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1. Stunning Wild and F1 Tropheus Katonga Brichardi Ujiji Bargain : Here advertised are my TROPHEUS Katonga bred naturally into the tank from my wild caught group. All Healthy and Eating well. Stunnin ... 25/02/24
2. Mpulungu sun spot Tropheus : F1 Group of 20 available . 2 years old, 10-12cm grown on by myself. Excellent colours, the sun spot is very yellow on each. Already had 2 b ... 24/02/24
3. Moliro Firecracker Tropheus : F1 group of 20. Deep burgundy red, a lovely example of this genus. 12cm. Ideally best as to buy as a whole group or two groups of 10. Th ... 24/02/24
4. Tropheus Orange Flame : I have 4 adult tropheus orange flame that I need to get rid of. They are currently in a holding tank that is far to small for them so need t ... 24/02/24
5. F1 Tropheues Maswa Duboisi Group : Im selling a small group of young adult F1 Tropheues dubusoi i have about 10 to 12 They will make a nice breeding group, unfortunately du ... 24/02/24
6. Wild Breeding group of 30 Petrochromis Trewavasae : A very large group of Trewavasae 5M 25 f Will not split the group Only suitable for the experienced Tanganyika hobbyists. Price is by P ... 23/02/24
7. Tropheus Rutunga F1 Rare : I have 15 Rutunga F1 fry to go Theses are very rare ,size around 3-5cm £15 each No Offers 23/02/24
8. XENOTILAPIA NIGROLABIATA RED PRINCESS F2 - 25 pounds each : I have 6 fish for sale , size 1 fish 3cm ,3 fish 4 cm,1 fish 5.5 cm , and 1 fish 7cm . Adults fish is from Germany see you at my hou ... 23/02/24
9. Altolamprologus Compressiceps Gold Head x3 for £25 : I have x3 F1 Altolamprologus Compressiceps for sale. Around 7-8cm in size and 2.5 years old. They are slow growers and tend to fully mature ... 22/02/24
10. Altolamprologus Sumbu Shell Trio For Sale - £25 : Trio of Altolamprologus Sumbu Shell for sale - 2M/1F. Nice group for a small Tanganyika setup, or part of a larger community setting. ... 22/02/24
11. F1 Petrochromis moshi : F1 1"-3" moshi petrochronis kazumbe kabago what's app for photos 22/02/24
12. Opportunity Promotelas taeniolatus namalenje island f1 red empress : for sale 27 fish 8 males and 19 females males start color fish size 8 - 10 cm . Group 27 fish 135 pounds or 1 male 2 females 15 pounds v ... 21/02/24
13. Julidochromis transcriptus ‘Kissi’ fry for swap/sale : 11 or so fry about 1 inch for sale or swap. Pick up in Huntingdon PE29 20/02/24
14. Frontosa £150 : Barging to be had think iv got around 12 frontosa for sale £150 the lot most are 4" + Cash in collection only from Ashford kent to ... 20/02/24
15. Breeding group of frontossa wanted : Breeding group of frontossa wanted cas. Here or swop for breeding group albino white dolphins message me thanks. 20/02/24
16. Entire Mixed Tropheus Colony for sale. : Mixed colony of WC & F1 Adult Tropheus. Firecrackers Red Phoenix Ikolas Dubosis Blunt heads. At least 40+ individuals, and also fe ... 19/02/24
17. Various tanganyikan cichlids for sale. : Gold head male. Attentanatus. Sexfaciatus Gold. WC Large WC benthochromis female. Various synodontis catfish. And more... Message for ... 18/02/24
18. Tropheus f1 bulu point : 12 adult f1 plus juveniles two females holding now £180 for the lot 18/02/24
19. Looking for Buccochromis Nototaenia and Buccochromis Rhoadesii Females : Hi, Looking for Buccochromis Nototaenia and Buccochromis Rhoadesii Females if someone have please contact with me I am based in London 0770 ... 17/02/24
20. Scianochromis Fryeri Snow White : Young adults, 10cm +. Males showing excellent colour. £20 each. Fabulous electric blue. All tank bred by myself 17/02/24
21. Mbuna Wanted : I am looking for Mbuna cichlids, anything from babies to adults. Based in Basingstoke but willing to travel for the right fish. Please ... 16/02/24
22. Looking For Mdoka : I'm very keen to acquire 4-5 Aulonocara Aquilonium within an hour's drive of EX13 area. Does anyone know of any around? Would settle for ... 16/02/24
23. Malawi cichlids North London : Hi I’m a keeper and breeder of top quality Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlids, based in WoodGreen N22.. I have some new haps and peacocks ins ... 15/02/24
24. Wild tropheus yungo green : Wild group 2 males and 6 females plus 20 young from mike rifts £120 Watts app me on 07929198460 13/02/24
