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1. Large Koi Re-homed Ponds Cleared : Have your fish outgrown their pond? Large koi rehomed. Bought a house with an unwanted pond, ponds cleared. London/Essex/Beds/Herts/Bucks/Su ... 15/06/24
2. fish : wanted cheap fish to restock pond norfolk area 08/08/19
3. Large Koi wanted in Scotland - Cash waiting : I have a 6000 gallon established Koi pond waiting for more Koi. I would prefer a pond clearance but will consider smaller numbers if they ar ... 16/10/11
4. large koi wanted 20 inch : large koi wanted 20 inch plus bigger the better will collect not a problem bags and oxygen for safe transportation please email with prices ... 12/06/10
6. fire bellied newts : hi i am after some fire bellied newts please help 22/12/08
7. wanted koi and all other pond fish rehomed in to large loved pond! : i have a large pond and like rehoming pond fish for people that can no longer look arfter there ponds for any reason pls contact me if you h ... 12/05/08
8. eny pond fish wanted plz : hi we have just set up a pond we have some gold fish but would love to have other fish to live with them to so if you need your fish rehomin ... 14/03/08
9. WANTED, large sarasa comet/orfe/shubunkins/gold fish,,, : WANTED, large sarasa comet/orfe/shubunkins/gold fish,for newly built large garden pond. must be reasonaby pice.job lot would be ideal,,lyn.0 ... 07/07/07
10. WANTED koi carp : WANTED koi carp for newly built large pond,must be reasonbly priced.would be nice to have a job lot from the same pond,,,01443 675490 lyn,, 07/07/07
11. re home ur fish i will take em all : Description: Have just completed rebuilding a large pond in my garden and looking for coldwater fish to stock it. Do you have any unwanted ... 21/05/07
12. hozelock pond pumpsx2 450 and 1500 : brand new in box 2x pond pumps 1x 450 small fountain pump 1x fountain and waterfall 1500 in size bought for my ponds but built lareger ponds ... 21/05/07
13. pond fish re-housed : any unwanted fish will empy ponds all types of cold watter fish goldfish,koi,carp rudd,tench wanted must be free or cheap ill take em all ph ... 21/05/07
14. Large Koi Wanted : I am looking for some large good quality japanese koi to fill my pond, good prices paid for the right fish. I am willing to travel to pick u ... 02/05/07
15. Pond fish/Koi : I am looking for koi.I live in manchester.Although i have seen numerous adverts that interest me they are too far out.I am willing to pay re ... 29/04/07
16. Wanted Good Quality Tosakin Goldfish : Wanted desperatly good home waiting!... no silly prices please. Any other fancy goldfish considerd. Thanks 26/04/07
17. garden pond construction and services (berkshire region) : As a part time hobby I enjoy constructing ponds of various sizes. I have built and constructed different styles of ponds e.g. large ornam ... 26/04/07
18. pond equipment wanted : im after a filter pump and uv fo a small pond if anyone has one to sell im in the wirral merseyside area 21/04/07
19. Wanted Bubblebead or Nexus Filter : Wanted Bubblebead or Nexus Filter for new pond project. Can collect most areas. Please contact me with type and prices. 19/04/07
20. WANTED ANY FREE GOLDFISH/SHUBUNKINS ETC FOR LARGE POND : hi I will be building a large pond very soon and am looking for any free pond fish to fill it i have 5 ponds currently so the fish will be w ... 18/04/07
21. koi : i have built my pond which is contain 1000 gallons so it empty so i need to buy load of koi so if u want to email me here joshuakanagalin ... 18/04/07
22. wanted pond weed and fish cambridge : wanted any surplus pond plants / weed etc will collect. nominal fees paid as tight budget. luke 07712 647272 or 01353 649933 13/04/07
23. Goldfish or similar : I have a half acre lake in my garden which was built about 5 years ago and I would now like to stock it with fish. It has lots of reeds for ... 11/04/07
24. Mirror Carp, or Crucian : I am after about 6 small Mirror & Crucian carp... 10/04/07
