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Stunning clown trigger fish for sale. ...its a good size too, 4 inch collection only from south Yorkshire £90 no offers..
Hey Im seeking a large/ XL clown triggerfish or Picasso triggerfish , im in the london area so can come and collect at short notice Regards Tashan 07775042022
3.Wanted 17/10/19 No
Wanted Sohal tang, Clown trigger, Emperor angel.
4.Clown Trigger Fish £150 SOLD..... 09/03/19 Yes
Hi I am selling my 7 inch adult clown trigger fish. It's eat really well. When you give food it's pick up from your hand. Very intelligent fish. Reasonable offer only. Serious buyer only no time waster. Cash on collection
5.Contents of reef tank 22/01/19 No
Looking to go back to freshwater- so gauging interest in my tank contents! Clown trigger6 inches- never bothered coral or other livestock) True percula and black and white clown pair - hosting large green carpet anemone Spare black and white clown Adult convict blender/ engineer goby Rough fil... ...
7.Clown trigger 15/12/18 Yes
Stunning healthy clown trigger for sale about 2.5 inch from Yale to mouth and nice thick body fish only tank would suit as he’s started to nibble and corals now so time for him to go
8.Marine Fish & Invert.. 08/12/18 Yes
9. SOLD Clown trigger beautiful 4 inch SOLD 09/07/18 Yes
****SOLD*** Hi I am selling a beautiful clown trigger 4 inch ****sold***** Cheers Maj
10.Clown Triggerfish 24/02/18 Yes
Rare opportunity - Gorgeous triggerfish with great personality. Needs to be with fish of similar size. Approx 5" long. Collection only. £105
11.Wanted 15/01/18 No
Clown trigger, Emporer Angel, Marine rays, what you got?????
12.Clown Triggerfish wanted 11/07/17 No
Hi i am looking for a Clown triggerfish about 60mm Thanks Mark
13.fish tank for sale 06/09/16 No
I am dismantling my marine set-up due to a move. I have a 2x2x8 foot tank for sale - offers around £150. It is full of live rock and sand which could go with it or be bought separately. Also sump. Also fully grown and excellent condition emperor angel and clown trigger, £90 each, 4 large yellow... ...
14.Marine fish, Live rock, in marine aquarium with all fish and equipment 02/09/16 No
Clown trigger, yellow tang, clown fish and a damsel fish. There is also live rock and one big piece of fake rock. Living in an aqua one fish tank (150 litre) that is in great condition and only 2 years old with two led lights and the white lights that comes with it all the fish and all the equipm... ...
15.Entire aquarium with all fish and equipment 02/09/16 Yes
Selling an aqua one fish tank (150 litre) that is in great condition and only 2 years old with two led lights and the white lights that comes with it all the fish and all the equipment you see pictured in it. Their is a yellow tang, clown fish, clown trigger fish and a damsel fish. There is also liv... ...
16.clown triggerfish 3 inch for sale/swap 09/06/16 No
stunning fish looking to swap for tangs, Angels,etc etc what have you got or for sale £65 Ono thanks
17.Clown trigger for sale 14/05/16 Yes
Beautiful clown trigger for sale £120.00, about 4 to 5 inches big. Will make a beautiful addition to your tank. Looking to house in a caring home.
18.Platinum & Extreme Snow Onyx Clowns,Yellow Tangs,Anthias,Clown Trigger,Koran Angel,Haloween/blue hermits/snails,firefish,Zoas & more marine fish for sale 15/05/15 No
FOR SALE: All fish eat a mix of frozen & paste foods. Some also eat pellet foods & algae based foods. Pair of Extreme Snow Onyx Clowns £95 for pair Pair of Platinum Clowns £95 for pair Pair of false percula clowns £25 for pair Clown Trigger Fish £75 Koran Angel Juvenile £28 P... ...
