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1.Golden Cobra Snakehead (Ch. Aurantimaculata) sub adult PAIRS, REDUCED £250/PAIR 17/10/21 Yes
Hi everyone, I have some channa aurantimaculatas for sale to experienced keepers. So, just over 2 years ago I bougt 14 of them from 2 different sources for selection needs, it took them a while to grow up to the point where my first pair has just bonded recently and took over half of the tank as... ...
2.Discus fish for sale from ONLY £23 each for 3-3.25” and over 5,000 top quality Discus to choose from and the biggest selection in the U.K. Cheapest prices guaranteed. 17/10/21 Yes
At Just Discus there are 165 Tanks of Discus. Please message me for the latest price/stock list. The largest selection of the best quality Discus in the U.K for the lowest prices guaranteed and we will price match any other genuine sellers and there All bred here in the U.K by me so no fear of ... ...
3.Large Catfish for sale cheap 15/10/21 No
SIZES ARE ALL CORRECT UPON SUBMISSION 23inch Marmoratus Catfish £40 26inch Giraffe Catfish £40 19inch Ripsaw Catfish £40 18inch Pangasius Catfish £20 ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE AYLESHAM, KENT, CT3 3HF
4.Malawi Mbuna Juvenile Cichlids Fish Sale. 15/10/21 Yes
Cynotalapia Zebroides Cobue 3cm £5 each pic 1 Metriaclima Membe Deep 4cm £6 pic 2 Metriaclima Gold Zebra Kawanga 3cm £6 pic 3 Others for sale Metriaclima Aurora Mara Point 3-4cm £5 each Labidochromis Perlmut 3cm £4 each Yellow Labs 3cm £4 each Metriaclima Zebra pelvic long Fin Chese... ...
5.tropical fish for sale 13/10/21 Yes
4x blood parrots £30 2 common pleco £10 1x short body texas cichlid £5 1x jack dempsey cichlid £5
6.Dwarf Fuzzy Lionfish for sale £40 11/10/21 Yes
I am selling this 1 year old 2 inch Dwarf Fuzzy Lionfish. This is Marine, Salt Water Fish. He is a predatory, carnivorous fish. He is very healthy, active and eats frozen food i.e. brine shrimp. I am only selling as I am getting rid of my marine tank. I am not selling him with any other equipme... ...
7.Tigrinus catfish 08/10/21 Yes
Tigrinus catfish for sale 4inches long Beautiful young catfish eating shrimp, bloodworm and sinking pellets Selling as need to move house Pristine condition £250 as payed a lot for this one wild caught Message me for more information 07787445342
8.18 freshwater tropical angelfish cichlids for sale 06/10/21 No
18 X Angelfish For Sale. 18 job lot Angelfish for sale ranging from medium to xl All in very good shape + health eating flake food This is the list of angel fish in the tank 3 Red Devils angelfish 4 silver angelfish 3 albinos angelfish 3 manacapuru red shoulder 2 koi angelfish 2 pla... ...
9.7 Large Discus fish for sale 05/10/21 Yes
7 Discus and 1 Koi angel fish for sale, all has to go together. Price: £220 6 of them large and smallest around 3.5 inches Fed on beef heart Kept in tap water at 29 Celsius. All stunning and very lovely ones. Please let me know if you have any queries.
10.Hoplias malabaricus 03/10/21 Yes
9" wolf fish for sale, currently feeding on sprats and frozen food £30
11.Pond fish for sale various types 02/10/21 Yes
Hello, I have alot of kinds pond fish for sale in Rotherham. Best to take a look by your self.
12.Various Marine Fish For Sale 30/09/21 No
Male Melanarus Wrasse - £25 Tailspot Blenny - £10 Scarlett Hawkfish - £40 Royal Gramma - £15 Firefish - £20 Watchman Goby - £10 Pistol Shrimp - £5 Boxer Shrimp - £5 Blood Shrimp - £5 Lubbocks Wrasse - £15 Midas Blenny - £10 Collection From Harlow Essex
13.Tropical Fish Angel Clown Loaches Catfish Aquarium Live Various for sale 30/09/21 Yes
Live Tropical Fish For Sale There are all different type of tropical fish in various sizes. Will updated the lists on here Or leave me a message and will try to get back to you. All DISCUS *SOLD* Going to sell the Tropical Fish Tank with Cabinet as well in the future. Thanks for ... ...
14.Loads of fish for sale 30/09/21 No
All types of severum short body Texas green terror 3 jack Dempsey’s 7 parrots Hartwegi veija Black belt veija Red terror Red Devil Albino convicts 2 L Platinum parrots 1 L Polar parrot 2 L T bar’s 3 clouded Archer fish 2 L Clown loach 7 big Tiger barb 6 Rainbow fish A... ...
15.RARE FISH FOR SALE hydrocynus vittatus tiger 30/09/21 Yes
RARE FISH FOR SALE 10" hydrocynus vittatus tiger fish (african tiger fish)£150 can send photos via WhatsApp, please. 07588181877
16.5ft fish tank 26/09/21 Yes
5 ft x 2ft x 2ft aquarium. Solid oak cabinet although has been painted white and then grey but sands down lovely as can see in pic, upgrading tank so no longer need this. Beautiful tank few light scratches. Fish for sale also Open to offers.
Healthy and Colourful female beta fishes. Around 50+ Each £1 If you want to buy in lots, pls contact me for proce negotitaion and delivery options. Collection only. I also sell Male beta fishes, if interested, pls call to inquire further.
18.Rare plecos and tropical fish for sale 20/09/21 No
fish available Black shrimp £3 Yellow shrimp £1.50 L134 Leopard frog Pleco £40 L029 galaxy pleco £35 L024 red fin cactus Pleco £80 L264 sultan pleco £45 Red shrimp £1 blue shrimp £2 Postage £15 or collection Southend 07512210106
19.Marine Fish for sale 1 x Foxface Rabbit fish and 1 x Regal Tang 20/09/21 Yes
Hi I have 2 healthy marine Foxface Rabbit fish 5-6 inches a Regal Tang 4-5 inches. Both are getting too big for my 255 litre tank, these fish need a larger home, I am sad to see them go to be honest. Offers welcome thanks Nicola
20.XL Black Lace Angelfish £10 - SE London 19/09/21 Yes
Angelfish for sale due to downsizing for house move. 6in black lace £10. Located in SE12, Southeast London Text/whatsapp on 07851902133
21.Fish for sale 18/09/21 Yes
Based in Swanley jnc 3 off M25. Several fish for sale. See photos for prices.
22.Any clown fish for sale 14/09/21 No
Is there any clown fish breeders in Leicestershire or anyone selling any clown fish local
23.Various Tropical Fish for sale 13/09/21 Yes
Different types, Prices are subject to change depending on delivery or collection. 3x Pantano Cichlid - Cincelichthys Pearsi (4-5 inch) £35 each or £80 for all 2x Uaru (4-5 inch) £25 each or £40 for the pair 2x Red Shoulder Severum - Heros Rotkeil (4 inch) £20 each or £30 for the ... ...
