Alenquers £80 Largo Grande £80 Red Inanu £100 Marimari Hecke ... full details13/02/12Yes
364WILD DISCUS COLLECTION from LAI AQUATICS INTERNATIONAL : JUST IN: Wild Discus from Brazil, currently under quarantine. Heckles , Blues, Greens , Browns , Reds. From Inanu , Cuipeua,Lago Grande , Alenquer , Nhamunda , Tucuri , Mari ma ... full details01/02/12Yes
365BREEDING PAIR RED ALENQUERS with wriggers £180 : Pair of red alenquers with wriggers , photo taken 24th January 2012 This pair selected themselves in the holding tank , all I did was to put them in their separate tank. This is t ... full details25/01/12Yes
366WILD ALTUMS . from £40 no offers please : Last remaining altums from £40 to £60 Majestic looking fish unmatched by tank breds. Wild altums imported in October 2011 . Very hardy ,now that its acclimatise over 3 mo ... full details25/01/12Yes
367Checkerboard Pigeon Blood 5 inches , £180 for 6 , Clearance Sale till end of January : These are the original Checkerboard Pigeon Blood. Photos show the quality of these that are the best around In anticipation of our next shipment , we are clearing these at way be ... full details25/01/12Yes
368Checkerboard Turquoise : These are superb quality Checkerboard Turquoise. Excellant shape and patterns. A hardy variety that is a joy to own. We have them from 4" £35 to 5.5" £65 Pairs avail ... full details11/01/12Yes
369SUPER REDS ......The REAL ones : Super Red from Penang. These are the SUPER RED, the real ones! Not the imitations that are currently being advertise by Others From the same line as the PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD win ... full details11/01/12Yes
370Red Melons £30 : Round Red and Young 3.5" Red Melons Observe the small eyes in relation to the body size.. shows these young red melons have great potential to grow. Straight from the breeder in ... full details11/01/12Yes
371Red Alenquers ......... Yes they are actually RED : Red Alenquers, natural red from wild female Delivery or collection 4" £40 5" £50 6"+ £80 Pairs available now £160 full details11/01/12Yes
372Confirm breeding pairs : Confirm breeding pairs of checkerboard pigeon blood £180 SOLD Red Melons £180 (with free swimming fry ) Checkerboard Snakeskins £200 Blue Diamond £150 Leopard ... full details07/01/12Yes
373Red Spotted Green , from 5 inches £65 to 6 inches £85 : Red Spotted Green in excellant shape , unlike the traditional version, these are very round. Possible pair Collection or delivery to most of the UK full details06/01/12Yes
374Albino Pearl Diamond (Straited) £55 : Out of QT, real albino yellows , NOT albinos that look yellow.From Dickson Lim 2 left! full details06/01/12Yes
375Delivery to Scotland : Our delivery to Scotland has resume . £35 per box full details28/12/11Yes
376ERUPTIONS ? Look at these ... £60 : Small selections of Penang eruptions and Ruby Spider face.around 4" See what they look like....quality eruptions Growing and eating fast. Only from the best breeders Delivery ... full details23/12/11Yes
377Introducing the White Leopards from Penang. : These beautiful new variety from Penang , the white Leopard. Excellant Shape and Markings Ready now 3" £30 4" £40 Collection or delivery to most of the UK full details23/12/11Yes
378Heavy Eaters..............fast growers....white butterfly : These were imported in November , look at them now ! Heavy eaters and they are growing very fast and fat.Imported at 3" to 4" NOW..... 4" £40 5" £60 I al ... full details23/12/11Yes
379Spotted face eruption £150 SOLD : Big Eruption with Big Spots . must be at least 6" front to back , and the same top to bottom. £150 no offers please full details19/12/11Yes
380Big Eruption with small spots SOLD : Big and Round with small spots. £100 only, at least 6"! full details19/12/11Yes
381Rafflesia 4 inches £60 and 6 inches £100 : Rafflesia Discus 4" and 6" from Penang And one nearly 7" Delivery or collection full details13/12/11Yes
382Penang Eruption Female, ready to breed SOLD : This is the real Penang Eruption ! Female, round , dense spots and a beauty ! Ready to lay soon, £120 no offers please. Delivery to most of the UK full details13/12/11Yes
383RED , REDS and more REDS : UK largest selection of Red Discus are now here , as a result of my Discus Buying Trip in Malaysia Nov. 2011 Nothing less than 3"! Red Alenquers: Very Red Alenquers, not brow ... full details12/12/11Yes
384Spotted face eruptions 4" £60 : Penang Eruptions with spotted face full details12/12/11Yes
385Very Fine spotted Eruptions 4" £60 : great potential, Penang Eruptions with extremely fine spots , just over 4" full details12/12/11Yes
3863" Penang eruptions only £40 : The real Penang eruption only £40 full details12/12/11Yes
387Young spotted face eruptions 5" at least : Young Penang eruptions around 5" with spots starting to show on operculum. £80 , no offers please. full details12/12/11Yes
388young spotted face eruptions 5" : young eruptions , spots are starting to develop on operculum. £80 each. full details12/12/11Yes
389Calicos 3.5" , out of Qt £40 : Rare Calicos , out of Qt full details07/12/11Yes
390SUPER REDS , large : Out of Qt by this weekend full details07/12/11Yes
391Checkerboard Snakeskin Pigeon Blood : These must be the best pigeon blood snakeskins around. Round,fat,fine pattern all the way through,excellant colour and with nice small eyes which shows these young discus havd gre ... full details29/11/11Yes
392Spotteds UK largest selection of Spotted Discus, ERUPTIONS SPIDER FACE : My recent trip to the discus farms of Malaysia has resulted in the largest selection of spotted discus in the UK. Leopard Snakeskins 3" £25 Penang Eruptions 3" £40. 4" £50,5 ... full details25/11/11Yes
393Brilliant Turquoise 4" £30 : Nice strong Brilliant Turquoise imported in Sept. from Penang Delivery or collection full details24/11/11Yes
394True Albino Yellow from Dickson Lim : Limited quantity of Albino yellows from Dickson Lim.Penang's famous breeder of the yellow strain. These are true yellow strain, NOT albinos that "look" yellow. 4" ... full details24/11/11Yes
395Releasing Penang Eruptions for sale in early December : I will releasing some very fine spotted penang eruptions for sale in early December. These are high grade Penang Eruption that are seldom available. 4" £50 full details24/11/11Yes
396Leopards from £25 : We have Leopards from £25(3") to £65 (5"+) Excellant shape and spots Many spots on operculum. Under QT.available early December full details24/11/11Yes
397NEW STOCK IN November : stunning stock in this week all from top malaysian breeders reservation taken Probably the largest selection of Penang Eruptions and Spyder face Ruby, from 3" onwards over 90 ... full details19/11/11Yes
398WHITE BUTTERFLY £40 ;4 inches : High quality white buttefly from Penang will be in the UK next week, Reservations taken Excellant shape and very clean full details10/11/11No
399Another Batch of the REAL TRUE ALTUMS , not tank Bred £40 : Another sucessful importation of Genuine Wild Caught Columbian Altum Angels..absolutely no doubt that these are the REAL ONES ! Again they will be under QT where they will be tr ... full details19/10/11Yes
400Penang Eruptions £40 : Some specially selected Penang eruptions from Penang's top spotted breeder. Round and excellant markings 3" £40 Delivery or collection full details17/10/11Yes
401Penang Eruptions £40 : Some specially selected Penang eruptions from Penang's top spotted breeder. Round and excellant markings 3" £40 Delivery or collection full details17/10/11Yes
402Rare Rafflesia Discus 4.5 inches and 6 inches : A selection of Rafflesia ,named after the largest flower in the world. Same source as April's import and from the feedbacks I received, a very fast grower £60 Adults 6" £100 ... full details17/10/11Yes
403Breeding pairs : releasing for sale 1 pair of confirm red melon £180 1 pair of red turquoise confirm £180 Delivery or collection full details14/10/11Yes
404Red Turquoise 3" £30 and 6" £65 : Some advance pattern Red Turquoise , not the common horizontal stripped version. Beautiful colours and round. like all my discus, these are well fed and full bodied. Delivery or ... full details13/10/11Yes
405Pigeon Blood Snakeskin £65 : Pics speak for itself , just unbeatable full details13/10/11Yes
406Red Alenquers 4"+ £40 Yes They are Actually RED : Red Alenquers out of quarantine. These are cross from a wild red alenquer, with a very deep red colour. I was fortunate enough to see the female last year during my discus shopping ... full details13/10/11Yes
407MArlboro Red , out of QT £85 : Now out of QT. £85 Excellant quality without any peppering ! Unbeatable Quality full details09/10/11Yes
