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  K&C Rift Valley Cichlids NorthWest

Description: Updated stocklist 23.1.16

*** WILDS ***

Cynotilapia zebroides red top likoma (all reserved)
Cynotilapia Zebroides Charo - £20ea
Cynotilapia sp. Lion's Cove - (all reserved)
Labidochromis Chisumulae Chizumulu - £24ea
Metriaclima zebra mbenji + OB Females Mbenji - £24ea Orange female - £29ea (1 trio available)
Metriaclima zebra gold Kawanga OB/brown Females - (all reserved)
Metriaclima callainos 'Nkhata bay'- £23ea
Metriaclima zebra luwino reef -£23ea
Pseudotropheus perileucos - £19ea
Pseudotropheus sp. Elongatus Charo - (all reserved)
Pseudotropheus sp. ndumbi gold Likoma - £19ea
Pseudotropheus sp. Elongatus Mazinzi - £22ea
Pseudotropheus sp. elongatus chailosi Chitande Island - £18ea

*** F1 & TANK BRED ***

Aulonacara stuartgranti usisya 8-10cm - (reserved)
Cyrtocara moorii 6cm - £6ea
Cynotilapia afra cobue 3-4cm - £7ea
F1 Cynotilapia zebroides Red Top Likoma 6-7cm - £7ea
F1 Cynotilapia aurfrons Luwino reef 6-8cm - (females only) (reserved)
F1 Cynotilapia aurifrons Luwino Reef F1 4-5cm - £7ea
Dimidiochromis compressiceps 5cm - £5ea
F1 Gephyrochromis lawsi 7-8cm - £8ea
F1 Labeotropheus trewavasae Manda 4-5cm - £8ea
Labeotropheus trewavasae chilumba red 5cm - £10ea
Labeotropheus trewavasae red top Thumbi West OB males - £10ea
F1 Labidochromis spec Hongi red top 3-4cm - £7ea
Labidochromis hongi Sweden 6-7cm - £10ea
Labidochromis Hongi SRT 5-6cm - £10ea
F1 Labidochromis Caeruleus Nkhata Bay 3-4cm - £7ea
Labidochromis chizumulae, Chizumulu 5-6cm - £7ea
Lethrinops mbasi rainbow 8-10cm (1 male 3 female) £60/group
Lethrinops albus kande island 7-9cm (2 males 1 female available) £15ea
F1 Metriaclima sp. 'elongatus Gold Bar' Chizumulu Island 5-7cm - £8ea
Metriaclima sp. 'zebra gold' Kawanga 8-10cm - £12ea
F1 Metriaclima sp. 'zebra gold' Lions Cove+OB females 6-7cm - £12ea
F1 Metriaclima sp. 'zebra chilumba' Maison Reef 5-7cm - £8ea
F1 Metriaclima sp. 'msobo. heteropictus' Lundo Island 7-8cm - £8ea
F1 Metriaclima sp. Membe deep likoma 3.5cm - £7ea
Metriaclima callainos bright blue - 7-8cm - £9ea
F1 Metriaclima Kingsizei lupingu 4-7cm - £10ea
Nimbochromis livingstonii 5-6cm - £5ea
F1 Pseudotropheus elongatus luhuchi rocks 4-5cm - £6ea
F1 Pseudotropheus Livingstonii 4cm - £5ea
F1 Pseudotropheus elongatus yellow tail ngkuyo island 3-4cm - £7ea
Pseudotropheus wilamsi Blue Lips 4cm - £8ea
Pseudotropheus demasoni 3-4cm - £6ea
F1 Pseudotropheus polit lions cove 3-4cm - £7ea
F1 Pseudotropheus sp. elongatus Masimbwe 7-9cm - £9ea
Petrotilapia 'small blue' Nkhata bay 5cm - £10ea
Sciaenochromis fryeri 'iceberg' 4-6cm - £5ea
F1 Tropheops sp aurora 3-4cm - £7ea
F1 Tropheops membe likoma (females only) 5-7cm - £7ea
F1 Synodontis petricola 4-5cm - £10ea

Contact Information
Advertiser: chris marsh
Telephone: 07713444664
Town: Manchester
County: Lancashire

Advert stats: [Added or updated:29/01/16 Views: 1796]

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