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13 tiger dantnoids 6 inch plus SOLD SOLD SOLD : NOW SOLD 3 tiger datnoids all 6 inch plus £100 no offers for all 3 07701070389 Collection only full details21/11/21No
2Sw cross x bd ti female trade SOLD SOLD SOLD : NOW SOLD 10 to 11 inch disc female sw cross X bd Ti Stunning ray Looking to trade for asian arowana rtg cash ontop , other arow types straight swap Of will take a good ... full details21/11/21No
3King ratsnake pair (RARE) : We have a sub adult unrealated pair of King rat snakes (stinking goddess) these are 2yr old and will be ready to breed cycle next year VERY rare in the hobby more so a sexed pair ... full details21/11/21Yes
4Pair of austrian blood bd rays : Male and female pair 12-13" discs Male is pure austrian bd female is austrian bd X bd Looking to trade/swap for a super red or sim asian arowana (must be perfect no dropey ... full details12/11/21No
5WANTED male red spot severum : As title male adult red spot severum wanted close to cheltenham as possible full details04/10/21No
6Mantilla X Bd ray 8-9 inches Trades : Young stunning mantilla x bd male ray at 8 to 9 inch disc Only for sale/trade as not breeding hybrids Sell at £200 or will trade for florida gars Peacock bass over 10inch ... full details19/09/21Yes
716 to 17 inch indo dat : As title big chunk datnoid eats pellets and prawn/mussels Stable most of the time and is housed with rays Willing to trade for bass pairs trios etc Or sub female ray or pair of ... full details23/08/21Yes
8Paroon shark wanted : Looking for paroon shark for big system Message with what you have no silly elavated prices please full details14/08/21No
9Pastel lesser female and normal het ogh male pair : Late 2020 hatch pastel lesser platinum female and normal het orange ghost male Stunn8ng pair wont split As needing space £100 the pair Both strike feed on defrost med mi ... full details17/05/21Yes
1012 inch true alligator snapping turtle : 12 inch with tail this is an awsome pet turtle but gets very big and is aggressive They are also now banned from export/import so also rare in the hobby Not often seen at this s ... full details17/05/21Yes
11Whites tree frog free : Adult whites think male free to collector It has a old scar on mouth from previous owner (rescued it) but dosnt effect its wellbeing atall Just not my thing Collection only ... full details08/05/21Yes
12Milk frogs x 4 : 4 juvenile milk frogs 1.5 inch Collection only Cheltenham £80 all 4 07701070389 full details08/05/21Yes
13True alligator snapper very rare : True snapping turtle available these are now totaly banned from export Few tiny 2 inch babies dotted about in uk but this is a grown on 11 to 12 inch long with neck and tail shel ... full details24/04/21Yes
14Xingu black diamond rhom £120 : Priced to sell xingu black rhom stunning fish 10 inch Feeds very well and is very aggressive must be housed alone £120 and deffo no offers 07701070389 full details24/04/21Yes
1518cm Gin Matsuba : Fantastic Gin Matsuba bred by Kase Pure japanese koi 18cm Collection only from cheltenham £30 07701070389 Other koi available from 3" to 18" full details24/04/21Yes
16Xingu black diamond rhom : Xingu black rhom piranah 9 to 10 inch this is a highly aggressive rhom and totaly stunning with her red eyes She is 2 yrs old (very slow growing species) and very long lived Th ... full details20/04/21Yes
17Yellow labs including albinos : 11 adult breeding yellow labs including 4 albinos mix of male and females £25 the lot 30 x 2cm baby yellow labs including albinos £30 the lot Take all listed for £50 ... full details09/02/21No
18FREE 2 massive tinfoil barbs 11inch+ : FREE to a good home 2 11inch maybe 12 inch These have lost a few scales due to my datnoid and asian arow both taking a dislike to them They need a 5 x 2 x 2 tank minimum The ... full details04/02/21Yes
19Pair 17 inch birchir : 17 inch m/f pair birchirs Feed on prawn mussel and sturgeon pellets £150 the pair Collection only 07701070389 full details14/01/21Yes
20Piranhas WANTED : Black rhom, and all other piranha wanted for collection Please txt/watsap 07701070389 full details02/01/21Yes
21Swap nice japanese koi for rays/ray pups : I have lots of koi from 17cm upto 45cm and would like to trade some for rays Would preffer young rays if possible but would look at older See pics of koi Watsap for more pics of ... full details24/11/20Yes
22NTT datnoid : 6-7 inch True NTT northern thin bardatnoid tiger fish Quite rare these days Open to offers Feeds on silver fish, prawn and hikari pellets May swap/part ex as looking for ... full details20/11/20Yes
23Bichir lapradei : 13 inch Lapradei bichir feeds on sinking pellets prawn mussel whitebait massivore etc £50 07701070389 full details19/11/20Yes
24Big bits of wood from 7ft tank : 4 big bits of wood from 7ft tank Each bit is 24inch long or bigger and ther is a trunk style bit bargain £60 may trade for flowerhorns This cost well over £90 obvs is pre ... full details06/11/20Yes
25Wanted birchirs any size : Wanted birchirs looking for one ornate one albino, and any other sub species Cash waiting May trade with a 5 or 6 inch datnoid indo full details31/10/20Yes
26Indo dat 5inch perfect bars : 5 inch perfect bars both sides cracking fish just have too many £75 Would trade for bichirs over 12 inch (no ornate thanks) or rhom piranha or possibly bass under 12inch pair 07 ... full details29/10/20Yes
27Wanted black rhom : Looking for a black rhom (black red eye piranha) 12inch or smaller cash waiting full details23/10/20Yes
28VHQ doitsu sanke 28cm : VHQ doitsu sanke from breeder kase stunning koi and grown on in the uk from only 3inch Collection only Mask must be worn on collection Only one person to collect Please bring ... full details23/10/20Yes
29Jumbo karashigoi doitsu 32cm : VHQ doitsu jumbo karashigoi tosai 32cm Grown from just 3inch and imported from japan Collection only mask must be worn on collection Please bring bag and box or suitable transpo ... full details23/10/20Yes