408Super Reds out of QT £40 : Now out of QT, a batch of super reds,these are the real ones! See for yourself!. From the same breeder that won BIDKA's people's choice award. 3" £40 Collection or del ... full details09/10/11Yes
409RED TURQS OUT OF QT : Nice selection of Red Turquoise now out of quarantine. Stunning colour , excellant pattern, perfect shape. 3" £30 5" £65 Delivery or collection from Brentwood full details09/10/11Yes
410RED MELON DISCUS : Beautifully Round and Red melons I also have males in stock! 4" £40 5" £60 Collection or Delivery full details29/09/11Yes
411Proven Solid Yellow Breeding pair £175 : Young breeding pair of solid yellow. This being their first and hence plenty of breeding life in them.Not old breeders that has past their best. Imported in July 2011. They have ... full details27/09/11Yes
412Wild Altum Angels: SORRY SOLD OUT. NEXT BATCH READY 2nd OCT : Wild altum Angels Release for sale on the 21st Sept.(SOLD OUT) Over 2" These are the real item, imported fromm Columbia on the 23rd Aug Delivery to most of the UK (SOLD OUT) ... full details26/09/11Yes
413Checkerboard Turquoise 3.5 inches : Excellant markings on these , and great shape. Under Qt full details21/09/11Yes
414Red Alenquers 4" : Beautiful Red Alenquers Round, plump and Red Quality from Penang Strong hardy variety Under quarantine full details21/09/11Yes
415Confirm Breeding pair albino Leopard £180 : Confirm pair of albino leopard First batch Delivery or collection full details09/09/11Yes
416WILD CAUGHT ALTUM ANGELS £30, Out of QT .Ready 21st Sept : Wild caught altums imported 23rd Aug. These will be ready on the 21st Sept. They are doing very well, another week of treatment and then 2 weeks of observation before release f ... full details09/09/11Yes
417Sollid yellows £60 : solid yellow discus ,not pigeon blood but selective breeding from yellow whites. How rare are these? Delivery or collection full details08/09/11Yes
418Confirm Pair Solid Yellow Discus with wriggers £160 SOLD : A confirm Pair of solid yellow discus. Just confirm today 2nd Aug. This is their first batch and without any assitance/interference from me. No methelene blue or cone guard was ... full details02/09/11Yes
419L136b, Golden Spotted Plec. : Recently imported from Columbia , Golden Spotted Pleco L136b They are 3" and will grow to a maximum of 4.5". Stunning gold spots on a black body £20 each Also Altum angels f ... full details02/09/11Yes
420New Batch of Altum Angels Arrive 23rd Aug. Out of QT 20th of Sept. : We are proud to announce the new arrival of Wild caught Altum Angels from Columbia today (23/8/11). These are slightly larger than the previous batch which are all sold out now. ... full details01/09/11Yes
421NEWLY ARRIVE WILD ALTUM ANGELS : We are proud to announce the new arrival of Wild caught Altum Angels from Columbia today (23/8/11) These are slightly larger than the previous batch which are all sold out. Tak ... full details23/08/11Yes
422WILD CAUGHT ALTUM ANGELS : Description: Wild Altum Angels Sold Taking reservations for the next batch which would be out of Quarantine by the end of September. These are wild caught altums and therefore ... full details18/08/11Yes
423WILD CAUGHT ALTUMS : Wild Altum Angels Sold Taking reservations for the next batch which would be out of Quarantine by the end of September. These are wild caught altums and therefore their authenti ... full details18/08/11Yes
424Red Pandas, 4 inches + The best there is. only £40 : A selection of the best Red Pandas around,These are the originals.Not German copies. All Asian,perfectly shaped All beutifully round and fat Pics shows the quality that you won' ... full details14/08/11Yes
425SPIDER FACE RUBY ERUPTIONS 5 inches £125 : Stunning ,round,and beautiful, from the best spotted discus breeder in Penang. Delivery to most of UK or collection from Brentwood Viewing welcome full details14/08/11Yes
426The real altums,taking orders for the next batch : Now taking orders for the next batch of wild caught real altums. These are imported from Columbia and are not tank bred which does not have the size, height and colouration of the ... full details11/08/11Yes
427Wild Caught True altum angels.ONLY A FEW LEFT : Now out of Quarantine, this seasons's first batch of wild altum angels. Strictly first come ,first serve. I will be contacting those who reserve them shortly. only a few left! ... full details11/08/11Yes
428L168 Butterfly Pleco : Recently imported from Columbia Beautiful Butterfly Plecos Size at the moment is 4" and will grow to max. of 5.5" £12 Collection or delivery to most of the UK full details06/08/11Yes
429RED MELON BREEDING PAIR £180 : Breeding pair of young red melons,.This is their first batch and will have more batches to come. Both parents are of excellant shape, colour and quality although the male would pr ... full details30/07/11Yes
430Confirm Pair Rose Red £150 AND OTHERS : I have a confirm pair of Rose Red £150 They are at free swimming stage They are around 6" As with all red discus the female is redder than the male. Also other breeding pair ... full details30/07/11Yes
431Confirm Pair Rare Checkerboard Snakeskin £180 : A Rare Variety the Checkerboard Snakeskin, and a very good example as well This is a young pair with great potential for more batches in the near future. They are a natural p ... full details30/07/11Yes
432LOOK Have you seen such beauties elsewhere? : The Checkerboard Snakeskin.Many have tried and failed and then try to sell them as pigeon Blood snakeskin! These are the best Checkerboard Pigeon Blood Snakeskins there is. 4&q ... full details28/07/11Yes
433L136b and L168 , imported from Columbia with Altums : L136b and L168 imported 12th July . NOW OT OF QT L136b golden spotted Pleco 3" £20 L168 Butterfly pleco 4" £12 Collection or delivery £25, Scotland £35 full details26/07/11Yes
434Checkerboard Pigeon Blood from £30 : Checkerboard Pigeon Blood, Red Pandas, checkerboard tigers and checkerboard snakeskins Photos says all A few hundred in stock YES a few hundred! less than 4" £30 less t ... full details26/07/11Yes
435Red Melons from £40 : Beutifully round Red Melons, 4"+ £40 5"+ £50 Delivery or collection from Brentwood full details26/07/11Yes
436Confirm Blue Diamond Snakeskin 6-7" Breeding Pair : Confirm Breeding Pair of Blue Diamond Snakeskin These are round solid fish of very healthy stock big and Thick. imported from Penang in May . Will list more pics once the wrigge ... full details12/07/11Yes
437Checkerboard Pigeon Blood,The Best There Is : These are the best checkerbosrd pigeon blood around, full body pattern,perfectly round ,small eyes , very red and growing fast. 3.5" £30 4.5" £40 5" + £50 ... full details04/07/11Yes
438More nice discus from David Lai : Nice , round and fat, these were immported on the 8th june. Nice small eyes which show that these are young fishes. These red melons are now out of quarantine. 3" onwards , from ... full details23/06/11Yes
439Blue Tiger Turqs From £30 : some stunning Blue Tiger Turqs 4" £30 6 to 7" £80 Pairs available £200 full details23/06/11Yes
440CHECKERBOARD PIGEON BLOODS and more from £30 : under quarantine at the moment,these were imported on 8th of june. Great round shape, Full Body Pattern. Nice small eyes Also red pandas Checkerboard Snakeskins Tiger Che ... full details12/06/11Yes
441Blue Snakeskin Breeding Pair LARGE : Proven Pair of Very Large Blue Snakeskin. This is only the second time that they have spawn sucessful. Both of them big solid fish and very thick Collection from Brentwood or de ... full details07/06/11Yes
442Super Red Melons and Marlboro Reds Large : SUPER RED MELONS ALL SOLD! BUT WE HAVE RED MELONS very round!£80 males 7" females 5" However like previous imports,these are limited especially the super reds. Photos taken from ... full details03/06/11Yes
443CHECKERBOARD TURQUOISE from £35 to £65 : The best Checkerboard Turquoise around.These are exclusive to me for the UK market. Excellant patterns,shape and colour Imported 13th April 2011 These photos are taken today (6t ... full details03/06/11Yes
444Solid Yellow white : Imported on the 8th june,these are now under quarantine. These are an improvemment over the original as the yellow is on the whole body 4" onwards £45 Collection or delivery ... full details02/06/11Yes
445Golden Leopard Snakeskins (GLSS) and Golden Leopards : A few pics of the Goldens that I keep in stock. Yes these were taken yesterday 24th June 2010,not library archive Some are pairing up Now out of quarantine full details29/05/11Yes
446Pigeon Blood snakeskin 5"+ £65 : Just Top Quality Discus from www.discusforthediscerning.com Now out of quarantine full details29/05/11Yes