24.Blue eyed lemon bristlenose plecos longfin shortfin 07/09/21 Yes
Fish for sale. Blue eyed lemon plecos, Longfin and shortfin available. Prices vary from longfin and shortfin. Collection and can post. 1-1.5 inches big. Well fed.
25.Angel fish 06/09/21 Yes
Angel fish for sale aboy 30 for sale size 2-3 inch some ogff them over 3 inch £12.50each
26.Goldfish for sale 06/09/21 Yes
Our pond is really healthy but in order to keep it that way we need to sell some fish. Price is on enquiry as we are open to selling various fish We are Norwich, NR2
27.Cichlids and other large fish for sale 05/09/21 No
Jaguar, red tiger montagunese, flowerhorn, Red Devil, I have two large catfish, silver shark, convict. £10-£20 per fish depending on which. Collection Plymouth.
28.6ft x 2ft x 30 inch Aquarium + PIRANHA fish 05/09/21 Yes
Full tank set up. ND Aquatics high quality aquarium with blue background, OptiWhite glass front and sides. £1000. Fish for sale (must go before tank is sold); GIANT Serrasalmus Rhombeus £250. GIANT Serrasalmus Manueli £400. One of the largest specimens in UK. Reason for sale is moving... ...
29.Fancy goldfish ryukins,oranda,pearlscales 04/09/21 No
Various beautiful fancy goldfish for sale, kept indoors at present £10 per fish, these are medium-large high grade fish. Collection from bridgwater
30.Cichlids and other large fish for sale 04/09/21 Yes
Jaguar, red tiger montagunese, flowerhorn, Red Devil, I have two large catfish, silver shark, convict. £10-£20 per fish depending on which. Collection Plymouth.
Healthy and Colourful Male beta fishes. Each £3 If you have any question or want to see in person pls contact me. Collection only. I also sell Female beta fishes, if interested, pls call to inquire further.
33.Rare tropical fish for sale 17/08/21 Yes
New fish available L181 peppermint Pleco adult £40 L144 long fin adult male £40 Confirmed breeding group of super red plecos £100 L260 queen arabesque adult £35 L201 snowball juveniles £20 Red shrimp £1 blue shrimp £2 90 litre oak style aquarium £120 Message for any pictures/videos ... ...
34.3 X Australian red claw Crayfish for sale 13/08/21 Yes
3 X Australian red claw Crayfish for sale £10 each, Colwick, Nottingham NG4. Its best to text me on 0754 699 7026
35.Various preds please text me on 07492654045 10/08/21 No
Fish for sale Florida gar £100 14 inch Nile perch £100 16 inch Oscar 7 inch £5 3 peacock bass 9-10 inch £50 each orino,spider k, azul hybrid Catfish free TSNxRTC 15 inch Po93dp will drop off if not too far please message me I need these fish gonna ASAP
36.Predator fish for sale 09/08/21 No
African Snakehead (Parachanna obscurer) 12 inches £30 Clouded Archerfish (Toxotes blythii) x4 1.5 inches £25 each / all 4 for £80 Black Arowana (Osteoglossum ferreirai) Rare 4 inches £200 WhatsApp (07500924520) for any questions or pictures. Collection from Gravesend. DA12 Oliver
37.Adult angelfish for sale 05/08/21 Yes
Breeding pair xl marble male & large smokey female - £60 Large dalmatian angel - £20 Large platinum angel - £20 Medium red head /koi angel - £20
38.Tropical fish for sale 05/08/21 No
Argentine chiclid 10 inch£10 Argentine chiclid 6 inch£10 3xred shoulder sevs 8 inch £10 2x gold sevs 8 inch£10 Datnoid 5 inch £40 2x Archer fish 3 inch£30 the pair Synodontis 8 inch £10 Timensis bass 4 inch £10 2 oscars 8 inch 10 Lemon blue eyed bristle nose x2 £20 Common bristle ... ...
39.Fish for sale 04/08/21 Yes
I am selling my fish due to work circumstances, I have 2 large oscars, a fire eel and an ornate bichir. I am also selling the tank which is 4x2x2 450l with all wood sand and FluvalSmart fx4. If your interested message me for details etc.
40.Tropical fish for sale 03/08/21 Yes
Tropical fish for sale Jag 9 inch £15 Jack Dempsey 7 inch £15 Bush fish X2 4 and 5 inch £15for both Oscar 10 inch £20 Collection from Thornton fy55hb Blackpool
41.Cichlids & Tropical fish for sale 02/08/21 Yes
Argentine chiclid 10 inch Argentine chiclid 6 inch 3xred shoulder sevs 8 inch 2x gold sevs 8 inch 2 oscars 8 inch 11x wild f1 young discus 3 inch Datnoid 5 inch Flagtail 4-5 inch 2x Archer fish 3 inch Synodontis 8 inch Timensis bass 4 inch Lemon blue eyed bristle nose x2 Common bristle... ...
42.Addis bfly, Annularis Angel, Red coris and Maroon clownfish for sale 01/08/21 Yes
I am sadly having to sell some of my fish due to changing the tank from a fowlr to a reef and the clown is fighting with another. Addis Butterfly £110 2.5 inches - fowlr only, tho fine with inverts. Annularis Angel £90 5 inches - will eat coral fowlr only fine with inverts. Red coris wrasse £ 35 ... ...
43.Fish for sale 30/07/21 No
£125 15-16inch bass £25 12-13inch pacu £125 13inch spotted gar £50 for both 2x 10-11inch oscars WhatsApp me for photos +44 7856 780574
44.Tropical comunity fish 22/07/21 No
Tropical comunity fish for sale ; 10 Neons 5 Rummy nose 3 Galaxy Rasboro 3 Serpae tetra 3 Blacktip tetra 3 flame tetra 1 purple empower 3 yellow stripe snails, Malaysian trumpet snails 2 Armoured shrimps.
45.Tropical fish for sale, chiclids 20/07/21 No
2 oscars around 8-10 inches Jack dempsey Texas chiclid Synodontis £45 for them all Text 07872177689 for pics and questions
46.Honeycomb catfish and Bumblebee catfish 16/07/21 No
Fish for sale. Been for around one year in my tank Honeycomb Catfish (Centromochlus perugiae) 5cm/2in - £10 South American Bumblebee Catfish 5cm/2in - £5 Bear in mind these fish don't like strong lights, so feeding after the lights are off is essential. TXT 07956770504
47.Marine fish and equipment 04/07/21 Yes
Due to lots of time wasters, still have some lovely fish for sale. Pm me for more info, Kent based. Also have equipment for sale for anyone interested. - Porcupine puffer 6” - Dog face puffer 8” - Gold stripe maroon clown 2” - Cleaner wrasse - Snowflake eel 12-14” - Majestic an... ...