30Hq japanese koi Glenfall koi : 27cm doits sanke grown on from only 2.5 inch japanese import from kase Stunning koi £85 Collection only Mask must be worn Please bring poly box for trasporting your koi Glen ... full details19/10/20Yes
31Japanese koi for sale Glenfall Koi : 3 hq jap koi the fis in pic are the koi for sale all 3 for £70 Akeme koigoi 7-8", platinum ogon 7-8",kohaku 6-7" Collection only mask must be worn and only one person to colle ... full details19/10/20Yes
32Large marine fish rock and skimmers : 12" panther grouper,10" unicorn tang, 6" koran angel, 6" lipstick tang, 7" vampire tang, 5" regal tang, 4" piccasso triger, 6" foxface 30"+ zebra moray 10-12" russels lionfish ... full details09/10/20Yes
33Wc pair of fireheads : 5 inch and 7 inch pair of fireheads purchased as wc!!!!! Stunning colours £45 the pair 07701070389 full details03/11/19Yes
34Dats, arowanas and rays wanted swap for opossums : Pair of young opossums with seperate cages these are unrelated so will breed well All info will be given on care and breeding Looking for dats asian arowanas and rays full details19/08/19Yes
35Tuffa rock and dead coral to fill 5ft : As title lots of tuffa (rare) and pipe rock and dead coral for rift tank or marines Make an sensible offer Collection only full details13/08/19Yes
36Opossum short tails pair swap for stingray : Unrelated young pair of short tail opossums great little exotic pets Easy to care for come with two setups one for boy and another for girl Looking to trade/swap for a single r ... full details08/08/19Yes
37Datnoid tiger fish swap synodontis cats for malawi setup : Swap my 7"+ full bar dat for couple syno cats Not feather fins though want much better for him He has been stable from 1.5 inch Message for pics Will sell for £60 or trade full details12/04/18No
387 inches datnoid tiger fish : Has been stable since 1.5" stunning fish For sale due to change of species Pic is when he was 4" Bars are perfect and same each side Make me a good offer (cash only no trades ... full details11/04/18No
39Dead coral big amount : Huge plate coral.....few red sea red corals cup corals blue corals Some big ones over 1ft across and high etc Open to offers but this stuff is expencive Veiwing is advised All ... full details22/03/18No
40Two albino platinum pengasius cats swap for birchers : Pair of 7-8" white pengasius cats perfect health and stunning Feeding on sinking pellets prawn and mussel Great for ray tanks etc Need quick sale as going over to bass £60 f ... full details14/03/18No
41Spotted dollor shoal x6 swap for big sailfin plec : 6 x spotted dollors aswsome shoal all at 4" look great swimming together in large tank Being kept with rays and dats but want some bass so will get munched £40 the 6 No de ... full details14/03/18Yes
42Two albino platinum pengasius cats : Stunning pure white pengasius cats 7" In with 10" rays and dats no probs Only selling as getting bass and will get munched £35 each or £60pr 07701070389 No del ... full details10/03/18Yes
43Two jet black angel fish stunning think both females : Two jet black angels awsome looking fish £free to collector full details07/12/17No
44Shoal of 6 spotted dollors 3-4" : Healthy shoal of 6 spotted dollors great fish but tank mates out growing them so need to move on £60 May swap for big silver sharks or birchirs or a single tiger fish datnoid full details07/12/17Yes
45Asian arowana female ray other oddballs swap burmese : Looking for swap for unrelated pair of young burmese pythons male albino het green female granite het green/albino. Both 4.5ft bith 100% tame and feeding on rats and chicks Look ... full details04/12/17Yes
46BURMESE PYTHONS - SWAP for Asian arowana female ray other oddballs... : Have unrelated pair of young burmese pythons male albino het green female granite het green/albino Both 4.5ft bith 100% tame and feeding on rats and chicks Looking to straight ... full details04/12/17Yes
47Pup female ray wanted swap for granite burm 4.5ft : Female granite burmese python tame 4.5ft stunning was purchased as het for albino and green but no papers so unsure Looking to swap her for a female ray pup or grown on pup NO MO ... full details22/11/17Yes
48Juwel aquarium 5ft with fx5 and vectron uv £200 job lot : Juwel 5ft has 10mm glass it has been drilled (two bottom and one top back)holes coverd but easy removed Base is black Homemade stand 6 tube legs been on this fine for two years s ... full details09/12/15Yes
49Hma 3 stage unit 1 month old : Hma clorine removing unit three stage with pipes and household tap fitting Only used 4 times and 1 month old £30 no offers price is fixed Collection only Txt 07701070389 full details16/11/15No
50Arow, rays, dollars first £450 takes the job lot : 13" asian arowana banjar hybrid/high grade banjar (feeds on everything incuding pellets/sticks) Unrelated pair of true hystrix rays 8-9" (pellet feeders) Male perfect female pa ... full details22/07/15Yes
51Twin 4 tanks on metal stand with slot over cover : Two 4' tanks on metal stand with a well built mahogany decrative cover Once set up you simply slide the wood suround over the whole thing looks great top tank 48 x 15 x 12 B ... full details22/07/15Yes
52two 30 inch tanks on metal stand £40 : As title suit fish room/house old but water tight cleaned and ready to go collection only Txt 07701070389 Thank you full details21/05/15Yes
53Flowerhorn breeding pair : 7" male golden faced kamalau hybrid and 3" srd hybrid £100 Collection only Txt 07701070389 full details17/05/15Yes
54FLOWERHORNS + SETUP : Flowerhorns x 3 (males) & 2 x 30" tanks on metal stand with heaters air pump and sponge filters Alsp included 2 x dividers with prpper fittings (makes tanks into 4) £100 no ... full details17/05/15Yes
55FLOWERHORN hybrid uk bred : This one is a cracker kamalau srd hybrid reds,gold and stary all over popping kok also red great flowers too Will be very showy £65 Collection pnly please txt full details14/05/15Yes
56FLOWERHORN hybrid uk bred : Great looking uk bred srd hybrid amazing colours and will get better nice kok already showing £45 Collection only sorry Please txt full details14/05/15Yes
