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  NETS auction

Description: Big announcement.
Here is a rough list of what people are looking to bring.
This is the first Time ever in an auction I have seen a decent selection of marine coral. !!!!!
Please don't ask how much or who's bringing something you've got to be there on the day

Marine auction

all corals will be frag size,this means they
will be no less than 1" across and all will be well reseted and healthy

We have a marine lot hopefully coming
Pulsing Xenia frag approx x 3 frags available,
Soft tree coral frag x 2
Multi colour bubble mushroom (rare) us
Green star polyp x 5 seperate pieces,
Bright orange mushroom x 3 available
Green fuzzy mushroom x 3 available
Rasta zoas (designer coral) min of 3 polyps x 2 available
Red / Blue mushroom (beautiful pattern) x 5 available
Candy cane coral bright toxic green x 5 single heads available
Multi colour zoa frags (min 10 heads) x 5 pieces available

Green phantom pleco
Super red bristlenose
brown bristlenose
brochis splendens
Wotroi Corys
Humbug / Raphael Catfish
L236rb from super white parents.
sterbai Cory
scleromystax barbatus
scleromystax kronei
pairs of hopplo cats
Cory c134
pair albino bristlenose
albino pepper Cory
Corydoras similis breeding groups and young
L034 pair
Brown bn adults
Albino bn adults
Lemon bnadults
Lemon longfin bn adults
Green dragon bn adults
Rio tocantins ancistrus
Bronze corys
Pygmy corys
Corydoras panda
Corydoras panda white
Corydoras panda gold
Corydoras red laser
Leopard trilineatus Catfish
Corydoras Sterbai
Corydoras Similis
Pepper corys
Corydoras virginiae
Wild Corydoras reticulatus
Wild San juan corys bilinearatus
Wild agazzizzi cory
Synodontis petricola
Syno luccipinnis

Mixed guppies
Black Moscow guppies
Blue Moscow Guppy
Steel blue endlers
snakeskin Endlers
black bar endlers
pineapple swords
guntheri swords
Scissor tail guppy trios
Magenta tuxedo guppies
Koi tuxedo guppies
Zoogoneticus tequila
Rainbow tiger endlers
Skiffia multipunctata
Sunset Variatus platies
Sailfin mollies
Black, green, gold and red leopard Female guppies
Pygmy swordtail Huichiuayn River gold pairs
Red Coral Platy
Blue Platy
Caroline Platy
Red swordtails
pairs of green swords
pairs of pingus guppies
Neon blue enders
Black fire endlers
Scarlet endlers
Red cap guppies
Pygmaus swords
Black chinned livebearers
Sant clause sword prs
Metal black lace guppy prs
Moscow platy

Silver tips
Hyphessobrycon wadai
Longfin Zebra Danio
Super Blue Kerri Tetra
Bloodfin Tetra
Zebra Danio
Neons tetra
Glowlight tetra
Lemon tetra
Blue king tetra
Congo tetra
Gold tetra
Mini Rasbora nano fish max size 16mm
Cardinal Tetra
Rummy Nose
Buenos Aires tetra
Splash tetras

Rosy barbs
Cherry barbs
Tiger barbs large
Redline torpedo barbs
"GOLD" Rose Line Barb
Black Ruby barbs
Odessa barbs

bleheri rainbow fish
Assassin snails
Mixed shrimp
spixi snails
apple snails
blue ramshorns
pink ramshorns
giant Colombian ramshorns
Black Rams
Blue Botia Loach
Electric Blue Rams
Zebra Snails
Brilliant thanks
Raccoon tiger shrimp
Neolamprologus multifasciatus
Blue shrimp
Green shrimp
Yellow shrimp
manacapuru silver angelfish
marble angelfish
Fundulopanchax gardneri
Aphyosemion Australe
Rivulus leticia
Gold medaka rice fish
Neolamprologus brichardi
Julidichromis marleri
Festivum cichlids
manacapuru angels
Bolivian rams
Weather Loach 5"
Black Shark
Black and gold Apple Snail
Black Kuhli Loach
Hippo Point Salmon
Rainbow Shiner
Boesemani rainbows
Black Choco Shrimp
Golden Severum Cichlid
Feather Fin Synodontis
Black Lancer Catfish
Black Angel
Platinum Angel
Peruvian Altum Angel
Clown Loach
Bulgarian Green Seal Point Angelfish
Yellow marble clam
Madagascar rainbows
Honey gourami
Daisy rice fish
Crowntail fighters
Clown loach

dwarf sag
straight val
cryptocoryne Wendii
cryptocoryne crispatula
Java fern
Amazon sword

I might have other shrimp too
I'm Unsure of quantity as this is livestock alot could change between now and the event. This is not a guaranteed list. Please take this into consideration. Any more information inbox me

Contact Information
Advertiser: michael
Telephone: 07780720107
Town: newcastle
County: Tyne & Wear

Advert stats: [Added or updated:02/03/22 Views: 418]

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