48.Fish for sale 04/07/21 No
6/7” aluminium cat fish £20 3 large gouramis £15 for all 2 Cory cat fish £10 Bristle nose baby’s £3.50 x4 £10 Guppy baby’s x10 £20 Very large piece of bog wood cost £120 sell for £50 X3 convict cichlids £10 Location RG170ur hungerford
For sale: Silver aro 7 inch 40 Mala wolf 5 inch 50 Peacock bass mono 8 inch 60 Peacock bass mono 6 inch 50 Peacock bass kelberi 4 inch 30 Peacock bass 3 inch 20 Flowerhorn pearl 4-5 inch 40 Cuban cichlid 4 inch 20 Jaguar cichlid 4 inch 20 WhatsApp me for photos and videos. 07377864540. Bas... ...
50.Fish for sale 01/07/21 Yes
33 inch Oxydoras Niger 27 inch Pterodoras Granulosus 6x 6-8 inch Platydoras armatulus 10 inch Leptobarbus rubripinna – Red-finned Cigar Shark. Open to offers.
51.26 inch Rare Pterodoras Granulosus (Granulated Catfish) 01/07/21 Yes
I have my Granulated catfish for sale, nice healthy and chunky. Lovely fish in perfect condition £100. Im open to sensible offer..
52.monster fish for sale 01/07/21 Yes
leamington spa cv32 fish 1x gint albion gourami 20inch 1x marbale catfish 22inch 6x featherfin catfish 8inch breeding pair of jack dempesy 1x amphilophus cicchlid 10 inch 2x orcar cichlid 12ich 1x geophagus cichlid 4ich 1x hartwegii cichlid 12inch 1x buttikoferi chchlid he is full ... ...
53.Steel-blue Killifish - Juvenile Pair - £10 01/07/21 Yes
Have a few juvenile pairs of Fundulopanchax gardneri - Steel-blue Killifish for sale. Apologies for the poor quality images, there's also pictures of the parents. They are sexed and have already shown breeding behaviour, although they are not fully mature yet, the male is just over an inch long and ... ...
54.Tanganyikan Shellies & Julies - SOLD pending collection 30/06/21 Yes
Tanganyikan fish for sale: Pair of Gold occies, Pair of Julie Marksmithi, 1 x female N. Brevis £20 for the group. Only selling due to tank shutdown. Tank and full setup also for sale if needed, see my other advert here: https://www.aquarist-classifieds.co.uk/php/detail.php?cat=59&... ...
55.Complete Aquarium set up (including fish) 30/06/21 Yes
Large Aqurium and fish for sale. UV filter External filter 12 Fan tail gold fish. Expanding family forces sale £200
56.Fish tank break down and fish for sale 28/06/21 Yes
Male Bristlenose plec 4inch £15 Razor back musk turtles £40 Flower horn 5 inch £30 3 rope fish 10-13 inch £20 each Senegal bichir 6 inch £10 each Palmas bichir 10 inch £20 Delhezi bichir 2x9" £20 Lapradai bichir 6" £10 (no eyes, no pectoral fins) Custard catfish 6" £2... ...
57.Marine fish for sale 28/06/21 Yes
Few marine fish for sale, open to offers or pm. BR8 Kent based - Porcupine puffer 6” - Raccoon butterfly 3” - Dog face puffer 8” - Gold stripe maroon clown 2” - Indigo hamlet 3” - Chain link moray, maybe 2 foot - Cleaner wrasse - Yellow tail wrasse 4” - Zebra moray probab... ...
58.gold fish for sale in leamington spa 28/06/21 Yes
we have lots of gold fish for sale 2 pound each 07703624509 westmidlandsfishrescue@hotmail.com
59.Various tropical fish for sale 28/06/21 No
Sadly selling my tropical fish collection due to house move. Includes the following - 1 lemon tetra 3 rummynosed tetras 1 orange bristlenosed plec 1 siamese flying fox All healthy & eating well. £20 for the lot. Collection from Sawtry, Cambs
60.For sale 21/06/21 Yes
I need to sell my Malawi cichlids, I have kept fish my entire life and have always kept cichlids, unfortunately health issues mean I'm struggling with the rock scape. The fish for sale are 3 Haplachromis Obliquidens 2m 1f all 5" approx 3 Peacock Orange blotch 2m 1f, 1m & f 5", juv m... ...
61.33 inch Oxydoras Niger (Ripsaw catfish) 18/06/21 Yes
I have my ripsaw catfish for sale, nice healthy and chunky. Lovely fish in perfect condition £80. Im open to sensible offer...
62.Tropical Fish - Collection Only 16/06/21 Yes
Various Fish For Sale Collection from Billingham area only 2 x male bristlenose 4” £8each or both £15 1 x male kribensis 3” £5 1 x common plec 5” £5 £20 for all
63.Marine fish for sale - URGENT shut down due to moving house 15/06/21 No
2x blue and yellow damsels £free on any purchase 1x pair mocha clowns £20 1x pair clarkii clowns (hosting a xl green bubble tip anemone) £40 1x yellow tang £150 1x pyjamas cardinal £free on any purchase CORAL: 1x xl zoa rock (4 heads) £15 2x Kenya trees £10each 1x xxl fuzy mushrooms ... ...
64.Goldfish for sale 11/06/21 Yes
I have 30 goldfish for sale size between 4-8insh.
65.Various fish for sale 10/06/21 No
Brown bristlenose short fin £1 Brown bristlenose longfin £3 Lemon bristlenose £4 Albino bristlenose male adult £6 Assassin snails 50p Albino Cory £1 Male betta £4 Female betta £4 Corydoras sodalis £5 Black widow tetra 2 left £1 Neolamprologus brichardi £3 Collection only, She... ...
66.Catfish for sale 10/06/21 No
Spotted Dora catfish 3 inch 5.00 Motted wood catfish X2 6 inch plus 15.00 Galaxy catfish 3 inch 5.00 2x decora synodontis 3 inch and 4 inch 15.00 Synodontis cookoo white tail X2 3 inch and 4 inch 20.00
67.Various fish for sale 09/06/21 No
Brown bristlenose short fin £1 Brown bristlenose longfin £3 Lemon bristlenose £4 Albino bristlenose male adult £6 Assassin snails 50p Albino Cory £1 Male betta £4 Female betta £4 Corydoras sodalis £5 Black widow tetra 2 left £1 Neolamprologus brichardi £3 Collection only, She... ...
68.Yellow tang x 6 and other marine fish 07/06/21 Yes
Selling my yellow tang around 6inch very nice coloured fish very bright very friendly will eat from hand also have other fish for sale FLAME ANGLE WRASSES CLOWNS SNAILS GOBYS TANGS I HAVE 4 other tanks Emperor angel changing colour. Blue ring angel adult colour Cream angel 3 inch Hybrid b... ...