57FLOWERHORN hybrid uk bred : Stunning young male 4" nice kok starting to pop great stary and reds £45 Collection only at this time Pleaae txt full details14/05/15Yes
58stunning male hybrid kam x srd flowerhorn : Another stunnong young male flower hybrid up for sale at 4" £45 no offers Pic is of actual fish Collection only Please txt full details12/05/15Yes
59stunning male hybrid kam x srd flowerhorn : Another nice young male 4" nice kok starting to pop and great stary blue and reds £45 no offers Txt only please Collection only Pic is actual fish!!! full details12/05/15Yes
60thai silk male & srd female SOLD SOLD SOLD : Flowerhorn pair ready to breed both proven fertile with differing partners Male is platinum blue (not green) 6" Female is stunning colour srd £75 ovno the pair Txt only ... full details11/05/15Yes
61Flowerhorns UK bred 2 LEFT : Flower Frenzy has a few high grade uk bred fish for sale Prices from £15-£150 Collection only 2 left these are 3" KAMALAU X SUPER RED DRAGONS £40 EACH £70 FOR BOTH ... full details08/05/15Yes
62scam on a/c and fb (flowerhorns) : There is a seller who places adverts on here selling flowerhorns This person posts priced pics of flowerhorns for you to buy They require full payment to secure each fish Th ... full details01/05/15No
63frag racks on ebay for big money beware : Sellers listing frag racks for £8-£12 these racks are from Home & bargains For £0.99-£1.99 Please dont get ripped off full details29/04/15No
64uk bred hybrid flowerhorn 3 inches SOLD SOLD SOLD : Another stunning young flower kok developing good line and flower showing again with outstanding colour of reds and star blues £40 Collection from gloucestershire Please ... full details29/04/15Yes
65uk bred hybrid flowerhorn 3-4 inches SOLD SOLD SOLD : Stunning flower up for sale high grade fish with fantastic colour. And lusture Kok starting to develop now £40 Collection from gloucestershire Please txt full details29/04/15Yes
66Albino lungfish WANTED : Looking for albino, lutistic, pieball african lungfish Cash waiting Thanks full details27/04/15Yes
67dovii cichlid free to collector 5 inch : Dovii probs male free to collector No post collection only Please txt 07701070389 Thanks full details16/04/15No
68two redneck severum females : Two 6"-7" female red neck severums these are w/c Collection only £25 each or £40 the two May swap for wild oscars, gold or redspot severums, or oddballs or nice plec/s ... full details20/11/14Yes
69BETTA BREEDING setup : Black rack with 10 (5 not but easy to do will show buyer) filterd cookie jars And breeding tank on top Its all run on one air pump (NOT INCLUDED) Complete with bettas ... full details20/11/14Yes
70male rednecks wanted : Cash waiting for male redneck severums Txt.only 07701070389 Thanks full details14/11/14No
71albino and tiger oscars and wilds wanted : Looking for some good w/c oscars and also albino and tigers Cash waiting Please txt 07701070389 Email dosnt work full details13/11/14No
72RED SPOT SEVERUMS AND GOLDS WANTED CASH WAITING : Females or pairs of red spot and gold severums wanted Cash waiting May take batches of young of above Also female rednecks wanted Txt only 07738314945 full details13/11/14No
73BETTA BREEDING setup : We have a betta (fighter fish) breeding setup for sale/swap Black rack with 15 sweet jars (5 each shelf) And a breeding tank on the top Jars are filterd via mini undergravel ... full details11/11/14Yes
74twin tube slimline t5 overhead unit 5ft NOW £50 : New still boxed twin t5 ( blue white) black slimline 5ft overhead light unit Very bright ideal marine or trops Will fit 6ft tank as has extending arms Collection only £7 ... full details11/11/14No
75red spot severums wanted pairs single females plus rednecks : Cash waiting for pairs of redspot severums (or babies in bulk) no single males sorry Also female rednecks or pairs wanted Can swap male adults rednecks for females if spare ... full details10/11/14Yes
76breeding wild angel pairs : Two pairs of santa isabel wild caught angels Bothe pairs are young and have bred The oldest pair have spawned and raised two batches Younger pair have spawned but eggs were ea ... full details10/11/14Yes
777-8 inches Flagtail sale or swap for small tigerfish dat over 5 inches : 7-8" flagtail stunning fish great scavenger and keeps tank spotless £60 Swap for tigerfish (dat) 6"upwards or spotted gars Txt only 07738314945 Bring own poly box C ... full details04/11/14Yes
78ANGELS santa isabel altums wild caught pair : This pair have just laid grab q bargain £25 this weekend One has no sight in one eye but if just fine Stunning fish not often seen these days Txt only 07701070389 or 0773 ... full details24/10/14No
79wanted red spot and red neck s cash or swap : Looking for red spot severums or rednecks ( maybe others like super reds etc) ANY SIZE!!! Baby to adult Will pay cash or can swap for breeding santa isabel red back altum pai ... full details21/10/14No
80wild caught pair (young) santa isabela red backed altum £30 : These have now spawned!! Im letting a young wild caught pair of santa isabela red back altum angels go This pair are very nice clean and crisp.markings and fins One has slig ... full details21/10/14Yes
81F1 Santa Isabel red back altum angels : Breed from a amazing wild caught pair.....stunning neon blues on face and fins Pics dont do justice to these fish £3.50 each or 10 for £30 Collection only at this time ... full details03/10/14Yes
82redfin gourami 11".cheap : Giant redfin gourami 11" soft and gentle housed with rays etc £15 pick up only bring own poly box Txt only please 07701070389 Thanks full details17/09/14No
83PEARL RAY FEMALE WANTED : Looking for a female pearl ray pup or grown on Cash waiting please txt 07701070389 full details14/09/14Yes
84motoro rays wanted will swap for birchirs rtc rfg gourami : Have 16" and 15" birchirs £120 cash or Swap for Motoro rays pair or single females pups or adults Txt with pics to 07701070389 Emma full details09/09/14Yes
