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  20% off Central and South American Cichlid Import for the beginning of March

Description: Please note: THE ORDER DEAD-LINE IS NOW THE 7TH MARCH. 20% off pre-order until the 7th March

To order email with your full name, address, phone number and name/size of the fish you would like.

To view current stock (including many fish imported from Jeff Rapps in December 2011) visit our website or eBay shop using the link at the bottom of the page.

Species Size Price Description

Vieja Argentea "Brindisi" 1" £7.50 Great Brindisi strain not seen often

Vieja Synspilum "Belize" 1" £6.00 Beautiful Belize race with red heads that develop nice nuchal humps!
Vieja Synspilum "Belize" 2" £7.50
Vieja Synspilum "Belize" 3" £9.00
Vieja Synspilum "Belize" 4-5" £16.00

Vieja Regani 2" £9.00 Beautiful emerald green colors!

Vieja Bifasciatus "Candeleria" 1" £6.00 Awesome candeleria race with lots of reds and blacks
Vieja Bifasciatus "Candeleria" 2" £8.50
Vieja Bifasciatus "Candeleria" 3" £10.00
Vieja Bifasciatus "Candeleria" 4" £15.00
Vieja Bifasciatus "Candeleria" 5" £20.00
Vieja Bifasciatus "Candeleria" 6" £24.00

Vieja Breidohri 1" £7.50 A small handful of large breidohri now available

Vieja Maculicauda 2" £5.50 Great strain with bold patterns
Vieja Maculicauda 3" £7.50
Vieja Maculicauda 4-5" £12.00
Vieja Maculicauda 6" £20.00

Vieja Guttulatus 1-1.5" £6.50 Incredible strain with tons of blue!
Vieja Guttulatus 2" £8.50
Vieja Guttulatus 3" £11.50

Vieja Hartwegi 1.5" £6.50 Beautiful red spotted vieja strain
Vieja Hartwegi 2" £8.50
Vieja Hartwegi 3" £10.00

Vieja Zonatus 1.5" £7.50 This is not your washed out Zonatus…The blues pop out even on the juvies!
Vieja Zonatus 3" £11.50
Vieja Zonatus 4" £15.00

Vieja Fenestratus "Lago Catemaco" 3" £10.00 great calico strain of active vieja species!
Vieja Fenestratus "Lago Catemaco" 4" £12.00

Vieja Melanarum "Lago Peten" 1-1.5" £10.00 Another hard to find beauty F1 from Lago Peten

Parachromis "La Ceiba" 1" £6.00 Nice strain from the Rio Danto
Parachromis "La Ceiba" 2" £8.50

Parachromis Dovii 1-1.5" £6.50 Great Nicagaruan Strain with lots of blues
Parachromis Dovii 2-3" £9.00
Parachromis Dovii 3-4" £12.50

Parachromis Managuense "Honduras" 1" £8.50 Seldom seen Honduran Jags now available
Parachromis Managuense "Honduras" 2" £10.50

Parachromis Loiselle "PANAMA" 1.5" £13.00 First time offering of incredible orange loiselle!

Parachromis Loiselle 2" £9.00 Beautiful outgoing cichlid with lots of yellow, gold and black
Parachromis Loiselle 2.5-3" £12.00

Ex Cichlasoma Festae "Rio Tumbes" FO 1-1.5" £13.50 Awesome wild caught Rio Tumbes Festae Red Terrors

Ex Cichlasoma Salvini 2" £8.50 Incredible Grijalva Salvini seldom seen in hobby. This is not your common Salvini.
Ex Cichlasoma Salvini 6-7" £35.00 Beautiful adult Grijalva Salvini for sale now!

Ex Cichlasoma Grammodes 1-1.5" £7.50 Incredible strain with reds whites and blues
Ex Cichlasoma Grammodes 2" £9.00
Ex Cichlasoma Grammodes 3" £15.00
Ex Cichlasoma Grammodes 4-5" £24.00 adult/subadult pairs now available at £40

Nandopsis Haitiensis 1.5" £8.50 Nice strain with lots of personality

Nandopsis Bartoni 1.5" £11.50 Awesome black and white tuxedo cichlids available again!

Nandopsis Istlanum "Red" 1.5" £10.00 Beautiful Red Strain available now!

Nandopsis Tetracanthus 1" £7.50 Beautiful little cubans available again!

Astotheros Nourisatti 1.5" £9.00

Astatheros Robertsoni 1" £6.00 Red cheeked strain with lots of reds and blues
Astatheros Robertsoni 2" £7.50

Amphilophus Citrinellum -"Barred Midas" 2" £6.00 Lake Arenal, Costa Rica strain
Amphilophus Citrinellum -"Barred Midas" 3" £7.50
Amphilophus Citrinellum -"Barred Midas" 4" £10.50
Amphilophus Citrinellum -"Barred Midas" 5" £15.00
Amphilophus Citrinellum -"Barred Midas" 6" £20.00
Amphilophus Citrinellum -"Barred Midas" 7" £22.00
Amphilophus Citrinellum -"Barred Midas" 8-9" £25.00

