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  Tropico Aquatics - Tropical Fish Online

Description: Tropico Aquatics

We are a North Wales based tropical fish specialist providing a One-Stop Online Shop for all your aquatics needs...

We breed many species including apistogramma, other dwarf cichlids, corydoras, plecs, central american cichlids and mbuna. We also have exclusive access to specialist UK Breeders who are producing some world firsts in colour morph and different strains.

All our fish are raised and kept in the best quality tanks, accommodating their every need. We have wild caught breeding pairs, producing stunning fry which you can buy online.

Tropico Aquatics provide a complete tropical fish to your door delivery service, you can see the fish you are buying via our LIVE tropical fish webcams.

All photographs used throughout the website are of our stock and what you see if what you get.

Some of our latest stock

RAMS - UK Tank bred! not farmed fish!
German Blue Ram (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi) - Medium Sexed Pairs - £10.00 a pair
German Blue Ram (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi) - Large Sexed Pairs - £15.00 a pair
Gold Ram (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi) - Large Sexed Pairs - £15.00 a pair
Electric Blue Ram (mikrogeophagus ramirezi) - XLarge Males - £20.00 each

Double blue rams - £15.00 each


Lilac Rams - £12.50 each --- Only available from Tropico Aquatics

Coming Soon!
Platinum Rams
Powder Blue Rams
and a few more!

Corydoras and similar
Sterbai Corydoras (Corydoras Sterbai) - £3.00 each
Emerald catfish (Brochis splenden) - £2.50 each

Mixed danios - £1.00 each

Neon Rosy Barb (Puntius conchonius) - £6.00 a pair
Cherry Barbs (Puntius titteya ) - £3.00 a pair
Sumatran Tiger Barbs - LARGE Grade A - £1.50 each
Odessa Barbs - £1.50 each
Checker barbs - £1.50 each
Torpedo barbs - £15.00 each
Harlequine rasbora - £1.50
Black ruby barbs - £1.50

Neon Tetra - £1.00 each
Diamond Tetra - £1.00 each

Angel fish
Blue Smokey - £5.00 each
Phillipine Blue - £5.00 each
Blue Ghost - £5.00 each
Ghosts - £4.00 (lrg) £3.00(med)
Koi - £4.00 each
Gold Marble Ghost - £4.00 each
Black Lace - £5.00 each
Platinum - £4.00 each

Other Cichlids
Geophagus surnamesis - £15.00 each or 4 for £40
Blue acara - £10.00 each
Dwarf flag cichlids - £5.00 each
Andinoacara latifrons - £2.00
Green severums (het red spot) - £1.00 each
Gold acara - £2.00 each
Leucistic Convicts - £5.00 each

Coming Soon!
Kribs (het super albino)
Super albino kribs

Odd balls
12"+ Fire Eels - £30.00 each
Channa panaw - £30.00 each

White cloud mountain minnow - £1.00 each
Golden pencil fish sp. Red - £1.50 each
Siamese fighters - £2.00 each
HUGE Mountain Rock shrimp - Fish Safe - £4.00

You can Order online and have the fish delivered, this starts at £10.00, or you can collect in store at no extra cost.

Contact Information
Advertiser: Tropico Aquatics
Telephone:  01244 968 374
Town: Deeside
County: Flintshire
Web Link:
Web Link:

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