25. Wanted Coldwater Fish - Hillstream Loach, Plec, Pingi Logsucker or coldwater cat ... : Hi, I'm looking for a scavenger fish or an algae eater to go into my aquarium with goldfish. For example Hillstream Loaches, Pepper Co ... 09/04/07
26. Coldwater Fish Wanted (Besides Goldfish/Kois) : Hi, I'm looking for some coldwater fish to go into my Juwel Rekord 60 aquarium with my two small golfish. I know that I definately do ... 08/04/07
27. Plants and fish wanted for large pond : We have recently constructed a large pond approximately 50 sq mtrs and need to get as many free or very cheap plants and fish to stock it, i ... 08/04/07
28. Pond Help : We have a large pond/lake and would like to stock with some low cost fish. If you have any fish that would be suitable, we have Koi and orfe ... 07/04/07
29. pond fish wanted : I have a large pond that need some more fish, must be healthy, I am in south east london must be close and no silly prices. call 0778774850 ... 07/04/07
30. Large Koi - required / very good home : Lost 2 of my largest ( 24" )koi last season due to theft. Looking to replace now that security is better - not looking for expensive or show ... 06/04/07
31. FREE Koi Re homing : Experienced Koi Keeper with 5ooo gallon pond will re home any unwanted Koi free !. I have all the required bags , boxes and air tanks for ... 06/04/07
32. WANTED POND FISH TEESSIDE AREA : Hi am able to offer a good home to any unwanted pond fish from around the area.I have a large pond and have been keeping fish for 20 years a ... 04/04/07
33. wanted koi pond equipment : wife and kids nagging for koi pond after several visits to our local garden centre and local koi specialist. on a tight budget and got to fi ... 28/03/07
34. Wanted Fish For New Pond (All Types Considered) : Hi, I've just recently moved into a new house with a pond in the garden. The previous owners have removed all their fish and the pond is ... 25/03/07
35. Wanted: Lid for Nexus 200 : As title - require lid for recently acquired Nexus 200 filter. 25/03/07
36. Wanted any Fish for recently restored large pond. : I am after any fish for my pond that I have inherited at my new house. The pond is massive and I have just spent a small fortune restoring ... 23/03/07
37. Wanted Coldwater Fish : Wanted Coldwater Fish Ring me on 07931 628586 22/03/07
38. pond pump : pond pump wanted 70000 ltrs upwards 26/02/07
40. Fold away pond : I am looking for a fold away pond or swimming pool over 250 Gall to house my fish while the pond gets some spring maint. Thanks Dave. Y ... 18/02/07
41. Large koi : Here goes another re-homing ad ..lol .. but its worth a try .. i have spent all my money building my pond ~(s) .. first is done.. second in ... 16/02/07
42. Pearlscale Goldfish : Wanted, quality pearlscale goldfish male or female stock. I'm based in the London area but prepared to travel anywhere for the right fish. P ... 10/02/07
43. Freshwater Fry / juvenile fish : I am not one of these i will rehome your fish blah blah blah people, I am fish especially young fish native to british waters, ponds riv ... 06/02/07
44. unwanted pond fish - any variety and size considered : Are you no longer able to look after you pond, or simply just lost interest? If so, give me a ring and i will collect your pond fish and dr ... 10/01/07
45. quarantine vat : quarantine vat 6 x 3 x 3 with bottom drain and slide valve or similar size wanted to house koi whilst in quarantine. Must be in reasonable ... 10/01/07
46. WANTED QUALITY FANCY GOLDFISH : Can you help me ? I'm looking for high quality lionheads and Ranchu. Cheers Rich 20/12/06
47. ANY UNWANTED COLDWATER FISH : HI we are looking for any unwated cold water fish in the area of merseyside up to 5 inch in size even if it is pond fish just give craig a c ... 06/12/06
48. stock pond wanted : wanted medium to large stock pond wanted in the slough area, approx 4 ft by 6ft please e-mail me first 04/12/06
49. stock pond wanted : wanted medium to large stock pond wanted in the slough area, approx 4 ft by 6ft please e-mail me first 04/12/06