Amphilophus Amarillo 2" £5.50 By far the best looking of the barred midas family!
Amphilophus Amarillo 3" £7.50
Amphilophus Amarillo 4" £9.00
Amphilophus Amarillo 5" £15.00
Amphilophus Amarillo 6" £20.00
Amphilophus Amarillo 7-9" £25.00
Amphilophus Amarillo Pair £120.00 One absolutely stunning 11" and 7 inch F0 (Wild) proven pair

Amphilophus Citrinellum - "White Midas" 2.5-3" £6.50 Lake Arenal, Costa Rica strain, F1 with white/piebald parents
Amphilophus Citrinellum - "White Midas" 4" £10.00
Amphilophus Citrinellum - "White Midas" 5" £15.00 Various size white, creamsicle midas
Amphilophus Citrinellum - "White Midas" 6" £20.00
Amphilophus Citrinellum - "White Midas" 7" £25.00

Amphilophus Lyonsi 1" £6.00 Lively personality and even greater colors!
Amphilophus Lyonsi 2" £8.50
Amphilophus Lyonsi 3" £10.00
Amphilophus Lyonsi 4" £13.50

Amphilophus Trimaculatus 1" £5.50 These are the best pure bred trimacs you can get. No hybrids GUARANTEED!
Amphilophus Trimaculatus 2" £6.00
Amphilophus Trimaculatus 3" £7.50 Nice growouts that can be sexed!
Amphilophus Trimaculatus 4" £15.00

Petenia Splendida "Wild Morph" 11-12" £160.00 Georgeous Pairs of Wild Morph Snook now available

Aequidens Rivalatus GREEN TERROR 9" £70.00

Aequidens Heckelii 2-2.5" £7.50 Beautiful threadfins now available!

Cryptotheros Panamense "RED" 1-1.5" £10.00 Awesome little red panamense beauties now available

Chuco Micropthalmus 1-1.5" £20.00 Rio Copan F1 beauties ready to go! Inquire for pricing!

Caquetaia Umbriferus 1" £6.00 F1 of rio magdalena beauties
Caquetaia Umbriferus 2" £9.00 Next size up on the magdalena babies
Caquetaia Umbriferus 3" £13.00

Caquetaia Kraussii 1" £6.00 Beautiful orange, copper, and greens on the parents
Caquetaia Kraussii 1" £2" £8.50

Hyposclera Nicaraguense 2-3" £7.50 Awesome race of nics with lots of blues bronze reds and orange!

Hyposclera Temporalis 2" £9.00 Peru chocolates finally in!

Hericthys Cyannogutatus 4" £18.00 Awesome F1 Cuatro Cienegas Texas cichlids available now!

Hericthys Turquoise 1" £8.50 Beautiful seldom seen species

Hericthys Carpintis 2" £6.00 Escondido race with lots of colour
Hericthys Carpintis 3" £9.00

Herichthys Pantostictus 2" £7.50 Awesome fish that can't easily be found in nature or anywhere else!
Herichthys Pantostictus 3" £11.50
Herichthys Pantostictus 4" £13.50

Herichthys Pantostictus "Tambaque Yellow" Rio Coy 1-1.5" £15.00 Ultra Rare Yellow Pantostictus finally available!

Herichthys Pearsei 2-3" £6.00 Giant gentle leaf eater that is very easy going!
Herichthys Pearsei 4" £10.50
Herichthys Pearsei 5" £15.00
Herichthys Pearsei 6" £22.00

Hericthys Deppi 1" £7.50 Nice little deppi finally available!

Herichthys Labridens "Blue Taniul" 1" £7.50 Another rare beauty that isn't easy to find
Herichthys Labridens "Blue Taniul" 2" £10.50
Herichthys Labridens "Blue Taniul" 3" £13.00
Herichthys Labridens "Blue Taniul" 5" £22.00

Gymno Geo "El Norte" 1.5-2" £9.00 Last years pick up at the ACA in Milwaukee and now I am offering their offspring!

Gymno Geo Labiatus "Rio Olimar" 1.5-2" £11.50 Great colors on a beautiful fish

Gymno Geo Australis 1.5-2" £11.50 Another rare beauty with great colors and personality

Gymno Geo Rio Yi 1.5-2" £11.50 Wonderful little hump heads with great personality

Gymno Geo Tarapare 1.5-2" £11.50 Very outgoing little fellas!

Gymno Geo Yerbolito 1.5-2" £11.50 Lots of color on these little guys!

Gymno Geo Balzani 1.5-2" £10.00 Uruguay Balzani with beautiful colors!

Please be aware that size, price, and availability are subject to change, if a fish you have ordered becomes unavailable you will be informed asap.

All fish will be held for a week after import to ensure they are fit and healthy before delivery/collection.

Please email your orders to, including you full name, address, phone number and name/size of the fish.
To pre-order/hold fish payment in full is required. Payment is via paypal, however bank transfer, cash on collection or postal orders are accepted.

Delivery for mainland UK is £9.95 for order between £35 and £99, £14.95 for orders under £35 and FREE for orders over £100. Please email me with your postcode if you live in Scotland or the isles, unfortunately I am unable to deliver to Ireland as liquids are not accepted on the flights my carrier uses.

Contact Information
Advertiser: Josh Hampson
Telephone: 07960601115
Town: Rochester
County: Kent
Web Link: ...
Web Link: ...

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