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  Quality Malawi Cichlids

Description: New Tank Bred & F1 shipment has just landed at K&C Rift Valley Cichlids NorthWest

Updated stocklist 29.11.15

*** WILDS ***


**F1 & Tank bred**
Aulonocara stuartgranti materi 8cm £32/pair
Aulonocara eureka red 8-10cm £32/pair
Cyrtocara moorii 6cm - WAS £6ea NOW 5ea
Cynotilapia afra Cobue(Mozambique) 4-6cm £8ea
F1 Cynotilapia zebroides Jalo Reef 4-6cm £8ea
F1 Cynotilapia afra Jalo Reef 8-10cm (only males) £10ea
F1 Cynotilapia afra red top Likoma 4-6cm £9eal
Cynotilapia afra Lion Sanga 4-5cm £8ea
F1 Cynotilapia aurfrons Luwino reef 6-8cm £9ea
F1 Cynotilapia zebroides iwera manda 4cm £5ea
Dimidiochromis compressiceps 4-5cm - WAS £6ea NOW £5ea
Labeotropheus trewavasae chilumba (female) 5cm - WAS £8ea NOW £5ea
Labeotropheus trewavasae red top Tumbi West with orange females - 4-6cm £8ea
Labeotropheus trewavasae red top Tumbi West OB males £10e / Orange fems £8ea 4-6cm
Labidochromis Caeruleus 4-5cm WAS £6ea NOW £5ea
Labidochromis Caeruleus Nkhali 4-5cm £6ea
F1 Labidochromis spec Hongi red top 3-4cm £7ea
Labidochromis sp. mbamba Mbamba Bay 5-6cm £8ea
F1 Labidochromis Caeruleus Nkhata Bay 3-4cm £7ea
F1 Labidochromis pearlmutt 4-6cm £8ea
Metriaclima callainos bright blue - 7-8cm £9ea
F1 Metriaclima callainos pearly white ruewere 4cm £9ea
F1 Metriaclima greshakei 5cm (females) - £5ea
F1 Metriaclima chizumulu black mask (from wild Mcat and wild ob fem) 4-5cm £7ea
F1 Metriaclima zebra long pelvic Chesese - 6-8cm £9ea
Metriaclima aurora likoma 7-8cm £10ea
Metriaclima hajomaylandi Chizumulu, 6-8cm £9ea
F1 Metriaclima zebra chilumba Maisoni Reef - 7-9cm (males only) £10ea
F1 Metriaclima zebra chilumba Maisoni Reef - 4-6cm £9ea
F1 Metriaclima Zebra Luwino reef 4-6cm £8ea
Nimbochromis livingstonii 5-6cm - WAS £6ea NOW £5ea
Pseudotropheus flavus 5cm - £6ea
F1 Pseudotropheus elongatus Ruhuchi rocks 4-5cm £6ea
Pseudotropheus elongatus neon spot - 4-6cm £9ea
F1 Pseudotropheus elongatus usisya 5-6cm - WAS £9ea NOW £7ea (males only)
F1 Pseudotropheus johannii Gome 5cm (female) - £7ea
F1 Pseudotropheus Livingstonii 4cm WAS £7ea NOW £5ea
F1 Pseudotropheus sp. Perspicax yellow breast 5-6cm WAS £7ea NOW £5ea
Pseudotropheus polit - 4-6cm £9ea
F1 Pseudotropheus elongatus yellow tail nkuyo island 3-4cm £7cm
Pseudotropheus elongatus mphanga 4cm £5ea
Sciaenochromis fryeri " iceberg " 4-6cm - WAS £6ea NOW £5ea
F1 Tropheops membe likoma 5-7cm £7ea
F1 Synodontis petricola - 4-5cm £10ea

Fish growing on

F1 Cynotilapia aurfurions white blaze lundo
F1 Cynotilapia aurfurions Luwino Reef
Cynotilapia sp. Hara gallireya reef
F1 Cynotilapia zebroides jalo reef
F1 Cynotilapia zebroides red top likoma
F1 Cynotilapia zebroides undu reef
F1 Cynotilapia zebroides iwera manda
F1 Metriaclima dwarf manda
F1 Metriaclima mbenjii
F1 Metriaclima higga reef sunrise
F1 Metriaclima zebra gold kawanga
F1 Metriaclima fainzilberi lupingu
F1 Metriaclima chailosi chitande
F1 Metriaclima hajomaylandi chizumulu
F1 Metriaclima zebra long pelvic gallireya reef
F1 Metriaclima sp. "Zebra Chilumba" (Maison Reef)
F1 Metriaclima callainos white luwino
F1 Metriaclima Zebra masinje
F1 Metriclima dolphin tumbi
F1 Labidochromis chisamulu
F1 Labidichromis caraeleus lions cove
Labeotropheus trewavase thumbi west
F1 Pseudotropheus demasoni
F1 Pseudotropheus elongates sanga
F1 Petrotilapia chitimba
F1 Petrotilapia xanthos Gallireya Reef
F1 Tropheops sp.'mauve' Magunga
F1 Tropheops sp "macropthalmus chitimba" 'gallireya reef'
F1 Tropheops sp.'mauve' Magunga
F1 Tropheops higga reef

Contact Information
Advertiser: chris marsh
Telephone: 07713444664
Town: Manchester
County: Lancashire

Advert stats: [Added or updated:03/12/15 Views: 2162]

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