19.90 Species of Marine Fish Due in Stock Thursday 26th March (BRADFORD, WEST YORKSHIRE) 18/03/15 No
We have over 600 fish across 90 marine species available to purchase from Thursday - Take a look at our prices and come visit us BLUE FACE ANGEL (Juv.) / Euxiphippops xanthometapon 95 EMPEROR ANGEL (JUV.) / Pomacanthus imperator 55 EMPEROR ANGEL (ADULT) / Pomacanthus imperator 85 FLAME ANG... ...
20.New Marine Fish Stock at Jessy Aquarium 09/02/15 Yes
Live marine stock update: Clown Trigger £129.99 Scarlet / Flame Hawkfish £55.99 Royal Gamma (large) £31.00 Royal Gamma (small) £22.00 Lemon Peel £46.99 Pilot fish £45.50 Clarkii Clownfish £33.00 Regal Tang £28.99 Neon Blue Goby £15.00 4-Stripe Damselfish / Blacktail Humbug £5.... ...
21.Romsey world Of Water : Full Marine Livestock List 14/12/14 20/12/14 Yes
Hey Guys! This is our full marine livestock list. If you have any queries, would like photos or would like to reserve something, please feel free to give us a call on: 01794515923. Tang Sailfin Tang - Pacific £39.99 Regal Tang - Medium £34.99 Sailfin Tang - Pacific £34.9... ...
22.Clown Trigger 16/08/14 Yes
Wanted LARGE clown trigger fish. I currently house a 950litre FO tank so the bigger the clown trigger the better
23.Large marine fish 13/04/14 No
Just testing the water to see who s interested Wouldt like to sell as one lot as fish been together a long time 1 x passer angel about 1 ft paid £295 1 x blue face angel approx 11 inch Paid £250 1 x barred angel approx 5 inch paid £85 1 x clown trigger appro... ...
24.Importing marine fishes from source by order to public half price to shops 23/02/14 Yes
Choose fish from list, orders in by every weds or Thursday pick up Tuesday evening havant Hampshire call to order 07568138591 Darren AE01 BROWN FLAT ANEMONES 11.21 AE02 WHITE FLAT ANEMONES 12.81 AE03M PURPLE FLAT ANEMONES (M) 16.01 AE04M BROWN CARPET ... ...
25.CLOWN TRIGGER 20/01/14 No
Wanted Clown Triggerfish 5 inches or above. Looking for a brightly coloured healthy fish. Devon or near county. Phil (01803) 409686
26.Marine Fish And Corals 09/01/14 Yes
Just a sample of what we have in store this weekend!! Sea Store Aquatics Rotherham - South Yorkshire's Only marine specialist shop. Just some of whats in store at the moment all at great prices!!! Picasso Clownfish (pair) Onyx Clownfish (Pair) Clown Trigger Bamboo Shark Chevron Tang Sohal Tan... ...
27.Marine Fish Coral Live Rock 03/01/14 Yes
Just a sample of what we have in store this weekend!! Sea Store Aquatics Rotherham - South Yorkshire's Only marine specialist shop. Just some of whats in store at the moment all at great prices!!! Picasso Clownfish (pair) Onyx Clownfish (Pair) Clown Trigger Bamboo Shark Chevron Tang Sohal Tan... ...
28.Marine Fish and Corals 20/12/13 Yes
Sea Store Aquatics in Rotherham are South Yorkshire's only specialist marine shop. A small sample of the current stock is Picasso Clown Fish Pair Onyx Clown fish pair Clown Trigger Bamboo Shark Powder Blue tang Powder Brown Tang Sailfin tangs Naso tangs Purple tang Assortment of gobies Po... ...
29.Marine Corals and Marine Fish Live Rock 05/12/13 Yes
Sea Store Aquatics Rotherham 10% OFF EVERYTHING this weekend!!!!- South Yorkshires only dedicated Marine Shop Just a sample of the coral and marine fish we have in stock. More fish and corals arriving throughout next week. Deltec skimmers, bubble magus skimmers now in stock! New sps colonies now ar... ...
