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1. Wanted pair of seahorse : Wanted pair of seahorse set up please let me no if any available thank you 25/02/24
2. Large marine fish wanted : large marine fish wanted I’m located near Addlestone KT16 Nick 07958006747 25/02/24
3. Purple firefish, goby and pistol shrimp, and hermits : I'm reluctantly having to sell my aquarium to cover some medical costs. These fish have been fed a varied diet for good health including ... 25/02/24
4. Common clowns pair : I have a pair of common clowns to move on as I'm getting a pair of clarki clowns. One is around an 1 inch and the other is around 2 inches. ... 24/02/24
5. Corals for sale : Iron man chalice good size frags £20 Mind trick Zoas 10 plus on a plug £30 Fox corals 1 at £30 1 at £40 Green hammer £15 a head If ... 23/02/24
6. BAMBOO SHARKS FOR SALE STUNNING AMAZING : One is 12 inches other is 10 inches price for both is £380... 22/02/24
7. 3 x Wild Yellow.Tangs : I have 3 x Large Wild Yellow Tangs for sale, £700 for the 3 of them. Collection Essex CO7 21/02/24
8. Looking for marine stingray and shark : Looking for a blue spot sting or a yellow stingray alos an epaulette shark if any one has either will to travel to collect thanks 17/02/24
9. Clown fish and Coral beauty : Both are young, small and really healthy Call me,text, or whatsapp 07775582040 Located in HD2 Huddersfield £50 or very very near ... 17/02/24
10. Tank closing - fish for sale : Need to go urgently. Make me an offer but need gone this weekend. I’m closing down my tank and need to sell off the livestock. I have ... 17/02/24
11. Marine fish for sale - St Helens : Regal tang -10cm - £45 Pair of common clown fish - 5cm - £40 Pair of cleaner shrimp - 5-6cm - £35 Blue cheeked goby - £20 Brown goby ... 17/02/24
12. Marine fish tank full set- up 200 litre : Due to unforeseen circumstances in am selling my reef master tank with all equipment . Everything is in perfect working order, had the t ... 14/02/24
13. Marine Fijian Live Rock +Tank. 22 years in refugium marine aquarium. £595 : Fijian Live rock which been in refugium for the last 22 years, imagine the biological richness of them!! about 30 to 40kg Selling due ... 14/02/24
14. Marine fish : Purple tang £100 Breeding pair of black onyx clowns £100 Juvenile Pair of white phantom storm clowns £40 Common juvenile clowns £7.50 ... 13/02/24
15. Marine items for sale : Hi I have gone to fresh water and got some items for sale . Magnetic frag rack and plugs 2 wave makes nearly a full packed of calcium some r ... 11/02/24
16. White Bonnet Clownfish Pair- extremely rare £1000 : The White Bonnet Clownfish is an extremely rare hybrid from the Solomon Islands. It is reported to be the naturally occurring cross betweenA ... 10/02/24
17. Complete marine tank set up : £1500 Full marine tank set up in excellent condition, 340L 600deep x 1200 wide x 1500 high inc unit. Livestock: Regal Tang Majes ... 07/02/24
18. Full set up - marine tank - £280 - 200 litre : Selling my 200 litre reef master marine tank due to unforeseen circumstances. The table protein skimmer, wave machine etc all in perfect ... 02/02/24
19. Marine fish tank - full set up : 200 litre reef master marine tank - protein skimmer, wave machine etc all in perfect working order. Fish and critters - 1 regal tang 10c ... 31/01/24
20. Selling marine tank set up : Selling my 200 litre marine tank set up , due to unforeseen circumstances, I have spent around £2900 and countless hours maintaining the wa ... 29/01/24
21. Full marine tank set- up : I am selling my 200 litre marine tank set -up with everything included , due to unforeseen circumstances. All wave machine, protein skimm ... 29/01/24
22. More Euphyllia ready to go : Have some more euphyllia ready to go and am also including the pieces that were still left from my last post. All pictures are numbered and ... 26/01/24
23. Purple tang : Purple tang for sale Reluctantly selling as shutting down tank … I am open to sensible offers…. Any silly offers will be ignored . ... 24/01/24
24. Wanted Orphek 90cm Blue Plus : Thanks! 22/01/24
25. Berghia Nudibranch wanted : I am after about 4/5 for my 20g small reef I am based in Wirral Simon 07757688494 22/01/24
