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1.fish free to good home and open to offers 06/04/24 No
7-8 inch ornate bichir tire track eel 14-15 inch both free to good homes cichla intermedia 4-5 inch x2 open to offers L95 pleco 12 inch open to offers L200a 5 inch open to offers
2.11 inch ornate bichir for sale 10/03/24 Yes
£65 or can negotiate price Collection only
3.11 inch ornate bichir for sale 10/03/24 Yes
£65 or can negotiate price Collection only
4.Ornate bichir pair 01/03/24 No
Looking to get rid of my 2 ornate bichirs, They are both around the 6-7 inch mark, lovely colouring, Looking for £60 for the both
5.Reduced: Oddballs Bass, Bichirs, etc - Preston / Shipping 15/10/23 Yes
Last few fish are left from my large collection of Predatory/ Rare fish available for sale, this is due to me relocating to Dubai in 2024. For images, please check out my Instagram @FishTheGram, and don't hesitate to contact me on WhatsApp/ Text - 07523 218429 Collection from PRESTON PR3 post... ...
6.Bichirs and 6ft tank 28/05/23 No
2 ornate bichirs approx. 18” long. £120 for the pair Endlicheri Bichir approx. 12” long. £50 Tank for sale as well. 6ft long, 2ft deep, 2.5ft high. Tank, stand, and hood for £150
7.Fish for sale 11/02/23 Yes
ornate bichirs 13-14inch £40 2 sengal bichir 7-8inch £20 each 2 sun catfish 5inch £15 each 2 musk turtles 1 male 1 female i believe £40 Unknown synodontis catfish 4inch £10 07718831583 Located in hull
8.Bichirs 11/02/23 Yes
ornate bichirs 13-14inch £40 2 sengal bichir 7-8inch £20 each 2 sun catfish 5inch £15 each 2 musk turtles 1 male 1 female i believe £40 Unknown synodontis catfish 4inch £10 07718831583 Located in hull
9.FLUVAL ROMA 240 Complete setup 15/08/22 No
selling fluval roma 240 full set up in black Tank and stand 4feet x 40cm x 55cm 2 external filters, Fluval FX5 and fluval 306 black sand large bog wood and dragon stone all accessories such as heater nets buckets chemicals and food Fluval Aquasky Light Message me for pics ... ...
10.Large Ornate bichir 03/04/22 No
18inch Ornate bichir for sale 190 negotiable, collection from Birmingham, can't deliver but I can if I know how to... Also selling 13inch Ornate bichir for 140 also negotiable. Other fish available also. Piks are available through email or WhatsApp as this site is saying I'm unable to load... ...
11.Complete setup, Cleair tank, parrot fish, cichlid 29/03/22 No
2 metre (6ft 6) Cleair Tank, led lighting, Fx6, curved corners, Tetra 4 air pump, large bog wood and gravel. Some slight scratches to the glass, painted black background. 2 x heaters. £1000 will spilt. Text for pictures, I can’t upload them. L200xH60xD45 cm Fish as seen in pictures ... ...
12.Tropical fish 15/03/22 No
Selling up for abit available is the following: 24” silver arrowana 12” clown knife x2 12” giraffe catfish 9” red pike 8” flagtail 8” ornate bichir 7” tsn catfish 7” tsn x rtc hybrid 7” Raphael catfish 4” African knifefish 3” L14 4-5” L24 4-5” snowball ca... ...
13.Fish for sale 04/08/21 Yes
I am selling my fish due to work circumstances, I have 2 large oscars, a fire eel and an ornate bichir. I am also selling the tank which is 4x2x2 450l with all wood sand and FluvalSmart fx4. If your interested message me for details etc.
14.VARIOUS FISH 10/07/21 Yes
Red Giant Gourami 13" Giant Gourami 13" Red Oscar 12" Clown Knife fish 13" Ornate Bichir 14" Delhezi Bichir 12" For a quick sale i will let all fish go for £120 PO7 Area
15.VARIOUS LARGE FISH 22/06/21 Yes
Unfortunately having to close down my tank, remaining fish below Florida Gar 13" - £100 Red Giant Gourami 13" - £40 Giant Gourami 13" - £30 Red Oscar 12" - £20 Clown Knife fish 13" - £50 Ornate Bichir 14" - £50 Delhezi Bichir 12" - £50 Will do a ... ...
