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  1000l ND Aquatics Ultimate Cichlid Aquarium Fish Tank And Sumps £650

1000l ND Aquatics Ultimate Cichlid Aquarium Fish Tank And Sumps £650

Description: Hello All

This genuinely breaks my heart to do, but the time has come to sell my african cichlid aquarium. Over the last few years the tank has not got the love and appreciation it deserves and I no longer have the time to dedicate to it. I believe this can genuinely be the highest spec cichlid tank in the UK.

I would prefer the tank to go to a cichlid enthusiast, or someone looking to keep african cichlids due to the livestock.

This setup is going to require some knowhow to relocate due to the size and livestock.

Before reading further, please see this vid of how the tank used to look, and how it could easily look again:

Remaining livestock:
Approximately 10x labidochromis caeruleus (yellow labs) - these are not the highest quality.
Approximately 20x synodontis multipunctatus (cuckoo cats). These are beautiful and will readily breed in the right conditions. On their own these cats are worth at least £200.
2 x Large syno cats. One is a synodontis eupterus and the other is a suspected hybrid syno (among all the WC/F1 etc i've ever owned, this is probably my favourite guy). These have been with me for over 15 years, they are absolutely amazing to watch and follow each other everywhere. They do not interfere with the cuckoos in any which way shape or form and can 100% be kept together without any issues.
BN Plec - i've not seen him in some time, but he tends to hide very well.
On to the tank. I don't really know where to start with this - let's start with some bullet points.
1000 litre capacity (7 foot long) x 30 inch wide x 22 inch high. There are no marks to the glass, I have always been very careful about this. Tank made by ND Aquatics.
It will come with the drilled rock (as can be seen in the video) this needs a new airstone, but looks amazing.
Hailea V20 airpump (recent diaphragms) on anti-vibration mat (the mat cost £40 on its own!). This pump would easily cover 2 of these tanks.
3D background. A corner has come off the background, but can easily be glued back on (will be unnoticable) once tank is drained
Custom PVC overflow. I have some parts to upgrade this that the new user can have. Or if you're really brave, you could drill the tank
The sumps were added later in the tank's life as cannister filters were becoming a pain - will describe the sumps further below
Comes with 4 x 20lb bags (sealed) of Caribsea Eco Complete Cichlid, worth £136
2 x new Fluval Aquasky 2.0 30W LED lights. These have not been fitted yet (very easy to fit) and will look amazing, allowing to easily control day and night scenes, I used to use T5 Fluorescents to achieve this. The lights cost £100 each.
2 x JBL wavemakers, i've not used these for some time and they currently aren't connected.
TMC digital up to 8000 l/h sump pump (less than 2 years old and cost £140)
The sumps/filtration system:

Approximately 5 years ago, I had enough of dealing with cannister filters and decided to move to sumps. The sump setup cost £600 (just for the glass!). The sumps are connected together and function off a single overflow. There is easily over £1000 of tech in the sumps alone.
Sump 1 starts with pond brushes (chamber 1), Pond sponges (coarse, med, fine) (chamber 2), aerated alfagrog (chamber 3), limestone pond media (chamber 4)
Sump 2 - 3x 300W heaters (chamber 1), limesone media (chamber 2), chamber 3 empty/quarantine tank (I used to have this as a trickle tower and will give you the setup and media to do that), chamber 4 - pump return. Sump 2 is currently a little underutilised, but that can easily be changed!
The alfagrog chamber and 1st limestone chamber have massive hailea airstones underneath to aerate the media for optimal performance.

The heater system is a work of art (see photos). The 3 x 300W heaters are controlled by 2x digital thermostats. They are set up such that if one of the digital thermometers goes out of spec (due to the NTC probes) the other will still regulate the temperature of the tank, will also supply you with spare NTC probes. The final control (should both digital stats fail) are the thermostats on the heaters themselves, but these will never ever have to operate unless something has gone drastically wrong. This system is custom built by myself (qualified electrician) and I have never seen anything close in another tank. It should be 99.99999% impossible to lose fish due to malfunctioning heaters.

The bad points:
The silicon is a bit moth eaten (obviously tank is 100% water tight) but if you wanted to invest for the future (next 20 years) might be worth considering replacing the silicon. I had a quote for this of £200, but obviously the tank needs to be empty, so I did not have this done. (it's a beautiful thick black silicone that has been used in the tank). This is why the tank is priced @ £650, ideally this should be at least £900, but i'm allowing the new buyer £200 to get the tank re-siliconed if they want to.
Small amount of damage to the top wooden cross piece (see pics)
One of the cover glasses has been cracked, but I have a replacement for you, so it isn't really a problem.
The tank and stand will not fit on top of each other or side by side inside a transit van (ask me how I know).

Please do contact me to go over absolutely anything.

Moving the tank - I have a bad back (probably from when I moved the thing in!!) so it is your responsibility to organise the move of the tank. The livestock will need removing and the tank draining before it can be moved. This can be done over a couple of weekends/multiple visits if necessary, i'm not going to rush anyone, but I can't stress enough that it is your responsibility to move the tank (do not underestimate how much this thing weighs), if you damage it/crack it etc while moving, as sad as I would be to see that happen, it's on the buyer.

I am located in Wrexham, North Wales.

Price is £650

Contact Information
Advertiser: James Jarman
Telephone: 0770 344 8166
Town: Wrexham
County: Flintshire
Web Link: ...

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