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1Malawi : Loads Malawi for sale 7ft tank of various sizes from fry to 7 inch Prices from £5 Peacocks Marbles Aulunacara baenschi benga Aulunacara burgandy Metriuclima aurora R ... full details15/10/15Yes
22 x 10 inch silver arrowanna : 2 x silver arrowanna. £65 Or £35 each full details14/04/15No
3Live rock : Approx 40 kg live rock. Not weighed it With some nice mushrooms on some pieces. Algae blenny £130 full details14/04/15No
4Huge Midas cichlid : Huge Midas cichlid approx 14 inches. Extremely thick across shoulders. Very aggressive. Needs large tank Offers please. 01670. 817229 full details30/12/14No
5Wanted 7 ft tank : Hi I am looking for a huge tank 7 ft. By 3ftx3ftor7ft by bigger please No longer than 7 ft thanks 01670817229 full details20/11/14No
6Large clown loach free jewel cichlid and plec : 6 x approx 5 inch clown loach. Offers plus Free 10 inch plec and jewel cichlid and convict cichlid Need gone by monday so give away price Great condition. Healthy an ... full details18/09/14No
7Fish house : X 3. Breeding pairs. Red scarlet Super red velvet Penang eruptions 16. X Two to three inch super red velvets best from last two batches Tanks,cubes fry tanks ,racks ,l ... full details26/08/14No
8Varios fish house fish tanks : Various fishouse fish tanks. From 2 ft to 6 ft. Some tanks drilled with ball cocs for auto top up etc Breeding tanks cubes. Etc etc Need all cleared so will be taking offer ... full details26/08/14No
9Discus fishhouse breaking : Various tanks from discus breeding fish house from 7 ft to 1 ft. Please ring 01670 817229 for the tank size you require and price. Too many to list. . Loads heaters,light ... full details18/07/14No
10DISCUS PAIRS AND FISH HOUSE : 3 x breeding pair discus pair red scarlet (pics) pair super red velvet (pics) pair penang eruptions(pics) pair tiger turqs (show quality )about 7 inch not mated pair ... full details18/07/14Yes
11Freckle faced tang : Freckle faced tang 5 inch Good c.ondition. £25 0670 817229 full details15/05/14No
12Loads discus for sale : Fish house roof leaking. And going on holiday so need gone asap Grab bargain of lifetime 2 x briil turq adult 4 x checkerboard adult We B majestic adult Spotted leopard adu ... full details14/05/14No
13Fish house and discus pairs : Category Discus Subject (required) Description (required)       Web Site Link 1 (200 characters max) Web Site Link 2 (200 characters max) Map Link (200 charac ... full details14/05/14No
14Discus fish house Breaking down : Various tanks from discus breeding fish house from 7 ft to 1 ft. Please ring 01670 817229 for the tank size you require and price. Too many to list. . Loads heaters,light ... full details02/05/14No
15Large marine fish : Just testing the water to see who s interested Wouldt like to sell as one lot as fish been together a long time 1 x passer angel about 1 ft paid £295 1 x ... full details13/04/14No
164Pairs or single fish £300 the lot : Fish house roof leaking and going on holiday so have to be gone over weekend Pair pigeon checkerboards Pair blue snakeskin 2 x pair brilliant turqs £300 for all. That ... full details09/01/14No
17Breeding pair snakeskin : Breeding pair blue snakeskin. One blue one fine line blue snake skin. Bought confirmed pair but done nothing for me. Layed eggs a few times but ate them So sold as no ... full details29/12/13No
18Reef contents rock fish corals : Last contents of reef tank. Last 50-60 kglive rock. Dozen or so corals. Red mushy colonies Pallies sponges acan echinata furry mushrooms And. fish. Yellow t ... full details11/07/13Yes
19Corals need gone as going abroad : Bargains to be had to get rid last dozen or so corals Various lps large Various sps colonies and frags Various soft corals Please ring 01670 817229 full details29/05/13No
20Live rock and corals : Approx 50 kg of live rock left.   Fully mature.  Been in tanks for approx 5 years.    £5 per kilo for quick sale Some pieces have sponges so first come first served gets ... full details29/05/13No
21Live rock. £5 per kilo. Deals on large amount : Breaking reef Approx 400 kg liverock. Only 150 kg left Tonga,fiji,indo etc etc Fully mature approx 3 yrs in my tank Purple coraline covered. Loads of bits with mushro ... full details27/05/13No