69.20 discus fish for sale 02/06/21 Yes
I have 20 beautifully colored, vibrant, healthy discus, each is different. 4"-7" in size. £45 each fish. Ask for more photos.Lincoln
70.fish for sale 01/06/21 No
selling up due to ill health.fish first.aprox 20,sizes from 3 to 6 inches malawrie to sever ions&30.00 the lot redcar 01642277193.thank you.
71.Wet Pets Solihull have yet again another fantastic offer of 20 Malawi Haps and Aulonacaras for sale. 27/05/21 Yes
Hi. Due to the government guidelines because of the Covid 19 virus. We can now have one person at a time in the fish house and you would need to wear a mask please. Or I'm doing a click and collect take away service from the front door if you prefer to get some really nice fish this way. You are... ...
72.4 inch discus for sale £20each 25/05/21 Yes
Young discus fish for sale, home bred from quality parents(San Merah x Snakeskin) each. 28C, pH 7.0. HMA/RO Eating pellets, mussels and beefheart mix. Many to choose from. Pictures or videos available on request.
73.Marine fish available for sale 20/05/21 No
Hi I am closing down my tank and have marine fish for sale in North West London. The fish are all healthy and have been in the tank for a very long time. Reason for sale is due to not enough time to maintain. Purple tang 3 inches. £110. Had it from very small. Ruby head fairy wrasse. 3 to ... ...
74.Mixed Guppies 4-6 months old 16/05/21 Yes
Mixed guppies Fish are a good size and around 4-6 months old. Lots of variation in patterns and strong bright colours. Photos are of the actual fish for sale and taken at time of posting. £1.25 each, £1 each on 10 or more Collection from Alcester, B49 6AW. will trade for Ramshorn,appl... ...
75.Large Tropical fish x 6 16/05/21 Yes
I just sold fish tank and have all below fish for sale if you interested : All Large and I want £80 for all (needs to be collected on Monday as fish tank will be collected on Tuesday ). Can send more photos 2 x silver dollars 1 x red tiled shark 1 x yellow cichlid 1 x yellow gouram... ...
76.2 oscar fish for sale 11/05/21 Yes
2 oscar fish about 9-10 inches for sale, £70 for the pair
77.Various community fish for sale 11/05/21 No
Small group of 5 cardinal tetra for sale Couple of black neon tetra 4 male endlers 4/5 small super red bristlenose juvies Small group of sterbai corys Small group of bronze cories Ideally sell altogether but may split
78.3 Koi Fish for Sale 07/05/21 Yes
I have 2 Kin Kabuto and 1 Gin Rin Platinum Koi fish for sale. Open to sensible offers
79.Adult Pair of Marron Clown fish £50 04/05/21 Yes
Adult Pair of Marron Clown fish for sale due to tank closure £50 collection from Anglesey
80.Young Angelfish - Longfin and Shortfin Available - Collection Only 03/05/21 No
30 x Young Longfin Angelfish Available - Priced From: £4.05 Each *Multi-Purchase £4.50 each on individual fish without Multi-purchase 100 x Young Shortfin Angelfish Available - Priced From: £2.70 Each *Multi-Purchase £3 each on individual fish without Multi-purchase High quality young lo... ...
81.BLUE TRIGGER FISH for sale 03/05/21 No
Stunning blue trigger fish around 4 inches Collection Rotherham £45
82.2 clown loaches and 1 Hoplo catfish for sale Southend 01/05/21 Yes
Clown loaches 3.5 inches £8 each Catfish 5.5 inches £5 £20 for all. Southend Essex. 07512210106
83.Convict fish for sale 30/04/21 Yes
Males are 2-3 inches and females are 2 inches. Each £5 and collection only. Thanks
84.Various Tropical fish 30/04/21 No
Various Tropical fish for sale XL Clown Loach Runny nose tetra X2: £3 Discus 5": £40 Platinum and Polar blue parrot fish: £20 each Bristlenose plecos: £3 each Green dragon pleco: £20 Common spotted sailfin pleco: £10 Can deliver locally. Offers considered swaps 07475709462
85.Wild caught Rio Nanay Angelfish. All 3 for £20 26/04/21 Yes
3 adult wild caught Rio Nanay Angelfish for sale. Reason for sale is I am changing my setup. All three for £20, which is a bargain as fish this size normally sell for over £30 each Must go as a group. Pick up from Birkenshaw.
86.7 Koi fish for sale 13/04/21 Yes
I recently moved into a property with a pond and Koi fish. I am planning to get rid of the pond so wanting to sell the fish. I am unsure how old they are, but some are quite large and they are a number of different kinds. I have some pictures but they don't really do them justice. I don't know an... ...
87.Complete 5ft aquarium & stand and accessories, with/without fish £425 05/04/21 Yes
Description: Really nice 5ft aquarium on stand,420 litre. Only selling as upgrading to 6ft tank and larger fish. The tank has no visible scratches and has only been used for 8 months, it comes with a Tetra external filter, wave maker, heater, some rocks and artificial plants, This is still being... ...
88.Various tropical fish for sale 03/04/21 No
Super red bristle nose 2 inch £20 each Brown bristlenose 2 inch £3 each Line bred endlers £3 a pair Assassin snails £1 each Mixed grade cherry shrimp £1 each (15 for £10 ) Breeding group of 14 cory schultzi. £70 Bag of guppy grass £5 a bag Collection birtley
89.5ft tank set up on stand for sale 02/04/21 Yes
Really nice 5ft aquarium on stand,420 litres only selling as upgrading. The tank has no visible scratches and has only been used for 6 months, it comes with a Tetra external filter, wave maker, heater, some rocks and artificial plants, This is still being used as a Malawi set up. I do have some ... ...
90.Angelfish 01/04/21 No
I have 4 large angel fish for sale £15 each or £50 for all 4 If you want pictures whats app me my number is 07484757411
91.Fish for sale 31/03/21 No
A range of beautiful koi carp....Various sizes, ranging from about 12 inches downwards....Getting rid of my pond, so any sensible offers please....Contact No....07938699473...Thanks
92.big fish for sale or swap 30/03/21 Yes
Large albino giant gourami and big redtail for sale or swaps. They are both around the 2 ft mark. Looking to swap for smaller grow outs or just up for grabs. Not looking for loads, message me an offer and il send you more photos! text or whatsapp me 07377864540
93.Water catfish 29/03/21 No
Hi have available a 9inch walking catfish for Sale due to change in tank £30 ono
94.Discus, angels, and rainbow fish for sale job lot 28/03/21 No
Hello I am selling all my fish as I am going on to some think els please all me on +44 7513 814645 If you want more info
95.monster fish for sale rays,flagtail and arowana 27/03/21 No
for sale is a my predator fish x1 female bd x henei 7/8inch £200 x1 male pearl about 7/8,inch £200 x1 silverpearl arowana 7inch £50 x1 flagtail 10inch£50 all eating great wats ap for pics n video 400 th lot no offers middlesbrough
Fish for sale are. 1 silver arowana 20inch, 1 peacock bass, 1 pike cichlid, 2 jack dempsey male and female, Sunspot catfish.