16.for sale 21/03/21 No
Ornate bichir 8-9 inch £50, Sorubim lima catfish 5-6 inch £40
17.FOR SALE Ornate bichir, endlicheri bichir & 3x Red hooks 01/02/21 Yes
Ornate and endilicheri bichir for sale £50 for Ornate is about 12” £50 for Endi is about 10” £150 for all 3 red hooks Selling due to closing tank down. Located Scrooby, Doncaster, DN10
18.Ornate Bichir 14 inches £50 13/09/20 Yes
I am selling my 14" Ornate Bichir due to tank restocking. He's a beautiful fish and very active. He loves mealworms, prawns, mussels and will even come to the surface for Hikari Cichlid Gold. Selling as he I am looking to restock my tank with smaller fish. Due to his size and stealthy nature, I wo... ...
19.Ornate bichir 07/08/20 Yes
Ornate bichir for sale, £50, approx 9 months old, 12 inches, amazing prehistoric fish, Specialist tropical fish requires large aquarium and will eat small fish (obviously) so not compatible in a tank with small fish, had previous had it in a 5ft aquarium with aggressive cichlids, Jack Dempsey, ang... ...
20.To sell 15/03/20 No
1x Midas 8 inch 1x pacu 14 inch 1x gosht knifefish 12 inch 2x parrot 6 inch and 4 inch 1x silver shark 10 inch 1 female flowerhorn 5 inch 1x shortbody green Texas 4 inch 3x pearscale 4-5 inch 3x synsilla veja 4-5 inch 1x ornate bichir 6 inch 1x blue Acura 4 inch 3x firemouth 2-... ...
21.12 inch Umbee FREE TO GOOD HOME and others for Sale West Lothian COLLECTION ONLY 26/11/19 No
Umbee 12" FREE TO GOOD HOME. BEEN SLIGHTLY BULLIED AND NOT IN A GREAT NICK AND NEED IT GONE ASAP. I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO NURSE IT BACK TO GOOD HEALTH. 12" Ornate Bichir £40 4" Hoplo catfish £5 Breeding pair of Red Tiger Motaguensis £50 for the pair Must go this week. Message for pics. Co... ...
22.Predator fish for sale 21/11/19 Yes
I have for sale a 20inch ornate bichir £60 7inch ornate bichir £30 7inch grey bichir £30 9inch lung fish £60 22inch giant snakehead £50 9inch bumblebee catfish £10 Call me on 07387904276 if you are interested.
23.Various predator oddball and L number pleco for sale 02/08/19 Yes
I have some fish for sale.... Ripsaw Niger catfish 13 inches £80 channa pleurophthalma occelated/5 spot snakehead 5 inches - £35 Polypterus ornate bichir 12/13 inches £35 L203 panaque shaeferi 2 inches - £25 L065 Blizzard cactus pleco 4 inches - £35 Rhino pleco pterygopli... ...
24.Ornate Bichir 14-16inch 02/05/19 Yes
ornate bichir up for sale as change of direction of the tank lovely colours and is eating predator pellets and thawed frozen foods and worms/shrimp viewing welcome 0760068268 collection only can deliver local ish for fuel cost £40 ono
25.Large Tropical fish 17/11/18 No
Silver arowana 20"+ £70 Clown knife 20" £40 Oscars 10-12" £15 each or £40 for the 4 Peacock bass 9-10" £40 Pike cichlid 12" £20 Ornate bichir 17"+ £40 Delhezi bichir 12" £20 Lapradei bichir 12"+ £20 Kelberi bass 2-3" x2 £20 Teugelsi bic... ...
26.12 inch ornate bichir 07/09/18 Yes
I have a 12 inch ornate bichir would prefer a swap for either an electric blue dempsey or a festae or even a fancy pleco none that grow bigger tham around 8inch though
27.Ornate bichir - Polypterus ornatipinnis 30/03/18 No
I'm selling my beloved ornate bichirs I have two for sale one between 11-12" the other 13-14" both healthy, full of character and eating well. It will be a shame to let them go but I don't have space for their tank anymore. Email me michaelduffell86@gmail.com Or text 07984 874 619
28.Polypterus ornatipinnis, Ornate bichir 27/03/18 No
Polypterus ornatipinnis, the ornate bichir healthy and stunning. 12” £30 and 14” £35 Reason for sale is that I’m changing my setup. Collection Reigate, Surrey. Or can deliver for fuel.