26. Waterbox AIO cube 10 - complete setup : Everything you need for a 10g nano Waterbox 10, in great condition apart from a very small ding in the outside bottom corner. I’ve had ... 18/01/24
27. Pair of banggai : Hi I am looking for a breeding pair of banggai cardinal fish or if you have multiple I may be interested Liverpool area but may travel withi ... 16/01/24
28. Tank Closure - Clown Fish, Live Rock and Green Star Polyp for sale : Sadly have decided to close tank down. The history of the tank can be seen at https://paulsreef.co.uk Livestock for sale 1x Orang ... 15/01/24
29. WANTED seahorses : As advert says ,seahorses wanted please get in touch 14/01/24
30. Clownfish wanted : As advert says ,I looking for pair of clownfish 12/01/24
31. Macro algae for sale : Ulva lactuca marine lettuce generous portion £9.99 And Gracillaria Red ogo £12.99 Both non invasive and readily eaten by herbiv ... 10/01/24
32. Copperband butterfly fish wanted Lancs/ Cheshire area : Looking for a healthy specimen, for our established reef tank.We can offer an excellent home in our 1300l tank if you are looking to rehome ... 10/01/24
33. Macro algae for sale : Ulva lactuca marine lettuce generous portion £9.99 And Gracillaria Red ogo £12.99 Both non invasive and readily eaten by herbiv ... 10/01/24
34. Bubble tip anemone : I have a bunch of small bubble tip anemones that have split from my main one. Will sell for £10 each. 09/01/24
35. TESSALATA HONEYCOMB MORAY EEL MARINE SALTWATER : Selling my Tessalata Eel around 2ft long eats frozen silver sides and has never bothered any other fish £120 collection from Blackburn BB ... 09/01/24
36. 500ml live phytoplankton £6 collection 7.50 posted : Enhance the health and vitality of your marine aquarium with this 500ml bottle of live marine phytoplankton. Sustainably harvested and packe ... 07/01/24
37. 1L rotifer £20 including postage or collection : 1L of rotifer high density perfect for clownfish fry 04/01/24
38. 1L zooplankton mix copepods rotifer £22 including postage or collection : Copepods are the second largest source of protein in the oceans, second only to krill. They are the natural food of many fish in the oceans, ... 04/01/24
39. Live rock covered in GSP : I have 2 pieces of live rock to get rid of, ones nearly completely covered in GSP, still in the display tank, the other is now in my sump. ... 30/12/23
40. Various corals for sale from my tank : Rhodactis Indosinensis commonly known as Neon green hairy mushroom coral can grow/swell to around 4inch in diameter. Single large mushro ... 29/12/23
41. Orange gold spot rabbitfish : Orange gold spot rabbitfish for sale 4/5" excellent feeder asking £30 ono pick up from Hayes Middlesex thanks photos on request 28/12/23
42. Ultra rare- Apolemichthys kingi SOLD : I have for sale a beautiful Apolemichthys kingi approximately 5inches, feeding well and super healthy. This is a collectors fish so this ... 27/12/23
43. 500ml live copepods high density £12 including postage : Enhance the health and growth of your marine fish with this 1l Live Copepods. Specifically designed for corals, breeding, and marine fish, . ... 24/12/23
44. blue eye tang / convict tang/ Frackelface tang sale… : Hi Selling my lovely all fishes nice and good health condition. Eat almost everything Convict tang large size sold Blue eyed tang medi ... 23/12/23
45. Pair wild picaso clowns/ white tail kole tang/ neon dottyback : selling these marine fish as packed up tank and in vat in garage so really need gone! all healthy and mint condition! white tail kole ta ... 20/12/23
46. Male king Angel fish : Here we have a stunning king Angel also known a passer Angel size 6/7" beautiful fish just got too big for our tank very healthy lookin ... 16/12/23
47. Clown Fish And Blue Damsel : selling my percula clown and Blue damsel £40 pair Selling due to tank shut down will be lots of other bits live rock and equipment listed ... 15/12/23
48. Gorgonia : 2 large pieces about 12inch in height £60 each both for £100. Single green fluffy mushrooms £8 Collection only 14/12/23
49. 1L live phytoplankton £12 collection £15 posted : 1L live phytoplankton perfect for coral tanks 07/12/23
50. 1L copepods £20 postage included or collection : 1L high density copepods perfect for fish and coral £20 07/12/23