25. Peacocks : 1 strawberry ob peacock 3 inch 1 orange ob peacock 3 inch 1 ruby red peacock 5 inch All males £40 for all 3 13/02/24
26. Adult group of 17 Albino White Dolphins : Beautiful breeding group of 17 adult Albino White Dolphins. Constantly breeding. Selling due to downsizing. £300 for the group. Cash on col ... 12/02/24
27. Juvenile Neolamprolgus Multifasciatus : Hi, I have a trio of multi's that have been happily breeding and I need to think them out. I have maybe 20 large juveniles, maybe more. H ... 12/02/24
28. F1 tropheus maswa for sale : F1 maswa bred from wild group £6 each 10/02/24
29. Male fusco malawi hap around 7 inches : Male malawi hap believe to be fusco but not 100% around 6 to 7 inches . Got a few anger issues so would need to be in large tank with good s ... 07/02/24
30. Ocean rock : I have a larger bucket of ocean Rock removed from my tropheus tank £100 for the lot My split and sell in kgs if don't all go together 06/02/24
31. Colony of Shell Dwellers - Neolamprologus multifasciatus : Hi, closing down one of my tanks so sadly needing to sell my colony of Neolamprologus multifasciatus shell Dwellers. There are at least ... 06/02/24
32. Adult Malawi and Yellow labs for sale or swap for American cichlids. : I have the following fish for sale 2x Male Red fin borelyi 7 inch £30 for both fish. 2x MaleYellow Peacocks 4 inch £20 for both fish. 2x M ... 05/02/24
33. Entire Multis Shell Dwellers colony for sale. : At least 60-80 shell dwellers for sale, ranging in various sizes and ages. Original Bach were from wild caught parents. Entire colony for s ... 04/02/24
34. 6 large Frontosa Burundi for sale. : Largest male Burundi is 15 inch plus, rest of the colony range from 7-15 inches. All for sale together, Only for a tanganyikan setup. Mess ... 04/02/24
35. Scianochromis Fryeri . XL Premium . Fully grown males, superb electric blue colo ... : Really healthy & beautiful specimens, all tank bred by myself. Beautiful XL Males at £30 each, around 6 inch. A must have for any Ma ... 03/02/24
36. Rare Malawi haps and predatory haps : All eating well on all sorts of different dried and frozen food Collection only please don’t message about shipping. 4 x mylochrom ... 02/02/24
37. Malawi hap cichlids : Selling cheap as I’m trying to breed other fish and need the space All £5 each and collection only no shipping 1 x strigatus 10cm ... 02/02/24
38. 4th Feruary 2024 Greater Manchester Cichlid Society Auction : GMCS OPEN FISH AUCTION ON THE 4th February 2024 AT LITTLEBOROUGH CONSERVATIVE CLUB PEEL STREET LITTLEBOROUGH OL 15 8AQ FOR DETAILS CONT ... 02/02/24
39. Neolamprologus multifasciatus, collection from Shrewsbury : Neolamprologus multifasciatus from an established colony. £20 for 5 fish and their shells. Collection only. 02/02/24
40. SOLD - Cyprichromis Leptosoma Mpulungu x5 for £30 : I have x5 Cyprichromis Leptosoma Mpulungu F2 cichlids for sale. Around six months old at a size of 4cm to 6cm in length. 2 male / 3 female g ... 29/01/24
41. Adult Malawi cichlids : Still Wanting adult Malawi cichlids in Macclesfield or Manchester area Particularly after Soccolofi powder blue Mbuna or bumblebee cichlids ... 29/01/24
42. Albino white dolphins : Plenty white dolphins to thin out adults or will swop for fontossas 28/01/24
43. peacocks : About 20 peacocks for sale including 2 lovely cat fish. £40 collection from de11 swadlincote 27/01/24
44. Frontosa for Sale - Kigoma, Berundi and Black Widow : 10 Fronts for sale in total, ranging from 5" to 10" ish. 2 x Berundi 8-9" - £50ea 2 x Black Widow - £70ea 4 x Kigoma ... 26/01/24
45. Mbuna large selections and multiples : I have approx 20 beautiful healthy and only 6 months old mbuna In the tank I have: Saulosi dwarf mbuna ‘Chindongo pair x4 Yellow la ... 26/01/24
46. Neolamprologus pulcher Daffodil Cichlid : Unsexed young fish, approx 4cm Not yet reached their full size and colour potential Keep with other similar TANGANYIKAN cichlids. ... 26/01/24
47. Tank Clearance : x8 Adult Malawis for sale. 07908 259 985 25/01/24
48. Frontosa for sale : I am selling two breeding couples, they are approximately 10cm big. I am based in Dagenham, East London. Each couple is £150. Contact over ... 22/01/24
49. Aulonocara. XL Premium Orange & Purple Blotch. : Really healthy & beautiful specimens, all tank bred by myself. Beautiful XL Males at £30 each, around 6 inch. A must have for any Au ... 21/01/24