29.Ornate bichir 14 inches 17/11/17 No
Ornate bichir 14" for sale £40 Helston, delivery possible round Cornwall/Plymouth
30.Bichirs ( polypterus ) silver gar, reed / rope fish 07/06/16 No
2 endil bichirs 10-13" £30 each 1 ornate bichir 9" £25 4 sengels bichir 4-8" £15 each 1 delhezi bichir 3" £10 1 weeksi bichir 6" £20 2 angsori bichir 4-6" £40 for both/£25 each 2 reed/rope fish 10" £15 each 1 silver gar 5" £10 Collection Leed... ...
31.Pacu, Arrowana, Black Knife Fish, Flag Tail, Geophagus, Ornate Bichir, Urau, Angel Fish & Discus for sale 28/01/16 Yes
Pacu, Arrowana, Black Knife Fish, Flag Tail, Geophagus, Ornate Bichir, Urau, Angel Fish & Discus for sale Hi, Following many years of keeping tropical fish I am now entering the marine world and have the following fish for sale. 14"- 15" Arrowana 12" -13" Black Pacu 8" - 9" Black Pacu 4"... ...
32.Large teak veneered aquarium cabinet (4 cupboards ) and lid. Cardiff 09/01/16 Yes
A teak veneered aquarium cabinet designed for a tank with base dimensions 84" by 24". Aquarium (84"x24"x30") is also included but has sprung a small leak about one third from the top. Three external power filters (2 large Eheim filters and one Fluval used as a spare). Numerous accessories (thermost... ...
33.predatory and oddballs for sale 29/09/14 Yes
2 ornate bichirs 14" £45 each or £80 for both 1 Senegal bichir 14" £45 I nile bichir 12" £40 7 silver dollars £40 14" male silk flowerhorn £100 7" female flowerhorn £20 4 banded leporinis £18 each 7"-9" 3 sunshine cats 10" £20 each 2 headstanders 7" £20 each will do bulk deals ... ...
34.4" Ornate Bichir 20/07/14 No
Collection from Belton, Great Yarmouth
35.Fish for sale(Reduced) 28/05/14 Yes
I have a 8/9" mayan cichlid (stunning colours) £10 A 8" ornate bichir (not often seen at this size) £20 Or will take £25 for both. Very healthy fish and only selling because changing to marine. Need gone tonight!! Thanks
36.Cichlids 28/03/14 Yes
Hi, Open to offers. Got some species for sale, can deliver but ask about it, Edinburgh/East Lothian. Pics are fish for sale. The discus and Furcifer are nervous fish and need to be kept in groups, so I will do a special offer if you buy so many or something. But let me know what you want and how m... ...
37.Ornate Bichir Polypterus ornatipinnis oddball odd ball cichlid sold sold sold 27/12/13 Yes
Hi I have for sale a very nice Ornate Bichir this is one of the largest i have seen at 16" and it is a chunky well built fish feeds well on everything only for sale as i am changing this tank over to Flowerhorns Price - £35 Location- Harlow Essex Contact- 07549613144
38.Polypterus Ornatipinnis. Ornate Bichir SOLD 08/12/13 Yes
Ornate is 21cm long (8 inches and a bit), feeding by smelt fish and earth worms. Price 40£.
39.Ornate Bichir - 15 inches - perfect condition (tropical fish, not cichlid) 01/12/13 No
Images in the ebay listing... Please text or call, messaging on this site is unreliable. Ornate Bichir - Polypterus ornatipinnis 15 inches - perfect condition Selling as I'm shutting the tank down. Very cool fish, I had it with some South/Central American Cichlids and they all seemed to get on... ...
40.Ornate Bichir 05/11/13 No
Ornate Bichir (approx 8 inches) Feeding on various pellets and frozen foods, a very peaceful fish. £10
41.Can Deliver Ornate bichir, Polypterus ornatipinnis. Rare 02/10/13 Yes
We are a small start up business selling rare species of tropical fish. We are now very pleased to be able to offer the Ornate bichir an uncommon bichir species. We are so sure you are unlikely to find this species if you do find it we will offer a lower price than that seller. (within a 20 mile ran... ...