85baby asian arowana WANTED banjar rtg : Looking for young/baby asian arow.will pay £300 cash Size upto 15" Banjar red rtg etc Txt 07701070389 full details09/09/14No
86big birchirs swap for rays or jardini/pearl arowana : 16" and 15" birchirs one ornate and one endri Both big fat and stunning Dont see them this size up for grabs Sell for £120 for both ovno Looking to swap for rays o ... full details03/09/14Yes
87GIANT redfin gourami 11 inches : Redfin giant gourami simply stunning 11" Feeds on pellets £25 or swap for lrg angel fish looking for whites/blues Collection only bring own poly box Txt only on 0770107 ... full details03/09/14No
88rays, arowanas, bass wanted swap for hi end morph bearded dragons : We have dunner morph dragon babies includunig hypos and also Coral firtiger colour morph dragon babies These sell at £70-£250 each morph dependant Will swap for rays asian ... full details30/08/14No
89pair big birchirs and ray sale swap : 15" endri and 16" ornate birchirs £120 pair ovno 7" true hystrix male ray £150 no offers Redtail cat 12" £20 May swap for asian arowana like rtg ban ... full details30/08/14No
90ODDBALLS SALE SWAP : Redfin giant gourami 10" £30 Redtail cat 11" FREE Endri birchir 15" £70 Ornate birchir 16" £60 Both birchirs for £100 no offers SOLD SOLD SOLD Indo tiger (big) s ... full details23/08/14Yes
91redtail cat 11 inches FREE : FREE TO GOOD HOME redtail cat Collection only Bring own poly box Txt 07701070389 full details23/08/14Yes
92giant redfin gourami 10 inches : STILL HERE DUE TO TIME WASTERS 10" redfin giant gourami stiunning fish and gentle with other fish £45 or swap Txt only and collection only 07701070389 full details19/08/14Yes
93ODDBALLS FOR SALE BIG PAIR,birchirs swap for bass or rays : We are letting our fish go due to baby on way qnd needing space Pair big birchirs endri and ornate 16" must go together £120 the pair OVNO OR SWAP BASS OR RAYS Big indo ti ... full details19/08/14Yes
94big indo tiger yet more time wasters : 13-14" tiger dat stunning 99% stable real pig too Swap for bass or rays Offers over £200 cash Txt only 07701070389 Meet halfway for swap or collection only with cash full details19/08/14Yes
95redtail cat 11 inches : Stunning little redtail catfish 11" fantastic colours feeds like they do £35 ovno STILL HERE DUE TO TIME WASTERS This fish needs big tank so no 3ft tank owners please ... full details14/08/14Yes
96big indo tiger14 INCH : 13-14" indo tiger he is 100% stable in our system may not be in yours! Come see him first to see will buy £250 no offers Swap for bass pairs May swap NICE RAY FEMALE or RTG ... full details10/08/14Yes
975x2x20 inches 10ml glass juwel tank stand sump : 5foot juwel tank with open stand drilled bottom and back (bottom sealed up) complete with sump and return pump and media heater etc Brand new slimline t5 twin unit still boxed ... full details10/08/14Yes
98complete 5ft oddball set up wirh sump stand fish : 5ft x 2ft x 20\" juwel tank 10mm glass heavy with stand and sump (drilled in back and bottom but bottom holes coverd over) Sump pump 10 outlet air pump (big koi style) heater and ... full details02/08/14Yes
99ODDBALLS FOR SALE dats,gouramis,birchirs plecs arowana : closing down some tanks so have the following for sale and some fee WILL LISTEN TO OFFERS THEY GOT TO GO!!!!! 13-14 inch indo tiger (dat) 300 10-11 inch silver tiger (dat) ... full details30/07/14Yes
100Collection of oddball fish in 5ft set up wirh sump stand : Fish 13-14\" indo tiger 10\" redfin gourami 2x6-7\" wc jaguar cichlids 15\" endri birchir 16\" ornate birchir 12\" andonis plec still spotted 10\" Lnumber sailfin???? Plec ... full details24/07/14Yes
101Wanted dat/tigerfish or BASS swap for new slim lighting : Brand new T5 twin (blue actic and 10000k white) 60" tubes this unit is still in its box only turned on to test it works.....it does and is very bright Unit is in black and fits 5 ... full details15/07/14Yes
102MONO BASS wanted : looking for a pair of mono bass! must be real monos no hybrids please cash waiting any size etc must have pics may look at other sub species? but must be male/female pairs ... full details15/07/14No
103indo/american dats, rays,arows wanted trade for dragons : we have a limited number of hypo blueberry citrus x coral firetiger baby dragons ready now!!! the blueberry bloodline is only produced here worldwide your chance to get hold of t ... full details13/07/14Yes
104andonis plec well grown on youngster swap oddball : 12" male andonis plec for sale or swap Stunning plec been kept with rays and big dats,bass,birchirs etc no problem still has spots (unusual at this size) Willing to swap for ... full details09/07/14Yes
10514 inch indo dat : one of my bigger dats up for grabs stable 99% of the time beast of a fish offers may take rays or asian arowana thank you emma txt/watsap 07701070389 full details07/07/14Yes
106Wanted dat/tigerfish or ray swap for new slim lighting : Brand new T5 twin (blue actic and 10000k white) 60" tubes this unit is still in its box only turned on to test it works.....it does and is very bright Unit is in black and f ... full details03/07/14Yes
107rays, dats,bass,arows, oddballs wanted swap for dragons : looking to swap some of our morph bearded dragons for some of the above fish all dragons come with genetic birth certs dragons are naturaly tame great for kids and adults and ... full details02/07/14Yes
108jardini arowana female ray or dats wanted swsp for new light unit : Slimline light unit new in box made by odessea twin t5tubes blue/white New in box Fits 5-6ft tanks with adjustable arms Swap for JARDINI AROWANA. Over 10" Or female ray pup ... full details02/07/14Yes
109wild caught jaguar cichlids : Two wild caught jags possible pair as both get on fine and have been cleaning rock Feed like pigs they are 6\" maybe bit more Open to offers Dont see w/c that offten availab ... full details25/06/14No