50. Koi pond equipment wanted : Airtech 80 air pump & Eazy pod wanted 02/12/06
51. pond weed and plants plus tench rudd and orff cambridge : i am looking for various types of pond weed and plants. will collect and dredge your pond clearing out excess weed. call luke 07712 647272 14/11/06
52. free to good home : have just set up my new pond and i need some fish any thing will surfice thanks , gordon. 03/11/06
53. wanted : pond fish 28/10/06
54. all types of carp : All types of large carp wanted, mirror, common, ghost, grass etc for large natural ponds. Top money paid for large fish.contact philip on 07 ... 26/10/06
55. fish wanted, mainly koi orfe tench near cambridge : hi i have just built a large clay pond and am looking for many fish both smaller and larger, mainly koi. nothing too expensive i have cash ... 26/10/06
56. volunteers wanted fish rehomers : fish rescue was set up earlier this year to help people with the problem of unwanted ponds and their fish.if you have room for a few more pl ... 25/10/06
57. WANTED QUALITY FANCY GOLDFISH : Looking for top quality fancy goldfish in the N.West area but willing to travel for the right fish. Mainly looking for lionheads, ranchu, ... 21/10/06
58. vortex wanted : wanted - vortex chamber 17/10/06
59. 4500 Gallon Pond Filter : I'm looking for a multi bay filter system to service approximately 4500 gallons of water. I will be keeping a selection of Koi. Please co ... 15/10/06
60. Pond Construction : I have just moved into West Derby, Liverpool. I am looking for someone to dig and construct a pond in my garden. If anyone can help, plea ... 12/10/06
61. Large Pondfish Rehomed Ponds Cleared : Have your fish outgrown their pond? Large koi and sturgeon re-homed. Bought a house with an unwanted pond? Ponds cleared London/Essex/Beds/H ... 07/10/06
63. Crucian carp : Hi I would like a few crucians. If you have any for sale please let me know. I would prefer something in the North yorks / Teesside area.C ... 30/09/06
64. Juvenile Showa or Sanke Koi : I am looking to purchase a number of baby Showa Sanke or Tasio Showa. I’m based in Kent and am happy to travel as far as London or Sussex. ... 29/09/06
65. Koi and various other fish best offers invited : Please help me i have just moved house and have a swimming pool approx 14ft X 7ft which has been coverted to a pond by the previous owner,we ... 29/09/06
66. Pond Fish Wanted : I have just made a really big pond for the kids (20ftx15ftx5ft deep) and am looking for ANY pond fish, preferably FREE. Can collect and trav ... 24/09/06
67. need free koi fish for pond : I have a big pond in need of fish, big time please in north london willing to travel. 20/09/06
69. top quality fancy goldfish needed. : serious collector requires the very best fancy goldfish available.will pay top money for excellent fish. 05/09/06
70. wanted small lion head goldfish : wanted lion head goldfish please 04/09/06
71. need cheap or give away goldfish, tench and ghost carp : need cheap or give away goldfish, tench and ghost carp. 03/09/06
72. oase Aquamax Pump : Wanted good second hand 10,000/12000 Aqumax pump.at a resonable price. 27/08/06
73. good home given koi : im not in a position to buy but very able to care for them it with in reason that you are completely satisfied with my water conditions this ... 24/08/06
74. Koi Wanted : I'm looking to rehome good Koi. I can offer them a very nice home but cannot afford to pay much. Happy to catch and collect them if not to ... 20/08/06
75. large freestanding tank required : large freestanding tank required. must be atleast 7 foot round. please email me. 18/08/06
76. pond equipment : Hi I am looking for any spare pond equipment that anyone has as surplus. I have a friend who has put a large pond in his back yard and needs ... 17/08/06
77. sturgeon : wanted any sturgeon that have outgrown your pond i have a 4000g pond with a few koi and 1 sturgeon looking to up the sturgeon population can ... 15/08/06