42.ALL SOLD ALL SOLD Flowerhorn, Red tail Giant Gourami, Ornate Bichir, Catfish ALL SOLD 14/09/13 Yes
43.ornate bichir and other large cichlids for sale including a red devil cichlid 10/09/12 Yes
the ornate bichir is approx 12" long in stunning condition also other large cichlids for sale £25 for the ornate bichir, £20 for the red devil he is 10" £7.50 for any of the smaller cichlids i think that the convict cichlids are breeding pick up only from stockton on tees contact me on my email a... ...
44.Large albino tiger Oscar £30 or swap 27/06/12 No
Hi I have for sale my large albino Oscar it's in a huge tank at the moment but has decided to take offence to my other oscars which are smaller. It's about 10-12 inches with lovely markings. Looking for a quick sale £30ono If you want any pictures I can email or send some on my phone 27/6/12 he... ...
45.Polypterus Ornatipinnis, Severum & 2x Festivum for sale 11/05/12 Yes
As the title, 1x Ornate Bichir (polypterus ornatipinnis)12-14cm, 1x Severum (heros severus)5cm, 2x Flag Cichlids (Mesonauta festivus) 4-5cm. I would like to sell as a complete lot for £20 no offers! (photos for illustration only)
46.for swap ornate bichir 16/03/12 No
hi i have a ornate bichir who is healthy and feeding well on anything i give him. i would like to swap with anything. Thanks Page
47.2 x Aquariums 110ltr and 60ltr plus fish (eel, bichirs, others. £150 ono 27/10/11 No
I am selling both my setups as i am moving and no longer have the time to keep them. The first is a 110ltr aquarium with heater and filter. This tank has 5-6 Neons 1 peacock eel 5-6 inch 1 bamboo shrimp 1 chocolate stripped talking catfish 3-4 inch 1 bristlenose plec 4 inch 2 blue ... ...
48.collection of tropical fish plus 2 aquariums 27/10/11 No
I am selling both my setups as i am moving and no longer have the time to keep them. The first is a 110ltr aquarium with heater and filter. This tank has 5-6 Neons 1 peacock eel 5-6 inch 1 bamboo shrimp 1 chocolate stripped talking catfish 3-4 inch 1 bristlenose plec 4 inch 2 blue coral ... ...
49.Beautiful Polypterus for sale 11/09/11 No
Hi i have 2 polypterus for sale, 1 Ornate Bichir (Polypterus ornatapinnis) and 1 Marbled Bichir (Polypterus palmas polli). Both are approximately 10 inches long. They are lovely fish, extremely healthy and feeding very well. Open to offers..... If interested email me and i will send photos an... ...
50.Ornate bichir for sale 31/08/11 Yes
Selling my 18" male ornate bichir, currently feeds on Hikari gold sinkers, Hikari Massivore, prawns and mussels. Looking for collection only, buyer would have to bring their own bucket. Looking for £30 ovno
51.Updated stock - Tropical Imports 18/08/10 Yes
Catfish Megalodoras Irwini - Armoured Dora 9-10" £35 Synodontis pardalis - 2-3" £5 Auchenoglanis occidentalis - Giraffe catfish 5" £20 Platystomatichthys sturio - Sturgeon catfish 10" £40 Cichlids Cichla occellaris Peacock bass 2" £10 Characins Ctenolucius Hujeta Silver gar 4" £12.00 ... ...
52.Ornate bichir 25/07/10 Yes
Ornates 6"+, only 1 avaliable feeding on prawns and lancefish. £25 All fish (except where stated) can be shipped by courier £20, LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEED, with a BEFORE 10AM service or can be collected from Clacton, Essex in UK No shipping to USa sorry. Viewing is possable, to arrange t... ...
53.Rena 400l in cherry, BARGAIN £300 20/03/10 No
400l tank with stand, measures 120x50x70cm (i think) Fluval 405 external filter Fluval 2 and 3 internal filters 2 x heaters 4 nearly new lights Loads of awesome bits of bogwood and rock work 1 x Ornate bichir - £60 - fantastic speciman, a good 10inches approx 2 x Delhezi bichirs - £30 eac... ...
54.Wanted FREE or Cheap: Live bearers, guppies, swordtails, mollies, platies etc... 11/03/10 No
Hello. I have just sold my Giant Red Tail Gourami, Flowerhorn, Ornate Bichir and catfish. Here's a link to the sale. http://www.aquarist-classifieds.co.uk/php/detail51_163715.php I have kept my Pleco that I have had since 2004. I plan to go back to what my 12 inch Pleco (At the time) mixed wit... ...