97.Pond fish for sale - Stroud Gloucestershire 20/03/21 No
We have three Ghost Carp, one Golden Orfe and a Grass Carp for sale as they need a bigger pond. All 12 - 15". Buyer collects please. claire@schimmerchild.co.uk
98.5ft aquarium on stand 18/03/21 Yes
Really nice 5ft aquarium on stand,420 litres only selling as upgrading. The tank has no visible scratches and has only been used for 6 months, it comes with a Tetra external filter, wave maker, heater, some rocks and artificial plants, This is still being used as a Malawi set up. I do have some ... ...
99.Rainbow fish for sale 18/03/21 No
I have for sale a selection of Rainbow fishes; All in good health- feeding well and showing excellent colour. Boseseman’s Rainbow Two large yellow: £20 each Two medium orange: £20 each (Three females- Will go as a pair) Red rainbow 3x Red Irene (2 male & 1 female): £35 M... ...
100.Rainbow fish for sale 18/03/21 Yes
I have for sale a selection of Rainbow fishes; All in good health- feeding well and showing excellent colour. Boseseman’s Rainbow Two large yellow: £20 each Two medium orange: £20 each (Three females- Will go as a pair) Red rainbow 3x Red Irene (2 male & 1 female): £35 M... ...
101.giraffe catfish 17/03/21 Yes
22-24 inch giraffe catfish for sale offers? if interested message my number. phone number-07825114335
102.Breeding fish for sale lnumbers discus cichlids bichir 17/03/21 Yes
9xl066 £50each large breeders 11xl033 £50each large breeders 2 pairs of l181 £150 a pair 1 proven young pair turquoise blue discus £150 1 proven pair gold x turquoise blue 6" £200 2xl191 £45 Lemon blue eye long fins 2" £20 each Snowhite short fin 1" £20 each Bron... ...
103.Frontosa Moba WF 15/03/21 Yes
Personal stock of WF Tanganyika fish for SALE imported directly from the lake.. Cyphotilapia Frontosa Blue Zaire Moba (12-18cm)
104.Guppies and bristlenose plecos tropical fish for sale 07/03/21 Yes
I have a few multicolored guppies for sale
105.Goldfish for sale 05/03/21 Yes
Goldfish for sale, size 5cm and up. Price £5 each. Collection from Croydon
106.Young angelfish for sale 02/03/21 Yes
Young angelfish for sale Mother gold angelfish Dad black marble Born end of October 2020 Hand reared and very friendly will take food from hand Lots left Collection only.or could deliver for fuel Located wrexham
107.Lovely 14inch MBU Puffer fish for sale 24/02/21 No
Selling my fish as moving to Marine. 14inch - ish. MBU Puffer. Active and friendly. Been living with Discus. Looking for offers. 07712294245
108.Predator fish for sale 20/02/21 No
20 inch mbu puffer £250 X2 18 inch clown knife fish 45 each 7 inch Chinese soft shell turtle 90
109.Clarias catfish 19/02/21 Yes
13 inch clarias catfish for sale £20
110.few fish for sale 13/02/21 No
I have 2 redtail catfish around 2 ft long both up for sale (not giving them away don't ask) 150 each open to offers nothing silly I also have a baby hystrix stingray for sale for 350.
111.2 parrot fish £15 09/02/21 No
2 parrot fish for sale not sure of the type.
112.Koi /. Pond fish 06/02/21 No
I have various koi and pond fish for sale plus various Lilly’s and pond plants also for sale Please call Andy on 07712733934 or Email. Andy knight1966@hotmail.co.uk
113.900 Lt Freshwater Tank and fish for sale. 01/02/21 Yes
Sadly due to moving, I have to sell my tank. I would like to sell all my fish together if possible as well. They have all lived in harmony with each other for a few years and are all healthy. 900 Lt Fresh Water Tank with 405 Lt Sump tank. Water Type Freshwater Tropical Material Glass Tank ... ...
114.Various fish for sale 30/01/21 No
Got a few bits for sale Cherry shrimp 50p each Bronze/albino corys £1 Albino corys £1 Lemon bristlenose £3 Longfin brown/albino bristlenose £3 Collection s21 (sheffield)
115.Discus fish for sale albino Marlboro x raff 26/01/21 No
3-3.5 in discus breed by myself they are £20 each open to offers on larger quantities 40+ available
116.Fish for sale or swaps 23/01/21 No
Mbu puffer 5 inch Clown knife fish 16 inch
117.Fish for sale or swaps 23/01/21 No
Mbu puffer 5 inch Clown knife fish 16 inch
118.Fish for sale or swaps 22/01/21 No
Mbu puffer 5 inch Clown knife fish 16 inch
119.supply of rift valley cichlids 19/01/21 No
I Have the following wild caught fish for sale, 16 x Altolamprologus compressiceps black Kabogo 16 x Altolamprologus compressiceps Black Widow Stunning fish, selection of adults and sub adults 1:1 Ratio. contact me for more info / photo / video
120.Male and Female Lemon Bristlenose Pleco 14/01/21 Yes
Male and Female Lemon Bristlenose Pleco. These are a young pair and the male is still growing. Taken from my breeding group. NB No I will not sell the female separately. The photo is of the actual fish for sale. Bred from unrelated parents and kept in treated tap water at 25 degrees with a water c... ...
121.Fish for sale 13/01/21 Yes
Yellow tang x2. £50 each Purple tang £100 Gold rim £65 Comet (Group family) £40 Pick up from s wales
122.Fish for sale - priced to sell 09/01/21 Yes
Oscar 10" £15 Argentea 9" £30 Vulture catfish 12" £70 Atabapo Red pike 12" £30 (has possibly hith but don't know as came to me over a year ago looking exactly as does now, can send photos) priced accordingly as these can sell for up to £200 Talking catfish £5 Plec 5-6", can't remember L n... ...
123.Angel Fish 01/01/21 Yes
Angel fish for sale, koi marble various size and age. Collection only Staffordshire, sensible offers
124.Mature african cichlids for sale 31/12/20 Yes
I am changing my tank over to a community setup so I’m selling what is left of my Africans! The fish’s are all in good health and fed once a day on origin Malawi formula. I would like to sell as a joblot but open to sensible offers on them! Here is a list; Fish for sale 1x frontosa medium ma... ...