110wild caught jaguar cichlids : Two wild caught imported jaguar cichlids possible pair pos female is brown with no spots on belly male has spotted belly and has a nice purple hue over a light colour body Really ... full details20/06/14Yes
1116 inch redtail cat : as title redtail cat 20 quid Stunning cat these get massive so need big tank and filtration txt 07701070389 full details16/06/14Yes
112american silver dat prob biggest SOLD SOLD SOLD : 10" maybe bit more AT American tigerfish Its a beast of a fish and stable 24/7 eats anything all day long is a real pig This fish is fat and chuncky and deep bodied Never seen o ... full details11/06/14Yes
113rays,dats,bass wanted swap for high end morph bearded dragons : we are one of the top dragon breeders in europe producing the best colour morph dragons available in the uk we have a fair amount of babies available NOW hypo blueberry citrus ... full details02/06/14Yes
114baby giant redfin gourami 4" : As title 4" baby redfin giant gourami stunning fish colour starting to come Swap for birchirs....baby silver arowanas....... Please txt 07701070389 Thanks Emma full details29/05/14No
115wanted oddball fish, swap for very big bull hide rug : back up due to time waster!!! 8ft x 7.5ft fresian bull hide rug (black and white)THIS IS REAL COW HIDE NOT FAKE!!! these cost 295 in habitat new only 2mth old and was on floor ... full details25/05/14Yes
116high end morph bearded dragons Swap oddballs : Baby very high end morph dragons available for swaps for the following fish Peacock bass(all types) Dats (tigerfish) AT,IT,NGT,NTT Arowanas asians,jardini,blacks will look at ... full details25/05/14Yes
117mono bass wanted : Looking for mono bass preffer pairs but will look at singles Cash waiting 07701070389 full details22/05/14No
118nile perch, baramundi big stuff : Looking for nile pearch, baramundi,african tigerfish, mahseers, dorado, bass.jardini arowana Etc For monster tank/pond 12 x 4 x 3 glass Please txt what you have with pic/pric ... full details22/05/14No
119jardini arowana wanted any size : Wanted cash waiting!!! Jardini arowana any size but must be perfect no damage to fins gill curl etc and full barbles is a must Please txt 07701070389 No silly prices please full details22/05/14No
120pair jaguar cichlids for sale : Pair of young 5-7" jags unrelated pair Feed very well ond pellet,prawn,mussel and dried fish Collection only Bring container for transporting £30 May swap for baby jardi ... full details19/05/14Yes
121SWAP FOR RAYS ETC high end morph dragons : we have some young blueberry/citrus x coral/firetigers available we are the only breeders worldwide of the blueberry bloodline prices start at 85 upto 550 each this cross w ... full details17/05/14Yes
122Lungfish WANTED : looking for a lungfish cash waiting will collect full details11/05/14No
123NGT wanted (dat) : looking for another NGT dont mind any size from 2inch upwards (bigger the better) cash waiting for the right tiger willing to travel for collection no messers, good price pai ... full details11/05/14Yes
124SWAP morph pair baby dragons : will swap a baby pair of hi end morph dragons for a dat (tigerfish) pair is visual translucent and a 100% het translucent both crawley red x snows and father is imported ... full details07/05/14Yes
12515 inch ornate birchir for swap : have a big ornate birchir up for swap feeds on prawn mussel pellets and lancefish swap for a dat (tigerfish) over 8inch or a silver arowana over 12 inch no drop eye if possib ... full details06/05/14Yes
126MONSTER plec andonis sale/swaps : i have a andonis at 11-12 inch stunning beast and a must for those who like their fish BIG!! these plecs grow to near 1000cm in the wild (bit less in a tank) a very big tank nee ... full details03/05/14Yes
127Baby dragons swap for rays,bass,dats,arows : We have home bred high end morph bearded dragons available Snow x crawley reds Willing to swap pairs trios and singles for pearl,hystrix,& bk rays Also peacock bass tigerfis ... full details24/04/14Yes
128indo tiger wanted over 10 inch : looking for a nice indo tiger to join a group of big tigers must be minimum 10 inch (others 13-16 inch in tank) dont mind odd bars etc fair money paid please send pics an ... full details24/04/14Yes
129looking for a single male ray : any male rays out there? dont mind what type like motoro,hystrix,hybrid browns, pearl ,blacks etc contact via txt/watsap 07701070389 full details24/04/14Yes
130peacock bass from 2-4 inch wanted for grow out tanks : looking for baby bass any type for a grow out tank please txt/watsap what you have with pics and prices and location 07701070389 many thanks full details19/04/14Yes
131UNIQUE VIV STACK SWAP : we have a solid stack of 2 vivs each 4ft x 2ft x 20 inch and a tortiose table ontop!!! all made from pine boards and ply was used to house dragons and argus monitor pair and sulca ... full details12/04/14Yes
132looking for brown rays : looking for brown stingrays like hystrix etc for new big setup have black rays just after something different singles or pairs let us know what you have with type,size,sex and ... full details31/03/14Yes
133job lot fillters uv externals sand : 2 x tetratec 1200lph externals with taps, no pipes (non leakers 6 mth old) 40 quid the pair 1 x fluid sand filter 1000 model (no pipes with sand) 15 quid 1 x tropic mar ... full details01/03/14Yes
1341ft x 1ft x 1ft tanks WANTED asap : looking for 1ft cube tanks as many as 10 if you have any please send me a txt to 07701070389 cash waiting full details26/02/14No
135Bristle nose 1-3 inch cheap : we have lots of tank bred bristle nose for sale father was albino black eye mothere starlight and common from 1-3 inch feeding very well and growing fast over 10 left coll ... full details26/02/14No
136Redtail Golden high back Asian Arowana 13 inch : stunning asian redtail golden high back arowana up for sale (my last asian) stunning belived to be female has picture breeders cert and A10 and is chipped reluctant sale but mov ... full details01/12/13No