51. 2 clown fish and 1 dog face puffer : Available to collect 2 clownfish £20 1 dog face puffer £25 Ls16 07/12/23
52. sunburst anemones,Superman Rhodactis mushroom large,Lime in the sky acro. : Stunning colorado Sunburst Anemones:£30 each Superman Rhodactis mushroom large:£25 each Lime in the sky large full branch acro frags: ... 06/12/23
53. STUNNING:Torches, Hammers ,frogspawn euphyllia. : Toxic splatter hammer:£25 per head. Buzz light year frogspawn:£36 per head. Double head:£60 Beautiful and rare 24k Aussie Gold tor ... 06/12/23
54. Stunning fireworks clove polyps 6-8 ,headed. : Firework clove polyps:£25 per frag. Hurry,as these are moving quickly. 06/12/23
55. REDSEA NANO WANTED : hi there I’m looking for a redsea nano preferably a full set up and of high end spec and quality,willing to travel for the right price,I ... 27/11/23
56. Red sea max nano : * Red Sea Max Nano with black stand * Red Sea ReefLED 50 lights * Red Sea Max Nano skimmer original with kit . * H2Ocean Compact ATO Aut ... 26/11/23
57. Rehome any unwanted marine fish : I have plenty of space for any unwanted marine fish I have a good knowledge on keeping marine 22/11/23
58. MARINE FISH : Hawaiian Black triggerfish 5-6inch £55 Regal tang 4-5inch £50 porcipine puffer XL £70 Rose bubbletip nems £25-35 each depending on si ... 21/11/23
59. Marine Kenya tree coral and fish : Shutting down the tank. Kenya trees are on live rock. Will sell separately or the lot. There is a lot. Blue trigger and peacock mantis ... 20/11/23
60. Indian black trigger : Beautiful Indian black trigger superb fish 5" eats really well asking for £50 for pick up only from Hayes see pics 20/11/23
61. Breaking due to work.... : Unfortunately, workload is meaning that I am not having the time to look after my tank as I would like. The fish are fantastic - the corals ... 12/11/23
62. Live rock, Leeds, £5kg : I have approx 50kg of live rock from my tank which I'm shutting down. I've had it all for over 8 years and it's been kept wet and warm in th ... 12/11/23
63. RARE REDUCED £200 SHOW SIZE BLUE TRIGGERFISH RED TOOTH TRIGGERFISH MARINE FISH : Stunning mint 8 to 9 inches blue redtooth Niger TRIGGERFISH stunning hard to obtain at this size...reduced will accept £200 reduced no offe ... 09/11/23
64. Seahorses : Hey all anyone able to help me out I’m currently looking for a partner for one lonely seahorse I think she is female this is what I have ... 08/11/23
65. Purple tang : Purple tang for sale superb fish lovely big 5""6'eats really well £80 ono pick up only from Hayes middx SOLD NOW 04/11/23
66. Euyphillia Hammer frogspawn : Two /three headed corals different types and colours Bargain prices as I need space £20.00 for two head !! That's a bargain just need cle ... 01/11/23
67. undulate triggerfish for sale : undulate triggerfish balistapus undulatus 5-6 inches In perfect condition. Eating well Need to rehome as too aggressive to smalle ... 31/10/23
68. Erectus seahorse : Looking for 2 pairs of erectus seahorse if anybody has any for sale. Willing to travel 31/10/23
69. Trachyphyllia : Trachyphyllia for sale, 3-4 inch, collection only, £160 19/10/23
70. Rehoming : Hi I have two very nice marine Puffer fish 1 X 7 inch star's & stripes £50 1 X 5 inch Dogface £35 Collection only bring a bucket w ... 18/10/23
71. Porcupine puffer fish : I have a young porcupine puffer fish for sale. Great little character, but isn't getting on with my fish and is stressing them out. Idea ... 18/10/23
72. Regal and SailFin large tangs : I have large Regal and SailFin tangs for sales. Open to offer. Collection only from Northampton, NN2 Kingsley. 16/10/23
73. Regal and SailFin large tangs : I have large Regal and SailFin tangs for sales. Open to offer. Collection only from Northampton, NN2 Kingsley. 13/10/23
74. full tank contents : more than 30 different sps pieces, 2 clams, one deresa and one maxima 5 fish inclusing kole tang, pair of blue spot anampses wrasse, 2 sp ... 11/10/23
75. Regal and SailFin large tangs : I have large Regal and SailFin tangs for sales. Open to offer. Collection only from Northampton, NN2 Kingsley. 11/10/23
76. Pink tail trigger : For sale Pink tail trigger excellent fish eats very well full of character 5" asking for £40 ono pics on request thank you pick up onl ... 11/10/23