50. F1 Eretmodus Marksmithi Kekese : From my wild breeding group , 2.5/3cm in size ideal tank mates for tropheus Collection only form Woodford Green east London 21/01/24
51. Pseudotropheus cyaneorhabdos, Maingano Island : Pseudotropheus cyaneorhabdos aka Maingano for sale. Adults at £5.00 each. Up to 20 available. Fantastic colours. Can mix with Tropheus c ... 21/01/24
52. Yellow lab juveniles 3-4 cm : Yellow labs juveniles 12 available Liverpool L32 collection 20/01/24
53. Yellow labs : Juvenile yellow labs 3-4cm Liverpool L32 collection 18/01/24
54. The Tang Gang : I have set up a group/community on the "Band" app purely for keepers of Tanganyikan fish. Download the app and join "The T ... 17/01/24
55. Books : Konings Malawi Cichlids 4th edition £25 Konings Tanganyika CIchlid original , worn £10 Konings TC In their natural habitat £20 Konings ... 14/01/24
56. Neolamprologus Multifasciatus Multies : Group of 5 is £20 and then £3 each after that. Collection only from SL1 I have been breeding multies for a long while now and have a tan ... 14/01/24
57. Tropheus Ilangi juveniles : Looking to move on some Tropheus Ilangi juveniles, 3-5cm showing good colour. Collection only from St Andrews Fife. If interested I can send ... 07/01/24
58. african malawi mbuna : gor about 16 african mbuna cichlids all sorts of colours vary from 2 inch to 4 inch open to offers or swaps for american cihlids or along th ... 05/01/24
59. Tropheus ikola and red rainbow : Up for sale is 10 x tropheus ikola 5 x tropheus red rainbow Approx 5 x baby tropheus not sure on the type yet 6 x clown loach A ... 04/01/24
60. Kigoma frontosa : After adult female Kigoma frontosa 04/01/24
61. Wanted - benthochromis horii / tricoti : Looking for females, happy to buy female heavy groups. Midlands based or posted ? Please ! 03/01/24
62. Mbuna : Mbuna fry 50p each Rotherham, msg 07711179535 for details 02/01/24
63. Mbuna : Mbuna cichlids various sizes , 50p-£2 depending on size . Rotherham msg 07711179535 for further details 02/01/24
64. 1st Generation Tank Bred Frontosa Burundi : I have 28 young Frontosa Burundi available for sale. They are currently being grown out and reservations can be made by calling the provided ... 02/01/24
65. Julidochromis Transcriptus £4.00 each : As above, have around 4-5 juveniles for sale. Contact me on 07873875000 for pictures. Collection in Huddersfield. 30/12/23
66. Young BurundiI Frontosa for sale : I have approximately 30 homebred BurundiI Frontosa for sale.. They are on average 5cm in size, some a little more. £10 each or 6 for ... 29/12/23
67. Peacock Cichlids Red Sea Reefer 170 Job Lot Closing down tank : Complete Aquarium Setup Red Sea Reefer 170 Peacock Cichlid Aquarium everything included tank, stand heater, lights, sump, Gravel.Rocks ... 28/12/23
68. Tropheus : Trooheus ikola f1 and tropheus bulombora f1. Naturally split in tank. Prove is when you come you will see. Rotherham. Collection only. More ... 27/12/23
69. Various Mbuna juveniles always available... Bedfordshire : Home breeder of Malawi cichlids, Mbuna for over 30 years.. Good selection of fish that you won't see in shops and at a very good price. L ... 27/12/23
70. 4ft juwel tank : 4ft 260 litre tank with cabinet. Lights were upgraded to fluval aquasky and not included in the sale. No filter included as was run on exter ... 17/12/23
71. Male haps and peas. : Closing down tank Males haps and peas. 2catfish Start from 30 each on haps. All over 5 inch 2 Sunshines, 1 red shoulder, 1 red empr ... 17/12/23
72. Closing fish house : 2 6ft tanks,1 4ft ,4 smaller breeding tanks,loads of Malawi all mbuna plus synodontis catfish, Petricola and Poli white.Email me for more in ... 14/12/23
73. Fire fish : Hi all I'm wanting a mixture cichlids Nigara females, firefish, along those lines please if anybody has any. I'm based in Redcar. Can tra ... 13/12/23
74. Star sapphire : Hi I'm selling 2 inch star sapphire cihlids absolutely stunning fish deep colours and strong body shapes £15 each Runcorn cheshire ... 10/12/23
75. Tropheus , Callochromis macrops , julinochromis Xenotilapia singularis kekese : 15 6-9cm Xenotilapia singularis kekese . 9 5-7cm Julidochromis transcriptus gombe . 8 2male+6female ,7-9cm Callochromis macrops ndo ... 10/12/23