137Redtail Golden asian Arowana hi-bk : yet again two no showers!!!the time wasters on here are second to none!!! AROWANA STILL AVAILABLE!!!! ONLY TXT ME IF YA GONA BOTHER TO ACTUALY TURN UP PLEASE THANK YOU s ... full details11/10/13Yes
138large pair of mono bass : we have a 13 inch pair of mono bass maybe bigger (male) this pair have spawned (twice) plecs ate eggs both times feel time to move them on would like them collected asap pleas ... full details15/09/13No
139JOB LOT asian arow and bass : 11 inch rtg hi bk asian arow chipped and cert etc perfect and stunning 13-14 inch male mono and 12-13 inch female mono (PAIR have spawned twice) 400 no swaps and cash only on ... full details25/08/13No
140pair of argus monitor lizards (rare) swap for bass : young pair (sexed) of argus monitors these get big upto 6ft for males! they feed on minced turkey,locusts,and mice starting to tame down now (handled daily) willing to trade ... full details22/08/13Yes
141SWAPS rare argus monitor pair and pastel kingsnake collection : looking to swap our young sexed pair of argus monitor lizards (14 inch) get to 5-6ft! swap for peacock bass!!! not monos or occi's also a complete breeding group of pastel ki ... full details18/08/13Yes
142spawning young pair mono peacock bass : we have a 13 inch pair of mono bass these have spawned all over our tank last week (plecs ate eggs) great looking bass but change in setup so need to go 150 no offers or swaps ... full details10/08/13No
143stunning young redtail golden highback asian : we have a 12 inch stunning red tail golden high back vented female asian arowana up for sale please txt/call if interested 350 for her no swaps cash deal only collection o ... full details10/08/13No
144RTG hi bk asian arowana : young female redtail golden high back asian arowana 12-13inch chipped and a10 with cert from farm where bred feeds very well on mario worms, pellets, mussel etc 350 no offe ... full details01/08/13No
145female 11-12 inch BD x Leo ray : for sale only no swaps 11-12 inch female bd x leo (big spots) has a stump tail (no sting) had this bitten off just after birth she can still breed 300 no offers call or txt ... full details29/07/13Yes
146SWAP young pair ARGUS monitors for male ray : we have a young pair of argus monitor lizards (get very big upto 6ft for the male) both feeding on minced turkey,locusts,mice swap for male bd x leo or simular male ray (black) ... full details29/07/13Yes
14712 inch female redtail golden arowana (asian) 300 QUID : 12 inch female rtg asian arowana 300 QUID please call or txt only have watsap for pics collection only please bring box 07701070389 full details26/07/13No
148closing down koi ponds NOW 600 QUID MUST GO DUE TO MOVE OFFERS : IF YOU SEE THE PICS YOU WILL WANT THEM!!!! these are stunning fish and would grace any koi pond we have 16 koi most were from sakai farm hiroshima japan all types kohaku, show ... full details12/07/13Yes
149TANK RACK COMPLETE SET UP 3FT : 3 x 3ft x 1.5ft x 1ft (18 inch front to back) tanks set on wooden very strong frame also have egg crate dividers for each tank!!! all tanks have built in corner filters compl ... full details05/07/13Yes
150red terrors and breeding mayans : 1 x proven breeding mayans aka fakse red terrors stunning pair wild caught 45 ovno 5 x 2-3 inch true red terrors 2 female 3 male proper f1's from wild adults 70 ovno ta ... full details02/07/13No
151CLOSING DOWN TANKS : due to moveing and other personal problems we are shuting down our setups THE AROWS ARE FIXED PRICE!!!! SO NO MORE THEY AINT THIS! THEY AINT THAT! THEY ARE ASIANS WITH CHIPS AND ... full details27/06/13Yes
152pure f1 red terrors : 2 x female 3 x male males 3 inch females 2.5 inch these were bred from wild caught adults so are f1 and will be stunning all kept together!! no fighting yet!! will take 80 qu ... full details25/06/13No
153PROVEN pair w/c mayan cichlids : we have a proven pair of wild caught mayan cichlids for sale they have produced 2 lots of fry and are amazing parents stunning reds/blues etc and clear bar patterns closeing ... full details25/06/13No
154RAYS FEMALE CHEAP (NOT PERFECT) : 1 x leo/bd girl no tail since birth,11 inch disc 1 x pearl girl perfect ray bar a scar on disc 7 inch the bd/leo has exstencive damage to front disc (bites) all healed should ... full details25/06/13No
155SEXED PAIR HIGH BACK RTG ASIAN AROWANAS : 1 x sexed pair (male & female) of 10 -11 inch high back red tail golden asian arows the pair are housed together (no fighting) fed on prawn,mussel,mealworms and sticks your ... full details18/06/13No
156TRUE red terror pairs for sale : we have several sexed pairs of red terrors available all are 2-3 inches and colouring up nice sexed pairs now split into indidual couples ready for new keepers 60 per pair ... full details06/06/13Yes
157F1 Mayan Cichlids : We have a large number of Mayan cichlid fry out now bred from top notch w/c stock these are stunning cichlids and have great colours and markings and should reflect in their young ... full details06/06/13Yes
158F1 oscars bred in chech republic REDUCED : 4 x stunning strange pattern young oscars bred in the chech republic from wild adults these are f1 so good bloodline for breeding they are all 4 inch maybe more 2 x weird patt ... full details06/06/13Yes
159F1 MAYAN CICHLIDS : home bred from wild caught adults (adults are stunning) lots of red and blues these young are now feeding well and growing fast 2-4cm selling at 2 quid each or deal on 10 or m ... full details21/05/13No
160F1 RED TERRORS, F1 OSCARS AND MORE : True f1 oscars x 4 bred in cech republic you wont find any in uk like this they are a new strain 3inch;4inch 40 the 4 2 x albino oscars cech republic bred 2-3inch stunning ... full details21/05/13Yes
161female pearl ray pup 6 inch : female pearl from 5 star bloodline feeding well on prawn/mussel/pellets 2OO CASH NO OFFERS may swap/part ex for FLAGTAILs collection only! no meets or delivery sorry tx ... full details21/05/13No
162MBU PUFFER ROYAL KNIFE : must go together as sold tank 12-13inch mbu puffer and 15 inch royal knife both stunning and feed very well puffer has a split in tail from fight with a arowana but is nea ... full details12/05/13Yes