125.Fish for sale 27/12/20 No
13 inch vulture catfish 85 10 inch uaru 60 8 inch red spot severum 60 12 in tengulsi Bircher 100 Willl sell all for 250 for quick sale What’s app me 07887498324
126.Albino red top ice blue - 4 adult fish for sale 26/12/20 Yes
Metriaclima greshakei - two males approx 10cm and two smaller females for rehoming as a group preferably. £15 for the family In Crawley West Sussex
127.Various fish for sale 26/12/20 No
Got a few bits for sale Cherry shrimp 50p each Bronze corys £1 Albino corys £1 Lemon bristlenose £3 Longfin brown bristlenose £3 Endlers 50p Neon tetra x9 £8 all 3 large clown loaches £7 each or 3 for £20 Female apistogramma macmasteri £4 Collection s21 (sheffield)
128.Jaguar Catfish WANTED please ? 24/12/20 No
Hi ~ Has anybody in the Midlands area got a Jaguar Catfish for sale ??? Would like at least ONE ! LIOSOMADORAS ONCINUS (The REAL Jaguar Catfish please) I will call & collect (when 'virally' safe to do so) ! Phone or email via this site !
129.NOW SOLD-Last 4 for £20---BARGAIN---Geophagus steindechneri 2.5-3 inch(5-7cm) in Leeds 15/12/20 Yes
Very placid shoaling fish. Will not touch even neon tetras. I also have video of them upon request. Can send via WhatsApp. They are currently kept in 28C Pictures are of parents of actual fish for sale Last 4 for £20---bargain---2.5-3 inch(5-7cm) If you required further inormation p... ...
130.Fish for sale 13/12/20 No
Hi selling up some off my fish to make way for other projects Priced to sell may swap African cichlids 14inch vulture catfish 8 inch red spot Severum 10 inch uaru cichlid 5 x 2 to 3” clown loach 6 x spanner barbs 2 to 3” 5 inch jewle cichlids 2 x geophagus balzini 2 - 3 inch 10 ... ...
Stunning clown trigger fish for sale. ...its a good size too, 4 inch collection only from south Yorkshire £90 no offers..
132.Striped Raphael Catfish (talking catfish) 09/12/20 Yes
I have two adult Striped Raphael catfish for sale. £35 or make me an offer. Please WhatsApp me.
133.1.5ft redtail catfish 03/12/20 No
I have redtail catfish for sale very large looking for 100 pound as I can’t house him! Txt 07932563718
134.Blue Lyretail - Fundulopanchax gardneri killifish for sale 02/12/20 Yes
I have a couple of subadult males left and one female. Absolutely stunning fish. £9 each or all three for £25. Postage is available for £20. Pictured is the father - when he was not much bigger than his offspring.
135.Wet Pets Solihull Have stunning Malawi Juvies for sale some rarer ones and a good size a must see li 01/12/20 Yes
Hi all. I am an enthusiastic hobbyist breeder/seller of Malawi, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichlids. I have a pet license and I have been keeping these amazing rift fish for over 20 years. Below is a list of new fish I have ready for collection. Most of the fish on the list will be £7.00 ea... ...
136.Various community fish for sale. 01/12/20 Yes
I have a few community fish to sell. 1x panda Cory 2x bronze lazerbeam Cory 1x Aldofi Cory 1x peppered Cory 1x Otto 2x khuli loach 1x bristlenose plec
137.Tropical fish for sale 01/12/20 No
10 inch odoe pike £140 5 inch Kelberi bass £50 12 inch vulture catfish £120 Message me on what’s app for pics and info no offers on price 07887498324
138.Tropical fish for sale 29/11/20 No
11 large cardinal tetra £10 10 large rummy nose tetra £10 Male black phantom tetra 50p Neon tetra free 4 medium keyhole cichlids £14 or £4 each Small male and female Bolivian rams £10 3 medium bristle nose plecs 1 male and 2 female £8 or £3 each 3 venizualin black Cory (2 large and 1 ... ...
139.Wet Pets Solihull Have stunning Malawi Juvies for sale some rarer ones and a good size a must see li 24/11/20 Yes
Hi. Due to the government guidelines because of the Covid 19 virus. We can't have people in the fish house at the moment till the lockdown is over. So we are doing a click and collect take away service from the front door at the moment till further notice. You are welcome to pm on facebook or even w... ...
140.Mixed fish for sale: Rainbow fish///plecos///loaches 12/11/20 No
Need clear of several community fish, message your offers might consider giving them away along as buyer pays for p&p -Breeding group of 4 Murray river Rainbowfish (amazing colour and very active) -1 full grown rusty pleco L310 -3 Pakistani (YoYo) loach Email me for photos. Can ... ...
141.Closing tank - Fish for sale/swap 08/11/20 Yes
I have the following for sale / swap... 1 x L Golden Gourami £6 4 x Zebra Loach £5 each 2 x BN Pleco £8 each 6 x Bleeding Heart Tetras £6 each (£30 for all) 1 x Denison Barb £15 2 X FF Catfish 6” £15 each 1 x Marbled Headstander £15 4 x Tiger barbs £3 each 3 x Green barbs £3 e... ...
142.New list below for the 20 x 3-5 cm Mbuna for £65 or 10 of the fish listed below for just £40.00. 03/11/20 Yes
Hi. Due to the government guidelines because of the Covid 19 virus. We can't have people in the fish house at the moment till the lockdown is over. So we are doing a click and collect take away service from the front door at the moment till further notice. You are welcome to pm on facebook or even w... ...
I have a number of wild caught males that are available, they are young adult very much at breeding age / size . Please note that the picture is of the fish for sale this is my dominant male wich isn’t for sale , videos and picture on request. Please note I will only sell these fish to people ... ...
144.Various tropical fish for sale 27/10/20 Yes
Neon yellow/sunset platy £2.50 a pair Black red guppy £2.50 a pair Neon dwarf rainbows 6 for £5 Neon tetra 6 for £5 corydoras venazualen £2.50 each Corydoras panda £2.50 each Corydoras sterbai £2.50 each Albino bristlenose plec £2 each Collection Middlesbrough local delivery a... ...
145.Rope/Reed Fish for Sale 27/10/20 No
Hey, I have a 8-10 year old reedfish/ropefish for sale Eats frozen bloodworm and shrimp. Good tank mates for anything larger than its mouth Needs a decent size tank to go into Getting rid as I am moving house and won't have a fish tank set up for a while 07854412626 for pics and offer... ...
146.Marine Fish for sale 26/10/20 Yes
Due to much needed renovation I am now selling my set up with fish going first ! Below is a list of fish with price. These fish have been in my system for 1 year plus! All fish eating and healthy! I will be keeping a few fish due to starting back up in a few months so what’s listed is only for sal... ...
148.To sell Cichlids 10/10/20 No
One proven breeding pair of pearscale £25, one trimark parrot female 7-8 inch £10, Midas 8 inches still growing £10, pacu 16 inch £10 silver cichlid 5-6 inch £15, 3x Vieja synspila cichlid £30, short body Texas 4-5 inch £15, jack dempsey 4-5 inches £8 and also an unknown cichlid which is yel... ...
149.Fish for sale or swap 09/10/20 No
4silver dollars 2 about 3 inch 2 about 5 inch Got a juvi Flowerhorn getting his lump already about 4 inch 8 clown loach about 3 inch 07545848623 Located in LS25
150.Fish for sale 03/10/20 No
11fish for sale in total, looking for a block sale or £150 each. Amongst them are Ogon,Doitsu,Sanke,Utsurimono, Hiusyurimono, Kikokinyu.