447GOLDEN LEOPARD & GOLDEN LEOPARD SNAKESKINS (GLSS) : Very Rare and beautiful Golden Leopards and Golden Leopard Snakeskins from my recent discus gathering trip in Malaysia Delivery to most of the UK or collection from Brentwood ... full details29/05/11Yes
448Spotted Face Leopards 5 inches + £45 SOLD OUT more in 2 weeks time : Spotted face leopards minimium 5". Nice solid fish with excellant shape. Nice red spots on a turquoise body.These were imported into the UK from Penang in December 2010 by me.Some ... full details23/05/11Yes
449Confirmed Breeding Pairs.. Marlboro reds with frys : Proven today 17th May.Marlboro red with frys.These are not youur common Marlboro reds,they are very red and normally meant for the japanese Market.£200 pics posted GOLDEN LEOP ... full details17/05/11Yes
450Checkerboard Turquoise 5.5" £65 : These checkerboard turquoise are stunning,excellant shape, colour and patterns. Nice and fat Around 5.5" and growing. Photo taken during transfer to Fish house and they wil ... full details30/04/11Yes
451Pairs of Marlboro Reds : I have Marlboro reds that have paired up by themselves. They are £85 each or £170 the pair before confirmation. These are young adults that have not bred before not old proven ... full details16/04/11Yes
452Penang Eruptions 5 inches £100 : We have some stunning Penang Eruption £100 These are the real items. delivery or collection full details04/04/11Yes
453Absolutely stunning Marlboro Reds : Top quality marlboro reds that are normally destined to Japan,now ouut of quarantine Collection or delivery full details02/04/11Yes
454New imports of David Lai,first lot of 28 boxes in( 16th March) : A small sample of the discus that has been imported this week. However they will be split into 2 separate consignments due the quantity that is coming in and not wanting to cramp ... full details16/03/11Yes
455Blue Tiger Turq 3.5 inches to 4 inches : blue tiger turquoise arriving mid March £20 each 3.5 to 4" Jumbo size £80 Arriving into UK next week full details09/03/11Yes
456assortment of yellow from Dickson Lim : From the farm of Dickson Lim,Penang's famous breeder of yellow strain,I have selected an assortment of yellow strains These will be in the Uk next week and once out of quarantine, ... full details25/02/11Yes
457Discus WEB MAJESTICS coming to the UK this week : A batch of web majestics coming into the Uk this week.These are a year old which I got from the beeder direct.The patterns will intensify with time. Not colour red or enhance so e ... full details24/02/11Yes
458Red Turquoise , cannot believe how good they look : Top quality red turquoise,from classic patterns to tiger to checkerboards. Could not believe how good they look. Sizes that I will be importing in will be from 3" to 5" Prices ... full details19/02/11Yes
459Yellow checkerboard 5 inches £60 in next week : Unusual yellow checkerboard .In excess of 5" Only 8 available They will be in the UK next week reservations welcome for collection when out of quarantine. Or delivery to most o ... full details19/02/11Yes
460Spotted Leopards 5 to 6 inches £45 : Some heavy round and chunky spotted leopards from Penang. Choice of 30 in stock (18th Feb 2011) and some are around 6" now Excellant colours especially under natural sunlight. P ... full details18/02/11Yes
461Leopard Snakeskin 6 inches £65 NOT Penang Eruption : Some Leopard Snakeskins around 6" recently imported from Malaysia Excellant Shape and colours. Not the real Penang Eruptions but better than some of the Penang Eruptions that I ... full details18/02/11Yes
462New Consignment of Checkerboard Pigeon Blood and Red Pandas : I have just secure some excellant Checkerboard Pigeon Blood and red Pandas Also some new generation checkerboard pigeon blood with a larger red area. Sizes from 3" onwards ... full details18/02/11Yes
463Valentine discus.Not black tail pigeon blood type : 3" £40 Valentine discus from the creator in Penang. Not from unscrupulous dealer that is selling pigeon blood type fakes! Now in the UK. They are doing very well and eating he ... full details11/02/11Yes
464Super Red Melon £100 each,ALL SOLD,May have more in March : Large Super red melons,imported in December. Confirm pair available No peppering,and very red Delivery or collection from Brentwood J28 of the M25 SORRY SOLD OUT BUT WILL LOO ... full details08/02/11Yes
465Checkerboard Pigeon Blood and Red Pandas,round,NOT arrow shape : Young Checkerboard pigeon Blood Discus Round,Fat and No peppering! Close up Photo taken and no peppering. Now out of QT 5" £50 6" £60 Excellant shape Some are pairing up! ... full details04/02/11Yes
466Penang eruptions 5 inches + ,£80,Beware of expensive imitations : Real Penang Eruptions imported in October 2010. Pairs forming ,just waiting for confirmation. December's batch out of QT. These are from the best spotted breeder in Penang. Exc ... full details30/01/11Yes
467Marlboro Red normally destined for Japan £80 : High end marlboro reds that are normally exported to Japan. I have manage to secure some of these from the actual breeder in Penang. £80 for 6 inch and some are getting quite l ... full details30/01/11Yes
468The Largest Variety of Discus in the UK,Open for viewing : We have the largest Variety of Discus in The UK. September and October shipment now ready. December's stock now ready too From Albinos to Yellows. Mostly a tankful of each vari ... full details29/01/11Yes
469Albino Yellow Crystals £65 : Beautiful Albino Yellow Crystals from Dickson Lim of Penang. Delivery or collection full details28/01/11Yes
470Photos of current stock, No library archives here. : Some photos of our current stock.These were taken 25th January 2011 Rather than ordering from a list on the internet, I travel to Malaysia to select and import these discus. Deli ... full details26/01/11Yes
471Red Pandas £80 : The real red pandas ,nice round and fat, not grotesque looking high body bull dog red panda. full details23/01/11Yes
472Mosaic Leopards 4 inches £40 : Beautiful Mosaic Leopards ,growing up fast. Photos taken with and without lighting excellant shape with intricate patterns Collection or delivery full details23/01/11Yes
473Golden Leopard and Golden Leopard Snakeskins : Some quality Goldens from Penang full details23/01/11Yes
474Ocean Greens 6"+ £80 : Big Round Fat Ocean Greens Not easy to source, Ocean Green of this quality Delivery to most of the UK full details23/01/11Yes
475Leopard Snakeskins minimum 5" £65 : Some nice big strong Leopard Snakeskins, a lot better than some of the Penang Eruptions I have seen advertised! Photos taken 23rd Jan. 2011, not library archives1 Delivery to m ... full details23/01/11Yes
476Penang Eruptions 5" : Some stunning Penang Eruptions from Penang,5" onwards. Penang Eruptions £80 Penang Eruptions with spots on operculum £100 These are inported from Penang deliver ... full details23/01/11Yes
477Ring Leopards (with Rings ) from 3 inches onwards,From £35 : Some ring leopards recently imported. Yes, our ring leopards DO have rings, 3" £35 4" £45 5" £65 Now out of QT Also a few golden ring leopards and ring eruptions And 1 sp ... full details23/01/11Yes
478Albino Yellows 5" £65 : Some albino yellows from Penang's most famous breeder of yellows discus. 5" £65 4" £45 full details22/01/11Yes
479Spider face ruby eruptions £125 : Some stunning Spider Face Ruby Eruption £125 Photo taken today 22nd January not library archive as used by unscrupolous dealers. full details22/01/11Yes
480Golden Leopards and Golden Leopard Snakeskins 5" : Some excellant Goldens Golden Leopards £80 Golden Leopard snakeskins £100 These are true Golden Strain and not pigeon Blood Larger ones and intermediates also available full details22/01/11Yes
481Marlboro Red 6 inches £80 : More top quality Marlboro red £80 full details22/01/11Yes
482Red Panda 6" £80 : Nice and pleasing to the eyes,Red Pandas, Limited but do have smaller ones 5" for £60 full details22/01/11Yes
483Spider Face Ruby Eruptions 5 inches : An exciting and stunning variety which I have manage to secure. Current photos not library archives like some unscrupulous dealers Every one has big ruby spots on its face. ... full details22/01/11Yes
484Beautiful Red Pandas,NOT Grotesque Bull dog /High Body type : These are the healthy ,round and desirable ones unlike the grotesque bull dog discus which we refuse to stock. Our 6" for £75 All 5" £60 Good size and shape in the right pro ... full details22/01/11Yes
485Marlboro Red (destined for the Japanese Market) : 4th Nov.Now out of Qt and selling fast.As I have to be there to select and negotiate with the breeder,once this batch is sold I WILL NOT be getting anymore till March 2011 if there ... full details21/01/11Yes