22Acan echinata : Rare. Extremely at this size At least 40 heads orange acan echinata Sell on ebay for £85 for approx 10 heads Offers 01670 817229 full details16/05/13No
23Sps corals : Sps coral collection. 8 x colonies 8 x large frag size pieces 3 or 4 Plating monti. Red. ( 3 tier ) 6 inch £250.00 ovno. Other corals available 01670 817229 full details01/05/13No
24Well established reef system : 7ft reef system complete Stands me approx £25k to resent Would like to sell as a one off deal with corals ,fish, ,live rock and equipment in one go Ps ths is a huge amount of ... full details28/04/13No
25Huge rose bubble tip anemone : Very rare at this size. Huge red bubble tip anemone Offers 01670 817229 Other corals available full details22/04/13No
26Pumps power heads etc : Loads marine gear for sale Power heads Return pumps. Ocean runners 3500 2500 Uv sterilizers tmc Nitrate reactor korallin Etc etc etc 01670 817229 full details22/04/13No
27Trachyphyllia : Large red trachy Palm size£45 Other corals available 01670 817229 full details06/04/13No
28It will have to be split then 7ft reef system bargain of life time has to be gone by end month. Ok 1week left £2500 secures the lot i must be mad but has to go : No body wants bargain so now will have to split Taking offers on everything Fish and corals first Then rock,then equipment Be quick cause offers already coming in Make o ... full details18/03/13No
29Zenia colony : Huge colony pom pom zenia on live rock approx 10kg Approx 1 ft sq £120 Or Frags /generous amounts for £10 Cut frags off get your money back and they will be back within ... full details14/03/13No
30Series 4 metal halide and T5 4 ft : 4 ft arcadia series 4. 2 X 250 watt mh ( new bulbs £67 each) 2 x 39 w t5 2 x built in timers Suspension wires If you know these lights ,you will k now they retai ... full details05/03/13No
31Marine fish : Yellow tang Powder blue tang Regal tang foxface Domino damsel Anthius x 7 Bangali cardinal Huge naso tang Chromis Pair clowns ( clarki) Pair clowns( maroon) Coral bea ... full details03/03/13No
32Lobophyllua : 2 X lobophyllia 1. Extra large. Pink 7 inch 1 large 5 inch. Salmon red. £65 for the pair Other corals available 01670 817229 full details01/03/13No
33Breaking 7ft reef : Loads corals sps,lps,softies Loads fish Loads equipment and approx 350kg live rock once fish and corals have gone Offers Ps please dont ring about mp40 s untill all coral sold ... full details28/02/13No
34Wanted large skimmer : Wanted Large over kill skimmer wanted for 7ft reef tank Please ring 01670 817229 or mail joblingdarren@yahoo.co.uk Thanks full details12/10/12No
356ft tank : 6 x. 2 x 2 tank. Drilled and in good condition 01670 817229 £100.00 or vno full details15/09/12No
36Fluval fx 5 for sale. X2 : Two fluval fx 5 external filters for sale. £65. 00 each Some hoses and media. Reasonable condition / used full details07/04/12No
374 ft marine fishtank : 4 ft x 2 ft x 2 ft marie tank with sump in white plastic coated cabinet. Tha cabinet needs slight attention and the glass has a few scratches. 4 ft arcadia 4 series (2 x 250 w ... full details22/03/12No
38giant gourami and giant snakehead : giant snakehead(microlepsis) blue and giant gourami for sale both fish approx 2 ft with a free clarius catfish approx 15 inches offers for quick sale ps dont bring a bucket ... full details10/12/11No
39giant snake head and giant gourami : giant snakehead(microlepsis) blue and giant gourami for sale both fish approx 2 ft with a free clarius catfish approx 15 inches £150.00 ono for quick sale ps dont bring a ... full details18/11/11No
40tiger shovel nose cat : tiger shovel nose cat fish approx 2ft absolute pig of an eater offers darren 01670 817229 full details15/09/10No
41flagtail prochilodus : 28 prochilodus approx 1ft offers darren 01670 817229 full details15/09/10No
42peacock bass : 4 *monoculus approx 1ft 2 * prochilodus approx 1ft 1 * tiger shovel nose cat approx 2ft any serious offer considered cheers darren 01670 817229 full details15/09/10No


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