78. rehomers wanted by fishrescue : fish rescue is a relatively new scheme , designed for those people wishing to give their unwanted pond fish new homes by people that have su ... 14/08/06
79. Ochiba & Chagoi Koi Wanted Medway, Kent : I am after chagoi and ochiba, I am based in Medway, I would be interested in hearing from you if you can supply a quantity or if you are sel ... 10/08/06
80. red and white wakin wanted : Must be able to send by post. good money for the right fish, can travel locally. 10/08/06
81. PERCH Wanted : Perch wanted for large native pond, to control expanding fish populations. Located in Surrey, Virginia Water. 01/08/06
82. nexus 300 easy wanted cash waiting : nexus 300 easy wanted good price paid please email with price and location prepared to travel if price is right to collect ...CASH WAITING F ... 31/07/06
83. 10 gold fish keighley : i have a 5 inch carp 2 roach 8 and 11 inch and 9 other pond fish from 5 to 10 inch very nice deep red in colour and in excellent order in a ... 28/07/06
84. FREE FISH WANTED WITHIN SURREY AREA : I'm looking for fish for my friend's children who love to have fish in their pond. Girl age is 7 and the boy age is 3 for their 150 gallon ... 18/07/06
85. DEVON --Golden Orfe or any large pond fish wanted : Hi, we have a lage pond and need some low cost large fish, Will travel to collect, or can anybody offer a big discount for quantity, please ... 08/07/06
86. Sturgeon and Koi Wanted : I am looking for Sturgeon and Koi Carp up to 12". In South West area (90 miles from Bristol). Reasonable prices paid. Tel David 0791 90 ... 05/07/06
87. All ponds Cleared : All ponds cleared of unwanted fish. Large fish wanted to restock large natural ponds. coll07884 266901 email Lionpy@aol.com 04/07/06
88. Friendly chagoi : Friendly Chagoi wanted in Cleveland area. To join established family pond. Not bothered about breeding / origin. But must be friendly and ha ... 30/06/06
89. large pond pump bigger the better 30000 litres : Description: WANTEDI am after finding a large pond pump capable of pumping from 15000 litres , the higher rate the better 20000 is ideal. It ... 27/06/06
90. fancy goldfish : please could anyone contact me if they have any unwanted fancy goldfish i have a 10 gallon tank and im looking for around 4 different types ... 27/06/06
91. pond fish rehomed : all pond fish rehomed to suitable ponds , ponds drained free service no amount too big, registered with calypso fish orpphans scheme. 23/06/06
92. large volume pond pump required 15000 ltrs upwards considered : WANTED>>>>>>I am after finding a large pond pump capable of pumping from 15000 litres , the higher rate the better 20000 is ideal. It must b ... 22/06/06
93. help pond fish wanted : i need fish for my pond any type, i need cheap prices and delivery 14/06/06
94. koi : hi recently extended our pond and have now we are looking for koi carp, do not want particularly showy ones just koi that will become our pe ... 12/06/06
95. water lillies wanted : water lillies wanted for large pond please can you contact me with prices etc many thanks mark isaac 07831 431222 07/06/06
96. pond Lillies wanted in bedford area : I am looking for pond lillies for my pond and would appreciate anybody with excess or selling any to contact me. my pond is quite deep aroun ... 07/06/06
97. 12 month old very largepond requires fish ..free or cheap : our very large pond (60+ thousand litres) has now settled in and requires the stocking of fish hopefully orphaned or just plain simple free ... 28/05/06
98. FISH WANTED : Do you have any Pond Fish you no longer want, Gold Fish, Carp, Koi, Chubb, Tench, if you wish them to be placed Free in other Ponds and DO N ... 28/05/06
99. bristol shubunkins : Bristol or london shubunkins wanted must be good quality as they are to be a present can be young or adult fish pictures would be much appre ... 25/05/06
100. wanted pike fry 'Esox lucius' : want pike fry, if you have some or can get hold of some etc drop me an email! also thinking about Perch fry or if i am very lucky zander ... 22/05/06

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