486Leopard Snakeskin,Penang Eruptions,Spider face Ruby 5 inches onwards : We have over a hundred of these at 5" and above,with more coming out of QT. I have access to most of the top discus breeders farms and personally selected these.As with this varie ... full details21/01/11Yes
487Confirm pair of Red Panda Discus SOLD : Just confirm ,pair of red pandas £180 Sold but do have more pairing up full details15/01/11Yes
488San Merah ,from £35 : Our stock of San Merah are now ready Deep burgandy red and will get deeper with time Females are a deepper red than Males 3.5 " to 6"+ breeding pairs £180 3.5" £35 5" ... full details14/01/11Yes
489Red Alenquer 4 to 5 inches £35 : Some traditional Red Alenquers Strong Solid Fish Recently imported Collection or delivery full details11/01/11Yes
490blue cobolts ,clearence sale £65 ALL SOLD : To clear some blue cobolts that were imported in Feb 2010 at 4" and now around 5.5" and still growing. As shown excellant shape,colour with strong solid body Delivery or collet ... full details08/01/11Yes
491ALBINO YELLOW CRYSTALS From £45 : A new batch of Albino Yellow Crystals ,from the same breeder Dickson Lim as our previous batches since 2005 I have manage to secure smaller ones as well 3" £45 5" £65 6"+ ... full details08/01/11Yes
492New Stock of Golden Leopard Snakeskins and golden Leopards : New stock of Golden Leopard Snake skins,Golden Leopards and Golden Ring Leopards.And some intermediates as well From 3" to 6" Now out of QT full details08/01/11Yes
493The Largest Variety of Discus in the UK. over 1000 in stock : We are now open after a successful buying trip to the discus farms in Malaysia . All out of quarantine and in excellant health All new stock are in main system and eating wel ... full details07/01/11Yes
494Golden Leopard Snakeskins and Golden Leopards : Rare Oppertunity to aquire some Amazing Golden Leopard snakeskins (GLSS) and golden leopards 4" Golden Leopard Snakeskins (GLSS) £70 4" Golden Leopards £60 5" Golden Leopards ... full details07/01/11Yes
495Pair Checkerboard Pigeon Blood SOLD but more coming : Confirmed this morning. Beautiful checkerboard Pigeon Blood First attempt,these 2 paired off naturally from my recent import. Placed them in a tank on their own and this is the ... full details05/01/11Yes
496Platinium Blue Cobolt Snakeskin.SOLD : My imports of Platinium Blue Cobolt snakeskins have pair up.Photos shows a pair with eggs on the glass. £300 a pair. Only 1 pair left! full details05/01/11Yes
497Mosaic Leopards 4 inches £40 : Excellant Mosaic leopards aka Eruption Leopards. Excellant "WEB" markings with great high body shape. Collection or delivery to most of the UK full details03/01/11Yes
4985th day out of QT and looking even better and pairing up : photos taken today 2nd January 2011 ,Five days after coming out of QT. Delivery or collection full details02/01/11Yes
499Breeding pair of Golden Sunrise £150 : A proven pair of Golden Sunrise with wriggers on the cone . This is their first batch . The golden sunrise is from the golden strain and hence will not pepper up . Also a pair o ... full details02/01/11Yes
500Red Golden Diamond (RGD) 3 inches £30 : A small selection of Red golden Diamond Not to be confused with red melons which are Pigheon Blood based. These will never pepper as they are Not a Pigeon Blood strain. They hav ... full details02/01/11Yes
5013rd Day out of QT ,looking better and pairing up. : A few pics of December's stock. Out of QT ,3 days ,the colour's better,eating very well and pairing up! full details01/01/11Yes
502More photo of Decembers stock now out of QT : Some Photos of December's stock that is release for sale. These are personally selected by me in Malaysia during a recent trip there in November. Collection from Brentwood or del ... full details30/12/10Yes
503decembers stock out of QT : Some pics taken today full details29/12/10Yes
504Photos of new imports of 27 boxes : Some of my imports of December.Apologies for poor pics as these were taken shortly after un bagging/transfering to tanks Now out of QT full details28/12/10Yes
505Red Pandas, £60 : Now out of QT 5" £60 We do not sell bull dog versions of these.All nice and round Collection or delivery full details27/12/10Yes
506Red Melon/Valentine Cross 4 inches £40 : Excellant Crossing between a Valentine and a Red Melon Deep velvet red ,round and some high body Plump and round Looks Amazing in colour and shape 5" available £80 full details24/12/10Yes
507San Merah 5 inches £50, inches : Beautiful San Merah from Penang Excellant shape Deep maroon red Recently imported and recent photo We do have some Nice Big Pairs in stock around 7"!!£150 the pair full details23/12/10Yes
508White Snakeskins 6 inches from Martin Ng £75 : Stunning white Snakeskins from Martin Ng,as usual nice round and fat 6" £75 Collection or Delivery to most of UK Check my web site for the latest full details17/12/10Yes
509Albino Yellow crystals 4 inches £45 : Some excellant Albino yellow crystals from the farm of Dickson Lim These have been fed on tetra prima and has NOT turn orange Also 5"+ ones at £65 full details17/12/10Yes
510Proven Pair Ocean Green 6"+ £200 : Ocean green pair at least 6" minimum Big solid fish with frys Only £200 Collection or delivery full details17/12/10Yes
511Pair of Blue Tiger Turquoise 6"+ £200 : Proven pair of blue tiger turquoise Big Solid fish and very round Collection or delivery full details17/12/10Yes
512Yellow Crystals 5 inches £50 ,.3 inches £35 : Excellant Shape,well proportioned discus from the farms in Penang. I selected these 15 out of 60 during my recent discus shopping trip in Malaysia. These are from Robin Lim,DSM g ... full details16/12/10Yes
513Massive Blue Snakeskins £100 : We have a few XL Blue Snakeskins ,recently imported From the farm of one of Penang's top blue snakeskin breeder. Personally selected by me £100 full details16/12/10Yes
514Blue Snakeskins 4 inches £45 : These blue Snakeskins have settled down very well and as usual the colours are stunning with contrasting red eyes. And looking better day by day Collection or Delivery to you full details14/12/10Yes
515New stock of Checkerboard Pigeon Blood 5" £50 : My new stock of Checkerboard Pigeon Blood discus has arrived.Photo taken after un bagging from Malaysia and no peppering at all. Under QT now. full details10/12/10Yes
516Ocean Greens £75 : A nice selection of Ocean Greens from Penang £75 full details09/12/10Yes
517Blue Snakeskins £40 : Stunning Blue Snakeskins around 4" with contrasting red eyes Imported in Oct.2010 and grown a fair bit Collection or delivery full details09/12/10Yes
518Albino Leopard Snakeskins and,Leopards £35. : Albino Leopard Snakeskins and Leopards around 3.5" Imported in Oct Only £35 full details07/12/10Yes
519Proven Pair of Golden Classic and san merah £150 a pair : Proven Pair left on their own while I was away.Came back 2 days ago and what a welcoming sight. Collection or delivery full details07/12/10Yes
520Golden Leopards 4" £60 : A fine selection of Golden Leopards from Penang These are from the Golden Strain and not Pigeon Blood. Collection or delivery full details06/12/10Yes
521San Merah ,female 6" £80 : Beautiful solid deep red fish.And will get even better with age. Excellant shape and size Imported by me and now ready for sale full details06/12/10Yes
522Yellow Diamonds 3 inches + £35 : Just out of QT,yellow diamonds.a solid yellow discus. Excellant shape Selected from my recent trip to the farms in Malaysia. Collection or delivery full details05/12/10Yes
523Re Opening 5th December 2010 : I have great pleasure in announcing our re opening on the 5th of Decenber I am also importing some stunning varieties while in Malaysia. I have over a thousand top quality discu ... full details02/12/10Yes
524Super Red Melon , Not In Our Breeding Programme £80 @ 5 inches : Beautiful Super Red Melon ,not in our breeding programe,but we HAVE THEM IN STOCK!And we know the man who breeds them ...............in Penang. Viewing welcome and most will tes ... full details05/11/10Yes
525Penang Eruption NOT scarface spotted : Penang Eruptions from 3" to jumbos . Now out of QT Same fish but taken under different lights. 1 taken without aquarium light on and the same fish taken with aquarium lights on. ... full details05/11/10Yes
526Albino Leopard Snakeskin 5"+ £125 : A few Albino Leopard Snakeskins with colours that you will not see in normal discus Collection or delivery check my other items as we have the largest selection of discus in ... full details04/11/10Yes