30.Marine Corals and Marine Fish Live Rock 29/11/13 Yes
Sea Store Aquatics Opens This Saturday - South Yorkshires only dedicated Marine Shop Just a sample of the coral and marine fish we have in stock for our opening day. More fish and corals arriving throughout next week. Black French Achilles Tang Rock Beauty Coral Beauty Flame Angel Tank Bre... ...
31.Clown trigger 18/11/13 Yes
FISH Clown trigger a beautiful fish £70 Muswell Hill, London
32.Clown Triggerfish for sale - London - Clown Trigger 19/08/13 Yes
4" Clown Trigger too big for my tank forces sale of this beautiful fish. Eating well on mussels, prawns, squid, mysis; Friendly with other fish and very tame. Price: £70 ono Location: Central London, EC2 Contact me 07904419598, Freddie
This weeks new stock tube worms bubble tipped anemones sea cucumbers blue eye hermits red reef hermits percula clowns tomato clowns green clown gobies purple firefish sand gobies sea apples tuxedo urchins shark egg brittle starfish blue lined triggers clown trigger (small) six li... ...
34.Marine fish for sale 04/05/13 No
Clown trigger £50 Adult Koran Angel £70 Volitan lion fish Large £50 x 3 Volitan Lion fish small £25 White spotted sand shark 30cm £90 Frog fish yellow £25 Collection or over night. extra.
35.OCTUPUS 28/03/13 Yes
Octupus for sale £90 Harliquin Tusk £70 Clown Trigger £70 Adult Koran £90 Lipstick tangs £40 Sail fin tangs from £30-£60 Sharks and puffers Many many more.
36.Wanted clown trigger fish 22/03/13 No
I am after a clown trigger fish must be over 5inch and in good condition and eating well, will travel for the right fish please send me a picture to my mobile number 07989283618 Cheers Wayne
37.Clown Triggerfish 11/03/13 Yes
Hi, I'm selling my clown triggerfish, he's been doing well in my reef for a while but has started nipping corals so unfortunately has to go, he's around 4 inches and very fat and healthy, £70 Thanks Matt
38.marine fish wanted 19/06/12 No
looking to buy a dragon moray eel(enchelycore pardalis)or caribean green eel also looking for a golden puffer, clown trigger or lionfish around 6inches+ i live in poole dorset and would travel up to 50 miles my number is 01202 733518
39.small Clown Trigger 20/04/12 Yes
For sale is my small clown trigger he is about 1.5" in length if that. These marine fish at this size are unusuall to see in the shops. I have had it in my reef tank since i purchased him and it has prooven to be ok. pecks now and again but if kept fed it is fine with my corals. ... ...
40.clown trigger 18/02/12 Yes
hi there i have a beutifull 8in clown trigger a leopard moray 26in a 6in male lunnar wrasse and a 8in orange cheek surgeon and 4 blue damsels all must go asap e,mail or phone with your offers to aerosport@blueyonder.co.uk,pics to follow
41.Fat Clown Trigger for sale 03/02/12 No
5-6 inch clown trigger for sale. 90 pounds ono. Alan 07875416392 will consider swap for nice carpet anemone or clam
42.Marine Fish Avaliable This Week (Mailorder) 07/07/10 Yes
Please find this weeks marine stocklist, other fish are avaliable please email me to let me know what you are looking for Emperor Angelfish Juvenile £60.00 Koran Angelfish Juv (s) £25.00 Regal Angelfish £60.00 Flame Dwarf Angel £70.00 Midnight Pure ... ...
43.Discounted Mail Order Tropical And Marine fish 07/07/10 Yes
Mail order Tropical and Marine fish at genuine discount prices I am able to offer a mail order / collection service for tropical and marine fish which come direct to my fish house from breeders in Israel and the UK. We specalise in Tropical fish / Marine fish / Discus / Rare angelfish / L... ...