78. STUNNING XL LARGE BLUE TRIGGERFISH REDTOOTH TRIGGERFISH 8 INCHES : Very hard to obtain at this size stunning sub Adult Blue triggerfish this is atleast 8 to 9 inches long...also have two smaller ones around ... 07/10/23
79. Corals wanted : Hi I’m looking for cheap corals as I have started a frag tank up so I can start growing corals. If anyone has any for sale or are looking ... 06/10/23
80. Marine fish : Lamarks angelfish 4-5"£40 Pair of medium sized common clownfish £30 4" tomini tang £30 4" coral beauty £30 Lantern ba ... 05/10/23
81. Seahorses : Hi I'm looking for a few seahorses but not kuda cash waiting if you could get in touch Wales area preferably but willing to travel 04/10/23
82. Red Sea reefer 450 with livestock and equipment ecotech radions, MP40w, deltec, ... : Hi everyone, I am looking to sell my entire setup including livestock/ fish due to a house move. This is a great opportunity to acquir ... 02/10/23
83. Corals wanted : Now that my tank is settled down I am looking to start filling up with corals. Primarily looking for softies and lps species. Let me know wh ... 30/09/23
84. Free to a good home - Domino Damsel : Hi, Free to a good home collection from Maidstone call Anthony on 07949082912 29/09/23
85. Roughly 15 hermit crabs : Common algae hermit crabs. Perfect for cleaning up around reef tanks. Various sizes. There may be a few more than 15 when I collect them all ... 23/09/23
86. Rock smothered in GSP and mushrooms : Roughly 6x6 inches. Really good size coral. £20 or swap for other frag Wont let me upload pics. What's app on 07842 648277 for pics 23/09/23
87. Macro algae needed : Hey guys I’m in need of some cheato caleurpa and other for my seahorses , had a crash a few days ago , seahorses are fine but all algae is ... 23/09/23
88. Great value corals - SPS, LPS colonies not just frags : Having a big clear out of my frag system so some great corals available at bargain prices; many have been grown out over several years so ar ... 21/09/23
89. Red Sea 350 complete set up for sale : Red Sea 350 - complete with Red Sea skimmer / lights Reactors, wavemaker, Arka and more…. Livestock Regal tang Lipstick tang Foxfac ... 11/09/23
90. 12 inch Sea Urchin - West London - Collection only : Long spine black sea urchin 12 inch 30 centimeters for sale. Collection only 09/09/23
91. Live rock for sale good quality : I have approx 80Kg of good quality live rock for sale. Some great pieces,many with kenya tree coral attached. Its being stored in a lit he ... 06/09/23
92. Marine Fish / coral #3 : Nice little Clean up crew consisting of 4 x reef safe Hermit Crabs 1 x Turbo Snail 3 x Banded Trochus snails £19..99 for all above , c ... 03/09/23
93. Marine Fish / coral #2 : Large Doreensis long tentacle Anemone stunning nem under blue lighting will host Clownfish £49.99 each collection from Southampton please 03/09/23
94. Marine Fish / coral #1 : This is a large Harlequin Shrimp stunning colours and pattern , these are ideal for clearing a tank of pest asterina stars . These only eat ... 03/09/23
95. Berghia nudibranch £10 - they will eat your aiptasia and only your aiptasia : Hi, I have a few of these crawling around. They can be collected in Maidenhead or I can post them for next day delivery before 1pm. T ... 30/08/23
96. Closing down tanks Marine fish for sale : Large Regal Tang Lipstick Tang Foxface Pair of clowns STORM Pair of clowns Common Lemon peel angel Flame Angel Flame blenny Female b ... 26/08/23
97. Reef tank livestock. Free : I have got a small mix of CUC, please whatsapp or message for more info. I am also dismantling the tank so if you would like and shells f ... 24/08/23
98. Puffer fish : Large stars and stripes puffer fox face two large ells one skeleton and a banded close in tank 200 20/08/23
99. Red mushrooms : Hi I have a few red mushrooms and brown polips just wanting to clean sand up if anybody is locle to penistone s36 and wants them they can ha ... 18/08/23
100. Thalassoma lutescens : Excellent thalassoma lutescens banana wrasse for sale this is a female changing into male size 4 inches feeds well pick up only from Hayes ... 18/08/23

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