5274"+ Albino Snakeskins £50 : A selection of Albinos from Dr. Teoh ,international discus judge and enthusiast. Excellant shape .Colours will develop as they get older Collection or delivery full details04/11/10Yes
528Photos taken today 3rd November : As predicted ,colours get better as the settle down. For some of the most stunning discus from Malaysia full details03/11/10Yes
529Large Leopard Snakeskins £65 NOT Penang Eruptions : Large Leopard Snakeskins Nice Shape and colour Around 6"!£65 Not Penang Eruption but better than some of the Penang Eruptions I have seen being offered £65 Check ou ... full details02/11/10Yes
530Penang Eruptions 5 inches £80 to £100 : Pics speaks for itself,the real item! A few more boxes of eruptions have landed,many with spots on operculum.(£100)NOW out of QT full details02/11/10Yes
531Blue Snakeskins 4" £40 : From the same breeder as previously Blue Snakeskins £40 Check out my wab site full details01/11/10Yes
532Releasing our new stock to the main system,NEW PICS : I will be releasing my October's consignment of Malaysian discus over this week. These are top quality discus that I have selected during my Malaysian discus farm visits. All hav ... full details01/11/10Yes
533Red Melon Discus 4.5 inches £50 : Red Melon from Malaysia Excellant shape Absolutely no peppering,perfect for future breeding. Note that the tails are clear and not black or colour fed red. Collecti ... full details30/10/10Yes
534Albino Leopards,Snakeskins and Turquoise 3 inches £35 : Beautiful Albino Leopard,Snakeskins and Turquoise. Recently imported from Malaysia Collection of Delivery full details30/10/10Yes
535Breeding Pairs SOLD but more pairing up : Penang Eruption with wrigglers at the moment £200 Red Panda £180 Yellow Pigeon Bloods £150 Checkerboard Pigeon Bloods £180,without doubt I import the best checkerboard ... full details27/10/10Yes
536Blue Snakeskins £40 to £100 : Some stunning Blue Snakeskins from Penang Available Now and pairing up Smaller ones 3-4" Available soon (5th Nov 2010) Delivered or collection full details26/10/10Yes
537photos of stock taken . 22.10.10 : a few pics of current stock which are available for sale These have been selected during my recent trip to Malaysian discus farms. Collection or delivery full details25/10/10Yes
538Over 100 Penang eruptions in Stock : I have over 100 Penang Eruptions in Stock and nothing smaller than 3" and up to Jumbo sizes.Majority are around 5". Many with spots on operculum. This is the result of my persona ... full details25/10/10Yes
539Spotted Face Leopards £125 XL : Limited stock ,ready for sale NOW SOME WITH RINGS Recently imported by the top discus specialist in Uk from Penang's top spotted discus breeder Collection or delivery full details23/10/10Yes
540Spider face ruby X eruption £200 : Spider face ruby cross eruption reently imported from Penang ,now ready for sale £200, VERY LIMITED These have been personally selected by me during my recent trip to the discus ... full details23/10/10Yes
541Over 100 Albinos in Stock : I have over 100 Albinos in Stock Albino Leopards 3" £35 Albino Turquoise 3" £35 Albino Snakeskins 3" £35 Albino Pearl Diamond 5" £150 Albino Yellow Crystals 5" £75 Albin ... full details22/10/10Yes
542Blue Tiger turquoise £100 : Nice Round Heavy Blue Tigers Turquoise Excellant colour £100 full details15/10/10Yes
543Penang Eruptions XLarge £150 .All Sold GONE ,NONE LEFT : Limited stock ,ready for sale. Recently imported by the top discus specialist in UK from Penang's top spotted discus breeder From the same line as the UKDA first prize in the ... full details12/10/10Yes
544Discus for sale not breeding stock.Available now not future LOL : We have a great selection of discus for sale NOW They are for sale They are not for my breeding programe They are here in the UK They are the best discus from Malaysia The ... full details03/10/10Yes
545Penang Eruptions £45, 3 inches : Top Quality Penang eruptions Pics speak for themselves full details03/10/10Yes
546Spider face Ruby Cross Eruption XL £200 : A small selection of Spider face Ruby X Eruption very Limited ready 15th October full details03/10/10Yes
547tiger turq £25 3 inches : Tiger turqs full details03/10/10Yes
548Golden Leopard Snakeskins 5" £100 : A rare find, Golden Leopard Snakeskins . full details03/10/10Yes
549Golden Classics 5" £40 : An old strain used to create some stunning varieties RGDs, Yellow Crystals,Millenium Gold,in fact most of the yellow varieties and used by good breeders to clean up the peppering o ... full details03/10/10Yes
550October s Shipment has Landed, MORE PICS : October's shipment is now under QT,All being well they will be release for sale on the 5th November. All our imports go through a quarentine process to ensure that they are in the ... full details03/10/10Yes
551Albino Leopard Snakeskins and Eruptions from £30 to £120 : From Penang's best Albino Leopard Snakeskin and eruption Farm,a small selection. New batch 3" £30 4" and Adults coming in Mid October Deliveries to most parts of the UK ... full details01/09/10Yes
5523 inches Blue Sapphires from Martin Ng £20 : Now out of Quarantine Blue Sapphires ,not to be confused with Blue Diamond Pics speak for itself. These are from Martin Ng full details01/09/10Yes
553Blue Snakeskins 3.5 inches £38 All sold out next batch in 2 weeks time : These are from the same breeder as the ones that I imported 2 years ago,which were sold out in days! I have secured a small quantity from the same breeder. Photos were taken shor ... full details01/09/10Yes
554Marlboro Red First pairing : The first pairing of these stunning Marlboro Reds These Marlboro Reds are normally exported only to the Japanese Market. This morning I noticed the first pairing since they were ... full details01/09/10Yes
555GRADE AA? LOL Pigeon blood checkerboards,Snakeskins,pandas,tigers : All quality discus ,not grade AA because there is no such standard where young discus is concern.I have never been offered grade AA in these sizes. Unfortunately unscrupulous deal ... full details19/07/10Yes
5563" Red Melon from Martin Ng £20 : Nice ,round and colour from Martin Ng. Like all Martin's discus,they are fat and healthy. Great eaters and lively Imported in July Delivery or collection from Brentwood full details13/07/10Yes
557Top Quality Real Penang Eruptions £50 : These Penang Eruptions are a cross from 2 of the top strains of Penang Eruptions. Perfect fine markings that the true eruptions have. They are just under 4". These were ... full details13/07/10Yes
558Snow Leopard 5-6 inches : Now out of QT Breeding pair avliable full details07/07/10Yes
559Pigeon Blood Snakeskins £60 : The best there is , high quality pigeon Blood snakeskins. Excellant shape,colour and pattern all over body Delivery to most of the UK full details07/07/10Yes
560Tiger Turquoise £20 2.5" : Quality Tiger Turquoise Vertical stripes from top to bottom,and very round Out of QT now Collection or delivery full details02/07/10Yes
561Red Pandas 5"+ £60 : Now out of quarantine Best there is...... full details25/06/10Yes
562Tiger turquoise 2 inches £15 and some. 3 inches £30 : Tiger turquoise 2",markings obviously not fully develop yet,see pics of young and parents from show winning line of Penang's top breeder of tiger turquoise Khor Eng Huat Out of qu ... full details25/06/10Yes
563White Butterfly with red eyes from Martin Ng 4 inches £45 6 inches £65 : Excellant shape ,pattern and colour from Martin Ng These have red eyes as white butterfly are suppose to. And NO peppering These will be ready mid June after quarantine My re ... full details08/06/10Yes
564Blue colbolts : Solid ,bulky and round blue colbolts. Now releasing for sale after quarantine 4" £25 5" £45 6"+ £60 Discus stock is now out of quarantine and ready for sale. My r ... full details02/06/10Yes
565Penang Eruptions from Tan Chee Lok £120 : From famous Penang breeder Tan Chee Lok, Out of quarantine now full details02/06/10Yes
566Proven Pairs of Checkerboard Pigeon Bloods £150 a pair : I have 2 pairs of proven checkerboard Pigeon blood delivery or collection 1 pair left full details21/05/10Yes
567Red White and Spotted red white 5 inches : Heavy and solid red white Some with spotting half way along the tail! Growing fast! Discus stock is now out of quarantine and ready for sale. My recent trip has taken me ... full details21/05/10Yes
568Due to popular request photos of pigeon blood checkerboard tigers : Due to popular demand,we are showing photos of our checkerboard pigeon blood 4" £30 6" £60 Apologies for the poor quality (the photos not the fish!)as these are taken in ... full details21/05/10Yes
569ILL BE BACK : with some excellant discus that I have selected from the top breeders on Malaysia Besides our "regular" imports we have OCEAN GREEN GOLDEN LEOPARD SNAKESKINS GOLDE ... full details04/05/10Yes