163LOADS FOR SALE ODDBALLS REDUCED : 1 x 12-13 inch MBU puffer 100 cash NOW 80 1 x 16 inch royal knife 50 cash NOW 35 4 x F1 cech republic bred 3 inch oscars 50 the lot NOW 30 2 x albino oscars 3 inch (stun ... full details06/05/13Yes
164red terrors, mayans oscars oddballs tanks : 1 x proven pair mayan cichlids with young 50 cash 4 x TRUE red terror young 2 inch + 50 cash all 4 4 x F1 cech republic bred 3 inch oscars 50 the lot 1 x 12-13 inch MBU pu ... full details05/05/13No
165NGT & big IT Dats for sale/swap for flagtail etc : pics are the actual fish for sale ngt had just been moved so was unstable 7 inch NGT and a 11-12 inch IT dat for sale both live together 160 cash for both BARGAIN!!! SWAP ... full details19/04/13Yes
166MBU PUFFER 12 INCH+ : MBU puffer 12 inch maybr more stunning fish kept with mixed large fish and is not nasty to any feeding on shelled cockle, prawn. mussel you will need a big tank for this fella! ... full details17/04/13Yes
167P14 MALE FOR SALE CRACKING RAY NOW SOLD : 12inch disc male p14 has rolled claspers already, feeds very well on pellets, mussel, king prawn and sprats first 350 takes him collection only call/txt/email 07856502291 full details03/04/13Yes
168P14 pair NGT sale no swaps 800 cash PAIR SOLD : 1 x pair p14 rays 11 inch male 10 inch female nice active rays feeding well on mixed diet (including pellets) WILL TAKE 800 CASH!!!!! SOLD 7 inch NGT stunning tiger feeds o ... full details03/04/13Yes
169twin stack of 2 large tanks : top tank 6ft x 28 inch wide x 2ft tall double base built in filter bottom tank 6ft x 2ft wide x 18 inch tall built in filter come on a custom built ali metal stand clad with ... full details31/03/13Yes
170UNUSUAL OSCARS WANTED : weird tigers, wilds, f1's and albinos wanted must be great colours and markings from babies-adults and proven pairs CASH WAITING txt what you have to 07786272285 please ... full details23/03/13Yes
171TOP grade albino oscars wanted : looking for albino oscars small or large, proven pairs etc must be of good strain, colour cash waiting txt email call 07786272285 full details23/03/13No
172RAYS FOR SALE : 1 x p14 pair 13 inch and 11 inch 1 x leo x bd pair 10 inch and 9 inch 1 x p14 x bd female 9 inch offers!!!!! offers below average will be ignored NO TRADES CASH SALE ON ... full details23/03/13Yes
173REDTAIL CAT FREE NEW HOME NOW FOUND : 13 inch stunning redtail cat free to collector beleive female TXT 07786272285 full details20/03/13Yes
174BIG silver arowana 2ft+ NEW HOME NOW FOUND : big silver dropeye one side feeds from hand great with other fish perfect scales etc space needed for asian arows FREE TO COLLECTOR!!!!! TXT 07786272285 full details20/03/13Yes
175Histryix female ray WANTED : cash and male waiting any size/age must be female TXT 07786272285 full details20/03/13Yes
176RAYS : P14 PAIR LEOPOLDI PAIR P14 X BD PEARL PAIR all are open to offers txt or call 07786272285 full details13/03/13Yes
177Hystrix rays WANTED : pair of hystrix rays wanted to add to collection any size/age even single rays considered please txt/call if you have some cash waiting 07786272285 full details05/03/13Yes
178Sexed pair of VAMPIRE plecs : i have a sexed pair of vampire plecs for sale both 6-7" and stunning male is in his cave 24/7 at the min female close by on side of the slate cave can come with cave (lrg) t ... full details28/02/13Yes
179fish for sale SOLD : 14" granulosus dorid £45 kept with rays 7-8" megladora irwini £40 kept with rays 10" african pike nasty teeth!!! ok with bigger fish better in own tank £45 NOW ALL SOLD ... full details27/02/13Yes
180African Pike : african pike 10 inch very aggressive with same size fish will eat smaller no problem but fine with larger fish feeds on prawn/ mussel/ whole fish and floating pellets yes pellets! ... full details10/02/13No
181NGT for sale : 7 inch NGT for sale good feeder nice colour and markings stable 98% of the time housed with other tigers and is fine 80 quid please call/txt only collection only 077862 ... full details10/02/13Yes
182P14 pair for sale/swap NOW SOLD : young pair of p14 rays 10inch female 12 inch male feeding very well on massivore/hikari/mussel and prawn healthy and active collection only 1,000 cash NOW SOLD!!!!!!!!! ... full details10/02/13Yes
183Red Fin Giant Gourami NOW SOLD : 13 inch red fin giant gourami stunning fish real gentle been housed with stingrays, tigerfish, bass, arowanas, redtail cats and L number plecs never shows aggression, has fin damag ... full details14/04/12Yes
184flagtail NOW SOLD : i have a 5-6inch flagtail amazing colour and pattern been housed with Lnumber plecs, syno cats and large rays and tigers (seems to attract bass of any size into attack mode so woul ... full details14/04/12Yes
185WANTED ASIAN AROWANA CASH WAITING NOW : wanted asian arowana nothing too fancy RTG, banjar red etc cash waiting for the right monster (or baby) let me know what ya have with pic if poss and location could colle ... full details06/04/12Yes
186asian arowana wanted maybe swap for snakes? : looking for a nice asian arowana for display tank will pay cash or we do have some blood pythons for swaps pairs!!! unrelated thanks for looking please email, txt or call ... full details03/04/12Yes
187ATs (american tigerfish) : 2 x 6-7 inch american silver tigerfish real chunks of meat these two both stable all the time and feed like pigs on anything sinking or floating £70 the pair maybe intereste ... full details03/04/12Yes
188small 5 inch flagtail stunning : i have a small 5 inch flagtail stunning fish and an amazing sucking mouth! this fish is not suitable for a ray tank!!! it has been rasping on youg rays hence sale would suit large ... full details03/04/12Yes
189Clown knifefish wanted for public display : lrg clown knifefish required to place in public display at zoological garden must be in very good health and condition and feeding well £20-30 paid for the right fish ple ... full details24/03/12Yes