151.Fish for sale 03/10/20 Yes
11fish for sale in total, looking for a block sale or £150 each. Amongst them are Ogon,Doitsu,Sanke,Utsurimono, Hiusyurimono, Kikokinyu.
152.Various fish for sale due to shutting down tank 29/09/20 Yes
2 foxface rabbit £30 each , to black and white clown £50 the pair, 1 yellowtail damsel £5. 1 bicolour damsel £5. 1chromis £5. 1 cardinal £5. 2 convict gobies £25 each. 1 goby £25. 1 dwarf angel £30. 2 sergeant majors £15. 1 bluestreak cleaner wrasse £25. 1 brown tang £25. 1 Canthigaster ... ...
153.LARGE FISH for sale, Flowerhorn, 3 Oscar Cichlids, Gibbicep Plec 27/09/20 Yes
FOR SALE: 1x Large Flowerhorn - 9-10" - £120 3x Oscars 9-10" each - £60 each or 3 for £150 1x 9-10" Gibbicep Plec - £80 Can work out a deal for all 4 Need a large tank to house these, currently in a 6ft tank, based in Manchester Perfect for the office or home 07424782618
154.22"+ red tail catfish 18/09/20 Yes
I have my stunning red tail catfish for sale. He is in perfect health and has no deformities ect. I am absolutely gutted that he has to go but due to changing set ups I cant keep him. Will only sell him to the right home as he needs a pool due to his size. Please only contact if you can provide him ... ...
Message me for more info 03837566980 (on Whatsapp) or drop me a message on here collection bedlington near newcastle
156.Mbu puffer fish for sale 16/09/20 Yes
only getting rid due to closing down my tank collection from rainham kent £100
157.Large fish forsale 16/09/20 No
I have a couple of large fish for sale i have Arrowana 8inchs £25 4x pearch all about 6inches £20 for all Ender bircher about 10inches £20
158.Angelfish 16/09/20 Yes
Hi, I have juvenile leopoldi Angelfish for sale. In the Bedford area. Very rare to the hobby. They are 3rd generation from wild fish. They are 6 months old and feeding like machines. I would like £3 each for them. Or can do offer on groups. Cash on collection. Call or text 07916053328
159.Two goldfish 16/09/20 Yes
I have two goldfish for sale the that need rehoming they are approx 2 years old one is pure white and one is white and orange.
160.Flame Angelfish 07/09/20 Yes
Flame Angelfish for Sale. In excellent condition, has very good weight on him, he eats a wide range of goods, algae, flake, frozen and pellets. £100 COLLECTION ONLY
161.TROPICAL FISH SALE 05/09/20 No
4 Nice Tropical fish for sale. Healthy and eating well. 2 x Severums Green and Gold (4-5inch) 2 x Silver Sharks (4-5inch) Price for all 4 is £32. Or £16 for a pair. Call or message 07511906268
162.Tropical fish for sale 02/09/20 Yes
After long years I have to shutdown my tropical fish tank. I have some nice adults fish for sale. Red Rainbow fish x 13, £3 each Torpedo barbs x 2, £5 each Angel fish x 1, £5 Various corydoras x 4, £2 each Rummy nose tetra x 1, £1 Dwarf sucker x 2, £1 each Madagascan Rainbow fish x 4,... ...
163.I have the following fish for sale in SOUTHEND ESSEX 02/09/20 Yes
Bronze corydoras adults £2.50 Super red plecos 1 inches £5 Koi angel fish 3 inches £5 Hoplo catfish 3 inches £2.50 German ram cichlids £3.50 Asian discus £80 each (pictured) £300 for group of 4 07512210106
164.Live rock, mushroom corals + some fish for sale as shutting down tank 26/08/20 No
2 clowns 2 blue damsels lots of mushroom corals another coral but not sure what, Live rock and other stuff. Make me an offer please call and I will let you know what I have
165.South American Cichlids 25/08/20 Yes
Not often seen, beautiful south american fish for sale. 1 x "Chocolate Cichlid" Hypselecara Temporalis from Rio Oyapock approx 6" Sourced from Rob Johnston @ Lincs Fish (if your a serious fishkeeper you will know the quality of his fish Also a group of 4 x Cichlasoma Amazonarum approx 4-5" Videos... ...
166.Membe Deep Malawi Cichlids - Breeding Group Northants £30 19/08/20 Yes
Selling a group of 4 adult Metriaclima Membe Deep Malawi cichlids. These are F1 adults from Wild parents that I purchased nearly 1 year ago. Only selling as just moved house and no room for these. Photos of actual fish for sale, crap phone photos but as you can see 1 absolutely stunning mal... ...
167.Fish for sale 18/08/20 No
Large sail fin Plec 12 inches Large upside down catfish 2 Syno cats 1 Bumble cat Going Cheap Message me for details Collection In Torquay
168.Fish for sale 17/08/20 No
Large sail fin Plec 12 inches Large upside down catfish 2 Syno cats 1 Bumble cat Going Cheap Message me for details Collection In Torquay
169.Large collection of tropical fish for sale 17/08/20 No
HI folks Im currently in the early stages of of closing my tropical aquarium and have the following fish available for sale, please text me if you want any information etc I have not put a price as Im totally open to sensible offers and want the fish to go to a good home my number is 07411 97112... ...
170.2x9” lemon barbs and synodontis catfish for sale 27/07/20 Yes
I have these for sale, lemon barbs are around 9” and catfish is around 7” Picked them up cheap as they outgrown someone else’s tank! £20 for barbs and £10 for catfish or part ex for anything predator- arowana, rays etc
171.Lightning Maroons & Thunder Maroons 23/07/20 Yes
I have lightning, thunder and regular maroon clownfish for sale. These are all bred from lightning maroon parents. Prices vary depending on markings so feel free to contact me via email or whatsapp, where I can send you photos of whats still available. UK next day special delivery is £15.
172.2 red rainbow fish (male) 22/07/20 Yes
Hi, I have two red rainbow fish for sale one being around 4 to 5 inch and the other slightly smaller around 3.5 inches. Looking for £15 for the pair
173.3 Telescopic eye fancy goldfish 12/07/20 Yes
I have 2 telescopic eye fancy goldfish for sale. Black moor white butterfly telescope eye I’m asking £40 for both
174.Angelfish 11/07/20 Yes
100 plus Angel fish for sale. £2 per fish, happy to negotiate on bigger orders. Collection Dorchester,Dorset.