570Breeding Pair rose red with frys SOLD but I have others : Pic taken today 20th April of parents with frys at 1 day free swimming Collection or delivery £150 Sold but I have other pairs waiting to be proven £120 full details04/05/10Yes
571jumbos pigeon blood £100 : WOW look at these,we still have a few left. £100 each,must be worth their weight in gold! P/S 1 pair has form full details04/05/10Yes
572Pigeon Bloods from £25 : Photos of our new batch of Pigeon Bloods. All Recently imported and now out of quarantine! 4" onwards to Jumbo sizes Checkerboards,tigers,red pandas,snakeskins all kind of pat ... full details04/05/10Yes
573By popular request, photos of checkerboard pigeon blood : Photos of pigeon blood checkerboards. Due to popular request,we are showing photos of our checkerboard pigeon blood with patterns all the way back 3.5" £25 5" £50 6" £ ... full details04/05/10Yes
574White Butterflys 5 inches with RED eyes from Martin Ng : Another batch of white butterfly from Martin Ng. These are the best white butterfly with no peppering and RED eyes Will be in the UK in June full details04/05/10Yes
575Checkerboards 3 inches are coming Back in June : A new batch of checkerboards turquoise are arriving in the UK in June.Theee are from the same breeder as the last batch which had beautiful patterns and shape. full details04/05/10Yes
576COMING IN JUNE: Valentines 3.5 inches : A selection of Valentines These will be imported in June and release for sale after quarantine Apologies for the poor photos due to farm conditions or feeding time when I ar ... full details04/05/10Yes
577COMING IN JUNE.Penang Eruptions and Leopard Snakeskins : I will be importing a wide selection of Leopard Snakeskins, Ring Eruptions penang Eruptions, Albino Eruptions. blue snakeskins, blue scorpion etc , from 3" onwards These ... full details04/05/10Yes
578COMING IN JUNE Golden Leopards and Golden Leopard Snakeskins : Golden Leopard Snakeskins Golden Leopards Golden Classic Even a male Golden Leopard Snakeskin 4" and 7" Only 1 golden RING Leopard! Quality like these are hard to find an ... full details04/05/10Yes
579COMING IN JUNE..Blue Sapphires from small to adults : Blue sapphires from Martin Ng due in June full details04/05/10Yes
580As requested photos of Pigeon blood checkerboard snakeskin : Due to popular demand,we are showing photos of our checkerboard pigeon blood Snakeskin.These are absolutely stunning.In my opinion,these are the best of the pigeon blood range. ... full details14/04/10Yes
581Penang eruptions £100 : Penang eruption young adult £100. delivery or collection full details13/04/10Yes
582And more pics of Pigeon Bloods : New Photos of our new batch of Pigeon Bloods. Beautiful and round All Recently imported and now out of quarantine! Checkerboards,tigers,red pandas,snakeskins all kind of patte ... full details13/04/10Yes
583And more pigeon bloods from £25 : A few examples of our pigeon blood discus from £25 New Photos of our new batch of Pigeon Bloods. All Recently imported and now out of quarantine! Checkerboards,tigers,red p ... full details11/04/10Yes
584PIGEON BLOODS O ? LOL : New Photos of our new batch of Pigeon Bloods. All Recently imported and now out of quarantine! Checkerboards,tigers,red pandas,snakeskins all kind of patterns,call them O s or ... full details11/04/10Yes
585pigeon bloods from £25 : A small selection of Pigeon Blood Checkerboard Collection from Brentwood or delivery to most of UK full details10/04/10Yes
586Mosaic Leopards from Lim Pei Hao 3.5 inches £35 : Sometimes sold as Eruption Leopards.These are the offspings (throwbacks)of Penang Eruptions. But beautiful in its own right.Also used to maintain the spots of eruptions in his br ... full details08/04/10Yes
587DISCUS CATALOGUE by Martin Ng £20 : I have a few brand new unopened copies of Discus Catalogue from Martin Ng. I have been fortunate to have spend some time with Martin recently and he was kind enough to explain how ... full details08/04/10Yes
588Albino pearl diamond.SOLD : Albino pearl diamond from Dickson Lim pair for £300. Collection from Brentwood Junction 28 of the M25 of delivery to most parts of the UK full details08/04/10Yes
589Discus for sale : Discus stock is now out of quarantine and ready for sale. Great selection My recent trip has taken me to more farms than I can dream of.For commercial reasons I cannot list ev ... full details08/04/10Yes
590Same name but different quality,see for yourself : A small sample of the discus that are out of quarantine. Do not be confused by discus with the same names but the quality is different I have travel and search through the di ... full details04/04/10Yes
591Spot the spots : Current pics taken today 31st March 2010 £120 each full details04/04/10Yes
592Discus now release for sale,No pre order,No deposit ,No waiting.Get them NOW : Releasing my stock of March for sale These are here in brentwood ready for new homes,. No need to pay a deposit and wait; No need to pre order and wait and No money up fr ... full details04/04/10Yes
593BIG,FAT AND ROUND JUMBOS from £100 : We have a few big boys for sale All heavy young discus Collection or delivery to most of the UK full details03/04/10Yes
594Pigeon Blood 4 inches From £25. : They are now in the main Fish House Checkerboards O patterns Y patterns all kinds of patterns!!!LOL,Turquoise Rims,No Rims ,just too many varieties. All one price except Snakeski ... full details03/04/10Yes
595New stock and new photos ,now for sale.All round and solid : Discus stock is now out of quarantine and ready for sale. My recent trip has taken me to more farms than I can dream of.For commercial reasons I cannot list every farm that I h ... full details01/04/10Yes
596Out of quarantine ,open all weekend. : Discus stock is now out of quarantine and ready for sale. My recent trip has taken me to more farms than I can dream of.For commercial reasons I cannot list every farm that I h ... full details31/03/10Yes
597By popular request,photos of Red Pandas not the grotesque bulldogs : Description: Due to popular demand,we are showing photos of our Red Pandas not those deform and grotesque Bulldog version! These are nice and round,just what is expected of the Ki ... full details31/03/10Yes
598Photos 29th March 2010 : A few photos of 29.3.10 And more photos will be published here in the coming days of our stock that will be out of quarantine. full details29/03/10Yes
599Leopard Snakeskins 5 inches + £80. NOT Penang Eruptions : A small selection of Stunning Leopard Snakeskins. Directly imported from Penang in February Beautiful pattern and shape ,a lot better than some of the so called Penang Eruption ... full details26/03/10Yes
600SPOTTED FACE LEOPARDS 4 inches + : Spotted faced leopards Very fast growers excellant colours and patterns,some with rings Round and bulky From £40 These photos are taken 4 days after arrival into ... full details21/03/10Yes
601Mosaic Leopards and Penang eruptions 3 .5inches from Lim Pei Hao : A batch of Mosaic Leopards and Penang eruptions from Lim Pei Hao in the UK now. Mosaic Leopards £35 Penang Eruptions £50 Collection from Brentwood junction 28 of the M25. ... full details21/03/10Yes
602Blue Cobolts From 3.5 inches £15 to 6 inches £60 : Beautiful Blue Cobolts. The 3.5" haven't develope their colour yet hence £15 but they are fat and round.Should not be long before their beauty shows The 4.5" ones are absolu ... full details21/03/10Yes
603Albino Snakeskin £120.females ,eggs everywhere : Excellant shape Recently imported from Penang where i have selected my discus Collection or delivery 2 females left,eggs everywhere full details20/03/10Yes
604Albino Yellow Crystal 5 inches £65 : Beautiful Albino Yellow Crystal from Dickson Lim,Penang's most famous breeder of yellow /golden discus. These young discus are just starting to mature and it won't be long befor ... full details20/03/10Yes
605Blue Sapphires in the Dark ,All large sold,small ones left : Blue Sapphires taken in the dark .These amazing discus is the creation of Martine Ng They may look like Blue Diamonds but when placed against a dark background ,they are unbelieva ... full details20/03/10Yes
606The Remainder has arrived : The rest of my stock from my recent trip to Malaysia has arrived. We don't import thousand's just a few hundred quality discus All are under quarantine and will be release ... full details18/03/10Yes
607Eruption ,perfect shape 3 inches £38 Unbelievable : I just could not believe my eyes when I saw these.Absolutely perfect in shape. Must be the best shape of discus available. Apologies for the blur photo due to treatment of de ... full details17/03/10Yes