44.clown trigger 4inch £75,tomato clowns and commons £10 03/02/10 No
4-5 inch clown trigger feeding well £75 tomato and common clowns £10 bubble tip anemones £15
45.huge clown trigger £70 27/10/09 No
stunning clown trigger around 7 inches, eating well and in full colour £70
46.goniporas, brain coral, hammer corals all only £22 each 20/10/09 No
purple, yellow, lemon goniporas £22 hammer corals £22 crystal coral £22 all good sizes! can deliver but collection preffered maroon clowns and commons £10 medium clown trigger £49 over 55 pieces available
47.marine fish and rock for sale 01/10/09 No
2 yellow tailed damsel fish..1 domino fish..2 blue damsel fish...1 lipstick tang fish...1 cream angle fish...1 foxface fish....1 cemicircle angle fish ...1 very large tang...1 large yellow sailfin tang....1 clown trigger fish...1 undulate trigger fish..1 humbug aruanus fish... 5 turbow snails......4... ...
48.red leg and blue hermit crabs £2 each 30/10/08 No
red and blue leg hermits £2 red starfish £6 nassy sand snails £1.50 clown triggers £40 large bubble anemones £15 turbos £1.75 large algae blennys £10 can post inverts at cost email for details
49.Clown & White Tail Triggers for SALE 28/10/08 No
Clown Trigger about 4". £40 White Tail Trigger £10 Or both for £45 Both eating well and looking healthy. Pics available on request! 07814146104
50.marine set up!!!! 01/10/08 No
juwel trigon 190, in beech with cabinet. equipment: external filter 2 x seio powerheads prism protein skimmer livestock: roughly 30 kg of liverock clown trigger fish 5 inches regal tang 5-6 inches lemonpeel angel 5 inches white tail trigger fish tomato clownfish 1 clump of pulsing x... ...
51.Full Marine Setup Juwel Trigon 190 + All Fish Equipment And Rock 10/08/08 Yes
For Sale Is my Trigon 190 (200Ltrs/50Gal)marine fish tank. It has been fully established for over 2 years. It is a bow fronted tank in beach on a beach stand (Cost me new £600). It has approximately 30 kilos of live rock fully matured (£200), live sand (£75), prism skimmer(£100), canister filter... ...
52.Marine livestock & equipment 11/12/07 No
6" sohal tang £50 5" powder blue tang £35 4" yellow tangs x 3 £20 each 5" vampire tang £25 5" regal tangs x 2 £20 each 6" pink tail trigger £35 3" clown trigger £40 3" blue (niger trigger) £20 2" valantini puffer £15 5" lion fish ... ...
53.Marine fish for sale 26/11/07 No
6" sohal tang £50 5" powder blue tang £35 4" yellow tangs x 3 £20 each 5" vampire tang £25 5" regal tangs x 2 £20 each 6" pink tail trigger £35 3" clown trigger £40 3" blue (niger trigger) £20 2" valantini puffer £15 5" lion fish £20 6" dog face puffer £25 3" maroon clown fis... ...
54.Fish for Sale 03/01/07 Yes
1x Clown Trigger 5" aprox £50 ono 1x Leafy File Fish 9" aprox £70 ono 1x Strippy Puffer (Manilla Puffa) 8" aprox £50 ono 1x Vampire Tang 9" aprox £50 ono 3x Blue Throat Triggers (2x Female 1x Male) 4" aprox each £70 ono for all 3 We are looking for good homes for these fish, had them sinc... ...
55.Marine fish for sale 30/12/04 No
Large clown trigger £60 also Asfur Angel £50 Tel 01792 528062
56.Marine Fish 12/08/04 No
We now offer marine fish...Sailfin Tang £30...Clown Trigger £25...Sand Shark £100...email for more info.
57.clown trigger for sale 07/05/04 Yes
i have a 3" clown triggerfish for sale. beautiful fish, very nice. email me at kevnick80@hotmail.com if interested. the email listed below is my mates and so please email me at the above address. thanks!!
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