76. Yellow tail acei : I have 11 yellow tail acei for sale about 3 months old colouring up nicely £5 each or 3 for £12 08/12/23
77. Juvenile Malawi Cichlids : Various Malawi Cichlids for sale Williamsi North blue lips Yellow labs Protomelas Similus German red type peacocks, not showing much c ... 04/12/23
78. About 30 plus malawi cichlids : Changing fish so I have for sale about 30 plus malawi cichlids plus two parrot fish £180 collection Burnley Lancashire 04/12/23
79. Tanganyika cichlid group : Hi! I’ve got some tanganyika cichlids for sale: 4x cyprichromis 3x breeding trio Brichardi 4x Multi Shell dweller 1x Frontosa ... 01/12/23
80. 10 x mbuna cicihlids : 10 assorted mbuna, some shop bought and some bred in tank. Looking for a new home, I don’t want payment for the fish. Also looking to s ... 29/11/23
81. fossorochromis rostratus Male SOLD : Selling 1 fossorochromis rostratus male, fully coloured up most beautiful cichlids only selling due to outgrown my tank 8inch £35 w ... 22/11/23
82. Various Assorted African Malawi Cichlids Peacocks And Haps COLLECTION : Won't let me upload images so I've provided a link to the ebay listing with images https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/196088786957?mkcid=16& ... 22/11/23
83. 4 adult Malawi mbuna for free : Hi, I have 4 adult mbuna to go for free. 2 Yellowtail Acei 2 Maylandia estherae Sex unknown. Collection from Norbury SW16. Must be ... 20/11/23
84. Breeding colony of multifaciatus shell dwellers - shells included : For sale I have a group of approximately 10 adult multifaciatus mutlis shell dwellers and young.this dwarf cichlid lives inside shells. Th ... 20/11/23
85. Fish for sale : Due to overcrowding I am thinning out my aquarium. I am selling some stunning F1 fish all approx 3-4inches. Fish include Placidachromius sta ... 18/11/23
86. African cichlids wanted in Oxford. : Hi all. I'm searching for african cichlids in Oxford/Abingdon area. Anything considered, adults or fry. I also have many young Yellow Labs ... 13/11/23
87. OB peacock and red shoulder peacocks juveniles for sale : About 100 or more OB peacock and red shoulder peacocks small £2 each bigger juveniles £3. 13/11/23
88. FRONTOSA CICHLIDS LARGE : Any frontosa cichlids for sale in the london area or essex Bigger the better please Cash waiting !! Get me on wattsapp or call 078026011 ... 09/11/23
89. Shell dweller setup and fish - colony of multifaciatus, tank, filter, heater and ... : For sale: whole setup and fish. Fish: at least eight adult multifaciatus and a number of fry The whole setup is included. Everything ... 07/11/23
90. Malawi peacocks and haps for sale. : Changing stock. 2 pairs of ob fryeri blue ice 1 pair of red firefish very red male 1 male malauna 1 male ngara 1 male usisya 1 mal ... 07/11/23
91. Loads of top quality malawis : Moving house soon and need to get rid of my tank and fish. I have the following mbuna cichlids for sale 2x metriaclima kawanga gold male ... 02/11/23
92. Loads of top quality malawis : Moving house soon and need to get rid of my tank and fish. I have the following mbuna cichlids for sale 2x metriaclima kawanga gold male ... 02/11/23
93. Metriaclima Estherae Minos Reef : 3cm unsexed juveniles for sale, Blue males & Orange Blotch females All home bred in our fish house Parents can be seen Only £3 eac ... 02/11/23
94. Full set up of tropheus duboisi, : Breeding group oo f1 4 males and 8 females and about 10-15 young could be more ranging from half to one and half inch. Plus 4ft fluval 240 l ... 29/10/23
95. Lake malawi poster : Poster of the lake and locations £40 message for pictures as it wont allow me to upload 29/10/23
96. Tropheus : Yellow murago wanted ring or text 07921710807 cheers 24/10/23
97. Malawi : For sale lethrinops chilingali, placidochromis jalo reef,placidochromis star sapphire, eyebiters, also aulonocara obs lethrinops gold harbo ... 24/10/23
98. Tanganyikans : Neolamprologus multis for sale ring or text 07398243244 thanks 24/10/23
99. Wanted Malawi for free : Can take unwanted Malawi for free good home ready Thankyou in advance 21/10/23
100. Malawi cichlids mbuna : Calainos nkhata bay mc trio £20 Zeb boadzulu trio £20 Cyno lions cove pair £10 2m 8f mixed o/ob fems £40 7 Tropheops macro ... 20/10/23

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