190AROWANAS wanted : we are looking for arowanas asians, blacks, greens and one silver must be in top health no drop eye gill curl etc cash waiting please email txt or call 07786272285 sta ... full details22/03/12No
19116" redtail cat : we have a 16 inch stunning redtail for sale he is a real fun fish feeds from hand etc and has real nice colours space for rays forces sale £50 txt or call 07786272285 full details21/03/12No
192ASIAN arowana wanted : im looking for a nice asian arowana nothing stupid like a super red just a nice RTG or sumit as small as possible will pay upto £300 cash (depending on arow size/type) and ... full details21/03/12Yes
1933 bass for sale/swap : i have three occi bass for sale or swap they are 7-8inch (belive 1 male 2 female ), feeding on floating hikari and normal ray foods housed with dats and rays £150 the 3 or swap ... full details21/03/12Yes
194True Dwarf girafe catfish : this is a true dwarf form looks just like full size form of this sp. but is adult at 7 inch rare to find £50 ovno 07786272285 full details21/03/12No
195ATs silver tigerfish 7 inches : 2 x american silver tigerfish 7 inch thick set fish feed on anything from prawns to pellets £70 the pair ovno! 07786272285 full details21/03/12No
196jardini arowana 20 inches SOLD SOLD : big jardini arowana 20 inch chuncky fish feeds very well nice and calm housed with rays, tigers, bass, pangasius big cats and 2inch yes 2 inch malawi cichlids gentle giant £ ... full details16/03/12Yes
197AROWANA AND MORE : 20 inch big jardini arow gentle fish not aggressive £80 ovno 6 inch marble (F1) stingray male £100 (SOLD) 5-6 inch leo stingray pair (unrelated) £700 (SOLD PENDING COLLE ... full details09/03/12No
198Trio of peacock bass 7-8inch : i have a trio of bass (oci) for sale nice and chunky and love pellets sinking and floating defo 1 female and 1 male the other not sure yet £150 the trio cash only no swaps ple ... full details07/03/12Yes
199silver dats : 2 x 6-7" american silver tigerfish real chunks of meat these guys eat anything will take £70 the pair may swap for female hystrix ray or female retic ray or marble pup t ... full details04/03/12Yes
200pangasius cats : no frills just 1 x 8-9" and 1 x 10-12" pangasius cats £25 for both call/txt 07786272285 full details04/03/12No
201red fin giant gourami : as above slight fin damage due to rtg arow not liking him 12-13" £35 txt?call 07786272285 full details04/03/12Yes
202BD xpearl female ray : poss carrying female 14" bd x pearl ray probs one of the best in the uk of this hybrid stunning fish £600 no offers may do deal on black rays only please call or txt full details03/03/12Yes
203male high grade pearl ray : 6" disc male pearl stunning markings, nice light background colour feeding very well on prawn/mussel and pellets £300 ovno may swap/part ex for black rays (male) please ... full details03/03/12Yes
204hybrid sexualy mature male stingray : we have a mature 14" disc male leo x henlei/motoro ray for sale, has mated female stunning male ideal for hybrid breeding £250 no offers/ may part ex for male black ray ... full details03/03/12Yes
205madagascan cichlids : 2 x 2" pollini blue speckled black cichlids growing fast relationship breakup forces sale offers please via txt full details16/01/12No
206redtail cat : i have a redtail cat that was dumped on me about 6mths ago think male about 16" stunning colours nice and kleen no damage etc feeds from hand needs large tank not less than 6 x2 ... full details16/01/12No
207dwarf and other snakeheads wanted : looking for pairs or groups of young dwarf snakeheads also looking for single spec. full size s/heads reasonable prices only please thanks for looking full details09/01/12No
208PEARL RAY FEMALE : pearl "5" star female for sale has slight scar from earleir injury but fully healed she is still a stunning ray and still has the top bloodline for breeding £200 this is cheap ... full details08/01/12Yes
2095 star pearl stingray female swap for bass : i have 1 x 5 star pearl grown on pup female 2011 at 6-7" disc she has full tail but did get some damage to disc on one side (couple mths back) and has fully healed but left scar!SE ... full details07/01/12Yes
210ALBINO snakehead for sale : albino snakehead for sale at 4- 5" make an offer good one please a must for anyone into their snakeheads!! full details07/01/12Yes
211TANK BREAK UP BARGAINS MARINE : JOB LOT MUST GO TOGETHER 1 tom clown 1 yellow wrase with pink back! 1 x pair tmc tank bred clowns 2-3 strange damsels 1 large hermit 2 buckets of culupa algae about 10 ... full details05/01/12No
212BASS WANTED any size/sex/type : we are looking for a few more bass closer to us the better or could meet between as cant drive to far due to injury cash waiting please let me know what you have via email or tx ... full details05/01/12No
213RED BELLY PIRANAH GROUP WANTED : we are looking for a small group (max 8 head) of red bellies for a new display system for the public at one of my zoological customers i can meet to collect at shirley aquatics ... full details04/01/12No
214LONG SNOUT DISTICHODUS swap : rare long snout form of distichodus stunning fish is well behaved for its sp. lives with redtail cat, arowanas, oscars, indo tigerfish, lungfish etc with no problems! he is at ... full details04/01/12Yes
215PAIR MARBLE RAYS NOW SOLD : have a young pair of marble rays for sale, female is 7" and from best bloodline in the uk, male is F1 and 4.5-5" both stunning and feeding on mainly massivore and sinking pellets, ... full details02/01/12Yes
2165 star pearl ray female swap : we have a 5star pearl stingray female at 7inch for sale /swap she has a scar from earlier damage to disc but is fully healed and has no problems feeding on pellets, prawn and muss ... full details27/12/11Yes
217Piranhas wanted (red bellies) : looking for a group of young red belly piranhas at a reasonable price only can collectif not too far or will pay for courier please txt with what you have including location ... full details27/12/11No


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