55.2 Ornate bichirs - 14 inches long 17/01/10 No
2 x ornate bichirs, both approximately 14 inchs long. They are in very good health. I have had them for 4 years now and am very sad to have to sell them but I no longer have room for them. They feed well and eat a variety of food including pellets. Would prefer them to go together but will seperate ... ...
56.monster fish clearance =p 04/12/08 No
hey over the last month or so ive beenn trying 2 clear out some of my fish tanks slowly due to some unforseable circumstances i now have to get rid of these guys asap and because of thi im am lowering my prices on many of the fish all my fish come from clean tanks with perfect water readings and are... ...
57.Ornate bichir to give away. 9 -10inches 06/11/08 No
Trying to avoid upgrading my tank. Anyone want my young ornate bichir. Herefordshire area - pick up only. Contact - tristanmercedes@yahoo.com
58.Oscar, Bichir and large tank for sale 26/04/08 No
Tank 4x1x1.5 feet. Fish included are one very pretty black and red tiger oscar of about 5" long, and a Ornate Bichir of about 10-11" also one large plec. Complete with lights, water and air pump, heater, tank decorations and living plants. Can not deliver, must be collected. £150 for all.
59.2 tanks and livestock 20/09/07 No
selling my 2 tanks. one is 24x12x12 the other is a jewel 125. all in good condition. also included are my fish as follows 1x 12" arowana 1x 14" spotted gar 1x 12" ornate bichir 1x 12" plec 2x 5" jacobs 2x small blue gurami 1x red fin shark 3x 6" plecs buye... ...
60.Bichir 29/05/07 No
Ornate Bichirs or Reed fish wanted Belfast or Newtownabbey/Ballyclare email cnelson@belfastinstitute.ac.uk Cheers
61.15" polypterus ornatipinnis for sale 28/11/06 No
I have a 15" Ornate Bichir for sale. He/she is around 15" long and is a good feeder. He is for sale due to separation and has lived quite happily along side some stingrays and severums and has a good temerment. £40ovno If you are interested I can only be reached via mobile which is due to... ...
62.Potamotrygon magdalenae - Magdalena river stingray @ Tropical imports 29/08/06 Yes
Potamotrygon magdalenae Magdalena river stingray Small species ray available. 1 male, approx 6" disc. Grows to a maximum of 14" disc size. Feeding on Earthworms, bloodworm, krill and brineshrimp, smelt, whitebait and prawns. £100 Potamotrygon reticulatus Small species ray, grows to... ...
63.Ornate Bichir (polypterus ornatipinnis) 28/08/06 Yes
9" approx, ornate bichir. Beautiful attractively marked fish, will reach 15" fully grown. Very hardy, eats cichlid pellets, small bits of beefheart/fish/shrimp etc. Great oddball fish! £50 ono
64.Rio 180 Oddball Setup Complete 22/09/05 Yes
am selling this setup as i am soon to be moving abroad. The setup is a Rio180 aquarium, it comes with all inhabitants which include 2 Snakeskin Gouramis (4-5 inch) 1 Pleco, 1 Royal Panaque Pleco, and the star of the show my 1 foot Ornate Bichir, they all live happily together and have so for the... ...
65.12" + polypterus ornatipinnis - ornate bichir for sale 13/09/05 No
For sale my much loved 12"+ ornate bichir. Selling because I cant provide him a big enough tank right now. Serious offers only in region of £35, no muppets or time wasters please. Must be collected from Bromley, Kent. WILL NOT POST. No overseas cheques or any of that rubbish. COntact... ...
66.Polypterus ornatipinnis 14/08/04 No
17" male ornate bichir @£40. Buyer collects.
67.Oddballs and MORE.!!!! 16/06/04 Yes
I always get the stuff you want but can never afford shop prices!! .. Red Wolf Fish 14cm, Lima Shovelnoses 15cm, Brachyplatisoma Jurense 15cm, Thorichthys Elliotii 5cm, Giant Gourami 5cm, Red Head Cichlids 4cm, Black Ghost Knife Fish 12cm, Jardini Arowana 10cm, Blue Lobsters 5cm (cheapest price eve... ...

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