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  SVAS Night Auction ~ 14.06.24

SVAS Night Auction ~ 14.06.24

SVAS Night Auction ~ 14.06.24

Description: Details attached for our next Night Auction.

If you need to book a lot, please contact

Here is a list of the fish that will hopefully be brought to the auction on Friday. Please be aware fish and lots can be withdrawn at any time.

Lot 1
Tiger barbs
Albino Barbs
Bala sharks
Fancy male Guppies
Yo-yo loach
Diamond Tetra
Red tail Black Shark
Bronze Cory
Albino Cory
Mottled Mollies
Female Guppies
Various sized Angels including Zebra Koi and Black lace
Cherry shrimp
Blue shrimp
Clown loach
Lemon blue eyes
Snow White SF
Super Red
Standard BN
Malawi cichlids
Cardinal tetra
Small cherry barbs
Wagtail Plays
Mickey Mouse Platy
Lot 2
Golden Panchax
Albino Cory
Bronze Cory
Female half-moon betta
Glowlight tetra
Serpae tetra
Gold laser Cory
Calico bristlenose
Red cobra guppy
Mixed guppy
Red cherry shrimp
Giant Colombian ramshorn snail
Driftwood with moss
Mystery snail
Lot 3
Lot 4
Lot 5
Lot 6
Yellow Cherry Shrimps
El Tigre Endlers
Half Black Silverado Endlers
Gamarus Shrimps
Blue Endlers
Santa Maria Endlers
L 184 Brilliant Ancistrus
L 519 Ancistrus Kiefner
Snow White bristlenose
Lot 7
Sponge filters
New filter pump
Pineapple swordtail pairs
Gold ram
Brown bristlenose
Calico bristlenose
Super Red bristlenose
Breeding pair powder blue parrot fish
3 large plastic plants
Lot 8
Large adult Albino Bristlenose breeding pair
Salvinia floating plants
Female Black swordtail
Lot 9
4ft tank deep one
java moss
Large goldfish
Lot 10
Lot 11
Bare tank
Pond plants
Pond snails
Gold fish
Lot A
Apistogramma Baenschi
Apistogramma Cacatuoides "Rio Itaya" F1
Vinegar eels
Grindal worms
Banana worms
Lot B
Lemon blue eyed ancistrus 4-5cms
Super red ancistrus 5-6cms
Red cherry shrimp
Yellow cherry shrimp
Orange cherry shrimp
Orange rili shrimp

Contact Information
Advertiser: sheaf valley aquarist society
Telephone: email only
Town: sheffield
County: South Yorkshire

Advert stats: [Added or updated:12/06/24 Views: 1036]

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