175.XL bleeding heart tetra, geophagus pelegrini, discus 11/07/20 No
Fish for sale looking for offers as need gone 4 x 4-6” geo pelligrini 4 x 3” bleeding heart tetra 2 x 4-5" discus, red map and neon blue turq Pics of available on request Collection only Dy6 by this weekend Contact 07967 252420 only I don’t check messages on here
176.large Koi Fish £50 for All Three 05/07/20 Yes
Hello I have 3 large Koi fish for sale...Only reason selling is they have got too big for the pond. Sale is for all 3 fish. 2 are over a foot 1 about a foot long. £50 for the 3 ( i know this is cheap) they are good and healthily as you can see by the pictures attached. 1 x white with tiny oran... ...
177.Koi Carp & others for sale Wirral 03/07/20 Yes
Due to garden renovation I have a selection of fish for sale: 2x 18" Koi yellow, 1x 15" Koi orange & white, 2x blue shubunkin approx 8" and a mix of 15 red white and black 6" various breeds. Collection only £600 all in.
178.Pond fish 02/07/20 Yes
About 60 pond fish for sale due to house move. Various sizes and prices. Buyer to collect from pond in Reading
179.Fish 01/07/20 Yes
I've got a talking catfish, a pleco, an orange parrot fish, two angel fish and a knife fish for sale, you can see from the pictures they are not your average shop fish and they are quite large specially the knife fish hence they will need large tanks, 500+ litre for knife fish. Looking for about ... ...
180.I have some fish for sale SOUTHEND ESSEX 30/06/20 Yes
Sultan plecos 1 inch £30 King tiger plecos 2 inch L333 £30 Super red bristlenose 4-5cm £7.50 or 3 for £20 Assassin snails £1.50 each or 4 for £5 Zebra plecos l46 4cm £90 L600 pleco 2 inches £80 Text only 07512210106
181.Koi fish for sale 23/06/20 Yes
Two koi carp for sale. One is a pale pink colour and approximately 17cms long and the other is dark orange and approximately 18cms long. They are both 4 years old. They live in my outside pond all year round with 5 other fish. They cost £40 each. Collection in person only
182.2 fantailed fish for sale 23/06/20 Yes
Two fantailed fish for sale. One plain red and approximately 18cms long and the other multicoloured and approximately 15cms long. They both live in my outdoor pond all year round with 5 other fish. Collection in person only. £40 each.
183.2 goldfish for sale 23/06/20 Yes
Two goldfish for sale. Both bought at the same time and the same size. Approximately 14cms long. Collection in person only. £25 each.
184.Flagtail fish for sale 21/06/20 Yes
Flag tail fish for sale About 10inch large flag tail fish Eating well healthy selling bc wanting to change set up £100 May deliver for a small cost if not to far
185.Small mixed pond fish Koi/ghost/mirror carp 21/06/20 Yes
I’ve got a number of small pond fish for sale,mainly mixed koi/ghost/mirror & common carp They vary in size from 2”-6” generally,great for growing on or ideal for filling larger natural ponds Super Cheap at £1 each generally but can do deals on multiples Collection from Morecambe L... ...
186.Malawi fish for sale 12/06/20 Yes
6 malawis fish for sale Changing to cold water fish 2 thumbi islands Large yellow lab 2 marble breeding pair 1 believed to be a dolphin collection Burnley Lancashire £40
187.Marine tank 6×2×2 & equipment 12/06/20 Yes
Closing down my marine tank so here is just some of the equipment for sale, loads of fish for sale too at cheap prices Tmc 500 skimmer £60 600 watt titanium heater £35 Jebao 12000 return pump £70 220 litre water drum, with new handled trolley & numerous 25l water drums £50 Full tank is be... ...
188.Lots of Tropical fish for sale or swap Read AD 11/06/20 Yes
Fish for sale (Consett) 3X Electric Blue rams And 1x German Ram £30 2X Large albino Tin foil Barbs £25  2X Large Tinfoil Barbs £25 2x Yellow Barbs £10 2x Agassizii Apistogramma £20 2x Gold Gourami £10 1x Red Dwarf Gourami £5 2x Small Angel Fish £10 2x Larg... ...
189.Tropical fish- various species for sale 10/06/20 Yes
Various tropical fish for sale, collection from S12. All healthy and ideal for community tank. Happy to consider offers for all or groups of fish. All purchased over the last 6 months. More images available upon request. 1 large black lace angel, 3 small silver/black angels 1 German blue ram 5... ...
190.FISH for SALE 08/06/20 Yes
Koi for sale, £50.00 ono Ghost Carp for sale, £50.00 ono Grass Carp for sale, £50.00 ono Albino Surgeon for sale, £150.00 ono Surgeon's for sale, £250.00 ono
191.Close in pond down Fish for sale 27/05/20 Yes
Koi Albino grass carp Sturgeon
192.Fumanchu Lionfish for sale 23/05/20 Yes
Selling our Fumanchu Lionfish from our personal aquarium. Doesn’t get on with our fish. Eats well, even frozen which is difficult for these guys. More photos on our website at www.thefinsnscales.com £50
193.Angel fish for sale 19/05/20 No
I have 2 angel fish for sale large ones £20 for the two.
194.Koi and pond equipment for sale 08/05/20 Yes
Recently bought a house with koi pond included in the garden. We have 8-12 healthy fish for sale plus filter. These Koi vary in size, the biggest being approximately 2 ft long and we want to sell them as a lot. Prospective buyer will pay in advance and be responsible for the removal. Price £2000
195.Very pretty 4-6 inch shubunkins+ other fish for sale 07/05/20 Yes
I have got lots of very pretty 4-6" shubunkins for sale only £5 each, also got lots of other species of fish, koi from 3-4" up to very large, if interested give me a call on 07946685936 and come and view them.
196.Two black Ghost Knife Fish for sale 06/05/20 Yes
We have two black ghost knife fish who have outgrown our tank. One is approx. 22cm and one is 20cm (roughly) Healthy and active £50 each or both for £90 Will add photographs as soon as possible Collection from Pease Pottage
197.Super red flame juvenile Discus Fish for sale, North Wales £15 18/04/20 Yes
Here, We have 40+ juvenile super red flame Discus Fish for sale, All have been wormed, & fed on baby brain shrimp from fry and now feed off home-made beef heart mix flake and tetra prima! £15 each or discount or 5 for £60! All babies are now kept in 100% tapwater, and receive a 20% water ch... ...
198.Pond Fish for sale 17/04/20 No
20 pond goldfish (possibly more) various sizes and ages, for quick sale, Cardiff. Very well looked after for many years, some have even been spawned with me. Unable to keep due to potential house move.
199.Goldfish for sale 12/04/20 Yes
Got hundreds of goldfish for sale starting at £1 upwards depending on size, also got fancy tail Got hundreds of koi as well starting from £12 each, Call 07946685936 if you want to come and view. Croydon/Surrey area.
200.Tiger shovelnose & Bolt volture catfish for sale 03/04/20 Yes
07512210106 Vulture is around 4 and a half inches and tiger shovel nose is around 3 and a half inches. Send me a WhatsApp for more pictures. Swaps available. Or cash £60 volture £40 tiger Collection Southend Essex or can deliver in Essex for a fee.
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