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  Castleford Catfish and Loach specialist auction and show 8 July 2018

Description: Come along to this great event. Show some fish and/or buy/sell some catfish and loach related items! Some unusual fish will be available and on show!

Some of the fish coming to Castleford on 8 July, the country's only catfish and loach auction and show (loads more, this is just a snapshot)
Corydoras eversi young from original stock
Red network/Cheese Creek Ancistrus L393 young F1
Lemon short fin pair
Lemon long fin young
Super red long fins young
Lemon long fin large male
Lemon short fin young
Scleromystax CW038, S. prionotus, S. barbatus
Panaqolus claustellifer
Ancistrus Wabenmuster,
Ancistrus L156
Ancistrus sp. 3
Brochis multiradiatus
Corydoras sodalis
Corydoras concolor (huge)
Corydoras atropersonatus
Corydoras gryphus
CW069 False gossei corydoras
Corydoras leopardus
Rhinodoras boehlkei
Whiptail sp
Amblydoras monitor
Chacca bankanensis
Batrochoglanis sp PERU
Batrochoglanis raninus
Microglanis iheringi
Tatia intermedia
Centromochlus perugiae
Akysis portellus
Red whiptail
Erethistes sp
Erethistes pussilus
Erethistis mesembrinus
1 pair amblydoras nauticus
1 pair Anadoras weddellii Rare!
Hypodoras forficulatus
Synodontis contractus
Synodontis pleurops (big pair)
Rynchodoras woodsi Rare!
Chameleon banjo catfish
Bunacephalus verrucosus
Agamyxis pectinifrons
Synodontis nigrita gold
Clown loach
Yoyo loach
Trachelyopterus galeatus (huge)
L59 male (6"+)
Brachyrhamdia imitator
Pimelodus gracilis (12"+)
Platydoras armatulus (very yellow)
Megalodoras uranoscopus
Peckoltia furcata
Breeding groups of Corydoras gossei
C. weitzmani,
cw010 gold laser,
C. orange laser
Pair of Ancistrus L183
Corydoras ............
C. Schwartzi.
C. Splendens (Brochis)
C. Napoensis (wild)
Plus other Corys
L numbers........
L200 Three sizes wild
L201 wild
L128 wild
L199 wild
L199 Large wild
L200a wild
L340 wild
L104 wild
L191 wild
L190 wild
L059 group wild
L155 Adonis wild
Pseudolithoxus Sp1 wild
Pseudolithoxus Tigris wild
Other Catfish.........
Microglannis Iheringi WILD
Microglannis Poecilus WILD
Pim Ornatus
Pim Blochii Large
Dwarf Giraffe Cat
Black Otos
C.knaacki wild breeding group.
C.concolor breeding group.
C123 breeding group.
Mochokiella adult group.
Black otocinclus breeding group.
Aspidoras gold.
Group of wild Peckoltoa compta (Leopard Frogs)
Pseudomystus stenogrammus
Corydoras oiapoquensis
C. pulcher
Hara mesembrina, Erethistes pusillus, Hara sp.,
Hara longissima
And many more woodcats, Asian cats, African cats, south American cats.

See link to Facebook event page for more details.

Contact Information
Advertiser: Steve Grant
Telephone: 07833400924
Town: Castleford
County: West Yorkshire
Web Link: ...

Advert stats: [Added or updated:02/07/18 Views: 5447]

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