608Red Melon Males from Martin Ng £60 : I have a few red melon males from Martin Ng around 5"+ These are meant for breeding so not colour fed. The majority of red melons males are not exported because of their dull col ... full details15/03/10Yes
609Mrs. Spotty : Mrs Spotty Spots on operculum Spots below eyes Spots above eyes Spots on pelvic fins Spots on dorsal fin Spots on anal fin £150 Collection or delivery full details15/03/10Yes
610Mr Spotty : Spots on operculum Spots below eyes Spots above eyes Spots on pelvic fins Spots on dorsal fin Spots on anal fin £150 Collection or deivery full details15/03/10Yes
611High Body and normal red melons £25 average 4 inches : A wide selection of red melons.Some are high Body while the others .......round! Please see my other adverts for top quality discus that I have selected and imported from the best ... full details15/03/10Yes
612Young Penang Eruptions,Great potential £100 : This batch of yound adults which I have selected from the owners of Spider Face Ruby Farm,Penang They are starting to show their potential: Excellant shape Great even fine sp ... full details12/03/10Yes
613Eruption at 3 inches but look at the shape : Absolutely unbelievable A credit to the breeder Limited stock £38 full details12/03/10Yes
614Penang Eruptions £120 : Over here looking for a home. Penang eruptions Collection or delivery full details12/03/10Yes
615Beautiful Penang Eruptions £120 : Spotted face Penang Eruptions made it all the way to the UK ,now looking for good homes! full details12/03/10Yes
616Another rare find from Lai Aquatics international : An old variety,the rose red has been improved by one of Penang's top breeder of red discus. Please see my other adverts for top quality discus that I have selected and imported ... full details11/03/10Yes
617Penang Eruption 4-5" £100 : These are young Penang eruption with great potential.The spots on the operculum are starting to develope. I bought these as 4" in January but are much bigger now and the colo ... full details11/03/10Yes
618Yellow Gold 3 inches £20 : From A small breeder in Ipoh,who was Tony Tan's satellite breeder,now independant. These photos are taken 4 days after arrival into the UK,not library archives. Please see m ... full details11/03/10Yes
619The Incredible Bulk (Discus) : All these bulky discus are in the UK All straight from the breeders that are growing them up and not been sitting at wholesalers waiting,with minimum feeding and water changes! ... full details10/03/10Yes
620Central London only 22 miles away : We are only 22 miles away from Central London and 10 minutes from junction 28 of the M25. The nearest train station is Shenfield ,only 30 minutes from Liverpool Street Station. ... full details09/03/10Yes
621Blue Sapphires3 inches to 6 inches from Martin Ng from £20 to £60 : Another batch of Blue Sapphires which I have selected from the farms of Martin Ng. These have a very unusual colour that is best seen with a dark background,the colour just glow ... full details09/03/10Yes
622Golden Classic Discus 5 inches £50 : Out of quarantine and for sale Found a few Golden Classic while wondering around the ex satellite farm of a famous Ipoh breeder. This was the strain where most yellow and gold ... full details09/03/10Yes
623Mr and Mrs Spotty Discus : Mr and Mrs Spotty paired up today Hopefully will have spotty kids delivery to most parts of UK Sorry Mr Spotty Sold Mrs Spotty left full details09/03/10Yes
624Spots ,spots,spots and more spots : A selection of Leopard Snakeskins,Penang eruptions. I have over a 100 spotted discus in stock.from 3" onwards These photos are taken 4 days after arrival into the UK,not librar ... full details09/03/10Yes
625RED WHITE 5 inches onwards : A selection of red white These photos are taken today ,3 days after landing in the UK. They are under quarantine and will be release for sale in April 1st.2010 Apologies ... full details09/03/10Yes
626More spots : A few quick shots of spotted You are most welcome to select the discus from these photos. Out of quarantine and for sale here in the UK NOW! full details09/03/10Yes
627Discus Solid Yellow : Our batch of solid yellow discus are now under QT These photos are taken today ,3 days after landing in the UK. They are under quarantine and will be release for sale in A ... full details09/03/10Yes
628Albino Yellow crystal from Dickson Lim £65 : A small selection of Albino Yellow Crystal recently imported from the farm of famous Penang Breeder Dickson Lim My frequent travel to Malaysia has enable me to visit most of the ... full details09/03/10Yes
629JUMBO PIGEON BLOODS : We have great pleasure in showing photos of our JUMMMMMMBO discus These photos are taken today ,3 days after landing in the UK. They are under quarantine and will be release ... full details09/03/10Yes
630Out of quarantine soon... : Our discus will be out of quarantine next week.They are looking good and reservation welcome. We believe that these are the best discus around and every photo is a current one t ... full details05/03/10Yes
631And more pics of today 5th March : A small selection of pics taken today 5th March 2010 Apologies for dirty glass but all will be sorted out by next week when they are out of quarantine. full details05/03/10Yes
632Photos of 5th March ,not library pics : A small selection of pics taken today 5th March 2010 Apologies for dirty glass but all will be sorted out by next week when they are out of quarantine. full details05/03/10Yes
633pics of 5th March,not archives : A small selection of pics taken today 5th March 2010 Apologies for dirty glass but all will be sorted out by next week when they are out of quarantine. full details05/03/10Yes
634Pics of 5th March ,NOT Library archives : A small selection of pics taken today 5th March 2010 Apologies for dirty glass but all will be sorted out by next week when they are out of quarantine. full details05/03/10Yes
635Tiger Turqs : These are high quality Tiger Turqs,with stripes from top to bottom. (not the stress bars!LOL) full details03/03/10Yes
636Albino Eruptions £120 : Excellant spots Straight from the farms in Penang Fully quarantine Collection or delivery See my other adverts for the best discus around full details03/03/10Yes
637Rose Red Pairs £150 : A week into the country and they have paired up. As with most red discus.the female is much redder than the male.A deep traditional red with a slight blue tint to the face and a ... full details01/03/10Yes
638Super rose red 3 inches £30 : A big improvement over an old variety by the master of red discus in Penang.Ah Aik Majority of his discus goes to the Japanese Market I have been lucky to purchase some of th ... full details01/03/10Yes
639Lim Pei Hao eruption 3" : A sample of Lim Pei Hao's eruption These are only 3" and they are showing the spots on the operculum full details01/03/10Yes
640Discus - perfect circle? : Don't waste your time and money raising arrow heads,stunted and badly form budget discus. They may be cheap and "unbeatable in price and quality"(?). All my discus are straight ... full details27/02/10Yes
641Penang Eruption from the creator Lim Pei Hao from £50 : A selection of the REAL PENANG ERUPTION from his farm ,not the imposters that claimed to be real penang eruptions. 3.5", visible spots on operculum £50 4.5" visible spots on ope ... full details27/02/10Yes
642Valentinos 4" £150 : Absolutely stunning , New Variety with very deep red colour Excellant shape These photos are taken 4 days after arrival into the UK,not library archives. Please see my ... full details27/02/10Yes
643Spots,spots and more spots PART 2 : SPOTS! And MORE SPOTS These photos are taken 4 days after arrival into the UK,not library archives. Please see my other adverts for top quality discus that I have selec ... full details27/02/10Yes
644Young adult red melons males £60 5"+ : These male red melons are seldom avliable as they lack the intensity red colour of the females and hence seldom exported. So if you have some lonely red melon females............. ... full details27/02/10Yes
645Yellow Diamond 5" £60 : A small selection of yellow Diamonds. Beautiful shape and colour. These are not Pigeon Blood strain . These photos are taken 4 days after arrival into the UK,not library arc ... full details27/02/10Yes
646Albino Yellow crystal 5" £65 : Another small batch from Dickson Lim,the famous breeder of yellow/gold discus in Penang. They have a beautiful gentle yellow colour. These are young adults . These photos are ... full details27/02/10Yes
647Checkerboard turq. 3" £30 : Excellant checkerboard turquoise Great shape Excellant colour Well look after as they are all nice and bulky These photos are taken 4 days after arrival into the UK,not lib ... full details27/02/10Yes
648SPOTTED FACE LEOPARDS from £33 3.5 inches : An excellant batch of spotted face leopards from Penang's top breeder Cross from Penang Eruptions or sometimes known as eruption leopards. Round and fat. These will be ready for ... full details27/02/10Yes
649Golden Classics : A few golden Classic,getting rare these days. They are under quarantine at the moment and will ready in mid March. Viewing most welcome Photos may be a bit blur and bearing in ... full details26/02/10Yes
650Ring Leopards : I have 2 ring Leopards that seem to b e together all the time. these are true Ring Leopards and they do have ring patterns They are under quarantine at the moment and will ready ... full details26/02/10Yes
651Pairs of discus : A few are pairing up,and I have placed them in their own tank Rose reds Golden Leopards Albino Pearl Diamond I expect more will be pairing up soon They are under quarantine ... full details26/02/10Yes
652Penang Eruptions from £38 : A small selection of Penang Eruptions ,albino eruptiond and Leopard snakeskins from our recent import. They are under quarantine at the moment and will ready in mid March. Viewin ... full details26/02/10Yes
653Beautiful GOLDEN LEOPARD SNAKESKIN 4 inches to 6 inches £45 to £75 : Excellant shape and very thick body , a credit to its breeder. Reservations taken for these lovely GLSS.I will be bringing these back from MAlaysia with me Now under quarantine ... full details15/02/10Yes
654And even more nice discus coming to the UK : From the hatchary of Martin Ng,I was allowed to select,only a few of his future breeding stock. These are kept for future breeding and as such no colour enhancers were fed to th ... full details10/02/10Yes
655leopard turquoise 3 inches £20 : Beautifully round Leopard turquoise 3",some with spots on the operculum. Heavy eaters,belly's full and still looking for food. 50% reserved/sold These will be ready for collecti ... full details09/02/10Yes
656More Nice Discus Coming into the UK : A few nice discus that are due into the UK in February. Reservations taken as some are limited especially the large ones. I take pride in the selection of these beauties. I wil ... full details08/02/10Yes
657discus? : Any interested parties? full details06/02/10Yes
658Introducing the VALENTINO : From a top breeder in Penang,just releasing a stunning red fish,the Valentino. Absolutely amazing red. Perfect for valentine's day! Only importing small amount due to cost but i ... full details03/02/10Yes
659Beautiful Penang eruptions 4 inches £70 : Great looking Penang Eruptions Nice Round Chuncky Excellant Spots all over including operculum Very limited,so nice I bought the whole tank. Don't waste your time and money o ... full details01/02/10Yes
660ALBINO LEOPARD SNAKESKINS £150 : From Penang's best Albino Leopard Snakeskin Farm,a small selection . These will be ready for collection in March after arriving into the UK in Febuary I am currently in Malaysia ... full details24/01/10Yes
661Solid Yellows 3 inches £35 : I am currently in Malaysia and can answer all calls between midnight and 3pm for only 2p a minute through www.dialwise.co.uk Just dial 08444623030 and then 0060196450375 then # ... full details20/01/10Yes
662More Nice Discus Coming into the UK : A small sample of quality discus coming into the UK. Reservations taken. I will be visiting various farms over the next few weeks and will be listing them here on Aquarist Classi ... full details27/12/09Yes
663Blue cobolts,turqs.brillants,solid turquoise,BIG AND SOLID : I am currently in Malaysia and can answer all calls between midnight and 3pm for only 2p a minute through www.dialwise.co.uk Just dial 08444623030 and then 0060196450375 then # ... full details27/12/09Yes
664Real Penang Eruptions From £50. : The real item,Penang Eruptions not to be confused with the Leopard Snakeskins that are sold as Penang Eruptions by unscrupulous dealers. All small ones sold.Those who saw them a ... full details01/12/09Yes
665,Pigeon Blood Snakeskin,Checkerboard ,red pandas NOT GRADE AA : A selection of pigeon blood. They are for sale starting from £60.They are NOT grade AA but if they are any larger I would enter them into the competition.Aroumd 5" amd 6" Fully ... full details30/11/09Yes
666BIG BIG Blue Snakeskin 7 inches + £150 Nice and round.2nd in Class at BIDKA competition : 3 big blue discus ,excellant shape and size from Penang imported September. My frequent travel to Malaysia has enable me to visit most of the top discus farms selecting some of th ... full details30/11/09Yes
667ALBINO CHECKERBOARDS 4 inches £40. : Collection from Brentwood J28 of M28 or delivery to most part of the UK Contact by e mail of text messages to 0780 1616235 Please check my other advertisement as I will be list ... full details30/11/09Yes
668Solid Yellow Discus for the Discerning 3 inches to 6 inchesFROM £20 : These must be the best looking Yellow discus around.Beautifully round discus which are so desireable. They are around 6" and recently imported by me in July.From £20 I frequentl ... full details30/11/09Yes
669RED PANDA DISCUS 6 inches . : Red Pandas .Excellant colours and shape £100 Collection from Brentwood J28 of M28 or delivery to most part of the UK full details30/11/09Yes
670Checkerboard Snakeskin Pigeon Blood 4-5 inches £80. : Amazing pattern and colour Excellant round shape Not to be confuse with other pigeon snakeskins. Collection from Brentwood Junction 28 of the M25 or Delivery to most parts of ... full details30/11/09Yes
671Ring Eruptions for the Discerning, : Very small quantity of Ring Eruptions 5" £100 Collection from Brentwood Junction 28 of the M25 or Delivery to most parts of the UK These are photos taken less than an hour aft ... full details30/11/09Yes
672Penang Eruption,Ring Eruption,Web Majestics,Leopard Snakeskins,Leopards,Ring Leopards etc : Spots ,spots and more spots! They are now out of quarantine and looking good. They are: Leopard Snakeskins Penang eruptions Ring Leopard Eruptions Ring Leopards Blue snakes ... full details30/11/09Yes
673GLSS golden leopard snakeskin from 5 inches : We have secured some Glss and golden Leopards Stunning fish and some have spots on the operculum.from £50 Delivery to most of UK £35 See them at Haydock Park this weekend ... full details12/11/09Yes
674Red Golden Diamonds (RGDs ) : I have some RGDs from Ung Seng Lip's strain.RGDs are from the golden strain which DO NOT have peppering like the pigeon Blood strain. As you can see from the photos,they have a ... full details07/11/09Yes
675Leopard Snakeskins 3" £30 from Penang : Lots of customers claim that the discus they have bought from me looks alot better in their tanks when they get them home,so a few photos of my Leopard Snakeskins taken from my ind ... full details02/11/09Yes
676Show Discus : Offers invited for Show discus . 2 blue snakeskins large and round. I'm an importer that specialise in Malaysian discus mostly from Penang.Being a local,I have the connections ... full details23/10/09Yes
677Penang Eruptions from £50 : The real Penang Eruptions ,recently imported and now ready for sale. I will be posting more pics as I transfer them from my 30 tank quarantine house to my 50 tank fish house. ... full details23/10/09Yes
678True RGDs and ARGDs : i have secure some real RGDs and ARGDs.These are from original Ang Seng Lip's srain. Red Golden Diamonds are from the Golden Strain whereas Red Melons are Golden X Pigeon Blood st ... full details19/10/09Yes
679DISCUS FOR THE DISCERNING ...... NOT Grade AAA : Top quality discus from Malaysia imported by me.They will be display in Hayling Island this weekend. These are discus that are in the UK and viewing is most welcome in Brentwood J ... full details05/10/09Yes
680A Fish in the Hand is worth a thousand library photos : Millenium Gold from Martin Ng.3" only £35 Collection from Brentwood Junction 28 of the M25 or Delivery to most parts of the UK These are photos taken less than an hour aft ... full details23/09/09Yes
681Red Golden Diamond (RGD and ARGD) : Beware of fakes,these are the real RGDs From Ung Seng Lip's creation. Red Golden Diamonds are from the golden strain unlike red melons that have some pigeon blood strain. RGD 3" ... full details08/08/09Yes
682Penang Eruptions 5 inches to 7+ inches : Genuine Penang Eruptions Large and heavy,most with spots on operculum.From 5" onwards.Beautiful shape,colour and spots.Out of quarantine and ready for sale Collection from Brentw ... full details08/08/09Yes


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